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NTA And AIT Now Praising GMB!!! / Nigerian Commercial Adverts Of 80's And 90's / Who Remembers This Children's Tv Program From The 80's/90's (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by Orilee9ice(m): 5:45pm On Apr 30, 2009

FRC2, AM/FM STERRO, with JAJ (Jacob Akinyemi Johnson, ) he used to very thin then, saw him in Lagos the other day and couldnt believe me eyes!, him and Dele Momodu are doing "Fatter than Fat competition"

4 WOMAN DEM! with Magdaline Ogbogu

Junior Choice with Ore-oluwa Efaiga (my neighbour here now!) on Saturday Morning!
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by Enigma(m): 6:06pm On Apr 30, 2009

Good going, mate!

Can kind of work out your age bracket though!

Do you also remember Sylva Oforgu, Lekan Ogunbanwo (Radio Lagos), Ola Nathan-Marsh (NTA2 channel 5)?
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by Orilee9ice(m): 10:44am On May 01, 2009
Hey Enigma! cool wink smiley grin

Good Stuff, and my Neighbour too!, i am in Dartford -Kent as well, where in Kent are you.

Hummmm! nice one working out my age bracket, you must be in the same bracket too!

Cos i remember dem'all, was a dedicated follower

Sylva Oforgu, Silver Shadow, my glowing shadow, shining brightly, for all to seee, (his signal tune for POP ROUND THE WORLD! on Saturdays - FRC2, my tape was ever ready and prepared in the sterreo system ready to record all the Party mixes)

Lekan Ogunbanwo,, Orreee Miiiiiii!!, (like Jenifa would say)!, @ Rad-Lag-on-the -Move (Radio LAGOS) he anchored weekend choice with Tokunbo Bakare, My Classmate @ MBHS(EVENING SCHOOL- Igabyi-Laroo- O'Levels "retake"wink and always got me on his list of interviwers are parties and Uni/Poly events they were invited to especially Lacostech Isolo Campus, Yaba Tech, and Unilag!

There was also this girl, Bunmi Something,(cant rememeber her surname!) on Radio Lagos too, Her senior sister whom i know went to Lacostech Isolo 2! wonder where they all are now,

I dont rememeber Ola Nathan Marsh.but the name rings a bell.sha! what did he/she do?

Christ Chapel- James Robertson- Surulere, - Pastor Tunde Joda (He Reigns, My God Reigns, stickers (Yellow, Black and Red) or (Black, Purple and White), on every door, window, car, school bag, name it,

Hummmmmmm Memories, anyways keep in touch!.and stay on top! - He reigns!
God Bless

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Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by Enigma(m): 11:47am On May 01, 2009

We are truly neighbours as I am very local to you (DA8).

Ola Nathan Marsh was the guy with the 'oyinbo accent' who used to announce programmes on NTA 2 channel 5; he was also a friend of JAJ's and used to do voice overs for JAJ's radio programmes.

Yeah, I remember Christ Chapel; I think by the late 80s they moved to VI?

The memories from that era just tend to bring a smile to one's lips.

Other memories include Gbenga Adeboye's programme; another was the pidgin "I go die ooo"; the Lagos Weekend paper (i forget the name now!); then the early naija "funky music" music - Alex O, Alex Zitto; Orits Wiliki, Charly boy etc etc.

Adverts like Planta - " . . . the rich creamy Planta with that best butter taste for you"; Schweppes bitter lemon ". . .  fresh and free as a bird in the skyyyyy . ,   17 kobo a bottle of the shelf, liquid contents only"!

etc etc etc lol lol lol  grin
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by Orilee9ice(m): 12:16pm On May 01, 2009
abi o, ok i rememeber him now, but i know him by a different name though, Lived near me in Ire Akari Estate in Isolo then, Tunji Aderinto to be exact, hummmmmmmm

We must catch up o since we are practically neighbours o,

My favourite ads then was Joy girl , Nasco Buscuit, Corina Shoes, and MOBIL OIL

Do you rememeber this Signal tune (what soap was it?)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, COUNTING EVERYDAY
Bla, Bla bla,
You can even hear the sound of the ----- ------ @ ------ (if i fill in the gaps you will know)
Will he ever get there?, will he ever make it? Will he ever hear the sound?,
of the ------- ------- @ ------------!!!

I went on Disco 80 one evening and didnt realise it was televised live that evening, Won the dancing competition with Funmi Ajila, but didnt realise my Dad was watching me live angry
The rest is history lipsrsealed, you can imagine what i went thro @ home that month, lol cool, Family meetings galore, grin
That was the era of "get out of my house, oga meji o lee gbe ninu ile kan naa" wink

Those days! we laugh about it now though!! smiley cheesy

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Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by MadMax1(f): 5:33pm On May 02, 2009
Signature tune of Cockrow at Dawn. grin I was really 'small' but I faintly remember Banana Split show. It must be really old. Was Danladi Bako in Cockrow at Dawn? Cool dude. I only remember Ene Oloja and Bitrus and Uncle Gaga. Bako and Barbara Soky were dating at one time, I think. The moment my little eyes could register print I was reading gossip mags. The best soaps,best programmes,best music,best adverts, best everything on TV were in the eighties.
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by spikyn: 8:32pm On May 04, 2009
Any ideas on how I can lay my hands on these old programs? Particularly the NTA -made/produced stuff?
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by MadMax1(f): 11:00am On May 05, 2009
I really don't know. You might want to try film databases where you may download, or search for DVDs on movie sites,but the NTA programmes might be trickier.

Wait. I just saw that. You were on Adio family as a guest?! shocked You were an actor in the eighties? How cool is that?
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by Orilee9ice(m): 1:17pm On May 06, 2009
abi o. Mad max, my sistha! it was really cool then, you were walking on broken ", i was Mrs Adio's nephew who had just arrived from Jand on hols, her daugther didnt like me cos i was "oppressing her", cramping her style so to spaek. you know the drill in those days, i really enjoyed it

wish all those programmes were shown again! i am going to 9ja soon. will se if i can lay my hands on some
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by faze1: 4:27am On Jul 27, 2009
who remembers the Great Space Coaster and "No gah-nooze is good gah-nooze with Gary Gnu" grin hahahahhahahahhahaaaaa grin
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by obiem(m): 10:06pm On Jul 28, 2009
Those good old days were really fun! I missed 'em a lot. Where do i start? From cartoons like voltron, superted, terrahawks, thundersub, danger mouse etc to soaps and drama like Bassey and co, The new masquerade, Koko close, behind the clouds and not forgetting my fav, ICHEOKU, an igbo drama depicting the colonial years where a 'supposedly well read' warrant chief/ clerk misinterpretes the intentions of the colonial master to the indigenes. I miss that programme like MAD!
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by Enigma(m): 10:47pm On Jul 28, 2009
Caustic adative soda! Jerusalem! wink
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by phantom(m): 12:01am On Dec 30, 2011
Kessingsheen show, every saturday 3pm NTA ph, come and see dance steps, lol.
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by bobonaija1: 2:04pm On Dec 31, 2011
VOLTRAN, its time to FORM VOLTRAN, oh Jesus you guys are killing softly with these oldies, superted, "its time to say the magic word, flagglerock.muppetbabies,muppetshow,dangermouse,birdman,spiderman,terrehawks,pigginstreet,seseme street,mr spencer,rentalghost,mr who,superman,the A-team,nightrider{talking car},circus ring,villageheadmaster,samajar,tells by moon light,those where days of the indian firms too, the burning train,sholay,mad,
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by bobonaija1: 6:29pm On Dec 31, 2011
i forgot the cossby show and fresh prince by willsmith
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by mobillon: 9:46pm On Sep 30, 2012
80's TV? NTA? NTV? These are the wisps of the wiil of old men and women. Old School? Why don't you old grunts forget the past and think of the future. Modern times are a hip-hop world, the world of Justin Bieber, Alicia, Rihanna, the internet, sexting, and the many good Nigerian stars that I will not mention. The past is gone and will never come back, I hate it when you old folks keep whining about how good the past was and how bad the present is. I was not there in the past...you were, and if you guys had not spoiled the past, the present would have been much better. As it is, you are responsible for making the present bad.
So please, you old loosers should quit talking about the past, enjoy the present and think of the future...not that you still have much of it left anyway!
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by wakeupnigeria: 2:28am On Aug 18, 2013
What about Super Force? you guys all forgot that?
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by xamie: 3:32am On Oct 04, 2013
Remember flame trees of fatir, conta coonteh, shake zulu,casper and the angels,adventures of teddy ruxpin, fragle rock, battle star galatica, great space coaster, dynomut dog wonder, gun smoke, sworm team, the muppet show.

Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by Onimenokyou: 8:14pm On Nov 02, 2014
Hello. Please does anyone here remember the full name of an NTA talkshow host called Irene and the name of her show. I think it was family related.
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by revolt(m): 11:02pm On Nov 02, 2014

Did you also have one of those really big satellite dishes with Sky One, Bop TV stations etc? grin
bop tv oooooooo!!!! Best station to ever exist on earth!!!!!!!... Beetle juice,beetle juice, beetle juice..../uy ure the most correct guy on thread.
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by nnamdiosu(m): 8:32am On Jul 13
yeah, this has me going, almost brought me to tears, did actually, honestly!!!

but no one has mentioned, on your marks is BRIGHT SPARKS,

the if you live on PIGEON'S STREET, here are the people you will meet, here are the people who will say hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye!!

then BERTHA, lovely bertha, lol

also the english programme, brushstrokes,

my faves were rentaghost, alo alo, fawlty towers, telematch!!, jake and the fat man, moon lightning, cheesy cheesy those days were the best!!

i loved watching the ava advert from youtube, then the hey joygirl, aawww, wish i could go back in time(the 80's/early nineties-93 precisely!!!)for just one week!!!

kia girl.....wats wrong with you? you want to make me cry now abi? I really missed bright sparks sha. remember thunder sub, secrets of the sand, the wild rose, Santa barbra, egoli....place of gold? I've got a million of them but tears won't let me write.
Re: Does Anyone miss NTA Of The 80's? by MykaelX: 5:17am On Jul 29
I have a lot of Nostalgia cartoons and Tv shows which were shown on sky one,NTA 2 channel 5,10,7,8 etc BOP TV,UK GOLD,the childrens channel,Sky Movies,Cartoon Network etc.I wanna help anyone remember their Nostalgia.Below is some of what i have: Allo Allo,Alvin and the chipmunks,Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin,Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers,Adventures of the little Prince(incomplete), Astro and the Space Mutts,Battle of the Planets,Bionic 6,Blackstar,Bravestarr,Captain N:Game Master,Care Bears,Chuck Norris and the Karate Commandos,C.O.P.S,Centurions,Danger Mouse,Defenders of the Earth,Dennis the Menace,Denver the last dinosaur,Dogtanian and the three muskehounds,Dungeons and Dragons,Fat Albert andthe cosby kids,Flash Gordon,Fraggle Rock,Galtar and the Golden Lance,Gummi Bears,Gijoe,He-man and the masters of the Universe,Inspector Gadget,Inhumanoids,Jayce and the Wheeled warriors,Jem,Karate Kid,Kidd Video,MASK,Mysterious Cities of gold,Police academy(incomplete),Pole Position,Rambo,Robobcop,Robotix,The real ghostbusters,Sabre Rider and the star sheriffs,Silverhawks,Spiral Zone,Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles,Little Nemo,Ulysses 31,Visionaries,Voltron-Lion Force,Voltron Vehicle force,Vytor the starfire champion,Thundersub,Thundercats,Transformers,Secret squirrel,superted,Robin of sherwood,Faulty towers,Some mothers do have them,Sledgehammer,the wonder years,Brush Strokes,Jane Eyre,Dempsey and Makepeace,TOM GRATTANS WAR,Smurfs,Jabberjaw,Victor and Hugo,the real adventures of jonny quest,Moonlighting and many more.Will gladly share with anyone who wants but i wont be available in Nigeria till middle of september..Just sending a heads up.P(#)

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