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Politics / Re: How Come Ijaws Are 15million People? by Weinberg: 10:01pm On Jul 27
Opobo speak different languages and not even Ijaw, Kalabari doesn't speak Ijaw, they speak language called Kalabari, Okriki speak a language called Okirika language, stop displaying foolishness, Ijaw is a language and also a tribe, the tribe speak different languages and not all speak the ijaw language

Then what makes them Ijaw if their language is not understood by Ijaw people?
Their language is not even a dialect of Izon
Politics / Re: Video: invest in Oyo State Is More Populated than The South East by Weinberg: 6:39pm On Jul 27

Lagos is made up 90% yoruba
According to 2006 population Census, which LGA in Lagos is the most populous?
Let's start from LGA population of Lagos according to NPC Official LGA population of Lagos State in 2006 population Census enumeration

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Politics / Re: How Come Ijaws Are 15million People? by Weinberg: 6:22pm On Jul 27
both Opobo and Bonny are of ijaw tribe.

Ijaw speak Niger-congo linguistic, does that mean the ijaw is Niger?

British and America speak English, does that make them England?

Do francophone countries mean those countries are France?
Where in Opobo is Ijaw spoken?


Politics / Re: How Come Ijaws Are 15million People? by Weinberg: 6:20pm On Jul 27
a town is up to 50k, now that very town is in Akuku toru LGA which have up to 10 different towns
Mention the towns in Akuku toru with over 50k population size
Politics / Re: How Come Ijaws Are 15million People? by Weinberg: 5:33pm On Jul 27
Bayelsa population is more than 2m, I schooled there.

Ijaw has up to 20 languages, let's assume that each of these language has 500 speakers, that's about 10m people even though u know that Okrika, Kalabari and main Ijaw has more than 500 speakers each. Infact Akuku-Toru, Asari-Toru and Degema LGA alone has more than 500 persons each
The total Ijaw population is not up to 4million.. Bayelsa is not homogeneous...
Ijaws in Bayelsa = 1.8M
Ijaws in Rivers = 1M
Ijaws in Ondo = 200k
Ijaws in Delta= 500k
Ijaws in Edo and parts of other southern states =155k
Total Ijaw population= 3.655M.

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Politics / Re: Ogoni People On Nairaland, Let Us Discuss The Story Of Oyigbo, Local Government. by Weinberg: 1:14pm On Jul 27

Mr. Man don't feign ignorance. Ojukwu planted Ndoki people there during the civil war.

As part of the measures adopted by Ojukwu to supplant Aboriginal people of Rivers state, forceful upheaval from their communities and subsequent transfer into Igbo hinterland was the carried out en masse.

Also genocide was carried out on communities that refused to leave. That was the prime reason for finding Ndoki and some other Ibos in Rivers state. Their natural boundary was Imo river. That they crossed into Rivers state was primarily down to the wickedness of Ojukwu.

Believe or or not, I have told you the truth.
Who is this fool?
Where are you from?
Go and check the Map of Igboland before 1914..Ugly monster
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s revenue-to-GDP ratio lowest in the World – World Bank by Weinberg: 10:50am On Jul 27
The people that destroying Buhari government and he need to take decisive action against them.

CBN governor
Minister of finance
Minister of labour and productivity

Sack these people look for someone else either from southern or northern just make sure they qualify.
The problem of Nigeria is the president..
He thinks only Hausa-Fulani are capable of holding juicy positions..The executive makes the policy and it affects other Sectors..While closing Southern borders?
Why allowing FULANI herdsmen to kill and destroy people's farmlands?
Why using the military to intimidate opposing voices?
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's Trial: Police Disperse IPOB Supporters At The FHC, Abuja by Weinberg: 9:21am On Jul 26
Biafra ga enwe nmeri!!!

Igboho meanwhile will be sentenced to 21 years imprisonment with hard labour. grin
I'm Igbo..This is the time to build bridges.. Sunday Igboho is a hero
Politics / Re: Igbo have an established currency before the British Invasion by Weinberg: 9:15am On Jul 26

Jaja of opobo
Major business is palm oil
He fought British for it
Hence this document also shows that eastern region are major producer of palm oil
Do you know who control eastern region
Aro grin
Are all igbo Territory
The Ngwa people and Ibibio engaged in Palm Oil trade too
Ngwa and Ibibio people too.. Because Jaja didn't want them to trade directly with the Europeans..He wasn't in good terms with them as they didn't give him room to monopolize the trade
All do you want me to tell you that ugwuta now known as oguta are ijaw territory
Politics / Re: Igbo have an established currency before the British Invasion by Weinberg: 9:14am On Jul 26

Do you really mean this or you want me to school you? shocked

Central Yoruba wasn't created, it was only adopted.
Central Yoruba were used From Oyo to Lagos, to Osun to Kwara and Far away Togo.

Just like central Igbo language wasn't created but adopted

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Politics / Re: Igbo have an established currency before the British Invasion by Weinberg: 9:11am On Jul 26
Typical Igbo, always coming up with all sorts of lame and spurious excuses. But whatever excuses you come up with, it still doesn't detract from the fact that a Yoruba man authored the first book authored in Igbo. That's enough.
The first book containing Igbo language was written by Olauda Equiano in his Autobiography
Politics / Re: Igbo have an established currency before the British Invasion by Weinberg: 9:08am On Jul 26
that's because 99.9% of Igbo were illiterate then cheesy
They had to rely on a Yoruba man to write the first Igbo bookgrin
Know your mates
The first book written containing hundreds of Igbo words and language interpretation was done By Olauda Equiano before Ajayi crowther.. Olauda Equiano was the first Writer to use Igbo language in his books, not Ajayi crowther
Politics / Re: Igbo have an established currency before the British Invasion by Weinberg: 8:49am On Jul 26
Does standard Igbo also have its originally in the 1800s when Ajayi Crowther wrote the first book in Igbo, Isoama Ibo the Primer?

The Igbo novel written by Ajayi crowther wasn't intelligible to over 99% Igbo people..
Igbo dialect obtained from Freed Slaves in Sierra Leone was used..Only Bonny Igbo, Opobo and Ndoki could understand the Igbo dialect used..This is why the book was not acknowledged as the First Igbo literature
Politics / Re: Igbo have an established currency before the British Invasion by Weinberg: 8:46am On Jul 26

Ajayi just translated the Bible into Yoruba
And transcribe the Yoruba sounds into suitable Latin alphabet
Then made a dictionary
Wikipedia is not a final say website
Check out the reference put in your Wikipedia
Ajayi crowther developed standard Yoruba language
Politics / Re: Igbo have an established currency before the British Invasion by Weinberg: 11:18pm On Jul 25
The Yoruba Crowther used was Oyo Yoruba
It was people like Townsend that added other parts especially Egba and Ijebu
Crowther was going around as an interpreter and scout for the missionaries
No dey talk trash
I am a Wikipedia Yoruba volunteer historian and translator

Did Ajayi crowther play any role in the development of Standard Yoruba language?
It is even stated on Wikipedia
Politics / Re: Igbo have an established currency before the British Invasion by Weinberg: 10:05pm On Jul 25
when was this created? cheesy
In your head? cheesy grin
My grandfather's Yoruba dictionary has 1million in Yoruba
Give me yours grin
When was Central Yoruba language developed?
One million= ofu nde/ otu nde
One Billion= ofu Ijeri/ Otu Ijeri..
You're now trying to tell us that we developed these Igbo names for money yesterday... AFONJA
TV/Movies / Re: Esther Benyeogo Emerges Winner Of The Voice Nigeria 2021 by Weinberg: 6:49am On Jul 25
Ebelechukwu benyeogo, you have been winning all this talent show like the one you won in 2017..Keep it up Ebelechukwu
Politics / Re: Ogoni People On Nairaland, Let Us Discuss The Story Of Oyigbo, Local Government. by Weinberg: 6:50pm On Jul 24
Can you go to Oyigbo and Call them Ogoni without having your head cut off?


Politics / Re: True inspiring Story Of One Of Igbo Billionaire In Dollar(video) by Weinberg: 1:17am On Jul 23
all your billionaires combine are dragging with Alakija

Keep that in that skull cheesy
Arthur Eze is richer than Alakija, Otedola and Tinubu combined


Politics / Re: True inspiring Story Of One Of Igbo Billionaire In Dollar(video) by Weinberg: 1:16am On Jul 23
all your billionaires combine are dragging with Alakija

Keep that in that skull cheesy

Apart from the oil block, what are Alakija's investments?
Yoruba don't have a true Billionaire.. Mike Adenuga ,Tinubu, Otedola and Alakija..
Mention the companies they own..


Politics / Re: True inspiring Story Of One Of Igbo Billionaire In Dollar(video) by Weinberg: 7:52pm On Jul 22
Are you sure he's in dollars?
No source claimed he's dollars, the highest is 900million dollars
Arthur Eze is worth over $5.8 Billion..He is the Single largest owner of Oil Blocks in the Whole Africa..He is into so many businesses..
He is a Secret Billionaire..
In fact,last year,he invested over $900 million in one of his Oil blocks for development

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Politics / Re: How The Binis Enslaved Igbo People For Centuries - Reno Omokri (VIDEO) by Weinberg: 12:30pm On Jul 22
Shut your mouth, you haven't been to Abia in your life, who do you think you are fooling
Why can't you ignore the ugly "Afvonja"?
He is clearly not from Abia...He is a descendant of a fallen demon
Politics / Re: They Are Dreaming - Clark On IPOB’s Inclusion Of South-South In Biafra by Weinberg: 5:13pm On Jul 20

Shut up mouth. Only you and maybe your family will be part of Biafra

Urhobos don’t even like igbos
There has never been an instance Urhobo had a fatal fight with Igbo in Nigerian history..Or Even protested against Igbo people living in their land..Are you really Urhobo or just FULANI supporter of APC from rejected Sahel desert?
Business / Re: Pictures Of Obi Cubana's Hotels And Clubs by Weinberg: 5:40pm On Jul 19
In fact, the richest woman in Nigeria should be Uju Ifejika..Her assets speak volumes.
Obi Cubana has Hotels , clubs etc in almost all the State capitals in Nigeria..
From Kaduna, Abuja, Jos , Lagos, Enugu down to Asaba , he has huge Hotels and Clubs bearing different names


Politics / Re: Igbos Most Industrious, Innovative and Richest Tribe In Africa see proof by Weinberg: 6:43pm On Aug 22, 2017

Nigeria’s mobile tech pioneer who founded MTECH, West
Africa’s largest mobile content company, is producing the
country’s next generation of elite entrepreneurs and internet
companies – and he’s already got $5m for the job
In 1999, as the United States of America tried to find its way
through the infamous dot come bubble, Chika Nwobi was an
employee with phoneonline.com, a Knoxville-based mobile
internet startup. The East Tennessee State University
Computer Science and Economics Hons grad had always
wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Sensing an opportunity around the corner, he spent a year
gathering experience on mobile web technology, at the time a
disruptive phenomenon at the time enjoying gradual uptake in
the USA.
Chika recalls, reclining on his black leather office seat: “It was
a great time.”
The homecoming
With no veteran experts to consult on this amazingly novel
technology, Fortune 500 company execs turned to 21-year-old
Chika and the likes who had the head start. “The Vice
President of AT&T would call me!” Nwobi exclaims with a

Meanwhile, his home country Nigeria was witnessing a shift
to democratic governance after 13 years of military rule, and
with the shift renewed hopes of political stability and
economic wealth for the famed giant of Africa.
On one of the endless foreign tours of then-president Olusegun
Obasanjo’s several foreign tour, Nwobi got wind of the news
that telecoms companies would be rolling out soon. He
decided to return home, encouraged by dreams of making a
million bucks within six months of providing mobile internet
service to a hungry market.
It hadn’t yet become fashionable to return home to Nigeria.
But family friend Ndidi Nwuneli inspired him. The Harvard
Alum, who later blazed a trail in non-profits in made the
strange decision to return to Nigeria, motivating Nwobi to also
go against the grain and make, early a move many of
Nigeria’s now leading tech entrepreneurs eventually had to
With $300,000 in seed capital from Lateef Belo-Osagie, media
entrepreneur Chris Ubosi and others, Chika sourced 10 fresh
Obafemi Awolowo University grads and founded MTech
However – and this is contrary to popular belief – MTech
wasn’t an instant success. It would take nearly 3 years before
the company made any substantial earnings.
Sure the group of self-taught 20-year old mobile engineers set
up the first access and content servers, wap gateway, and the
whole gamut of mobile internet infrastructure supporting first
mover MTN without any external input. Unfortunately,
inadequate network capacity and expensive data costs
discouraged subscription. By the end of the first year, the
young founder had run out of cash.
By the second year, the startup had become to miss salaries
Fortunately, however, the investors were amazed by what the
committed lot had achieved and decided to cushion with a
little more funds.
“The product, commercially, was a huge failure,” Nwobi
recalls. “But from a credibility standpoint was successful. Our
financial backers and the MTN guys believed we could do
The credibility worked wonders. Soon, Nwobi and his team
began to get several opportunities from MTN to develop other
products – polyphonic ringtones, caller tunes, and a plethora
of value added mobile services. MTECH became a massive
In 2007, the company generated N600m in revenues with a
net profit of N116m. MTECH soon expanded services to all
Nigerian networks, began providing audience interactivity
solutions for hit TV and radio shows and infiltrated new
African markets.
The premier mobile content company now leads markets in
Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Cote D’Ivoire and waxes a $28
million market capitalisation on the Nigerian bourse alone.
Owning, by the age of 30, a majority individual shareholding
in a multimillion-dollar company, Chika Nwobi was living the
‘Silicon valley dream’ many local tech entrepreneurs still only
fantasise about.
“Chika is the god of this whole thing (Nigerian mobile and
internet business),” iROKO founder Jason Njoku once said.
True Blood
Born to entrepreneurial parents 36 years ago, Chika grew up in
Nigeria. He attended the prestigious Corona Primary School,
Model College Badore and Atlantic Hall. His father founded
one of the earliest Nigerian courier companies – Choice
Courier (now Tranex Plc). His mother also went into business
after a successful career as a civil servant.
Light-skinned and chubby, Nwobi fittingly stretches 6 feet
high and exudes a charming warmth. What strikes you though
is the evenness of his persona – no skewing left or right,
excited or dampened. The word is – steady.
His tenor voice has neither the telling accent of his Igbo
nationality or the acquired tongue of years in school or work
in America. In spite of more than ten years as a chief
executive controlling major sums, his dress code is still
casual. Chika’s signature is a pair of black-rimmed glasses,
short sleeves or polos.
Not surprisingly, even this is neither law nor dogma. At
MTECH’s listing on the Nigerian bourse in 1999, Chika joined
his high-powered board of directors dressed in a fitted grey 2-
piece suit.
The Developer
Bespectacled and covered in a purple Ralph Lauren polo,
carton-brown chinos, pink happy socks and a pair of laceless
black shoes, Nwobi seats behind a clustered black executive
desk at his Lekki-based Level5 Lab – a startup accelerator
company he founded in 1999 after dropping active roles at
MTECH. He wanted to focus on his passion for building
talents and products.
“My role as Group CEO was distracting me from my passion
and at that age (28) I needed to do what I enjoyed,” he
But he left a solid legacy from those years as CEO. Many of
his pioneer hands are leaders across tech verticals and
companies. The leaders of Nigeria’s top three mobile content
companies, Twinepine and Terragon Group CEO Elo Umeh,
MCOMM founder Mr Chidi Aneto-Okeke and Interswitch Group
Marketing Lead Enyioma Anaba are a few of the 10 success-
hungry geeks that Chika hired as MTECH’s pioneering
workforce. According to Chika, “one of them also now runs
network infrastructure for AT&T in America.”
Under L5Lab, which also is a member of the $100m One
Africa Media Group, he founded Kamdora.com, a defunct
online fashion retailer he now considers unsuccessful. Along
came , which he co-founded with OAM boss
Carey Eaton, and has helped grow into Nigeria’s largest online
auto marketplace with over 40,000 listings.
The most notable success, however, has been his support and
reported N10 million cash-for-equity investment in a cash-
strapped employability portal called .
That Jobberman interest exponentially appreciated following
an unexpected million dollar funding from Tiger Global in the
startup. Under Nwobi’s institutional guidance, the L5Lab
portfolio companies, seeded with “tens of thousands of
dollars”, have developed into market leaders along their
different verticals and according to the serial founder, are
currently worth a combined $5 million in OAM shares.
In February of this year he took a step further. Venture
capitalists L5Lab and Kenya-based 88mph launched 440NG –
a Lagos-based $1.5 million early stage funding and
accelerator program modeled after Y-combinator. The joint
venture will be providing a potpourri of support and seed
funds of $20,000 to $110,000 to 10 selected startups, which
will be working out of its posh Moore House penthouse
overlooking the highbrow Ikoyi area.
The steady Nwobi can barely contain his excitement about
this one: “440 is going to be a world class startup
environment and the best Nigeria has ever seen!”
It’s planned to be a scalable and systematic approach to
churning out both great talent and African products which will
benefit from a web of internationally experienced mentors,
pool of powerful investors, partners such as Google for
Entrepreneurs, and a network of important clients.
“Having seen the talent, hustler mentality, and sheer market
size of Nigeria, I think we will see some amazing companies
come out of this program,” 88mph founder Kresten Buch,
Foreign money and local player s
Nigeria’s tech startup ecosystem received a major boost in
2011/12 when US-based fund Tiger Global made multimillion-
dollar investments in three of the country’s leading startups.
Nollywood digital distributor iROKO TV clinched a widely
celebrated $8 million commitment, travel online agent
Wakanow received an undisclosed multimillion dollar funding
while Jobberman got a million dollars. Nigeria had officially
“Tiger and Kinnevik invested here when nobody was willing to
take such risk and the entrepreneurs couldn’t afford to mess it
up for future entrepreneurs,” Nwobi reflects. “This was a great
opportunity for the Nigerian story.”
He thinks it has been a huge success so far. “Our first set of
entrepreneurs are doing a great job, executing well and
securing additional funds,” he says. “None of the publicised
invested companies has shutdown years after. Even some
investors have already made money. I have made really good
return divesting a third of (my) equity in Jobberman and this
development is much needed for progress. I believe that more
investors are now looking at the Nigerian space and there
should be an exponential jump in startup activity.”
Since Tiger Global’s early investments, the American tech
fund has made additional commitments in Nigeria while
Kinnevik, Naspers, Rocket Internet, Microsoft, Intel Capital;
Millicom et al have also joined the party. According to
CrunchBase, last year was by far the most active period for
Nigerian technology investment.
No walk in the park
Husband and father to a set of male twins, Chika Nwobi, as
successful as he is, is not without his own regrets. Standing
in the back end of his white-walled workspace and staring
dramatically into the space in front of him, he confesses,
having achieved more success than anyone around him at the
time, to have sunk into complacency, too early, while running
“If I had stayed hungry I could have made MTECH much
bigger. But I was young, bored and had that kind of serious
cash flow,” he laments.
Then he recalls with a grin how he turned down MTN’s near $
1m acquisition offer for his mobile web product. Fresh from
America, he had imagined his magical mobile Internet service
would make a million dollars within six months!
“For almost 3 years, I and my stomach regretted not selling to
MTN,” he bursts out laughing.
Still, his regrets are clearly only a matter of form and scale,
certainly not of substance. To all intent and purpose, he is a
man who has done well for himself. For this, he credits the
phenomenal power of ‘disruption.’
‘It gives opportunities for nobodies to be somebodies,” he
says. “Graduates who would never have had a chance in Shell
Petroleum for the next 20 years now own massive things.
Jobberman and Cheki founders were nobody four years ago.”
And what does the god of big things see in the future? “We’re
still in the middle of that disruption,” he declares, with
There are many young and coming entrepreneurs across the
country who will say yes and amen.


Politics / Re: Igbos Most Industrious, Innovative and Richest Tribe In Africa see proof by Weinberg: 6:42pm On Aug 22, 2017
Someone should help me make a research on this man -

Politics / Re: Igbos Most Industrious, Innovative and Richest Tribe In Africa see proof by Weinberg: 6:29pm On Aug 22, 2017
Company: Gaviri Technologies Position: Founder and CEO Industry: Computer Software Country: United States

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Politics / Re: Igbos Most Industrious, Innovative and Richest Tribe In Africa see proof by Weinberg: 6:24pm On Aug 22, 2017
Dr. Emeka Akaezuwa is Founder and CEO of Gaviri Technologies.

He has over 20 years of management and technical experience in building mission-critical, customer- facing information retrieval systems. Prior to founding Gaviri Technologies, Dr. Akaezuwa worked as Director of Digital libraries at Elsevier where he was involved in developing the world's largest science, technology and medical online information retrieval system. While at Elsevier, he also was Director of the IT Consulting group that developed information systems worldwide for corporate, academic and government clients. Before joining Elsevier, Dr. Akaezuwa was Advanced Technology Manager for all of Dow Jones and Company’s information retrieval systems. In 1995, Dr. Akaezuwa became an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems at Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ, where he taught senior level courses in Management Information Systems at the School of Business. Dr. Akaezuwa graduated with a Ph.D in Information Systems and Structures from Rutgers University, New Jersey. He has received numerous awards for his work in information retrieval and has two patent-pending applications on portable search technology and on search-based file management, synchronization and encryption protocols. Dr. Akaezuwa is a founding Trustee of the Global Literacy Project - www.glpinc.org, a non-profit group dedicated to bringing literacy to underprivileged regions of the world.

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Politics / Re: Igbos Most Industrious, Innovative and Richest Tribe In Africa see proof by Weinberg: 6:08pm On Aug 22, 2017

Our Mission
To overtake the challenge facing market leaders in leveraging technology to define and adroitly manage the integration of interfaces through which they interact with their market.

The Journey so far…
Digital technology is challenging tradition, overthrowing old hierarchies and driving today’s economy. It is creating new business models and more efficient ways to transact business and new channels to do so. InfoGraphics is at the helm of this revolution with a rich and varied suite of products and services that help businesses and organisations make technology work harder for them.

The Intelligent Enterprise
The new dimension of competition has become “how” the enterprise intelligently engages, responds and pivots to the needs of its stakeholders. Our model of an intelligent enterprise derives its competitive edge from its use of technology to gain insight from data, plan, forecast and make timely and informed decisions that unlocks new levels of balanced productivity and efficiency across the enterprise. Its time to harness your organization’s resources and improve business performance with Business Intelligence, Optimised MS Office, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Project Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Business Process Management, E-Signature & Verification,Cloud Productivity/SaaS.
The Age of Lifelong-Learning-Virtual Learning
Technology has disrupted the work place demanding in its place, unique responses to the needs of the knowledge worker of the 21st century who must rapidly assimilate, process and creatively deploy knowledge as a factor of production. Out of this has come the new paradigm of learning called Virtual Learning, sometimes described as technology-supported learning. We deliver applications and services used by education end-users, to enable the creation of content, on and offline, and the assessment, tracking, reporting of progress and generation of statistics. Our technology is applicable both in the mainstream education system and in corporate organizations where typically learning is continuous.
The Collaborative Workplace
Collaboration is at the heart of every functioning organisation. it is the core requirement for value creation, the interactive exchange of information, storage and transmission of cognate experience and knowledge, the optimization of workflows and most critically, a key ingredient for innovation in today’s hyper-connected world. Trough collaboration, enterprises harness, channel and intelligently unleash the creative human energy that drives the engines of growth and performance. Achieve a unified enterprise experience using Microsoft SharePoint, and open a window to the next levels of productivity and performance.

The Paper-plus Enterprise
In spite of the compelling vision of the “paperless enterprise”, physical documents remain core elements in today’s dealings with consumers, businesses and organizations. However, the increasing commercial activity performed through electronic documents and online interactions has led to new types of content that, in many cases, are now required to be protected and preserved. Regardless of the original form(physical 0r digital), our suite of solutions will help your organization overcome the shortcomings of manual paper filing, retrieval and processing of documents. Our solutions include; Capture, Storage and Lockboxes, Workflow Automation, Digital Assets Management and Records Management.

The Agile and Responsive Enterprise
Use interactive technology to market your products, services, personal brand and organization in a targeted, measurable and pervasive manner. The smart enterprise leverages all pathways to the consumer by integrating traditional and new media channels such as Database & Presence Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, and interactive digital solutions from signage to kiosks.

The Engaged Enterprise
The world is connected and engaged at an unprecedented level in human history. The pivot for success has largely resolved to one phrase, “The Smart Enterprise”. Any organisation that lacks the ability to manage the multiplicity of relationships it depends on, internally and externally, will flounder against relentless competition that is driven by technology and borderless in most dimensions.

Good!, So proud of her!

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Politics / Re: Igbos Most Industrious, Innovative and Richest Tribe In Africa see proof by Weinberg: 5:53pm On Aug 22, 2017


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Communiate with customers directly from MyAds platform

So amazing!

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