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Romance / Re: Man Asks Prostitute Who Demanded For More Money To Leave His House by WooodSI: 9:42pm On May 25, 2021
There is love, and there are sexual needs. That's the truth.. Men will always want this, and if they are not in a relationship-this is a common way to relieve stress..
I honestly don't understand how there can be an escort addiction?

I use the services of an escort, usually on https://www.cleopatraescorts.co.uk/ just like my friends and colleagues at work ( of course, only those who are not married or do not have a girlfriend ) However, we don't have such a thing as an escort addiction and it's really weird. I think that if you decide that you have a supposedly "escort addiction" just find yourself a girl, and you will also continue to have sex, only now with the same woman. Most likely, you just have an increased sexual arousal, which you constantly satisfy.
Computers / Re: The Happy Blackjack Versus The Serious Poker by WooodSI: 6:16pm On Mar 20, 2021
The dealer plays her hand in a specific way. It does not vary based on her mood or her evaluation of what kind of player you are, that's why poker is better.
Gaming / Re: Any Minecraft Player's Here? by WooodSI: 10:45pm On Mar 08, 2021
It's cool that now the popularity of minecraft has started to grow again, I'm happy for this game, maybe I'll go to your server to do something
Autos / Re: ***Car Shipping From US To Nigeria Made Easy No Upfront Payment**** by WooodSI: 6:08pm On Feb 23, 2021
Ohh, it's so hard to find a trustworthy vehicle shipping service
Career / Re: Pipeline Welding Training In Port Harcourt by WooodSI: 5:44pm On Feb 03, 2021
This list of courses is not bad, will like to hear it more but no answer on email. Will it help if I have nice studies and have practical skills but on personal developing level. I used to practice welding machine in garage to create small project based on online orders from customers or people that needed help. It’s not a tough job, but you need your head to work good. Locals know because I walk with best welding helmet outside and even have one special of them always with me in public places, this is a detail that makes me to be known by others.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Youtube To MP3 Converter - Online, Easy And Free! by WooodSI: 12:37am On Jan 30, 2021
Thanks for sharing such useful websites smiley
I really like to use YouTube to Mp3 converters, because it gives me possibility to download lectures, podcasts and audiobooks in my playlist for free. My friend showed me How to convert YouTube video to mp3 last year during the lockdown. However, I prefer to use special apps for it. You need just to insert the link and to push the button. I have already had a large gallery of my own playlists. Recommend you to try it, if you spend a lot of time during the driving, as me

My friend was looking for this website
Romance / Re: My Bed Is Soaked Right Now!! by WooodSI: 3:12pm On Jan 21, 2021
Haha, thank you for sharing this story. Yeah, that's why I always close windows during the rain.
Autos / Re: Buying Used Excavator From Europe To Nigeria At The Best Price by WooodSI: 11:15pm On Jan 20, 2021
I'm glad to see that the construction industry is growing up in Nigeria, hope to see more buildings with your own design. As far as I know the industry, however, gained pace in 2017, supported by government efforts to accelerate the pace of economic growth through increased investment in infrastructure projects. Also, I know that weak construction activity in 2016 came primarily on the back of high inflation, rising unemployment, currency devaluation, high interest rates, low oil prices and reduced oil production, which forced the economy into recession. If you want to buy cheap but good equipment for example [url=https://www.fleetupmarketplace.com/Search?Route=Category&Term=Scissor%20Lift]used scissor lift[/url], feel free to check the website.
Gaming / Re: How Do You Build Faster In Fortnite? by WooodSI: 4:02pm On Jan 17, 2021
Hi. I've been playing Fortnite for 6 thousand hours. I agree with you that this game is suitable for both children and adults. The only thing I don't understand is that a lot of people play this game a lot without a purpose. I want to become an esports player in this game. That's the only reason I play this game so much. I have a Fortnite t-shirt with my favorite character Raven. If your child has started playing a game very much, then I advise you to talk to him about why he is doing it. Maybe he had a dream.
Yes, I agree with you, the eternal problem of children and parents
Properties / Re: House For Sale by WooodSI: 7:31pm On Jan 08, 2021
Selling a property is really complicated. I hope you will do that, the house looks really nice
Properties / Re: Now Available !!! One Bedroom Apartment For Sale (off Plan ) N4.85m by WooodSI: 4:31pm On Dec 27, 2020
Quite an expensive apartment, I hope someday I will be able to buy one for myself
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Procurement by WooodSI: 2:44pm On Dec 22, 2020
I work in a similar position right now but in a different industry. Besides, I have only 5 years of experience. Anyway, there are only two of us who work in this department. As far as I know, the rest of the work did this consulting agency https://barkersprocurement.com/category-management-consulting They found suppliers and developed the logistics, while my colleague and I do just basic operations and prepare the required documents. Recently, we asked for their help again, and I suppose they will help us find new suppliers again.

Could you say please, how much did you pay for this service?
Business / Re: Business Space For Slot Game Machine Needed In Lagos by WooodSI: 9:03am On Dec 22, 2020
Yeah, in general it's profitable, but I don't think that in Nigeria you can do a lot of money by selling slot machines. Сoronavirus is still raging, so I am very skeptical about this. Another thing is to open an online casino with slot machines. The profit is almost infinite and depends only on yours server stability. I've played a lot at https://thegamereward.com/house-of-fun/ and suppose that their profit is quite high. They can even afford additional bonuses and free chips which is very attractive idea for new players.
Investment / Re: LIFE INSURANCE: Why Do I Need It? by WooodSI: 1:20pm On Dec 18, 2020
Can't trust these resources, are they worthy!? Why can't I see all options on website to calculate everything without too much of talking here!? tongue

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Properties / Re: 6units Of 2bedroom Flat Architectural Design. by WooodSI: 2:51am On Dec 09, 2020
Amazing, are they still available?! I’m asking because I have two options to live with my parents at this house, with special care nurse/worker for my parents. But our most priority is to change the place of living because of new possibilities and let them under care at memory care Minneapolis living community with other seniors. Our house is a bit old and full reparation will cost a lot of money. Better to purchase a modern house and live there in comfort. Anyways we love our house, but too many difficulties are encountered. That’s why I like this post, but need more details and if possible real photos or maybe virtual tour.
Politics / Re: EKSG Commences Payment Of Compensation To Owners Of 955 Hectares Of Land by WooodSI: 3:41pm On Dec 08, 2020
955 hectares is a very big area. They should pay a lot of money for this.
Health / Re: Health Benefits Of Marijuana. by WooodSI: 9:08am On Dec 01, 2020
As per some research done by researchers, it has been shown that cannabis has an extremely important role in making your body feel better and allow you to think about all problems differently. One of my friends was in depression and this was recommended to him by a doctor. For now, also doctors understand that it is helpful. The problem is that it is not legal everywhere, and not all can use this treatment, I'm a gym trainer and recently was advised by a doctor that there are a lot of methods to relax the body and make it feel better, advised sakratom.com, have somebody used and what you think about?
Fashion / Re: Women Clothing Online Shopping by WooodSI: 3:39pm On Nov 30, 2020
When I gave birth I gained 10 extra pounds and it was very difficult to find suitable clothes. I was in different stores and even looked for branded items and was willing to pay a large amount even for a brand. it is important for me that the item was of high-quality material and it was comfortable and stylish. I finally found a very good online store of women clothing where I order clothes even 3 years after giving birth. There are a lot of good and stylish clothes that give beautiful shapes to my body and highlight my advantages. It is very cheap and made of high-quality material.
Investment / Re: Apps That Pay You Cool Money by WooodSI: 12:26am On Nov 28, 2020
Nowadays we have a lot of apps and sites that can help us with investments. Actually, they are teaching us how to earn money. You know that now everyone is making money online. Recently one of my friends shared this https://www.creditdonkey.com/best-bank-small-business.html site, there is written everything about how to choose the correct bank in order to increase a small business which, maybe, can become a big one. I think that I have never read much useful information about banks. I think that now I'm ready for the new level of business hehe.
Family / Re: Buy Baby Clothes On Instagram !!STRICTLY US by WooodSI: 5:58pm On Nov 24, 2020
I personally love to shop for my baby and when I get to look for some clothes for her I melt because I love so much clothes for small children because they are so cute and awesome that I go crazy. The last site I ordered some stylish dresses for my little girl was on babies' dresses and I really liked their quality. For me, it matters a lot to be of quality because the skin of babies is sensitive and care must be taken not to cause irritation.
Nairaland / General / Re: How To Reduce Energy Consumption At Your Home/workshop/office by WooodSI: 5:13pm On Nov 24, 2020
Not sure that you will be able to find their "services alive", but I'm sure that they are not the first and the last one. But I find the information that they provided very interesting and at the same time very important. Especially, nowadays when everyone is wasting energy, water, food and don't mind about that. I think that it is time for us to wake up and to understand that energy won't be available forever. Even we have, now, specialists as these http://www.focusenergia.com.br/ guys who are providing energy to everyone, they are working on the big market and try to give to everyone that energy which they need. We're not sure how long this will take...So value it and let's not waste!

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Celebrities / Re: Ushbebe & His Wife, Annette Osa-Agbontaen Celebrate 7th Wedding Anniversary by WooodSI: 11:40am On Nov 24, 2020

The site I use to get yoga tips: https://yogapractice.com/yoga/yoga-retreats-in-bali
Romance / Re: Casino by WooodSI: 10:06am On Nov 20, 2020
Yeah, definitely, there is something romantic in casinos! Even the fact that you risk certain amount of money and you are never sure are you going to win, or love have something romantic. Also, all that romantism came to us from that gangsters’ movies and all the stuff like that. Gambling have become something usual for those people, and also, there are still people who get in trouble because of casino. If you are that kind of person, you can try casino here 77BetSg.com. That is an online casino so no one is going to kick your ass, but at least you will feel like a bad guy and maybe even make some good money!
Health / Re: 7 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga by WooodSI: 7:30pm On Nov 16, 2020
I have already 2 months since I started to practice yoga and I really cannot understand why I started to do this so late. I think that only yoga gives such feelings of relaxing and saul feeding. I know that I'm not perfect here but I practice a lot, and now I cannot imagine a day without yoga. I even started to find more information about it and I found this https://yogapractice.com/yoga/practice-breath-of-fire/ blog about how to breathe while practicing. Actually, I think that the secret in yoga is breath. If you learn how to breathe correctly then you can become a master. So I invite you to visit the new world with the help of yoga.
Business / Re: CNC Manufacturing Business In Nigeria by WooodSI: 6:48pm On Nov 16, 2020
My friend has been trying to produce some work using the CNC machine here in Nigeria. The problem now is that the work is on his system and his pc cannot be connected to the CNC Machine because its an old model. Please what can we do? Any advice?
Just find the other services that have new equipment. Is it a must to be in Nigeria? I guess that in China you can find better services and at the same time at a better price. Of course, it can take you a little more time but I guess that it worths it. Also, you can loof or the CNC Machine Shop China that will provide you the already-made products that can help you, and maybe you will not need more the CNC machine. Try not to stop only in Nigeria, now we have the possibility to work all around the world.
Romance / Re: Which Affordable Supplements Will You Recommend For Bodybuilding In Nigeria by WooodSI: 3:40pm On Nov 16, 2020
I always thought that bodybuilders are taking different steroids in order to get that shape of muscles. As far as I know, they cannot lose weight and keep that shape. My advice to you is not to take such dropping. You can have health problems after taking them. In general, it is better to see a doctor before started to become a bodybuilder, you will need to keep on a diet which can be bog stress for your body. I think that it will be better to take it easy and to take some useful supplements. You can read here https://niftywellness.com/supplements-for-runners/ more about protein and different acids that are useful and don't hurt our health.
Health / Re: Different Types Of Marijuana (weed) And Effects On Body by WooodSI: 7:48pm On Nov 10, 2020
I can't say that I particularly share your thoughts about the negative effects of marijuana, but I totally understand where are you coming from having this opinion. On the other hand, marijuana, or products containing cannabinoids, which are the active ingredients in marijuana, or other compounds that act on the same receptors in the brain as marijuana, are effective at relieving chronic pain. My back pain was the main reason why I started ordering cannabis-related products from https://2one2dispensary.com/. Also, there some evidence supporting the use of marijuana to relieve depression and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.
You can be sure that marijuana will never bring to you negative effects, of course, if you use it correctly. It can help you to pass over much more, not just stress
TV/Movies / Re: Free Streaming Web by WooodSI: 10:36pm On Nov 05, 2020
as for me I use every movie streaming site I find just to try it
Business / Re: Intelligent Emergency Recheargeable Led Bulbs,light On For 6hrs After Power Cut by WooodSI: 6:55pm On Oct 30, 2020
as for me I need some led bulbs
TV/Movies / Re: Who Is The Best Iptv Provider In 2020? by WooodSI: 6:00pm On Oct 30, 2020
After spending a lot of time online and arguing with my father like on presidential debates, I have won because after we agreed to use both options and by experience (1 month) to see all the plus and minuses we could agree toward something that will be better than another. We installed from best iptv providers , and I was first to be online, soon after we understood that their system is well managed, channels are bright and looks very good, fits absolutely on our 55 inches and 32 in another room. Now we use them maybe one year, and never encountered some problems. Beautiful.

Is there something more I should know before the purchase? Is the media really working so well, because present one has a lot of bugs and screen is freeze often for few seconds, micro-lags.

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