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Politics / Re: Presidents Of Ghana, Niger And Senegal Congratulates President Buhari by Swanzi(m): 10:47am On Feb 27
Presidents of Ghana, Niger, Senegal congratulate President Buhari on his re-election

Minutes after the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared President Buhari as winner of the 2019 elections, three Presidents from the West African sub-region sent congratulatory messages to President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Femi Adesina, special adviser to the president on media and publicity, 'the presidents are President Nana Koffi-Addo of Ghana, Mahamadou issoufou of Niger, and Macky Sall of Senegal, who himself just won re-election for a second term'.

'The Presidents felicitated with President Buhari, saying his re-election was a demonstration of the confidence Nigerians had in him, and wishing him greater exploits' he said.

via >> https://onecornergizt.blogspot.com/2019/02/presidents-of-ghana-niger-senegal.html

Please check quickly do the needful is
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Liverpool (0 - 0) On 24th February 2019 by Swanzi(m): 5:52pm On Feb 24
Chai Liverpool fall ma hand oo
Celebrities / Re: Biodun Okeowo And Her Husband (Throwback & Recent Photos) by Swanzi(m): 1:44pm On Feb 21
Nice one, beautiful family.

Make una fear God ooo
Person papa be dat ooo !
Celebrities / Re: Mzbel: I Will Sleep With Your Boyfriend If You Don't Stop Insulting Me by Swanzi(m): 7:41pm On Feb 12
look at your stupid face,and your stupid profile. oh I wish I can see you right now monkey.

Mumu offspring grin
Celebrities / Re: Mzbel: I Will Sleep With Your Boyfriend If You Don't Stop Insulting Me by Swanzi(m): 3:47pm On Feb 12
are Ghana women even beautiful? undecided Women that looks like man that just30 must be smoking expire weed.

You mean like the one below ..
Nigerian woman with a beard..!!
I spit on you..!!!!

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Celebrities / Re: Mzbel: I Will Sleep With Your Boyfriend If You Don't Stop Insulting Me by Swanzi(m): 3:41pm On Feb 12
Ghana women and their ugly looking demonic face, Yuck finding a beautiful woman in Ghana is like finding your way to heaven's it's impossible.*spit*

But clearly this one is better looking than your

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Travel / Re: U.S. Imposes Visa Restrictions On Ghana by Swanzi(m): 11:32am On Feb 02

More delusional quotes... Ghana doesn't want to put money in a fluid case as Nigeria,, bla bla bla.
Of course you just took the better side of the equation.
Ghana doesn't have any investments in Nigeria because Ghana doesn't have any franchise or company that can survive or even enter the Nigerian market at all. Simple.
Does Ghana have any franchise worth up to a billion dollars?? I don't think so.
And your claims that Ghana doesn't invest in Nigeria because of instability is invalidated by the fact that Nigeria has always received more fdi than Ghana.
You don't really wanna compare the number of multinationals operating in both countries do you??
You stated that Nigeria has never supplied up to the agreed amount of gas to Ghana, well maybe that's because Ghana hasn't been paying up to the agreed sum.
How much are you owing us in gas supply again??
And let's not also forget the fact that it was still Nigeria that paid for and built the same gas pipes Ghana is being fed with.
But of course, Africans don't argue with facts and logic, Just sentiments.
And when you said that Ghana doesn't receive budget support, does that include aids and grants??
As big and powerful as the UK is, they still depend on the highly controversial Russia for much of her energy needs, and they understand that.
Ghanaians always making themselves bigger than they are.

With all that u’ve said can u explain to me why nigeria has the largest no of poverty in the world after India ..?

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Travel / Re: U.S. Imposes Visa Restrictions On Ghana by Swanzi(m): 11:21am On Feb 02
Hello fellow haters,concerned and unconcerned people against Ghana the motherland.This is the official position of Ghana in this particular report
* Ghana was forced to accept mostly7000 hardened criminals in USA who were released from prison and claimed to come from Ghana.They're forcing us to accept them by giving them Ghanaian documents to prove their Ghanaian status so they deport them to Ghana
*Our foreign minister officially replied that we're not accepting a single person unless we as a sovereign country verify them personally to know their verbal claims of been Ghanaians.Note,most Africans especially West Africans try to take advantage of our excellent name and world recognition as the posterboy of West Africa and Africa as a whole to hide their .nationality.Personally most of these people can't speak a single local language in Ghana and besides some have been in the states almost all their lives and when they become ex convict,they force them back on us
*Ghana is the only country in Africa to have the guts to have said No to them and this force acceptance began in 2016 and since then,they've threatened visa sanctions and other sanctions on us for refusing their demands and since 2016 they have now carried out just a little fracture of their threat.This visa Restrictions only affect diplomats and state officials only and does not include normal visas.Their embassy released a statement clarifying the report and pleading to us to start negotiation to immediately lift the sanction.
*The citizens of Ghana fully support the stance of our president and government and believe that no country can bully our rights and impose demands on us.Other Africans have shown their solidarity on all social media platforms and supported our stance by being so bold to stand against our will and our right.They all wish their government have the balls to replicate this historical action.America needs us than we need them.We're the beacon of democracy,stability,economic progress,first pan African country and first independent black African country in Africa so no one dictates to us.We might retaliate the action.Their companies are all over us including exxonmobile trying to acquire contracts to manage our new numerous crude oil discovery sites which has the capacity to generate over a million barrel per day.Our gold resources which is the 10th largest gold reserves and production country in the world.2nd largest cocoa production country worldwide,top coffee producers,Africa's largest with 500 billion dollar bauxite reserves discovered in Atiwa Forest,Ghana,diamonds,manganese,,etc.They need us than ever and this sanction has been calculated because they want their share in all these resources discoveries other than that then the question is why now.They refused our ministers visa in 2009 when exxonmobile lost their bid to produce the our first oil well discovered.Ghana will not cave in.We're the gateway to Africa and to hell with their visa.We're coming big this time .The black star of Africa and our motto is always "Freedom And Justice".Thanks

Well said bro thumbs up...
And one useless Nigerian was saying
Is cos our president has bad luck?stupity at it peak..
No wonder they blame Buhari for a mess Jonathan created n expect him to fix it in a term.. nonsense..!

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Politics / Re: Will Atiku/Obi Make Nigerians Proud after Buhari/Osibanjo the Candidates Flop? by Swanzi(m): 6:02pm On Jan 29
Let us tell ourselves the truth...Nobody will be as bad as Buhari...

Buhari is the lowest we can get...

Are u sure cos I remember that the same thing they said about GEJ.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Get Supersports 3 For Just 1k Extra On Ur Access And Family Package! by Swanzi(m): 11:05am On Nov 14, 2018
WhatsApp me

Please add me on whatsapp here’s my no
‭+233 54 957 7025‬
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Get Supersports 3 For Just 1k Extra On Ur Access And Family Package! by Swanzi(m): 5:50pm On Nov 13, 2018
OK thanks,Enjoy!

Oga joe about if ur in Ghana ..?
Politics / Re: I’ll Lift 80 Million Nigerians Out Of Poverty - Ezekwesili by Swanzi(m): 10:00am On Nov 06, 2018
It's very very possible, Nigeria is a wealthy nation ,Bill Clinton once said that if he should rule Nigeria for 8yrs ,Nigeria will be better than the US because no nation on earth loses the amount of money we lose on daily basis,for God's sake we have the human and mineral resources, what we lack is the proper management of this two. All we need is
1) someone who is determined to make a change
2) someone who will plug all the embezzlement fistulae
3) make corruption a capital offence
4) someone who is free from godfatherism and can put these corrupt godfathers in their place.

The number of likes u got shows how frustrated Nigerians are..hmm
Sports / Re: Seychelles Vs Nigeria: AFCON 2019 Qualifier - 0 - 3 (Full Time) by Swanzi(m): 1:54pm On Sep 08, 2018
Why did it take the modes so long to bring this on front page..?!! If na useless slay queens
Person no go hear word..!!
Sports / Re: Seychelles Vs Nigeria: AFCON 2019 Qualifier - 0 - 3 (Full Time) by Swanzi(m): 1:51pm On Sep 08, 2018
I want Nigeria to be beated in this march

English has been brutally murdered viewer
Discretion is advised..!!

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Celebrities / Re: Michael Essien Dated Princess Shyngle Who 99.9% Of Men Couldn't Satisfy Sexually by Swanzi(m): 7:57pm On Aug 25, 2018
Ghanaians are usually one minute men
Its not news
Too much kenke don dilute their sperms grin

Get the F. CK outa here..

Politics / Re: Nela Duke And Asuquo Ekpenyong's White Wedding Photos In Switzerland by Swanzi(m): 7:34pm On Aug 25, 2018
Nija dey talk say Ghanaians are dark see
how the groom dark ibi Ghanaian..?? nonsense!!!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Mourns Kofi Annan by Swanzi(m): 2:52pm On Aug 18, 2018

I hope the fulani dullàrd knows who Kofi Annan is oo. Make him no go dey think say na Kofi Olumide wey dey sing makosa.

Buhari brain don weak therefore, he can embarrass Nigeria at any lightest opportunity.
grin grin

TV/Movies / Re: New Prices For GOtv And DStv Subscription Take Effect From Today by Swanzi(m): 8:00pm On Aug 02, 2018
Na only mumu still dey pay to wash DSTV, I have been washing all their channels free since 2011, thanks to Engineer Austin

Oga notorious abeg how u do am
Is it possible..?!!

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Business / Re: Nigerian Traders Attacked By Ghanaians In Kumasi by Swanzi(m): 7:02pm On Aug 02, 2018
Self hating midgets, even in Europe , a Ghanaian co worker will cast you especially when if you be naija just to gain favour from an oyibo or even Indian boss.. These people can lick oyibo man's behind for crumbs, something you won't find Nigerians doing..

Oga is Osinbajo ur vice tall..
Business / Re: Nigerian Traders Attacked By Ghanaians In Kumasi by Swanzi(m): 6:58pm On Aug 02, 2018

You have said it all. But let me tell you something about 60% Ghanaians have Nigeria descendant. Ghananias hate to love us.
One day the light of Nigeria will shine through...just one day

And where did u get that statistics from
Yeah some tribes emanated from Nigeria
Plus many Hausas and yorubas were recruited
By the British to fight the asante but to say
60% is ridiculous to say the least..

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Business / Re: Nigerian Traders Attacked By Ghanaians In Kumasi by Swanzi(m): 6:49pm On Aug 02, 2018

You just said my mind.
I grew up there
Even speak 2 of Ghanaian local languages (Ga and Twi)

The hatred is so open. They don't hide it.
Many that come to Ghana don't know this side of the story.
I only blame our leaders

Are Nigerians any different..
Stop the sycophancy..

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Business / Re: Nigerian Traders Attacked By Ghanaians In Kumasi by Swanzi(m): 6:42pm On Aug 02, 2018
senseless post, who's talking about the population of Ghana to Nigerians. Majority of Ghanaians are just puff puff seller, cobblers and gatemen some are even doing prostitution. This is Ecowas, everyone can do business if your country is part of the organization

Ur post is rather useless sir
Cos in circle the ashawo capital of Ghana
90% of the ashawo are from Nigeria..

90% of the criminal activities in Ghana has
Nigerian involvement .

Even thou is not about criminality this
Startistics can not be ignored.


Politics / Re: President Buhari Reacts To Being Elected New ECOWAS Chairman (PHOTOS) by Swanzi(m): 12:10pm On Aug 01, 2018
Sai baba..!!

Buhari all the way

Buhari till 20... chisos who slap me..!!!


Religion / Re: Man Kills 'Witchcraft Cat' That Disrupts People's Success by Swanzi(m): 6:43pm On Jul 26, 2018
chai! Brainwashed!!!

Yes am totally awashed with Christ
He’s my life and my soul.
I live for Christ and I die in Christ.
He’s the beginning and the end
Alfa and omega..
He’s the way truth and the light no one goes to the father,Except through him.
Am in love with Christ and am not
Ashamed of it bro..
Politics / Re: Buhari Fumes Over APC Oshiomhole's Comment by Swanzi(m): 12:29pm On Jul 26, 2018
I stand to b corrected. Oshobaba is just a party chairman na. What's his business with ministers efficiency and effectiveness?

Or is he de new so called "presidency"?

Ayam not understanding again o.

The party gave birth to the government and thus the ministers so if a minister is under
Performing it affects the party in power
So he has every right to vent his spleen on
Indiscipline ministers

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Religion / Re: Man Kills 'Witchcraft Cat' That Disrupts People's Success by Swanzi(m): 12:18pm On Jul 26, 2018
Read ur bible well..
Is a spiritual war the Bible says we don’t fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and dominions in high places..


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Health / Re: How Cell Phones Damage Your Sperm Cells And Causes Infertility In Men by Swanzi(m): 12:45pm On Jul 22, 2018
Op how about routers..??
Anyone with any info.? undecided
Religion / Re: Masked Ghanaian Pastor: I Lived With Satan For 17 Years & Killed 675 People by Swanzi(m): 8:47pm On Jul 18, 2018
675 people in 17yrs? U never do anything nah. Ask Femi Adesina to press calculator for u, u ll know wat Buhari has killed in just 3yrs.

Meanwhile, if you watch Ghanian stations, you'll know that Nigeria is to Ghana what England is to Nigeria. Those guys re backward with enough rubbish

Nigeria with all its wealth and oil money
Is a glorified “sh.it hole “ deal with ur problems and leave Ghana alone.
TV/Movies / Re: Dstv Responds To A Customer Asking Why The Increase In Tariffs. (pics) by Swanzi(m): 3:08pm On Jul 10, 2018
The reason why they are increasing price is BUHARI! sad

Sports / Re: Eden, Thorgan And Kylian Hazard In France Shirts For Past World Cup (photos) by Swanzi(m): 2:46pm On Jul 10, 2018
Ok una no get ur own make u show u Ghana
In own
The ayew brothers and their sister Imani


Sports / Re: France Vs Belgium: Where Does Thierry Henry Loyalty Lies? by Swanzi(m): 6:28pm On Jul 09, 2018
Shey me self I no know o

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