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Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 8:31pm On Jan 20, 2013
***Checks the time on her sleek diamond encrusted, silver DNKY watch. 12:30pm...

Sighs as she quickly takes a look at her online calander. No meetings scheduled till 1:30pm...time to take a quick break now, else I won't get the chance to.

Pushes aside her paper work and makes to leave the office. Remembers she's left her phone on the table. Picks it up and briefly scans the contents.

1 New Message from Ayo. That was nearly three hours ago...

Dials his number as she heads towards the exit elevators...****
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 8:38pm On Jan 20, 2013

** Its a monday morning at the office and hmm my birthday is coming up at the weekend **

** Just back from my break, that food is damn delicious men **

** But not as delicious as my sweet lilian **

** Don't know where this excitement and strenght is coming from **

** Guess its the surprise lilian is planning for the weekend, that babe always comes up with something new and unique all the time **

** Already cooked up the famous crucial board meeting lie to my wife concerning the weekend **

** Though she was silent when i told her but i know her too well to bring it up again soon **

** I have not spent some quality momemnts with her for a while now, birthdays, valentine and all **

** Maybe i will have to spend the weekend with her if she takes me on it as there is a limit to my numerous excuses **

** Well let me see what they both have for me and i can make my decision at the end **

** Well let me get back to my duties before they start reaching out to me, as i will be expecting to get a reply to my message from lilian **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 8:45pm On Jan 20, 2013
*** Waits patiently for him to pick up her call...***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 8:48pm On Jan 20, 2013
** Phone rings and its my lilian calling **

** Hmm guess she got my text message that i want to see her today at the office **

** Picks up the call **

** Hello baby, how are you sweety and hope your day has been good? **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 8:58pm On Jan 20, 2013
*** Smiles on hearing his voice at the other end of the line ***

*** Responds in her rich, husky and sexy voice ***

*** Hello my sweet darling. My day's been hectic but productive. I'm good though...you?***

*** I've had back-to-back meetings all morning and only just seeing your message. Going on my lunch break now. You okay to meet me at the Riverside Cafe? I should be there in say fifteen minutes tops?***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 9:12pm On Jan 20, 2013
** I am doing very good, so excited about the week and upcoming weekend **

** I can see that you are your usual sexy and fun filled self **

** Hmm i have some sweet news concerning the upcoming weekend **

** I would have loved if you to come over to my office so that can talk about it **

** You know how fun filled this kind of meeting ends with after spilling such sweet news ** wink

** I have got your favorite treat waiting for you, so what do you gotta say? **

** Well maybe its better to meet you at the restaurant or you want to come to the office?
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 9:27pm On Jan 20, 2013
*** Feigns ignorance ***

*** Uh...this weekend? Baby, what's happening this weekend? You've got a dental appointment or something? ***

*** Grins cheekily to herself as she hears him draw breath and goes silent on the line. Thinks to herself: Oh my darling Ayo! Ever so predictable!***

*** Darling, I'm just about to get into the lifts. I might loose connection but would call you back immediately I exit the building...***

*** Line goes dead...***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 9:35pm On Jan 20, 2013
** That's why i like this babe, her pretense games puts a smile on my face always **

** I know she is prepared for this meeting and knows what am talking about **

** Can't wait to meet her and see what she got planned for me **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 9:49pm On Jan 20, 2013
*** Exits the lifts as the doors open and strolls out of the building onto the kerb***

*** Flags down a taxi and instructs the driver to take her to the posh Riverside Cafe ***

*** Now settled comfortable in the plush seats at the back of the taxi, she redials Ayo's number ***

*** Hello darling, sorry about the break. Yeah, I'm headed for the Riverside Cafe. Traffic's not too bad so I should be there in say, a quarter of an hour's time? I've pre-booked a table for us there as Mr & Mrs Smith... ***

***Can't wait to see you and hear all about your er...weekend plans...lol!***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 11:12pm On Jan 20, 2013
** Oh don't worry about that, i understand the network issues in this city **

** I know i will always count on you to be two steps ahead of the situation **

** I will be waiting at the table for you, so you take good care and get your mind prepared for the surprise **

** Dashes off quickly to the restaurant, locates the table and makes necessary arrangement before she comes **

** Just after some minutes, a taxi stops nearby and there she is, my sweet Lilian **

** The very definition of a goddess, her heart shaped face and green eyes is something only a god like me is fit to behold **

** Her cat walking steps is really out of this world, with those figures, pointed boobs and well packed booty oh my **

** Now i know why king Solomon was ready to leave his 300 wife's and 700 concubines to chase after my Shunammite beauty **

** Stands up to pull the chair for her as she gets closer, but i know my babe . . .she is always up to new tricks and surprises in times like this **

** Can't forget the sweet kiss she gave me the last time or the ass grabbing in the full glare of the public **

** Hello Pretty, good to see you and . . ...before i could complete my statement . . . she **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 12:01am On Jan 21, 2013
*** Her heart skips a beat as she beholds her Adonis look alike at the table. By far the easily best dressed, most gorgeous looking man by a mile in the city - Her darling Ayo...***

*** Sighs inwardly whilst thinking to herself. Why do all the best ones have to get married so early? ***

*** Smiles sweetly as she approaches him, fully aware of the impact her presence has on other diners at the cafe, but moreso on Ayo. As she reaches him, she places her palms lightly on his shoulders and gives him a peck on both sides of his cheek, cutting his sentence midway... She let's him hold her for a few seconds longer...long enough for him to feel the softness of her curves pressed gently against the firmness of his well toned body frame, long enough for him to deeply inhale the scent of her Calvin Klein perfume, before gently extracting herself from his embrace***

***Mmmmm....Hello baby, t'is good to see you too. Glad you could make it. How have you been?***

*** Settling down in her seat, she takes a good look at him. Just as handsome as ever but is quick to notice the lines of tiredness etched around his eyes and the slightly worried expression on his face. Her heart goes out to him - wifey problems (again), no doubt...***

*** Darling is everything okay? ***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 12:30am On Jan 21, 2013
** Oh my goodness, can't get enough of this warmth feeling from her sweet, soft and tender body **

** For a moment, the adrenalin flow rate in body was about to shoot out of control. She knows how to stir and stroke the innermost feeling of my body **

** This is why am here with her, can't afford not to spend this weekend with her except my wife takes over the situation **

** I have been good baby and in as much as i try to smile but glad you can see the tiredness and stress am going through at the moment **

** Thanks for coming and you know am usually stressed by this wifey problems, well this is why i called you here **

** There is something wonderful coming up over the weekend and you are a big part of it, wifey might be an hindrance to that coming to fruition but it all depends on you. **

** First let me call for our order, signals the attendant to serve what i arranged for earlier . . . it is your usual baby **

** Okay well i don't want to spill the surprise to you without first confirming right now, if you have any hint about this surprise or not. so tell me if you have got anything in mind or you don't know what usually happens at this time of the year between us? **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 12:54am On Jan 21, 2013
*** Places her elbows on the table, leans forward and cups her chin in her hands whilst looking at him teasingly, through her long lashes...***

*** Ah, and here I was thinking this surprise had something to do with your dentist, Mr Chong Lee! ***

*** Okay, come closer and I'll tell you. No, a bit closer... ***

*** Leaning forward, she whispers into his ears...Happy Birthday in Advance darling! At the same time, she slides a bow tied, red ribboned envelop to him ***

*** She smiles in amusement as she watches the emotions on his face, as he curiously opens the contents of the letter. Unable to contain herself, she laughs coyly at his surprised expression as he looks up at her ***

*** Yes, it's two tickets for an all inclusive, short, romantic, weekend getaway in Europe. Been planning this for months. Wanted to make this birthday of yours more special than the last. Picture this: Us staying in a luxury cabin for two, hidden among the trees, at the famous Lake District, a world away from the distractions of everyday life. We'll go freewheeling on bikes through the forest, see the local sites, relax together in a hot tub, and you'll get the best spa treatment and massages from moi ***

*** I know you've been under a lot of pressure of late and this is my way to help you take a step back, relax, get your mojo back and be ready to face the struggles of life with a fresher perspective. What do you think?***

*** Oh, and these are First Class tickets by the way too ***

*** We leave on Friday afternoon to return on Sunday evening.

*** A thought suddenly crosses her mind...Baby give me your phone. (Quickly brings out her own touch pad phone and dials his number...)***

*** Sees her number come up as Lilian on his phone! Tut, tut, Baby! Not good enough. You've got to store my number as a male name on your phone. Edit my name to Mr Larry Johnson. It's safer that way and one can't be too careful with such things...
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 1:36am On Jan 21, 2013
** Waoh this must be the sweetest and most wonderful way of wishing someone you care about happy birthday in a surprising and unique way. **

** You have gone beyond my imagination this time around in your plans for such an occasion. Those activities you have mentioned are just so irresistible to me. Babe i am up for it with my soul, heart and my body, for putting this planned events together for my birthday. I will make sure it will be a lasting and memorable time spent together with you **

** There is just one issue and that is, my wife is not happy that i am going for another business trip at this time of the year. Though i don't know her exactly what she will definitely do about it yet, but i know she is going to bother me a lot if i insist on going for this business trip. **

** She has made plans also to celebrate this weekend with me from the little hint she gave me and if i don't agree to spend it with her, then the home will not be conducive for me to get my mojo back and i might loose the needed interest to make this trip **

** What i think is going to happen is that, you should not relax yet as events at home might make or mar the eventuality of this trip. Your timely engagement with me within the week should keep the desire burning for this trip and negate any issues wifey might want to throw at me **

** Should you need to see me during the week at the office or somewhere else, then i got that covered for you. She is aware that i will be working late for most days of this week leading to the weekend. You know how i package stuffs like this to create time for any possibility **

** You really surprised me with the first class tickets, you surely know my value and how to put the icing on the cake. Good initiative from you, you know this name of a thing do skip my mind and would have tried to sell her the story that Lilian is a family relation. Good you sorted that out effectively with the name change **

** So baby this is issue in front of us right now that could hinder me from making this trip with you. I trust you to be capable of engaging me during this week to get my mojo back for this trip. I know you have something to say my sweet heart and i would love to hear that before we leave soon back to the office. **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 2:32am On Jan 21, 2013
*** (Grits her teeth in silent frustration at his unrealistic outburst...and I thought I'm meant to be the clingy one here!)

*** Smiles sweetly at him instead as she stretches her arms out to him across the table and warmly clasps his hands in hers, gently massaging his fingers...***

*** Shhh... baby calm down. Everything's going to be alright...***

*** She softly calls him by his pet name over and over again, while gently kissing the tips of his fingers...My sweet sugar plum...You worry too much...***

*** Always remember that I am with you, even if not in person. You're never far from my thoughts...but we have to tread carefully here, really carefully... ***

*** Asides from my work commitments (as a top executive with my company), meeting up everyday from tomorrow is not going to be possible or even advisable. Trust me, your wife would smell a rat. Sometimes, the best part is the waiting bit...this serves to make the experience a lot more enjoyable and worth the wait.***

*** Visiting your office is also a no-no. The fewer people who know about us, the better. Besides, word travels round quickly and I'm sure some of your work colleagues might be familiar with your wife. No, that option is too risky. Your work laptop is encrypted, isn't it? Meaning you've got several layers of security levels to get through before gaining access to the contents - yes? Cool. ***

*** Then in that case, I'll send you coded emails as Mr Larry Johnson, confirming the date, time and venue for your business meeting (our secret rendevouz). I'm also going to get my Intern (work placement student) give you a call on your phone using mine. I'd like you to arrange it in such a way that your wife picks up the phone, hears his voice requesting to speak to you and then passes your phone to you. That way, she'll know without a shadow of doubt that Mr Larry Johnson is male and a genuine business associate of yours. ***

*** Nonetheless, I might be able to meet up with you after work on either Wednesday or Thursday evening. I would be in touch to let you know...***

*** Gosh! It's nearly 1:15pm! How time flies. Darling I've got to get back to the office. ***

*** Gives him a great big bear hug. Kissy-kiss-kiss darling...Later...***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 4:30pm On Jan 21, 2013
** Back to the office after the short meeting with my lovely lilian and thinking about her various suggestion in order to make my business meeting a possible sell to my wife. She is just the best and perfect partner to any married man that wants to live the moment. She really knows how to get all the details corvered in order not to get caught and make things easier for you. **

** She is the epitome and definition of a classy chick that has all the required skills, experience and education to play out such games perfectly.I have told her to make that business call around 5 pm, either on a tuesday or wednesday as i should be home early in those days and already armed with the correspondence emails from Mr Larry Johnson. **

** I think at this point that everything is already covered to make this trip a possibility and its time for me to head home and sort this business trip issue with my wife. I know she will be her usual nagging and troublesome self that always pushes me to eventually make such trips. I rather not spend it with a woman that does not give me peace, wants us to do the usual going to see a movie, eat out at a local restaurant and is not even looking like the same hot chick i chased during my university days after two kids . **

** Finally home and just as am about to pack my car properly at the car parking space . . . . i could not believe who and what am seeing accross the garden in the compound. Could this be the same person i left this morning before going to work and the same person i have been isolating myself from spending qaulity time with?. **

** This thoughts just kept revolving in my head as this is not the usual appearance of my wife and moreover when issues like me going on a business trip comes up, she is usually at her pissed and quarrelsome self. This is in contrast to what am staring at right now as she is all welcoming, smilling and walking towards where i packed my car. She definitely has gone to make her hair, dressed up like the beautiful brenda i chased during my school days and competed effectively with other guys to win her heart.

** She is not having the usual appearance of the uninterested, boring and hagardly looking house wife i have been accustomed to for a while that keeps on making me to look outside for fun and feed my eyes with excitement. Hmm what could she be up to this time around? . . . . i was expecting to be confronted by an unwelcoming wife in relation to the little discussion we had this morning. Well let me get out from the car and play out the game of going on this business trip as i don't know yet what is the cause of the sudden change in appearnace and her quarelling ability ( No vex Gordons cheesy . . .it is better for lilian to massage my back than for me to stay at home with **** cheesy) **

** Gets out from the car, says hello sweety to my darling wife and before i could speak further . . . . she **

Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Idowuogbo(f): 10:23pm On Jan 21, 2013
**awoke the next morning to the sound of thunder. I rolled groggily out of bed, rubbing my eyes.As usual, I noticed the little note husy livs behind b4 shooting off to work,I put on my glasses, grab the note and immediately start to blush...Yeah! i get like dat everytime i read his silly lil one liners.Up now,i opened my window blinds, What I saw was not our new immaculate backyard, but a wasteland covered in snow...I stood there for a few seconds, taking in the whole scene.

At first, I thought I was still asleep,I whispered "Gush! It's snowing again? I hope this godforsaken weather don't ruin huby's birthday plans". For some reason, i was still determined to go ahead wiv plans.I strolled to the kids bedroom, noticed d bunch still fast asleep, i screamed "You guys still sleeping? Guys! Up u get, Now! We've got loads to do today... It's daddy bday dis weekend, and each one of you need to come up with something that'll stop daddy from going to some yeye meeting. Naomi d baby of the house starts moaning, "alrite mummy...will b down in 20 mins".*i grab her cheeks* Nai, Let ur 20 mins b 20 mins o! I'll b waiting....

*While waiting for d kids to come down, she dials husy's for a quick chat.
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 6:59pm On Jan 23, 2013
*** Sitting at my office desk on a tuesday morning and wondering about the actions of my wife in relation to my business trip. **

** Thinking that there was something different this time around and only to be actually greeted with a welcoming smile only. I probably reacted to the fact that even with all my escapades, i still miss and want a fun filled home. I want to help her by trying my best to communicate the issues i have with her without heating up the situaion. **

** She did not even raised the issue about my business trip but just carried on with me for the rest of the day like all is fine and i can go ahead with my trip. Well she has never given a non verbal go ahead to any of my earlier trips so i am still expecting her usual style of sorting issues by first sending me emotional text messages or calling me while at work. **

** Though she is trying to keep the plans she has for my birthday secret this time around but am just curious to know for possible comparision and if it is not the usual suggestions she is fond of. I believe i have an obligation to make her happy, and work with her to develope a condusive and fun filled home. A resentful and unhappy wife is not helpful for a man who hopes to channel his concentration and energy to daily life challenges. I am hoping that the message i dropped about the need for us to talk and sort issues out concerning the business trip and to push her to start talking. **

** Well while hoping for my wife to pick up steam to act. . . . i can't just stop thinking about my sweet lilian. She is just too exciting to be with and always there to fill the vacume created by my wife.Heaven knows i just cannot get enough of her and who knows what i would have become without the spice and fun she adds to my life. I hope she starts putting the plans we had yesterday into action as all options are open for me if brenda is not going to puruse things differently with me this time around. I still don't know what my decision would be but i know that i can always make it up for my lilian if we do not go on this escapade. As for my lovely brenda . . .she has been tolerant enough to my numerous excuses but every human has his or her limit before they turn against the wall and would it not be wise to cool things down this time around? . Well am the man that always have my way so i can damn her still and go to this irresistible trip with my Lilian. **

** Well enough of this thoughts as i need to concentrate on the work in front of me so that i can get things down before anyone of them starts reaching out to me. **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Idowuogbo(f): 8:14pm On Jan 23, 2013
** 45mins later, Nai comes walking down the stairs with a frown,"Mum, u ruined my beauty sleep.. arrggggh! Anyways,what we having for breakfast?" she asked. "Naomi Obanikoro! all you know is food, Tarzan! she smiles and runs a light joke,"well....have got my fathers DNA" she sticks her tongue out and grabs the scotch egg in fridge and she begins to munch away.

***We both sat round the dining tucking in our breakkie and waiting for Korede my eldest son to finish his 3hrs grooming section in the bathroom.while waiting..I asked Nai,"have you got any exciting ideas?" Emmh...yes! should i start with the good or the bad? she asked."Nai, good or bad ke? *sighs* go ahead! all ears... I looked at her in fright, "Mum! lets go to any theme park and have dad face his phobia of roller-coasters or...... we can all go out for lunch together and afterwards you drop us off at grandma while you come home to a candle light dinner for two. I broke away for a minute, reminiscing the candle light dinner idea. i had the scene all worked out in my head....Aha! i knew i could count on my eccentric daughter for ideas....

****Hello!!!!!! clicking her fingers in my face, "Mum! are you going to say something?" I zapped back to reality,mount a kiss on her forehead and instantly told her i was going for idea no 2. I skipped away like a little kid to the living room to grab the house phone and immediately dialed husy's work number.

***phones rings****
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 8:38pm On Jan 23, 2013
** Its almost getting to break time and just as i was thinking about the lack of communication from my wife then the phone rings **

** Picks up my phone and guess who is calling? . . . hmm could she be ready to talk about my business trip or there is something else. Well the note i dropped could be working wonders already so let me hear what she gat to say **

** Answers the phone and says '' Hello Darling '' How are you and the kids? **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Idowuogbo(f): 9:44pm On Jan 23, 2013
***“Ring, Ring, Ring,” the phone rang about four times so loudly.... on the fifth ring, he finally picked up."Hello Darling'' How are you and the kids?***

**** i replied...."Hi Handsome! The kids and moi are doing great...thanks! Me and Nai just finished having our breakfast.As for Korede, hes been upstairs in the bathroom for the past two hours now,you need to take that child to church for deliverance". He laughs uncontrollably and replies...."Darling, there's nothing wrong with my Olukorede".Hmmmmm...."i have heard u Baba Olukorede" i replied.

*****I breathe in and out, still feeling excited about naomi's idea no 2. "so....my dearest,me and your wonderful kids have made plans for your birthday.We decided on a trip to a theme park and have you face your phobia for roller coasters". "on my birthday?" he asked, "yes ke! fantastic idea rite? i replied...

*****patiently waiting for his bollocking,he replies... "Iya Naomi, you and the kids can go! I've got a business trip to make that day". I burst into a fit of laughter, i knew the idea wont go down well with the chicken head. "share the joke" he asked. "Well.. the joke is on you, I'll finish off the surprise later on tonite! ok? got to go...am off to Ann summers to pick up something transparent.Love you! Bye!!!!!****

****hangs phone*****
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 9:55pm On Jan 23, 2013
*** Another hectic day back in the office, headphones stuck firmly in her neatly coiffured hair, Lilian swivels absent mindedly in her chair whilst listening to the international team meeting being held via conference call ***

*** An early call for the New Yorkers (7am), Perfect timing for the Brits 12 noon (grins) and a bit late in the day for the support team in India (6pm)...Oh well, sometimes these things can't be helped, she muses ***

*** Her mind drifts to yesterday's events and her brief meeting with her darling Ayo. Although she'd been planning to call him later in the evening, she didn't quite get the chance to...not when she finally managed to leave the office by 9pm. That would have been too late in the day***

*** Smiling to herself, she recalls his surprised reaction to her gestures at the cafe yesterday. Oh my sweet darling Ayo! My darling baby, if only you knew. Yesterday was just a tip of the iceberg!. Suddenly her phone vibrates almost soundlessly on her desk. Picking it up, she sees she's got a text message from the florists...confirmation from the delivery guys that her order has reached it's destination and been received by the intended recipient.***

*** Yes, she had sent him a bottle of his favourite (and I daresay, one of the most expensive perfumes in the world but my baby is soooo worth it!) - Clive Christian Perfume for men in a pretty diamond bottle and a 5 carat white diamond, a bunch of red roses and a single white Lily with her favourite Shakespearian poem:

Nothing in the world is single;
All things by a law divine
In one spirit meet and mingle.
Why not I with thine? -

See the mountains kiss high Heaven
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister-flower would be forgiven
If it disdained its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth
And the moonbeams kiss the sea:
What is all this sweet work worth
If thou kiss not me?

Baby, come over to mine at 6pm tomorrow? My special surprise awaits you...(kisses from L)****
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 10:34pm On Jan 23, 2013
** Hmm what a conversation i just had with brenda, she is so cool and relaxed about this whole business trip of a thing. Though i was expecting her to be confrontational about this whole thing but she was calm and was even planning things with the kids. Hmm i really like the excitement beaming around her right now and how she teased me without letting her main plans out of the bag. **

** Well i have to get home to see what surprise is actually waiting for me at home. Hmm just as i was still in my thoughts my office phone rings.Its my secretary and she is informing about a flower delivery meant for me. Ha this must be from my lovely Lilian, so i went out to sign the recipient form. The name of the sender was Ashley Njoku and that is a coded name used by her to deliver surprise messages. We use different name pairs to pass different kind of coded messages and this is definitely a message to spend some good time with her. **

** This lady just knows how to tickle me and press the right buttons as at when needed.Haha there is it, the usual details of the surprise in a small note tucked with the flowers and i have to meet up with her at her place tomorrow by six. I know she has her ways of preparing me for such trips and that coming up this weekend will definitely not be different. Well my heart is still leaned towards this business trip as brenda has not come fort with something worthwhile for me. **

** Let me send her a message to appreciate her efforts to make me smile always and at the same time start building up the business trip story to sell to my wife. Goes to my computer to type an encrypted email to Mr Larry Johnson to book a business meeting with the company he works for and clarify some other issues for a smooth business transaction. The text message to my lilian is off-course romantic and very erotic, i know how to make her giggle when there is a surprise waiting for me and let her know that am up for the treat wink. **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 10:52pm On Jan 23, 2013
*** New mail in inbox received...***

*** Opens up the contents of the mail and swiftly sends back a response. ***

~ The meeting with the business clients has been pre-booked for Saturday mid morning.
~ Pick up cab from the airport, hotel reservation and flight tickets booked for departure on Friday and return on Sunday evening.
~ To expect confirmatory call from Mr Larry Johnson by COB (Close Of Business) at 1700 hours today via telephone.

*** Thinking to herself: hope my darling remembers to be home early enough to receive Larry's call in the presence of his wife ***

*** Sees the new text alert on her phone and opens up the message from Ayo...My goodness! He really does have a way with words! His text has left her in no doubt whatsoever about his intentions for her...

*** Feeling flustered, she hopes no one's noticed the slight twinge of colour on her cheeks. Ohhhhh Ayo! You make waiting for you feel like such an unbearable pain!. Gosh, now she really does feel like a flustered teenage 17 year old! ***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 11:17pm On Jan 23, 2013
** New mail message alert **

** Mr Larry Johnson just replied my mail and everything just bears the fine finger prints of my lovely Lilian **
** I have never seen such a pair with same thinking, great understanding and top communication ability. **
** The chemistry is so hot that it can start a fire that cannot be quenched by all the waters of the Atlantic ocean **

** I should get a print of this confirmation email to support the expected confirmatory call from Mr Larry Johnson. **
** I think this should get the job done pending the kind of surprise that awaits me at home. **
** I am not expecting much from brenda but who knows what she has in store for me that could make me change my mind. **

** Well let me just relax, free my mind from all of these and get back to work so that i can clear this loads on my desk. **
** I have to get home before 5 pm in order to get the timing of the call right and set things in place. **

'Time Period'

Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Idowuogbo(f): 11:47pm On Jan 23, 2013
***I got back from shopping 2 o'clock,i immediately went straight into the kitchen to prepare his favorite(fried rice and roast duck).I tossed the duck in the oven, grabbed my shopping bags and was on my way upstairs to check on the kids.Korede as usual,was busy working on some Techno ish,while Nai was tapping away on her BB. "hi guys! u guys ok?" i asked... " yea!" they chorused. "alritey.. just checking" i replied....

****I strolled to our bedroom,unpacked my sexy lingerie and tucked it away nicely into the wardrobe. I whispered "yes! brenda the freak is back! he best be ready." i rolled on to my padded seat before my oval mirror in front my dressing table, packed my hair in a ponytail,lined my lips with lip-gloss,grabbed another striking outfit and sped back to the kitchen to finish off dinner.*****

****patiently waiting for husy to get bck from work, i began to rehearse the candle light dinner in my head...... different ideas on how to kick off the night kept popping up. hmmmm... i probably have "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life by Stevie Wonder" playing in the background while we relax in the bath tub with strawberries and a glass of wine.Or,i go to my crazy yardie friend to get some tips on how to vibrate my booty and do a strip tease.Damn! brenda! you bringing sexy bck!" i said to myself.

*******ding dong! door bell rings ****
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Idowuogbo(f): 11:47pm On Jan 23, 2013
Double post***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 12:10am On Jan 24, 2013
** Its almost 4pm and me walking into my home to find it empty and silent. Went to get my key from the car after ringing the bell with no response from anyone. Walks into my home, glancing around the sitting room and something caught my attention. On the table is a small note placed on the hands of a baby doll which is definitely unusual. So i walk towards the baby doll to retrieve the note and there is an instruction there for me. **

** It goes like this . . .'' Darling please can you walk quietly to the kitchen as your lovely wife awaits you with a ***** . . .**
** Hmm thinking to myself that . . .what could she be up to, what is the meaning of the asterisks and why inside the kitchen ?. . undecided **
** Is this the surprise she is talking about, well o well let me go and see what is there first. **
** Walks into the kitchen and there she is . . . . shocked . . **
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Idowuogbo(f): 1:58am On Jan 24, 2013
***door opens*****

****he stood there in shock with his mouth wide open...I walked towards him and grasped him firmly, but gently, just above my elbow and i guide his hands down my waist. Then quietly ,i shut the kitchen door with my right foot.

*****the kids in their bedroom, we all alone.Probing, searching, knowing what i wanted,he brought his hands swiftly to my shoulders, slid them down my tingling spine and gently grabbed my buttocks. "Arrrrgh!!!" i yelled softly... "no so fast! Mr excited! dinner first.we'll finish off the Romeo and Juliet up in our getaway. deal?" i asked... "brenda! you driving me crazy" he replied....

***We finished our dinner, i resumed my usual duties.... stripped him out of his work clothes and switched the shower on. We walked into shower together, washed off and crawled back into the bedroom.****

***in bed together, i figured it was the perfect moment to reveal "the surprise"... " well..honey! u didn't even ask about "the surprise" i asked...

"Oh my bad! Ok ma'am, you got my attention now, speak!"

***emm..emmm.. i start to stutter, i knew i finally had to let it out. "sweetie, me and d kids agreed we'll all go for lunch on your birthday and later on in the day, we'll drop them off at grans while we come back home to a candle light dinner set up with other mini surprises.I whispered softly into his ears, "i bought something you'll love to take off that day".

****Instantly his face lit up, "but...." he replied...

***"no buts... get ready romeo! Brenda the freak is coming out this weekend".

***I rolled over to shut the lights off... and shortly, we fell asleep.****
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 12:13am On Jan 25, 2013
*** Meanwhile back at the office at exactly 5:00pm, the new eager-to-please intern Jamie, dials Ayo's number with Lilian's phone as directed by her. After a couple of rings, he looks up at her from the scripted sheet in front of him and shakes his head ***

*** No luck? She asks from the doorway of her office ***

*** No, Ma'am. There's no response from the other end of the line. ***

*** No problem. Give it another try in say two hours time, just before you leave for the day, she instructs. But in the meantime, leave a message on his voicemail, informing him that you called and would be calling in precisely two hours time to finalize the booking confirmations for Saturday's meeting ***

*** Yes, Ma'am. Will do so, he politely acknowledges as she turns away from him and heads back into her office ***

*** Smiling amusedly to herself, she second guesses the reason why Ayo hasn't picked up his phone. Obviously, his wife must be all over him like a rash. Can't say I blame her though, desperate times call for desperate measures she muses to herself. I probably would do the same thing if I felt I was about to loose my man too...***

*** Picking up the company's First Quarter Financial Projection Sheet, she studies the data contained in it and is soon engrossed in the figures...***
*** Two hours later, Jamie informs her that he is about to place the call. ***

*** Seven O'clock already? She asks in surprise. Okay, I'll be there with you in a minute, she acknowledges from her paper strewn desk.

*** Leaning backwards in her executive chair, she elegantly stretches her legs crossed at the ankles, underneath her rich mahogany table, to relieve the stiffness and to get the circulation going. She had been completely absorbed in her work and hadn't noticed the time fly swiftly by ***

*** Pushing her chair backwards, she gets to her feet thinking: I sure could do with a break. Preferably, a much needed weekend break to escape the nitty-gritty of city life... ***

*** Standing by Jamie's desk, she nods in consent for him to place the call to Ayo and waits patiently as his phone rings...***
Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by Pharoh: 9:43am On Jan 25, 2013
*** My Phone alarm wakes me up and oh poo, the time is 6:50pm. I always do this to prepare myself for the news at 7pm. ***

*** Brenda is awoken also by the alarm, so i inform her that i am going down stairs to get my office stuffs and i was even expecting a business call before we went to sleep. ***

*** Anyway i dashed down to get my stuff and find the printed confirmatory email from Mr Larry Johnson. I really need to seal the packaging story of this business trip before tomorrow. She needs to see this confirmation when she wakes up in the morning or even now maybe. ***

*** Well i decide to think about the surprise Brenda just gave me and her surprise concerning my birthday as i move back to the bedroom. Well can you just imagine that i have to take shower with her and then the next thing is to fall asleep when i was expecting a real jiggy jiggy at that moment?. ***

*** The dinner she prepared though is very thoughtful of her and that's my favorite meal but her plans for my birthday is not that hmm. Hmm what is so special about eating with a candle light, what about atupa, rechargeable light, lantern and flood light self?. grin Ha i am not cut out for stuffs like this but nevertheless, such a night will still bring us closer together and afford us the opportunity to bond again and sort the issues out i have with her. ***

*** Well i already told Lilian that her treat and surprises for me during the week is very important in preparing me for this trip, if it is not up to it then i should just skip it this time in order to calm the little storms in my home but if am blown away then i am going on this trip with her. ***

*** Just as i was approaching my bedroom door then i hear Brenda talking on the phone and i can pick up references to me, meetings and the mention of Mr larry Johnson. I dashed into the room quietly and she hands over the phone to me with a little frown on her face. She says the call is from the office of Mr Larry Johnson and they would like to speak with me about the meeting i was suppose to have with their Boss by the weekend. ***

*** She told them that Mr Ayo is around and she will hand over the phone to him. I take the phone from her, thanking her and with all seriousness in order not to betray the game am playing, i say hello. ***

' Hello sir, am i speaking with Mr Ayo . . . . . '
' Yes you are and is this from the office of Mr Larry Johnson '
' Yes it is and please hold on for a second while i hand over the phone to my boss '
' I turned my face away from brenda because the smile is going to come out when i hear her voice '

*** I conclude the conversation with Mr Larry Johnson and making sure that Brenda is getting the full details of my exchange on the phone. The call is over and i turn to her . . before i could say anything . . . she asks if that was about the business trip i was talking about?. ***

*** Yes it is about it, i was going to inform you about the call and even came with the email message confirming the meeting i booked with him. Well don't even know that you will be the one to pick the call and sorry about the plans you have made but you can see that there is actually a business trip for me this weekend. She is silent as i move to the side of my bed to keep my stuff and join her on the bed. ***

Re: Two Can Play The Game Season 2 - A Game For Love & Marriage - LIVE by EfemenaXY: 9:24pm On Jan 25, 2013
*** Back home, Lilian tiredly switched off the ignition of her sleek two seater Jaguar sports car. Another exhausting but productive day at the office. Well, at least her carefully laid out plans were gradually beginning to take shape and form as expected but that not withstanding, she always made sure she had back-up contingency plans in place, just in case of any unexpected eventualities. ***

*** Watching the automatic garage doors gradually shut down, she knew she couldn't afford any careless slip-ups...especially where her sweetheart Ayo was concerned. He was that special to her. Life's worries seemed to fade into oblivion whenever he was with her and she knew deep within her heart that she would gladly go to the far corners of the earth just for him. Asides the explosive chemistry between them both, their relationship defined the very essence of compatibility. He was her friend, confidant, and understood her like no other person ever had. He most certainly was her missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle and she his too. ***

*** As she walked past her carefully manicured gardens, she heard the welcome barks of her two Alsatians as she let herself in through the front door. Both males were thorough breeds, and well trained guard dogs that were fiercely protective, and would willingly lay down their lives for her. It had taken them quite a while to accept Ayo as a non-threat. She smiled as she recalled the trials, coaxing and numerous doggy walks in the park he had had to undertake with them before they both warily accepted him.***

*** Hello you! She lovingly rubbed their furs as she squatted on her knees to hug them both. Missed me? She laughingly teased as they barked in unison as though in response to her question whilst covering her face with sloppy licks. Lol! I missed you both two! My handsome knights! Getting back on her feet, she checked the security alarm settings of her home before walking to the kitchen to get their doggy dinners. I bet you're both hungry eh?? She laughed again as they barked in response. ***

*** One hour later after her dinner and a well deserved relaxing soak in the bath, Lilian lay in bed finally settled for the night. Tomorrow was going to be her special time with Ayo. She did a mental check of her "to-do" list in preparation for his arrival. She didn't get to see him as often as she would have liked...but maybe, that was for the best as it made the times she did get to spend with him, all the more precious to her. She hadn't seen him since Monday afternoon and she yearned to hold him once more in her arms. In a few hours time, her darling would be with her. Oh Ayo! My sweet darling...my baby...were her last thought as she drifted off and sleep finally took its toll on her tired senses... ***

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