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Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by stepo707: 6:44am On Apr 07

The issue of referee on a CV is liberal. You can either put it or use available on request. It also depends on where you applying. Some recruiters will ask for it at the point of application while others may not care until after interview and you are being considered for the position.

Referees are only needed when you are being considered for the position.
Thanks bro.Thanks Tyosho

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Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by stepo707: 1:36pm On Apr 05
Do one put referees:available on request in Australian CV just like we use on our Nigeria CV or we need to list the name of referees.
Cc: Goodmemory, trastar, teewhysafe, tyosho, Alphadoor, Bellong

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Politics / Re: Nigeria To Introduce New Taxes To Increase Revenue – Minister by stepo707: 6:09am On Apr 01
Next level things!


Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 4:12pm On Mar 19
Hi bellong and wonderfull people on this platform ,you guys are doing a great job.

Iwant to do my assessment with ACS ,I want to ask if job titles or roles and duties more important for Australian immigration? I fit into computer networks and system engineer for the 189 visa, but my designation is IT support engineer. Will that cause a problem on the ACS assessment?

Im getting reference letter from two company

my current company reference letter job description are closely related to the job description of computer networks and system engineer
as in ANZSCO but they insisted on putting my job title as IT Support Engineer.
My previous company reference letter indicates my job ttitle as computer networks and system engineer with closely related job description of computer networks and system engineer as in ANZSCO

Will that cause a problem on the ACS assessment?

Thanking you in anticipation of your advice. Pls help house.

You would get a positive assesment from ACS but you wont be able to claim points for the experience because of the different ANZCO code
Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by stepo707: 3:46pm On Mar 19
Concerning getting a job, I have a few advice but before the advice let me tell you ppl story of my job search.
got in 11th of December. started applying for work like a week after.
O boy! I applied for everything. I started getting calls like the next day after I applied.
I feel like customer service and admin roles are the easiest jobs to get here.
insurance companies are always looking for customer service.
got a job and resumption was on 2ND OF Jan with insurance. did not really like the role cos honestly, I was clueless-knowing next to nothing about insurance and the training was not it at all.
so I still kept applying, still kept going for interviews.

the friend I know here already gave me gist of interviews she went for and she was discriminated against because of color so I was sort of prepared when it happened to me.
and because she is a major success story of how you can start from scratch and work your way up here, I just keyed into her ginger.
I mean her first job was as a receptionist and 5 years down the line, senior HR in a huge multinational, trips abroad, company credit card, iphone X and plenty other gengen. so I just told myself, if she can do it, I can.

So when I went for interview for customer service manager with one company and the CEO came in, saw me, told me to pls wait at coffee shop across the road cos the HR manager that will interview me was not in yet, it pained me but not so much. I was prepared for it.
HR manager later called and told me she was asked to cancel the interview and she is sorry.
minutes later, I saw notification on my linkedin of two different ppl from the company viewing my profile, plus CEO and HR manager too.
in revenge, I clicked on” view profile” for every single person in that company too. we dey view each other noni. but thank God that did not click cos that same day, I had interview with a premium car manufacturing company and I got the job.

Pls note these jobs are all contract based. the pay isn’t bad at all. I get paid per hour but it means you get paid just for the number of hours’ u work for, no leave payment or any of that. I also don’t mind because it means I am not tied to any company and I can keep searching till I find a great place.

So my advice for anyone coming to Sydney is;

1. Blow your own horn during interviews. don’t doubt yourself. the things that won’t impress a Nigerian interviewer impresses them here. The average Nigerian employee normally do roles meant for 3 to 4 people here. so when you are telling them about what your job entailed back home, don’t make it seem small or not a big deal. list and list.

2. Apply to as many jobs as you can, don’t be discouraged by the nos. just keep applying, its kuku free.

3. They really do not ask to see physical copies of your degree certificates, (even for my husband who is in IT) this means they rely on what you say a lot. But they asked for evidence of IT certifications though. so your destiny na your mouth and cv e dey. not asking anyone to be dishonest and go and list what u did not do or degree u do not have ooo. but be ready to use your mouth to defend whatever you write in cv. this is easier for those of us in the not technical fields. we can easily learn on the job but if you are not a programmer and you claim programmer. Well...

4. Another trick my friend told me was –remove anything with Nigeria in your CV. don’t let them judge u before meeting you. let them at least hear u talk before assuming u can’t offer anything. so a lot of times they call and they don’t even realise experiences I listed were all in Nigeria. I got so many interviews even me sef begin turn them down.

5. Concerning colleagues, if you are like me who thought Nigerians are “bad” when it comes to office politics, be ready for a shocker here. Oyibo ppl gossip pass us. my Gahd! someone will stand now and next minute they are gossiping them. next minute they are smiling at them. If you ever thought they are superior morally, just know now that all of us are humans. na skin color differ.

6. My husband got a job in his field-IT Networking- like two weeks after I got mine. his job is full time and although it took time, he was patient and because I was working, he can afford to be patient. if you can, don’t get caught up doing hustle job that u won’t have time to chase proper jobs in your career line.

7. I felt bad about my accent initially but different ppl form several countries work with me.
South African, Zimbabwean-the only other black person asides myself, etc. everyone get accent so we dey. you need a lot of thick skin and a container load of self-confidence.
8. I am still searching, my mouth is wide now. so yeah..

Trastar please help me understand this part.Do you mean on the CV, i remove all the experiences of Nigeria, or just list the experiences but remove the location from the CV?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Bernie Sanders, US President In Waiting - Mr Rights by stepo707: 6:14am On Mar 05
No one can beat Trump! Crazy Bernie can come close though. Dems are just trying to weaken Trump with countless investigation .


Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 2:53pm On Mar 01


I'm using NYSC work experience as a secondary school teacher, although zero points would be claimed... hope my chances are high.

Please which body will evaluate my MSc
depends on what occupation you nominating and how high your point is.you need 65points to be able to have a chance.its the basic requirement.That mean you need to do well in your english exam
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 2:12pm On Mar 01

I read everything about the link you put up....but I'm confused here so as to claim 10 points...

"An award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation
10 points"

Please does this mean outside Australia...
I have MSc at University of Ibadan in Civil Eng
Does it mean I can claim the point ? And if so which body will assess my education credentials??

Please help!!!!!
M.Sc UI means 15points
Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by stepo707: 3:34pm On Feb 28

Apologies bro, I don't reside in Adelaide anymore.
shuu.you have ported out of SA?
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 8:48am On Feb 27
Please help, I don't quite understand how to start the process. Can anyone help with a step by step guide?

use the link below...its the starting point


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Religion / Re: Difference Between Praying For Forgiveness Of Sin And Repentance by stepo707: 8:18am On Feb 24
Without genuine repentance, no forgiveness


Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by stepo707: 3:25pm On Feb 19
guys please advice me on how to get the cheapest flight to Adelaide or is IOM better? help me with advantage or disadvantage.Thanks
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 8:33am On Feb 19
wow.Finally this is it.My 489 visa was granted this morning

Pte exam: Dec 21st 2017
Skill assesment:Applied Jan and approved April
SA application April19th 2018
Nomination approved: June 19th 2018
Lodged o IMMI : Aug 3rd
Co contact: Nov 13th(PCC and marriage certificate)
Grant: Feb 19th 2019
IED :Aug 2nd 2019

Special thanks to Bellong, Azy123,Trastar and other folks who assisted me with answers to my question in this journey
May Almighty God grant those waiting for their grants,nomination and assesment, positive feedback...

Heading to the crayfish and other packing items.lol

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Religion / Re: Is Repentance Without Restitution Enough? by stepo707: 9:54am On Jan 06
Restitution(fixing the damage that your action caused, returning back what you stole or what you lied about,and also making peace)is compulsory and infact needed before forgiveness can occur.I guess the hardest part of repentance is confession.But you will realize that you will feel peace after genuine and sincere confession.
Religion / Re: Apostle Johnson Suleman's Prophecies For 2019 by stepo707: 6:24am On Jan 01
Fake prophecies.
Trump will win second term

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Politics / Re: APC Announces 2019 Presidential Campaign Council (Full List) by stepo707: 11:53am On Dec 28, 2018
Femi Otedola and Aliko Dangote shocked shocked shocked

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Politics / Re: 2019 Will Reflect The Will Of Nigerians Says President Muhammadu Buhari by stepo707: 6:06am On Dec 07, 2018
Hope so
Politics / Re: Prepaid Meters To Be Available To All Nigeria Homes In 2020 – NERC Boss by stepo707: 6:45pm On Dec 06, 2018
You mean in 2200? undecided
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 6:59pm On Dec 02, 2018
Good morning everyone in the house, Happy Sunday to you all. Please help me out here i intend applying to South Australia for 313112 ICT Customer Support Officer

Age: 30
Education: B.Eng (Computer)
Present occupation: IT support
Years of work experience: 3 years in IT support, Web deign with payment made by hand, so no tax or Payslip
Married: Yes with a son.
I intend to be the primary applicant. Going by what i have read on their website TRA Would be my accessing body for 313112
Please kindly help me analyze my chances and more so can i claim points base on my experience?
You need 55points of your own.
From Age you have 30points, education could be 10/15 depeni on your school, you need to do pte exam 10/20points will be good.I think you are good to go.For TRA you will need bank statements/evidence of tax payment/payslip if you gonna have a chance

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Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 9:25am On Nov 21, 2018
Please regarding payslip, is it the payslip of your current place of work or for all the places that you have worked?

Need help, thanks.
Any place you are claiming points for
Travel / Re: Leaving Nigeria For The First Time. I'm Scared by stepo707: 3:18pm On Nov 06, 2018
stepo707 God bless.. What happens if I don't return after the 90 days been stamped?
you need to renew with immigration else you would have overstayed your visa and spoil your travel history


Travel / Re: Leaving Nigeria For The First Time. I'm Scared by stepo707: 2:03pm On Nov 06, 2018
Please I'm travelling to Ghana.. and I have all my necessary documents with me.. Like E-passport, yellow card, National ID card & even voter's card. Now my fear is that.. I have zero balance in my bank account since I have my cousin over in Ghana that will take care of all my financial problems. Meaning I'm going to the airport with less than N1000.

1) will I be denied at the point of entry because of less funds with me NO

2) I'm going with a school bag and a big box. Will I be charged for travelling with excess luggages? SO FAR ITS NOT MORE THAN 30KG

3) I'm boarding a ONE WAY flight ticket. Will this have any effect on me? Because I may not come back anytime soon. So I thought of paying for no return ticket. NOPE BUT YOU WOULD BE STAMPED FOR 90DAYS

Please I'll appreciate if all my questions are attended to.

Politics / Re: Nigerian Women Threatening Me Over Appointments – Buhari by stepo707: 12:56pm On Nov 02, 2018

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Politics / Re: 650 PDP Members Destroy Their Membership Cards In Abak, Akwa Ibom (Photo) by stepo707: 11:20am On Nov 02, 2018
where ar u frm,cos i'm frm nto-otong midim
This is mum's village
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 12:35pm On Nov 01, 2018
Yes my people. The deal was sealed at exactly 2.22am this morning between me and Scott Morisson.

Help me thank God and appreciate HIM.

Lodged April 13 2018
Granted Nov 1 2018
No Contact at all.
Visa 189
IED Feb 28 2019

Cc @bellong, Azy123, Alphadoor, Afosahid , Tuteso, zannyzara, Michaelamo, majiouk2002, afolasaeg, olalekankad, kamotisha, and you.

Congrats bro
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 10:13am On Oct 31, 2018
198 days later.
We finally got our grant.

190 visa for husband and myself (I didn’t change my last name and all we submitted for proof is marriage certificate and joint account).
Occupation is Computer network and systems engineer.
State sponsorer-NSW
Applied -April 16
Hurray.Patience is really a virtue.Congrats Trastar. Go and prosper in the land
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 7:02pm On Oct 28, 2018

You have done your homework already.
Age is 30
Ed: 15
Exp: 5 or 0
Eng: 20 is the best


There are upcoming changes to the PR visa which may not be too pleasant.

You don't even need up to AUD10,000 to land the PR in a about 7 to 12 months based on the current processing time. Assesment inclusive.

As to whether you can pay your tuition fees as a student.
It's not impossible but you have to work through your nose, super prudent and sometimes defer some courses. When you are done with studies you still have to apply for same PR for continuity in OZ.

As a student, you have limited work hours right and running expense.

Visit the Australian student thread for better insights

Good evening bro.what are the upcoming changes to the PR process that may not be pleasant
Politics / Re: Northern Political Leaders Divided Over Buhari, Atiku by stepo707: 6:54am On Oct 21, 2018
Even the birth will atikulate

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by stepo707: 12:41pm On Oct 19, 2018
Thanks guys for doing an incredible job posting jobs.
Am an IT Specialist/Support Personnel , please if there is any Abuja job, i would be very grateful for any opportunity.
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by stepo707: 9:02am On Oct 10, 2018
@ Phlunter

Maybe you need to start calling DHA.

A guy on expat Forum that submitted since January, no CO contact at all decided to start calling everyday.

Somedays they were nice some day they gave the generic response but he didn't give up.

He got his grant yesterday after calling for seven days..

If I were in your shoes I'll do same you've got nothing to lose.

I feel this will work...you know this guys are human.i also had same experience with SA during nomination,i sent them a mail in the morning when i noticed my occupation entered low availability, the next day i got my ITA.
Politics / Re: Atiku Ranks Number One, Buhari 12, On Twitter Trending Worldwide- Pictures by stepo707: 2:04pm On Oct 07, 2018
Sign of good things to come

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Politics / Re: Videos From APC Lagos Governorship Primary by stepo707: 11:35am On Oct 02, 2018
Oboy Ambode is a gonna

Men but what i realize from APC putting their primaries on a working and business day is that many are jobless.


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