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Romance / Re: Artificial Or Real Flowers. Which Is More Ideal To Gift Someone. by rosety: 3:35pm On Oct 09, 2020
As a florist I will advice this way.

Artificial flowers do not make a good gift. Not a romantic one anyway. If you are gifting some sort of home decoration, maybe but it's......well, tacky.

Many ladies these days appreciate fresh flower gifts. I should know because that is what keeps me in business. If you are not sure, you can gift a package like a bouquet of roses with a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. You can also try a cash bouquet. That is always exciting.

But I guarantee you this. If your girlfriend has class, she would love fresh flowers.

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Romance / Re: Where Can I Get Real Flowers For Valentines Day? by rosety: 10:04am On Feb 10, 2020
This will be appreciated by even the most materialistic of ladies, don't you think? It's a great way to show your love is not only by mouth!

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Romance / Re: Where Can I Get Real Flowers For Valentines Day? by rosety: 10:00am On Feb 10, 2020
Where can i buy real flowers like roses, sun flower etc in Lagos?

How much is it?

Please drop address and contact detail for the flower shop.

Rosety Gardens has some great valentines flower packages.

We are at Surulere Lagos. 0803.569.7479

You can check our website www rosetygardens.com or on instagram @rosetygardensflowers

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Politics / Re: Can You Guess What City In Nigeria This Beautiful Body Of Water Is Located? by rosety: 11:01am On Jan 16, 2020
It's the River Niger at Onitsha. I am surprised though at the aircraft that was flying low enough you could get that shot. Hang on, I guess it took of from the Asaba airport.

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by rosety: 10:13am On May 18, 2019

What about the cabinet? Still available or sold?

Still available

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by rosety: 9:34pm On May 16, 2019

Only believe. All things are possible.
Your baby(ies) is(are) on the way.
God will make every trial a blessing to you in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

Modified: I was just touched by that comment of yours.

Thanks for your prayers but you got it all wrong. I got the babies. They just aren't babies no more! So out with the baby thingies, in with the young children thingies.

So for the bed and baby drawer, make me an offer.

P.s sorry to those I haven't responded to. Had one heck of a day today. Still tired out of my mind.


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by rosety: 12:25am On May 16, 2019
Got some baby furniture and no baby. Make me an offer if you're interested.
Location is Surulere, Lagos

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Family / Re: A Thread For 2017 Brides And Grooms To Be by rosety: 1:03pm On Nov 28, 2016
For the best bridal flowers, call on Rosety Gardens. Bridal bouquets, buttonaires, hall flowers everything. Using the finest fresh flowers available in Nigeria.

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Family / Re: What Can I Get For My Mom On Her 50th Birthday by rosety: 7:26pm On Sep 16, 2016
Flowers are always a great gift. You should try it.

This is our top seller for Mother's day gifts or gifts for mothers and mother-figures. Looking at your budget though, I think we can still work something out.


Agriculture / Re: The Hibiscus Flower Society: Calling All Gardeners, Flower Lovers Etc by rosety: 6:37am On Feb 07, 2016
Red Bromeliad or Ananasgiller

Good luck saying that fast cheesy

I don't know much about this, I know it's part of the pineapple family (Bromeliad) and it's tropical. I spotted it in a professional garden in Festac-town, Lagos and I don't think the gardener gave me much info on it. So if anyone knows about this plant, please share.

Bromeliads are wonderful indoor plants. There is a whole bunch of them in the family from the ones you have in the picture to ornamental pineapples, tilandsia and air plants. The airplants are the wierdest ones as they get all their nutrients from the air (they have no roots). Their flowers are very long lasting and colourful. Looks like plastic. Unfortunately I don't have any flowering bromeliads in stock right now and I am typing this post at a ridiculously early hour for me. As soon as I can I'll post some pictures.

Next to anthuriums, they are my favourite plant


Family / Re: 6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples by rosety: 6:24am On Feb 07, 2016
3. Deliver roses at her office
On Valentine’s day, you can order 6 roses to be
delivered at her office. The romantic secret here is
that you pay the dispatch boy to deliver 5 roses
while you give her 6th one yourself amidst reading a
love poem to her. This is an excellent idea for
couples that do not see each other often.

We can help with this. But Vals this year is on a Sunday. You could have the roses delivered at a candle lit dinner
Romance / Re: All About Valentine's Day by rosety: 1:06pm On Jan 27, 2016
How is Valentine's Day celebrated around the world?

In parts of Europe lovers give each other St Valentine’s keys as romantic gestures and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart.

In Finland, Valentine's Day is called Ystävänpäivä, which means Friend's Day and focuses on remembering friends.

However, in Mexico, February 14 is a day of national mourning. In countries like Pakistan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia celebrating the day can result in severe punishment and is seen by conservative Muslims as un-Islamic.

In Brazil, Valentine's day isn't celebrated in February because it usually falls on or around Brazil Carnival. Instead, Brazil celebrates 'Dia dos Namorados' on June 12.

Brazil's celebration honours Saint Anthony - the patron saint of matchmaking and marriages.
Romance / Re: All About Valentine's Day by rosety: 1:05pm On Jan 27, 2016
When did Valentine's Day become so commercial?

It was during the middle of the 18th century that Valentine's started to take off in England, with lovers sending sweets and cards adorned with flowers, ribbons and images of cupids and birds.

Eventually huge numbers of printed cards replaced hand-written ones. In 1913, Hallmark Cards of Kansas City began mass producing Valentine's cards.

Now about a billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged every year and it's the second largest seasonal card sending time of the year.

Romance / Re: All About Valentine's Day by rosety: 1:05pm On Jan 27, 2016
What's Cupid got to do with it all?

Cupid is just one of the ancient symbols associated with St Valentine’s Day – along with the shape of a heart, doves, and the colours red and pink.

He is usually portrayed as a small winged figure with a bow and arrow which he uses to strike the hearts of people. People who fall in love are said to be ‘struck by Cupid’s arrow’.

Why do some people leave Valentine's cards anonymous?

This trend was started by the Victorians, who thought it was bad luck to sign Valentine's cards with their names.

The Victorians also started the rose-giving trend. They were the favourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, and have come to indicatepassion and romance.

Nowadays, more than 50 million roses are given for Valentine's Day every year.

Romance / Re: All About Valentine's Day by rosety: 1:04pm On Jan 27, 2016
Some people believe the roots of the day stem from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, dedicated to the god Lupercus. On this day young men would draw the name of a woman from a jar, and they would become a couple for the rest of the festival.

In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear the name of the person on their sleeves - hence the expression "to wear your heart on your sleeve".

Incidentally, the X symbol has come to mean a kiss because in medieval times most people couldn't write their names so they signed cards with an X and kissed it.

Over the years, February 14 became more popular and was romanticised by the likes of Chaucer and later Shakespeare.

In 1537, England's King Henry VII officially declared the day St Valentine's Day.

There is so much confusion around who St Valentine was that the Catholic Church stopped liturgical veneration of him in 1969, although his name remains on its list of officially recognised saints.
Romance / All About Valentine's Day by rosety: 1:04pm On Jan 27, 2016
Who was St Valentine?

The details are sketchy. Some say St Valentine was a priest from Rome who lived in the third century AD. Emperor Claudius II had banned marriages, believing married men made bad soldiers and St Valentine is thought to have arranged marriages in secret. He was jailed and sentenced to death for his crimes.

In jail, St Valentine apparently fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and sent her a love letter signed ‘from your Valentine’ on February 14, the day of his execution, as a goodbye.


Career / Re: A Training Course, Not A Lecture Workshop by rosety: 11:28am On Jan 02, 2016
a Please when is your next class? I want to take a floral arrangement course (more for centre pieces and Ikebana arrangement rather than bouquets). It's just for pleasure. Will you be able to accommodate that? Thanks.

Our next training class is set for Jan5th to 8th.
Family / Re: Please, What's The Right Inexpensive X-mas Gift To Give To A Female Friend by rosety: 4:08pm On Dec 03, 2015
Have you thought of a small bouquet of flowers with a cuddly teddy bear? Or maybe a single rose stem with a dozen cupcakes. I'm trying to keep the cost inexpensive as you said. Flowers work for any classy babe. Trust me on that one.

Family / Re: How Possible Is It To Work From Home? by rosety: 9:28am On Nov 19, 2015
This will really depend on what you mean by working from home.
Is it a desk-like job where you interface with clients and colleagues through the cloud/internet? Or is it about running your business with your home as your office. In Nigeria, I believe there are a lot of people that do the latter.

As an example. I run a floral services company. We serve end users directly as well as a host of retail florists and free-lancers. Now the bulk of these free lance florists work out of their homes. No offices. They meet their clients either in church or through friends, clubs and referrals. Discussions are done over the phone, at public locations or the client's home/office. Then they come to my garden and purchase the flowers and accessories needed for the job, go ho e and make their designs and flower arrangements there before delivering to the client. Others simply ask me to do the job and deliver to them for onward delivery to the client without even leaving their homes.

Seeing that they make their purchases from me quite regularly with some of them coming 2 to 3 times a week every week, I can only assume the system works for them.

Now is this an example of working from home as you intended? Because I believe this is what most work-from-home Nigerians do.

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Romance / Re: It's My Fiancee's B-day, Pls Folks Suggest What Present To Offer Her. by rosety: 4:59pm On Nov 13, 2015

Wow!!! Brainy idea. Thanks a million, i reckon this wld perfectly sooth her day. Bless you Rosety! Wish those folks above you cld be this reasonable.. "She's a simple lady too."

Thanks. As a floral company, we can get it done for you. Drop a mail or call.

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Romance / Re: It's My Fiancee's B-day, Pls Folks Suggest What Present To Offer Her. by rosety: 3:59pm On Nov 13, 2015
Or this

Romance / Re: It's My Fiancee's B-day, Pls Folks Suggest What Present To Offer Her. by rosety: 3:49pm On Nov 13, 2015
Thanks ^^^

Is she in Lagos? From the description you gave of her, she must be one classy ladies. I bet she would love a bouquet of flowers with a small gift. Maybe a cute teddy or a box of chocolates or a lovely cake.

Just like this

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Career / Re: A Training Course, Not A Lecture Workshop by rosety: 10:23am On Nov 04, 2015
Our next class will be holding from the 1st to the 4th of December 2015. Remember that we will be taking only a few students as we require the class to be of a size small enough to attend to every student individually.

Call 0802-569-7479 or email rosety@rosetygardens.com
Family / Re: A Thread For 2016 Brides and Grooms To Be by rosety: 4:12pm On Oct 23, 2015
Please drop ur watsapp or bbm contacts.

whatsapp, 08025697479
Instagram @rosetygardens
facebook Rosety Gardens

Family / Re: A Thread For 2016 Brides and Grooms To Be by rosety: 2:56pm On Oct 23, 2015

Una dey here!

You're in serious, serious trouble with me smiley

But ladies, they supplied my wedding flowers (someone else did the arrangement) so they are legit.

Really? Small world. Especially when we're all hiding behind different monikers grin grin

Yes, we supply almost as much as we arrange ourselves.

By the way, wetin we do enter your trouble na?
Family / Re: More Beautiful Ways Of Saying Happy Birthday To Your Love One by rosety: 1:52pm On Oct 22, 2015
You can't go wrong with the classics. A dozen roses, a box of chocolates and a cute teddy bear will melt an girl's heart. Talk about uber-romantic kiss

Family / Re: A Thread For 2016 Brides and Grooms To Be by rosety: 9:10pm On Oct 21, 2015
We handled the bridal bouquets for this year's edition of My Big Nigerian Wedding. Here are some of the pictures.

Bridal flowers are an important part of the wedding ceremony. Some cultures see them as a representation of the bride's hope for her future.

Fashion / Re: How To Choose The Ideal Wedding Bouquet by rosety: 1:17pm On Oct 16, 2015
As florists based in Nigeria, with over 35 years experience in the Nigerian horticultural scene, I will add the following points.

When choosing a bridal bouquet for your wedding, first ask this question - are you using fresh natural flowers or silk/artificial flowers?
I will focus on fresh flowers here.

Next question is- are you particular about the bouquet or about your budget? With a large or unlimited budget, you can get almost anything. With a fixed budget, your choices are more narrowed down.

your focus is on the bouquet, the internet gives a lot of pictures and ideas to choose from. However, focus on Nigerian florists if you are in Nigeria. The reason is simple. Not all the flowers you see over the internet are available to the Nigerian market. Some flowers are seasonal. Others do not travel well due to their short lifespan. Some cannot handle the high humidity and temperature of Nigeria.

Finally, select your florist wisely. Ask for pictures of past work. Be sure you are not shown stock pictures from the internet. Try to get an understanding of the florist's capabilities. And book on time!!!

Follow us at https://instagram.com/rosetygardens/

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Family / Re: Florists/flowers In Kaduna by rosety: 8:24pm On Aug 29, 2015
We deliver in Lagos and Abuja. I can make arrangements for Port Hacourt, Ibadan, Jos. But Kaduna, I haven't tried that yet.

Send an email to rosety@rosetygardens.com with your requirements. Lemme see what I can organise.
Career / Re: A Training Course, Not A Lecture Workshop by rosety: 11:06am On Aug 28, 2015
Look at what we did!!

Career / Re: A Training Course, Not A Lecture Workshop by rosety: 11:05am On Aug 28, 2015
Students going hands-on

Career / Re: A Training Course, Not A Lecture Workshop by rosety: 11:03am On Aug 28, 2015
Yesterday's class. Showing how it's done

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