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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: It Will Be Unfair To Deny South-West Presidency In 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 5:03pm On Aug 13, 2019

Like someone already observed here, you portray yourself as a frustrated bitter old lady battling with early menopause. I understand. You need to get a grip on your emotions darling.

Your laughable juvenile attempt to get me to reveal my identity is dead on arrival tongue, you can't possibly be this ineffective cheesy.

Have you heard any Fulani complaining of being demonized? Lol who cares grin? It is because we know our stance in this country politically, militarily and otherwise. Hate as much as you want but you must bow and kiss the Fulani ring if you will ever get any political relevance not to talk of Presidency. It is a fact you know yourself. Whats more? Even if you want to escape to Beerfra or restructure, you still need to appease us to get our votes in the NASS to amend the constitution (highlighting the emotionally driven LEGENDARY foolishness of your kind in antagonizing those you will need in the future grin). That is asides the fact that we know we can easily get any Igbo man to lick salt off our palms once the price is right. Ask Joe Igbokwe, Orji Kalu etc. (Oh and you guys are still the most hated, detested, arrested, detained, hanged & killed in the GLOBAL community from India to China to Cambodia grin tongue)

The RUGA (fulani settlement) furore is frankly laughable and highly indicative of your ignorance because dozens are already under your noses. At last count, Anambra has 23 Fulani Settlements (RUGA) - according to the Governor himself when he was begging Fulanis to stay in Anambra (https://punchng.com/fulani-recall-your-order-arrogant-southern-leaders-others-tell-nef/ ). Jokes on you sweetheart tongue...your elders are much wiser so the worthless opinion of irrelevant hacks like you is useless wink.

My dear, your estrogen filled rants cannot change the fact that the SOUTH WEST has the highest likelihood to succeed PMB for the simple fact that the SE which should ordinarily be next up, is totally handicapped, politically worthless and is too frozen in hate to do anything about it. I know it can be deeply frustrating.

Pele! kiss

You are a coward with no one to tell you..Wailing toddler,who took your toy?...Your lame attempts to label your betters 'bitter,menaupausal et al 'just shows your personality..that of a little nitwit battling almajiri quota-system adulterated education.

Your identity is of no imterest to me you or anyone else you Fulani thing.i just needed to remind you that you are nothhing but a little inconsequential braggart with zero influence beyond your boyfriends here whom you love to tagg behind like an orphaned puppy..

Your Northern elites have categorically stated they aint letting go of power in 2023,yet a houseboy like you is here making noise like you count for anything.

...Your asnine attempts to pass yourself as something other than a Nairaland pathetic and insecure 'oh yes' member to your SW over-lords here is what i will continue to tell you..

Oh yes you Fulanis have been complaing..Kardaria Ahmed the Kaduna Amanpour had decried the demonisation of Fulanis and so many others ....

In your delusions,you still imagine the Fulanis has a standing in Nigeria because some useful idiotts in the South helped the illiterate Jihadist called buhari and your Miyetti Allah to some prominence..reason why you lots are pushing for RUGA to infest the Southern region with your presence but you are already being cut to size....

I remember how you love to say Igbos are hated...so are fulanis loved?

The voices in your head telling you Fulanis are larger than life is the one who had convinced you there is RUGA in Anambra...i guess the Fulani Herdsmen hidding in bushes to rob,kidnap folks as well as shagging their cows are what constitutes RUGA settlement...i laugh in Quotasystem.

My estrogen level is not worse than that of Oby Ezekwesili,Aisha Yusuf or even that of the renowed up-start called Kadaria Ahmed on political matters..but your insecure and small self adept at fooling himself on Nairaland because i call you and your kind out here is crying like a little man-bitch..

You aint seen nothing yet...Your lame emotional backmail here is like water on the back of a duck to me.

You berra ask around.


Politics / Re: Joe Igbokwe Others Make Sanwo-olu's Carbinet List by Ziggylady(f): 3:35pm On Aug 13, 2019
wetting for Biafran list to be released by nnamdi KANU of ipob land

You can't even spell properly...'Waiting' is what you could not spell.

What a shame.

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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: It Will Be Unfair To Deny South-West Presidency In 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 3:28pm On Aug 13, 2019

The difference is we don't go about wailing, crying and trying to emotionally blackmail others because of our Political misfortune unlike our blodas.
Records/history has shown that the east has form more alliance and allegiance to the North than any other region, still you won't see others calling them traitors, betrayals and all sort of names because of their political decision, but despite a substantial 45% of the west voting for pdp in 2015 and even more westerners voting for Atiku THAN the easterners(with an igbo VP) in 2019, the wailing of the bush babies won't still stop in lumping a whole tribe and region and calling them all sort of names.
it's also on record that the most vocal critics of this government are Yorubas, but how can you pacify a hate-filled bush baby?
Even when Obj was the president his greatest opposition were his people.
Amaechi, Akpabio, El Rufai etc are polical merchants sourcing for patronage, we see them as such here and we don't ascribe them a demi-god status like you guys do.
When the Yorubas aided Jonathan in taking his rightful place as president after the demise of Yaradua and helping his reelection in 2011 where were you? So if a majority of them decides otherwise in 2015, why can't you respect their choice and move on?

And just to let you know the Yorubas love not only igbokwe, idumodu, akabueze but every law abiding citizens living in our domain provided they live by the terms and conditions of their host, and the immigration demographics attest to that.
It's a one way traffic from the East to the West.

Yorubas don't hate Atiku (we have no reasons to hate him), that more Yorubas preferred Buhari to Atiku doesn't translate to hate. More Yorubas voted for Atiku than Igbos (2019 election result attest to this).

Most of the people that spoke in support of the shittes are yorubas...talk another one... lol.

It is clear you are only interested in a circus here were you clown around for entertainment....So you did not wail,cry and blackmail others when June 12 wad cancelled in 1993?

You did not cry and wail when in your legendary self-centeredness you felt GEJ was not giving you your due?

You keep proving me right about your acute hypocrisy,double-speak ,double-standard.....Every thing you have accussed Igbos of you have done a hundred times over..

Yorubas contributed the least to Jonathan's emergence yet cry the loudest on how you made him win..

You contributed to least to buhari's emergence yet cry the loudest on how they made him win..

The greates opposition to Obj were not yorubas ..you only opposed him in 1999 when you felt Olu Falae will serve your parochial interest better...As soon as he emerged President,99% of you all fell in line to worship him..Till date he is your greatest bragging being post military rule.

Most yoruba hate Atiku and your face-saving antics will not remove that...You also did not vote him more than Igbos..That is a fact which your Lagos-Ibadan expressway media of lies cannot dispute..

The way you love Joe Igbokwe is the way we love FFK,
The way you love buhari is the way we love Atiku e.t.c..

Why you would now imagine your own love holds some sort of moral superiority over ours is the 9th wonder of the World.

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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: It Will Be Unfair To Deny South-West Presidency In 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 3:09pm On Aug 13, 2019
Did APGA back stab PDP in your region?

Majority of the PDP clowns you are ranting on their behalf have moved to APC
They understand its just a game, a by Nigerian standards a very dirty one
Yorubas have never claimed to be adept at politics, in fact we have lost too many leaders at it
But a few of us understand its a game and like any game strategies not emotions wins.

You claim to be a woman so your emotional outbursts are understandable but should not be encouraged

Are you saying if your spouse supports a different political party you would file for divorce and claim betrayal?

please grow up

This actually made me laugh grin...You came into my mentions with emotiions and i gave it back to you...true to type,you wail.

What your problem is,is the million dollar question?

You should be a man and quit the emotiknal blackmail.

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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: It Will Be Unfair To Deny South-West Presidency In 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 3:05pm On Aug 13, 2019

Sorry but the Presidency is going to the SW/SS. No amount of insults or belly aching can change that.

I'm sure you recall my prediction of Atiku's imminent failure (https://www.nairaland.com/4777914/throwback-why-atiku-lose-core); mark the bolded and see you in 2023.

I laugh in INEC server grin grin tongue

It has been proven times without number that you are a small boy whose hope of any fame begins and ends on Nairaland were you frolick with your yoruba side-kicks desperate for some relevance..

Other than that you are a freaking nobody...Anyone reading rants from inconsequal dude like you on Nairaland will think you are Abba Kyari himself...but i know you and your kind.

Trying to slither your way back into their fold after the crazy quest of your insane buhari and fellow Fulani herdsmen to dispose people of their land via RUGA will not fly..

I remember how you danced unclad on this forum about Igbos beings hated,burning bridges (like you just alluded) et al and i can only laugh in your face as 80% of the South/Muddle-belt demonises FULANIS..

Joke is on you..

Your Northern politicians are angling for a Northern Presidenvy while a nobody like you is spewing crap saying otherwise to fool your SW audience here who has been programmed not to use their brains..

I careless about your fulani INEC in the kitty of buhari/Abba Kyari and co...The chaos,anarchy and doom brewed by you Fulanis are what concerns me..

Nigeria has a date with destiny.

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Politics / Re: RUGA Is Best Option To Settle Nomads Permanently – Bagudu by Ziggylady(f): 12:52pm On Aug 13, 2019
Iddots...Just leave SE and SS out of your nonsense..

You have been warned.

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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: It Will Be Unfair To Deny South-West Presidency In 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 12:36pm On Aug 13, 2019

There isn't anything unreasonable in what he said. He is just stating the obvious.

We in the North are politically adept to know Nigeria cannot survive another 8 years of Northern Presidency - the rotation principle between North and South is sacrosanct. Infact its a foregone conclusion among the political class in Arewa. Ango Abdullahi said the same thing last month, Shehu Sani is re-emphasizing it. Just watch wink

Since it is unavoidably going south in 2023, it most likely will be the SW or SS. The SE are not serious because they have remained obstinate to political common sense which dictates that they must lobby across other regions (especially as they lack political weight), and it does not look like it will change anytime soon. They know they have burnt bridges which they are clearly unwilling to rebuild, until that is done, I can assure you that the SW/SS will succeed PMB. Its not about hatred, but common sense and logical thinking.

Shehu Sani is on point!

...and this Fulani dude has slithered from nowwhere to deposit his nonsense postulations after hybernating for a while..

I laugh in RUGA and Fulani

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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: It Will Be Unfair To Deny South-West Presidency In 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 12:31pm On Aug 13, 2019

Denigrade, Abuse, Insult, Plot and Conniving against others, Spewing lies, Falsehood and Propaganda are all ingredients of Politics (that's why it's called a dirty game), from the US to the UK to Russia and other advanced democracies it abounds.
But that's not hate, it's simply the game. When you start attaching emotions (hate and love) to the game is where the problem lies. It's better get over your 2015/GEJ hangover.
That's why every Tom, dick and Harry can press your mumu buttons anyhow by appealing to your hate.
An FFK that invented most of the unprintable names GEJ was called, wrote several articles against the igbos and even described how he fvcked Bianca, crossed over to the Pdp when he was shortchanged in the sharing formula of Apc and became an overnight hero of a people he once denigrade.

Odumakin was in 2011, spokesperson of Buhari/ Cpc, but when Apc preferred a better liar in lai Mohamed to him after the merger he crossed over and people who once loathe him started singing his praise.

You hate Fulanis but love atiku and kwankwaso.
You hate Muslims but love Shittes.
You hate Afonjas but love Saraki (a red blood afonja)
You hate Apc but love Pdp (two Monstrous rouges).

Hundreds of instances abounds.
The fact is, you only love people who hate what you hate.

Until you and your people stop attaching emotions to Politics, every Kanu, FFK and Reno will keep making a foool out of you.

Oh yeah?...so why are you wailing and tagging what Igbos do as 'hate' and being emotional?...can you now see the pungent hypocrisy and double-standard crushing y'all?

Read your gibberish 10times to see how you are confusing yourself..It is not to type away with reckless abandon abandoning coherence and meaning as you go..

Tallking about mumu button,hasnt Amaechi,Akpabio,El-rufai, et al who were once PDP members been pressing your dunce button which have y'all dancing Fuji all over the place?

When it is time to brag about your political 'sufferstication' you call Obasanjo,when you wanted to install the jihardist called buhari in 2015,you hailed Obj when he tilted towards you...When your god buhari messed up and got a written letter from OBJ,he became a villain who must be crucified...so what are those Nursery Rhymes you spewed above?

The most emotional freaks has always remained you guys..If mouths were weapons,Yorubas would have had Nuclear Arsenals in their kitty now....

Anyway lemme end by saying..

You hate Igbos but love Joe Igbokwe..
You love Fulanis but hate Atiku..
You love muslims but hate Shittes and so on and so forth..

The joke is therefore on you and your likes who has made being a bundle of inconsistency and unreliability a full-time job.


Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: It Will Be Unfair To Deny South-West Presidency In 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 10:11am On Aug 13, 2019

Shehu Sani to us is never a hero nor a villian. And that's the difference between the logical west and the emotional east, Love and hate doesn't exist in our politics, it's simply self interest.
When we lose out in the political scheme (like in the days of GEJ), we don't go about crying and whining about like our blodas, we only go back to the drawing board and restrategize.
Hating on everyone like a rabid dog won't give you any political leverage it'll rather break the few bridges you've left.

Please grow up and stop typing like a toddler...There are thousands of comment from yorubas abusing and insulting Shehu Sani for criticising buhari.

There are thousands of yorubas insulting FFK for criticising APC and buhari...that is petty and emotional crap.

You insulted,plotted and spewed lies,falsehood and propaganda against GEJ...so how didnt you cry,whine and wail or dont you know the meaning of those words?

You hate,denigrade,abuse,insult,plot and connive against others yet delude yourselves you are on a higher moral ground than Igbos

You deceive nor fool no one with your delusions of grandeur except yourselves...not by a long shot.


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Politics / Re: Gowon Must Beg Igbo For Civil War Genocide – Fani-kayode by Ziggylady(f): 9:53am On Aug 13, 2019
Lol. This Fani Kayode knows how to press the Igbo folks mumu button. They are the only true fans he had so he always tries everything to entertain them to maintain his audience.

He even called himself the Lion on twitter and the Igbos are hailing him to also show their loyalty to him, hence he needs to constantly play on their emotion to keep his fan base intact.

Gowon should apologize so we can have another news to entertain ourselves with.

Fani Kayode is just having fun with the emotions of the Igbo man.

Who took your tattered toys away huh?..cos i dont understand why you are crying and spitting so much here.

The next thing is to rant on how yorubas do not give a hoot about Igbos,yet you never fail to pour the garbage you call comments on Igbo threads like this..

It sucks to be y'all indeed.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Youths Laud Northern Leaders’ Decision On Open Grazing In South East by Ziggylady(f): 9:49am On Aug 13, 2019
grin grin..i can only laugh.
Politics / Re: Joe Igbokwe: Anyone who tells you Buhari is not doing well is a liar from hell by Ziggylady(f): 9:46am On Aug 13, 2019
Shiite ibos will come for his neck simply because he has spoken the truth as an ibo Christian.

Sai baba.

This is none other than Omenka,Omenkalives,Corrinthians ,Progressive01 e.t.c

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Politics / Re: Joe Igbokwe: Anyone who tells you Buhari is not doing well is a liar from hell by Ziggylady(f): 9:44am On Aug 13, 2019
Shiite ibos will come for his neck simply because he has spoken the truth as an ibo Christian.

Sai baba.

Myndd44,Lalasticlala,Dominque e.t.c..

Kindly take care of this dude.

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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: It Will Be Unfair To Deny South-West Presidency In 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 9:40am On Aug 13, 2019
Some people who saw shehu sani as a hero will start calling him name.
Anyone who aligns with their hate narratives becomes their hero and anytime you deviate you're called all sort of names.

You people who saw Shehu Sani as a villain because he criticises buhari are now worshipping him because he has tickled your fanny with his personal thoughts which have no bearing to reality..

Anyone who alligns with your hypocritical narratives saturated with hate is a hero to you lots and becomes a demon if he 'ports'..


Politics / Re: Murder Of 3 IRT Operatives: DHQ Memo Leaks by Ziggylady(f): 6:34pm On Aug 12, 2019
How can a brain dead pig like you ever understand anything other than sucking mud you are known for?

Since your father is a bastard, I will advise you keep that instinct within you rather than bringing it to the public. A confirmed neonate using internet anonymity spewing nothing but ingrained foolishness. Useless flat headed pig.

Waiting for another nonsense from you pig...


Rule 2 broken
Politics / Re: Murder Of 3 IRT Operatives: DHQ Memo Leaks by Ziggylady(f): 6:33pm On Aug 12, 2019
Evil legacies of buhar/thieffnubbu/APC..

Now criminals hold sway in the Military
Politics / Re: Genesis Of Distrust Between Igbo's And Yoruba's — By Ojukwu (Video) by Ziggylady(f): 5:51pm On Aug 12, 2019
A significant number of ibo women are dying to escape their barren land to lagos whilst similar percentage in yorubaland has vowed never to return to their ancestral land..........even on the pain of death.

This 's why they will lie with any yorubaman just so they can secure their stay.

The memory is still fresh in our heads how their first lady was phocked left, right and center by ffk before dumping her like a used tampoon.

Oldman clocking 70 act your age....i cant imagine why a great-grandfather will be indulging in silly teenage talk like this.

Politics / Re: President Condé Of Guinea Lobbies Buhari For Tinubu In Daura Ahead Of 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 5:42pm On Aug 12, 2019
Most of these kids writing rubbish on Nairaland don't know how a President emerges in Nigeria.


Politics / Re: President Condé Of Guinea Lobbies Buhari For Tinubu In Daura Ahead Of 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 5:39pm On Aug 12, 2019

Your problem is that you talk too much and you end up not making valid points. In 2011, how did Jonathan win against northern candidates? Now let me take you back to 1993, how did Abiola a Yoruba man won against an Hausa man even won in most of the northern states than his major opponent.

See politics is all about power. I will keep saying this that Buhari is still very much close with Tinubu and both are doing well.
The vice president is in Tinubu camp
The Senate president is in Tinubu camp
The speaker is in Tinubu camp.
The current APC chairman is in Tinubu camp.

He has the executive and the legislature in his pocket right now. But unfortunately, all you guys think is that he will be betrayed soon by the people I mentioned above.
Please tell me what it takes to win election again if not for this two arms of govt. North will betray north will betray, that the only point you all raise without having any solid plan to back it up

No one is interested in these history lessons narrated and seen from your myopic prisms..least of all me...Too much has gone down btwn then and now yet you cant see that.

If you are in-tune with happenings,you would have known that the Obasanjo and Jonathan Administrations did the Northern elites in which has seen them vowing not to let power slip from their fingers AGAIN.

There is no reason why they would leave theirs and vote yours when yorubas too had their 8yr stint with OBJ...If you have the audacity to want power in 2023,so do they...You do not have two heads.

Besides, their suffocating bias towards the atrociious deeds of Fulani Herdsmen NOW should tell you whats up not Abiola/Tofa anomaly 27trs ago!

Read and ask around instead of basking in this delusions of grandeur...Every notable Northerner so far has insinuated or out-rightly spoken in favour of the North retaining power post-buhari,yet you are hell bent on going with what the voices in your head are telling you.
Politics / Re: President Condé Of Guinea Lobbies Buhari For Tinubu In Daura Ahead Of 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 4:34pm On Aug 12, 2019

I said critical analysis, you are giving me yeye analysis grin
Read you comment and hear how stupid the analysis sound. I was expecting you to tell me how the primary election will be manipulated in favour of a northerner in APC before bringing in Police and other agencies involved in election.

As of today, Tinubu is still winning politically and getting stronger than any other person in APC. Do you think a try can just be pulled down overnight? The same north you claim will use police and other agencies has refused to cut off Tinubu power and influence against 2023 rather they watch him growing more wings.

I am seriously laughing at you guys pained and childish analysis. All you do is attack the man, you all have failed to see how he is becoming stronger against 2023.

I have brought reality to yout door-step while you are hyper-ventilating even as you wail with a broken-heart..

We are talkiing 2023 President you are talking bunkum..The North has shown readiness to have another go come whay may while you are deceivng your selves here..lost im your delusions

Only an irredeemable dunce will imagine that thieffnubu and his insane worshippers who tagged along with buhari as lame puppies in 2015 and 2019 will be voted or rigged in by same Northerners who have said in clear terms they will contest to win in 2023..

You have been part of Nigeria since independence yet do not have the foggiest idea of how the average Northerner think about power and its a shame,they will leave their own and vote /rig for you and tnieffnubbu because you have two heads..

You have no Legislature,Executive,Judiciacry,INEC and Security forces in your kitty to manipulate in your favour like buhari yet deluding yourselves you will coast home to victory..

So insane.

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Politics / Re: President Condé Of Guinea Lobbies Buhari For Tinubu In Daura Ahead Of 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 1:36pm On Aug 12, 2019

This same way you said Baba Buhari won't become Nigerian President.
The same way you said Lawan and Gbaja would lose.

All your predictions have always failed. If you can give me a critical analysis on how Tinubu won't clinge the presidential ticket and subsequently lose the election, then I will take your words serious. Politics is all about power, influence, popularity and money. Tell me which one Tinubu lacks to become the next President of Nigeria.

You are not Fulani nor awusas...You do not have the Judiaciary,Excutive and Legislature in your kitty..

You do not have the Police,Army and INEC in your kitty...Buhari did/does and was able to murder and rig himself in..

Now how does small SW want to pull a win without the afore-mentioned,cos like buhari/APC those are all you depend on to win?...El-rufai has thrown the first salvo of the fact that zoning will be DEAD in 2023..or are you deluding yourself that the north will back down and vote for you.?

I wonder why using your God-given brains is difficult for you folks..same way you all tagged buhari as the messaih who must be worshipped ...Logical reasoning is almost none-existent in y'all psych

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Politics / Re: President Condé Of Guinea Lobbies Buhari For Tinubu In Daura Ahead Of 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 1:17pm On Aug 12, 2019

Your father would still carry banner for Tinubu in Eagles Square. Wanna bet?


Rule 2 broken
Politics / Re: President Condé Of Guinea Lobbies Buhari For Tinubu In Daura Ahead Of 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 1:16pm On Aug 12, 2019
Tinubu can never become President of Nigeria, you can bookmark this thread.

If Tinubu wants to become President before he dies, he should work hard and let Nigeria divide peacefully so he can become President of Oduduwa nation or maybe he should work for Nigeria to restructure into independent Regional nations united by one big umbrella called Nigeria, and then he can become the Prime Minister of Southwestern region.

A drug lord, a greedy looting machine that converted Lagos to his family property, a ritualist who worships all sorts of voodoo he uses to hold his Yoruba people under siege can never be the President of a united Nigeria.

Buhari became the President by mistake, remember he contested more than 3 times before he mistakenly won, that mistake will never occur again, and if at all, Tinubu should be ready to keep contesting for at least 4 times before he can have a near chance, and by then he should be in his 90s.

Osinbajo stands a better chance of becoming Nigeria's President than the corrupt, voodoo worshipping drug lord of Bourdillion!!

Petfect submission!

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Politics / Re: President Condé Of Guinea Lobbies Buhari For Tinubu In Daura Ahead Of 2023 by Ziggylady(f): 1:15pm On Aug 12, 2019
This is what SE dnt like to read. They are so scared of the man called Tinubu. Hearing his name alone causes hypertension and stroke for some of them grin.

Tinubu has all it takes to be given APC presidential ticket come 2023 with the current political structure.

V.P of Nigeria belongs to his camp
Senate president of Nigeria belongs to his camp
Speaker of Nigeria belongs to his camp.

Even the president is his close associate but I won't like to include him. People who will stop Tinubu in 2023 must be really powerful in terms of money and influence which I doubt there is any one presently.

Tinubu will not be President of a Nigeria Igbos are part of...we have made that loud and clear

He can only be president in arewa-odua republic...Writting junks and lies in publications of Trump begging Buhari for thieffnubbu to be President will not fly...

Go and book-mark that..

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Break Up, North Will Suffer – Sheikh Gumi by Ziggylady(f): 1:01pm On Aug 12, 2019
The Yorubas did not support any Operation Python anything. I think some just laughed at N. Kanu being dealt with because he was uncouth and insulting the Yoruba. Majority looked on with concern at the use of the military to suppress civilians.
For reasons known to him he decided to attack the Yorubas. Should have stayed on message. His fight was with the Fulani? The North? The zoo? Not sure because he was a scattershot and just insulted everything that moved.
I see that a lot here too. A lot of The Igbo posters just like to insult and try to denigrate. Can’t make their submissions without it. A bit of a shame. Some Yorubas too are guilty of that. Should stop

To your submission: The Yorubas don’t care about the Igbos. Up to you to do what ever you want. We don’t think of you guys collectively. We have our own region to worry about.

What we do care about is that the SS ethnic groups don’t want to go along with you in your Biafra and somehow your maps always includes their territory. grin grin There are Yoruboid groups there like the Itsekiri or the Akwa-Ibom people etc that suddenly find themselves Biafrans when they would rather be Sudanese first than to be in the same country with the Igbo grin
Conversely a lot of Edo & itsekiri and middle belt may decide to stay with the Yorubas since we are Easy-going

If you go with all your 5 SE states, whose business is that? Only yours.

The only issue in minding our business is that since half of your tribe is in our land, we are finding that we have to plan for your people (and other tribes to be fair, but mostly y’all) over-stretching our public services.
The one thing you can be sure of if the country splits is that the Fulani (of recent) & the Igbo are likely to find Yorubas very protective of their indigenous population and citizenship and land rights. Don’t be surprised if your 99 yrs C of O is changed to 20 years and only renewable for the indigenous grin. Stringent Visa to come to the West for Igbo but simple processes for Ijaw or Ibibio or Tiv etc grin cheesy . You can reciprocate but since we don’t come to your region, whose loss grin
So much for dominating the Yorubas in our own land or whatever you guys like to say grin
“ off to e-vacation”

Delusions of grandeur,who cares whether you are on 'vacation or laying around aimlessly?..so childish undecided....

Anyway back to the matter,I am certain the kind of air you guys breathe are not the ones others do...yours is a special kind laced with lies,falsehood,distortion of facts and gossip..

This is because your asnine assertions which has no bearing with facts are propagated by 100% of you lots..

Same B.S garnished with ignorance and fraught with lies...So so typical...

'Yorubas do not care about Igbos' blablabla...yet 90% of those condemning Biafra 24/7 are yoruba

It is clear you are one regula yoruba troll on Nairaland with a thousand monikers typing under caves in oshogbo...coninue to deceive yourself.


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