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In My University.....We Pay 1million As School Fees.am not lying o (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My University Experience by kaysolo726: 9:21pm On Mar 22, 2016

Nice story,well done

bt i think this story will be better if the main role is a guy instead a lady,d girly vibe is nt there,d feeling is missing,i know u ar a guy bt try and put those girly stuffs, d female vibe is nt in the story,keep it up

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Re: My University Experience by sirblero(m): 9:39pm On Mar 22, 2016

Nice story,well done

bt i think this story will be better if the main role is a guy instead a lady,d girly vibe is nt there,d feeling is missing,i know u ar a guy bt try and put those girly stuffs, d female vibe is nt in the story,keep it up
4 me...I c ntin diff. Here...atlist he's creatin a diff. 4rm ordas.... Most of d stories here.d main roles r guys...its a diff. Dah dis 1's a girl.... ALL-IN-ALL ........NICE-ONE.


Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 6:12pm On Mar 23, 2016
Breaking news: due to my exams am so sorry I won't b able to update you guys till April 8th am so sorry for the inconvenience. But thank you guys for following and keeping me @d front page of the literature corner for weeks am so gr8ful. But let's have fun by jst saying ur opinions, my faults and where u guys want me to improve in my story.

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Re: My University Experience by sirblero(m): 9:42pm On Mar 23, 2016
Hmmmmm......omohjesu.... Shaaa anyhw I go d wait....cab't wait 2 finish d story

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Re: My University Experience by boyfem: 9:05am On Mar 24, 2016
nice one smiley smiley smiley smiley

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Re: My University Experience by boyfem: 9:05am On Mar 24, 2016
nice thread smiley smiley smiley smiley

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Re: My University Experience by oluwaseyi17(f): 5:18pm On Mar 26, 2016
Nyc one... Will b waiting for ur updates o

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Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 9:23am On Apr 01, 2016
Happy new month
Re: My University Experience by Weirdman: 11:54pm On Apr 01, 2016
Happy new month
come update joor
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 5:51pm On Apr 07, 2016
Expect update on saturday
Re: My University Experience by Omoalhaja7: 6:56am On Apr 08, 2016
Expect update on saturday
Saturday far naaaaaa cry cry
Re: My University Experience by samuel19222(m): 7:24pm On Apr 10, 2016
Madam come continue wetin you start oooo, if not what happen in 1978 go happen again
Re: My University Experience by samuel19222(m): 7:27pm On Apr 10, 2016
Madam come continue wetin you start oooo, if not what happen in 1978 will happen again.
Re: My University Experience by miachocolate(f): 8:21pm On Apr 10, 2016
God spared our lives till Saturday and even after Saturday, glory be to His mighty name. ... But madam we never see update na
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 9:54pm On Apr 10, 2016
Sorry it's coming late

I got to the mas104 class and an announcement was made. "Good morning guys and welcome back to campus. Our previous asst. Class rep has resigned and as we all know we must re-elect a new assistant. A female must be the asst. So if you are interested please stand up. I stood up and that became the beginning of my political career. The election was conducted and everything turned out in my favour. I was the new assistant and I fell on top. I knew all the dos and don't of my new position. After the class I had to submit the class attendance and left for home. I got home, showered and slept off. "Work work work work" my phone was ringing. It was joshua. "Hello good evening" he said. "Evening was sup!" I said. We spoke for some minutes and I hanged up. I was chatting on whatsapp when wale text me. I was so surprised. He just wanted to apologise to whatever happened between us and congratulate me about my victory earlier on, I was so bored with his boring talks until he asked if we could come back together. I wasn't surprised but I had to let him down, it was really hard forgiving wale considering the fact that he played me and also de flowered me. We were having a serious chat and wished someone important just messaged me. Alas I got a message, it was joshua, I diverted my focus to him tho it was just on a friendship level no strings attached. I had to read according to my time table, so I had to end all the chit chat and study. Study time was over, I was bored so I decided to watch Harry Potter 6 since I didn't understood the movie.

"Good morning bae" I said to myself. It was a new month. I had received texts from friends and family members. I called my mum and sis Seun and spoke with Linda. After the conversation I went to my calender. It was 15 days to my birthday, "hmm may 16 will be so I donno" I said looking sad. Many questions on how to celebrate my birthday alone came to my mind. After concluding I left for a general class rep and asst. Meeting. I met joshua present he was the class rep for Economics 200lvl and was also the secretary of the gathering. After the meeting we spent some time together and I noticed his happy face anytime he was around me. He insisted on knowing my place and I agreed. Joshua to me was just an ordinary friend. I prepared noodles for him and topped it with fried egg. "Hmm I swear this is the best noodles I have ever tasted" he said with food in his mouth. "Ohhh am flattered thank you" I added smiling. "No I should be the one thanking you for this delicious meal, susan thank you o" he said smiling. I loved seeing joshua smile. "Susan, when is your birthday self?" he asked. "HmMm 16th of this month" I said. "Are you for real? Like seriously we are birthday mates!" he exclaimed. "That's good" I said in an un surprised tone like what's the big deal. "So what are your plans for that day?" he asked. "HmMm donno yet maybe probably spend the day alone" I replied him. "Ohh why? Okk why don't we go out together" he suggested. " I don't think that's a good idea" I said. "Why? Please just let me ma that day for you" he said. "Ok, if u insist but i hope it turns out to be good" I said. "It will I promise" he said. I brought my sms102 to him to explain some problems I had since he was an economics student and is expected to be good in maths. We had a good tutorial session. Everything was going well until Joshua was suddenly gasping for breath like someone suffering from asthma. I was so tensed and scared. I was so confused and paralysed, I noticed he was pointing to his bag, so I opened it and found his inhaler. I gave it to him to use. It took some minutes before he could regain himself. I was crying and shivering until I noticed he was fine. "Am sorry for the trouble susan" he said. "What trouble? Am sorry for not understanding what you meant" I added. "Anyway thanks for saving my life" he said. "You are welcome" I replied. I asked him to pass the night at my place since it was late and I didn't want to stress him and he agreed. We ate rice and stew and watched my Harry Potter. "Susan" joshua said. "Yes" I replied. "Emmm thank you for today and u think I owe you one" he added. "No don't mention anyone would have done that" I added. "If u insist but am grateful" he sa reaching for my hand. I tried to let it go but his grip was too firm. He tried to give me a kiss but i averted it and went to bed facing the other side and leaving a gap between us two and concentrated on how the next day would be, leaving joshua smiling until I dozed off.
Re: My University Experience by smoothicon(m): 4:12pm On Apr 11, 2016
Hahahaha...CCC celestial church of christ...keep it up

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Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 3:11pm On Apr 12, 2016
Cc lalasticlala pls I want the whole Nigeria to follow this story it's important
Re: My University Experience by katerine7(f): 6:44pm On Apr 12, 2016
just love d ccc part grin
nice write up
Re: My University Experience by donmat06(m): 7:19pm On Apr 12, 2016
Nyc story.....kip it up
Re: My University Experience by bbokuns: 4:11pm On Apr 13, 2016
Cc lalasticlala come a a a stor to front of nau smiley
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 8:42am On Jun 08, 2016
A very big apology to my fans....anticipate the continuation of this fiction by Friday thanks.
Re: My University Experience by sirblero(m): 9:25am On Jun 08, 2016
Welcome back bro...... Friday you said.....well. Let's see how it goes More grease to yah elbow ...Ride on

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Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 1:01am On Jun 11, 2016
Am so sorry my phone I Rilly giving me ishh Buh am working on it plss. Gimme some more tym
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 11:50am On Nov 13, 2016
Hello fans sorry I've been away
School tied me up but am back now
New episode tonyt!

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Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 8:28pm On Nov 13, 2016
"Morning" I said yawning, after hearing no response my eyes were wide open, joshua had left but he dropped a note saying "Sorry I had to leave without telling you I have to get to school early and I did not want to disturb you. Have a nice day josh cares". I was a little bit relieved. It was a Friday and I was free,no lectures, no attendance wahala. I decided to wash some of my dirty clothes and listened to some new singles I downloaded. I got to a particular song 'love don't care by simi' and I loved the lyrics, it doesn't care who you love but what matters is your happiness. My heart was divide into three, a part was like 'I don't think I could love again' the second was like 'I think I need love' and the last was like 'anyhow'. I never knew people still sing good songs with powerful lyrics In Nigeria when all we hear is noise. After washing, I was about to go to the salon when my class rep called me and told me we had to borrow soc106 and the class was today by 2pm. I checked my time it was quarter to 1, I sent a BC on whatsapp and bulk texts to all my course mates. I rushed to the bathroom to have my bath and after the bath I was confused on what to do wit my hair. After the thinking I remembered I had a wig. I wore a high waist trouser with a crop top tho my belly wasn't showing, I rocked my new adidas pharrel Williams and killed it with my new rey ban shades, make up, wig and bag. I took a selfie and was off to school. You needed to see the way guys even bae's were staring at me. I felt like a queen and graced my steps. I got to the lecture theatre filled with angry students complaining about the class adjustment. It was an all eyes on susan event as I walked to the front seat. I got greeting from different people even girls that don't talk to me. Wale's eye were stuck to my body like 'wow this Is what I am missing'. I wanted to do notice me so I went ahead to drop the class attendance sheet as soon as I saw the lecturer coming into the lecture theatre. Quite an interesting class but I was really bugged by one idiot of a guy who was just disturbing, when he opened his mouth to talk me it was as if concentrated h2so4 gas was released into the air. With all the dressing and packaging, his English was more than worse, at a point I wondered wondered he gained admission to the school. I knew certainly that I would have a lot of messages on whatsapp that day. After the class I got a text from joshua asking asking we could meet a motion ground. I left for Motion Ground to meet joshua. "Wow you look gorgeous" he said with a big grin on his face. "Thanks" I replied. "I just wanted to apologise for leaving without telling you" he said. "It's ok I understand" I replied. "So are you ready for today?" he asked. "Hmm I am but I don't know where we are heading to" I said. "Don't worry about that" he said.
We went straight to the school park and boarded a cab going to ijebu-ode, still confused on where we were going to. We were both silent until we got to ijebu-ode. Different thoughts came across my mind. I asked myself if this was a date or maybe we just having fun.
We alighted from the cab, he held my hands tight like I was bae. We took a bike and all I knew was that he told the bike to drop us a Mosun cafe. We got there, I was still confused though but I still didn't say a word.
"What will you like to have?" he asked. "Anything" I replied slowly. He went over to get the anything I asked for. He came back with a tray containing fried rice and turkey with a bottle of pepsi lying beside it, then a waitress also accompanied him with the same thing.
"Thank you joshua but isn't this too much?"I asked. "First of all try calling me josh it's kinda romantic and nothing is too much for you" he replied. I wanted to ask as per what but something just hinted me to shut up an enjoy free meal o jere lol. Joshua was very funny all eyes was on our table as people maybe thought we were lovers. Josh cracked a lot of jokes there was one he said that really bored me. "Susan imagine one day I was so famished and I needed akara to compliment my bread so I went down the street in that hot Ago-iwoye sun and on getting to the woman's spot she wasn't there and I was like this woman didn't even knew how important she was to me" he said. I just giggled as per eye service but I guessed he was out of jokes. "Susan" he called. "Yea" I replied. He held my fingers and was admiring my pink natural nails and he said "these nails are just as beautiful as the owner", "thank you* I replied smiling. "Can I ask for one tiny thing from you?" you?" he asked with his eyes down. "Yea go on" I said. " Susan, can I give you my heart to hold on to, cherish and not breaking it" he said after gathering so much courage to look into my eyes. New toasting pattern alert lol I said to myself, what's gonna happen now, I don't want to fall in love but josh is pulling me back. "Susan you are not saying anything" he said kind of sad. Josh is just a guy I want to friendzone, I was so confused. "Josh can I be given some time to review this offer?" I asked. Yea new toasting reply pattern lol not funny though but my mind is just crazy. "Yea sure! But don't forget that love is love regardless of how It comes" He said with content. "Ok, errm josh it's getting dark I think we should be on our way back to school" I said. "Yea that's true" he added.
We left ijebu ode 5:27 and got to ago by 6 o'clock. He escorted me to my hostel and into my room. He insisted we had sms102 tutorials that evening but I refused. I tried all my best to chase him away because it was late. "Ok I should be on my way, but can we have the tutorial tommorrow?" he asked. "I will call u if am less busy" I replied. "Ok then take care of yourself, I'll call u when am home" he said reluctantly. "Ok bye" I replied as I shut the door and locked it up. I leaned my back to the wall and slided It downwards until my butts were on the tiled floor. I remembered the good old times I had with wale and how I lost my virginity foolishly to him. I was scared to give another guy my heart because I pictured them as the same. Joshua's face was all In my head, I tried playing music to get myself back. My music player on shuffle played simi x praize Outta my head I fell inlove with the song and put it on repeat. I was almost asleep when josh's call came in. I ignored It but he kept calling constantly then I put my phone on silent and turned off my data connection because he wa bugging me with messages everywhere. He then sent a text "sweet dreams I love you dream of me". I smiled and dozed off.
It was so cool and unusual, I woke up and got to know that there was light. Ago lifestyle no constant electricity so the little one we got we use it effectively. It was past 9, I woke up late. I tidied up my room and washed my plates and t clothes I wore th previous day. I was about to prepare breakfast when Joshua called. I still ignored his calls, I went ahead to prepare my breakfast which was macaroni and stew. I brushed my teeth and took my bath, thereafter eating my breakfast. There was still light, my phone was fully charged alongside my laptop and power bank. I increased the tempo of the fan, read my books and did my assignments before observing my siesta.
I was in a campus beauty queen competition and was about to be crowned queen when I heard this bang on my door.
"Knock Knock Knock Knock" I woke up shocked and angry. Chai who is this person that came to disrupt this once in a lifetime dream. I checked my phone it was past 6 and there was still light. "Yehh!" I exclaimed. "This one don pass siesta o" I said to myself trying to fix myself up to open the door.
"Good evening" it was Sis kemi our one and only SU. "Ohh Good evening sis, when did you arrive?" I asked. "Just now" she replied.
"I just came by to tell you not to forget that tomorrow is welcome back sunday." she said. "Yes sis sure I know, don't worry you will see me in church" I added smiling. "Ok see you tomorrow" she said as she left for her room.
Thought of what to have as dinner was on my mind as my stomach was rumbling, I decided to cook beans on the hot plate since there was light. I began cooking the beans and decided to check my phone. "Jesus 22 missed calls!" I exclaimed. It was from joshua and my class rep, though joshua had majority. I noticed I had some text messages also.
"We have a general class rep and Asst meeting"
From class rep
"Susan where are you, ain't you coming for the meeting"
From joshua
"Susan what's wrong you ain't picking my calls even your class rep's, I hope you are okay"
From joshua.
Tcheew I hissed as I threw my phone back on the bed. I decided to complete my Harry Potter and was in the middle of it when I heard a knock on the door. "Oh oh Who could this be again" I said to myself. I hated being interrupted in the middle of a movie. " Am coming" I said aloud when the knocking continued.
"Hi" a joshua-like voice said. It was josh. "Hello" I replied. "I just came to check on you because you have not been picking my calls and u didn't even text back what is wrong?" he asked sweating like a Christmas goat lol. "Am ok, I slept off and I just woke up that's all." I replied. "But at least would u let me in?" he asked. "Joshua thanks but I think you should be on your way it's late and as you can see am alright" I said sternly. "Ok, but I hope it isn't because of what I asked from you yesterday?" he asked embarrassed "Joshua bye" I said slamming the door. I leaned on my door and all I could hear was someone crying, I was still in my mean self but before I could open the door he was all gone. Then I smelt something burning. "Yeh my beans!" I exclaimed. It just started to burn. I lost my appetite as I felt bad after behaving that way to Joshua, I didn't just knew what came over me. I tried calling his number he didn't pick and sent him text messages but he didn't reply them either. I didn't know his home address, nor his friends. I called my class rep to ask if he knew Joshua's home address, finally I got my hands on it. I rushed down there thinking about his current state, with his medical condition as per being an asthmatic patient. It was so dark, at past 8 and everywhere was silent due to the miracle electricity we had. I got to his hall and was directed to his room. I overheard some of his hall mates whispering amongst themselves "josh don get bae" "omo this bae set this josh na real Gee". I wasn't concerned about that. I knocked and knocked but it seemed like no one was in, I was about turning when the door was finally opened. I saw josh crying with a bottle of brandy that it's content had gone halfway in his hand. "Come in" he said. I entered and found out that he was drunk. I was scared down to my spine hoping all would be well.
Josh's room was also a self contain like mine and we'll arranged. He had a flat screen TV and a big bed just like wale. He was a very neat guy form his appearance . "Josh am sorry" I said crying like a baby. "It's ok Susan" he said hugging me, "I understood why you acted that way, you past is haunting you" he said admist tears. " I should be the one asking for forgiveness for making u remember what you were trying to get over" he added. He got up and brought out a pill from his drawer. "What are those for?" I asked. "It's for subsidising the level of alcohol in me" he said. After some minutes he was balanced. We had some discussion and shared our experiences. I was carried away and when I checked the time it was past 12 already and was late. I had no choice that to sleep over. He offered me dinner of rice and fish stew, he was quite a good cook. Josh amazed me, he took his duvet and slept on the tiled floor leaving me alone on the bed. I couldn't sleep until quarter to two then I dozed off.


Re: My University Experience by pharuzine(m): 4:52am On Nov 14, 2016
pls more updates, love your story.nice wk kip it up.but pls try to update today.
Re: My University Experience by Deo7(m): 10:06am On Nov 21, 2016
We still dey wait o angry
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 12:23am On Jan 28, 2017
Am working on it plsssss
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 4:49pm On Jan 29, 2017
"Good Morning dear" Joshua said while trying to sit up, he was holding a cup of tea trying to arrange it orderly on a stool alongside some slides of bread and a jar of jam, with the table knife and teaspoon neatly arranged. This guy don watch romance movies die. "Bon appetite" he added smiling. I never uttered a word I just kept smiling all through the meal.
"Thanks for the meal" I said. It's important that I show gratitude even if I refuse to chat or greet him. I cleared the stool and did the dishes. I was dressed in one of Joshua's clothes and it was bigger on me making me look like Bae. I wanted to talk to him but am not in the mood, so I decided to go outside the balcony to see how his environment looks during the day.
I was wearing Josh's Pam and it made me look more like his girlfriend. I got to the balcony and met some ladies discussing, "Good morning" I said and they replied in harmony like they were expecting my greeting, hmm na dem Sabi. I enjoyed the beautiful view outside and thought of what to do next alongside eavesdropping to what this ladies were saying and wondered what ladies gain in gossiping very early in the day. Nawa oh everybody's reasoning they different Sha. I stayed outside for so long and was waiting for Josh to come and take me in as per Shakara. I was tired of waiting and was about to summon my courage when Josh came to tell me my bath was ready. Yeah my superman is here alas.
I came out of the Bathroom fully dressed and ready to go to school. I don't have a class today so I decided to follow josh to his class. We left for school with josh holding my hands, we weren't n alone, t two of Josh friends were with us, wande and korede, the trio were best of friends and were very compatible, they said some funny stuffs on our way to the park and I wanted to laugh but was shy. They got so engrossed in the discussion and for a sec I felt so lonely but I had no choice. We got to the park and boarded as bus to PS. Everyone was silent in the bus except some lousy dirty looking girls doing what they know best 'gossiping'. The short journey looked very far and I was feeling unwell so i rested on his shoulders while he held my hands and caressed my palm. "You don't seem to be alright, what's wrong with you? " he asked. "Am ok" I replied. "Are you sure?" he asked looking so worried. I just looked at him with this sexy smile. "OMG! Am tired of getting down at this gate everytime, this yeye stop and search of a thing". Said a lady in glasses, she looked so familiar like my long lost bestie in my junior high school but I had difficulties remembering her name. "watch where you are going miss" the lady in glasses said in anger as I stepped on her feet mistakenly. "Susan!!" she exclaimed. Immediately I remembered her name "Benita right?" I asked in excitement. "Yes! Look at you, you have grown so big and tall!" she said so glad. "And you too, it's been a while". I added as we continued our conversation while we passed through the check point and entered the bus again. We discussed about our past experiences and exchanged contact.
I totally forgot that Josh and his friends were around until I departed from Benita and promised to check her up at her hall later in the day. "Who was that?" he asked with jealousy in his eyes. "My long lost friend" I replied. "hmm she looks beautiful" he said as I looked at him with a very jealous expression written on my face. "but you are more beautiful" he said with content. "nawa o we go love oh" wande and korede echoed as we got them more jealous by holding our hands. We all gisted and I felt more comfortable around them than before and I also joined them in displaying on the toad to class.
We got to their Eco209 class and the class was so boring for me, I pretended to be writing until the end of the class. Alas it's time to go home. I left Josh and his friends and I went home. I got home and met drama in my hall, the ashis of my hall be fighting. It was so serious and to crown if all no one was ready to separate them. They are both covered in blood and got their clothes torn, the scene was so crazy as they were both almost Unclad. I got to find out that they waste fighting because once accused the other of snatching her customer. They were later separated when the other lady wanted to stab the other with a broken bottle.
I went to my room when the fight had been completely over and there was no scene to watch. I cooked noodles and dozed off. I was disturbed during my siesta when I received a call from mum. We spoke for some minutes and I ended the call after saying my goodbye. I called Benita and I left for her hall. It wasn't so hard locating hall. Benita was a big girl on campus, her room was lit I envied her for a sec. She was also in 100lvl but was a psychology student. She was holding an iPhone 7 and I wondered where she got it from. We discussed and she asked me what I do on campus beside schooling. "Nothing oh" I replied. She told me there was something she could introduce me to and that would pay me alot. I asked her what it was and she refused to open up to me. "Tomorrow is Friday and I want you to follow me to ibadan for a friends birthday party at Club GQ, would you be able to go?" "I would think about i and call you in the afternoon" I told her. I really don't feel line going and I just said that so she could change topic. I enjoyed my stay and I never felt like leaving but I had to leave. We said our goodbye as I departed on bike.
Re: My University Experience by xamiel4(m): 10:57pm On Jan 29, 2017
came across this story today and i must commend that you are really doing a great job here.read everything from the beginning.please when are we getting another update?sonnest i hope.

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Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 7:50pm On Feb 01, 2017
Chapter 6
My life has been centered about love and education, I haven't been pursuing my self goals, I don't even have one, I want to be independent and a Boss lady, I need to start making money but I don't have any means. All these were my main thoughts as I compared my life with Benita's, I want to be live her and the standard, I also want to be a big girl on campus, am tired of being average and am sick of love. I thought about going out with Benita, suddenly I felt this cold touch on my right shoulder. Fear was written all over my face and it was so obvious that I was in deep thought. It was Josh, honestly this dude should give me space am getting tired of seeing his face everytime. "what's wrong with you, you didn't even notice that I entered your room and you didn't even lock the door and that's so unlike you, what are you thinking about?" he asked feeling so concerned. "Nothing, just planning my life out in my head" I replied with this weird looking face. "are you sure?" he asked. "yes I am, what's on ground?" I asked trying to change the topic. "Anyway I came to tell we have a general class reps meeting today since I tried calling you and you refused to pick up" he said disappointed sort of. "About that I don't think I can cope with all this meetings, our class rep would be there besides am just his assistant. I said. " well that's up to you then, I'll take my leave now" he said. "ermmm Joshua, I am going out with a friend tonight at Ibadan for a birthday party so can I go?" I asked smiling so tempting. "When did u start going out like this and who is this friend you are going out with?" he asked. "error message Beni......" "Beni what! Someone you just met back yesterday are you sure you alright? " he interrupted furiously." But.... "" But what, you ain't going nowhere!" he said so mad at me. "see you ain't my boyfriend so you can't decide for me, what if I go and i decided not to tell you? " I asked. "Fine, have it your way then, you have said it all, Goodbye" he said working out in complete disappointment. I took a deep breath and took my phone to tell Benita that am coming with her for the party and she told me to look my best.

I was in my cream turtle neck gown, it was so tight and it really portrayed my shape, my makeup was on fleek , my heels were making brain, my neck was braced with my choker and my emergence perfume could make flowers boom their best colors. My hallmates were amazed as they saw me in a sexy look. I got to Benita's place and she was already set alongside some ladies which she introduced as Bimpe and Lolade. A guy came to pick us up with his black Toyota Camry which we all knew as Muscle. We sat at the back seat while Benita sat at the front sit keeping the guy company. The journey was boring to me because am new in this Gang. Lol pepper them gang. I thought about Josh and later forgot about him. We got to GQ lounge and we were ushered into the VIP section. The journey didn't take up to an hour, I now believe IB wasn't really far from Ago-Iwoye. The setting was really dope and I felt like a big girl. A guy arrived with his gang, lol another pepper them gang LOL. They were on point. Benita went to hug the main guy there and introduced him as her boyfriend. His name was Eric, his right ear was pierced and was occupied by a blue ear ring. His dressing was simple and expensive. I planned to stay away from alcohol so I ordered Chapman and barbecue. I ate majestically and formed tushed as per Lagos girl. I ate slowly and ordered for more as the show began. You needed to see the way money being wasted. No doubt these guys are Gee dudes, I was carried away by the champagne battle that was going on in the club before a guy walked up to me inviting me to the main spot and I turned him down. He stayed and said he was going to keep me company. I acted like I didn't care, the guy was just saying his own, at a point I wondered why I actually came for the party. I went outside to feel the fresh air and I saw Lolade and Bimpe hoping into different on point cars and I wondered where they where heading to. I went to meet Benita inside and asked her where I was going to sleep. "Go and meet akin" she said pointing to the guy that u ignored earlier. I wondered what Benita brought me here for and immediately I was distabilized. At this point I wished I listened to what Josh said. So this was Benita was into, giving girls out and receiving her own percentage. Immediately I went outside and called Josh but he wasn't picking up. I was scared, I didn't know what to do, I wished I could turn back the hand of time, I sat down outside the lounge, took out my phone and goggled for the nearest hotel around and I found one. It took me a while to get a bike. I logged in the hotel and cried when I got to the room i checked into. I just spent the money one of my toaster transferred for me during the day. I rested my back on the bed and thought on how I saw going through.
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