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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 12:36pm On Jun 17
#BTC, there's a possibility of $64K. Perhaps. Before it gets back in the range box aforementioned
Spotted this probability some days back....maybe it will hit....

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 12:22pm On Jun 17

Pls recommend some airdrops
I will mention you when I find something worthwhile. For now, do Tele,,gram tap tap
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 11:38pm On Jun 15

And I’m kinda confused on one thing , when possibly will the market TOP? is it this year 2024 NOV or 2025 November.. the year Dey always confuse me .. I know no one can accurately predict what the market will do, but from all indications, you guys are close to being ‘perfect’..

Kindly note that, this is part of ME doing my own research.
On behalf of everyone, I say we appreciate your invaluable contributions. Thank you so much..
No one knows if there will be another Shiba, but I can say that Shiba made a record, and records are meant to be broken.

Hopefully, we may have, but the issue is not buying the coin but staying in it and riding it almost to the top.

As for the market top, most believe that anything outside NOV 2025, you are on your own. A bull market is sentimentally meant to last 18 months. It may even be less than that...a black swan event may happen between...
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 9:33pm On Jun 15

What about octobits telegram bot trading
Never heard of it. Probably scam.
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 9:40pm On Jun 14

Hi bro.
Please, kindly recommend good prop firms and criteria for joining. Thanks.
Well, I know of two:

1) Maven trading (https://maventrading.com/faqs/)

It is also advertised here on Nairaland. You will need to pass their challenge before you can be funded.

2) Another one I heard is good is Tentrade (https://tentrade.com/). No challenge before getting funded. Though expensive.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 7:51pm On Jun 14
After how many weeks? This people sef... grin
Let's laugh together cheesy grin


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 7:46pm On Jun 14
The wallet wey I dey hold coin don over bleed ehnnn
I just had to abandon it to trade on another exchange.

Na wa oo
Una sure say hodlers go become rich one day like this sad
grin grin cheesy

See how I am enjoying my peaceful life like this, hunting airdrops and just working on other things.

What many of you should do is find solid coins, invest, leave the trading market, hunt airdrops...and drink cold beer with your legs stretched out.

Imagine reading Siberia01 comments... except you are a day trader, your portfolio should not even concern you.

If at all I want to trade, I only use prop firms to practise now...at least they get BTC, ETH and other alt coins.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 2:03pm On Jun 14
$TON may be the next Solana in this bull run. Watch $TON!!!


Health / Re: Damola Ilesanmi: UK-Based Nigerian Man Dies Few Days To Resumption Of A New Job by twosquare(m): 9:20pm On Jun 13
The COVID jabs say hi
Likely effects of too much stress.

Na everything naija people go call village people matter. Whether this person dey pack like 16 shifts and only gets maybe 1hr of sleep in a day, una no know. Someone drops dead and boom, y'all call village people. Hilarious!

Like I always say, not to sound insensitive, but here is another reminder that life and death can happen to anyone anytime anywhere. That is just the way life is. If na your time, na your time...presence or absence of world class healthcare ain't gonna stop the inevitable.

Two years ago, a friend in the US also had a cardiac arrest, at 35. Had to get a pacemaker after a very close call, as he said he was told he was defibrillated 36 times. Lucky for him, it wasn't his time. But it really was a wake up call to me that we need to do better and not put too much stress or pressure on ourselves. Back in the day these conditions were unheard of among people in their 30's, but today I can't count how many peers home and abroad have died or had a close shave with death from all these ailments and conditions that were hitherto the problems of people in their 50s and 60s.

I must be! I must be! is all well and good, but try make e no dey at the expense of your health and well being, cos when the lights go out, it's a wrap!
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 3:39pm On Jun 13

I think so too. He tried again now with your referral link and it worked... What next, one will just wait till one get an email from them?
Oh...Okay...thanks...That should be the procedure. Also, the estimated delivery date is in September. So, keep an eye out for email from whatever shipping company they tend to use.
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 11:19am On Jun 13

A friend tried using your referral code but it didn't work, I guess because he is in a different location.
It's a bug. He may have to try later.
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 11:41am On Jun 12

Someone sent me this on WhatsApp and I no take am serious ..

Hmmm, can you break it down a bit more ? Like you’re explaining to a primary 5 student abeg.
Let's just say it is a phone built on the ton blockchain for easy access to Web3. It comes pre-loaded with a universal DApp (Decentralized Application) store featuring over 600 Web3 apps based on the TON ecosystem.
Now, imagine a special toy you can use to play on the playground of the Ton ecosystem.... You now have the right to eat the Ton's national cake first anytime Mum bake for the family....

or another kid is born and added to the family, and you are given sweeties, cakes, lollipops first (airdrops) before the town's boys arrive (crowds) to celebrate his birthday, all because you contributed to the family when they first launched the smartphone project.

That's the explanation...hope you get.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 10:50am On Jun 12

I'm sure some on this thread must have heard of Solana Saga smartphone when it came out then. The first batch sold for [b]$1,000[/b] and gave back ~ $9,000 in different tokens (airdrop) to those who pre-ordered it.

Now, there is a TON 💎 smartphone which intends to challenge the Solana Saga smartphone. I have ordered mine, too. It looks promising (NFA).

This phone should reward you with the BIGGEST airdrops ever in the TON ecosystem!. I hope it won't disappoint and deliver like Solana.

It is called Universal Basic Smartphone (UBS) by Oyster Labs

If you want to order, use this link: https://api.universalphone.xyz/preorder?ref=9b100469-c9d0-4234-9e7e-9a4de463d093

You can add this referral code if it has not been added already: 9b100469-c9d0-4234-9e7e-9a4de463d093

You will also get 300 $OYS points (perhaps tokens).

I heard that a few days back, $FISH 🐟 (the biggest memecoin on TON in the animal category) was airdropped to wallets that preordered the TON-based smartphone.

I believe with this, more is yet to come, hopefully!

Just don't want to fade this, and I am sharing it with the community here if you are yet to know.

Cost: $160 (less than 24 TON)


Cc. Thegreatdon (one of the updates you asked for)

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 6:23am On Jun 08

And in whatever you do in the next few days, remember next week Wednesday the 12th of June is FOMC news.

That will probably cause a pump upwards, I hope.
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 9:40pm On Jun 07
Crypto Nuggets:

Next two weeks are expected to be green. Impulsive pump...

Possible mini alt season between July-September first week! (plan ahead)

Investors are eyeing more Chinese stocks...hence Chinese cryptos too may come into play.

Know the themes of this bull run and pitch your tent there.

Patience...don't ruin yourself with futures while you can gather money and invest wisely with spot.


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 12:36pm On Jun 07
If you are yet to join the $Bubble airdrop, please do so. Supported by Samsung, OKX, Hugo...Airdrop is confirmed this Q2. I sensed this will be like the Heroes of Mavia too.

1) Go to https://bubble.imaginaryones.com/?ref=QSN70K
2) Select 'Connect with X' button
3) Start doing the tasks
4) Play game & Claim reward in $BUBBLE tokens
5) Visit http://bubblerangers.com & Install the app on your phone
6) Play game, collect redeemable points & Claim precious chest
7) Do not skip this part. Play the game daily

Best of luck this bull run, everyone.
If you farmed this when I posted. There is news!!

💰 You have 4 days to submit your wallet

🤖 Airdrop Claim:
The vesting schedule for $BUBBLE farmers is as follows: 40% is unlocked on the claim date, and the remaining 60% is vested daily over a period of six months.

🧾 Assign Wallet here: https://bubble.imaginaryones.com/dashboard/claim-airdrop
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 9:14am On Jun 07
Why should I pay subscription fees when all I need to succeed in the market can be found here. Thumbs up to all the big bosses here for the hardwork you guys put in in other to making us be on track. God bless you all
Allow them chop small from you now grin grin grin

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Crime / Re: US Secret Service On The Hunt For Yahoo Boys Who Stole $5M From Workers Union by twosquare(m): 8:01pm On Jun 06
Are you sure . . .
Some people dey tuwama with people funds yet no trace
My oga, some money get heavyweight. This one is still light.

But when you hear some figures and you yourself say hanhan...

Just imagine a yahoo boy carry like 20m - 100m dollars and you say they won't haunt him down? Only a pariah state like NK or state-backed scammers can pull such off with little to no repercussions.

Anyway, what do I know.

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Politics / Re: This Is The Pay Slip Of A Personal Assistant For May 2022 Salary(photo) by twosquare(m): 7:54pm On Jun 06
To be honest, I pursued a PhD not because I had interest in academics but because I have long-term projections of seeking elective positions or political appointments. For me, it was more of building my resume and pedigree than anything else. Of course, I had and still have a strong interest in my area of research (which by the way pertains to the Petroleum Industry) but outside that, I do not see myself as a good lecturer.

May I also add that the current salary structure (CONUASS) used by the University Community pays circa 200k+ for Lecturer II with 3 years post-PhD experience?

To be very honest, there's been a lot of opportunities in academics for me post-PhD but that is not my focus. Though I recently just earned the degree, I am now seeking post-doc opportunities abroad while actively seeking for a transfer of service or a better appointment 😀
Ah...now I understand. I'm almost done with my PhD program. I may likely find myself in the academics, even though I want to venture into AI on the sides. That's why I asked about their likely pay. My first concern is job security so I can relax to work on side hustle.

I've been freelancing for 9 years now, so I can say handling the greenback and quid has enlarged my mouth, but it's not a journey for the faint of heart.

Abroad for post-doc is good. Energy sector. I think there is much discussion about emerging energy technology, etc. If you can get an offer from Germany, you can take it. Germany offers more opportunities (so I heard).

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Politics / Re: This Is The Pay Slip Of A Personal Assistant For May 2022 Salary(photo) by twosquare(m): 6:35pm On Jun 06
Allowances? LMAO
Your ignorances stinks to high heavens.

It's even lesser than 30k monthly when all statutory deductions are made. The good thing is that no one really starts on GL 1 anymore. Most start on GL 04 which is the entry level for SSCE.

However, I agree with you about people earning far better in the private sector. The only thing the civil service offers is job security and a bit of time flexibility, aside that it is not lucrative in terms of remuneration.

Personally, I have purposed to migrate to the private sector before the end of this year. I have a PhD and currently learning cybersecurity. The civil service is waste of one's career and youthful life.
Tell me more about life post-PhD. Why are you not in academics (University)? Maybe you are...is the renumeration in the university system disappointing?
Crime / Re: US Secret Service On The Hunt For Yahoo Boys Who Stole $5M From Workers Union by twosquare(m): 10:25am On Jun 06
There are some money you no fit carry go like that...if you like, go hide in one remote island, dem go find you. It's like running away with a cartel's money.


Sports / Re: Liverpool Shirt Sponsors Standard Chartered Accused Of Helping To Fund Terrorist by twosquare(m): 1:25pm On Jun 05
Blood money...

That is why some countries of the earth may not see peace anytime soon because some people are profiting from it.

Ever wonder why there is one 'senseless' war or the other...not organic...just outburst?

Through deception, war unleashes, then money transfers...banks take their cut, middlemen, weapon sellers, industrial war complex, vehicle companies take their cut....food aids/donation ngos take their cuts, and on and on...

All on the blood of men, children, women, and innocents...

Yet, they call us corrupt countries....yes we may be...

but theirs is more deadly because it is laced with hypocrisy.

Don't let anyone talk down your country, we may not be at it yet, but also know some of the problems we have are artificial and by whom?

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Business / Re: Femi Otedola Exposes ‘fraudulent’ Transactions In Zenith Account by twosquare(m): 12:56pm On Jun 05
God when will my account bal looks like international number digit

Instead of this FM frequency that can never even get station

And am working very hard ooo
grin grin grin
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 1:25pm On Jun 03
I wish shib can just do x10 let me just rest from the this bullrun crap. I just hope we wount wake up and up up hearing the bullrun has ended . The market sucks angry
Too much noise and expectations...people wan ruin it for us. Anyway, not happening...

I've not been in the market for a while, and that's because I need have some important things to wrap up here.

One thing I noticed about being away is that you get to see the market better. When you are into the market too much, you get sucked into the matrix of the market, and you won't be able to step back and see from a bird's-eye point of view.

Although I still get news, I recommend stepping back for anyone who wants to do well in this bull run. Coins will pump in different months...they have their days. Hence, just know what you are doing sha...research will do well in DEX than CEX, because that is where the honeypot is.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 2:21pm On Jun 01
The only thing that scares me in this space is buying, going in heavy on some coins, suddenly u see a delisting news of the coin u so much rely would give u life changing money.
It happens more with shitcoins...ensure you do thorough research before going in heavy.
Business / First Bank Employee On The Run After Diverting ₦40 Billion by twosquare(m): 1:31pm On Jun 01
First Bank, a Nigerian bank with a market capitalisation of ₦829 billion has begun legal action to recover “huge sums of money” allegedly diverted by an employee at a head office team in Iganmu, Lagos. The employee, now on the run, allegedly diverted those funds to 98 bank accounts classified as first beneficiaries, including his wife’s.

The bank reported the incident to the Nigerian Police Force on March 25, 2024, and obtained three court orders between April 4–8, 2024 to block hundreds of bank accounts believed to have received the stolen funds.

Three people with direct knowledge of the incident told TechCabal that while the initial amount discovered to be diverted was around ₦12 billion, it now stands at around ₦40 billion ($29 million).

As a manager on the electronic products team at First Bank, the employee, identified by court documents as Tijani Muiz Adeyinka was authorised to process reversals for customers, said one First Bank employee with knowledge of the matter. It meant he controlled an account with which he processed those reversals and could credit merchant accounts.

Muiz allegedly used that authority to instead credit customer reversal requests to a merchant he controlled. As the last line of authorisation on the team, he allegedly did not need any further approvals, it allowed him to carry on diverting customer funds for almost two years without detection.

His scheme was eventually discovered when a customer made a complaint that was eventually escalated to the bank’s internal control unit. The control unit discovered several suspicious transactions and reported to the police.

“We hereby bring to your notice the discovery of fraudulent transactions into various transactions within and outside the bank and request your good offices to set up the machinery of investigation in place with a view to unravel the circumstances surrounding the said fraud and get the culprits apprehending to face the wrath of the law,” read a letter dated May 10, 2024, from First bank to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

First Bank did not respond to multiple calls and emails from TechCabal requesting comments.

A spokesperson for The Nigerian Police Force did not immediately respond to a request for comments. The spokesperson Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) did not respond to a request for comments.

“I discovered that one Muiz Tijani Adeyinka, a former staff of First Bank was involved in the nefarious posting of fraudulent transactions,” read a statement from the investigating Police officer in charge of the case signed March 26, 2024.

“It was discovered that he made some fraudulent transactions to his wife’s account number (name withheld) domiciled with Zenith Bank, which in turn transferred to other beneficiaries totaling thirty-four accounts which also gave birth to second beneficiaries domiciled with other banks totaling 1,190 accounts,” the statement added.

Across multiple court documents and complaints, First Bank did not state how much money was stolen. It was also silent on how the money was obtained while asking the Police to “unravel the circumstances surrounding the fraud.”

Despite a decline in reported cases in Q1 2024, fraud remains a big issue in Nigeria’s financial services industry. While fintech startups receive disproportionate scrutiny, the country’s biggest banks are often on the receiving end of fraud attacks too. In 2023, Access Bank lost ₦6.15 billion to fraud and Fidelity Bank lost ₦2.5 billion in three incidents, per a report from BusinessDay.

First Bank obtained an order on April 8 to block the bank accounts of the first and second beneficiaries of the illegally obtained funds from a Federal High Court in Lagos. The bank also obtained additional orders dated April 8 and May 5 from a Jalingo and a Lagos high court to block additional accounts believed to be involved in the incident.

One first beneficiary account reportedly used some of the stolen funds to buy the stablecoin USDT from several crypto traders, according to an anonymous email sent to TechCabal detailing their bank accounts.

Those traders claimed their only involvement was selling USDT and denied knowing the funds they received were proceeds of fraud. They have now been drawn into a legal battle with the bank with restrictions on their accounts at the time of this report.

Source: TechCabal https://techcabal.com/2024/05/31/first-bank-employee-on-the-run-after-40bn-fraud/
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 1:17pm On Jun 01
One needs to be careful. Perhaps this is one the reasons they stopped USDT.NGN and then the fintech's bank anti-crypto stance and blockage of

Exclusive: First Bank employee on the run after diverting ₦40 billion; bank begins recovery



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Politics / Re: A New Bill For Regional Government Being Considered By National Assembly? by twosquare(m): 8:35pm On May 31
Just like it was a process for the anthem and it was passed. Just like it was a process for RUGA, and it was shut down in most areas...

Stop being a captive of your impossibilities. If they want to do it, they will, and pim won't happen.

Know this and know peace.
Military govt have absolute power without consultation but democracy is a process,
takes time.

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Politics / Re: A New Bill For Regional Government Being Considered By National Assembly? by twosquare(m): 8:19pm On May 31
Thats why APC deceived you guys that petrol will be N40/lit

You guys don't think. How can regional govt be done just like that?
Maybe, maybe not. Some people did the system we presently run too just like that.
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by twosquare(m): 11:40am On May 31
I don’t think we can see this kind parabolic move again in crypto
Wait for it, bro. A broken clock is twice right a day, and history often repeat itself.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Grew The Economy In 1 Year, Tinubu Should Do Same- Rufai Oseni by twosquare(m): 10:25am On May 31
Who among them removed subsidy and floated the naira in the first year? There you have your answer.


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