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Health / Re: Desiree Davis 'Smiley Asian' Suffers Post Butt Injection Complication by TempoJames(m): 11:44pm On Nov 15, 2018
it is not even big.
Health / Re: Reasons Why You Should Masturbate During Your Period Ladies Take Note by TempoJames(m): 8:42am On Jul 11, 2018
Health / Re: Cough by TempoJames(m): 8:41am On Jul 11, 2018
Go to hospital!
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 9:50am On Jul 03, 2018

Allow the guy to continue messing up chief

Some times you just have to fulfill all righteousness. Teaching the ignorant is part our hippocrates oath
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 9:26am On Jul 03, 2018

Now let's see who looks stupid trying to justify an obvious goof

When you are talking to an educated mind you know.
I said and I repeat Staphylococcus epidemidis CANNOT and NEVER cause UTI in an apparently healthy individual (healthy adult)on its own.........My bone of contention

Can it cause UTI? Yes as opportunistic pathogens among these groups;
1. Infants why because they haven't started producing antibodies to wade off infections.
2. Diabetics and elderly due to immunocompromissed and/or immunosuppressed status.
3. In dwelling catheterization and suprapubic aspirate of urine as this organism can produce biofilm and gain entrance into the bladder to cause the infection.
Points 1 through to 3 can as well be incriminated as causes of nosocomial infections.

If you have screenshots that state S epidermidis can cause UTI among healthy health group outside these please do show us. For as long as I know the subject isn't any of the above so I will keep trashing. Justifying this is like saying S saprophyticus causes UTI in male subjects.

Same way you claimed Candida is a normal vaginal flora and I asked and still ask you again please which form of Candida is a normal vaginal flora.....The yeast or hyphae form?

Do I need to take history (that's not my duty) and know symptoms of patients when there's an electronic medical record where I can assess patients details and marry with whatever it is I have in front of me? Just the patients name and everything the doctor wants is displayed. If your facility doesn't operate an electronic medical record please do advise them to do so.

You can call me a technician if you like that's your problem (not new any longer as I have heard more worse than this) but if you can't furnish us with screenshots different from these then you are just a glorified technician masquerading in ward coat.

This my friend has long been settled if you have nothing else to say move on

When the lab form came to my desk it was written r/o malaria fever with test mp and widal ticked. When obviously it's HSV1 blister it was just logical I call her attention to it giving the spate of antimalarial resistance. My dear man we have serological tests that detects IgM and IgG of HSV which could be make diagnosis easier. You call pathologies like the person you're talking to is alien to it cheesy

You don't know more than a pediatrician do you well the requesting physician was/is a pediatrician. The thing is once you know what you are doing you need not make noise about it you gain respect where accorded.

Please post screenshots I want to learn by ridiculing

Still? exuding ignorance?
This evening when I am back from work I will clarify your stupidity. I will teach u that S.epidermidis causes UTI in a healthy looking person, not even mainly as an opportunist.

You think computers take histories? You are very foolish.Computers store biodata. Any part of history was taken by a clinician before being input into d info data base. Even in Hopkin's doctor take history kid. I talk with experience.

Are u trying to run away from your stupidity? You said earlier you spot a diagnosis of Herpetic eruptions on just mere inspection. Then you are a damn ignoramus.

I don't need to be a peadiatrician to know differentials of mouth blisters in children. I studied paediatrics as an undergraduate. Moreover no Consultant paediatrician would have malaria as differential of mouth blisters unless it is a co-morbidty occuring separately. I'm sure you don't know that apart from the seemingly apparent diagnosis a clinician also investigates co-morbidities. I'm sure u ignorantly gave malaria as cause probably because you elicited fever but d paediatrician waved it away. If there is any place presumptive diagnosis is not allowed it is 'paediatrics'.

Sure u want to learn the hardway.... I will get softcopies and give u a hard lesson this evening.

I'm sure u haven't met any person with UTI before. You only sit in the lab to fight doctors.


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Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 8:52am On Jul 02, 2018

Any doctor that writes S epidermidis for an apparently healthy patient who can produce mid stream urine with ease (not debilitated nor immunosuppressed) and sample wasn't suprapubic or catheterised as a cause of UTI I will trash and keep trashing such results. If you don't know conditions where S epidermidis can use UTI please do yourself a favour and read up.

By CBC/FBC I know you understand it involves basically two obvious parameter to draw a line with leukaemia; the WBC and the film reading. Sorry woman came back yesterday and said she has had a third party opinion and she was told she had Leukemoid reaction and she's now okay from the nonexistencial leukaemia she was diagnosed with.
I don't claim a master of knowledge, I heed to corrections where necessary and correct people where necessary (it doesn't mean I know more than they do).

I won't condescend into name callings if you know you know and if you don't you use noise to mask your ignorance (defense mechanism).

In the clinic last week a child came with herpetic blister in the mouth and when I saw it I just called the Dr and told her this is herpetic blister and not the common one we attribute to "malaria", sometimes I explain what the hepatitis b panel test result mean to physicians who are only exposed to only knowing HBsAg (it doesn't mean I know more than they do but that's the beauty about learning as it can come even from a "miserable" person).

You see trying to protect your ego only makes you look stupid. I refered you to a standard textbook of medicine to clear your ignorance without ridiculing you much. If you did my assignment u'd know that catherterization and immunusuppression are just risk factors. S.epidermidis can cause UTI even in a well looking man. Do you know one of the salient points that separates a doctor from a technocian? History taking and General/systemic Examination. Did you probe his urinary symptoms? No! You remain a technician no matter how u try to feign relevance.

So u used Fab and FBC to rule out CML? You are miserable my friend.

You see no matter how u try to feign relevance u will only expose ur ignorance. Since when did malaria become a differential of mouth blisters? I guess u don't know there are about 25 pathologies that can present with mouth blisters. How did u rule them out?
I refer u to Davidson's textbook of medicine and Essentials of pediatrics to clarify your deficiencies.

If you prove resistant to knowledge I will do u d favour of downloading the soft copies and droping the screen shots here so u learn by ridicule.

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Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 9:49pm On Jul 01, 2018

If only you read my comment and sense the sarcasm in it you'd know what I'm saying. Of all persons here that MrBigiman doesn't know jaaack but he'd come here claiming he's exposing only God knows. I think he knows only what he crammed in school to pass exam.

He feels threatened when one who isn't a doctor gives a wonderful academic piece. You can click on my profile comment with him and see yourself. He's the Wikipedia doctor if you know what I mean. An empty barrel they say.......You know the rest.

Most doctors never pride themselves as the alpha and omega of knowledge. Sometimes I have consultants come meet me to explain what this means and so on provided it helps the patient that's all I care for.

I'm looking forward to his piece as he has promised to do so.

Like the other time I met you to explain your ignorance why you should use FBC to diagnose CML and use Fab to stage CML and why you ignorantly trashed a doctor's proper diagnosis of S.epidermidis as cause of UTI.
You are miserable my friend. Even a newly enrolled HO wouldn't stoop so low to meet an ignoramus like you.
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 11:24pm On Jun 28, 2018
Apart from the fact he doesn't know the "predominant"
mode of transmission of HBV in different regions of the world, equating cirrhosis with cancer is very unprofessional of even a final year medlab student.
I suspect the boy is a Jambite.
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 11:20pm On Jun 28, 2018

if it was to be your so-called wardboys, would you have uttered such?

They wouldn't be so dumb and deficient in knowledge as my friend who tries to give out what he doesn't have.
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 10:25am On Jun 28, 2018
arobisalaO I wouldn't be surprise if I have conducted autopsy on your mom before. 2moa is gonna make my 19th autopsy on a female body. So I wouldn't be surprised your aggression is driven my depression.
Anyway my condolence friend. I'm a doctor. I also manage emotions.
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 10:12am On Jun 28, 2018
Honestly If I was a med lab scientist I would have gone back to study medicine. The knowledge gap is too much. 2 of my colleagues are medlab scientists but now histopathologists. If they attest to the fact that the knowledge gap is too wide then I can't allow any of my kids or advice anyone tp study any health course short pf medicine and surgery of he/she is not ready to see a medical doctor as head and more knowledgeable.
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 10:07am On Jun 28, 2018
You are an idiot and proud of it

hahahahaha. Don't be intimidated kid. I'm very liberal with knowledge. I receive teaching allowance and it is not limited to my residents. I educate even the duns.
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 9:53am On Jun 28, 2018

TempoJames comes through every time. Health workers are couselled to get immunized against hepatitis B, because of their increased risk of exposure to the virus.

Zones with the highest density of the virus, are zones where there is increased scarification markings like OYo, and areas with FGM thriving.

Well done Tempojames. U are un arguably a good man.

You are educating these wanna be(s) for good. Impetus!
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 9:51am On Jun 28, 2018

Is this more than mother to child( perinatal)? What is the source of your claim.

I suspect you are right but is there any research

I don't need any online link to clarify facts. I'm an authority. You can qoute me if you are short of knowledge.
Health / Re: Hepatitis B; From A Medical Laboratory Scientist Perspective by TempoJames(m): 12:25am On Jun 26, 2018
The major portal of transmission in Nigeria is parenteral not sex.

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Health / Re: A Course Not Found In The Curriculum:They Ruined Our Team by TempoJames(m): 3:00pm On Jun 21, 2018

How many hospitals in Nigeria charge 1.5 million for a transplant? Figures being suggested in most hospitals are around 3.5 million to 5 million per patient. cry May God help and heal everyone of them.

Yea. Private hospitals charge higher. Then someone from no where will expect frequent transplants in Nigeria where the mass are living below the poverty line.
Jokes Etc / Re: Nairaland Whatsapp Group For Jokes, Confession And True Live Stories. by TempoJames(m): 9:50pm On Jun 20, 2018
Health / Re: A Course Not Found In The Curriculum:They Ruined Our Team by TempoJames(m): 8:51pm On Jun 20, 2018

God bless you.
I wonder how a profession will be pained that others want to advance in their career.
I don't see a medical laboratory scientists dragging the theater with doctors nor pharmacists trying to drag a medical doctor role.
Johesu professionals want to advance in our careers and meet up with our colleagues in foreign countries,
That's international best practices.
Any nurse who leaves the shores of Nigeria is very happy and proud to work with foreign doctors because their mentality is different from what we have here.
We are not doctors
We are nurses and proud.
I pray for a professional inter relationship and partnership to be restored between all professionals in the health sector of Nigeria.


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Health / Re: A Course Not Found In The Curriculum:They Ruined Our Team by TempoJames(m): 8:35pm On Jun 20, 2018

The pathologists (if at all they exist in most Nigerian hospitals) should work hand in hand with the BSc. Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS), MSc. MLS, Microbiologists, Biochemists, etc. in the lab. Whoever is made the head (based on qualification, level or experience) should accept the role as a leader and be ready to work with other team members.

Since the pathologist has willingly chosen to work in the laboratory, other doctors (e.g. urologist, radiologists, etc) should mind their business in their various units.

The pathologists always head the lab regardless of years in work. Residency is an excellent experience afterall. Anyone that didn't learn anything during residency is not experienced enough.
By the way what is your definition of experience? Repeating the same proceedures for 30 years? what a heck my friend.

How about you allow a microbiologist with 40 years experience to head your private laboratory then you a med lab scientist with merely 10 years experience work under him/her? Then pathologists will follow the new trend!
I just see Nonsense ,idiocy ,mediocrity and hypocrisy work in synergy my friend.

Why bring in urologists? The are surgeons. Are they operating inside d testtube too?
Health / Re: A Course Not Found In The Curriculum:They Ruined Our Team by TempoJames(m): 8:29pm On Jun 20, 2018

Why can't they boom in kidney & heart transplant, or were they not trained in those ones too?

How mamy Nigerians with stage 5 CKD are ready to pay 1.5 million naira for a transplant? were u deaf/blind when Lagos state govt sponsored 2 successful kidney transplants. The issue in Nigeria is that the few rich people will always be rich enough to foot d bills outside Nigeria so they move out while the poor mass can't even handle the bills in the first place.

The other time I saw a patient with stage3 uraemic encephalopathy. Dialysis has already failed. When she heard the bills for kidney transplant she just asked to be discharged to go die at home.
Health / Re: A Course Not Found In The Curriculum:They Ruined Our Team by TempoJames(m): 7:22pm On Jun 20, 2018

No I think medical doctors should mind their business.

Do you think medical doctors are not minding their business? Where do u want pathologists and radiologists to go if their business is not in the laboratory?


Health / Re: A Course Not Found In The Curriculum:They Ruined Our Team by TempoJames(m): 7:15pm On Jun 20, 2018

flyca's first post formed the basis of the argument so he/she started the fight by speaking ill of all paramedical courses. Read his/her first post on this thread.

As far as I know, Lab scientists do not attempt to distort operations in ICUs. It is the doctors who want to control laboratory functions, not minding whether the B.Sc/MLS scientists i/c is experienced in his field or not. I have never seen where a laboratory scientist or pharmacist attempts to conduct surgical operations or diagnose a patient in the hospital.

But then again, these problems predate most of us. I have seen a lot of MBBS holders go to back to study M.Sc. Physiology, Anatomy, Pharmacology, etc., just to become Lecturers in these courses. This behavior creates problems because they force those in the field with BSc. backgrounds out of jobs. The notion is a lecturer with a BSc. Anatomy cannot lecture MBBS students, yet these students sit to receive lectures fr other faculties (same BSc).

The question is why admit people to study BSc. Anatomy when you have the Doctors to do it all?

Your illustration using a law court is not relevant. Apart from the clerk, cleaners and other informal staff, everyone is expected to have a Law degree (be it the magistrate, judge, solicitor, or lawyer). In a typical health centre however, there are different relevant departments, each carrying different entry and admission criteria. If I meet the Nursing admission criteria, why can't I attain the peak of my career in Nursing? Why should anyone be threatened by someone else's career progression?

If health centres must operate like courts, then scrap Nursing science, Pharmacy and others, so Doctors should do everything so everybody can rest.

The struggle is a Nigerian factored one where people value ego, perception and titles more than productivity and efficiency. Pay parity struggles are very ethical and all labour unions (whether petrol marketers, doctors or Johesu) have equal rights to make individual demands from the government without obstructions from other unions.

Do I need to remind you the perception of foreign trained doctors about Nigerian based doctors? Most of the problems you guys create in hospitals were instilled in you from the medical school.

So in final analysis do you have faith that johesuites will become medical doctor? Because as it stands now medical doctors by virtue of being trained in laboratory practise are booming both in clinical and laboratory practise and the Government can't help you.
Any hope for johesu and if yes what is the way forward my brother?
Health / Re: A Course Not Found In The Curriculum:They Ruined Our Team by TempoJames(m): 2:25pm On Jun 20, 2018
grin grin ;Djohesu ;Djohesu

Wakeup into your nightmares. Medical doctors are addressing your insurbodination, frontally!

Johesu chairman cries and begs FG over no-work no-pay implementation and threatens another strike.
Adewole is wisely waiting for that opportunity to sack some idiots. I know many johesuites will refuse to join the strike following their lesson in recent futile baseless agitations.

Thanks to Johesu for helping medical doctors publicize the power of MBBS. Even Jambites won't need academic advisers to direct them on which course to opt for.
I remember 17 years ago a friend to my Dad who happened to be a Teacher n academic adviser to me advised me to opt for nursing. He was busy praising nursing and analyzing the opportunities and benefits and possibilities. I stared him eyeballs-to-eyeballs and said with confidence and ego " Thanks sir for your advice. I have benefited a lot from your advices but sorry I can't take this one. I am male and capable of taking up MBBS as a course". I am proud I refused such stupid advice. No doubt by now I could have been a johesuite fighting medical doctors.
I'm a proud histopathologist.
You can now kill yourself cool grin grin ;Djohesu ;Djohesu

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Health / Re: JOHESU Appeal To FG For Salary by TempoJames(m): 10:26am On Jun 14, 2018
;Dpoint of correction... "Begs" ;Dpoint of correction... "Begs"
Health / Re: Strike: "JOHESU is Selfish, They don't know what they want" must read!! by TempoJames(m): 10:23am On Jun 14, 2018
tongue embarassed cheesy cheesy grin grin grin grin grin grin. JOHESU Idiots!


Health / Re: How Many Johesu Members Apart From Nurses Are Needed In Europe by TempoJames(m): 11:37am On Jun 11, 2018

Let me educate your dumbhead. The sun news does not have archives from 2014 and below online. Their website once crashed and they had to rebuild and change webhost. If you get any of their archived pre-2014 articles online you can share.

The solution: Go to their offices or library and ask for a copy of their Nov 28, 2014 publication. You will see empty-headed Enabulele's article therein. I wonder why he even stopped writting, maybe they found out he was an over glorified dumbheaded physician.

You remain a bastard my friend.

Health / Re: How Many Johesu Members Apart From Nurses Are Needed In Europe by TempoJames(m): 9:59am On Jun 11, 2018

Idiot I've told you the more you justify the more you expose your ignorance. Candida albicans is no vaginal flora (back your claim) i am sure you don't know 3 things causes vaginitis, but I won't let you wallow in your ignorance I'd gladly tell you. They are:
1. Trichomonas vaginalis
2. Candida albicans
3. Bacterial vaginosis

Candida has never been a vaginal flora but a strong and occasional transient pathogen that causes vaginitis. Anything that alters pH (induce lactobacilli) my brother is a pathogen.
If I whip your mouth with something

Only as an opportunist not a true pathogen of the urinary tract. But when all conditions are right (no catheter or debilitation), my friend it's a commensal like in the case I told you.
The two major Staphylococcus that are primarily urinary pathogen are aureus and saprophyticus.

And you don't know the meaning of commensal? you remain stupid my friend.
Now add s.epidermidis to the list. An online link can never be complete in information.
Let me refer you to an authority to clear up your ignorance. Go to any academic library and search for Davidson's textbook of medicine and read up UTI.
I know u will now say the foreign textbook is substandard.
Health / Re: How Many Johesu Members Apart From Nurses Are Needed In Europe by TempoJames(m): 9:53am On Jun 11, 2018
Authority does not insult rather they teach. Yours is on the contrary. That is quite disturbing and you give up too easily. Everybody must not agree with your position until you have proved your points beyond every reasonable doubts.

People are reading this and from where I am nelsx arguments has strong conviction. My practise is evidenced based, so I need more than a strong conviction, so if you have it....spill

Commensal or pathogen which one.?

My friend, the boy knows the truth he just wants to protect his ego. He argues that candida albicans is not a microflora but he ignorantly spilled out that candida albicans is a commensal. I'm sure he doesn't know that 'commensal' is a type of 'microflora'.
Some ignorance can only be corrected by strong cautioning and flogging. Infact sometimes I use tendon hammer to knock the head of some medical students when they exude nonsense to cast out spirit of ignorance. That is the same thing I would have done to nelxz, a student-technician.
Health / Re: How Many Johesu Members Apart From Nurses Are Needed In Europe by TempoJames(m): 9:44am On Jun 11, 2018

You are a bloody liar. Go to Sun newspaper office and ask them for a Copy of their Nov 28 2014 publication in their archives. The Sun newspaper published throughout 2014 and I bought it everyday. How can a vendor (who might even illiterate) have a 2014 publication. Are you are a trisomic mor0n?

Stop ridiculing yourself. Your colleagues will be ashamed of you.

You remain a bastard my friend. I also searched their archives online. No such headline exists. Just prove me wrong by screen shoting the headline,article n error of Enabulele. I will just keep shut if you do so.
Untill then I see you as a bastard.

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