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Religion / Re: One-fifth Of All Churches In The Netherlands Are No Longer Being Used by TVSA: 9:46pm On Jul 09
if Nigeria develop too, many churches will lose members and close down.
Education / Re: This Is The Proper Use Of “would” Or “could” In Sentence Structure by TVSA: 8:15pm On Jul 09
LordObo, what a name

Religion / Re: Jesus Appeared To Me For The First Time In Decades Last Night. by TVSA: 8:03pm On Jul 09
Some topics on nairaland really make me laugh.


Religion / Re: COZA: Watch RCCG G.O, Pastor Adeboye Speak On Pst Biodun & Busola Rape Saga by TVSA: 12:07am On Jul 06
Deuteronomy 19:15
One witness is not enough to convict anyone accused of any crime or offense they may have committed. A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.
Education / Re: See An Award Presented To EKSU Best Graduating Student In Civil Engr (pics) by TVSA: 10:33pm On Jul 05
A very big joke. #100 is even more than the cost of printing that paper.
o my God


Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo, Pst Adeboye Etc Are Not God Sent Becos They Are Wealthy. by TVSA: 10:00pm On Jul 05
Oyedepo isn't the richest pastor in the world. Kenneth Copeland is 5 times richer than him

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Celebrities / Re: Funke Adejumo Reacts To Rape Allegation Again Biodun Fatoyinbo By Busola Dakolo by TVSA: 10:48am On Jul 04

You still didn't get it , okay let me come down to your level inconflict resolution their are processes involved, and those processes are what she outline beginning with fact findings .It's during facts findings that the truth comes out and the real cause of the issue at hand is discover , and after the follow up process is naturally healing which will be for both parties follow by restitution from the guilty party and lastly justice, what she outline is just the basics of conflicts resolution so get and stop displaying your level of ignorant .

Mr Intelligence, pray tell why the woman is leaning towards one side of the spectrum? In all the statements she gave, where did she say they should give the accused the benefit of doubt? What was the central point of the passage? "Apology". She didn't for once mention that the guy might be accused "wrongly". She didn't consider the opposite of what the result might be. When you bring accusation against people, you try to stay on the fence as a judge and consider both sides. Funke isn't doing that. She's leaning towards the accuser. That tells a lot about a mentor.
Celebrities / Re: Funke Adejumo Reacts To Rape Allegation Again Biodun Fatoyinbo By Busola Dakolo by TVSA: 9:14am On Jul 04

It seems you lack comprehension of simple narrative. How is she apologising ? Or am I reading different message. She is only trying to do what is the best practice in a sensitive case like the case of rape , that's why she mentioned allegation.

or it's you that can't understand. Read again with your brain opened




She mentioned "restitution", "no form of abuse", "accountability".
She didn't even try to stay on the fence. She never said if the accusations were wrong.

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Celebrities / Re: Funke Adejumo Reacts To Rape Allegation Again Biodun Fatoyinbo By Busola Dakolo by TVSA: 8:59am On Jul 04
it's like aunty Funke is apologizing codedly grin grin grin. So it's like the guy did it o shocked shocked shocked


Religion / Re: Nigerian Man Complains About The ‘kind’ Of Dress A Lady Wore To His Church by TVSA: 5:53am On Jul 03
he obviously uploaded the wrong picture. grin gringrin
Religion / Re: Ask Me Questions About Indian Hindus Religion Soceities by TVSA: 11:48pm On Jul 02
Christians are so intolerant of other religions and they always know how to play the victim. See thread.

Religion / Re: "Come Let's Have Sex" Church Crusade Poster (Photo) by TVSA: 7:36pm On Jul 02

Bros what i saw on the poster wasn't it Gen 39:7 but rather na 1 Gen 39:7 abeg na which Bible dis book dey?

that must be an error. I only said the topic is from a bible verse.
Religion / Re: Any Pastor Who Can’t Control His Libido Shouldn’t Go Near Pulpit — Yakubu Pam by TVSA: 1:15pm On Jul 02

It's so funny how quite a number of guys on this forum always spin things around to make everything the lady's fault.

Soon, a mad woman will be a victim since she is walking around nude.

In Nigeria, it's always the woman's fault. It's either she's a demon tempting the man or she's dressing like Jezebel to destroy the man's life. They'll always find way to put the blame on the woman. grin grin
Religion / Re: "Come Let's Have Sex" Church Crusade Poster (Photo) by TVSA: 11:48am On Jul 02

It is actually written 1 Gen 39:7. Which book is 1 Genesis?
that'll be a mistake now
Religion / Re: "Come Let's Have Sex" Church Crusade Poster (Photo) by TVSA: 8:51am On Jul 02
it's a bible verse

Genesis 39:7 (international standard version)
That's why, sometime later, Joseph's master's wife looked straight at Joseph and propositioned him: "Come on! Let's have a little sex!"

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Religion / Re: Rape Allegation: COZA Hires People To Counter Ongoing Protest In Abuja (Photos) by TVSA: 12:25pm On Jun 30
I know this fat-oyinbo story go full nairaland toady.

Anyways who can explain the meaning of this church program grin grin grin
Genesis 39:7 (international standard version)
That's why, sometime later, Joseph's master's wife looked straight at Joseph and propositioned him: "Come on! Let's have a little sex!"

grin grin
Religion / Re: The Most Important Lesson From The Alarming Surge of Pastors' Rape Cases by TVSA: 11:41am On Jun 30

Its very funny because the downfall of moses began when he married a 2nd wife an Ethiopian which the Israelites did not like which caused moses to lose some support and isreal started complaining to Aaron how moses was becoming more focused on his ego and pleasure with wive than leadership.. That is why God gave Joshua the leadership and moses missed out on the promise land...

Women and Ego made Moses fall not men...
which version of the bible are you reading?


Religion / Re: BREAKING: ‘the Holy Spirit Has Spoken To Me’ — Fatoyinbo Mounts Pulpit by TVSA: 11:24am On Jun 30
Holy Spirit indeed grin grin


Religion / Re: Protest In Front COZA Church, Abuja As Security Tightens Up (Photos) by TVSA: 8:38am On Jun 30

Go get some education on this. A minor can't seduce you or conceded to sex with you. In law a minor is not sui juris or of age for any consent on her own. Whatever you do with a minor has a legal consequences on its own. Fatoyinbo would probably be free of rape if the Coza between then continued after Busola came of age, that means she has rectified the earlier cozas and it would be now assumed there was consent of the first and onwards Cozaring; but yet the smear on the alter, the morality, the integrity of Fatoyinbo and the breach of trust will now be the subject of discuss.


Religion / Re: Ask Your Questions About Christianity And Scriptures Here. by TVSA: 11:39am On Jun 27

In order word who created satan the devil or lucifer? Lucifer is a youger brother to Jesus. Both spiritual sons of God or heavenly father
He was created(Ezekiel 28:15) by God through Jesus christ Prov. 8:22-30

Ephesians 3:9
Ezekiel 28:15
Colossians 1:15-17
Prov. 8:22

younger brother of Jesus? grin grin grin
Religion / Re: Christian Related Activities Has Been Banned In Auchi Poly Pls Help by TVSA: 3:08pm On Jun 04
so they disturbed with their noise pollution even in academic environment, and they'll still cry "persecution"

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Religion / Re: Why Are There More Female In The Church Than Male by TVSA: 10:07am On Jun 04
and they'll be the first to fall under anointing cheesy cheesy
Travel / Re: Man Loses His BRT Seat After Standing Up To “Gossip” In Ikorodu, Lagos by TVSA: 10:14pm On Jun 03
is this news?


Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Cosmas Maduka Preaching In Lagos Street by TVSA: 9:39pm On Jun 03

This really cracked me up

anything from Daddy freeze must cause fight
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Cosmas Maduka Preaching In Lagos Street by TVSA: 7:58pm On Jun 03
fight has started

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Religion / Re: Why Do We Always Inherite Only Ancestral Curses And Not Blessings by TVSA: 5:53am On Jun 03
the stars we see at night are where?in space or your backyard.

you too dull abeg

they're in heaven, the third heaven to be precise.

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Religion / Re: Why Do We Always Inherite Only Ancestral Curses And Not Blessings by TVSA: 5:48am On Jun 03
folks like you and the person u quoted, what gives me concern most is this: are also going to pass this to your progeny? If yes, they're more doomed than you are.
that was meant to be a sarcasm

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Religion / Re: Troubling Bible Verses� by TVSA: 11:27pm On Jun 02
There are certain things about the bible I have a tough time with, take for example the following verses. Moses speaks to his troops after a battle in which they won , " Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a
man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never
slept with a man." Numbers 31:17-18 .
I'm very troubled by this verse..

Please someone should help me understand it
jihadists style, kill the boys and keep the girls as sex slaves.
Religion / Re: CHRISTIANITY EXPOSED: If Adam & Eve Were Created, Explain This by TVSA: 3:35pm On May 30

I believe it was you laughing at me for believing the Bible, and it was you mocking and making fun of me for believing these things I have been saying. Yeah, I think it is right to say that you care what I believe. And I advise that you should probably leave well enough alone unless you are actually willing to consider that what I believe may be true.

First, obviously, this is not an argument at all. You have not advanced any arguments or counter-arguments. You have asked questions that you didn't expect any reasonable answer to. And you have mocked and ridiculed a position you simply don't understand.

Second, you said this before and I ignored it, but you are wrong. This exchange began because I corrected what you implied that the Bible said. I did say in my first response to you that when people do not love the Truth, nothing will make them believe it, as long as they have the free will to choose whether or not to believe. That was to explain that your issue with the Bible has nothing to do with its veracity. It was in a later post that I told you that you were blind to the Truth. The reason for that was that you seemed to think that you had some superior right to decide what is ridiculous and what isn't.

Third, I'm not sure what you are calling a rant in any of my posts. My posts have been almost exclusively answers to the questions you presented as challenges. The few extra comments were to redirect attention to the point of our exchange, namely, to clarify the biblical position.

Fourth, I'm not certain how I have made this about me. You, on the other hand, have been responding like the conversation has been about me all along. That has occasioned my extra comments to redirect attention to what the Bible actually says as against what you misrepresent it to say.

Fifth, as I said, if you consider the Bible's position to be nonsense, that's really your cup of tea. I couldn't care less.

Sixth, I told you that you have not offered any kind of refutation against the biblical position. Your claim that the biblical position is not fact does not automatically become true because you made it. If you can show that any of the things that the Bible says is false, then you have reason to say that it is not fact. Otherwise, you cannot truthfully make such a claim.

Seventh, I have answered your questions as you have asked them. If you consider any of my answers a twisting of any truth or fact, you certainly have all the resources at your disposal to expose my dishonesty. It is an exchange after all. You are not muzzled.

Eighth, I have not needed to admit that I believe the Bible. I positively claimed and have maintained the claim that I believe the Bible. But I have not at any point so much as recognized any possibility that anything it says may not be true. I have absolutely no doubt that everything that the Bible teaches is true. Otherwise, why would I have been answering your questions until now?

Ninth, it is not my responsibility to make you understand or believe anything I say. I explained to you that the Bible's use of four corners to describe the Earth is no more a problem than it is for navigators and scientists to do. If you see any twisting in that, go on and demonstrate it. Or else, this is no more than whining on your part.

Tenth, the four corners of the Earth are the East, West, North, and South. Those points are where the angels stood.

Eleventh, off the top of my hat, I'm not sure, but I think I've read at least one old time navigator claim to have reached the northernmost part of the earth or something along those lines. It really doesn't matter either. You are probably the only person in the world who does not think of the Earth in terms of its four cardinal points. Most people talk about America, Canada etc in the West, China in the Far East, Russia and Greenland in the North, and Antarctica at least in the South.

Did you really think you've explained anything?

I started with the fact that the volume of water of earth couldn't have caused Noah's flood. You countered with your assertion that Water came from the deep sea of ice that's separating heaven and sheol from the earth. I asked for the location of this place. You said it's not in our universal, that they're above and below this universe. I was really amused that water could come from another place not in this universe and enter our universe, travel to our milky way galaxy and find it's way to our solar system and finally enter earth's atmosphere to cause the global flood and return thorough the same path back to its former destination. I have searched for that kind of explaination and I could not find since now how water could come from such a place to our place and return. So you see, you didn't explain anything, you just came with your inane explanation of how water came from heaven and hell when you didn't really know what you were saying.

And concerning the four corners of the earth.
Revelation 7:1 KJV
And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

The corner in this verse is[i] "gonia"[/i] it means an angle, literally a corner in the Greek lexicon. It's a point where two lines meet. It's the same word Jesus used in Matthew when he was talking about Pharisees praying in the corners of the market for people to see them. So when Revelation talks about four corners, it's talking about angels standing at an angle. I asked for this position, you said east, west, north and south, how ridiculous. are north, south, west and east corners or angles to you? Liar that you are, where did the bible say in that passage that they were standing at north, south, east and west? The writers of the book thought the earth was flat and planar. No matter how the bible sounds ridiculous, you'll just find your mumu argument to want to try and make it make sense, but it's still rubbish. The angels were standing at angles in a corner in John's hallucinations, but you said they're standing at north, south, east and west.

Religion / Re: 'Pastor Delivers Lady With Womb Tied By Friend Via Wedding Gift' - Facebook User by TVSA: 10:59pm On May 29
stories like this can only come out of africa.
and always from one Facebook user grin

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Religion / Re: CHRISTIANITY EXPOSED: If Adam & Eve Were Created, Explain This by TVSA: 8:47pm On May 29

I think that you are not keeping pace with the conversation.

What I addressed you with was a correction of the biblical position, not an argument for the veracity of the Scriptures. In fact, I told you quite explicitly that I'm not concerning myself with what you choose to believe. That hasn't changed. If you think that the Bible is a ridiculous document, feel free to ignore it. You have the free will to. If it is right after all, and there turns out to be a judge, then you will answer for it ultimately. But that is your business, not mine. That I choose to believe it is my business, not yours. If you decide to make it yours, you will only be frustrated by my disinterest in your concern or mockery, as the case may be. But carry on with either as you please.

As for what the Bible says, first, the cosmic seas form boundaries above and below, so they, that is, the cosmic seas are technically part of this universe too.

Second, when we die, we are given a sort of interim body that is not quite like this one we have but which allows us to experience reality in a far more powerful way than we do right now, then we are taken by the angels to our chosen place. If we chose to remain rebels against God, the angels deposit us in Torments in Hades. If we chose to repent and submit to Him in Christ Jesus, the angels take us to Heaven. No rocket is needed, because it is only our physical bodies that are weak. In our interim body, the journey is pretty much instantaneous.

Third, yes, the Bible told me all this. Do you know the parable of Lazarus and the rich man? That's a major clue. It was a true story that our Lord told to make a point about how each person is evaluated in the sight of God. Another clue is about Samuel the prophet when he was called up in a sèance by the Witch of Endor. Then, the appearance of Moses and Elijah at the Lord Jesus's Transfiguration. There is also the Ascension of the Lord Jesus after He resurrected, and the testimony of John in Revelation. The Bible is pretty much replete with this teaching.

Fourth, perhaps the writers of the Bible knew that the stars out in space were like our own sun, perhaps they didn't. That is neither here nor there, in my thinking. I cannot see how their knowledge or ignorance in that made any kind of difference. They were writing under the inspiration of the Lord God Himself Who made all creation, so I would say that their ignorance was more than adequately accounted for.

Fifth, as for stars falling to the earth, I did answer that already. Would be a waste of time to repeat myself when you already complained about a long epistle that was written to answer questions you clearly don't care to have answered.

Sixth, as for towers that reach Heaven, that is yet another problem of presentism that I keep running into with atheists. You read that to mean that a physical structure was to be built to stretch physically up into Heaven, but that was not the meaning. A ziggurat was a high place that men built for ritual worship. The idea in that story of Babel was that the whole world was looking to unify religion, and essentially eliminate individual free will that guarantees everyone the right and ability to worship whomever they will. So, it wasn't about the physical height. It was a symbol.

Seventh, as for corners of the earth, I'm not sure who you are arguing with. All navigators and scientists conceptualize space in four cardinal directions: East, West, North, and South. What is your problem with that?

Eighth, as for laying foundations, would you take issue with anyone who says that Isaac Newton laid the foundation for quantum mechanics? Would you say that they are being foolish talking like that? I think it is language that you would readily understand in that context. It is language that I readily understand in this context of creating the universe too. I don't see what you think is wrong with it.

Ninth, as for where God has been or is, the Bible does not teach that God is in the atmosphere or in space. He is everywhere, but His Manifest Presence is in the Third Heaven. That is what the Bible teaches. Of course, the Third Heaven is sometimes spoken of as the sky, but it most certainly is farther from us than the clouds or the vastness of space that surrounds us.

Stop with your rants about what you believe and bla bla bla, who cares what you believe? angry angry you started this argument with "I'm blinded from the truth". If anyone should be ranting, it shouldn't be you. tongue tongue. But you suddenly make this about yourself. You must feel very important about the nonsense you've been saying. If you like, you can choose to believe whatever you like, how ridiculous that might be. It's your believe, they're not facts. You admitted you believe the bible even though what it admits might not be true. Then you went ahead to twist everything to fit your believe.

The one that got me the most is how you managed to twist the four corners of the earth to mean navigation. When bible said four angels stood at the four corners of the earth, where were they standing? Which navigator told you he stood at any corners of the earth before?

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