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Car Talk / Re: Mulliner Bacalar: Bentley Unveils Car With Trim Made From 5,000-Year-old Wood by Wickedtruths: 9:45am On Mar 09

Can't you read

Shakiru, ask your father.
Politics / Re: Fresh Onslaught Against Secondus In PDP by Wickedtruths: 9:44am On Mar 09
bayelsa allocation is almost that of 5 states

It's not about the money. See this boy. You are talking about allocation. Do you know what federal might means? Can you use money to buy 30,000 Policemen and 20,000 soldiers they usually deploy for election?

APC needs an inroad into the SE and they got that. Let PDP keep chasing after money to steal.
Politics / Re: Fresh Onslaught Against Secondus In PDP by Wickedtruths: 9:23am On Mar 09

They gave him more votes in Ghana not in Nigeria.

Lagos-Ibadan express news on rampage this morning.

That's why you people are perpetually politically worthless. You are ignorant.

How many votes did Obi get in the SE and how many did he get in the SW?
SE votes for Obi 1,693,485
SW votes for Obi 1,776,680

When we call you political nonentities, it's not a joke.


Politics / Re: Pope John Paul Visited Abacha And His Family In Nigeria In 1998 (Throwback) by Wickedtruths: 9:15am On Mar 09

You are definitely more than 40 years. Only the elders know this story. Abacha was poisoned by the West through Yasser Arafat so that Yasser Arafat and Palestinians could get some support from the West agsint Israel. International politics is deep, you cannot understand it at the surface, you need to have studied it over years for you to understand that every Big Nation is fighting for what it can gain from the Small Ignorant Nations.

Through the handshake.
When Abacha was poisoned, Al Mustapha noticed it cos Abacha's countenance changed.

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Politics / Re: Pope John Paul Visited Abacha And His Family In Nigeria In 1998 (Throwback) by Wickedtruths: 9:13am On Mar 09
He didn't visit Nigeria. His plane had a problem and he had a brief stop in Nigeria.

For 3 days? Stop telling dumb lies.
Politics / Re: Pope John Paul Visited Abacha And His Family In Nigeria In 1998 (Throwback) by Wickedtruths: 9:13am On Mar 09

People like you demand for freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which you seldom use. Your stupidity is first class.

You type as if commonsense is a taboo in your family. Obviously, your fingers are keeping malice with your brain.

Your level of stupidity can't be acquired, it must have been inherited. Your unwavering commitment to stupidity should be studied as part of animal behaviour.
Politics / Re: Fresh Onslaught Against Secondus In PDP by Wickedtruths: 8:53am On Mar 09

Please how many so called SW leaders are in PDP.

Always looking for free money and to real where they didn't Sow.

SW wants to control the future of the same party they didn't vote in 2015 and 2019...

I wonder how these guys think sef?

Secondus remains the chairman...

Allow people who worked for the party to put it in order not coming with una SW plan.

You only Gain from what you worked for.

Funny part of it was that they never voted PDP in all past elections conducted.

2019, SW gave Obi more votes than SE.

Those ones in the SE are in political wilderness.


Politics / Re: Fresh Onslaught Against Secondus In PDP by Wickedtruths: 8:51am On Mar 09
Secondus is a disaster and needs to go. He is a Wike puppet that has brought more calamities to PDP.

Secondus must stay.

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Politics / Re: Pope John Paul Visited Abacha And His Family In Nigeria In 1998 (Throwback) by Wickedtruths: 8:51am On Mar 09

You think Ken Saro Wiwa is an icon outside Ogoniland? You don't know much about the SS region, Ijaws named their Headquarters after Abacha during this democratic dispensation and it was not imposed on them

You can give your mother to Abacha to impregnate if you like, just don't involve the SS in your ass licking.

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Politics / Re: Fresh Onslaught Against Secondus In PDP by Wickedtruths: 8:49am On Mar 09
Secondus must not be removed. He is an asset to Apc. If you know...


Politics / Re: Pope John Paul Visited Abacha And His Family In Nigeria In 1998 (Throwback) by Wickedtruths: 8:47am On Mar 09

You better keep your mouth shut before something bad befall you. How dare you talk to God's anointed that way.

You too, shut up. Let God fight for his anointed. Or did God beg you to defend him? If God wants to punish him, so be it. No one involved you.
Politics / Re: Pope John Paul Visited Abacha And His Family In Nigeria In 1998 (Throwback) by Wickedtruths: 8:43am On Mar 09


Abacha really help/saved Southern Nigerians from the hands of the Fulani.

Abacha gave us the independent the British didn't give us,
Ask your elders.
Abacha was a military man not a jihadist like Buhari

You people have short memories, no wonder you can't trace your history.

That's why in politics, no one gives you anything. You are only useful for carrying banners in Eagle's Square.

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Health / Re: Coronavirus: Chinese Nationals Ihedioha Hired Abscond From Project Sites In Imo by Wickedtruths: 8:39am On Mar 09

And how is that an achievement, we all own Lagos so its nothing new, Lagos and Abuja shouldn't lack the ability to tackle Corona virus.

You all own Lagos? It's no longer Tinubu that owns Lagos? You people are eternally confused.

Anyway, you expect Lagos and Abuja to be able to handle it but you've given up on the Idiotic leaders you elected to rule your own states. Just this morning, Ugwuanyi was playing with wire mesh on the streets of Enugu.
Politics / Re: Pope John Paul Visited Abacha And His Family In Nigeria In 1998 (Throwback) by Wickedtruths: 8:27am On Mar 09
lol, because Al mustapha told you this yesterday abi?

And stop lumping ss to your stupidity

Don't mind that Igbo fool. The SS are not aszlickers like Igbos. They should not drag the SS into their poo-eating madness. It is only stupidity and inferiority complex that makes someone be asslicking a dead man.

Abacha killed Ogoni sons and one Igbo fool said SS loves Abacha. You fools would eventually be taught a bitter lesson.

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Politics / Re: Pope John Paul Visited Abacha And His Family In Nigeria In 1998 (Throwback) by Wickedtruths: 8:21am On Mar 09
Abacha was Nigeria's Gaddafi, who wanted to bring development across the country. The largest housing estate project in Africa is in Gwarinpa Abuja started by Abacha.
He established PTF which he unfortunately handed over to a bigoted Buhari who used it to promote himself in the North, not much got to the South East and South South which was never the intention of Abacha, now this is the reason Abacha us loved in the SE/SS which confuses Yorubas. Govt house in Yenagoa is named after him.

Some of the monies said to be looted where actually plans of circumventing sanctions by the West against Nigeria, I am not saying he was not corrupt.
Abacha is better than Buhari anyway.
Abacha had his vision 2010 which he was following diligently despite Yoruba led NADECO propaganda of Tinubu and his cohorts.

Please, don't drag the South South into your unfortunate madness. If you Igbos have no knowledge of history, that is your problem. Abacha killed Alfred Rewane, Killed Kenule Saro Wiwa and 8 other Ogoni men and poured acid on their corpses and one Igbo fool is saying Abacha was loved in the SS. Is your father mad?

Wherever you see a thief or a criminal, there would always be an Igbo man ready to defend him and his crimes.

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Properties / Re: Share Your Omo-onile (Landowner's Children) Experience. by Wickedtruths: 8:01am On Mar 09

I knew it ! One flatino must cook up a lie just to show his deep and frustrating hatred for Yoruba people. Anyway, it is this same "experience " you talked about here that makes some of us to regard ALL Igbo people as armed robbers and hardened criminals. You know that is sensible !

"Omo onile" as a societal menace, is worrisome and nobody is happy about it as it is never our culture. And this is why Lagos state government especially is coming up with various laws and innovations to eradicate it. Yorubas are "Omoluabi",virtuous people who are highly accommodating,peace loving and cherish
developments,especially humans. This is why you Igbo people always leave your demonic erosion ravaged land in droves for the Yoruba land for economic gains and prosperity.

Isn't it funny that a common Igbo criminal like you is even attempting to brand one of the finest races that have ever traversed this planet,the Yorubas as lazy,dirty,uneducated,fetish etc just because of the actions of few miscreants ? You dey craze ! Where were your progenitors when the Yorubas were ( and still are) making wonders and setting all the paces in this country ? Your forebears were still dwelling with monkeys on tree top then in your accursed land of demons.

Mr developer, why is it that you guys don't deem it fit to develop your erosion ravaged land but must come to Yoruba land to tell stupid stories like yours ? See,Igbo will never measure up to the Yorubas in terms of development,sophistication and intellectual prowess till eternity as long as the demons that are sending you away in droves are still alive in your useless land.

Igbo are stupid set of egoistic criminals who are even worse than the omo oniles.Go and develop your slums that you regard as states. We don't need you here fools ! Ori iya e yi danu,obo.

Just look at the idiot. See at how poverty has destroyed his destiny. Looks like they plucked one of the coconuts at the background and stuck it on his neck. Stupid Igbo bastard.

If not for Lagos, kidnappers and armed robbers in Igboland would have wasted this fool. Lagos is the reason why many of these flatheaded animals are alive and they are talking nonsense.


Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: Buhari Government, Most Wicked In Nigeria’s History by Wickedtruths: 7:55am On Mar 09
When Ibikunle Amosun came into government newly, Oyedepo being a PDP man used to peddling favours under Gbenga Daniel found it difficult to adjust to loss of power. When Ogun IRS officials went to Canaanland, Oyedepo got them beaten up and their cameras destroyed.

Amosun swore to jail Oyedepo, revoke the C of O of Canaanland and shut down Canaanland permanently. It was the civil servants working on Oyedepo's case file who leaked the decision to Oyedepo. He ran to get Obasanjo to help him beg Amosun. That was the last time he made noise about Amosun.

Yes, things are not going on well. But did these entitled people do anything to make it better? Didn't this same Oyedepo collect prayer money from GEJ and when it was time to share money, didn't he sideline the "smaller" Pastors who they went together?

Oyedepo is part of the problems with this country. He's not better than Buhari. His staff and workers living in Canaanland know this. Those close to him know this. That's why Buhari won inside Canaanland in 2015. In 2019, despite Oyedepo the opening his gate of Hell, Buhari won inside Canaanland again.

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Celebrities / Re: Aker Okoye And Meghan Markle Kiss And Hug by Wickedtruths: 7:43am On Mar 09
I need his number. He is so so cute.

With that your room that looks like a kiosk?

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Sports / Re: Chieme Martins Slumps, Dies On Pitch While Playing For Nasarawa United by Wickedtruths: 6:58am On Mar 09

For we the NON(9-5 slaves) let's bomb Nairaland, while our Job Hunters and Slaves in both the Government and private parastatal waste their Energy on a Dead Course.

See this fool that his mother is buying vegetables on credit to feed.
Politics / Re: Enugu Government To Restore State's Masterplan by Wickedtruths: 6:55am On Mar 09
Apart from insulting people,what other things have u archive since you were born. Don't let frustration ruined ur life

Just shut up your dirty mouth if you have nothing sensible to say. You are in Lagos looking for better life, your parents in Enugu are celebrating barb wire and you're here talking nonsense. Why are you evil? Don't they deserve to enjoy what you enjoy in Lagos too?

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Politics / Re: Enugu Government To Restore State's Masterplan by Wickedtruths: 6:45am On Mar 09
In this regard, Gov. Ugwuanyi, today, inspected some ongoing projects in Enugu metropolis, being executed by the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA), such as the installation pedestrian safety mesh panel from No.1 Ogui Road by Young Shall Grow Transport, to Chris Chemist by Zenith Bank along Ogbete Main Market, Enugu and construction of West Road 8, Trans Ekulu, Enugu to link Nnamdi Azikiwe Road and Corporation Boulevard, including the installation of safety mesh panel and expansion of the popular Dhamija road.

The pedestrian mesh panel installation was also introduced at Savage Crescent by Polo Shopping Mall, GRA, Enugu. The mesh panel is being installed at Kenyatta Market and along Kenyatta Street from Amawbia junction to Bishop Aniogwu junction. The said Kenyatta road is being dualized with the construction of a modern vehicle park. Pedestrian bridges are being constructed at Ogbete Main Market, Enugu and Mayor Bustop, Agbani Road.

The state government, through ECTDA, is equally constructing Hawkers Market with toilets and tricyle park at ESBS junction, Independence Layout, Enugu, to relocate and accommodate the business interests of the street traders and tricycle operators there.

It is ordinary wire mesh and toilet that the Governor is writing epistle on top, yet Ndi Enugu are docile and can't talk.

Meanwhile, docile Ndi Enugu are busy in other states criticising their Governors while their Governor in Enugu is celebrating wire mesh as if those in Enugu are native fowl.

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Politics / Re: Enugu Government To Restore State's Masterplan by Wickedtruths: 6:41am On Mar 09
Thank God Ugwuanyi is not even crying this time.


Properties / Re: Share Your Omo-onile (Landowner's Children) Experience. by Wickedtruths: 6:36am On Mar 09
Sincerely, the experience I had with them on my site in Ikorudo, Igbogbo Oreita road is really affecting me on how I regard Yoruba people....

Sorry to say but all I could see in the is laziness, dirty and fetish diabolic selfish uneducated set of hooligans whose duties are to just steal from people especially when they meet Omo IBO......
You will hear them saying Owulabi.....(Money has come) as I was told is the meaning...

I equally noticed betrayal of trust from the bala of that place who told my client not to worry, after he was given a set of money , that once we see those people , we should call him...

I was preparing the first suspended floor, as usual they have already come to collect 5k each from my workers, once you import workers you will pay them, even the worker within them do pay....

I was so shocked, in short Yorubas are......let me reserve my comment .....

On the very day I wanted to cast the floor, they came and asked for my receipt of #150k imagine....money they don't know how the client suffered to obtain....you want to collect #150k

Meanwhile the bala collected #45k from my client but on calling the Bala, he said we should pls pay them that he is inside Lagos and by the time he will come back, things will spoil....

I was so angry eeeh....I called my client and told him WhatsApp.... He got angry and wanted to come to the site but I told him not to come in Igbo that I can handle it....

It was when I saw elderly men of above 70s on my site that I told my client to pls settle these people...what a hell........elderly people

They even told the concrete mixer Yoruba guy to pay for matching ground , which he paid,..everything was pay and pay....

I had to quench the fire when their head chief called me and said what do we do,...that I can see my concrete is on the floor.....and time is kicking ..and my client has to travel the following day as his ticket is booked already....

We ended up paying them #80k against #150k.....
I was informed by my client of how they do manipulate people there once you want to buy land...you will be opened an office on and from buying of land to post occupancy stage....you will pay till that stage...

Pls the government of Lagos State should look into this Case....
Igbos are going through hell developing places for some lazy Yorubas in Lagos yet they can't appreciate it but turn back to fight you

See this ugly Igbo fool. You think you're doing anyone a favour by building houses in Lagos? Why don't you as an Ebonyi man go build in Anambra and see why happens to you. We allow Igbos thrive and give you opportunities that your fellow Igbos can't give you, yet you're making stupid noise and insulting Yorubas.

Wasn't it reported here the other day that your chiefs were stopping the 2nd Niger bridge project cos of settlement money? Don't builders pay "marching ground" and other fees in Igboland?

May the gods of Yoruba land punish you and your family if you ever build anything in Lagos again. Go back to your village and be building there. You ugly, deformed ingrate.


Car Talk / Re: Mulliner Bacalar: Bentley Unveils Car With Trim Made From 5,000-Year-old Wood by Wickedtruths: 9:48pm On Mar 08

Did you read this post at all??

Do you understand what you read at all?
Car Talk / Re: Mulliner Bacalar: Bentley Unveils Car With Trim Made From 5,000-Year-old Wood by Wickedtruths: 9:47pm On Mar 08

Can you go back and read at least...

He was insinuating that drivers of cabriolet cars would be affected by rain. Obviously, he's ignorant of the fact that the cars have covers. What is there to read again?

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