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Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 9:48am On Sep 18, 2008
There is a special bounce in my steps as i head towards her house.Like a maiden in a fairy tale i see her standing at her balcony waving at me and my face lights up as i race to be by her side. Her smile warms my heart and loosens my tongue. I pour out words shaped by pain stored in the recesses of my mind and unlock a floodgate of tears. She holds my shattered heart in her hands and moulds it with soothing words. Time will heal all wounds she says, even one wrought by death. I am crazy about you i say, but I LOVE YOU she says. I am tongue tied, is this love? The warm feeling in my heart, the joy at our meeting and the sadness when we must part? I am hurting so my heart is full of sorrow, i say to myself " i dont know" and so i am silent. My silence says more then words could ever say.

Its a new year and i get a letter from her, "i miss you so much, it says, i long to be with you". Yet i am wrapped in my world of grief and dont reply, i know her words to be true but my heart still dwells on the one that died. The years have passed and that spark is now a memory. I hears from friends that she is married now and i smile to myself. I remember our moments together and understand more clearly now, i understand why her words were such jewels and her kisses such bliss. Like an angel she was there in my darkest hour. yes she was there for me, but never meant for me. I understand now that through her i drew strength, not from what she was but what i wanted her to be. Through my sorrow a gift was stirred, through my pain, a new way to conquer my fears was learned. The ability to express my feelings in words, the desire to embalm my thoughts on paper. So even if my "first love" wasnt really love i thank the heavens for sending her for i know now more then ever that it was at that epoch in time that i started to write
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by kay9(m): 4:40pm On Sep 18, 2008
@ aslan333: You write nice. Your best plus, I think, is the ease with which you moved from that meeting years ago to the present time. Your ability to convey your thoughts and feelings so smoothly and sincerely makes good reading, too. It's all "sissy-sissy" stuff, of course (no offence meant smiley ) but its been quite a while since I read a nicely written sissy-sissy story. You've got skill, friend; hope to see more posts from you.
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 12:41pm On Sep 22, 2008
it was so dark i could almost touch it and the only sound was my slow rythmic breathing. I laid on my back because it was too painful to move. all alone i was, battling with my demons. i heard a close friend died of the sickness i now embodied and for the first time it dawned on me how real death is; lurking in the dark just counting my heartbeats. so i spoke to God like most dying men do. i spoke to my creator as i reflected on the life i had lived. for the first time i really prayed. the desperate cry of a dying man. as i prayed the demons brought thoughts to my mind of lost loved ones. i heard movements in the dark, deaths servants reminding me he"s close.his servant "pain" as efficient as ever, his slave "fear" drawing me closer to him. still i prayed, pleaded and cried " lord i want to live". yet there was no reply just the sound of my painful rhytmic breathing in the dark.

as i lay on the bed i hear a whisper in my head, a gentle questioning voice, "why should i let you live? i could hear him say. "what happiness would that bring me? you fill your days with sin and your nights with filth under a cloak of darkness. yet i have always seen you, i have heard your filthy thoughts screaming in my ears and have seen your filthy ways that many times brought me to tears. why then should i let you live? so you can continue in your revelry and cause me more grief? why shouldnt i let death stop your hearbeat.how do i reply such words? i know the voice speaks the truth so i lay in  the dark with another sound added to the painful breathing, " the agonising sobs of a dying man"

for the second time i hear a voice as gentle as the first," i take no pleasure in the death of sinners,rather that they repent and live. you deserve judgement but i offer mercy. i beseech you my child choose true life. now i understand that life is a mist, that mortal mans days are few. i see that my sins broght me pleasure but never joy and pleasure isnt worth an eternity in darkness. i choose true life, i choose you.

i dont hear the whispers anymore but he has left his servants with me. "hope" keeps me strong and the word guides my heart, chasing away all the demons. and even though i still feel the pain, as his servant"faith" grows stronger within,  i know even the pain will go.


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Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by Sisikill: 5:16pm On Sep 22, 2008
I really like the first one coz it is sad. . . I guess that is what makes it so real! There is no such thing as galloping into the sunset and living happily ever after with the one you "love".

The second one - Now that is LOVE at its very best.

All in all. . . the both made for a good read.

Boss, you don't like sissy-sissy stuff? But why? I mean yeah, pfffffftt. . . Sissy stuff is  . . . errrr . . and I. . . I'm just asking for asking sake you know, it's not like I write sissy stuff or anything. . . will . . . will you excuse me for a moment?

Hurries to go erase all the sissy sissy stuff I've ever written.
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 5:29pm On Sep 24, 2008
thanks kay9 and sisikill for ur comments
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by akbest: 9:59am On Oct 06, 2008
faraway land
i know that the lord has a plan
cos somewhere in a faraway land
love waits for me
so when the future starts to look dim
and it looks like love wont come to me
i close my eyes and dream

of someone in a faraway land
who is waiting just to give me her hand
and love her more then any man can
my heart most precious gift of mine
i'll give to her for all time
the day i truly find, my love

and on the day that she says yes
i will know that i am truly blessed
luckier then the rest
cos someone in a faraway land
has said that i should be her man
and love her more than, any man can
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by akbest: 10:07am On Oct 06, 2008
p.s the poem was written by aslan333 i just posted it for him
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 1:14pm On Oct 15, 2008
hotel rwanda
mans' words

the horrors in this life i see
oh lord, why did you create me?
in anger i will clothe my thoughts with words
and scream to the heavens till i am heard

what is your answer to a childs pain?
why are you silent when religion slanders your name?
what is mans purpose?cant you just make it plain?
in frustration i cry, on my knees again

will you blast me now as you did Job?
or will you explain like you did on the emmaus road
cos my faith draws thin, my love waxes cold
as the one men speak off sits on a distant throne

His reply

the caterpillar sees the butterfly and shakes its fist at me
infront of a mirror it scowls and rants on how cruel life can be
i could thunder from the heavens but would it truly understand?
must i explain an infinite mind to finite man?

men form ideologies of me from the idols in their hearts
you should truly seek me and set yourself apart
for i am not an unconcerned observer as some may think
neither have i given you a cup i did not drink

seek me with all your heart and with time you will understand
just as out of the oysters clam comes the pearl
and through a mothers labour comes a baby boy or girl
from this world will come forth the best of worlds
so have a little faith thats all i ask
judge me when the story ends and all is past
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 10:05am On Oct 28, 2008
blessing of my soul

i always sing then i dance
when i think about our romance
when you gave me that special glance
when you put me in this endless trance
i always jump and i sing
for all the joy that you bring
precious one, blessing to my soul

there's no more pain, no more grief
for your love has brought me peace
you make me feel like the greatest king
you make me the happiest human being
i no more groan, muchless moan
for i am no longer alone
she is here, the blessing of my soul

hear my friends, boys and girls
cupids bow has finally shot home
and left my heart all aglow
it has melted away all the snow
i thank God, bless his name
for this i do give him praise
for my precious one, the blessing of my soul
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by rexfx2: 11:52am On Oct 31, 2008
The last time i posted on this site was in June this year, all i do is read posts and leave.
cant help bu drop a line after reading your post. You are good brother, keep it tight and ho always and above all don't ever quoit learning.
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 2:38pm On Nov 07, 2008
Time and time again

Time and time again
I feel it, the pain
It almost drives me insane
My tears pour down like rain
I look up at the stars
Wondering where you are
Time and time again
I feel it, the pain

When am all alone they come
Memories that burn
That makes me to mourn
And cry all alone
Inside of me feels cold
I walk a lonely road
When am all alone they come
Memories that burn

I look for words to say
I cry out, I pray
For one special day
You’ll call out my name
And take away my pain
Kindling once again that flame
I have no words left to say
So I sob here, I pray

p.s thanks rexfx
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by Lovelace: 2:03pm On Nov 08, 2008
Great work!
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 12:07pm On Nov 10, 2008
I sit at my porch as a smile dances upon my lips
watching the children listen in eagerness at the old womans feet
soaking in her stories with vivid imaginations
hausas, igbos, yorubas, a little nation

no child turns to the other asking "whats your tribe'
to tribalism and its like they are blind
just pure love i see, the way it should be
and their genuine tears when they part, touches me

but my mind is tainted by the prejudice of tribe
i should call myself NIGERIAN but instead i flock with my own kind
so with wrinkles i learn lessons from the young ones
still fresh from heaven with few years under the sun

thanks lovelace
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 4:14pm On Dec 17, 2008
lost love

i fell in love as any man would
and my love grew as no mans could
over the years i have fought back tears
at the reminder that i have lost my love

i was in a trance for so long
hypnotised, i sang her praises and songs
but she loved another and told me as much
now am still waiting for times healing touch

a victim of love i have been
and the consequences i have seen
for i cried out may the best man win
and broke down in tears when she chose him
a jewel i have lost, my only treasure
my love is lost and gone forever
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by benincitys(f): 9:57pm On Dec 20, 2008
lost love
sweet one keep it coming i am loving it.
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 11:49am On Dec 29, 2008
i tear at the flesh in search of a new beginning
a way to conquer the fears within
the inner doubts and all that makes me cringe
to be a better man, of more noble character
to know the difference between eternal values and what doesnt matter
to become a better son, a more noble father

i ask for help, the opening of my eyes
to once again hold dear the setting sun
and lifes simple pleasures that come with the break of dawn
to hold humans dear despite our flaws
and stretch out a hand of friendship beyond my crumbling walls
to do what is right, to answer the inner call

as i write to a faceless audience i silently wonder when
a kindred spirit will reply the words captured by my pen
with a deeper understanding of lifes meaning
and a simple friendship, the path to inner healing
i tear at the flesh, in search of a new beginnig
the inner battle rages on, i need to start winning
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 1:07pm On Jan 17, 2009
goodnight note

my younger brothers in love, i can see the signs
the way he whistles in the rain
and his eyes light up when i call her name
her love has kindled such a flame
and i understand cos my love for you hasnt waned
love conquers all, i watch it unfold before my eyes
a tale so fresh, yet as old as time

he holds the remote miming alicia keys "no one" when i walk in the room
and tells me it seems the skies a richer blue
he walks around thinking no one has a clue
but we all see the signs, he seems brand new
love conquers all, this i know is true
and it reminds me of our beginnings, of me and you
our joys, our pains, all we've been through

so you might not have noticed, but today i just sat and watched you
the way you combed your hair, the way you wore your shoes
the sparkle in your eyes when our children called you mummy
and your blinding smile when i called you honey
my brothers in love and here i am writing this note
i still mean every vow i made, those sacred oaths
my brothers isnt the only one in loves hold
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 10:22am On Jan 22, 2009

carry me on the wings of an eagle
to the place where i belong
take me to the place where i can mingle
with people of virtue all day long
lift me to the heavens up above
for i know you hold me dear
bless me oh gentle God of heaven
and always draw me near

cleanse my heart of all evil, lusts and passions
and make me new
let me know the world in all its fashions
from your point of view
help me win a sweet victory for my lord
and never let him down
help me stay just and upright
lest i make you frown
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 12:45pm On Mar 18, 2009
I opened my eyes and swore I was in heaven
For I saw an angel peering into my eyes
If this is how angels are then I wonder at Gods beauty
I wanted to sing its praises but had no voice
Words refused to come out so I kept quiet, I had no choice
I laid upon my bed and stared at the ceiling
It was as if my body had no feeling
But my thoughts were filled with my angel
I longed for her visits, they made me strong
When my angel looked into my eyes there was a connection, a bond

I have found my voice and am starting to hear
It is as I was starting to fear
I am not in heaven but here on earth
I was in an accident that could have been worse
I have been bedridden for weeks attended to by a nurse
Where is my angel or was it a dream?
For it is an angel I had seen
My angel made me strong
My angels love made me want to live long
Show me my angel for we have a bond

My angel is the one I have loved all my life
My angel I found out was really my wife
Without knowing it I had falling in love again
But now I remember all, my angel has a name
It’s Joan, her name is Joan
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by oluwdashmi(f): 1:41pm On Mar 20, 2009
This is too much, you are doing a great work here and can't remember the last time I read a piece like this. The first one brought tears to my eyes, very emotional.

You have not only imparted into me today, you have encouraged my writing skill. Keep it up, the sky is your starting point.
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by yme1(f): 1:53pm On Mar 20, 2009
nice work you have got there,keep it up
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 8:17pm On Mar 26, 2009
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 1:20pm On Apr 14, 2009
i watch her while she's sleeping, the twilight when she dreams
the sound of her heart beating and the joy that it brings
her look, her smile, our meeting, the silent 'i love you'
such pleasure isnt fleeting, how can i not stay true
and so the journey begins, two souls merge into one
as we vow to still stay true, after all is said and done

the shouts, her tears, her heartache, the sadness in her eyes
my lonely walk, my heartbreak, when two lovers sigh
our pride, our tongues, our weakness
when we're  not at our best
our love, our care, our meekness
gets us through the mess

we laugh, we cry, we conquer, together we stand tall
and when we fail or falter, we love inspite of it all
friendship is a blessing, love the greatest gift
there are so many lessons, it isnt always bliss
but in the end we're grateful, that we never missed
the chance to say "i love you" and seal it with a kiss
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 10:14am On May 09, 2009
i am so grateful for the wind through the trees
the sun in the sky and the birds that fly by all the time
and thank the lord as i walk by the sea
there's so much in this world to see

i am so grateful for family and friends
who cushion my fall and end up making me feel ten feet tall
even when the world stands appalled
my pearls are there through it all

i am so grateful for this gift called life
for Gods lovely touch am so grateful he loves me so much
he reached through the clouds to a soul that was lost
and glorified this dust
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 11:23am On May 18, 2009
I came down from above
my heart filled with so much love
the one you all call God
ruler of worlds,lord of lords
i tell you the truth
i came down just for you

i had nails in my hands
lifted up a lovelorn man
scorned in the land
like one who is damned
but all the while i knew
i'ld soon be with you

so take it step by step
i'll be by your side to always help
all your pains i once felt
i wont let you go to hell
for i know you through and through
hell wasn't made for you
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by RuuDie(m): 12:48pm On May 23, 2009
Classic after classic. . . . dude you're too good to be true!

The flow is easy, natural and the message is just hung out there for all to see!
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 11:09am On May 29, 2009
thanks ruudie
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by kkkossy(m): 5:30am On Jun 04, 2009
I saw myself in the rhythm of time,
i doubt if it ws a dream or a sign,
i look up and saw myself in a dark stormy beach,
d waters was covered with golden fish,
i tried 2 inform my curiosity,
i'm lost or is dis a state of insanity,
lik a desert witout a sand,
der ws no single being in the land,
i ws so scared,
could barely move my legs,
4 a second,i tot i ws dead,
but i ws still breathing so deep,
my heart ws pumpin lik d engine of a jeep,
watchin and waiting 2 find a soul of my race,
it ws not long i figured out dat my effort ws a waste.
then i felt a touch on my shoulder,
i turned 2 c who it ws,
it ws my friend telling me 2 wake up.
it was a dream
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by Nobody: 7:25pm On Jun 05, 2009
Nice job!
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by Ejadamen(f): 2:37pm On Jun 15, 2009
@ aslan you write very well. I hope nairaland isn't your only audience.
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by aslan333: 12:43pm On Jun 25, 2009
come hold me their playing our song
in your arms is where i belong
these feelings that bind so strong
our passion, our love, what a bond
slow dancing in the early morn
our emotions sizzle, they burn
i love you my precious one
you are my sun

stop crying their singing our song
i'll love even when am gone
deaths power cant break our bond
i'll love from afar, please be strong
my sickness has left you turn
my last days make you mourn
we've loved so we conquered, we won
please be strong when am gone

@brien and eldajem thanks for your comments
Re: Beginnigs Of Love And Death by Ejadamen(f): 3:47pm On Jun 25, 2009
@ aslan it's Ejadamen. you're welcome.

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