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Music/Radio / MUSIC: DJ Neptune Ft Laycon & Joe Boy - Nobody (icons Remix) by Spellzmedia: 5:04am On Oct 29, 2020
After raving the world with his viral hit, Empawa leading Disk Jockey and record producer Dj Neptune, returns with a new version of his massive record and titles it, “Nobody Icon Remix”, featuring Laycon and Joeboy

DJ Neptune who has announced their collaboration in September after Laycon won the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, is back with update on rhe release of the remix which he had also stated will be a banger.

Taking part in this jam is the Icon himself Laycon, who this song is been dedicated to after he won the #BBNaija earlier.

Download and Enjoy!

Education / 21 Quotes That (if Applied) Change You Into A Better Person by Spellzmedia: 1:41am On Feb 21, 2020

As long as man has been alive, he has been collecting little sayings about how to live. We find them carved in the rock of the Temple of Apollo and etched as graffiti on the walls of Pompeii. They appear in the plays of Shakespeare, the commonplace book of H. P. Lovecraft, the collected proverbs of Erasmus, and the ceiling beams of Montaigne’s study. Today, they’re recorded on iPhones and in Evernote.

But whatever generation is doing it, whether they’re written by scribes in China or commoners in some European dungeon or simply passed along by a kindly grandfather, these little epigrams of life advice have taught essential lessons. How to respond to adversity. How to think about money. How to meditate on our mortality. How to have courage.

And they pack all this in in so few words. “What is an epigram?” Coleridge asked, “A dwarfish whole; Its body brevity, and wit its soul.” Epigrams are what Churchill was doing when he said: “To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.” Or Balzac: “All happiness depends on courage and work.” Ah yes, epigrams are often funny too. That’s how we remember them. Napoleon: “Never interrupt an enemy making a mistake.” François de La Rochefoucauld: “We hardly find any persons of good sense save those who agree with us.” Voltaire: “A long dispute means that both parties are wrong.”

Below are some wonderful epigrams that span some 21 centuries and 3 continents. Each one is worth remembering, having queued in your brain for one of life’s crossroads or to drop at the perfect moment in conversation. Each will change and evolve with you as you evolve (Heraclitus: “No man steps in the same river twice”) and yet each will remain strong and unyielding no matter how much you may one day try to wiggle out and away from them.

Fundamentally, each one will teach you how to be a better person. If you let them.

“We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out.” — Theodore Roosevelt
At the beginning of his life, few would have predicted that Theodore Roosevelt even had a choice in the matter. He was sickly and fragile, doted on by worried parents. Then, a conversation with his father sent him driven, almost maniacally in the other direction. “I will make my body,” he said, when told that he would not go far in this world with a brilliant mind in a frail body. What followed was a montage of boxing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, swimming, boldly charging enemy fire, and then a grueling work pace as one of the most prolific and admired presidents in American history. Again, this epigram was prophetic for Roosevelt, because at only 54 years old, his body began to wear out. An assassination attempt left a bullet lodged in his body and it hastened his rheumatoid arthritis. On his famous “River of Doubt” expedition he developed a tropical fever and the toxins from an infection in his leg left him nearly dead. Back in America he contracted a severe throat infection and was later diagnosed with inflammatory rheumatism, which temporarily confined him to a wheelchair (saying famously, “All right! I can work that way too!”) and then he died at age 60. But there is not a person on the planet who would say that he had not made a fair trade, that he had not worn his life well and not lived a full one in those 60 years.

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” — Epictetus
There is the story of the alcoholic father with two sons. One follows in his father’s footsteps and ends up struggling through life as a drunk, and the other becomes a successful, sober businessman. Each are asked: “Why are you the way you are?” The answer for both is the same: “Well, it’s because my father was an alcoholic.” The same event, the same childhood, two different outcomes. This is true for almost all situations — what happens to us is an objective reality, how we respond is a subjective choice. The Stoics — of which Epictetus was one — would say that we don’t control what happens to us, all we control are our thoughts and reactions to what happens to us. Remember that: You’re defined in this life not by your good luck or your bad luck, but your reaction to those strokes of fortune. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

“The best revenge is not to be like that.” — Marcus Aurelius
There is a proverb about revenge: Before setting out for a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Because revenge is so costly, because the pursuit of it often wears on the one who covets it. Marcus’s advice is easier and truer: How much better it feels to let it go, to leave the wrongdoer to their wrongdoing. And from what we know, Marcus Aurelius lived this advice. When Avidius Cassius, one of his most trusted generals rebelled and declared himself emperor, Marcus did not seek vengeance. Instead, he saw this as an opportunity to teach the Roman people and the Roman Senate about how to deal with civil strife in a compassionate, forgiving way. Indeed, when assassins struck Cassius down, Marcus supposedly wept. This is very different than the idea of “Living well being the best revenge” — it’s not about showing someone up or rubbing your success in their face. It’s that the person who wronged you is not happy, is not enjoying their life. Do not become like them. Reward yourself by being the opposite of them.

“There is good in everything, if only we look for it.” — Laura Ingalls Wilder
Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the classic series Little House, lived this, facing some of the toughest and unwelcoming elements on the planet: harsh and unyielding soil, Indian territory, Kansas prairies, and the humid backwoods of Florida. Not afraid, not jaded — because she saw it all as an adventure. Everywhere was a chance to do something new, to persevere with cheery pioneer spirit whatever fate befell her and her husband. That isn’t to say she saw the world through delusional rose-colored glasses. Instead, she simply chose to see each situation for what it could be — accompanied by hard work and a little upbeat spirit. Others make the opposite choice. Remember: There is no good or bad without us, there is only perception. There is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means.

“Character is fate.” — Heraclitus
In the hiring process, most employers look at where someone went to school, what jobs they’ve held in the past. This is because past success can be an indicator of future successes. But is it always? There are plenty of people who were successful because of luck. Maybe they got into Oxford or Harvard because of their parents. And what about a young person who hasn’t had time to build a track record? Are they worthless? Of course not. This is why character is a far better measure of a man or woman. Not just for jobs, but for friendships, relationships, for everything. When you seek to advance your own position in life, character is the best lever — perhaps not in the short term, but certainly over the long term. And the same goes for the people you invite into your life.

“If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.” — Nicholas Nassim Taleb
A man shows up for work at a company where he knows that management is doing something wrong, something unethical. How does he respond? Can he cash his checks in good conscience because he isn’t the one running up the stock price, falsifying reports or lying to his co-workers? No. One cannot, as Budd Schulberg says in one of his novels, deal in filth without becoming the thing he touches. We should look up to a young man at Theranos as an example here. After discovering numerous problems at the health care startup, he was dismissed by his seniors and eventually contacted the authorities. Afterwards, not only was this young man repeatedly threatened, bullied, and attacked by Theranos, but his family had to consider selling their house to pay for the legal bills. His relationship with his grandfather — who sits on the Theranos board — is strained and perhaps irreparable. As Marcus Aurelius reminded himself, and us: “Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter.” It’s an important reminder. Doing the right thing isn’t free. Doing the right thing might even cost you everything.

“Every man I meet is my master in some point, and in that I learn of him.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
Everyone is better than you at something. This is a fact of life. Someone is better than you at making eye contact. Someone is better than you at quantum physics. Someone is better informed than you on geopolitics. Someone is better than you are at speaking kindly to someone they dislike. There are better gift-givers, name-rememberers, weight-lifters, temper-controllers, confidence-carriers, and friendship-makers. There is no one person who is the best at all these things, who doesn’t have room to improve in one or more of them. So if you can find the humility to accept this about yourself, what you will realize is that the world is one giant classroom. Go about your day with an openness and a joy about this fact. Look at every interaction as an opportunity to learn from and of the people you meet. You will be amazed at how quickly you grow, how much better you get.

“This is not your responsibility but it is your problem.” — Cheryl Strayed
It is not your responsibility to fill up a stranger’s gas tank, but when their car dies in front of you, blocking the road, it’s still your problem isn’t it? It is not your responsibility to negotiate peace treaties on behalf of your country, but when war breaks out and you’re drafted to fight in it? Guess whose problem it is? Yours. Life is like this. It has a way of dropping things into our lap — the consequences of an employee’s negligence, a spouse’s momentary lapse of judgement, a freak weather event — that were in no way our fault but by nature of being in our lap, our f*cking problem. So what are you going to do? Complain? Are you going to litigate this in a blogpost or an argument with God? Or are you just going to get to work solving it the best you can? Life is defined by how you answer that question. Cheryl Strayed is right. This thing might not be your responsibility but it is your problem. So accept it, deal with it, kick its ass.

“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” — Marcus Aurelius
In Rome just as America, in the forum just as on Facebook, there was the temptation to replace action with argument. To philosophize instead of living philosophically. Today, in a society obsessed with content, outrage, and drama, it’s even easier to get lost in the echo chamber of the debate of what’s “better.” We can have endless discussions about what’s right and wrong. What should we do in this hypothetical situation or that one? How can we encourage other people to be better? (We can even debate the meaning of the above line: “What’s a man? What’s the definition of good? Why doesn’t it mention women?”) Of course, this is all a distraction. If you want to try to make the world a slightly better place, there’s a lot you can do. But only one thing guarantees an impact. Step away from the argument. Dig yourself out of the rubble. Stop wasting time with how things should be, would be, could be. Be that thing. (Here’s a cool poster of this quote).

“You are only entitled to the action, never to its fruits.” — Bhagavad Gita
In life, it’s a fact that: You will be unappreciated. You will be sabotaged. You will experience surprising failures. Your expectations will not be met. You will lose. You will fail. How do you carry on then? How do you take pride in yourself and your work? John Wooden’s advice to his players says it: Change the definition of success. “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” “Ambition,” Marcus Aurelius reminded himself, “means tying your well-being to what other people say or do . . . Sanity means tying it to your own actions.” Do your work. Do it well. Then “let go and let God.” That’s all there needs to be. Recognition and rewards — those are just extra.

“Self-sufficiency is the greatest of all wealth.” — Epicurus
A lot has been said of so-called “F*ck You Money.” The idea being that if one can earn enough, become rich and powerful enough, that suddenly no one can touch them and they can do whatever they want. What a mirage this is! How often the target seems to mysteriously move right as we approach it. It calls to mind the observation of David “DHH” Heinemeier Hansson who said that “beyond a specific amount, f*ck-you money can be a state of mind. One that you can acquire well in advance of the corresponding bank account. One that’s founded mostly on a personal confidence that even if most of the material trappings went away, you’d still be happier for standing your ground.” The truth is being your own man, being self-contained, having fewer needs, and better, resilient skills that allow you to thrive in any and all situations. That is real wealth and freedom. That’s what Emerson was talking about in his famous essay on self-reliance and it’s what Epicurus meant too.



Celebrities / ‘finally Done!’ Wizkid Says His Album, ‘made In Lagos’ Is Done by Spellzmedia: 12:12am On Feb 21, 2020

Wizkid has built anticipation for the impending release of the album before, but it has remained in limbo.

On February 20, 2020, Nigerian star, Wizkid took to his Instagram page to reveal that his long-awaited album, ‘Made In Lagos’ is finally done.

SEE MORE:https://www.spellstv.com/finally-done-wizkid-says-his-album-made-in-lagos-is-done/
Music/Radio / AUDIO: Seriki Ft. Chinko Ekun & Mustee – Sugar Daddy’s by Spellzmedia: 8:31am On Feb 11, 2020

Seriki Ft. Chinko Ekun & Mustee – Sugar Daddy’s Mp3 Audio Download
The talented Nigerian indigenous rapper, Seriki Omo owo join forces with the dek-Niyor rap star, Chinko Ekun along with the fast-rising star Mustee to deliver this amazing masterpiece titled “Sugar Daddy.”

This song was produced by Teekay Witty.

Listen Up!
Music/Radio / VIDEO: Erigga Ft. Oga Network – Next Track by Spellzmedia: 1:23am On Feb 11, 2020

VIDEO: Erigga Ft. Oga Network – Next Track Mp4 Download

Indigenous Nigerian rapper from the north, Erigga aka the paperboi revisited his 2019 debut album called “The Erigma II” to see up the official music video for this classic song titled “Next track” which features the talented Nigerian highlife singer Oga Network.

The visuals was shot and directed by Adams Stone.

Enjoy below!
Music/Radio / Elraj - Diary Of An Almajiri by Spellzmedia: 12:17pm On Dec 23, 2018

Abdulkadir Raji otherwise known as Elraj is a certified Dentist who graduated from Bayero University Kano Nigeria.

His passion for humanity has driven him to use his unique set of spoken word skill to influence the world around him positively.

Society's blindness inspires diary of an almajiri to the suffering of an underaged group of children who have to resort to begging and doing menial jobs to survive.

This body of works serves to give a voice to them.

You can follow @Elraj__ on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Music/Radio / Shawn Wonder X Aimskid X Lil Teey - Vibe by Spellzmedia: 10:55am On Dec 15, 2018
And the Tease Me Crooner Came Thru With Vibe Featuring Aimskid And Lil Teey and it's really a vibe!!!

Download and Thank Me Later.

Music/Radio / VIC - Good Time by Spellzmedia: 7:12pm On Dec 13, 2018
2Kings Frontliner Vic Drops A New Tune "Good Time".

Download,Share And Enjoy
Music/Radio / Tic Talk - Man Down by Spellzmedia: 1:41pm On Dec 10, 2018
After the success of his Eccentric Ep, TicTalk wraps the year with this amazing song titled ManDown. 2018 has really put the artist on the map and we know that 2019 will even be much better, Enjoy.


Music/Radio / MUSIC: : IBI - Abracadabra by Spellzmedia: 4:09am On Dec 04, 2018
Zanfada Business leader IBI releases his anticipated single titled “Abra cadabra” which means an incantation used as a magic word. Production for the hip-hop joint was done by S2J.

Download and Enjoy!

Music/Radio / MUSIC: : Yewdack 2qura - Love You More by Spellzmedia: 5:41pm On Dec 03, 2018
Being his first official single comes with a kind of Banky W's flavor, M&M by blaisebeatz the very producer that produced Wassap for L.A.X ft Duncan Mighty
'Love You More' is a song that sounds professional with so much content that will make it hard for you to believe that it is his first single ever. Catch him on Instagram @2Qura4Real Twitter @2Qura

Download and Enjoy!

Celebrities / VIC Releases Promotional Pictures And Cover Art For His Upcoming Single by Spellzmedia: 11:18am On Dec 03, 2018

After The Successful Release Of "Follow Me" Featuring Olamilekzy, 2Kings Act And Frontliner VIC Is Set To Drop Another Banger Titled "Good Time" Produced By Harmonious Sound. Also Are Some Promotional Photos
Song Is Set To Drop On The 14th December 2018 And Will Be Available In All Platforms. Anticipate

Good Time Cover Art

Promo Photos

Jobs/Vacancies / What You Need To Know And How To Join Connect424 Networking by Spellzmedia: 12:07pm On Nov 30, 2018
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Celebrities / Artiste, D'venom & Baby Mama Celebrates Daughter Birthday In Grand Style by Spellzmedia: 5:19pm On Nov 21, 2018
Top Naija Music Awards Nominee, D'VENOM aka Celebrity Boyfriend is today celebrating his Princess birthday alongside the baby mama of the cute little princess.
His love for his daughter is endless.
View more breathtaking photos of the KING, THE QUEEN AND THE PRINCESS below...


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Music/Radio / Cyprain - Am Sorry by Spellzmedia: 12:10am On Nov 17, 2018
In preparation for his forthcoming EP #Thorns&Roses the WOS NATION Rapper Cypzy is back to round up his year with another message filled and heart warming music and he calls this one AM SORRY..
After the huge success of his most anticipated song "CHURCH.
Am Sorry is a song that talks about imperfections, betrayal, disappointment and forgiveness
It's a one song that has a million messages on it..
Cypzy is no doubt proving to his fans and the world that he is here to stay and it only gets better for him..

Download, Listen ,Enjoy and Share..

Music/Radio / Harper Chukee - Letter To 6ix by Spellzmedia: 10:02am On Nov 16, 2018
After taking us back to the "80's" . Harper Chuckee is back with another mind blowing single, this time, addressed to one of his role models "Yung 6ix". All heroes should be appreciated.

Production credit - Emmy Jay
DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.spellsmedia.com/audio-harper-chukee-letter-to-6ix/

Celebrities / Popular Nigerian Artist Mista Skillz Got Endorsed By Photo Craft by Spellzmedia: 11:14pm On Nov 13, 2018
Popular Kaduna based Nigerian artist Mista Skillz known as Dangatan Arewa just bagged himself an endorsement deal with one of the leading photo company in Kaduna State called FOTOCRAFT situated at Sabo by Valid filling station. This deal is expected to last about one year.

See Photos:

Romance / Pre Wedding Photos Of The Most Talked About Wedding In Kogi State by Spellzmedia: 6:37am On Nov 10, 2018
Eyasinma Boss FamousGuy is about to Wed his long time fiance Abiodun MaryEmmanue­l in a grad style @ Olonijola Event Center Adjacent Lisa Palmhotel Lokaja Obajana Road. Kogi state.. Congratulations




Culture / Black Friday For Southern Kaduna As Agom Adara Dies by Spellzmedia: 11:01am On Oct 26, 2018
SOURCE: https://www.spellsmedia.com/black-friday-for-southern-kaduna-as-agom-adara-dies/

Agom Adara Dr. Maiwada Galadima dies after ruling for over 10years.

The king is the head of Adara chiefdom, a great ruler and lover of all.

He was earlier kidnaped alongside his wife during the attack at Kasuwan magani which is part of his territory and few days after the incident is a shocking news of his death.

The Paramount ruler is one looked up to by so many.
Southern Kaduna weeps as this is a black Friday for the people.
May God comfort the family and help the people bear the loss as this is a great loss to the people of southern kaduna
Health / How To Get Perfect Skin And Hair With Banana by Spellzmedia: 12:20am On Oct 26, 2018
SOURCE: https://www.spellsmedia.com/how-to-get-perfect-skin-and-hair-with-banana/

In order to improve the skin of the face, women use completely different fruits and vegetables. In this article, we will tell you about the most effective banana masks and the rules of using them.

The pleasant and delicate taste of this exotic fruit is familiar to us all from childhood. Nutritional properties of a banana cannot be overestimated. This fruit contains many vitamins and microelements that are necessary for the body. Surprisingly, not everyone knows the fact that banana is widely used in cosmetology.

Thanks to the content of a large number of nutrients and vitamins, tropical fruits are one of the most common products for making all kinds of cosmetic masks, nourishing and moisturizing creams and lotions. In addition to saturation of the skin with necessary useful elements, you can also do the cleaning – the acids contained in the fruits, remove the dead cells and smooth the complexion.

Each biologically active ingredient that is part of this exotic and at the same time such habitual fruit, transforms the problematic, dry, fading skin beyond recognition. Competently prepared banana mask for the face at home has a complex effect on the cellular processes of several substances at the same time.
Effect of banana on the face

The mask, prepared from banana, perfectly suits any type of skin. It has moisturizing, soothing, refreshing, nourishing and rejuvenating effects. Thanks to the included acids, the banana mask perfectly removes the keratinized cells and improves the complexion of the skin.

Vitamin C, which is part of banana, slows the aging process of the skin, smooths the first wrinkles.
Vitamins B6, B12, B1 and B2 retain the youth and beauty of the skin, prevent the appearance of dryness and flaking.
Vitamin E is the leader of all the vitamins that are so necessary for the skin. It provides smoothness, velvety skin, eliminates signs of fatigue and wilting, nourishes, rejuvenates.

The fibrous substance of this exotic fruit does not cause skin irritation, which allows you to regularly apply masks from a banana and enjoy a terrific effect. All these vitamins and mineral elements penetrate into the dermis, become active participants in metabolic processes, transform the appearance of the skin.

Banana mask for the face is not only an effective cosmetic product but also very pleasant. After it, on the face, there is a feeling of freshness and softness. But this is only if it is prepared correctly, in full accordance with the recommendations of specialists and experienced people.

Tips for banana mask use

Want to use banana mask and get your wrinkles smoothed and pimples from the face removed? You need to know how to prepare it at home properly. Often ignorance of elementary things spoils the whole impression of the mask. Therefore, before testing it for effectiveness, read the small, but important advice on the use of a miraculous banana.
Before applying banana mask, you need to prepare the skin

Before preparing and applying a mask from banana, it is necessary to prepare the skin. Yes, the whole charm of the procedure will be broken, if you forget to pre-clean the skin, prepare tools for application, washing, and so on.
Before beginning cosmetic procedures, clean your hair. Tie your hair in a knot or clip it with a hair clip. You can also use a special hair bandage, which is designed specifically for cosmetic procedures with a face.
Next, you need to clear your face of accumulated dirt and sweat. You can use a suitable cleanser for your skin type – gel for washing, mousse, milk, foam, and others. If desired, you can additionally use a facial scrub. Exfoliation of dead cells will allow the skin to absorb all the useful components from the banana mask, and the effect of the procedure will surpass all your expectations.
Prepare the gauze mask in advance to cover the face after applying the banana. You can make it yourself or buy it ready in the cosmetic shop. Gauze mask strengthens impact of banana on the face.

For the convenience of applying banana mask, it is better to use a special brush or cosmetic sponge. However, if you do not have special devices for cosmetic manipulation, then it is quite possible to do it with pads of fingers.
To mix the gruel, glass or plastic glassware is suitable. Do not use aluminum or enameled utensils for this purpose, because when the fruit comes into contact with metal objects, vitamins quickly break down. Thus, the banana mask will be simply useless for the skin.
Choose ripe, yellow, juicy bananas without green shade and black spots on the skin for making cosmetic masks.
The skin is peeled off, and the pulp is ground to a pureed state (with blender or fork).
If you use mixers or blenders to mix components, lumps are not formed, and the product is spread more easily and evenly over the skin.
Be sure to check the mask for allergies. First, apply a slightly cooked mixture on the wrist, rinse off after 5 minutes and follow the skin reaction for several hours (2-3). There should be no burning, no itching.
Apply with message moves.
The action time for sensitive skin is 10 minutes, for dry skin – 20, for oily and problem skin – half an hour.
Wash with normal water at room temperature or with milk.
Within an hour after this procedure, do not go outside.
Within an hour after this procedure, do not go outside.
The banana face mask should be used immediately: it is not intended for storage.
The frequency of application can be 1 or 2 times a week.

If you make this mask correctly, you can achieve tremendous results in a short time. The main thing is to choose a recipe that matches your skin type.

Recipes for banana mask

If you need to dry and completely eliminate the rashes on your face, a banana mask from acne will help. For dry skin, there is a special moisturizing one, from wrinkles – rejuvenating. Determine what kind of problem you want to solve: this will facilitate the selection of the desired recipe.

To get rid of wrinkles

Mix banana puree with milk in a 1: 1 ratio. This banana mask against wrinkles is considered one of the most effective.

For the skin around the eyes

Just put on the eyelids of the banana puree without any additional ingredients. Moisturizing and soothing banana mask for the skin around the eyes will remove bruises and bags and also make “goose paws” less noticeable.

To get rid of Acne

Mix the beaten proteins (2 pcs.) with the banana pulp (30 g), add the lemon juice (15 ml). An anti-inflammatory banana mask against acne is shown to adolescents suffering from acne eruptions.

For moisturizing

Grind 2 yolks with banana puree (30 g), add unrefined (preferably) olive oil (10 ml). Moisturizing banana mask for dry skin will relieve it of a feeling of tightness and constant peeling.

Banana masks are so simple to prepare and available that they can be made at home by every woman. For any age, they prove to be very effective and useful.
Politics / PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku Abubakar Donates N10M To Amputee Eagles by Spellzmedia: 11:58pm On Oct 25, 2018
SOURCE: https://www.spellsmedia.com/pdp-presidential-candidate-atiku-abubakar-donates-n10m-to-amputee-eagles/

Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar has supported the Nigeria’s Amputee Football Team with a sum of N10 million.

The Special Eagles are scheduled to participate in the 2018 Amputees World Cup competition in Mexico from October 24 to November 14.

Having failed to participate in the last three editions due to paucity of funds, the donation was to assist them to fulfill their dreams of representing the country at the big stage.

Fred Edoreh, who is the project coordinator for the tourney further revealed that missing this year’s edition will be the fourth time the team have qualified and missed the championship.

And this would make Nigeria be suspended from participating in the competition indefinitely.

“It will close the window of opportunities which the sport offers for the engagement of physically challenged persons in Nigeria,” the letter said.

According to information from the coordinator, a total of N27 million would be needed to prosecute this competition out of which they have raised N10m from public appeal for funding and donation from the Super Eagles.
Properties / See First Nigerian Army Combat Patrol Vehicle Set To Be Launched (photos) by Spellzmedia: 11:34pm On Oct 25, 2018
MORE PHOTOS HERE: https://www.spellsmedia.com/see-first-nigerian-army-combat-patrol-vehicle-set-to-be-launched-photos/

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen TY Buratai will on Saturday, 27 October 2018, unveil a soft skinned vehicle designed and built by Depot NA Zaria as part of activities for 77 Regular Recruit intake.

This vehicle dedicated in honour of the COAS is named TYB ( Tukur Yusuf Buratai ) ROVER and is an initiative of the Commandant Depot NA Maj Gen VO Ezugwu through the Military Skills and Acquisition Training Programme package in consultation and guidance of the Mech Engr Dept ABU Zaria and National Automotive Council Abuja.

The first prototype of this combat patrol vehicle which has a crew capacity of 8 soldiers can be dismantled and reassembled as operational exigency dictates.
Celebrities / Tiwa Savage’s Ex Teebillz Reveals New Shocking Details About Her (must See) by Spellzmedia: 1:04am On Oct 21, 2018
SOURCE: https://www.spellsmedia.com/tiwa-savages-ex-teebillz-reveals-new-shocking-details-about-her-must-see/
Parenting is not known without its hurdles and challenges and Tiwa Savage’s ex-husband, Teebillz sure knows a thing or too about this.

The father of three whose much publicized breakup with Tiwa Savage made the headlines, took to social media to reveals how he feels being a co-parent to his kids.

In the post in which he shared photos of his kids, he recounted how he used to challenge his parents about their parenting and how embarrassed he feels being a co-parent.

He wrote: “I used to challenge my parents on my quiet time…. Now I’m embarrassed to tell them, I ended up as a co-parent… Deep Thought! Y’all will never go through the same! God’s willing and his Grace will be sufficient for all my needs to take care of you all #TruthToSelf ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Teebillz and Tiwa Savage, despite their messy separation, have managed to remain friends and seem to be doing pretty well co-parenting their son, Jamal.
Music/Radio / AUDIO: DJ Kaywise & DJ Maphorisa Ft. Mr Eazi – Alert by Spellzmedia: 7:41pm On Oct 20, 2018
The Nigerian disc jockey Dj Kaywise join force with the South African Producer DJ Maphorisa on this new tune dubbed “Alert” the song feature Mr Eazi.

Get up on feet and dance. The new jam come sequel to the viral success of Informate dropped few months back and then Alert which is gonna be trendy.

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.spellsmedia.com/audio-dj-kaywise-dj-maphorisa-ft-mr-eazi-alert/
Education / Complete Screenshot For KASU 1st Batch UTME Admission List 2018/2019 Session by Spellzmedia: 7:17pm On Oct 20, 2018

KASU Admission List for the 2018/2019 academic session has been released. Candidates who applied for admission into the undergraduate programmes of the Kaduna State University (KASU) for the 2018/2019 academic session can proceed to check their admission status.

Click Here to View Full List: https://www.spellsmedia.com/complete-screenshot-for-kasu-1st-batch-utme-admission-list-2018-2019-session/

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