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Politics / Re: Hausas Rampage In Lagos As Soldiers Watch by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 7:46pm On Apr 26
Such is the pathetic state of this country, we see a mob of hoodlums violently attacking vehicles and people while security personnels just look on.

What exactly are you trying to mean? What do you expect them to do to them? Are they not the same, or is it because some are in uniforms and some aren't? When we tell that Nigeria currently doesn't have any security forces, what they have now are State sponsored terrorists and you call us names. Only those who opt to be a fool can be fooled. Nonsense!


Politics / Re: Igbariam: IPOB Accused Of Killing 19 Fulani People In Anambra (Graphic Photos) by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 4:53pm On Apr 26
Since when did IPOB resorted to this manner of killings? Since when did IPOB started harvesting organs? How did IPOB got into this, who identified them as IPOB members? This must be the hand work of the terrorists in Awkuzu SARS who are in the business of harvesting organs and sending them to China, and this also happened very close to their slaughter house they call station. There are political and fulanized undertone around the misleading information, what ever their plans are with this, we will match them up with their madness. No more diplomacy.

RIP Ikonso!!!


Politics / Re: How Security Forces Neutralized Ikonson, Other "Unknown Gunmen" by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 1:10pm On Apr 25
This is very commendable by the team of security forces led to the killing of this bastard kanu is the next if kanu is in Nigeria this is how would have easily been killed like chicken.

Imo can't be home for terrorist our amiable governor will wipe you out God bless Uzodinma.
Abokki foolani illiterate terrorist I hope you can be this vocal in the few coming days?

Ikonso died yesterday, those who killed him are the next and very imminent.
Politics / Re: Families Of 6 Slain Soldiers By IPOB Accuse COAS. by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 12:52pm On Apr 25
"The incident that resulted to the death of 6 soldiers at the attack by gallant but few IPOB militia on early hour of 24th April 2021 was not far from use of outdated weapons by Nigeria soldiers"- The family of one of the slain soldiers reported.
" Nigeria army has made me a widow by sending my husband to a suicidal journey. I lost him. I'm in pain. Who will cater for me and children? "- Fatima Abdullahi( a mother of three children cries).

We shall recall that there was a joint attack by Nigeria Security forces on IPOB militia in Imo State, which resulted to the death of their branch commander, a.k.a Ikonso. However, 6 soldiers lost their lives, and few others sustained injuries.- eyewitnesses reported.
Is not any out dated weapons, it's simply as a result of foolishness of the zoo security Agents, they never learn. The death of Muhammad Yusuf never thought them anything. Now much more widows are about to emerg, whatch and see.
Politics / Re: Cattle Markets In South-east Are Terrorists Hideout, IPOB Says by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 5:54pm On Apr 24
Because of that very act they carried out yesterday, no cattle market is guaranteed any longer across Biafra land, mark today's date.
Politics / Re: UK Pulls Down IPOB Asylum Policy, To Review It by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 5:21pm On Apr 23

Ngenekwensu is really not today that you started your madness on IPOB and Biafra/Nnamdi Kanu related matters here on Nairaland, I want you to know that you really have had your fun of creating lies and propaganda with the name of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra. sometime ago one bastard with the Monika "IpodExposed" where going mad just like you now and someone told him here that if continue he maybe consumed by the task he was embarking on because the music he was dancing to is beyond him, it has been since 2018 last we heard from the bastard here even with different Monika, maybe he decided to advise himself or he opted to be advised accordingly. I'm now telling you to back off your your falsehood and propagandas, if you must do, don't do it with the name of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra. Don't expect too much noise.
Politics / Re: IPOB Curfew In Anambra: What's The Level Of Compliance? by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 4:27pm On Apr 23

You see dat dis good for nothing fulani Niger republic man cannot have sense again so point out where you see any divide and rule here, is kanu the leader of Massob, ??is kanu the leader of the Ohaneze youth??

You don't have any business with sense, I have made my point, I don't want to talk about your rubbish ipob just do your thing in peace and stop being mischievous.
The fact that you're proudly forming ignorant of realities on ground is unarguably a proof that you're bastardized from common sense.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu! Nnamdi Kanu!! Please Hear This Now!!! by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 12:48pm On Apr 23

Dude do you even think at all? It's a shame that nobody can answer the simple questions the op raised, it means kanu have no blue print for Biafra and war is not an excuse, during the biafra war ojukwu made a lot of progress even during the war.

Fighting for freedom also includes telling biafrans your blueprint, lots of igbos do not support kanu and its an igbo thing, we igbos are not zombies

Is it that we don't have intellectual biafrans on naira land I am tired of these kids that don't ask questions
Your Monika alone have exposed your impersonation indulgence. Mugus with a far low IQs.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu! Nnamdi Kanu!! Please Hear This Now!!! by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 12:44pm On Apr 23
Please any one that can get accross to Nnamdi Kanu should tell him this:

Sir Nnamdi Kanu, Good morning Sir. I am a nice man with a wise heart, and I love peace. Please I have this to tell you Sir. Please what is the development plan you have for the East? If you have development plan for the East, why not start it now so that the East will be refreshed. I know you have seen some things you don't like in Nigeria and God still loves Nigeria, and I know you want good security for the East, but I have not yet seen your other development plan executed in the East. What I mean about development plan includes: Food production or farming system for the East, Waste disposal system, Employment system, road network system, water flow/gutter system/erosion control system, electricity system, pipeborne water system, estate management/building system, road transport system, politeness system, tout or thug management system, crime management system. I truly know these task are not child's play, but please Sir, you can start little by little. I believe it is better to start early. God bless Nnamdi Kanu. God bless everyone. God bless Nigerians. God bless Nigeria.
I didn't have to finish reading the absolutely nonsense before I understand that the writer unfortunately was eluded of sense during his creature.

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Politics / Re: Issa Pantami Not Resigning More Win For NNAMDI KANU by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 12:35pm On Apr 23
Northern will keep proving NNAMDI KANU right

Kanu was trending on twitter yesterday all Nigerians were saying is PLEASE FORGIVE US YOU HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG

In the ranking list below you can see that Nnamdi Kanu is actually the number 2 trending with 23.2k tweets, but you can see where they pushed him to. The conspiracy is world widly enomous yet we're always victorious.

Politics / Re: IPOB Curfew In Anambra: What's The Level Of Compliance? by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 12:16pm On Apr 23

I don't fancy talking about you leader mnk and his ipob, bcus I am not an ipob member so wats the essence, but I take exemption to anyone painting a wrong narrative here.

We might all be Igbo but we can never all be ipob. Some of us are Massob, some are bzm, some are in the ohaneze youth,some are in the forest guards, some are in the Onitsha security outfit, some are in the Homeland security outfit,some are in the Enugu community police. This groups are just a few we have in Igboland and mnk who is a a leader of another sect ipob does not speak for dis other groups.
It's like saying the leader of Massob is the leader of ibo.

The only Supreme leader in Igboland is Chukwu Abiama.

this picture totally disagrees with your submission.
Look at this useless foolani illiterate terrorist claiming to be Igbo just to create divide and rule as usual. Nomadic Mugu.


Politics / Re: Nmandi Kanu And IGBO Generate More Traffic To Seun Than Others by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 11:20am On Apr 23
There is no day on nairaland without MNK and IGBOs thread.

Even seun is happy for the massive traffic the IGBOS and IPOB thread are generating to him.
#Fact! But yet his hatred and segrigation against us is unbeatable. But you have him sectionalizing Islamic related topics where everyone else is locked out of the topic unless you're a Muslim while both the Muslims also have access to all topics regardless it's point of discussion. Hypocritical eweduable efulefus.

Business / Re: Deborah Ojengbede Raises 1 Million Dollars For Her Tech Startup by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 10:05am On Apr 23
9ice .
meanwhile ESN don burn enugu police stationgrin
Politics / Re: 144 Nigeria Police Officers Arrive Somalia To Boost Their Security by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 11:44am On Apr 20
They're not boosting any security there, they're only heeding to Nnamdi Kanu's advise to start now that borders are still open to relocate to Somalia because by the time we're done with the zoo, even Somalia will be heaven for them take refuge. Those ones are just the obedient ones.

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Politics / Re: Insecurity: Don’t Taste Wrath Of Igbos – Ohanaeze Warns Miyetti Allah by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 11:26am On Apr 20
Let them come nah, shebbi they said we're noise makers? They should try and let's know who the noise makers are. We will deal with them along side Nigeria terrorists army combined, no be mouth they should just try. Gone are the days of lermentation.

All Hail #UGM
All Hail #ESN
All Hail IPOB
All Hail Ohamadike
All Hail Biafra

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Politics / Re: I Am Not A Terrorist, My Driver, Secretary Are Christians – Isa Pantami by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 11:14am On Apr 17
In other words he's saying that everything about terrorism are tied to Islam, and he also by the interpretation of his words confirmed that Christians has no business in terrorism.


Politics / Re: This Is For Those That Always Threaten Igbos With War by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 3:26pm On Apr 14

The only way this will stop is to pay Evil with Evil..
If you keep complaining everytime they intentionally massacre women and children, you will have dregs of their communities coming over here taunting you about letters to CAF, FIFA, UNESCO and WAFU..
But if you identify their stock and visit them with supreme evil the very same way they do to yours in market places and religious centers and farms, They will surely get the message since the only language they understand very easily is violence..
Of cause that's what you're witnessing gradually, by the time we're done with the zoo, even the British will be overwhelmed in shock.
Politics / Re: Owerri Jailbreak: Names, Photos Of Escaped Prisoners Wanted By Police by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 10:13pm On Apr 13

If murderers, rapists and thieves are innocent to you, then let one of them knock on your door.
How did you arrive on those mischievous accusations against them?
Politics / Re: IPOB Terrorist Leader Kanu Solicits Arms And Bullets From World Igbo Congress by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 3:12pm On Apr 13
If you like call him a terrorist to high heavens, he's already getting the support in quantom and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it grin the video was as far back as 2014.


Politics / Re: Owerri Jailbreak: Names, Photos Of Escaped Prisoners Wanted By Police by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 3:09pm On Apr 13
Just imagine this rubbish. There's nothing one won't read on Nairaland.
Politics / Re: This Is For Those That Always Threaten Igbos With War by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 3:00pm On Apr 13
Attacking children in war to get back at men is pathetic.
It was a cowardly thing to do.
Is even happening in this present time. Eg: Orlu massacre; Obigbo massacre, Akwa Ibom massacre and recently Ebonyi and Benue massacre. They always turn to the poor women and children of the vulnerable indigenous people when they could not go after their real challengers. Weak and Coward soldiers claiming to be brave with market women. COWARDS.

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Politics / Re: Owerri Jailbreak: Names, Photos Of Escaped Prisoners Wanted By Police by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 2:45pm On Apr 13
Imagine how they locked up innocent young and vibrant youths of Igbos, making us slaves in our own land. #NEVERAGAIN

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Politics / Re: The Pain & Insult Is Too Much- Lady Who Tattooed Tinubu's Face On Her Back by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 2:36pm On Apr 13
Nothing like any pain or insult from anyone. The truth is that she's disappointed that she couldn't get the money and attention she expected in the first place, hence she's pushing harder with this publicity and attention seeking.

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Religion / Re: See How Odumeje Left Dying Ada Jesus Helpless After Much Begging. Endtime Pastor by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 2:28pm On Apr 13
Sometime the reason why there are still betrayals and evil against another is because forgiveness still exists afterwards. Imagine if there were no forgiveness in the first place.

Romance / Re: Uncletochii: My Girlfriend Sleeps On Floor With Me, I'm Broke, She Didn't Leave by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 2:12pm On Apr 11

You can share your story with Nairaland family. Perhaps, it may inspire some persons.
I will but let's wear the ring first so that the story will be complete grin

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Politics / Re: Did You Spend These Monies? by TRUTHaDDICTED(m): 5:33pm On Apr 09
If not that Nigeria is almost dead and will soon die off completely I would have asked them to bring back this notes because they're actually finner than the current ones.

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