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Politics / Re: They Have A Case With The Magistrate Not Me: Police PPRO, Muyiwa Adejobi by sidnazious(m): 4:07am On Jul 21
Some people do not know that it is an offence to willfully obstruct traffic in several countries including Nigeria. This the poor guys might have realized in front of the Magistrate. Please read traffic offences law in Nigeria.

Now facing the key points;

Abuse of power: None seen. The guys were arrested and immediately charged to court. No prolonged stay in the cell which could have been an abuse of power. The police did its job.

Corruption: None seen. The PPRO did not listen to their pleas and probably offer of money to let them go after realising they goofed up. This is the normal Nigerian mentality not wanting to face the music after beating the drums of war. Prevention is better than cure my brother.

Lawlessness: The guys threw caution to the wind by turning of their vehicle thereby willfully, knowingly and purposefully making a bad traffic situation worse to their own selfish benefit. They were not in a hurry and decided everyone should do the same.
Can they try this in Ghana? Not to talk of South Africa, US, UK or Canada?

Ignorance: The guys were obviously ignorant of the law and the consequences of their actions. All three are guilty as the other two friends supported the driver in the wrong action. This makes them an accomplice for the crime.

Bad eggs in the Police: The Nigerian police have been known to err in a lot of situations and shown abuse of power. This is deeply regrettable and has caused the public to lose faith and trust in them. However this case is not one of such.

I know some of us feel pity for the guys and share a close bond as you can place yourself in their situation and may even have done a similar action or even worse. Now imagine you were behind those guys and have a medical emergency or critical appointment to meet, will you appreciate the ego stand by those guys? Be truthful to yourself.

I sympathize with them as they have had an encounter with the law and this will be in their police records for an avoidable and foolish crime. We pray the magistrate gives a fair judgement. Note that I have no bias towards the police, just saying it as it is from my viewpoint.

Now you know traffic offence is a crime. Hate it or love it, its a free world.

My 2 cent.

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Autos / Re: Free VIN Check FOR CARS FROM USA ,CANADA by sidnazious(m): 8:07pm On Mar 23, 2020
Kindly assist to check
Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports by sidnazious(m): 8:06pm On Mar 23, 2020
My Honourable,

Kindly assist me to check this vin

Thanks a lot.
Kindly assist with this Vin check..

Phone/Internet Market / Re: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 For Quick Sale (4gb/64gb) by sidnazious(m): 3:39pm On Dec 21, 2019
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 For Quick Sale (4gb/64gb) by sidnazious(m): 10:47am On Dec 20, 2019
Haba! I no wan vex nairaland chieftains.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 For Quick Sale (4gb/64gb) by sidnazious(m): 10:46am On Dec 20, 2019
Haba! I no wan vex nairaland warlords...

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Phone/Internet Market / Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 For Quick Sale (4gb/64gb) by sidnazious(m): 10:40am On Dec 20, 2019
I have an 18 months old Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4gb/64gb (India version) and upgraded to MIUI global 11.0.2 for quick sale. I just got a new Redmi Note 8.

Key specs:

Operating System: Andriod Nougat, MIUI 11.0.2

Display: 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) display

Design: Metal Back, Metal Frame

Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 MSM8953 Tru-Octa Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, expandable upto 128 GB

Camera:13 MP Rear C and 5mp front camera

Battery:4100 mAh battery

Others: fingerprint, gcompass, infrared (remote control) etc.

Phone was used neatly with no issues at all. See pictures attached. Selling with all accessories and carton as purchased. Asking price 30k.

Interested serious buyers can contact me on WhatsApp or call 07015834574.

Location: Lagos


Career / Re: "3 Weeks After Reporting A Much Older Coworker, I Was Fired From My Job" - Lady by sidnazious(m): 5:34am On Apr 13, 2018
Get a good lawyer... You have a winning case if all the info is correct. The company will definitely pay. The Nigeria labour law covers that.
Politics / Re: President Buhari's Cows In 2015 Vs 2017 (Pictures) by sidnazious(m): 2:41pm On Dec 11, 2017
Baseless and clueless comparison....

Cow to human.... LLMAO..... Oya chop grass na kiss

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Properties / Re: What You Need To Know About Buying Your First Home by sidnazious(m): 8:21pm On Mar 06, 2017
Nice one.
Phones / Re: Samsung S6 Edge/plus Support/reviews... Contribution Needed by sidnazious(m): 8:03am On Sep 28, 2016
The phone is still performing excellently no issues at all.
Politics / Re: Egbesu : Return My Symbol Of Authority, Tompolo Begs Buhari by sidnazious(m): 6:45am On Jun 29, 2016
trying to catch avengers them dey steal
shame on Buhari government
He has keep quiet for Buratai illegal house he bought from Uk but harassing fayose and his family members

So you actually believe everything you read online?

Some people can be gullible sha...

I rest my case.
Technology Market / Re: NAIRALAND MOBILE HQ[Android Authority] 3GB RAM PHONES*TABLETS*SMARTWATCH* inside by sidnazious(m): 1:15pm On Jun 16, 2016

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Oga Elijahdre,

Do you know about this phone. How much will it cost from you for this phone.

Lenovo Zuk 1, 64gb.

Awaiting your response.
Technology Market / Re: NAIRALAND MOBILE HQ[Android Authority] 3GB RAM PHONES*TABLETS*SMARTWATCH* inside by sidnazious(m): 5:10pm On Jun 14, 2016
Oga Initialize,

How much will it cost from you for this phone.

Lenovo Zuk 1, 64gb.

Awaiting your response.
Autos / Re: Free VIN Check FOR CARS FROM USA ,CANADA by sidnazious(m): 8:08am On Feb 12, 2016
Nice one mate,
Kindly assist to check this VIN JTEDP21A940024475.
Appreciate the assistance.
Have a great day ahead.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Which Phone Can I Buy For 28k. by sidnazious(m): 4:20am On Feb 10, 2016
Mr Jumia,
How much to deliver the infinix hot2 to Ogun state....
Education / Re: Walden University Is On My Neck. by sidnazious(m): 4:00am On Feb 10, 2016
Nothing dey shele jare except you have money to dash....
That's all's.
Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports Sponsored By Auctionexport.com by sidnazious(m): 3:06am On Feb 10, 2016
Dear Export Team,
Kindly assist with this VIN.
Thanks a lot for your assistance.
VIN JTEDP21A060111345
Autos / Re: Free VIN Check FOR CARS FROM USA ,CANADA by sidnazious(m): 2:59am On Feb 10, 2016
Dear Sir,
Kindly assist to check this VIN.
Thanks a lot for your assistance.
VIN JTEDP21A060111345
Business / Re: Naira Will Not Be Devalued, Rates Would Be Reduced – CBN by sidnazious(m): 9:07pm On Jan 27, 2016
CBN is very funny. Wether they devalue it or not, the effects have started. This is what you get when a cow is a president

Just to be sure you know what you are saying and for more enlightenment. Kindly explain how:

The present Naira state is the president's fault?

What do you think the previous president would have done differently ?

What will you do differently if in charge.

Awaiting your esteemed reply.
Politics / Re: FG Will Renegotiate Contracts Awarded Under Jonathan – Fashola by sidnazious(m): 3:28pm On Jan 25, 2016
nice words but where were these words when ppl were calling gej retardeen ,drunkard,bastard and all sorts of names?

Same applies to GEJ. You don't insult your leaders, you pray for them.
If you are the one up there trying to fixing a broken country like this and you see comments like the ones above, how would you feel?

My brother to rule is not easy especially when people refuse to do their jobs or simply detest the right thing (corruption). From the little I have been opportune to experience......... I can say only God can save......

So start praying....
Autos / Re: Toks 2006 Model Toyota COROLLA SPORT Fabric Interior For Sale..... by sidnazious(m): 3:05pm On Jan 25, 2016
Serious buyer here... 1.4 to fly this baby... Instant payment.
Let me know 08023965016
Politics / Re: FG Will Renegotiate Contracts Awarded Under Jonathan – Fashola by sidnazious(m): 1:12pm On Jan 25, 2016
Never liked this man.
But if this statement from him is true,then he is the most intelligent person in this present government. He seems to know how to tackle different problems with different solutions.
But the problem is he works under and for a dullard ?? The dullard is taking governance personal and he has forgotten that Nigeria is not his daura farm.

Who are you calling dullard? Are you wiser, more intelligent, better off than the person in any way? If in the same shoes can you perform better? What ideas do you have, what have you even achieved so far that gives you the audacity to speak..........

Don't follow the trend in all this online forums and be saying anything that comes to your mind.

Be respectful, be responsible, be a better citizen, above all pray for Nigeria and assist in making it a country we can be proud off.


Politics / Re: Nigeria To Withdraw OPL245 From Malabu And Dan Etete by sidnazious(m): 12:53pm On Jan 25, 2016
I support a lot of the ideas of the Buhari government however a lot of the other ideas of this government is misguided. It would appear that an over emphasis is be put on this corruption witch hunt at the expense of substantive ideas on how to improve the lot of the common man.

Even after seizing this or arresting that. You still need to sit down and factualize how to create employment,stimulate the economy,improve infrastructure and guarantee security. This is what people who voted for "Change" want.

It's tiring and becoming boring that all Nigerians read in the papers about government these days is who they are chasing or who is in court. By all means punish the criminals but when are you actually going to do some governance? What has changed between the last government and the current government that has lead to the actual improvement of the life of the common man. I haven't seen anything can someone please tell us?

My brother, which money do you want GMB to use in creating employment, improve infrastructure and security? Nigeria is dead broke.... No foreign reserves, crude sales have plummeted, even the price is nothing to write home about.

In light of this there are three ways to go about this..... Either they borrow more money and mortgage our ailing future more, increase taxes astronomically thereby suffering the citizens or they recover stolen funds which are lying fallow somewhere and meant for the country initially.

Calling in investors to develop our other resources is not an immediate solution as it will take some years to develop, build plants and so on. This action has been delayed for too long by a powerful few. Do you know that some of our resources are been mined illegally?

If you were in charge what will you do? Think critically about it before you judge.

Just my 2cents.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Photos Of Nigerians Scooping Petrol From Crashed Tanker On Ibadan Expressway by sidnazious(m): 10:59am On Jan 25, 2016
Nigeria' redemption is not just for the government to handle.... We citizens have the greater part to play. There has to be a complete renewal of minds for better.

The average Nigerian is greedy, wants things for free and ready to cut corners, circumvent the truth and so on.

How is it GEJ or GMB fault that these greedy/foolish people are risking their lives? Same has happened in Jesse, Delta state where a full village got burnt down.

Let's call a spade a spade. What shall it profit a man .......... Mark 8:36.
Phones / Re: Samsung S6 Edge/plus Support/reviews... Contribution Needed by sidnazious(m): 10:41am On Jan 25, 2016
I've been using the galaxy s6 now for a couple of months. So far it is the best phone I've ever used. Screen is amazing and camera is something else. The phone is snappy, no single lag experienced yet. Has the infrared sensor and i use the remote to control everything in my house, TV, home theatre, Ac, even apple TV. The only drawback is it struggles to keep more than 4 apps in memory. Like when u are browsing using chrome and open a few apps, by the time u are back in chrome it will reload the page.. Pretty snappy though. Same thing with gaming, when u open up to 3 games and go back to the first, it will reload. I think the phone was designed like that for optimization, I mean who plays 3 games at the same time? Even PlayStation 4 with 8gb of ram can only play one game at a time.

But it gets annoying when u are playing a game and switch to reply a Whatsapp message for just minutes and the game will have to restart. I heard it was fixed in the galaxy s6 edge plus.

Maybe it has to do with the higher ram. I open close to 80 tabs on Google Chrome... No lagging and all pages stay loaded...

Multitasking is great. I will recommend to all just the price.

I got this after my xiaomi redmi note 2 burnt my fingers.... With faulty screen and non-availability of spare parts. Annoyance things....
Phones / Samsung S6 Edge/plus Support/reviews... Contribution Needed by sidnazious(m): 1:27am On Jan 25, 2016
Hi guys,

I checked through for a thread on the above named phone but couldn't find.... Surprised though... shocked

Currently using the Samsung S6 edge+....... So far so good the phone has been splendid with serious multitasking abilities, gaming, browsing speed, sharp camera, smooth finger print, quick charge etc... In my opinion, this might be the best performing phone right now. Major drawback is the non-availability of the infrared sensor for remote control and battery is just normal....... dies when pushed too hard... But can get up to two days with normal use.

Antutu score is 79323, the performance is almost same as the normal s6 edge.

To all other users, Kindly post experience so far with the device, tips and tricks, rooting, os upgrades etc.

Thanks @all.
Autos / Re: SOLDToks 2003 Toyota Corolla Sport - N1.330m SOLD by sidnazious(m): 11:03pm On Jan 23, 2016
interested in this at best price wink
check email n whatsapp

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