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All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 3:28am On May 26, 2009
During the service on Sunday 3rd February, 2008, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave another message of prophecy that saw its fulfilment that very same day. During the course of the live service, the man of God addressed the issue of the upcoming football match between Ghana and Nigeria at the African Cup of Nations quarterfinals. The man of God later explained that it was necessary to mention the match as 90 per cent of the congregation were interested in what God said about it.

He said, “I don’t want to talk about your football – but I’m seeing something now”. As the prophet made a sign of the number ‘1’ in the air, the congregation jumped and shouted for joy. He continued, saying, “I’m just seeing 5 minutes. What is 5 minutes? I will speak to you in parables and just leave the whole thing. Nigeria, take heart! I will not say more than that. I just want to read a portion for you, John 16:33 – “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart – I have overcome the world!”

Resting his chin in his hands to symbolize a disappointed fan, he said: “Nigeria, can you see? Take heart. You should not allow anything to affect your joy today”. At the prophet’s words, some of the Ghanaian members present began to jubilate in anticipation of a Ghanaian victory.

That evening after the service, the Ghana - Nigeria match kicked off, and by the 33rd minute, Nigeria were one nil up. True to the prophet’s words of “five minutes”, it was in the last five minutes of the first half that Ghana equalized and it was in the last five minutes of the second half that Ghana scored the winning goal – the goal that sealed their victory and put Nigeria out of the cup. Confirming the sign of a ‘1’ which the prophet made during the service, Ghana won by one goal.

Truly, Super Eagles fans worldwide hung their heads in disappointment as their African Cup of Nations dreams crashed on the rocks of the Black Stars. But we remember the encouragement of Prophet TB Joshua: “Take heart, Nigeria. You should not allow anything to affect your joy”.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, remember, always, the best is yet to come. Click to watch the video http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-64874

Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Nobody: 6:08am On May 26, 2009
Nostrademus predicted 9/11.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by huxley2(m): 8:47am On May 26, 2009
Do you know how many people were rushed to hospital and could not come back recently, worldwide?

Did he predict how he was going to meet his death? Did he get his name right?

Is it likely that about 2000 people would satisfy this same prediction?
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by banom(m): 8:59am On May 26, 2009
My own Prophecy,

Prophecy= somebody will brows nairaland today from a cyber cafe, while he is busy typing, his browsing ticket will finish.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 1:56pm On May 26, 2009
umm,  should i say may God forgive us all!

Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by bawomolo(m): 4:29pm On May 26, 2009
how gullible can people be. Let me prophecy too.

Today, someone shall be stricken with malaria.

An Old man person shall die.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 9:36pm On May 27, 2009
Have you heard about this breaking news of former Korean President, Roh Moo-hyun’s death on Saturday 23rd May, 2009. http://www.scoan.org/prophecy_38.htm
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by donnie(m): 10:08pm On May 27, 2009
Pls if u are looking for those who give vague prophecies, better look away from this  man he is different. He walks up to people and tell them exactly what's happening in their lives and give godly counsel.

He prophesied President Attah's victory accurately. The President himself testified of how he told the prophet he should be sworn in  (if he wins) b4 a certain date. The man of God looked at him, smiled and said, 'NO there'll be three elections' and that his swearing in will be extended. He went on to tell Attah the period he will be sworn in. It happened exactly as the Prophet had prophesied.

I actually heard him ask the congregation to pray for a certain company that will face disaster. He said he could only see the second part of the name which is 'VERSAL'.

Well, not long after, a large entertainment company in the US by name UNIVERSAL was engulfed in strange fire. As God will have it, no soul was lost.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Badriyyah(f): 6:29am On May 28, 2009
Lmao, The man is a joke!!
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 4:25pm On Jun 01, 2009
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Doyin77: 6:59pm On Jun 04, 2009
waoooooo, is amazing to see those that hear from God. I think this kind of people are uncommon among us.I have actually come across T.B. Joshua prophecies sometimes in 2002 when I came back from the USA when he prophecies about Ikeja bomb blast. And it surely came to past. we saw and hear thousands who lost their lives during that tragedy and I later heard how he shelter, fed these people. I think i was told he help them not because God had showned him the prophecy but as part of his humannitarian services to people. one thing I also love about him he is not only helping chiristian but muslims like me. Many would rather loved to help so that people can come to their church by converting them but no. I think that guy is really trying. people should just get beyind him. cos if we are saying what type of prophecies does he gives, i think you go to his church and see one in one prohecies, amazing to see this happening in our era. if I live in lagos i wouild  have love to worship in that church maybe he can give me prophecy concerns my life. someone that give prophecy for ghana election saying there would be three times voting, and it happens and the president also confirms what else. well i think i need that gift, that sees beyond human comprehension. Nigerian let's embrace this and stop blasphemy.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by purefact: 7:58pm On Jun 04, 2009
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by purefact: 8:05pm On Jun 04, 2009
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Nosa77(m): 1:11pm On Jun 06, 2009
one ting i would say dat if you want to doubt, question or query 1, 2 or 3 of his prophecies as being mere chance - that's ok, but when it comes to 30-40 prophecies, you cannot just say dat all of dem were by chance. dat is not possible. many times, he will say d date dat d thing will happen and d country. look at d one he said about new york, he said dat on friday february 13th where part of d nation is 'NY' dat we should pray for protection, dat it will be an uncahngeable event - and remember what happened on dat day, d tragic plane crash in new york.
come on people, let's wake up and recognize a prophet as a prophet. apart from giving international prophecies, every sunday he will prophesy to an individual's life telling dem tings dey have not told anyone before. if you don't believe me, just find time to visit his church in lagos or watch d live services on emmanuel tv. did is no false prophet!!
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by AKO1(m): 2:11pm On Jun 06, 2009
How does prophesying doom edify the body of Christ? Pls I need an answer!
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 2:16pm On Jun 06, 2009
How does prophesying doom edify the body of Christ? Pls I need an answer

Your comment shows complete and total lack of understanding of the things of the spirit because there is ntohing like prophesying doom rather its warning about future happenings.
The Bible says when God talks the wise listen. When a prophecy is given, it is your duty as an individual to seek the counsel of the prophet whom God has spoken through. Remember, whoever desires can be saved. So therefore, the choice is yours. You can choose to believe the prophecy and seek further guidance from the Lord through His prophet or choose to turn a deaf ear to it and become a victim. Jesus never begged anyone to believe in Him.
Mark 6:8-11.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 5:43pm On Jun 06, 2009
Like I said, I will always keep you updated. Check this out
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 6:19pm On Jun 06, 2009
patience4c, pls i will like to ask you this question, are you just a member or a worker there, pls reply me because there is something I will like you to clerify about church of all nations?

purefact, I do not know the man neither have I been to his church before. Read my first post below.

The Pastor I Don't Want To Hear From
« on: May 21, 2009, 05:28 PM »
Modify message
It is all about this man T.B Joshua. I got to understand what the bible means by "What they do unto Me they will also do unto you" Do you know that I have always been one of those writing and speaking against T.B. Joshua whereever I go because I just hate him for no reason. I am using this medium to tell others who have been doing the same thing and are still doing that now, to please quit from what you are not sure of.

I quote "I bought the wheelchairs he uses to arrange people he prays for" This statement was made by on of the people who claimed to have been with T.B. Joshua before. Come to think of it, I have visited T.B. Joshua website during the time I was by all means looking for anything negative to count against him and saw that he has been to Indonesia and some other countries for a crusade which the pictures and information of those who received healing where shown.

As I said, does that mean the same person who claims to have been the one who bought the wheelchairs to the sick ones T.B. Joshua prays for has also bought for all those who have come to the crusade? This could have been an international issue not for we Nigerians again. This calls for concern. I have to follow what the Bible says now to find out the truth.
This is just one of the reason that make me feel we have to consider all things before you say or do anything.


You can always browse through his website http://www.scoan.org/ there you can get their contact details.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Nobody: 12:41pm On Jun 07, 2009
:-x :-x
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by AgathaLola: 4:06am On Jun 10, 2009
I'm very surprised to see this big debate about the authenticity of the prophecies of T.B. Joshua. Just after listening to one of the many prophetic messages of T.B. Joshua there can be no doubt in anybody’s mind that T.B. Joshua is a true man of God. Each message of prophecy is accurate to the letter. Furthermore it is not only once or twice that T.B. Joshua prophecies accurately, but all the time he receives prophetic messages from God and every time whatever he says come to pass.

The most recent prophecy was about the British born Brazilian businessman, Roger Ian Wright, and nine members of his family who died when their plane crashed in Brazil on 22 May 2009. All 14 people on board died. This was in direct confirmation of the prophetic messages that T.B. Joshua gave on 19 and 26 April 2009. T.B. Joshua said that we should put Friday in prayer. He saw a situation where family will be inside a plane - and something happens inside the air. He said he sees crash. Furthermore, T.B. Joshua said that, “all over the world, if you are moving with family, your children, yourself, please read Psalm 91:7-end. Jesus will be with you.” I saw the video on You Tube -

On a personal level, when I once visited The SCOAN, T.B. Joshua prophesied on my life. In fact I was so surprised that he could know what was happening in my life – he prophesied about things that nobody knew about me. That prophecy saved my life.

Why do people want to destroy the good work of God? Let us appreciate this gift that God has given to us in the form of T.B. Joshua. Without a vision people perish. God wants to speak to you, me and the world. God talks to us in many different ways; one of those ways are through His prophets. Let us be careful. Let us heed the words of prophecy that God gives to us in His infinite love and mercy through His servant T.B. Joshua. Let us not attract the wrath of God by rejecting the word of God. Remember, he who receives a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward. What a grace to live in a time such as this and to see the glory of God manifesting in the life of T.B. Joshua.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by purefact: 5:39pm On Jun 10, 2009
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by arojamanja: 8:13pm On Jun 10, 2009
If this were Pastor E.A Adeboye, there wouldn't be no doubt/question about this prophecy but praise of how he is a true man of God.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 12:26am On Jun 11, 2009
I love TBJ and Pastor Chris so much when it  comes to  preaching the word of God, you can not take that away from me any day,
Anyone who carefully read your message will know that you are seriously contradicting yourself.
How can you love something and at the same time hate it? It is either you stand for something or you don't. It's just like you saying you love satan for some reasons but don't like the way he steals. You are unfaithful and very dangerous to God's kingdom.

I woke up one day to discover that my left eye was paining me, I thought It was Apollo, I bought  eye drop and used it but It dint work, after about three weeks, I noticed that, I was almost losing my left eye, so I went to General Hospital Lagos where I was Diagnosed of glaucoma, My eye had to be injected and I was given medications.

With what I got from the sales of some of my properties, like Video, CD player, color Tv, I started buying the drugs  that I needed, this lingered on until one man who knew me when things were rosy with me advise me to follow him to Synagogue, I refused at first but later went with him. On that day, he had to use his influence there to help me be part of the Emergency group, TBJ came up prayed for every body and I left with a big faith and I never used my drugs anymore.

If you were healed from a chronic sickness, why now should you give glory to satan?

Do you see why many complain today of one problem or the other just because they refuse to acknowledge what God has done for them. People like you are  people Christians should be careful of. The truth about this is that, you may just be doing this to confuse Christians.

May God forgive you.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by purefact: 1:18pm On Jun 11, 2009
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 9:44pm On Jun 11, 2009
just like the eye problem i had.

Umm,  should we now because of our lack of understanding deny the healing we have received of God? Now to testify to the goodness of God is not as important to you as to pointing an accusing finger to the man T.B. Joshua whom prayed for you while you were in this problem. This is human being for you. Anyway Jesus Christ never performed His miracles to be appreciated by men. I seriously pity you Purefact or whatever, and I pray you don't find yourself fighting against God because you may think what you are doing is right.

I don't have problem with the word of God from TBJ, but the work of God (the fake healing) is what i have problem with.

You can see the reason I said that you are contradicting yourself. If the man is devil means you have received your healing from a devil. Can satan set us free When the Bible says in John 10:10 that "Satan comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

Now listen: Does that mean the healing you have received was a fake one? The more you talk the more you contradict yourself man. Get behind all these stories and move forward. Face your career. All these will be pulling you back.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Truthonly(m): 9:49am On Jun 12, 2009
Wow! Isnt it amazing how history repeats its self. The Hebrews and Israelites also had these kind of arguments in the old and new testament portions of the bible. Exactly as you all put it. Its really interesting that man never changes.

We will do ourselves a lot of good by diligent study of God's manual for man (the Bible) and divide the word of truth for ourselves. I have come to realise that we all have varying levels of grace; either to find yourself in a ministry where the word is thought ACCURATELY or where "THE KING IS STILL A CHILD" (Ecclesiastes 10:16)

Open your bible to II Corinthians 4:1-6, if you do a diligent study of this portion of your bible, it gives an insight to why such talk of doubt and confusion exist in the church and the world today. Its no mystery. It's a grand plan that was instituted even before you were born to mislead you to eternal damnation.

Further in Ephesians 1:15-19, we see the solution to this challenge. I think (accurate)knowledge is difficult to find, but I believe in prayer. And if we've been asked to say that prayer, then we have the solution.

I would rather study at Harvard rather than any Nigerian university. This is obviously because they provide the best of all is required for learning.
I have seen dropouts from Nigerian universities who go abroad to study and graduate with first class. I think this principle also applies to spiritual things. So lets be wise. As an adult, I will not necessarily attend a church because my parents, relatives or friends approve. I will go where I see results, where my spirit is fed right and built strong, resulting in answered prayers for my loved ones and I.

Remember, God said in Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. (Mind you, He didn't say; sinners or pagans. He said 'My people', those who go to church and shout Hallelujah! and Amen!)

Its really sad because we believe every building with a man standing at the pulpit is a church to attend. But I tell you there are credentials you've got to see to be sure that man is qualified by God ONLY to be your spiritual teacher and guide; Look at what was said about Jesus in Acts 2:22, this is a universal law from Heaven, be not deceived.

I tell you the truth, I do not lie. Though you may have a Pastor without these credentials, but he must be under one with such credentials. Only then can you be sure you are being taught and led right.

Don't get entangled with these talks of unbelief and doubt. You are a child of God with wisdom and power in this world and that to come, Amen.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by tinajohn: 4:33pm On Jun 12, 2009
I've never met the man before and I don't take all that I hear either. But I have to credit the man for the work he is doing for the needy. It's biblical and more people should follow suit instead of bitty criticism. The world would be a nicer place for all.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by purefact: 4:49pm On Jun 12, 2009
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Nobody: 5:04pm On Jun 12, 2009
The fact that someone predicts stuff and they come to pass does not mean that they're hearing from God.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by purefact: 6:38pm On Jun 12, 2009
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 10:39pm On Jun 13, 2009
Your comment shows complete and total lack of understanding of the things of the spirit. The Bible says when God talks the wise listen. When a prophecy is given, it is your duty as an individual to seek the counsel of the prophet whom God has spoken through. Remember, whoever desires can be saved. So therefore, the choice is yours. You can choose to believe the prophecy and seek further guidance from the Lord through His prophet or choose to turn a deaf ear to it and become a victim. Jesus never begged anyone to believe in Him. Mark 6:8-11.

nothing was predicted and nothing came to past, it just common sense, we are in raining season, even a pagan can say rain is going to fall in Nogeria, and definately rain will fall somewhere in Nigeria tommorrow, and that is not a prophesy but common sense.

You could have used your common sense to know if your sickness was going to be healed without a man of God in your life. And why did you choose to visit T.B. Joshua? And now healed? Then tell God you don't want the healing you have received since you believe it is satan that has set you free and get back your sickness. Like I said satan comes to kill, steal and to destroy. (John 10:10) Since you are against T.B. Joshua you will have to reject the healing as well. You are only fooling yourself guy.
Re: All T.B. Joshua's Prophecies by Patience4C: 10:57pm On Jun 13, 2009
Happy Birthday Pastor T.B. Joshua!
TB. Joshua’s encounter with M.K.O. Abiola… Remembering June 12th
Posted June 13, 2009 by thetbjoshuafanclub http://thetbjoshuafanclub.wordpress.com/2009/06/13/remembering-june-12th-tb-joshuas-encounter-with-m-k-o-abiola/

June 12th will ever be printed in the minds of so many Nigerians as the day that politics and democracy was beaten by rivalry, jealousy and opinion. It’s all about a man, known as M.K.O. Abiola who won the election hands down, but never spent one day as the president.
In 1992, M.K.O. met a strange man who prophesied this very occurrence. Below is an article taken from the publication ‘Faith Cometh’ that gives full details of how this encounter took place… It is often said that when God talks, the wise listen. God often uses men as instruments of His wisdom. Why is this a lesson that many learn only in retrospect? If we could live our lives over again, what warnings would we heed? What advice would we ignore? An encounter,  Read more,  http://thetbjoshuafanclub.wordpress.com/2009/06/13/remembering-june-12th-tb-joshuas-encounter-with-m-k-o-abiola/

M.K.O. Abiola - the man who won the election but never ruled.

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