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Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Theplotter: 9:46pm On Apr 17, 2023


It is called omomo not omo , omo is the short form

Yoruba keep claiming edo words they don't even know the full word to

Because we use English words today does that now mean English came from Nigeria, if not so then you sound like mc oloumo tout...

Like I said the N in the omo n' oba pronounced as
Omo no ba makes it different from omoba

Oba of benin is a full benin son , your ododuwa and oromiyan were mere non existed idols

That is what we made you believe.
But we know that a yoruba man is ruling you.

The day you accept that he is a Yoruba man, you will no longer see him as your king. You will try to reinstate the ogiamen(descendants of the Ogisos) and we Yorubas will never let that happen.

We will rule Benin till Jesus come.

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Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Theplotter: 9:42pm On Apr 17, 2023

Ogiso didn't even exist sky kings , do you belive that haha yoruba love mythical tales wonder why Oduduwa came down from chain...

The benins tradition doesn't even belive on heavenly being's to begin with we believe life on earth after death

You wrote trash.

Although I understand that you are an Edo nationalist, and nationalist fight for the favor of their nation, but it will be unwise if a nationalist directly refute a civilization that had apparently influenced it to the core.

Yoruba civilization had influenced Edo and their is nothing anybody can do about it. Right inside of Benin, Edos bear Yoruba names and rever their God's.

Use your common logical side of the brain, who colonize who?

lol, are you aware that during the colonial Era when indirect rule system was still in use the Oba of benin ment up with the ooni of ife for a political alliance with the Edo people, and the then ooni of ife agreed to the political alliance with the edos, and the Oba of benin would be regarded as one of the sons of oduduwa, the Oba of benin wasn't bothered about the cultural status he was given, in the new political alliance as a son of oduduwa and a false conjugated history was formed for a cultural alliance. the oromiyan history you're making reference to now was formed, hell broke loose when the edos were later becoming maltreated and oppressed in the western region, the yoruba leaders accusing the Oba of benin as not being a true son of oduduwa and the position he occupied in the western leadership wasn't deserved, and there was a need for the Edo people to pull away from the western region..... Please are you aware there is no yoruba idol in the Oba palace only edo idols, no yoruba names in the palace too, the name oba, is a benin original word that was introduced to yoruba people due to the bemin military might the Edo people had on the entire Yoruba people before colonial Era, the full title is called "omo n oba nedo" not just oba of benin the yorubas kings infact until 1930 were still addressed by the British as sir as their title until they changed it in 1930 to oba and the ooni then was the first person to attempt such move from sir the British refred them as to oba and the rest yoruba monarch followed suit afterwards. "I repeat there was never a real oromiyan in benin"

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Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Theplotter: 9:20pm On Apr 17, 2023

Lol, it is called omo n' oba, you see that 'n' in the middle stands for the biggest meaning of the entire sentence, omo n' oba ne'do ( the child that shines for the Edo people)

Ovwio oba ( son of the Oba) and not what you wrote the there

Oba is a short form of the Oba of benin title the full title is omo n oba the Complete title is
"Omo n oba nedo ukwapolopolo"


Every body knows that the word Omo is Yoruba word, Yoruba will say Omo ibo, which means son of ibo, Omo buruku (bad child) Omo ale(child of an harlot) Omo Oduduwa (son of Oduduwa) Omoluabi(a child of good character) so if we say Omo Oba, it means son of a king.

Use your head you blind Edo nationalist!!!

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Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Theplotter: 9:13pm On Apr 17, 2023

Tell the lies to console yourself we benins ruled the entire Yoruba people in the past

That is a fact that can be proven not the ife tales in benin

No, it the other way round. Yoruba colonized igodomigodo and name it ile ibinu. Yoruba installed their sophisticated political administration and deposed your true kings the Ogisos.

Yoruba have Bini Oba, and made sure he pay homage to Ife.


Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Theplotter: 9:04pm On Apr 17, 2023
shut up ur mouth izoduwa ur so called oduduwa was a bini prince,went on exile to osun,you yorubas saw how majestic he looked you took him for a god that descended from the sky and made him the founder of your race claiming he is from eygpt, this is pure fact,bini is not from ife, bini empire has existed and was trading and fighting Europeans before you guys even discovered you were yorubas

That is a big lie. Oduduwa is a man that nobody is fit enough to exiles. It is your izoduwa that they are pursuing up and down like bush meat,not our Oduduwa the great godking.

If your king answers Oba, he is a Yoruba.

The name Bini is of Yoruba origin.

The appellation of Your kings " Omo n oba" is of Yoruba origin, Omo Oba which means " child of a king".
Ife is the source of Bini art as confirmed by Bini historians.

Yoruba gods such as Olokun, Sango, Ifa, Ogun, how did they found their way to Bini?

Now use your head, who colonize who?

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Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Theplotter: 8:55pm On Apr 17, 2023

Just look at this one. Why do you Yoruba never respect other people's sovereignty or tradition?

Why must you belittle or try ito lord over another tribe? What are you Yoruba like this ?

Calm down guy, the person you quotednis only stating a fact.

Yoruba is the source of itsekiri, just as Yoruba is is the source of Bini royalty. Bini is one of the numerous Yoruba colony.
Politics / Re: Court Remands Fredrick Nwajagu, Lagos Eze Igbo Over Inciting Comment by Theplotter: 7:01pm On Apr 06, 2023
That won't change anything because he's not on this alone.

If Rascals continue attacking Igbos in Southwest,Men from East will surely enter south west.
So they should better stop and limit their attack on social media, because anything physical attack again.............

Idiotic miscreants can't be attacking Igbos and their businesses while we fold our hands.

Since Nigeria security are useless and can't defend our people,we must defend ourselves by all means possible.

God bless all loves of freedom and peace.

Southeasterners can't do shit with Yoruba people, Yoruba people are very hot right now, if you try nonsense,,, people will sympathize with your tribe.
Politics / Re: Pride Is Part Of Their DNA. by Theplotter: 11:04am On Apr 01, 2023
Very laughable assertion, dude said thinkers. The only functioning part of the brain of an average yoruba male is his insatiable urge to have sex.

Zik was the main reason for our independence as a nation, the collective yoruba race were extremely comfortable in their subservient position to the throne of England.

The same sex brain that brought you to your knees during the war...
Politics / Re: Pride Is Part Of Their DNA. by Theplotter: 9:27am On Apr 01, 2023
God Hates Pride.

Proverbs 8:13 “To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behaviour and perverse speech.”

Proverbs 11:2 “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”

Proverbs 16:5 “The LORD detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.”

Even i personally, I hate pride with passion. I can never help a prideful person,nor become friends with such person.
Politics / Re: Pride Is Part Of Their DNA. by Theplotter: 9:23am On Apr 01, 2023
Where is the lie? Are yorubas not an inferior tribe? Can your people usurp the Igbo GRACE in any equal and fair caste.

Your ancestors reckoned, no wonder why they littered in successive loop to the sub humans down north to compensate for your innate perpetual failings

Igbo grace you say. A race of iconic barbarians with no culture,no history, no kingdom, no king,no administration. A race filled with wishy monkeys.

Igbos do not have the right to insult any race in Nigeria, because you offered nothing to African civilizations. Yoruba tribe is superior not by mouth. The world belong to those that can think. And that is who Yorubas are, thinkers. And they will continue to beat you flawless....ntoor
Politics / Re: IGBOS ARE BEING PERSECUTED BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE LEVERAGE!!!! by Theplotter: 1:48am On Mar 28, 2023

Yes, all you said is true. They are even insulting me on my thread.

Oro won ti sunmi. God will help them.

Thanks for your understanding omo iya.
No p.
Politics / Re: IGBOS ARE BEING PERSECUTED BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE LEVERAGE!!!! by Theplotter: 1:43am On Mar 28, 2023

Well, you are right that i did nor respond to the slight from that igbo guy because i know he is feeling hurt by the present situation of his tribe in Nigeria and i do not want to add insult to their injury. We need to put ourselves in their shoes given the injustice they have faced and continue to face in Nigeria. The just concluded election was marred with irregularities and would not pass legal muster in any country where rule of law is upheld, but alas, we are in Nigeria --- the disgrace of Africa and every black man on earth. As yorubas, we both know what Tinubu did to INEC and our critical national institutions because of his ambition. In addition, as Christians, we know that Tinubu and most yorubas have done goes against every teaching in our religion. I know most of the hate coming from our side is from our muslim brothers so i am not surprised because i know that is what their religion is about. I do not have a problem with that. What irks me is that their conduct rubs off on every sane and respectable yoruba who is now thought of as a crude rascal and a tribalist. We are all not tribalists and some of us will do all we can to refute the notion that we are degenerate tribe filled with louts and miscreants, all doing the bidding of that thug, Tinubu.

You should therefore not be disappointed in me because what i am doing is damage control on all the nonsense yorubas have been doing on this forum before and after that shambolic election. The igbos need all the support and advice they can get to wriggle their way around all the hate directed their way in this country. I hope you understand my perspective now?

Now I get you.
Sorry for the initial blast.

But you don't really know the Igbos.
There is nothing you can do for them that they will be contented with.

They are so filled up with boasting and chest beating and bragging...

They don't listen to correction.
That guy you had been arguing with possess the average mind of an Igbo person. Never agreeing to be wrong, not taking to correction.

I myself voted for Peter Obi for the presidential election, because only a stupid person would do otherwise, but it was as if the outcome of the election made the Igbos high or something. They started spewing trash both in reality and on net. They began to make our people doubt if they had not make a wrong choice by chosing Obi.

Honestly, those people are not people you should beg.

You rather beat them.
Beat them and make them beg.

That's it.

God bless oluomo and co


Politics / Re: IGBOS ARE BEING PERSECUTED BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE LEVERAGE!!!! by Theplotter: 1:05am On Mar 28, 2023

Betray who Tinubu

Is this how he wants to rule Nigeria? By disenfranchisement of a major and encouraging xenophobic attacks against them

So you expect all yorubas to join you in your hate of igbos? Do you know how educated and exposed i am??

If i join in the tribalism against igbos, then what is the use of all my education?

We are not all touts eating from Tinubu in yorubaland oooo. Besides, i was born a Christian and we were not thought tribalism in our family.

If not that you are not alright. You are arguing with a stupid fellow that has relentlessly insulted your tribe, yet you never insulted, but once a fellow Yoruba showed up, your brutality was unleashed.


Am a Yoruba Christian, and God's willing, Tinubu is our president. And for those who eat out of the goods of our land but still wishes us evil, they shall know no peace. Amen.


Politics / Re: IGBOS ARE BEING PERSECUTED BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE LEVERAGE!!!! by Theplotter: 12:56am On Mar 28, 2023

Ati awon to bi e....

You are a fucking betrayer...
A smelly dog..
Shame on you..

Politics / Re: IGBOS ARE BEING PERSECUTED BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE LEVERAGE!!!! by Theplotter: 12:53am On Mar 28, 2023

I will resist the temptation to insult you or the igbos. That is what you want me to do.

But let me tell you, the hostility will not stop because the whole thing has been spinned to make it look like we are being invaded by the igbos and that is false. I pray Tinubu does not rule though. He is one that can unite us. Even before taking his oath of office, there is so much division.

As for you igbos, you can keep trooping out of your land.
Culture / Re: Ooni Inaugurates National Orisa Day In Brazil by Theplotter: 6:35am On Mar 26, 2023
They are divided Yet they help their people to become useful in life through igba boy(business training). But your people are here giving births to thugs/urchins everywhere looking hungry, malnourished etc. Imagine the so called president elect is the king of thugs, drugs etc chaii Thank God for the few Yorubas who still have their brain well intact!

Then,If that is the case, Yoruba did more than that, A Yoruba man made sure all Yoruba sons and daughters got education, is that not better than igba boys?
Culture / Re: Ooni Of Ife Meets Brazilian President, Lula by Theplotter: 8:04pm On Mar 25, 2023
most Brazilians are genetically falling to the igbos and calabar side of Nigeria.

But the twist was/is, SW especially Lagos, was the place that hundred of thousands of Brazilian blacks settled in the SW. Another twist is that the chances of a good percentage of igbos among those returnees is high.

igbos alone were almost 5 million slaves taken. We were the forefront of fighting against islamic expansion. The whole Angola was almost 2 million slaves taken. The yorubas were traditional like the igbos, calabar, and even Benin. But when islam was pressing up on the yorubas, and oyibo people had already started their conquest; one of the deals that oyibos did with arabs during their african conquest years was that they will not enslave the muslims to Europe or wherever they were.vBut the arabs were still enslaving Africans. So, the yorubas began doing tribal marks to make the slave traders differentiate between them and other tribes that were not converting, because they (yorubas) were still newly converting to islam, but were being traded if caught in the wrong places. So, they decided to find a way to differentiate from others.

One of the cases of two street gangs wey be like cult, underground but very valid, many people know about them in Brazil, Ade gang vs mgba mgba gang. Bloody drug and territorial war. They run cool down now like 3 or so years ago, now peace organizations are building skating boards, basket ball courts, etc for their neighborhoods. Before that, serious something. Steady back to back hits.

The Brazilians are now knowing that they are from many parts of Africa and many tribes, so this oni visit, is not deeply emotional like it would have been just 10 years ago. Before that, they only knew about yoruba tribe. Am not saying yorubas were not enslaved to Brazil, but not that much. DNA is proving it as I speak, in Nigerian side alone igbos dey beat yoruba 4 to 1 or more, remember there is still Congo as a whole, with over 8 million slaves taken. Am going with realistic numbers, many books point this out. - The Europeans like to lower their numbers, to minimize their past damages.

Igbos should be reaching out to Brazilians more, and other countries. Our people taken as slaves are everywhere, and our people like to explore for other means of progress, so even in africa, igbos are genetically spread. Many igbos have been sucked in to other tribes, especially outside Nigeria. We need to be more creative with our tribal retainment. In Nigeria, out of fear, many igbos hide their identity. In foreign places, there is the case of lack of cooperation.
Remember, igbos were the first African tribe, to say they are going back to africa, when the slaves in north Carolina noticed they were igbos, they spoke the same language, then decided to go back by any means; when they found out that there was no way, they decided to die than continue to be slaves, so they walked into the water coast and many drowned, over 100 . - this was in the 1600. So, the whites did not put two igbos in the same farm field or sleeping quarters. But the twist to this, is that a few yoruba slaves, I think New Jersey, were the 1st slaves in the 1800, to organize in their slave town, to rebel against their masters. It lead to a mini war for a couple of days. They were not the only tribe that participated, but there were the leading people that did this. It was after this that returnees was passed to go back to africa, which ended up being liberia.

The igbos in north Carolina, and Virginia, also revolted many times and ended up joining with other igbos to form the country of Haiti. Igbos are also the leading dna on the Nigerian side, in jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Dominican republic, mexico,, brazil, etc.

The yorubas hosted many returnees, who in turn, assist other returnees, and also the British at this time, preferred to relate with the returnees more than the locals, remember those were the equivalent of house slave - not field slaves who were mostly the locals, due to language and culture understanding. The yorubas hosted many returnees, not really by choice, but because the British ran things then. During this returnees period, igbos have always fought the colonizers, which made igbos susceptible to slavery. Any igbo caught were enslaved or killed, because they were fighting. The British was the only people that the igbos ended up surrendering to in the early 1900s. That's how christianity started getting in more and more, then the biafran war- really expanded christianity amongst the igbos. THe red cross and all these churches that were feeding people. The igbos didn't utilize war mines then.

Anyway, I think the igbos gave up after so much losses due to technology, but also the breakdown of Africa. Before the oyibos, igbos were giving the arabs and their african foot soldiers, a new look in africa. Impenetrable. No converting. Even when the Europeans came, igbos were not locally colonized until 1902.

Many yorubas, especially the Christian ones, were mostly the Brazilians, Returnee afrobeat europe, and other west Africans. Many igbos also need to realize that some yorubas are us, that flipped to yoruba due to environment. I mean every tribe has small flips, but am talking a little over small.

*disclaimer: these are my opinions, the way I understand them are from various books and research materials I had sought to understand; in the midst of my personal and professional life. Igbos should do some awareness and future direction reflections.

Ko Ra re lo, elejo oshi..
Culture / Re: Exposed Origin Of Oduduwa by Theplotter: 10:56am On Mar 25, 2023

The sooner you understand he is not your "oduduwa", the better for you. He only migrated to ile-ife after he ran away from Igodomigodo kiss.. even the igalas also attest to this.. Lmao kiss grin

How stupid!!

Oduduwa the great. A man in the countenance of the gods. You said he ran away..


Yoruba is the source of Benin anytime,anyday.

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Culture / Five Weaknesses Of The Igbo People by Theplotter: 10:18am On Mar 24, 2023
Five weaknesses of the Igbo Tribe

Violent and hateful boasts
Individualistic mindset
No s are numerous Empire In the present location called Nigeria, Empires founded by indigenous tribes such as Hausafulani, Kanuris, Yorubas and Edo. But I find the Igbo Tribe missing, one of the major and populated tribe yet had an inglorious past.

During the days that wars are won by strength and creativity, Were the Igbo weak? Were they uncreative? No and No. Then why do get trampled by minor tribes? Why do they not build formidable empires?

The answer is simple, The Igbos do not truly have a leader, they are like snakes that do not walk together. They do not agree. They are individualistic, they work against each other. They don't know how to give respect to whom respect is due.

Every Empire that rise , had a supreme leader whose citizen are entirely submissive to him. Can any Igbo man submit to another?

Every Empire at a stage of their development, makes alliances with other kingdoms by wooing them with pleasant words in other to get approval. But instead, Igbos chestbeat to their friends and make hateful boasts that makes there friends see them as dangerous and prideful, even God hate a prideful person.

Every Empire fate rests on the decision of their leader. But Igbos fate rest on everyman's decision, either wrong or right, foolish or wise, selfish or selfless, every man is his own king. And from time immemorial, they have suffered because they never had a leader and they never agree.

Minor tribes with kings would come and makes slaves out of Igbo people, Edo, Igala, ijaws and the Efiks are the benefitting tribes. They will invade their communities which are usually scanty and unorganized (because Igbos do not live closely together) they would cart Igbo away as slaves and settle on their land. Why? Because Igbos do not have a king.

This disasterous ideology had been so imbibed by the Igbos so much that it is still working on them till today. In Nigerian politics, Igbo politicians are disunited, Igbos beat their traditional leaders, and believes that they do not need anybody to be successful. They are so individualistic and do not seek to make alliances, this greatly affected them and submit them to the reign of the more united Fulanis and Yorubas.

Let the Igbos learn respect and courtesy.
Let them learn to tame their tongue and speak out of consideration.
Igbos should learn to agree with people, with their hosts, with the laws they meet on ground.
Igbos should learn how to rely on the strength of unity and brotherhood.

Most importantly, Igbos should learn diplomacy and stop inciting people to hate them. Nobody wants to be trashed upon, don't speak words that will make people hate you. Instead makes friends by working together with your hosts, in this way,you shall be lifted.

Unity of Nigeria is what I stand for
Culture / Re: Ooni Inaugurates National Orisa Day In Brazil by Theplotter: 9:29am On Mar 24, 2023
Again, again and again you keep consoling yourself with "go and develope your barren land" whereas Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, Oyo and Ogun are all backward compared to Igbo land. Tell me any tribe that had not experienced killings of their people? No wonder majority of you people aren't enlightened! Keep crying while they keep buying up your land!!!

All of you from Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, Osun and Ogun are now claiming Lagos because those states are nothing to write home about!

I'm waiting for your next consolation word!

Yorubas are unlike the Igbos who had utterly divided themselves. We Yorubas are strong because we are united. There is no Yoruba of Ondo or Osun or ekiti, those are only geographical expressions, what we know is that we are the children of Oduduwa, we are united by same language,same culture,same history and the same godking-Oduduwa.

You Igbos are not wise at all, you don't pull together and agree, that is why you have continually been the loser in Nigeria.

Don't you know that the most united is the most powerful? USA is a product of unity. The Northerners are consistent leaders and rulers because they are united and they agree.

You Igbos should learn to be united and stop creating disunity among we Yoruba.

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Culture / Re: Exposed Origin Of Oduduwa by Theplotter: 11:59am On Feb 27, 2022
[quote author=Damovintrain post=101420062]What if I tell you that Ife originally is located at Kogi? And odudua was an Igala name that's Odu du WA meaning God's gifts.
hear how it started.

The so called Oduduwa was a bini Prince who had quarrels with his younger brother on who would succeed the late king their father.
The younger began to sort means of harming the elder and was overwhelming the later. So the elder decided to leave the fight and allow his brother ruling instead of shedding blood.

On his way running, he was caught by Ogala Kingdom boundary security guard.
So after asking him who he was and where he came from, he feared not to be returned back to his bini people, so he said he was God sent or from God.
So immediately, the guards rushed him to the king as he repeated the name as God sent.

After some while in Ogala now Igala Kingdom, the king gave him his daughter to marry with an allotted land to farm known as Ife.
There he bore children and feared that soon if he didn't change environment, his people would one-day know about this and come for him.

So he ran with his wife and children to the now known Ile Ife that's Ife house or home of Ife.
So meeting some Yoruba's there who were fighting war with the hope of finding a saviour, Odudua introduced himself as the sent from God.
They asked for signs to proof his claim, he took them to a mountain top and instructed a rope to come out of the sky which he told them was his means of transportation to earth. Though some believed he got these magical powers from his bini Kingdom while others held it that the Ogala people who practiced Ifa (traditional religion of sand, water and air ).

So after he lead them to battle which was won, he was installed as king.

He was ruling when the bini people learnt their king was ruling another land successfully. So they came begging he follows them back but he refused rather asked one of his sons to go on his stead who was later killed.

Till tomorrow in Ile Ife, there's a stool that no Yoruba person can sit on except a bini extract.

And only a bini person can coronate an Ife Oba...

Sorry I can't keep names and dates of this story... So no dates and names like the Ogala king,bini late king then etc [/quotes

Another child has spoken.

One of the numerous subject from one of the numerous Yoruba colonies.

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Culture / Re: Exposed Origin Of Oduduwa by Theplotter: 10:57pm On Feb 25, 2022
The origin of Oduduwa like everyone believed to be from ife was actually a big false lie
The europeans had contact with the vast yorubas as early as 1826 and there was no mention of Oduduwa
Though they had contact with some Yorubas like ijebu, itsekiri aworis but they never mentioned or heard Oduduwa narrative from them. The ife people as we know where the most religious people in the ancient yoruba time,
And they were accorded respect by some yorubas, the ife people worshiped ifa, which had is derivative from the name ife, the worship of oduduwa never existed and the artworks found in ife were purchased by the ifa priest from art vendors who used them for religious purposes those artworks was never made in ife

The man who invented Oduduwa was samuel Johnson in 1897 an oyo captured slave who was schooled in lodon, and was later given his freedom back to Africa, He had formed Oduduwa from his imagination to falsely unit the yorubas into one, he had seen the future on European occupation in Africa and there was a need to prepare them a for a country by giving them a sense of unity in the future
The Benin claim to oduduwa was also false this was done when the bins at early times around 1915 sought political support from the yorubas and they were automatically grouped also as Oduduwa children

Oromiyan on the other hand is an idol from oyo believe to be their predecessor

Anyone with a contrary opinion should bring evidence


Yoruba supremacy is your greatest fear.

Anytime you hear Yoruba your heart beat fast and your stomach churns violently.

Don't worry, Our work of colonizing savages like you is done.

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Culture / Re: About The Edo's/benin's. . . "oba Gha To Kpe Re" by Theplotter: 9:57pm On Feb 25, 2022

The traditional Edo view, the universe is divided into two planes of existence: the visible, tangible world of everyday life ( agbon ) and the invisible spirit world ( erinmwin ) created by Osanobua.

The creator god, Osanobua, is rather remote; worship is more frequently directed toward the other deities, who are his children.

The most important of these—according to Benin notions of seniority—is Olokun, his oldest son. Olokun, the ruler of the global waters and the provider of wealth and fertility, is the most widely venerated deity in Benin, especially among women who join local congregations to pray and sacrifice for children.

Ogun, the god of iron, is the concern of all who deal with metal, including taxi drivers and mechanics.

Other deities include Osun, the power inherent in leaves and herbs, the special concern of herbalists;

Ogiuwu, the god of death; and Obienmwen, the goddess of safe delivery. Yoruba deities such as Eshu, the trickster; Shango, the god of thunder; and Orunmila, the deity of divination, have been incorporated into Edo religion.E.T.C

This is a proof of Benin as a Yoruba colony
Culture / Re: Itsekiris Finally Discard 1979 Edict Insist That They Are Yorubas Not Bini by Theplotter: 9:54pm On Feb 25, 2022

Can you imagine such nonsense coming out from you, since the benin royalty has been ruling is now they know they are Yorubas and they should be led to rule

Wether they like it or not, the royalty is of edo
origin and they can never fight it, no silly
Yoruba should near that stool, the heir to the throne must have a Bini or an edo bloodline through the mother to effectively continue the stool

I would have just gone through this post without mentioning anybody, but i really need to mention you because you are exceedingly stupid.

First, you called Yoruba people useless people. Yoruba gave you your royalty, your Royal language, your art and civilization,yet you called them useless.

If Yoruba people are indeed useless, you would not take pride in giving Yoruba names to Edo children.

Yorubas are useless yet your people consult Ifa.

No, i don't think they are useless, i think you are.

With every post you make, you always try to spite the Yoruba people, infact, you intentionally create post that will tarnish Yoruba.

But here is the truth...

Your tribe can never be equal with Yoruba. Yorubas had set a great pace that non of your kind can match.

Talking about itsekiri kingship.

The Yoruba guy is king already, all this trash you are saying does not change a thing. What we will do, we will do.

When Yorubas are ready to deal with the likes of You who had betrayed the blood of Oduduwa which we generously gave to you, Benin would become completely irrelevant.

Without the Oba dynasty we have to you, you are just disgusting savages under the Ogisos. Oranmiyan civilized your ancestors and made you think like men, but today, you hate us.

But the truth is you can not shake is of.

We Yorubas own every inch of Benin.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

You can't fight us because we are not your mate.

You can only beg us as your ancestors always do.

And you can never physically clash with any Yoruba clan.

We Yorubas colonized Benin and so, Benin is one of our many colonies.

Get that into your thick skull...


Culture / Re: Benin Own Ife Bronze by Theplotter: 12:42pm On Dec 31, 2021

I see you're new to culture thread that's why you're still asking for evidence a little troll to my profile and you will see all my evidence i dropped on my threads

The funny thing is there is no evidence that benin-ife relationship existed before the Collapse of the benin empire

If there is bring it out

And i never said the white people attached Yoruba history to that of the benins for political benefit

I said the benins attached their history to the Yorubas after amalgamation for political benefit which altered the benin history till date

But i thought that it was the Yorubas that attached their history to benin, but now you are saying it is Benin.

Guy, what your point gangan?


Culture / Re: Benin Own Ife Bronze by Theplotter: 8:48am On Dec 31, 2021
[quote author=gregyboy post=108952539]

Funny how the Yoruba history on benin begins with begging....

Benin came to beg for Oduduwa to rule
Benin begged ogendegbe to abscond venturing into benin

Tell me in the whole of history you have read were there was this much begging in historical records

Seems the Yoruba lie on benin history begins and end with the word beg to appease thier lies on benins [/quote

Yes, Benin begged Ife for king, and they vegged ogendegbe not to attack Benin.


Culture / Re: Benin Own Ife Bronze by Theplotter: 6:54am On Dec 31, 2021

Attache, i dont even blame you, you are probably from kwarra

You dont even know your own history but so quick to talk on other people history

You're probably not even from the ife, benin, or oyo that the historical lie is centered on.... So you may just be catching cruise all the way from kwarra state because you think you're Yoruba

Edo the land of the great oba along with ancestors sold Yorubas as slaves and kept the reat for sacrifice in our alters they are European document fact on all of this

The benin controlled the entire lagos point of correction

Oduduwa never existed it was the handwork of sultan bello who invented him and was now documented by Johnson

Benin was coined by the itsekiris who warned the Portuguese not to venture into benin and so they called it land of anger

Ogidomigodo and ogiso were frictional works of eghrevba who sorted wayd to make benin dynasty older

There was never really ogiso what we had was
Ogie and an oba Note benin traditional worship doesn't believe in heavenly beings they believe life begins and end ob earth until the Europeans came with their beliefs and introduced the concept of heavenly beings
That was when the concept of ogiso was born as a folklore in benin ......

Throughout the European visitation and trade in benin names like oromiyan, Oduduwa were never mention untill after amalgamation

Attaching yoruba false history with benin was done for political reasons that era is gone smell the coffee that the Yoruba history is worthless without benin attaching to it

If you say some yoruba are used as sacrifice in Benin, that is another fact of history that i can not deny.

Yoruba has a race, is too large to be assumed under the more militaristic Yoruba societies such as Oyo, Ibadan and Abeokuta and thus do not enjoy maximum military protection, and so they became a target of slave traders, and the mass of this slave traders were Yoruba themselves.

Benin is very small and so more easy to control especially by a king who has absolute power over the people ( that is because of his Yoruba blood), couple with the fact that Benin contacted the Europeans early and so they had assess to guns and gunpowder, Benin transformed from a kingdom filled with cowards who built large moats to protect themselves against invaders and started expansion against their neighbors using the power of gunpowder.

But Benin glory was short because they only got the guns not the guts, the Ibadan travelled a long mile and recover Akure and some other eastern Yoruba tribes under Benin.

Ogendegbe decided to teach the Oba a lesson and marched on Benin, it was the Benin Chiefs in their large feminine skirts that came to beg him( that is to tell you that because you kill a snake doesn't mean you can kill all snakes)

Concerning the whole of Lagos being under Benin, in your wildest dream.
Omo you dey dream big time.

I don't have time to write epistles on that chapter,Tao12 had done that several time but since you are dumb you still don't get it.

Now concerning my identity as Yoruba which had become your own problem,let it be your problem.

You are a child, a naive child,pained by the outcome of history which is difficult to accept, sorry, because at the end of the day Yoruba benin is just a weak minor tribe that has to keep quiet when great kings are talking.

Take the itsekiri kingship as example,there is a written law that states that only a son born of itsekiri or Benin blood that can become king, but a son born of a Yoruba woman cannot, aaahaa!! I laugh.
When the Ooni and some other Yoruba kings intervened in the matter, kiakia the Yoruba boy became king, that is power, that is influence.

The Oba can't do anything, he knew his seniors had put their hands into the issue so he could not interven.

Today Lagos had become a prominent Yoruba city known far and wide, call it a no man's land, your opinion.
Even some parts of the acclaimed Benin are been bought by powerful yoruba men, there is nothing you can do about it.

We are smart, we are strong, we are cunning, we are precise, we are strategic.
No wonder the Edo people asked for a son of our father to rule them. There is nothing you can do about it.

Benin can never start whahala with Yoruba, because they are not fit, the day they do, they will lose all they the influence, the glory and their ties even with other minor tribes, Yoruba people will make sure of that.

No be by mouth, we are great.
In culture,in language, in tradition, in music in all you can ever think of.

If you speak trash again, i would still come and give you your medicine, good morning.

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Culture / Re: Benin Own Ife Bronze by Theplotter: 5:53pm On Dec 30, 2021

Many nonsense in one writeup the only one that got my attention was Ekiokpagha treaty like i will always say the treaty is an indigenous treaty involving the palace and a commoner

The history was only twisted in the 30s to accompany yoruba fairytale

They were so many other treaty that occurred in the benin empire and they are indigenous

Stop forcing Yoruba into our history we have long passed the stage when we needed the attention not anymore

Ife, oromiyan, Oduduwa in benin history are recent invention

There is nothing like someone forcing history on you, history is a record of past events which sometimes favor and glorify some group of people while it degrade some other group of people, that is history.

Yoruba people in all their glory were defeated by fulani due to their disunity, it had happen, it had become history and they are not denying it.

Some yoruba towns such as Akure and some part of Lagos was under Benin control, no argument, because it was so and apparently so.
Those are the times history did not favor Yoruba people, but Yoruba people never deny all this fact.

But when it comes to Edo people, especially dreamy gregyboy, their pride would not allow them to accept the obvious words of history.

Your kings answer as Oba, you denied that Oba is not indigenous to Yoruba but to Edo, but history says your indigenous kings are called Ogisos.

You said Oduduwa is a Benin man, but that was a recent theory propose by patriotic Benin revisionist.

Oranmiyan named Benin but you deny this also and claim that it was itsekiri people that named Benin...etc

Now, here is the truth, either you accept history or not we the Yorubas are the source of your royalty, either you agree or not, your own opinion doesn't matter to me because it doesn't change anything,if you like ram your head hard against history book, ntoooor, it will not change anything, we be your baba, your father.

In fact all this comments and response Yorubas on this thread are given you is because they just want to chat to kill their time, they know that you are just one pained Edo boy intimidated by the dominating nature of the Yoruba culture.

In the real life, you can not be spitting all these trash, even if you say some of this things in the hearing of your father he would have dash you atleast three slaps in quick succession.

You think Yoruba is your mate.
If you want someone to play with, go and meet, some other minor tribes like yours to banter with.

You kid, infact, intellectually you are not mate with The descendants of Oduduwa, i am always amazed at how Tao12, a wonderful product of the Yoruba race whipps you mad in all trends you stick your ugly head, your IQ cannot be compared with our IQ.

Do you even know how hard it is for me to be answering your stupid trends and comments.

Becareful, in case you come across Yoruba kings in real life, do not disrespect them the way you do on nairaland, because if you do, heaven bear me witness that you won't go unscathed.

So pin your mouth and think before you talk, when you see trends about Yoruba just. Ignore it and if you can't go through it and comment like a good boy, ok.

Ma gbadun....

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Culture / Re: Benin Own Ife Bronze by Theplotter: 4:55pm On Dec 29, 2021

Ogodomigo was a frictional name coined by egharevba, Benin was known as edo and was known to the European as benin

The word Benin was coined from the itsekiris
Who warned the Portuguese with Yoruba to stay clear off edo lands and called it ile binu which means land of anger

At least, you agreed that Benin is coined from yoruba words, that's good, you are coming up, try to open your heart to the other truths it will really help you know more about your root which is Ife the Cradle of our great Civilization that is admired far and wide.

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Culture / Re: Benin Own Ife Bronze by Theplotter: 9:43pm On Dec 28, 2021
[quote author=gregyboy post=108891101]

First of all oromiyan never existed take that shit out of your brain [/qu

No Oranmiyan no Oba of Benin
No Oranmiyan no civilization for Benin.
No Oranmiyan,no Ogun, no shango, no olokun, no aiyelala, no ifa for Benin.

Without Oranmiyan there is no BENIN!!!!!

You should learn to be grateful the Yorubas for their wisdom, the wit and their generosity for given igodomido a Yoruba blood to rule of over them and save them from useless and backward Ogisos.

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