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Politics / Re: Map Of Native Courts Of 1903 Showing Boundary Of Igbo Speaking People by StunningCEO: 4:24pm On Jul 06, 2016
any village that speaks igbo (no matter the dialect) as their 1st language are igbos,wether in ebonyi rivers delta or imo. However in states like rivers(my own state),people and communities will always want to protect their interest... Can you believe in my lga (oyigbo rivers state) we now have 1. Asa ethnic nationality and 2. Ndoki ethnic nationality. But my dad thought me that ndoki are umu asa(ndoki are children of asa) in the igbo nation. Ogba man from onelga is an ogba ethnic nationality while those from imo(oguta) are simply igbos. We have a big problem in this our so called niger delta

This is proof that that the iPod yoots lie for a living.... grin....ibos are not to be found in the Niger delta but in the five core eastern states.... angry

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Politics / Re: Oba Akiolu, Gbajabiamila And Owoseni At Eid Prayers by StunningCEO: 4:18pm On Jul 06, 2016
All hail Oba Akiolu.....aka no messing around....we hail you....for straightening out those iPod yoots... angry


Politics / Re: Yoruba...stop Dividing Us. Yoruba I Say...stop Dividing Us & Leave Us Alone! by StunningCEO: 8:28am On Jul 04, 2016
To Yoruba pretending to be Ikwerre saying Ikwerre is not Igbo. Ikwerre is Igbo. I understand Ikwerre Igbo clearer than Ebonyi Igbo. Yoruba...I say... LEAVE US ALONE YORUBA! Ekwesu Yoruba...I say Leave us alone for God and Heaven sake!

I hereby nominate your post for the award ....most stupid thread of the year... cheesy


Politics / Re: Peter Obi & His Daughter With Chimamanda Adichie At Oriental Hotels(pics) by StunningCEO: 1:33pm On Jul 03, 2016
The erosion in the south west is even more than the one in the south east.Mr Brown roofer.

iPod lies mean nothing to me....
Politics / Re: Peter Obi & His Daughter With Chimamanda Adichie At Oriental Hotels(pics) by StunningCEO: 12:16pm On Jul 03, 2016
You must be from the Sophisticated Tribe that has alwayz beeen Loyal to the Master in the far north.Zombie!!!

And you must be an iPod yoot from the erosion ravaged red mud region who are loyal to the far south.... grin


Politics / Re: Peter Obi & His Daughter With Chimamanda Adichie At Oriental Hotels(pics) by StunningCEO: 9:10am On Jul 03, 2016
Chimamanda the ethnic bigot...... angry

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Politics / Re: Chidiogo Akunyili Meets Olusegun Obasanjo by StunningCEO: 1:32pm On Jul 02, 2016
Abeg who knows why Ebola Owu was squeezing his face like sey the girl dey ask am about our $16 billion that the Agbaya of Otta used to buy us blackout and darkness
BTW, when will Buhari send his EFCC boys to arrest and try letter-writing General Bully-Aminu of Egba?
Oh, I forgot that he is the "navigator" of their All ProgreTHIEF Criminals. APC party.

So this dunce of a photographer n painter is still on NL
Politics / Re: Lagos To Jail Street Hawkers From July 1- Ambode by StunningCEO: 6:09pm On Jul 01, 2016
This is bad news for us all....the ibos control the hawking market with gala...pure water etc..... angry....now that they've banned this nuisance trading...we are going to get an increase in armed robbery from these people....the police need to be armed to deal with the fallout.....ibo and crime be like bread and butter... sad

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Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS!!! Abia Guber: Alex Otti Steps In; The Battle Rages by StunningCEO: 3:50pm On Jul 01, 2016
Ibo politics.....so comical...why would anyone want to rule such a dirty state is what I don't understand....

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Politics / Re: Abia Traditional Rulers Visit Ikpeazu, Give Him Their Supports by StunningCEO: 3:10pm On Jul 01, 2016
grin grin grin.....ibo traditional leaders look cheap n dirty....no class at all.....

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Culture / Re: Ooni Of Ife Flags Off First African Solo Flight By A Nigerian by StunningCEO: 1:11am On Jul 01, 2016
Yorubas.....always setting the pace..... cheesy


Politics / Re: Buhari Pay Homage To Late Maduekwe, Justice Tobi, Elechi Amadi by StunningCEO: 9:09pm On Jun 30, 2016
People are diein everyday in his regime and all he could do is to pay tribute

And in your own opinion, you are making sense.....iPod youths everywhere..... shocked shocked shocked

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Politics / Re: I’m On My Way To Umuahia For Swearing In As Abia Governor — Sampson Ogah by StunningCEO: 8:07pm On Jun 30, 2016
Ibo politics is of no relevance to me....backward iPod nuisances trying to gain attention.... cheesy grin...spits on thread and walks away.... cool


Politics / Re: Ex-airforce Chief Amosu Returns N2.6 Billion To Government by StunningCEO: 9:27am On Jun 30, 2016
Chai....this Jonathan sef....practically every public or political official under him was simply just looting.... ....and to think some people call this incompetent buffoon a hero.... shocked


Politics / Re: FG To Block Radio Broadcasts By Boko Haram, NDA, IPOB by StunningCEO: 8:43am On Jun 30, 2016

E pain you ni? grin grin

Not at all...more like I feel sorry for your person.....it must be a sad person behind your moniker.... angry....your posts are not only boring but always repetitious and lacking in critical thinking..... shocked
Politics / Re: FG To Block Radio Broadcasts By Boko Haram, NDA, IPOB by StunningCEO: 10:22pm On Jun 29, 2016

Lmao! You dey mind the illiterate foools commenting up there. They didn't even bother to ask their lord El-dullardeen why repeated attempt to jam Radio Biafra have failed with millions of dollars gone down the drain.

When Radio Biafra was on Satlink the illiterate bufoons spent billions they would have used to feed poverty-stricken zombies buying off Satlink to yank off Radio Biafra. Radio Biafra simply migrated to another Sat Host and continued blasting away and even opened a shortwave frequency, yet they continued spending trying to muffle the transmission to no avail.

See...forget talk, zombigerians are the most illiterate bufoons in the world. IRMS can only monitor, it can not block signals. It means the muslim zombies will keep hearing Radio Biafra and gnash their teeth for a long while until they come to their senses and chart a different country for themselves away from the SESS they love to hate. grin grin

iPod youths yapping off their mouths with inconsequential gibberish as usual..... grin

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Politics / Re: Saraki, Ekweremadu’s Forgery Case, Not A National Assembly Matter- SGF by StunningCEO: 4:07pm On Jun 29, 2016
Ohhh, how I miss the days of Baba Sege aka ebora of owu.....Saraki would have been long gone...Buhari is just too soft... angry


Politics / Re: Breaking News: President Buhari Makes New Appointment by StunningCEO: 6:16pm On Jun 28, 2016
The news about this mans bias needs to be seriously questioned....we cannot continue to be taken for a ride.... sad....awon eyan mi....e je ki a aso otò o.....otito..... angry angry.....
Politics / Re: Igbos Condemn The Lagos-ogun Attacks. by StunningCEO: 1:59pm On Jun 28, 2016
On behalf of the Igbo nation,

We condemn in strongest terms the attacks on Lagos & Ogun states by criminals from the creeks.

We will never support the killing of innocent citizens and destruction of properties.

We also want to send our heartfelt condolensces to the families of the victims and pray that God in His infinite mercies will grant you the fortitude to bear these losses.

The Igbos are a peace loving set of people and once again, we condemn the attacks on our Yoruba brothers by criminals from the creeks.

We want to use this medium to call on the security agencies to rise up and do their job.

It is such a shame that after the first attack, nothing was done to prevent the second attack which was of a bigger scale and took more casualties.

Peace to Southern Nigeria.

Good one!!! I take it you are not an ipod yoot
Politics / Re: Hate It Or Love It, Grazing Reserve Is A Must. by StunningCEO: 3:04am On Jun 27, 2016
Grazing Reserve will solidify the spirit of "one Nigeria". Anybody against grazing reserve is an enemy of the state and should be treated as a criminal. Enough of tolerating this nonsense from idle haters.

Oponu....come and collect now.... grin

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Politics / Re: President Buhari, Ndigbo And The Politics Of Hate - Chris Chukwubuzor Azuka by StunningCEO: 8:03pm On Jun 26, 2016
Once again I will comment on this post so other Nigerians will not believe all igbos support corruption. I am a full blooded igbo and this writer is spot on. He is very correct in his analysis.

The average igbo politician is one greedy creature, accomplishments are the number of houses he built. This disease is so deep that even the youth of the community points to him as haaving been blessed by God since he won election.

I have lived and worked in SE, SS, SW, NC and NE of this country. Every regionhas their corrupt leaders but the difference is that SW will tell their own thieves to their face that they are thieves. My brothers in SE will celebrate the loot and call the thieve 'our son'.

This is a disgrace.

Not in my name!

Goodluck was adopted because of the access of igbo leaders to Dollars. No principle, no strategy. Look at SE states and observe how leadershipwas transferred. Except for anambra others were handed over to people worse than their predecessors. Compare with Lagos where it is obvious that their is a list somewhere of competent managers who are thrown up to lead the state. What we have in the SE is politics of business. where the biggest moneybag buys the office.

As usual once I write some unexposed people will start questioning my igboness. you need to mix up.

The lastest shame is when cases of morals are in court eg forgery, the defense is that 'our son is being persecuted'. this is disgraceful

Not in my name. I am a proud igbo boy. I dont condone fraud.

Wow...I am shocked this is coming from an ibo man....I cannot believe my eyes.....you are unique o..... shocked...to be honest with you I had lost respect for all ibos....these days I just think they are all shameless thieves but you surprise me....... angry


Politics / Re: Biafra: IPOB Sends Strong Warning To British Prime Minister Cameron by StunningCEO: 2:18pm On Jun 26, 2016
Question: When will iPod youths ever get sense

Answer: Never...their compressed flat..heads has compressed whatever is left of their brain cells.

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Politics / Re: Niger Deltans And The Shameless Claim By Some Igbos Here. by StunningCEO: 12:14pm On Jun 26, 2016
wink....the ibos are proud slaves to the ijaws....no point disputing the obvious that the ibos are no longer as relevant to Nigeria as ijaws are....these are new times.... cool


Politics / Re: Before 1999, Tinubu Had None Of These.. by StunningCEO: 2:06pm On Jun 25, 2016
Does the OP have any proof that those properties or businesses are all owned by tinubu......wailers are as dumb as sh1t.... cheesy

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Shaking Alaafin Of Oyo's Hand by StunningCEO: 3:51pm On Jun 24, 2016
This is what happens when one section of the country believe they own the country.
If she visits an Emir expect her to wait for hours before seeing the emir.
She can't try this in Edo, last woman who tried shaking the Oba's hand was made to suck a thousand blockus to atone for her oversight.
In the south west the Obas are fighting over themselves on who should lick Aisha's butt first.

Muumuu....and in your sadbeast your dime a dozen Ezes are busy kidnapping or prostrating for our kings... angry
Politics / Re: Drop Threat To Bomb Abia, Ohanaeze Youths Tell NDA by StunningCEO: 2:46pm On Jun 23, 2016
According to the ipod youths....Niger Delta is part of Biafra.... cheesy cheesy...why then restrict them and their activities to only a part of Biafra....are they no longer one happy family....bloody hypocrites.... cheesy
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Northerners To Head All Defence Units: Points To A Regional War by StunningCEO: 9:57am On Jun 22, 2016

You are wrong my yoruba brother, we yoruba must continue to tell yeebos that the fulanis have the right to control all the army and armoury. Sai Baba!

You are boring...go back to bed and stop being a nuisance...
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Northerners To Head All Defence Units: Points To A Regional War by StunningCEO: 7:41am On Jun 22, 2016
Buhari is just a shameless bigot....this bastaard must be stopped... angry


Politics / Re: Watch the speech that aggravated Buhari's hatred in SE/SS by StunningCEO: 7:02am On Jun 22, 2016

An Ofenmanu man has spoken.

Who takes cowards serious?
Definitely not me. grin

I take it this descendant of 'brave' iboe warriors has taken back Enugu from the Fulani herdsmen..... grin..... sad.....bloody internet cowards.... cheesy
Politics / Re: Watch the speech that aggravated Buhari's hatred in SE/SS by StunningCEO: 6:23am On Jun 22, 2016
Who cares if the SĒ hate him or not.....they are insignificant.... angry
Politics / Re: EFCC Has Legal Right To Freeze Fayose's Account! By Ibinabo Effiong by StunningCEO: 1:11pm On Jun 21, 2016
Brilliant analysis by my learned friend above... cheesy cheesy...fayose has entered point of no return... angry

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