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Phones / Re: Unveiling Of The TECNO Spark 7 Series: Specifications And Price by WeNoGoDie(m): 7:54pm On Apr 12
Should've been USB Type C as against 90Hz refresh rate.

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Phones / Re: Unveiling Of The TECNO Spark 7 Series: Specifications And Price by WeNoGoDie(m): 12:44pm On Apr 12
Impressive specs. Tecno is undoubtedly rising to the challenge one step at a time.

We should all generally encourage their effort while we expect them to do more


Romance / Re: The Number Of Girls I Have Dated and made love to (pictures) by WeNoGoDie(m): 6:44am On Apr 11
This thread is proof of zero change in the poster. Imagine opening a thread 5am on a hallowed Sunday morning to boast about your sexual proeess and body count and even provide names and pictures.


Technology Market / Re: Technology_ Portable Folding Fan Includes Remote Controller, Built-in Battery by WeNoGoDie(m): 5:25pm On Apr 10
People should fear God small with their prices
Celebrities / Re: Laura Ikeji Did A Permanent Pointed Nose Surgery (Photos, Video) by WeNoGoDie(m): 9:09am On Apr 09
Lol, don't blame her though

Low self-esteem is an incurable disease

Spot on. A lady whose sister is a billionaire and she's married a famous husband from a very famous family and she's had exceptionally beautiful kids.

What else is she looking for that pointed nose will do for her.

I totally agree. Low self esteem is a disorder.
Travel / Re: Why Nigeria Is Better Than The US - US-Based Nigerian Gives Reasons by WeNoGoDie(m): 9:19am On Apr 07
Please ask him why then is he still remaining in the US.

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Phones / Re: Umidigi A7 Pro Usb Preferences Issue by WeNoGoDie(m): 12:14pm On Apr 06
Buy Umidigi phones and suffer major heartbreak.

Their Phones disappoint more than APC.

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Crime / Re: Has Chymall Crashed Like MMM? by WeNoGoDie(m): 11:26pm On Apr 01
I was so tempted to join this business but I learnt bitter lessons from similar businesses in the past so I ignored it.

I knew it was just a matter of time and finally the time has come.

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Investment / Re: A Profitable Business Idea With Good Returns On Investment by WeNoGoDie(m): 10:38pm On Mar 24
I recently discovered a small business idea but with a good return on investment to only serious people.

I can't post the group link here but I can send them to few interested people that drop their main WhatsApp number.

PS: I can't add much people to the group before it's saturated.

Hope I'm not late to the party. 08094203615
Romance / Re: Meghan Markle: Lover Vs Family. Who Do You Choose by WeNoGoDie(m): 1:49pm On Mar 09

Do as you will!
When you meet GOD , You tell Him that!

Oga, you aren't God either so allow him to decide.

I personally agree that the wife is number one but my point is that the scripture you quoted doesn't expressly say that.

Also I believe that the wife is number one is not at the total exclusion of the man's family that raised him as many men mistake it to be these days.

There are also scriptures like honour your father and mother that your days may be long.
Romance / Re: Meghan Markle: Lover Vs Family. Who Do You Choose by WeNoGoDie(m): 1:08pm On Mar 09

So many Today do not understand the Institutor nor institution of Marriage. Thats why we have all the nonsense we have today in Homes.

"And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh"

The Moment a man or lady Marries your Spouse should be your Primary Concern. This is the Standard of GOD ALMIGHTY!

Having Said that, your Family is your Family. You Have to carry everyone along but your wife is your Number one.

What is Most Important is to stand on what is Right! If your wife has done wrong, you Repreve her.
If your Family does behaves bad, you Repreve them.

Wrong interpretation. That scripture you quoted did not expressly imply your wife is number one. You made that conclusion yourself

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Romance / Re: Meghan Markle: Lover Vs Family. Who Do You Choose by WeNoGoDie(m): 12:13pm On Mar 09
They are both Family!
My wife is my Family
My Parents and Siblings are my Family

As long as my wife is my wife indeed and has done no evil, I will stand with her.

Isn't that a little bit risky. Wives leave husbands for flimsy excuses these days and vice versa.

Someone online even predicted that Meghan Markle will leave Prince Harry in about 5 years after using him to accomplish her intentions. Unlikely but possible.

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Romance / Meghan Markle: Lover Vs Family. Who Do You Choose by WeNoGoDie(m): 10:47am On Mar 09
We're all familiar with the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drama. A lot of people are divided on whose side to be if there's a crisis between lover and family.

But is it really right to choose your lover over family??

Here is a small attempt to decipher which potential side is safer for an individual (male or female) in this kind of thing.


1. In most cases came into your life when family just concluded massively supporting and establishing you on a career and behavioral path.

2. In most cases didn't play any part in your growth and upbringing. Neither financially or mortally.

3. Your not bound or connected by blood and thus the relationship can end suddenly like it never happened.

4. Comes with the purpose of supporting you but also benefiting from you and vice versa. If no reasonable benefits is being received, will likely abandon you.

5. Ready to abandon and divorce you if he/she is not happy with you or finds a better lover or you suffer a major or irredeemable loss.

6. You are just relying on a single individual that can fail at any given time or even die from illness or other causes.


1. Where there for you since birth, growth and through struggles of life. Providing, protecting, financing, teaching, healing, nurturing, entertaining etc.

2. Played very deep valuable and sacrificial part in your growth and upbringing

3. You're connected to them by blood all through life and relationship remains all through life.

4. They support you massively and also hope to benefit from you at some point. If they don't benefit from you they still remain in your life.

5. Will very hardly and rarely abandon you. Even drug addicts and thieves have a family that still love and support them despite knowing their short comings.

6. You're relying on father, mother, brothers, sisters, cousins, Uncles, aunties, grandpa, grandma etc. If one fails the other will support you.

Based on these two comparisons I leave you to choose. Both have their parts to play in the life of an individual. The both roles should not be downplayed. But in the midst of a crisis, please seek a peaceful resolution rather than choosing to abandon your birth family.

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Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by WeNoGoDie(m): 11:13am On Mar 04

Heaven bears me witness this are facts
Like I said he shld respond to d one that it’s a lie inside except he wants to lie.
I don’t know why simple conversations become so much huge problems. First time I experienced this in my whole life. With d first class God gave me in school and being a graduate of imperial college London, I could never pin point why so much drama and issues on what shouldn’t be an issue

Don't let anyone ever make you feel you're guilty in this matter.

I've read everything from both of you and it's very clear the man is totally getting it wrong probably due to wrong upbringing in some areas.

I give him credit though for staying a year without touching you.

However in general terms he's totally to be blamed for the failure of this relationship.

Find yourself another man that is not controlling and does not see every word as insult.


Politics / Re: When You Want Peace Prepare For WAR, Nigerians Has Prayed Enough by WeNoGoDie(m): 9:34am On Mar 03
The topic completely betrays the content of your story.

War is never a guarantee for peace. Biafran war for example, never brought peace because deep seated and openly declared hatred rancor, bloodshed and division still exists in this country till this very date.


Travel / Re: Life In Canada by WeNoGoDie(m): 2:11am On Mar 02

I relocated to Canada through the express entry mode 2 years ago, one major advice I give everyone is follow all the steps laid down by Canada and you’ll be fine. When they say come with proof of fund of 6million naira for a family of 3, please try to get at least more than half of that money when landing, it’ll make life easier for you. I’ll be honest with my story by sharing breakdown of life and how we survived.

One important thing to note when relocating is give yourself one year to build your foundation, I can assure you that you’ll be fine. Another is not to be lazy or proud to do any odd job, as there is dignity of labour here.

This is my story from the day I landed:

We came with more than three-quarter of the recommended POF for a family of 3. From that money, we got an Airbnb where we stayed for 2 weeks, started house hunting, found something we liked and paid 3 months rent upfront (this is to reduce the tension of looking for job to pay bills).

In Canada, most times your experience is disregarded, so people go back to school, do certifications or anything to make your credentials equivalent to Canada’s. So we knew this and gave ourselves one year to work on that while we take up minimum wage jobs. We landed in October, my husband got a job at a warehouse In November, I’m lazy and didn’t have strength for all those tasking jobs of standing especially for cashiers in Walmart and malls, so I was searching for customer service job, and luckily I got a clerk job. My husband made 2,500 while I made 2,200. Together we brought in $4,700 monthly.

This is a breakdown of our expenses:

Rent – 1250

Home internet – 65

Power (NEPA) – 59

Phone bill for both of us – 110

Insurance for our car – 145

Total – 1,629.

We budgeted 1000 for groceries (this is a lot, but it was our budget). Our total expense came to 2,629. From the $2,071 left, we saved 1500 monthly and left the rest for miscellaneous (mostly for bulk purchase or to send money home to our folks, hang out with friends, shop once in a while etc.). By the way, there’ll hardly be any emergency where you have to spend your money on hospital bills etc. as medical is free here, education is free up till secondary school except for daycare.

We enrolled our daughter in a daycare that cost almost $1000 monthly. Govt of Canada pays kids up till 18years depending on household income something called child benefit. Our daughter got 560 monthly and another quarterly payment. The govt also pays daycare subsidy for each eligible child for 640 monthly. So since the govt paid 640 to the daycare on behalf of my daughter, I only paid the balance of 360. This was funded from her child benefit of 560. She had change of 200 which was paid into an account we opened for her.

Now this is our life as newly landed immigrants, while we were doing this, I was working on my HR certifications (I’m a HR professional), while my husband was studying online for his diploma. We were both studying and working.

While in naija, we earned well, we had savings of more than 300k monthly which we put away, in a year that gave us 3.6million. After house rent of almost 700k, hospital bills, (my daughter was a regular hospital visitor, sometimes we spent 50k, 100k in hospital bills). At the end of the year, we may have about 2m left in savings. Now go back to my monthly savings in Canada of 1500 per month which is about 18,000 Canadian dollars in a year, converted to naira, that’s almost 6million naira.

This is from people doing minimum wage jobs that included overtime o. it’ll be hard and stressful, combining studies and working is stressful. The stress from a physically demanding job can get to you, my husband was stressed for the first 3 months, back pain, neck and muscle strain etc. but we persevered, he was taken care of, he had regular massages, pain killers and ointment for joint pain but overtime he got used to it, he even moved from that role to a less demanding role.

Today, we’ve completed our studies, we’ve transitioned to professional jobs, and we have more than 4k monthly in savings from our income. You can actually have same expenditure every month as most bills are fixed, you can plan well, medical is free, nothing like emergency money for hospital bills. Unlike in naija, where we bought fuel everyday as per minister of power in our house, had 2 gens, repaired gen almost every 2 weeks, spent money on mechanics due to bad road and crazy drivers etc.

I have a friend earning more than a million per month in naija, he had an accident, had to be flown to Germany for surgery, sold some of his properties as the bill was mad, he lost that job because he was away for more than 2 years, his life never remained the same, he took the money left and relocated with his family (this is for people that keep saying if they earn millions, they won’t go anywhere), remember that in naija, an emergency can send you from grace to grass. If he were in Canada, his bills would have been free, he would have had employment insurance and be able to return to work.

The reason for this post is, please if you have the means and are eligible for express entry, please don’t be discouraged, I had friends that did security work, cleaning jobs while they were writing their bank certifications exams, to Nigerians, the jobs are degrading, but here nobody send you, our cleaner for office de drive range rover sef.

Today my friends have all transitioned to professional jobs. By the way I stay in Alberta where minimum wage is $15 per hour, so anyhow anyhow you must see like 2k take home job every month, and these minimum wage jobs are not hard to find, Walmart recruits everyday, stores, customer service jobs plenty just keep at it you’ll get one.

People are losing their jobs because of covid bla bla, very true, but like I said, are you lazy? My friend in HR was laid off in April, he jejely went to get a warehouse job and in September he got another HR role. Plenty things to do if you don’t get a job easily. My husband was doing something like uber, but this was like for food, you get to deliver online orders to people, he made like $200 every week (he didn’t do it full time, only on his off days). The money we got from selling our car in naija was kept differently for a car here, when we landed in winter we didn’t want to be carrying our then 1+ daughter up and down in the cold, so we got a car immediately (a small car of about $3,000).

Today we live in our home, doing far better, infact while on minimum wage we did far better than naija sef. Baby number two is on the way, everything is free, I’m getting the best medical attention, lots of freebies for pregnant mum lol.

To conclude, don’t let anyone discourage you from relocating, but do so legally, forget pride and take on minimum wage jobs while you look for professional jobs in your field. Don’t just sit around to wait for it to come, it took some people more than a year to get one, get busy, get certified and you’ll land one. Good thing is to be eligible for express entry, you must have relevant qualifications and experience so it’s easier to search for jobs with your certificate when you land.

By the way, a lot of people live comfortably on minimum wage jobs and never transitioned to professional jobs.

Many thanks for this.
Family / Re: Love Is not always sweet .. 7 years marriage experience by WeNoGoDie(m): 1:55am On Mar 02
Guys, When you want to date married women, women who are like 5 to10yrs above in marriage are the most vulnerable to fall into your trap. Many times they crave attention..or are just bored of their husband.
It's not gainsay when they say the first 5 to 7 years is the most turbulent in marriage that can break or make a marriage.
The story this young woman detailed above is a typical cycle of almost all marriages. The point our OP finds herself, for an average lady, after trying to endure or make things work will just succumb to the pressure of guys out there...and before u say jack..smart bold guys are already pounding her pvssy with all alacrity.. It's natural these days.. especially if you are in the business of chyking/chopping married women. You will know this.
It's only a matter of time if nothing is done before this woman starts riding the BBC of a guy who gives her attention and tickle her fancy...Naso e dey start...Nothing new.
That's why to me, fidelity in marriage is overrated..cos most times couples have broken their vow long before their significant other realises.
But in her situation, some women will deliberately go out and give in to the advances of their admirer just to kill boredom, depression and feel happy. To hell with marital vows..women do this most times to be Happy. However, the smart ones still find a way to balance home demand by not making it affect the integrity of the marriage...what they do is just flow with the marriage and not stress too much for the attention of their busy husband since he's not ready to be disturbed.
In thesame vein, the busy husband most times is also somewhere cheating with a university or polytechnic slayqueen cos he's also bored of her wife....That's the paradox of marriage.
You see... cheating on both sides maintains the marriage and happiness of both party codedly. Argue with me all you care...that's the reality..
Meanwhile, the stupid couples when they start the cheating game, they transfer the bottled anger and aggression on their partner which usually cause breakup......While the coded smart ones maintain their marriage and we keep praising and complimenting their marriage as the best thing that ever happened since Adam and Eve.
May God give us wisdom in all we do.

You're a terrible human being. There's something called payback and it's not gentle.
Celebrities / Re: 2Face Reacts As Apostle Suleman Says He Makes Money Through Speaking In Tongues by WeNoGoDie(m): 1:21pm On Feb 27
He has joined pastor Chris Oyaks to talk off point.

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Phones / Re: Kaios: Pictorial Unboxing Of The Geo T15 Phone by WeNoGoDie(m): 4:17pm On Feb 23
u can get box prime u for lesser amount

Android OS
5 inch display
dual SIM (micro SIM) + SD slot

for shikini 10k

Lagos residents only

Does it have 4G
Romance / Re: What A Man's Babe Sent To Him. Should He Be Worried? by WeNoGoDie(m): 8:31am On Feb 22
Can't she just buy another charger and problem solved.

Who buys a new phone just because charger spoilt.

Let her look for another excuse abeg.

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Jokes Etc / Re: What If Doctor Tells You You Have Large Intestine - Watch Hilarious Responses by WeNoGoDie(m): 10:46am On Feb 14
Yoruba is great. Upon all the free education.
Politics / Re: Abdulaziz Nyako: I'm A Herdsman & A Senator, You Must Ban Cow Meat First Before by WeNoGoDie(m): 4:52pm On Jan 29
He never even addressed the pertinent issue of killer heardsmen and their countless atrocities.

He carefully avoided that.


Romance / Re: My Life Is Ruined... I Can't Get An Erection!!!!!!! by WeNoGoDie(m): 12:05pm On Jan 29
I am so scared right now.. I made a decision to stop mastabating ( I have been addicted to it for 9years now),after 20 days of not mastabating I relapsed... Which made me sad.. so 3days ago I decided to have sex for real, because I have never done it before, I wanted to know how it feels, may be it will be better then mastabating, so I called this girl to come over, we were about to have sex I could no get an erection, I tried tried and tried nothing... She later left that night... Presently am so scared, I don't know what to do I can't tell anybody what is happening to me..I feel useless right now.. am finished!!!

Because of this discovery I can't sleep well!! Even to eat na wahala... God please help me...

What nonsense. How does having erectile dysfunction ruin anybody's life. For one thing you're free from women forever.

One man's meat is another's poison.
Phones / Re: Oukitel C21 - Compact, Pixel-like, Affordable $120 Phone! Unboxing And Review by WeNoGoDie(m): 9:47am On Jan 28

Good.....it's just 4000mah
Depends on ur usage only social media and data on takes 24hours

Buh gaming less than 9hours

Ok thanks.
Phones / Re: Oukitel C21 - Compact, Pixel-like, Affordable $120 Phone! Unboxing And Review by WeNoGoDie(m): 4:24pm On Jan 26
After 2months of using my c21...
1. One day the phone fell on the floor...my led flash stopped working ... doesn't shine
Two days later it fell on the floor again...it started working again

I confuse ...never experienced faulty led flash light
2. No Software update for the past 2months..last update shows October
And me I like to dey see update...

Phone still superb.....

Please whats the battery life like. Battery life is the main factor for me in a smartphone.

I dey reason the phone seriously.
Technology Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy A02s, Tecno Camon 16 Pro & Tecno POVA Available For Sale by WeNoGoDie(m): 10:28am On Jan 23
Technology Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy A02s, Tecno Camon 16 Pro & Tecno POVA Available For Sale by WeNoGoDie(m): 10:38pm On Jan 22
Pets / Re: Indian Man Spent 72 Hours With 72 Venomous Snakes To Prove A Point by WeNoGoDie(m): 2:24pm On Jan 22
You can't prove a greater point than the fact that millions of people have been sent to their early graves by a single snake bite.

Snakes are not your friend. They kill.

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