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Politics / Re: Lagos-calabar Coastal Road: Landmark, Govt Mull Win-win Solution To Avoid Demoli by Xiaohei(m): 2:38am On Apr 09

I hope you know that major infrastructure you see in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria were built on properties owned by other people but were demolished to build structures for greater good of the societies?

The National Theatre and Oshodi-Apapa express ways were built on some people's ancestral homes.

There was a town called Mosan on the place where Jakande Estate,Ipaja was built about 42 years ago, which was 'relocated' .

All the 12 Jakande Estates were built on previously existing towns/villages that were demolished and these settlements never recovered.

Yes! The federal and state governments own all land that fall under their respective jurisdictions. However, in most cases except when there’s abuse of power in play, the government would not arbitrarily pull down properties; but would rather liaise with all stakeholders to find amicable solutions to compensate those affected. And that’s what it appears the LASG is doing in this case. Landmark has invested billions of Naira of investors capital in its business - a business that employs hundred or perhaps thousands of workers, and also remits billions of naira in taxes to the LASG. Does it make any logical sense if such a business is demolished as stipulated in the demolition order?


Politics / Re: Lagos-calabar Coastal Road: Landmark, Govt Mull Win-win Solution To Avoid Demoli by Xiaohei(m): 1:07am On Apr 09
I don't understand this unnecessary hullabaloo about Landmark and his bar beach that he claims he used 200m$ to develop.
I guess this man must have calculated the ocean as part of his investment in arriving at the 200m$.
Landmark should go back and read his C of O if he has any, everyone is a tenant on any land in Nigeria,there's no total ownership of Land anywhere in this country.
That's why Government can demolish any property anywhere and pay a compensation to the supposed owner,I can count how many properties that were demolished in other to build the overhead bridge in Cele Express,Abule Egba,Ajah and many other places in Lagos.
I'm still puzzled as to what we can consider a pubic good other than a road going from Lagos to Calabar in less than 7 hours.
I believe the Government mustn't give into to this emotional blackmail by Landmark and instead move their caterpillars to demolish any part of the business that need to be scrapped for the remaining 17 million Lagosians and 200 million Nigerians who will use the Road.
I dread the day a citizen will wake up and oppose Government if it wants to build an overhead bridge in a city like ikotun egbe.
Emotions must be discarded if we will ever develop in Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria.

You sound like someone who has never invested in any startups, nor invested in a real estate even if it’s a shanty! The ludicrous thinking of some Nigerians, even the so-called educated ones will never cease to amaze me.

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Politics / Re: Are You Willing To Pay N178,000 Monthly For A 24-hour Electricity Supply? by Xiaohei(m): 3:36am On Apr 04

It's not about people getting used to suffering, it's about wickedness.
In foreign countries electricity is steady and the average person can easily pay for it.
Most blacks are just plain wicked.

Thank you oooo! I was stunned by the statement the dude I quoted made! He say electricity na luxury. Some people ehn!


Politics / Re: Are You Willing To Pay N178,000 Monthly For A 24-hour Electricity Supply? by Xiaohei(m): 1:39am On Apr 04

I have always said it here, Nigerians that can afford 24 hours electricity already have it

There is no one that wants electricity 24/7 that can't get them

Nigerians want the impossible which is free/cheap and steady electricity... [b]Electricity is luxury
and we are too poor for it right now

We don't need electricity for development

There is absolutely no company you can start only when you have electricity 24/7 that u can't start now [/b]

Electricity is luxury? I give up on some Nigerians oooo! Jesu! No wonder Nigerian govt dey use Nigerians dey play kalokalo! Because people have become accustomed to suffering so much so that the most basic things in life are considered luxury by them. Haba!


Travel / Re: 2.5km Of Road In Ilaro-owode In Ogun State Done By Gov Dapo Abiodun Govt(pics) by Xiaohei(m): 1:34pm On Mar 28
Most governors in Nigeria and road construction na 5&6. Hardly will one see them building factories, or investing in sustainable initiatives that will directly benefit their indigenes. It is for this reason I doff my hat to the governor of Lagos State for the good job he’s doing there.
Travel / Re: Oriola Aregbesola: US Navy Announces Sailor Who Died In The Red Sea by Xiaohei(m): 1:56am On Mar 26

Continue living in denial.

Please explain how he shaded Nigeria. Please!

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Travel / Re: Oriola Aregbesola: US Navy Announces Sailor Who Died In The Red Sea by Xiaohei(m): 2:40pm On Mar 25
See his useless throwback post. Shading the country moment he got a Petty role. grin

How did he shade Nigeria? How? Please explain.
Romance / Re: Man With One-inch Penis Opens Up About Life With A Micropenis by Xiaohei(m): 6:11am On Mar 24

You know you can't have it all in life right? 😂
So let's be proud of what we have grin

Hahaha! You don make me laff for real.
Romance / Re: Man With One-inch Penis Opens Up About Life With A Micropenis by Xiaohei(m): 1:09am On Mar 24
4 inches ain't micro naw... That's average for Chinese men. grin

Measured mine at 7.6 inches, i felt disappointed cuz I needed 8 and above.

But those Chinese men are building amazing infrastructures, building a sustainable and prosperous economy; and loaning billions of dollars to us - a people with big gbolas! If na big gbola be the yardstick to measure wealth, na black people for get money pass. Hahaha!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Gunfire And Explosions At Moscow Concert Hall In Russia by Xiaohei(m): 4:56pm On Mar 23

My brother, if you think that Russia will fight America with nukes over this, then you must be joking.

It is called the game of power. There is a saying the revenge is best served cooled.

I can assure you that Russia will answer in kind. Watch out for terrorist attack on American soil when you least expect. I can assure you that Russia will be the first country to sent in their condolence.

For your information;.....when that war that America is looking for happens, I can assure you that your darling America will be the first country to use nuclear weapons when they suffer unsustainable casualties just as they did in Japan, but this time around Russia will reply them in kind.

Russia is a war nation that can accept their casualties, but your Hollywood woke American-dreams citizens who are unprepared for war would not be able to accept their losses.

I hope you know that when it comes to nuclear war, Russia has more underground safety bunkers for their citizen more than Europe and america combine, that is why Russia is known as city of bunkers and their citizens are well drilled on nuclear emergencies.

The western leaders are behaving like children. The only reason why this war has not developed to full world war is because of Putin calmness. If NATO does not have a redline then Putin will not also have a redline. I hope you know that

Ever heard of the military theory, MAD - mutual assured destruction? Warsaw never saw war until Warsaw saw war! Let the nukes rain down until everyone and everything is destroyed! Then we all go hear word!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Gunfire And Explosions At Moscow Concert Hall In Russia by Xiaohei(m): 2:02am On Mar 23


If you think that Russia does not have a sleeper cells also in USA, then you must be joking.

As for the Ukrainian terrorist who has turned into Talaban, Putin will respond appropriately.

How some of una dey reason dey tire me. How this matter take concern America? Didn’t you read ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly shooting? FYI, Russia isn’t the only country with nukes; the US. and several other countries have nukes, too. If you want fight for Russia, abeg carry your military gear go Moscow make them use you do human fodder!

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Travel / Re: Can We Build This Rail System In Nigeria? by Xiaohei(m): 2:45pm On Mar 22
The upside-down or suspension railway

It's an elevated monorail, wherein the vehicle is suspended from a fixed track, constructed right above waterways or roads. The train dangles beneath a track and carries loads or people. Construction of this monorail started back in 1898, and the train started functioning in 1901

Japan and Germany are the two countries with such railways.

Here are pictures of some train in Japan.

Beautiful engineering wonder! The Japanese and German make amazing trains. But so are the Chinese to an incredibly great extent. Last year the city of Wuhan launched its own sky trains. See below. ⬇️

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Politics / Re: Meet The First Igbo Muslim King HRH Abdulfatah Chimaeze Emetumah III (pics) by Xiaohei(m): 12:24am On Mar 08
ESN should do the needful

Do what needful? What crime has the man committed? Isn’t religious freedom enshrined in our constitution?
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri's Reply To Peter Obi's Post About Ukraine's Grain by Xiaohei(m): 10:11am On Mar 05

Nigeria is receiving free grains from the United Nations World Food Programme and have always done for our IDP camps
UNWFP buys grains from Ukraine like many other customers including 1st world countries.
UNWFP buys 80% of its grains from Ukraine numbering almost one million tonnes

I like your response; civil, sensible and straight to the point.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri's Reply To Peter Obi's Post About Ukraine's Grain by Xiaohei(m): 6:01am On Mar 05
Obi is an illiterate

China import grains from Ukraine


India imports grains from Ukraine


EU import grains from Ukraine

China is receiving grains from Ukraine
India is receiving grains from Ukraine
Egypt is receiving grains from Ukraine
EU is receiving grains from Ukraine
UK is receiving grains from Ukraine

So why is Nigeria special? Is Ukraine complaining?

The countries you mentioned paid for the grains they received (bought) from Ukraine. Did we pay for ours?

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Politics / Re: We Now Rely On War-torn Ukraine For Food - Peter Obi by Xiaohei(m): 3:30pm On Mar 04

Please shut up.

Did Ukraine give you grains or not?

See uppercut! KO straight! grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Countries With Similar Or Worse Power Supply Than Nigeria! (Surprising List) by Xiaohei(m): 7:55am On Mar 04

Use your brain and stop being foolish.

Why stop at China? Why not mention America and Germany?

China is virtually a DEVELOPED NATION with an annual budget of 6 to 7 TRILLION dollars.

It is STUPID to compare China with Nigeria.

Nigeria is where China was 35 years ago in terms of development.

Back then they experienced mass power cuts and mass poverty.



China’s power crisis: Long-term goals meet short-term realities

''Power outages in China were widely expected this year after the country experienced some rationing in December 2020 and then again over the summer. In early September a handful of localities were seeing shortages, but by October over 20 Chinese provinces were curbing or rationing power supplies, not only for industrial, but also residential users, a rare occurrence for a country aiming to prioritise household energy supply.''


China power cuts: What is causing the country's blackouts?

''China is struggling with a severe shortage of electricity which has left millions of homes and businesses hit by power cuts.

Blackouts are not that unusual in the country but this year a number of factors have contributed to a perfect storm for electricity suppliers.

The problem is particularly serious in China's north eastern industrial hubs..''


Do you enjoy throwing insults at people in order for you to be heard? It baffles me that some Nigerians still defend the failure that Nigeria has become despite all glaring indicators that Nigeria has performed abysmally low when juxtaposed with nations that have less natural resources than it has. China has a population of over 1.24 billion people yet there’s adequate electricity supply for everyone. Even in heavily industrialized parts of Northern China, and commercial hubs of Southern China where in summer temperatures can reach 30+ degrees, the govt still ensures there’s electricity supply by urging consumers to turn off electronic appliances that are not being used. If a huge country like China can provide electricity for its citizens, what is hindering Nigeria with a population of about 240 million people from providing stable electricity for its citizens? Again, I urge you, stop making excuses for the failure that Nigeria has become. Have a good one!
Politics / Re: Countries With Similar Or Worse Power Supply Than Nigeria! (Surprising List) by Xiaohei(m): 3:52am On Mar 04

Because Nigeria has 240 million people, it's harder.

Same issue with India and Pakistan.

Togo and Ghana have more steady light than India.

It is easier, cheaper, and quicker to power up a small country of 5 million to 30 million people versus one of 240 million or 1.2 billion.

It's really that simple!

By the way, USA, Britain, Germany, Russia etc have been independent for several CENTURIES, versus Naija's 60 years. It makes no sense saying we should be like them by now.

Imagine comparing yourselves to countries that have been independent for over 350 years!

You will just give yourself unnecessary blood pressure.

China has a population and a land mass that is way much more bigger than Nigeria yet the Chinese enjoy uninterrupted and affordable electric supply. There’s electricity, water and WiFi access even in remote villages. Make una no dey make excuses for the failure that Nigeria has become; e no make sense one bit. Nigerians would’ve been living better and prosperous lives if our leaders, and politicians hadn’t been inherently corrupt and inhumane. Stop making excuses for the failure that Nigeria has become. As a Nigerian, my greatest desire is to see a better Nigeria in which affordable electric and all the basic amenities of life aren’t considered a luxury for only a few well-off citizens.

PS: Atached is a photo from a Chinese village.

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Travel / Re: See The New Yaba Look And Overpass That Got Lagosians Groaning by Xiaohei(m): 12:55pm On Mar 03
Govt put pedestrian bridge to save lives una dey complain. If train crush person now una go dey blame govt. if motor crush person una go still complain. Some say escalator no dey. Where the light dey? Even if escalator dey, Nigerians with their vandalism mentality go spoil am. We too like lawlessness abegi!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Flour Massacre: Israel Guns Down Hundreds Of Starving Palestinians Trying To Acc by Xiaohei(m): 5:34am On Mar 03

Can we please stand up as ally of Palestinians and Hamas and ask them to release Israelis in their custody to avert this wanton killings?

Shooting, and killing starving people is not an act of war, but an act of extreme cruelty. Don’t get me wrong, I support Israel taking the fight to Hamas. But it is fair to say Israel’s response has been overboard. Netanyahu has to realize his overbearing actions towards Palestinians have created global sympathy for Palestinians including Hamas. And soon, the support for Israel will dwindle. The unnecessary killings have got to stop!

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Crime / Re: NDLEA Intercepts Largest Consignment Of Heroin At Lagos Airport (pics, video) by Xiaohei(m): 3:55pm On Feb 27
The developers of mansions all over Lagos and the world!

You didn’t see two Yoruba men there? Na Wa & Bia!

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Family / Re: Adorable Pictures Of A Nigerian Man And His American Wife by Xiaohei(m): 4:47pm On Feb 25

Still beating around the bush without making any valid point. Dude your own problem na follow come oo!

Before I leave you I'll tell you this; the fact that other people do it (mock people) doesn't mean it's right and you being a party to that means you lack wisdom in excess.

Lastly, anyone can find love anywhere so cut the "Nigerian dwarf shit." Like I told you before you suffer from inferiority complex, reason you can't think straight.

Are you following the man on social media to know whether or not he was broke before he married her/ or married her because of her money?
Oh! I forgot you are a family friend!

This is how you lots go about making stupid assumptions.

There are many Nigerians that are far richer than many rich people in the USA yet they still went on to marry a white woman they fell in love with.

No be everybody wey marry onyibo dey beg for paper. Some day enter abroad like say na their backyard. Get that into your thick skull.

And for the record; I'm not married but whenever I'm ready to get married wherever or whoever I find love with I will go there and grab it with my full chest.

You are free to rant at your local pace, live long and die with your general passed rag tattered poverty mentality.
I done lecturing/talking to you inferiority complex and question dodgy and rascality filled human.

Save your breath; the guy you’ve been trying to talk senses into is way too bent to be redeemed. He went down the cliff a long time ago!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S Military Helicopter Crashes, Killing 2 Soldiers During Training (Photo) by Xiaohei(m): 7:37am On Feb 25
The Op and anti US news be like bread and beans combo! He scours the internet looking for any negative news about America and the West he can find to post on Nairaland. Hahahaha


Travel / Re: S.AFRICA TRAIN STATION: Why Does It Look Like An Airport? ( Pics) by Xiaohei(m): 4:32am On Feb 25
How did we get to this abysmally low point here where people can’t go a second without throwing jabs at one another. South Africa has some impressive train stations. Agreed! Nigeria (Lagos State) also has some modern and impressive train stations. Can all move on now?
Travel / Re: My Take From My 10 Days Norway Visit. by Xiaohei(m): 4:25am On Feb 25
Dear Op.
Please, and please, baptize this thread with some pictures because some of us like pictures pass write ups. Thank you plenty plenty.

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Autos / Re: Land Rover Defender 90 For Sale by Xiaohei(m): 4:18am On Feb 25
Which kain pictures be this, mbok?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Alexei Navalny’s Mother Given Hours To Agree To Secret Burial by Xiaohei(m): 2:22am On Feb 24
Russia is my second home. Putin is my man..

We need people like Putin in Africa..

The western world and their propaganda

Be careful what you wish for.
Family / Re: Adorable Pictures Of A Nigerian Man And His American Wife by Xiaohei(m): 10:58am On Feb 23
Why are you still stalking me? lipsrsealed i thought have work to go to. Would you lick to lick my ass?

Stalking you? Stop projecting your perverted hobby on others. How California ? grin grin grin
Family / Re: Adorable Pictures Of A Nigerian Man And His American Wife by Xiaohei(m): 1:14am On Feb 23
grin grin grin is this rubbish supposed to make sense?

What are you doing on here if you get work or business in the morning? Yes, i am jobless and i am not productive just like your father.

I can Suck your dick! for money if you want. tongue

I don't need to go sleep it is 3:51pm in the afternoon here in California. Fuul. grin you must think every body must work.

It’s 8:12 a.m in my location. Stop being a nuisance to sensible folks here. I see you like sucking dicks; keep it up! Keep whoring yourself.

Family / Re: Adorable Pictures Of A Nigerian Man And His American Wife by Xiaohei(m): 12:45am On Feb 23
I said what i said, grin if you didn't like it go fork yourself, i am allowed an opinion, i don't have to like what you like.

I don't understand idiots like you, i must love what you love? Or what everyone else loves? I Must agree with your forking opinion?

Why did he not marry a dwarf in Naigeeria if he loves dwarfs so much? There are 1000s of them he coulda chose from in Naigeeria.

Go fork yourself some more. grin

See painment ontop this small matter! E pain am! See as convulsion dey hold you anyhow. Productive people don sleep cos them get work or business in the morning, you dey nairaland dey crawl about like nocturnal animal. Guy go sleep!
Family / Re: Adorable Pictures Of A Nigerian Man And His American Wife by Xiaohei(m): 12:33am On Feb 23

Likely children of the woman from previous marriage or fling. The woman sure has a thing for BBC grin

Likely, yes. But they could as well be his. Bottom line is the man might be genuinely happy in the relationship. After all to each his own. Let’s wish them well and move. Have a nice one!

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