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Travel / Re: The Dilapidated State Of Isu Okoma Roads In Ebonyi State by Sharingan: 5:11pm On Sep 24, 2019
The present government in Ebonyi state that refused paying corp members after he won d election in February
Celebrities / Re: Maureen, Blossom Chukwujekwu's Wife Steps Out Braless (photos) by Sharingan: 10:31pm On Mar 16, 2019
Aunty Biko wear a bra and stop disgracing your entire generation

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Nurses And Midwives With The Dream Of Working Abroad Let's Meet Here. by Sharingan: 9:01pm On Mar 15, 2019

Oga try Hungary. I am doing the same thing. Mechanical Engineering to Nursing.
please more information is needed can I PM you
Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY Admission. by Sharingan: 6:07pm On Mar 03, 2019


but do you know if UNN take exams
Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY Admission. by Sharingan: 4:42pm On Mar 03, 2019
uniben will test you with exams and ur admission depends on ur scores.
What about UNN, can UNIBEN be used as a second choice
Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY Admission. by Sharingan: 9:07am On Mar 01, 2019
who applied for UNN?? Do they write exams or something what ABOUT UNIBEN anyone
Travel / Re: Nigerian Nurses And Midwives With The Dream Of Working Abroad Let's Meet Here. by Sharingan: 10:41am On Nov 19, 2018
Much easier for Basic midwives than RNs.
Find out yourself though.

I don't really think it's that hard, just found this info on
maybe Barbie,auschris n d rest who are more varse can shed more light..

If you are a nurse who is registered overseas, and you want to practise in New Zealand, you must meet our requirements. There are seven requirements which help us make sure you are safe, competent and prepared to nurse in New Zealand.
Requirements for New Zealand Registration 30 October 2018 (PDF, 681 KB)
1. You must prove your identity
We need to check you are who you say you are. We check this by looking at certified copies of your identity documents.
1. Registration Standard - Proof of Identity 10 Sep (PDF, 436 KB)
2. The English language
In New Zealand we require nurses to communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, employers and other health professionals. You must pass an approved English Language test before you apply for registration.
2. Registration Standard - The English Language 11 Oct 18 (PDF, 1,017 KB)
3. Nursing qualification
We assess your nursing qualification(s) to ensure that they are the same level as those of New Zealand graduates.
3. Registration standard: Nursing qualification (PDF, 474 KB)
4. Current registration
You must provide evidence of your current overseas registration, This may include a certified copy of your registration certificate. You must supply verification of your good standing with the nursing regulatory authority you are registered with.
4. Registration standard: Current registration (PDF, 539 KB)
5. Post-registration experience
You must provide evidence of least two years' post-registration experience. You must have two years' nursing practice in the last five years. We count five years from the date you applied for New Zealand registration. For example, you applied on 1 April 2018; we look at the time frame from
1 April 2013 to 1 April 2018.
5. Registration standard: Post registration experience (PDF, 744 KB)
6. Demonstrate fitness to practise
You must demonstrate that you are fit for registration as a nurse. As part of your application you will be required to complete a declaration about your competence and fitness to practice.
6. Registration standard: Fitness to practise (PDF, 735 KB)
7. Competence to practise
Many nurses who have been registered overseas will need to successfully complete a Competency Assessment Programme (CAP) before we can grant New Zealand registration. The CAP programme prepares overseas registered nurses for the registered nurse role and the healthcare context of New Zealand, which is different to many other countries. Please click here for more information about CAP programmes.
7. Registration standard: Competence to practise (PDF, 633 KB)
Travel / Re: Nigerian Nurses And Midwives With The Dream Of Working Abroad Let's Meet Here. by Sharingan: 7:34pm On Nov 16, 2018

Hello house,
This post is about Nigerian Midwives who wish to apply to and work as a Registered midwife in New Zealand.
It is strictly for holders of Basic Midwifery certificate. That is, you studied Midwifery for 3yeara and got registered and licensed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.
You must have worked for at least 3 years.
New Zealand offers good opportunuties for foreign midwives. A newly employed midwife in New Zealand earns 47000 New Zealand dollar per year. That's about 11,600,000 naira.
I will give a step by step procedure
1. Complete a three years Basic Midwifery study and get registered and licensed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.
2. Get a valid (not expired) international passport ready. This cost around 25,000 naira from any immigration office near you.
2. At this point I advise you open a dollar account in any Nigerian bank so you can easily pay for your application and registration fee to New Zealand Midwifery Council. Don't panic. Its not difficult to open. Just go to aboki buy US$10 with 3500 naira. Go with your intl passport, electricity bill, 2 passport photographs to FCMB bank and they will do it for you. When you are ready to apply to New Zealand Midwifery Council, you must buy dollar from aboki and pay into this account to cover the amount you want to pay to New Zealand Midwifery Council. You need this because you can't pay to New Zealand Midwifery Council with your naira atm card.
3. Log in to
www.midwiferycouncil.health.nz/midwives/becoming-registered-practise/internationally-qualified-midwives-application-guidelines to study the guidelines.
4. With your valid valid license and intl passport ready and your dollar account funded with at least US$200, you Log in to www.midwiferycouncil.health.nz and create an account in their website. You will be given a username and password which you will need to Log in anytime. Click on 'Apply' and select 'Oversea' and fill the form.
Select 'Assessment fee'. This is because your documents will be assessed first before proper registration. Assessment fee is 250 New Zealand dollar, about 62,000 naira.
On payment option, select credit card and fill in the details on your dollar account atm card.
If they confirm your credentials to be true, they will give you decision letter to pay for your registration and license. This cost 750 New Zealand dollar, about 186,000 naira.
5. After filling the form online, you will be asked to print out two forms. You will take one to Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria to fill and send directly to New Zealand Midwifery Council.
6. You will send the following documents by post to:
New Zealand Midwifery Council,
Level 5,
22 Willeston Street,
Wellington Central,
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand.
- A photocopy of the data page of your intl passport
- Photocopy of your RM Notification of Registration
- Certificate of Good Standing. This with be sent by Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria directly to New Zealand Midwifery Council. NMCN charges around 10,000 naira for this.
7. Your CV signed and dated. It must also state names, full addresses of all health facilities/clinics/hospitals you have worked, your position, ward and explain the functions of that ward/unit.
8. Meet the Principal of your school of Midwifery and ask them to send your transcripts to:
New Zealand Midwifery Council
Tell your Principal to add that your studies were conducted and you were examined in English language. This is very important. If this is not stated, you will be required to sit and take IELTS test.
9. Get a reference letter from one of your former or current employer stating your Midwifery ability and conduct.
Another reference letter can come from a person of high standing but not related to you. You will add it in the documents you will send to New Zealand Midwifery Council.
10. Get a medical certificate of physical and mental fitness from a government hospital.
11. Fill the Self Assessment Against Competencies form. This is the second form you printed from New Zealand Midwifery Council website. You are required to have conducted at least 30 deliveries by yourself, 20 as assistants and 50 as observer. You will answer some questions on antenatal, postnatal, episiotomy, deliveries, medical surgical nursing, etc.
12. Photocopy of your WAEC/NECO. Ask your school to give you a testimonial stating your academic background and conduct. Your secondary school must state that English was the medium of study and you were examined in English language. This is the condition New Zealand Midwifery Council accepts to exempt you from taking IELTS.
12. First School Leaving Certificate.
13. Completed and printed online application form from New Zealand Midwifery Council website.
Note: all Photocopies must be notarised by a solicitor. He must print his name, Complete address, phone number, rank/designation and state 'I certify this document a true copy of their originals' on each documents. If this is not done, it will be rejected. So get a lawyer do that.
Mail all documents to:
New Zealand Midwifery Council in the address stated above.
If you have further questions on registration and licensing, pls write to New Zealand Midwifery Council via info@midwiferycouncil.health.nz
After your qualification is assessed and New Zealand Midwifery Council informs you, the next step is to look for Midwives recruitment agency in New Zealand.
They will assist you get a job while you are still in Nigeria.
They will file application for your work permit, pay your visa fee, your flight ticket, receive you on arrival in New Zealand and arrange an accommodation for you. You will sign a contract to work for them for 2 or 3 years. This does not affect your salary oo.
If you are married, they can sponsor you, your husband and one child or you and two children without your husband.
If you have further questions on Sponsorship, pls write:
Thanks. My fingers ache.


you didn't state the requirements for registered nurses...
Abi nah only midwifes fit apply
Romance / Re: Couple Take Their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot To A Private Jet by Sharingan: 3:48pm On Nov 18, 2017
Everyone giving ideas for pre-wedding photoshoot and I am here still single as fück.

Message to my future wife.

Bìtch where you at? angry

Papi embarassed
Everyone giving ideas for pre-wedding photoshoot and I am here still single as fück.

Message to my future wife.

Bìtch where you at? angry
Politics / Re: Gov Obiano Demolishes Houses In Anambra Town Nkwelezunaka In Wife's Favor(pics) by Sharingan: 7:45pm On May 05, 2017
Elections are fast approaching..... stupid claims.... Biased buncha idi0ts... WE ARE GOING TO VOTE OBIANO... NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP THAT

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Family / Re: Help!!! An 'ss' Nairalander Cries Out (disturbing Photos) by Sharingan: 12:13pm On Apr 05, 2017
nice one... please update the house... I'll be happy to assist

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Romance / Re: I Love Her So Much And She Loves Me Too But She Can't Stop Causing Me Pains. by Sharingan: 2:11pm On Mar 27, 2017
Abuse in any or all forms (physical, emotional, verbal) should not be tolerated.
it's about time you guys had a real conversation.....
Crime / Re: Okwudilli "Dilly" Umenyiora Was A Yahoo Boy And Fraudster by Sharingan: 2:07pm On Jan 03, 2017
And the mumu girl will know all these oo and still be following him.
Girls and money belike ( Abeg help with that picture)
That was how i heard of a Girl who was dating a Yahoo boy, the guy used the girl's Ovaries for Juju...
For good 15months, this girl couldnt see her period,
It was after some deep investigations,people knew whats up.
If you are a Girl dating a yahoo boy, I PITY FOR YOU!
He is married undecided
Politics / Re: Somto Akunyili Weds Chinonso Azuzu (Photos) by Sharingan: 5:36pm On Jan 02, 2017
May my creator send me a good wife to marry this year.

Search no more
Am here now kiss


Celebrities / Re: Sophie Momodu Flaunts Major Skin In Sexy Bikini Pictures by Sharingan: 1:46pm On Jan 02, 2017

Not like any one will ever offer you anything half as good as this
Family / Re: John Edobor, Man Accused Of Breaking Wife's Legs Tells His Side Of The Story by Sharingan: 9:11pm On Nov 17, 2016
The scan clearly showed it WAS JUST A BABY... so I don't understand where the claims is coming from

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I stay in owerri.
when will it be avaliable.
I'm interested.
Health / Re: Get Herpes,hpv, HEPATITIS, Epstein-barr Virus Treatment Here. by Sharingan: 2:39am On Aug 28, 2016
Milky I sent you a PM... its really very important. Thanks
Business / Re: Join The Success Team Of Mini Importers And Have Ur Own Success Story. Must See! by Sharingan: 5:17pm On Mar 01, 2016
I've always had interest in importation for years now but have not been able to come across a realiable guide and mentor that is if u dont mind @importexpert so how do i make payment i really want to be part of this
Music/Radio / Re: Airforce 1 On STV Right Now, Nigerian Idols season V by Sharingan: 4:49pm On May 01, 2015
That guy doesn't look like him thou.... It actually got my attention Ymodulus is an atheist?
Music/Radio / Re: Airforce 1 On STV Right Now, Nigerian Idols season V by Sharingan: 4:49pm On May 01, 2015
That guy doesn't look like him thou.... It actually got my attention Ymodulus is an atheist?
Phones / Re: Tecno P5 Discussion Thread by Sharingan: 5:20pm On Dec 19, 2014
am sorry i dont know if this has been discussed b4.got a p5 around mid october.maybe is just me but am not enjoyin d fon.my fon hangs alot..i dont play games anymore cos they hang alot even simple games like subway surf,candycrush....secondly most times my fon screen jst go blind.its so so annoying,cos d fone is on and i cant even answer a call...it rings out d white panel shows light but the screen just goes numb.most times I ve to take out my battery n switch it on again.i do dat more dan five times daily. then oda times wen is on cant make a call n most of my apps stop runing.please somebody help me??
Business / Re: Prediction E-Learning Centre by Sharingan: 6:37pm On Sep 10, 2014
Am in ooo hope i aint late and am following..
TV/Movies / Re: Paul Walker Is Dead, Fast & Furious Actor by Sharingan: 2:05pm On Dec 01, 2013
I've always liked him,his eyes were spectacular....RIP
Religion / Re: Jesus Was A Drunkard. Yes, He Confessed. by Sharingan: 1:35pm On Dec 01, 2013
Ok is quite ridiculous dat you're usin a verse to propagate a more ridiculous assertion.You blindly quoted mattew and luke,if had read the passage,you would've understood that they are both sayin the same thing albeit different accounts.you nid 2 get your facts straight and just like graviton has pointed out.Christ was teaching against double standards and d fact that you cannot please everybody by anything you do.
Romance / Re: Guys, Are Stretch Marks A Turn-off? by Sharingan: 6:44am On Nov 25, 2013
Those naturally remedies take like forever but its worth it though.@teejhay how did u get rid of yours laser
Romance / Re: Guys, Are Stretch Marks A Turn-off? by Sharingan: 6:11pm On Nov 24, 2013
Some stretch marks are genetic,results from growth spurs and are VERY difficult to get rid of,unless you undergo laser therapy surgery to get rid of it,which is can b quite pricey...you can use the gym frequently,get your skin all toned and stuff and still get them.so stp making it sound like laziness is the reason dat gal has stretch marks and most attimes you cant determine where it appears and where it doesnt.so they can appear anywhere and there little you can do about it.i personally dt mind them.BTW most men like fat girls and most of them have stretch mark now i wonder who the real liars are


Romance / Re: Help!!!!!...i Need To Start Benefiting. From My Girlfriend by Sharingan: 4:50pm On Nov 21, 2013
Dat ur gf sef eh.Am sure she obviously noticed the OP was broke bt decided to turn a blind eye to it.Simple things like "babe am sorry i no call u,i no gt airtym 4 fone,even i neva recharge sinc lastweek" should be enough i suppose....she rather would smartly laugh and go,"how was ur day?" like she dont already know your day was terrible..she doesnt seem to care enough to notice you're broke.BTW your gf should nt really ask 4 anything b4 you give her sometin,cos am sure if u had as much as bought her #50 tissue it wouldnt b so awkward to ask her for some kinda assitance..
Celebrities / Re: PHOTO: Ex Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria And New Boyfriend by Sharingan: 6:01pm On Nov 20, 2013
Is it just me! Or does dat look lyk silicone bags Her jugs werent really this massive #no hating
Romance / Re: Best Romantic Pics I Have Come Across by Sharingan: 5:29pm On Nov 20, 2013
Now, when she posts a picture of a guy who clearly is not handsome ( either intentionally or otherwise) and captions it my guy is so handsome, what does that mean?
sarcasm or discretion #depends
Fashion / Re: Steps To Get The Perfect Eyebrow by Sharingan: 5:18pm On Nov 20, 2013
You said concealer is that not mary kay foundation am seeing You wax where do you get strips #following


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