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Nairaland / General / Re: Simplejoe4x.com. Scam Or Not? by willsman(m): 11:23am On Dec 17, 2014
The solution to Simplejoe4x is here my fellow Nairalanders. The main problem we have in Nigeria is greed. Little by little you can get to where you are going to.
Clayberg is the way out.
Forex business is not yes, yes, yes business especially if you do not have financial backbone which is the real thing of the market.
Claybeg limited have full traceable address and they you 5-25 percent monthly depending on the size of your account.
Happy investing.
Business / Re: Perfect Money An Alternative To Liberty Reserve by willsman(m): 7:33pm On Jun 07, 2013
@ Chuksvoice dear, kindly educate me the meaning of notorised copy of your id as you sent it to SolidTrustPay please.
Business / Re: Perfect Money An Alternative To Liberty Reserve by willsman(m): 7:30pm On Jun 07, 2013

It is obvious that you are little bit behind on the latest from Solidtrustpay. I am a longtime user of stp, but wasnt verified until recently. I tried to get verified through their automatic verification method on their website but it wasnt possible due to the fact i was from nigeria. Thereafter i sent them scanned copies of my id card and bank statement for address verification, but all to no avail. I later send them a mail ticket through their support page and uploaded the scanned documents with it, but i was told they dont accept scanned docs frm nigeria that i should send them notorised copies of my id and bank statement with my contact addrs on it and send them thru postal mail to their office addrs, which i did thru registered mail service at d post office and my acct was verified within 3wks
@ Chuksvoice, what is the meaning of notorised copy of your id you sent to SolidTrustPay?
Travel / Re: Hello House,pls I Would Like To Study In One Of The Good European Countries! by willsman(m): 7:26pm On Jun 07, 2013

Go to this website studyineurope.eu next click on the link with this caption 'compare tuition fees schemes in Europe' you will be taken to a page where you will find list of European countries and the average tuition fees charged the universities in each country. Pick your country of interest and google it to find list of universities in that country. Use these key words 'study in , ' eg 'study in austria' for German universities check daad.de
@ Chuksvoice, i am willsman on nairaland here you know? I wanted to ask you the meaning of notorised copy of your id you posted on a particular thread on SolidTrustPay.
Kindly get back to me on time and tell me the meaning of what i asked you okay?
Investment / Re: Why Pure Income Is Not A High Yield Investment Program by willsman(m): 5:47pm On May 31, 2013
Pureincome.com is a fraudulent company according Scamadviser.com.
Investment / Re: How To Start Investing In Pure Income Virtual Stock Exchange by willsman(m): 5:21pm On May 31, 2013
@ Mypeace04, www.compureincome.com is a fraudulent company according to the Scamadviser.com.
Investment / Re: How To Start Investing In Pure Income Virtual Stock Exchange by willsman(m): 5:18pm On May 31, 2013
''Analysis Details:-
Although this website appears to be based in United States there are other countries involved and you should review this information carefully and decide if it is as you expect.
Scamadviser has detected negative online feedback associated with this company so you may want to do further checks.This website has been listed on a threat site at sometime in it's life. These can relate to virus/malware issues''.
To Whom It May Concern. Scamadviser warns that any person doing businesses with Pureincome.com is at his or her own risks.
The above information represents the warning i got from Scamadviser.com concerning them. And @ Vicada, stop deceiving Nairalanders here please.

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Investment / Re: Approved List Of Nigerian Stock Brokers by willsman(m): 10:59am On Apr 20, 2013
@ Boyisfine, you tried to have listed stock brokers here but i need a registered, licenced and regulated stock broker(es) who is ready to collect small amount of money to open a stock broker account because i have decided to invest in NSE market by myself there having CSCS account with Clearing House Number(CHN).
Help me please.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors Set To Dump Jonathan In 2015 by willsman(m): 11:55am On Apr 17, 2013
President Azikiwe Ebele Goodluck Jonathan is not taking any person in Nigeria for a ride as someone wrongly put here. He is busy flushing all the iniquities the northerners planted in Nigeria.
After all, 100 per cent of Nigeria revenues come from their region called Bright of Biafra and nothing like Niger Delta; Niger Delta is Bright of Biafra.
Niger Delta came up as at when northerners of the present country called Nigeria for now gained all the positions of Nigeria which they thought that the people do not know them selves thereby using it to disorganize the people involved just like the way they made Anambra, Imo etc thinking that the people across the River Niger do not know them selves.
If those that live in the Bright of Biafra made mistake in the past means that they have realize their mistake now.
Go ahead Jonathan. Go.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors Set To Dump Jonathan In 2015 by willsman(m): 5:16pm On Apr 15, 2013
Aburi Accord meeting which later became agreement is it. And without it, there must be nothing like agreement to honor in Nigeria for now till the year 2043.
I do you as you did to me, God must surely have no blame on any body at all because God does not accept kick-back.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors Set To Dump Jonathan In 2015 by willsman(m): 5:08pm On Apr 15, 2013

[b]I am laughing in Chinese. See who is talking about power shift. The North has been in power in this nation 85% of the time since we had independence. And they messed up everything. Jonathan is only trying to clean up the mess they created all these years from the ones Obasanjo couldn't finish cleaning. Jonathan is just the first South South president and someone is talking about power shift to the North, you are a dreamer.
If power has to shift, let me show you how it will shift.
Jonathan will stay in power till 2019 whether northerners like it or not.
Power will shift to An Igbo man from 2019 to 2027
Then power will shift to someone from North Central i.e Benue or Plateau state etc from 2027 to 2035
Then back to the South probably Soth West from 2035 to 2043
The core North should only dream of having power again from 2043.....
In 2011 all the Northern heavy weights ganged up including IBB, general Gusau, Atiku, etc etc what happened? Jonathan beat them all. Buhari is always a loser so he got roundly beaten by Jonathan too.
If Jonathan beat the whole heavy weight Northern establishment in 2011 when he didnt realy have his firm grips on power, is it in 2015 when He already deh Kampke that the North will beat him with a light-weight like Tambuwal? Am now laughing in Igbo. Agreement my foot. Who respects agreements in this country?[/b]
Aburi Accord meeting first before that of Jonathan.
You should not fight at all. We have to make make it one after the other. We must have to try as much as possible and get that of Aburi Accord Agreement, implement all what and what that were said in the agreement before any one now.
Failure to accept that of Aburi Accord, northerners should forget about power til the year 2043.
As far as i am concerned, Aburi Accord is our concern.
Agreement my teeth.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors Set To Dump Jonathan In 2015 by willsman(m): 4:59pm On Apr 15, 2013

You're smart na, you should know this article is talking about PDP! northerners in the PDP!
It is a lie. There is nothing like northerners in PDP. All northerners we know.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors Set To Dump Jonathan In 2015 by willsman(m): 4:49pm On Apr 15, 2013
Let us pray, 'O Lord, you are the maker of Heaven and earth. You are also the maker of all human beings presently living in this planet called Earth, Amen.
God, we pray that you should help we the good people of this part of the world called Africans especially the ways you were helping us before the year 1914 as we were living on our own before the evil British man and here, Lord, i may have forgotten his name as he stuck our heads together according to the BBC radio report of October 1, 2010 as the news caster put it that day on their Focus on Africa program the we're stuck together meaning we have to go back to Aburi in Ghana because some Nigerians were there few years after independence of Nigeria from the British and all the issues in the name of agreement they failed to implement til today.
Let me not forget easily here. Aburi is a town in Ghana. I am leading demonstration to the town called Aburi in Ghana and i am here calling all Nairalanders to follow me to Aburi in Ghana. What are we going for you may ask? We are going to Aburi in Ghana for a copy of the agreement some Nigerians reached over there but by the time they came home failed to do exactly how they agreed and apart from history that doesn't lie, some of them that went for the meeting are still alive and we should should not pretend as if we do not know them because it will be wise enough for them to tell us how the agreement they failed to implement went through.
And by the time we're back from Aburi in Ghana, we'll go the National Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria that cannot produce anything but have succeeded by hijacking all the resources of entire regions of this country called Nigeria for now to implement all what and what they happened not to implement which must be implemented now and from there, we learn how to observe and maintain agreement.
It is also not true that we must learn how to keep agreement; i mean the type of agreement they said President Azikiwe Ebele Goodluck Jonathan should keep because many known Nigerians were not present the day they said so but that of Aburi matters a lot.
Aburi Accord will be the only thing that will move Nigeria forward. Period.
In the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC), they are now talking of 'merit' meaning he who the cap fits should wear it regardless where he or she come from and merit 'Oh my good God is still alive as one of the items contained in Aburi Accord in Ghana despite the fact that since after the Biafra/Nigeria civil war, merit was killed in Nigeria by them (northerners)if not now the real government is trying to observe the content of Aburi Accord and that is how a country wanting to move forward should be.
There shall be no agreement to honor should we first of all implement all what and what they discussed in Aburi, Ghana.
Every body is here warned.
Without it, there must be no agreement to honor now til the year 2043.

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Business / Re: What Can I Invest 10k In To Make 40k In A Month by willsman(m): 12:42pm On Mar 15, 2013
The boy is a thief in nature. He reaps where he did not sow. He wanted to to kill two birds with one stone at the same time. He didn't want to work before earning money but earning salary before the work.
Complete Ole.
Business / Re: Your experiences with the UBA Naira Visa Africard by willsman(m): 12:08pm On Mar 14, 2013
@ Onatisi, what is the limit amount of money in Naira the personalized type can hold as in transaction online? And have you use the card online? If yes, what are you experiences during usage?
Because the card come from Nigeria meaning they are questionable on so many web sites okay?
Help more please.
Religion / Re: Explain This Mystery: A Dead Man Sent A Stranger To Deliver A Bag by willsman(m): 4:39pm On Mar 12, 2013
It is possible but that's the hand of work of satan. Christians here will understand me well here. You have to remember that satan was in Heaven before he was chased out from there to where? Earth. And all the powers invested in him according to the Bible are still in him even as he was moved from Heaven to the sorry and innocent earth and that is why you see wars, power tussle, tribalism etc and a good man of God will understand that all the things i mentioned are not of God but hand of satan to challenge God and the issue of some body died somewhere and still be seen somewhere else is a small thing compared to other things satan can do.
What and pray is the only protection here, Amen.
Business / Re: Your experiences with the UBA Naira Visa Africard by willsman(m): 4:29pm On Mar 12, 2013
@ Onatisi, you are correct on what you submitted as far as the issue is concerned. But it seems that the card/cards are of different types meaning the bank issues some you have your name written on the card and the type your name will not appear on the card and would be glad to hear from you about the type a customer's name will be on the card okay?
And another one is does the visa Africard linked with any form of account in UBA?
Celebrities / Re: Majek Fashek Chained In His Home Over Deteriorating Mental Health by willsman(m): 4:23pm On Mar 12, 2013
May God heal him now and forgive him of his sins before he dies if it is appointed that he will die soon. But it pays for him to confess of his sins now before it goes too late.
Sorry my dear Majek Fashek because you are of the Nigerian musicians that of the people and not for those in the government of Nigeria.
Business / Re: Your experiences with the UBA Naira Visa Africard by willsman(m): 6:47pm On Mar 10, 2013
What and what do i need to have the UBA Africard? I mean the one my name will appear on the card. What is the limitation as in the amount of money to be deposited in the account?
Help folks.
Adverts / Re: Looking To Trade Stocks In The United States While In Nigeria? by willsman(m): 2:28pm On Feb 16, 2013
Please folks, i want to know the registered online stock brokers in the United States of America that accept Nigerians with lower amount of money in Dollars to open stock broken accounts of say $100 below.
May God bless us, Amen.
Celebrities / Re: Majek Fashek Chained In His Home Over Deteriorating Mental Health by willsman(m): 5:15pm On Feb 08, 2013
Sorry Fashek.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Made Four Mistakes In Office – El-rufai by willsman(m): 5:07pm On Feb 08, 2013
I have said it. Before Nigeria will be good for the entire Nigerians to live and say that they are in a country like the present United States, war must surely begin from the past presidents of Nigeria and i mean those of them that are still alive and top past and present Government officials in Nigeria.
I remember some time last 2 years ago or last year Babangida said that Obasanjo a wasted man and the day Babangida had his 70th birthday Obasanjo wrote back and told him (Babangida)that he was a big fool at 70.
I thought the war would have started from there so that poor Nigerians in their millions will have rest of mind because i never see or hear the meaning of Nigeria as a country from October the 1st, 1960 til date.
Politics / Re: Are Igbo Jews, The Lost Tribe Of Israel? - CNN by willsman(m): 4:56pm On Feb 08, 2013
Igbos are Israelite in nature and there's nothing like lost tribe of Jews. Jews are located world wide.

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