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Family / Re: Why Is Society's View Of Domestic Violence So One Sided?? by ScarletOverkill(f): 8:54pm On May 13, 2017

Dumb comparison....... How many of such women run their dirty uncouth mouth at their boss,soldiers and policemen when aggravated?

I will never hit a woman first...but if my woman looks at me from head to toe and hits me first...I will hit her back....no time for sentiments..

I fully endorse this statement. The one in bold letters, not your first sentence.
But that's not what the op is saying, is it?

What I stand for remains:

If you can hit me, then you can take the same.
I have also got a bad mouth too so if you go psychological, I will meet you there too.

You get sense.

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Family / Re: Why Is Society's View Of Domestic Violence So One Sided?? by ScarletOverkill(f): 11:45pm On May 11, 2017

Mrs wannabe feminist. refrencing the case of the south African girl is just a shameful act of trying to whip up sentiments on your part, while ignoring countless cases of men who've committed suicide due to the frustration and trauma their wives put them through. This is less pronounced in a coun5 like nigeria, but in the western world, a man can be sent to jail simply for being accused of rape or some form of violence against a woman, without the burden of proof being on the woman. And as regards freeze, did his wife not allege him battering her too?? Or you carefully skipped that just to prove your point??
I am no advocate of domestic violence but when a woman acts in such an offensive manner as to trigger a man into hitting her, she should be apportioned some blames too, something we never get to see

Yes o, any female who disagrees with your disgraceful views is a feminist. That word has to be the most used and abused word of the millennium.

Bringing up the south african girl was me showing you that nobody is "playing" the victim - they are actual victims speaking out, but I'm sure you'd rather they shut up.

Provide stats showing the exact number of "countless" men who committed suicide because their wives verbally abused them. Dont worry, we go wait.

Freeze's wife's counter-allegations have nothing to do with my point, so, yes, i skipped it. I was making a point about the fact that Freeze was mercilessly mocked by other men when he made his own allegations; that men are the ones who perpetaute the culture of sucking it up. What on earth has his ex wife's counter allegations got to do with the fact that he was mocked for making his?

@second emboldened: Yes, you are. A woman should only share the blame if she did the hitting first.

And you just showed yourself to be cringe-makingly ignorant as to criminal procedure. The burden of proof always lies on the prosecution, except in special circumstances where the burden shifts, and in cases of rape, the woman would, of course, work hand in hand with the prosecution to prove the case.


Family / Re: Why Is Society's View Of Domestic Violence So One Sided?? by ScarletOverkill(f): 11:31pm On May 11, 2017

The feminist are here!!!
"NO MATTER" what a woman does", DO NOT punch her!!
Honey I'm no proponent of domestic violence or beating women, my point is the belief that a man should hold himself even after he's been put through the greatest ordeal by his wife, and he be regarded as a beast for taking a "reflex action" based on how bad he's been treated at that time is hypocritical, especially when you consider the way the women are being excused.

The only time you're allowed to take reflex action is if you were hit. Do you go around reflex actioning everyone who badmouths you, or do you reserve that honour for your wife alone?
A man who hits anyone because of any useless ego is a beast and should be treated as such.
Reflex action should be in self defence and nothing more.

Women are being excused?
So, when a man who beat his wife because she "disrespected" him is being arraigned, the wife should be arraigned in court, too? Or the matter shouldn't be taken to court at all, since the whole fault apparently lies with the woman, as it is not men's fault that they possess over-fed and over-bloated egos?

What sort of offspring are people raising these days?


Family / Re: Why Is Society's View Of Domestic Violence So One Sided?? by ScarletOverkill(f): 11:18pm On May 11, 2017
Lately, several topics about domestic violence have graced the front page of this forum, and there seems to be a shocking trend; "the fact that the female is always the victim, and the male the beast".
Before you start passing judgements, i would like to state clearly that I'm not here to hold brief for the "shameful" actions of some men, but to point out the often ignored hypocrisy that usually accompanies society's views and analysis of this despicable act.

Most men are inbred introverts, as opposed to their extroverted female counterparts, and its not too uncommon to see men reacting physically when under pressure or when they get to what I'll like to term their "elastic limit".Most women have noticed this weakness in men, and never fail to use it to their advantage. Women thus have mastered the act of playing the victim card.
The average man seeks to be respected by his wife or girlfriend, while the woman seeks to be loved and showered with affection. Women don't understand that more than anything else, the man places an inestimable value on respect from his spouse, as no man ever wants to have his ego dragged in the mud -

its no fault of ours, thats just how we're wired.

I watched a clip on Facebook where a girl was literally harassing a guy in a high school classroom, calling him a bïtch and all forms of demeaning names as she pulled his shirt and continously tossed him around to the consternation of his friends and everyone around, even the high school teacher. This continued for a while as the dude kept his cool, expecting her to retreat, but she only increased the tempo. Dude lost his cool and slammed the the girl to the floor. That was the moment the high school teacher and everyone else stepped in to stop him and take him out of the class. Many comments from men and women alike condemned the girls actions while excusing that of the guy, as they claimed she got what she deserved. But my question was what if there was no video recording of how everything played out and the girl just steps out with a swollen face accusing the guy of brutality?? Your guess is as good as mine - the dude will be cooling off in jail and not even his own parents will believe his side of the story!!!!

There's another instance of a lady, who on instagram cried for help as she was thrown out by her fiance after an altercation with him. He was angry and called her names after she consumed his breakfast, and instead of attempting to mollify his anger by sweet words or just walking away, she claim to have given him"back to back" and when the dude couldn't handle any more of her venomous words, he requested that she be thrown out! asserting that he had no respect for her, ladies on instagram were busy screaming for her to "pull out, pull out", like davido was about to cum in his third side chick, but she insisted she wants to have words with him, which shows she takes a large portion of the blame for what really played out.
No man in his sane mind who proposed to a woman or marries her would want to hit her for any reason, but the venomous and disparaging vituperations from some angry women could make even angel Gabriel's heart boil. Some women have mastered the art of so pushing men to the wall and expecting them to remain docile because he's the man, and any attempt to touch her would constitute domestic violence. I'm strongly of the opinion that if ladies will learn to bridle their mouths and respect their better halves, cases of domestic violence will trickle down to almost none. I make bold to state that no sane man would dare touch a respectful woman, except under the influence of some substance. Even the holy books command the woman to be respectful and submissive to the husband while he in turn loves her and cherishes her as his own self.
The popular slogan "real men don't touch women" should be amended to "real men dont touch respectful women". Don't disrespect every man that comes your way, and expect to be respected in return. Life is all give and take!!!
The feminists as usual would run to counter this often ignored truth, but any rational mind would see this as the truth laid bare.

@first emboldened: So women where you come from don't need respect? And men don't need love and affection? I've always wondered at the sheer idiocy of statements like this. Can you show love and affection to someone you don't respect? Or is your perception of respect different from mine?

Second emboldened cheesy cheesy. Interesting. When will it ever be men's fault? It must be an acquired skill, not taking responsibility for any of your actions.

So, according to our wonderful OP, the society practices a system of double standards in cases of domestic violence against women because...they do not consider the fact that...*gasp* men have egos!

And...*whisper* women need to respect that ego of they
dont want to get beaten. How wonderful. The next time a man appears in court on charges of domestic violence, he should just say " ahh, she insulted me and my ego couldn't take it". I'm sure that'd make a very solid defence.

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Family / Re: Why Is Society's View Of Domestic Violence So One Sided?? by ScarletOverkill(f): 11:01pm On May 11, 2017

I presume you to be a matured adult. I cant help you think with your rational mind!!
How many times have instances of domestic violence against men popped up on the news??
For ages the women have been known to play the victim card. Do you know how many men go through domestic violence of some sort and are asked to suck it up cos they men?
You scream divorce like its ewa agoyin and bread. How many men can risk parting with half of what they labored for all their lives?? How many can risk parting with their biological kids
So you get married to a woman, she insults you on your wedding night, and you.file for divorce the next morning?

Lol. Victim card, huh?
Speaking out about domestic abuse = playing the victim card? When you use that sentence, "playing the victim card', you imply that these women aren't even victims. That perhaps they just love being pitied or that they somehow want to make men look bad or that they just like making noise. Check the frontpage- a girl in South Africa was burnt to death by her boyfriend after suffering routine beatings throughout the duration of their relationship. Had she gathered the guts to speak out, would that be your conclusion? That she just wanted to, you know, play the victim?

And who asked men not to speak up? Anybody hold una mouth? Who created a system of hyper masculinity where men feel obliged to protect their ever-fragile manhood's by suffering in silence?

When Daddy Freeze spoke up about the constant physical and emotional abuse he sufferred in the hands of his ex wife, was it not men who mocked him? I have a friend who still sees Freeze as a weakling because his wife used to hit him. If that boy gets married tomorrow and his wife starts abusing him, he'll also feel obliged to suck it up and protect his nonexistent masculinity.
When men are ready to get over their hang-ups, they can finally muster up enough courage to speak up. Until then, park well and let people who are courageous enough to speak up do so.

I find it really amusing, but not very surprising, that a lot of Nigerian men, like you, are triggered by the recent spotlight on domestic abuse and somehow feel the need to defend themselves. Guilt is a biatch, yeah? grin


God how do nigerians reason

I've always wondered about this, too. You and your thread made me wonder even more.

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Foreign Affairs / Gay Men Thrown Into Concentration Camp-style Prisons In Chechnya by ScarletOverkill(f): 6:39pm On Apr 12, 2017
Chechen police 'kidnap and torture gay men' - LGBT activists
11 April 2017

Image caption Gay rights are restricted in Russia and abuses are worse in Chechnya, LGBT activists say
Gay men are fleeing brutal persecution in Chechnya, where police are holding more than 100 people and torturing some of them in an anti-gay crackdown, Russian activists say.

Natalia Poplevskaya of the Russian LGBT Network said "we are working to evacuate people".

A government spokesman called the reports "lies" and said homosexual people "simply don't exist in the republic".

Homophobia is widespread in Chechnya.

The mainly Muslim region is run by Ramzan Kadyrov, an authoritarian leader with a notorious private militia, fiercely loyal to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ms Poplevskaya told the BBC that victims - either gay or just perceived as gay - are being held at a detention centre near Argun, 20km (13 miles) from the city of Grozny.

She said the LGBT Network, based in St Petersburg, was aware of "an organised campaign to detain gay men" in Chechnya.

"Torture is going on with electric shocks, beatings with cables. All the people arrested are homosexual men or perceived as being gay," she said. Three deaths have been reported.

More than 30 people were crammed into one cell, she added.

Despite appeals to the Russian authorities to stop the abuses, no action has been taken, she complained.

Kadyrov spokesman Alvi Karimov denied the alleged persecution.

"You can't detain and repress people who simply don't exist in the republic," he said.

The gay rights group has an email hotline to help victims, or potential victims, flee to other parts of Russia. Ms Poplevskaya declined to say where those victims were being sheltered.

News of the crackdown was broken by the Russian daily Novaya Gazeta, which specialises in human rights investigations. It reported that the detainees included some influential Muslim clerics close to Mr Kadyrov, and two well-known Chechen TV presenters.

"We confirm what was said in Novaya Gazeta," Ms Poplevskaya said, while declining to name her sources in Chechnya.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39566136


More than 100 gay men have been detained by Chechnya in what are claimed to be the first concentration camps since the Holocaust.

The existence of the prisons in the Russian republic - close to the border with Eastern Europe - has been verified by human rights organisations and local media.

The men have been arrested as part of a widespread purge of LGBT people across the region.

The ruling government has, somewhat amazingly, claimed the camps could not exist - because 'there are NO gay people in Chechnya'.

In front of the Russian Embassy in Berlin on Saturday, hundreds of people protested against the kidnapping, torture and murder of gay men in Chechnya - many waving anti-homophobia placards directing their protest at President Vladimir Putin .

Information on the Chechen camps first surfaced on April 1 - which led to people initially dismissing it as "a bad April Fools' joke".

But the existence of the concentration camps has now been verified by human rights organisations - corroborated by eyewitness reports.

They are believed to be the first camps of their kind to be established for LGBT people since World War II.

Details of the camps were first published by an independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta - which has also reported on allegations of so-called "honour killings".

It reports that Chechens are being arrested on the mere suspicion of being gay - and are being in concentration camp prisons where abuse and violence is rife.


The spokesman for Ramzan Kadyrov insisted there were NO gay people in Chechnya
Tensions are believed to have arisen following an application for a gay rights march in the Chechen capital of Grozny.

Eyewitnesses have testified that a prison camp has been established in the town of Argun, according to reports.

The spokesman for Chechnya's Interior Ministry dismissed the claims as an "April Fools' joke" on April 1.

Splash News

The protests were over the kidnapping and torture of gay men in Chechnya
The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov's press secretary described the report as "lies".

He went on to state there were NO gay people in Chechnya.

He reportedly said: "If there were such people in Chechnya, law-enforcement agencies wouldn't need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no returning."

Splash News

Hundreds of people attended the rally protesting against what is happening in Chechnya
Human rights organisations have since been investigating the information published by Novaya Gazeta - and have now verified it.

Areport by Human Rights Watch states: "For several weeks now, a brutal campaign against LGBT people has been sweeping through Chechnya.

Main suspects for St Petersburg metro explosion revealed as 11 dead and dozens injured

"Law enforcement and security agency officials under control of the ruthless head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, have rounded up dozens of men on suspicion of being gay, torturing and humiliating the victims.

"Some of the men have forcibly disappeared.

"Others were returned to their families barely alive from beatings.

"At least three men apparently have died since this brutal campaign began."

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/hundred-gay-men-detained-first-10200263

Culture / Re: Ndi-igbo Who Can Tell The True Name Of This Drink...? Omenala Igbo Must Not Die by ScarletOverkill(f): 5:42am On Mar 28, 2017

Mmanya ngwo bu nke si n'elu osisi ana akpo ngwo...Mmanya nkwu bu nke si n'elu osisi nkwu.
Mmadu nwere ike ikpo ha abuo nkwuocha...

Daalu, nwanne.

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Culture / Re: by ScarletOverkill(f): 7:25pm On Mar 27, 2017
Ooooh, look!! A demigod! Condescending to speak the rusty dialect of his inferiors!! Yessss, lerrus jubilate and celebrate!!!

Let's faint with joy. undecided

Is Hausa not the second most spoken language in Africa or something like that?
What's special about this guy speaking a language spoken by millions of people?
Is it not sensible and normal that a person who has lived in northern Nigeria for a while would speak the lingua franca of northern Nigeria?

Do they grant interviews to Africans who speak Chinese? What's impressive about this?
Una never wan get sense.

And I'm yet to meet a Northerner from the core north who cannot speak Hausa, so na you sabi who the "most Northerners" for your post be.
Culture / Re: Ndi-igbo Who Can Tell The True Name Of This Drink...? Omenala Igbo Must Not Die by ScarletOverkill(f): 7:11pm On Mar 27, 2017
Mmanya nkwu.

Which one be mmanya ngwo? I keep mixing it up in my head.

The boy in the picture take style fine sha tongue
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Moved You To Tears? by ScarletOverkill(f): 6:50pm On Mar 27, 2017


didnt cry though but its really emotional

Ugh. I can't bring myself to watch that movie. The book is my least favourite John Green book, and movie adaptations are almost always worse than the books.

I didn't shed a single tear when Gus died in the book. Didn't connect at all with any of the characters.
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Moved You To Tears? by ScarletOverkill(f): 6:45pm On Mar 27, 2017
Southpaw. Jake Gyllenhaal's acting is amazing.

Brokeback Mountain. The last scene... God. Heart-wrenching. Again, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Like Stars on Earth: One of the few Indian movies I actually sat down and watched.

Umm... Beasts of No Nation. The scene where Agu siad he just wanted to be normal or something like that.

Ermmm... These are the ones I can remember for now.

I could probably list 50 books that made me cry, though ☺

And am I weird for not shedding a single tear in Titanic? All I could think was that Jack sef is a mumu. Dey form hero in love when he could've saved his scrawny arse.
Family / Re: Why Is It Difficult For Two Females To Live Together Peacefully? by ScarletOverkill(f): 6:54pm On Jan 17, 2017
We women hold grudges and keep malice too much. Most men can easily forgive and move on. Not all o. But half of women folk will carry that grudge to the grave. God help us o.
Recently, I have been conditioning my mind and heart to be like that of a man. Simple and easy going. And easily letting go of hurts. I have started advising my female friends to follow suit. Its healthy.

Kindly speak for yourself and your friends alone. Thank you.
If you're prone to holding grudges, that's between you, yourself, and your nature. I'm a woman. I don't hold grudges. I don't have time to keep malice with anybody. High blood pressure is real, nne. Life is too sweet for all that shite. Just ignore them dey go.

I know men and women alike who hold grudges. I know men and women alike who don't. But of course, when a man acts petty: Ahh some people are just like that. No mind am. When it's a woman: Ahh women ehn. Fear them o. They can kill o. They can do and undo.

When a male boss/office superior is rude and abrasive: oh he's just a no-nonsense person na. When a female boss/office superior is rude and abrasive: Ahh na so women bosses dey be. Women are horrible o!

And other women will carry these stuuuupid stereotypes and convince themselves that other women hate them because na dem be Queen of Sheba. Inspiring jealousy from every quarter because na only them waka come.

In my opinion the ladies that hate other ladies are those that hate themselves too.

True. They're usually the ones doing all the hating: themselves, other women, etc. Hateful idïots always think everyone is as hateful and insecure as they are. Projecting their chronic hate everywhere.

In that same room you see visible boundary and plenty of personal stuff, ladies don't share only a few

Lol you go fear na. E remain for me and my friends to share panties. Na only hateful biatches all of una dey jam. Ride on o. The Lord is your strength, wenne.

And for those ones wey talk say their own na to dey complain upandan about women, kindly pack yourself to a country where gay marriage is legal and marry one man abeg, since men are so perfect as opposed to these horrible creatures called women. Na beg I dey beg una. Make man pikin rest. Shior.

Women this, women that, yet na still una go enter room dey beg just to lick pünani like say na river of life dey flow from there. grin grin cheesy tongue

Make una go nyash down.


Romance / Re: How To Identify A Runs Girl - By Joro Olumofin by ScarletOverkill(f): 3:14pm On Jan 09, 2017
Joro wetyn wetyn be ur name sef undecided
Oshey runs girls catcher!
Aside S.M u don't have another life? undecided

Olobe oshisko Ltd


Lwkmd NLS are very hilarious people.

They never hexprrrerrit... grin grin

But it's OK! Loooooool una funny oo grin. grin my mention box don full ooo lwtmb. grin grin kilode grin

# let me address this#
So every light skinned woman is a hoe right?
A Lady wakes up in the morning get dressed to work to earn a living as a marketer with a firm makes her a prostitute abi?
A woman who ha worked so hard for money then, decides to spoil herself a little with luxury is a prostitute abi?
An international business woman is a prostitute too?

Please, I ask of you all quoting to spew thrash when it had become a crime for a woman to be an achiever?to want to make a difference? to pay her bills? to buy those things she loves for self... Pleas how is it a crime?

Same men who will kill and curse you for being dependent on them...they still will be quick to tag u a HOE when they see you can do things for yourself without asking for their help.

Y'all know y I ain't bothered? Y'all stay up on me and bleat like a dying he-goat while I go about my business. Oh! I forgot. Need i remind you that some of your sisters will never know what it means to buy a bottle of SNAPP for themselves?( that's my brand undecided)....naaaà they never can! Big bro will call them a HOE! Annnnnd....THATS HOW POVERTY WAS HANDED FROM THE FORMER GENERATION TO YOU, AND YOU WILL TO ANOTHER. JUST LIKE MYTHS AND LEGEND STORY, it goes on and on but different versions. smiley crack head MISOGYNISTS.

Keep quoting and sending PMs...its been a while I had a good laugh wink

Oh boy eh grin grin cheesy grin grin cheesy
Health / Re: 10 Health Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Tattoo (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) by ScarletOverkill(f): 3:04pm On Jan 09, 2017
I don't think Nigerians even know the meaning of the word "irresponsible" with the way people throw it around. Another person's tattoos should not be your wahala in life. They did not do it for you. It is not your body. It isn't your life. E no concern you. Face your front and carry on with your life if you have one to even speak of. kiss

And OP, you might as well come up with "ten health reasons you should never get a haircut", or "ten health reasons you should never drive", or "ten health reasons you should never leave your house", because shite could happen in any situation whatsoever. There are normal, nice, responsible, sensible human beings with tattoos and they are not dead yet.

People should learn to mind their business. Nobody came into this world to please you, and not everyone must have your philosophy in life. If you write a human being off because of ordinary tattoos, then you're nothing more than a useless piece of bovine excrement, not to mention a shallow-minded douche-nozzle.


Romance / Re: Lagos Big Boy Shares Naughty Bedroom Photos With His Girls by ScarletOverkill(f): 7:28am On Jan 01, 2017

Very dumb comment

You didn't read the part where I said I wanted daughters

And where did I say you don't want daughters?
I simply asked you to extend your prayers to your sons as well. All these angry people on NL.
Biko, have a nice year. If 2016 was bad, 2017 will be better wink
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky left with red eye after bae slaps him, smashes his iphone (pics/video) by ScarletOverkill(f): 4:31pm On Dec 31, 2016

How do you arrest someone on a suspicion of being gay, even in a country that prohibits same sex relationship, like Nigeria? It is simply impossible. It is like saying you suspect your neighbour of being an armed robber simply because he is boastful and showy. What clear evidence do you have? How do you prove it in a court of law where democracy is being practised?

By the way, I think the earlier Nigerians stop paying too much attention to irrelevant and inconsequential issues like this, the better we can move on as a nation. Bobrisky's life is his to live whichever way he deems fit. We all have our own demon living inside our heads. Let us divert our energy to more productive ventures rather than wasting time on what do not affect or concern us!

Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky left with red eye after bae slaps him, smashes his iphone (pics/video) by ScarletOverkill(f): 4:29pm On Dec 31, 2016
His bae might even be Tinubu self.... We never can tell lipsrsealed

"Bae' is a very wealthy man, no doubt. I remember he once said that his bae moves around in a convoy and police escorts.

E fit be lie sha grin . This guy na correct clown.
Romance / Re: Lagos Big Boy Shares Naughty Bedroom Photos With His Girls by ScarletOverkill(f): 8:17am On Dec 31, 2016
he does hiv test for them. flaunts d hiv test home kit. bt those gals are person future mama o

And he is a future dad as well.
Na their life.

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Romance / Re: Lagos Big Boy Shares Naughty Bedroom Photos With His Girls by ScarletOverkill(f): 6:48am On Dec 31, 2016

He pays them N100k for unprotected sex

Chineke e kwela shocked
Unprotected?? In this Nigeria of free HIV wey dey move like breeze.
For ordinary 100k. The guy sef be like HIV. grin


Romance / Re: Lagos Big Boy Shares Naughty Bedroom Photos With His Girls by ScarletOverkill(f): 6:45am On Dec 31, 2016
I read pple's comments, especially the ones saying for 200k u will do what most of these whores are doing. My question is, how much is 200k sef? Just yesterday baby clothes I bought for my niece amount to 186k. Don't sell urself for even a million naira because naira has no value anymore. If you have 10m in ur account u are still a poor man.

Na brokeness dey worry some idïots for here. To them, 200k is some sort of jackpot.
Na why person go talk say she no fit touch that wowo guy and them go open their mouth dey yarn dust. They've not seen 200k before.

Let's blame Buhari grin

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Romance / Re: Lagos Big Boy Shares Naughty Bedroom Photos With His Girls by ScarletOverkill(f): 6:40am On Dec 31, 2016
Somebody actually gave birth to these ones


I pray I have daughters when I get married but most times, I fear for their future

Pray for your sons too. They also deserve prayers. May they not turn out like him.


Family / Re: Husband Or Househelp? by ScarletOverkill(f): 7:33pm On Dec 30, 2016
You are a foolish bitter jobless gossip.

grin grin grin cheesy grin cheesy grin grin

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Religion / Re: Advancement In Spiritual Worldviews: Western And Eastern Worldviews by ScarletOverkill(f): 5:24pm On Dec 30, 2016

Might I ask why, madam?

Oh. I guess I should've said that I don't believe it's entirely cyclical.
What I know about the concept of life being cyclical is this: It's based on the belief that life events boomerang somehow. That events and history repeat themselves in one way or another. That events would happen all over again, somehow undecided. That time is circular; running in a circle and repeating itself in a cycle of events. Places emphasis on repetition. Then Karma is thrown in. Everlasting soul, etc etc.

I don't believe that. Life is cyclical in the simplest ways possible: the day morphs into night, and then the night morphs into day, the seasons are intertwined with each other and must re-occur. That sort of thing.

Life is also linear in the simplest way possible: it has a beginning and a definite end. The past may influence the future, but that doesn't necessarily mean that by influencing the future, the past is repeating itself. We are born, we live through a series of events, our life progresses until it gets to the end point. Shït happens blah blah.
Procreation could be seen as a cycle; continuation of our species. However, I don't believe that events are bound to be repeated over time, or that the future is just one big, definite mirror of the past.
Celebrities / Re: Chidinma Okeke To Co-host Slimshady Invasion 3.0 by ScarletOverkill(f): 3:31pm On Dec 30, 2016
Slimshady don dey roll with Denrele? grin cheesy
Abi na just connection lol.
Religion / Re: Advancement In Spiritual Worldviews: Western And Eastern Worldviews by ScarletOverkill(f): 3:24pm On Dec 30, 2016
I've always toed the Eastern line. Appeals to me on a primal level.
There's this part of me that just automatically questions most Western spiritual perspectives.

I don't believe the journey of mankind is cyclical, though.
Family / Re: Twitter User Slams Feminists, Teaches Them "How To Keep A Home" by ScarletOverkill(f): 3:18pm On Dec 30, 2016

I like debates like this.

So a woman shoukd be proud of being a woman….of course yes

You wrore that "each is also specialized for different functions" who described this function? Was there some kind of global meeting of the council of human elders and they ascribed functions to men and women? Please I am confused

Ask am o.
Ask am.
Family / Re: Twitter User Slams Feminists, Teaches Them "How To Keep A Home" by ScarletOverkill(f): 3:17pm On Dec 30, 2016
From the comments I've read, many ladies here have lost it. The sad thing is they don't even realize that the word 'feminism' is a prison. These days when people like gays, lesbianism and other weird people are trying desperately so hard to avoid being stereotyped, some idiots are tagging themselves feminist. Insecurity of the highest order . the simple truth is they all wished they were men. Well even the Queen of feminist Beyonce sang 'if I was a boy' so that says it all.

Women don't want to be men. Stop flattering yourself.
Also, stop jumping upandan and hyper-ventilating about feminists. You don't like feminists? There are lots of ladies out there who are not feminists. Like that twitter user.
There are ladies out there who'll treat you like a god even when you're not kiss , bend over backwards, lick your nyash sef if you want.

Find one and marry before you die ontop feminism matter.


Sports / Re: Serena Williams Is Engaged To Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder. Gets Backlash by ScarletOverkill(f): 9:47am On Dec 30, 2016

You just remainded me of some1 "it's that why your shouting" you luk like the type

P.S am just kidding woh, make you no Bash me dis early morning, I still haven't fully wake up yet

No mind me jare. cheesy

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Sports / Re: Serena Williams Is Engaged To Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder. Gets Backlash by ScarletOverkill(f): 9:44am On Dec 30, 2016
if they wan born pikin dem go call to help dem impregnate her everthing about black is all about how big is ur kondo cant we think of any other thing apart from ass and kondo? Japanese girls re they complaining about thier men small kondo? Japanese men with small kondo check what they give to the world from electronic to cars black men with big kondo nko? I Dont know what to say when africans still import toothpicks from china with small kondo angry

grin grin

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Sports / Re: Serena Williams Is Engaged To Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder. Gets Backlash by ScarletOverkill(f): 9:35am On Dec 30, 2016
Who cares my future GF and future wife must be white, preferably an Arab, besides black dude marrying black chick ends up giving too much has just like mixing too bottles of coke. But mix Coke with fanta & is beautiful hybrid.

Beside majority black women are always angry & shout too much

See? Na them dey complain pass o.
Na them go still vex tomorrow if the angry shouters look for inside white pipo domot.

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Sports / Re: Serena Williams Is Engaged To Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder. Gets Backlash by ScarletOverkill(f): 9:31am On Dec 30, 2016
...Women women women!!!..always obssessed with engagement and proposals...no one is looking at the larger picture..are they even compactible to start with??..will they still be together in 5-10yrs from now?..barely four months,he popped the question and she said YES......smh

Imagine. "Obssessed", "compactible". English iyaff suffer. And I'm sure there are more male users commenting on this topic than female.

How is anyone outside their relationship supposed to know if they're compatible?
Why I go just siddon dey ask myself if them go last 5-10 years? Onto which levels?
Barely four months indeed. Babe wey date Common for three solid years, nothing happen. She wan marry who she want.
You guys should park well abegi, make man pikin see better road.


Sports / Re: Serena Williams Is Engaged To Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder. Gets Backlash by ScarletOverkill(f): 9:19am On Dec 30, 2016
Reverse Racism at play

I swear down. I laughed when I saw someone say that Serena is marrying "the enemy".
Every random white dude is now the enemy.

Nothing wey man pikin no go see for this world.

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