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Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by sammyafrik: 11:13pm On Mar 26, 2009
any nigeria in any part of the carribean island tell me where do u live and how is life over there do u like there morethen nigeria or yanke or europe .talk true no lie
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by Sammy107d(m): 5:49am On Mar 28, 2009
It's not very nice in the Caribbean. If it's the least bearable, it has to be Grenada.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by elctroguru(m): 3:16pm On Mar 28, 2009
Whats In Grenada?
Well , I jus wana let u knw that caribbean is very expensive. they dont produce anything here. Everything is is imported. They also depend on tourism. So I think Nigeria is still far more better than caribbean unless if you have a job here, then u'll be cool. But its very hard to get job here.
Nigeria is better than Caribbean. If you still insist to travel there, I'll advice you to consider USVI, BVI, Cayman Island, Bermuda and Bahamas. Don't even go near Grenada, ok,
Good Luck
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by sammyafrik: 9:36pm On Mar 29, 2009
nice to hear from u/i never been to the carribean but it always beeen my dream to come and live there.i have travel out of nigeria but am in love with carribean island .i met lot of people that talk good about the island how better the island is then u.s and uk including european country. want to move to any good part of the island so i need information about the best country in the carribean island.my brother tell me more about the life in grenada and do u have many nigerians over there .how did u get there. // my other brother have u been do any of the carribean island before and why do u say nigeria is better then carribean. i have been to many african country which they dont have money like nigeria but they are more better then the rich nigeria country. telll me more is the other nigeria in the carribean i need friends.chat with me sammyafrika@yahoo.com
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by Sammy107d(m): 12:43am On Mar 30, 2009
Seriously; except you have loads of dollar denominated money, you are not African, or you just want to visit for a week or two, then you are better off in Nigeria (or somewhere else). I can assure you that you won't get a job- if thats what you think, you'll pay through your nose for every bloody thing (800 bucks monthly accommodation, and 20 bucks for a shoe-size yam for example), and you'll be treated like a miserable nigger seeking asylum by the authorities. The first thing you consider when moving to a place is its people. Grenadians are very welcoming, hence the suggestion. I really can't talk about any other caribbean island apart from barbados & grenada. . .

If you can make it to USVI, BVI, Caymans, bermuda and co, you might as well go to the UK or US, as most of those bearable islands are still territories of either country.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by bigmodo(m): 12:50am On Mar 30, 2009
I have been to cocos island. it doesn't require visa to go in there. the country is cool. just went there to tour.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by Sammy107d(m): 12:53am On Mar 30, 2009
where is that? you mean Turks and Caicos?

It is nice. For short visits.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by elctroguru(m): 3:23am On Mar 30, 2009
All the Caribbean Islands are cool and nice for tourists but not for residential purpose.
If you want to live there, its another game entirely. U got to be prepared to spend a huge sum of money.
Mind u, most Caribbean Islands are full of blacks. So there's is everything you see in 9ja there in terms of
crime, corruption and others.
The major diffrence btw Carib and Nigeria is that:
1) You can easily make bucks in Nigeria if you know your way.
2) They have a sys that works which is better than Nigeria in terms of tax, amenities, Job security and others .

Similarities are:
1) We are both Black
2)There's Corruption and crime there
3)They are not that rich, they mostly depend on loans whereas there's no loan for you in Nigeria if you're poor.

You can only love the Caribbean if you have a job here. BVI, USVI, Bermuda, they are all the same, Expensive like hell/heaven, lol

Nigeria is better than the Caribbean if you're a hustler.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by sammyafrik: 1:59pm On Mar 30, 2009
good to hear from all of u . but for us to be really serious with each other . am just looking for a way i can cross from any of the carribean island to yanke i mean .u.s or canada. which of the island is the best and easy place to pass to yanke .U.S. and i really which i could migrate to any of the island to be come a citizen. cos i was told that the carribean island is the most easy place now to be come a citizen easily.and the passport is mostly free visa to most of the european and even u.s and canada and uk too.brothers dont blame me for asking all this question but i just want to no the true and fine a better life for my self . am not born with a silver spool but i want my kids to be born with a silver.i heard that CAYMANY ISLAND.BAHAMAS.USVI AND BVI.is a nice place to get easily to yanke and even u can make money from the island and u will not like to go to yanke again.tell me more
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by Sammy107d(m): 5:09pm On Mar 30, 2009
For BVI, you need a Uk visa. for US/VI, Bahamas and Cayman, you need a US visa. Those country haven't gained their independence from those two countries (why would they want to? the independent islands are pretty much screwed). Its easier for you to get a US citizen status from the US than it is to become a Caribbean citizen (why would you want to be a carib undecided). The islanders are very ethnocentric. I've never heard of any African with a Caribbean citizenship. The few Nigerian students I know of are saving for tickets and counting down to grad. Besides, if you have the US$5000 for the ticket, you can start something with that at home. 5000bucks would be gone here before you can say "I'm rich!"
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by gorosogbor: 6:06pm On Mar 30, 2009
good day,I have a friend living in trinidad and he has been saying so many good things about the country like how nice and easy to get a job that i am already contemplating about moving to the place from u.k. Can any nairalander who know about the place get me informed.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by Sammy107d(m): 6:22pm On Mar 30, 2009
Trinidad is just like Nigeria; so its easy to start a little business there, buy your local ankara and garri etc. Thousands of Nigerians there, lots of crime, cheap stuff. . . But its in no way better than the UK.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by sammyafrik: 10:51am On Mar 31, 2009
nice to hear from u all it good that we all share our idea of how is the live in carribean .i no if am traveling to most of the good carribean island i need to get uk or u.s visa. but am not traveling to carribean with my nigeria passport i have a south african passport which is free visa to all the carribean island both the good and the bad island.becoming a citizen of the island is just to have a good life and a good taste of freedom when traveling around the world and to creat a better future for my kids and my self.i heard trinidad is a nice country full of indians and the most citizne people are indians.they have oil and they is a job for u can work and good money.easy to be come a citizen.they have embassy in lagos if u want to apply for they visa they will tell u to make a depoist of 5000$ that when u go and come back they will give u the money back they is what they told one of my friend .dont u think it very stupid for nigeria government to allow that to happen.but i found out that with BVI resident permit u can enter uk without a visa.life is full of fun let make money and have fun in the carribean sweet beach.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by Guardian(m): 5:46pm On Apr 02, 2009
i did love to holiday in the carribeans, any advice on best spots, and especially obtaining a VISA
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by sammyafrik: 10:07pm On Apr 02, 2009
carribean is nice and some part are free visa to nigeria but wish u where a south african citizen u can enter all the carribean free visa lol
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by Bossman(m): 11:19pm On Apr 02, 2009
Most of those islands are known for tourism. Due to their weather, beaches, landscape, etc. I do not believe their visas are easy to get either. Getting a job will not necessarily be easy. I have been to quite a few islands. However it's just for vacation and my stay there is usually for a few days and may be a week max.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by Horus(m): 12:39pm On Apr 03, 2009
The islands of Guadeloupe and martinique are nice for living but you have to learn to talk french and creole.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by sammyafrik: 4:03pm On Apr 08, 2009
hello how u doing are u living in this island? Guadeloupe and martinique can we chat on yahoo messenager now sammyafrika@yahoo.com am online what is yours.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by baby123: 3:57pm On Apr 11, 2009
who is comparing Trindad to NIgeria , i beg respect yourself , i live here in Trinidad and by far Nigeria is better off .
if you are not in the medical field is very diffclut to get a job .
for citizen ship and residency , as a matter of fact i know of most nigeria that are citizen .
if u work for govt after 7 years u get ur passport but to process will take a year
residency 5 years
if u work for private it takes 10 years to get ur papers
people here are very racist especially the black , .
Trinidad is not bad at all 24 hr light , water , good shopping centers
if you want to enjoy Trinidad just come during there carnival , which take place feb of every year .
most people use here as a stepping stone to advanced to first world .
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by sammyafrik: 5:48pm On Apr 14, 2009
wowowow it great to hear from u , some1 told me that Trindad is full of indian and they have oil and u can get a good job and even when u get marrued u can become their citizen and u can go to any european country free visa is it true?
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by baby123: 1:48pm On Apr 15, 2009
Trindad is an island of all races , u have , indians, spanish, dougla, dougla means mixed , blacks, .chinese and the caribs,.
you are right they have oil , they are a bit rich you know why they are sparcely populated. a million plus .
so you see why they are rich .
my dear no let them deceive you marry thier citizen and u will be what ,,,,,,,,that one na big lie infact u will be trapped .
a whole lots of nigeria are stuck because of the sistuation , they always feel u are taking advantage of thier girls . normally if u marry thier people u are suppose to be a citizen , but u know ur niger now they were misusing the opportuinty .
i know say make u marry me oooo because am a married woman with kids .
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by sammyafrik: 5:04pm On Apr 15, 2009
good do u live in Trindad, can we chat on yahoo more better when u are online sammyafrika@yahoo.com and what is yours
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by MSEdLAW(m): 10:44pm On Apr 24, 2009
hi i got aunts who are partly from trinidad and tobago, but living in the UK ,how real are the job prospects fro non-residents or prospective migrants really thinking on coming out to trinidad soon but want to knw whether am leaping from fry pan to fire, thanks
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by X2X(m): 7:44am On May 08, 2009
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by RaggedOwl: 6:57pm On Jun 14, 2009
I was curious to understand why there are so many Nigerians living in the islands and was doing some research when I came up on this forum. To my dismay and disappointment there were and are so many negative comments from Nigerians living in the West Indies , This is disheartening considering that the Nigerians have come to the islands and are using what ever little human resources we have but can do nothing but find faults, and make comparisons saying why Nigerian is better, then why are they here, why don't they return to Nigeria. I am not a biased individual but when foreigner enter our region to better their lives and use all of our resources which we are struggling to make end meet for ourselves it is very difficult to tolerate such attitudes
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by ikennahill: 1:37am On Aug 28, 2009
D fact is that trinidad cannot be compared to nigeria even in nigeria's comatose state.trinidad is very small.a country of 1.3million,smaller than delta state(delta state is 4 *tt).now lagos state alone minus our epilectic light cannot be compared to a whole trinidad,naija is made up of 36states.port of spain d capital of trinidad cannot be compared to abuja in anyway,let forget corruption in naija.what of port harcourt,calabar,kano kaduna,which market in trinidad reach onitsha market,where?is it chagunas market?san fenandos mrkt,etc,infact of a truth you cant compare an organised lagos state to trinidad at all.lagos is far,not to talk of nigeria,is it because we dont want to grow,naija paid d salary of civil servant in trinidad,jamaica,etc during oil boom in d 7os when those countries could nt pay their workers,how can somebody say they are helping us do our life,hw?nigerian drs there are they not using there trainging to develope their country while we have brain drain here.our politician are d cause of this because if they do d rt thing no nigerian wil leave naija though people travel for various reason.nobody of sane mind can compare nigeria even in ts our state to trinidad and tobago.bt it is a nice country,fine babes,sm nice people&their system ok,bt naija is stil fine,bt we nd to get our system work as it should.the blacks in tt hate black frm africa and cal them blody african,they believe we sold them to slavery.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by davidif: 6:44am On Aug 28, 2009
sammuel107 d

Did you live in the carribean??
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by X2X(m): 10:02pm On Aug 28, 2009

Where can I get African stuff in Port of Spain or West Moorings area please. Specifically, stuff like garri, palm oil.
( I have already found plantain & beans at Hi-LO, near west mall).

Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by dinggle: 2:32am On Aug 29, 2009
Damn!, Nigerians on the move, I would never have imagined that there would be so much Nigerians hanging in the islands. Anyway, are there any Naija communities over there with naija restaurants?, I have heard of the carnival and watch it all the time on tv, would most likely visit there feb 2011, cos I intend to be in Naija Dec thru march 2010 to escape the cold in the USA.
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by ikeyman00(m): 1:25pm On Sep 04, 2009

my trin friend went back to his country; he only ran back just after few months; no job etc

days are gone when we can be fooled

a lot of naija still dwell on the fact that leavin MMA hey here comes good living; u must be joking

the whole wolrd talk about how nice that side looks; but when asked, u find out they are refering to the holiday zone not the country

yes african gwan like some say lipsrsealed

blooooooooodclut africans lipsrsealed grin
Re: Nigerians In Carribean Islands? by agentemmy: 8:51pm On Sep 06, 2009
Hey! Nairalanders, I like what you have been posted since. BUt I want to know the air ticket to Barbados from Lagos to Bridge Town. Please let me know the fare. Thanks

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