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In My University.....We Pay 1million As School Fees.am not lying o (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My University Experience by samuel19222(m): 11:28pm On Mar 10, 2016
I beg come continue ooooo kiss
Re: My University Experience by Nphzzycute(f): 9:09am On Mar 11, 2016
Re: My University Experience by Ay04z(m): 7:12pm On Mar 11, 2016
good one ..
Re: My University Experience by clockwise(m): 7:22pm On Mar 11, 2016
Nice write up, kudos. Buh no kip us waiting o.
Re: My University Experience by Nobody: 10:15am On Mar 12, 2016
please continue the story now haha
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 8:32pm On Mar 12, 2016
"Omo our exams are in two weeks time" I said smiling. "Thank God at least person go commot go lagos" sola said smiling. "But girls Abeg who sabi maths wella because I have issue with this my sms101" I said. "Sms na small thing jorh, I will tutor you" sola said. I noticed tobi's silence and tried to draw her attention. "Tobi what's the problem? Why are you not contributing to what we were saying?" I asked. "Nothing am not just in the mood to talk" she said with a tired look. "Tobi what is wrong?" sola asked frightened. "Am not feeling too well" tobi said. She stood up trying to help herself out with a sachet water when she collapsed. "Tobi! Tobi!" sola and I shouted repeatedly. "Bring water" sola told me. After sprinkling water and fanning her she was back. "Ahh what happened" she said still to balance her breath. "Don't utter a word, just rest" I told her. After she rested for a while we took her to the school's annex health centre located at mini campus. Tobi was diagnosed with typhoid fever and she had to be admitted until she was ok. We called her parents to tell them about her health.
I was still with tobi when wale called me to ask if I would still be available to make it to his place. I told him sola and I had to stay with tobi till the next day and he hanged up without saying anything which was unusual of him but I wasn't bothered. "Susan" sola called out my name. "Yes" I said. "I think you should go home and cook food us and get tobi's clothes while I stay here with her" she added. "That's a good idea" I said calculating that I will cook wale's food and say hi to him. I got to my hall at exactly 4pm and was through with cooking at 5pm. I left for my friends house to get some clothes for tobi and branched at wale's place to drop the food I cooked for him. I called wale's number while I was on the bike but he wasn't picking up the phone. I got to wale's hall and rushed into his room since I was in a hurry and it was almost time for tobi's medication. "What!" I exclaimed when I saw Wale having sex with a lady. I dropped the food and ran out of his room in tears. I got a bike as soon as I could to avoid wale's filthy explanation. I cried on the bike and many thoughts bumped into my head. I asked my self several questions. "Has he been doing this? Is that why he did not pick up? Who is that lady?" I was so deep in tears that the bike rider was consoling me until he lost concentration and bumped into a car.

"In the name of jesus, lord come and show yourself, lord prove yourself worthy, my daughter must not die!" my mother exclaimed in tears. "Madam all will be well" a woman said consoling her. "Will you shut up! You see if my daughter does not wake up, you will rot in jail" my mother added as I opened my eyes. "Thank you jesus!" she shouted coming close to me. "Mummy what happened? Why am I here? What's going on?" I asked as I saw a drip passed into my right hand. "Just relax I will tell you everything later" she said as the doctor came in to inject me. "Madam, your daughter will be discharged this evening" she said. "Ok doctor thank you very much. And you thank your stars that my daughter is alive" she said pointing to a strange woman. I later got to know that I had spent two days in coma and was told tobi was better now. "A guy dropped this letter for you o, he said he was your course mate and he was always here ever since you had the accident" she said stretching fort the letter to me. I opened the letter and got to know it was written by wale. At first I neve wanted to read it but something pushed me to.

Hello bae,
I know you have every right to be angry. Am so sorry for the incident and come to think of it, it was not what you thought it was.

When I got to that spot I stopped reading the letter and tore it into pieces. I rested my head on the pillow and cried my eyes out. I heard a deep sigh and thought it was my mum. "Mum are you back?" I asked as I raised my head up only to see wale's sorry face. Immediately I turned my face facing the wall while he came to my back. "Susan am so sorry, it was a mistake. I did not mean to hurt you" he said as tears rolled out of his eyes. I felt like forgiving him but my heart was still hard. I neither replied him nor turned my face to see him but I cried out so loud. He touched me but I removed his hand still facing the wall. "So you want to treat me like anjeli did to raul" he said still crying. I wanted him to suffer for making me cry but I was touched by what he said and before I could turn my face h was already gone. "Susan oya stand up we are leaving". Mum said. "Mum did you see anybody on your way in" I asked. "No" she said. We left mini campus for lagos since my mum insisted on m resting well.

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Re: My University Experience by Nobody: 9:00pm On Mar 12, 2016
post the remaining story now
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 9:42pm On Mar 12, 2016
Watch out for the finale of chapter 3 tomao
Re: My University Experience by Nobody: 10:13pm On Mar 12, 2016
Watch out for the finale of chapter 3 tomao
seriously i dnt want the story to end but u tried entertaining 1k + including me.

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Re: My University Experience by asamfem(m): 10:37am On Mar 14, 2016
love this story. kudos
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 1:48pm On Mar 14, 2016
It was a cold Saturday morning, I got up from my bed and after saying my prayers went to bed. I turned on the TV set and the DSTV decoder and tuned it to trace. That was my favourite channel on DSTV. I watched different music videos and the next song was a meghan trainor's song. It was title like am gonna loose you ft John legend. The lyrics made me remember wale and I couldn't fight back the tears. I cried my eyes out though I did cry out loud. "Susan what's the problem" Linda asked when she saw me crying. "It's nothing am alright" I said faking a smile. "Ok o but if you have any problem you can share it with me" she added. "Sure sis" I said still with my fake smile. As she left for the room I continued crying. At a point I made up my mind not to cry anymore. I searched my mum's room for my room and saw a lot of missed calls. 90 percent was from Wale while the 10 percent was from my friends, daniel and some course mates. I dropped the phone and tried to read some of my notes and text my mum took from my room. I studied for four hours and later took my siesta.

"Susan! Susan! You have a visitor" Linda said tapping me. "Who is looking for me" I said yawning and stretching my arms. "One guy like that he said he is your course mate " she said. "Ok tell him to come in" I said. She left for the veranda to usher the visitor in. OMG! It was wale. I stood up as fast as I could to run into my room but he grabbed my hands. "Susan am sorry, will I kill myself for you to let you know?" he asked. I remained silent and let go of my hands, backing him. "Wale, please I don't want to see you for now when I get to school we will talk please go" I said holding my tears back. "But..." he wanted to say something but I cut him short telling him to leave while I left for my room.

"Susan why can't you just forgive him at least you could also make that mistake" Linda said in an angry tone. "And who asked you to interfere? Ehnn so you were ears dropping abi well done" I said. "See don't tell me that, if you love him forgive him. Haba just think of the fact that he came down to lagos just to apologise to you" she said. "So if I had died in that accident will he come to heaven to apologise ehnn? See don't just interfere ok" I said angrily. "Susan please forgive him please for my sake, I know it's hard but please" she said in a sympathetic tone. "Ok I will" I said. As she left for the sitting room wale came in, I assumed that was has they planned. He was on his knees and Apologised. "Susan am sorry" he said rubbing my hands. I was silent and he pulled me up and hugged me. "Am sorry for all the troubles" I said crying. "Shhhh dnt cry" he said facing me. We kissed and we were so in the mood. We were Unclad and he locked the door, "are you ready for this" he said. "No, please snap out" I said as I grabbed my towel and covered myself. "Are you afraid?" he asked. "Let's just forget about that" I added. "Ok if you insist, but can I take you out?" he asked. "No problem" I added.
We went to silverbird cinema to watch a movie. After the movie, he took me home and asked when I would come back to school. After our discussion he left for Ago-iwoye. "Where are you coming from and who is that guy" sis Seun asked. "A friend" I answered. Linda signalled me that she had reported me to mum. As i walked out of her into my room "will you come back here, you have not answered my question finish o" she said. "Ok fine, he is a friend and we went to the cinema to watch a movie" I added. "Oohh so you have grown wings abi" she said. "Sis this one no be wings" I said. " so this is what you do in school abi" she said. I walked into my room just to save her the stress. My mum came back late at night and the continued the part two. After all the argument I was angry since no one would believe me except Linda who was on my side. I wanted to call wale when I remembered that my phone has been seized. I collected Linda's phone to call wale and tell him not to call my number for now. I lied down on my bed and flashed back like a recap of what happened today until I dozed off.
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 1:48pm On Mar 14, 2016
Chapter four to be out by tuesday
Re: My University Experience by temmiesexy(f): 4:43pm On Mar 14, 2016
Re: My University Experience by asamfem(m): 9:52pm On Mar 14, 2016
I can not wait to read the rest of d story
Re: My University Experience by asamfem(m): 9:59pm On Mar 14, 2016
interesting story
Re: My University Experience by temmiesexy(f): 10:09am On Mar 15, 2016
continue please.....interesting.......
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 10:36pm On Mar 15, 2016

"Wake up girls we are late" sola said tapping both tobi and I. "What says the time?" I asked. "Are you for real? I said we are late and arghhh, anyway it's 8am and we hav exams by 9am" she said confused. I rushed into the bathroom and was done by 8:30am. We got to school exactly 8:50 and took our seats in th examination hall. It was our third paper SMS101. The lecturers in-charge of th invigilation came into the hall and shared our answer booklets while we waited for the to question papers to arrive. Alas the questions arrived, I noticed wale wasn't in the examination hall, I was so concerned and scared. Still thinking of wale when he came in after pleading wit the lecturers, sweating profusely. I was relieved and ignored him stylishly. After the examination everyone met outside as usual to share their own experience. "Hello pretty" wale said. "How are you and why were you late?" I asked him. "I woke up late jare" he said smiling. "Same here, where are these girls" I said stylishly searching around for them.

"Bae!" tobi called me. "Where you come go now?" I asked them. "Good afternoon wale jare" the both of them said. "Afternoon girls, hope you guys are cool?" he asked. "Yes o, weytin come do susan wey swell?" tobi said a they both giggled. "Baby what's wrong?" tobi asked. "Shey bi I don't exist abi?" I asked smiling. "You ehnn" wale said dragging me aside. We talked for a while and he said he would call me when he got home. We got home exactly 3:44pm. We were resting when I heard some girls fighting. My friends and i got out immediately and we saw our passage was full as other hall mates came out to watch the fight. I wanted to go an separate them not until one of them broke a bottle. Every on ran back inside including th other girl. "Why you run?, you for wait now idiot" she said throwing the broken bottle down. I locked my door and wale called not quite long. We have been talking on phone for a while now since my mum seize m phone and I was now using the popular Nokia torch light that everyone using a big phone use as back-up. Wale wanted to get me a new phone but I insisted. We were free the next day so wale insisted we go out at night. I was the all white party so the colour wasn't the issue so I agree to go.

"Come outside am ready" wale said then he hanged up. I went outside to leave him telling my friends I might be back tonight to probably tomorrow morning. The party took place at Map lounge. There was so many side attractions and I must confess I enjoyed myself. After the party I was so tired. Wale called his bike man to pick us. We got to his hall some minutes past one. I was undressing preparing to wear one of wale' big vintage shirts when he drew me closer. "I love you so much susan" he said. I giggled and caressed his face. Before I knew it he Was kissing me. We were so in the mood, he pushed me to the bed, taking of his clothes. "Are you ready to be a woman?" he asked as I nodded my head. Having sex for the first time was scary at first but I enjoyed myself. I don't know about other guys but wale was good In bed. After the romance section we talked for sometime and went to bed.
Re: My University Experience by temmiesexy(f): 8:32am On Mar 16, 2016
next please
Re: My University Experience by Ay04z(m): 10:51am On Mar 16, 2016
next please
good one but chai u should have narrate how wale kombo u well nah........next episode........ooooooooi
Re: My University Experience by Weirdman: 4:05pm On Mar 16, 2016
Nice story... Following.. Plz come and update oh
Re: My University Experience by samuel19222(m): 7:05pm On Mar 17, 2016
Next abeg
Re: My University Experience by Iyke1998(m): 10:16pm On Mar 18, 2016
Nawa for all this NL writers sef.
When the start a story,they beg for followers,now that they have the followers,they find it hard to upload..

If something is wrong,let us know dear.
Re: My University Experience by sirblero(m): 9:59am On Mar 19, 2016
Nice 1 omohjesu...... Honestly am too interested in this....... Buh d tin is dah...ur updates are nt not much..or let's jst say...u hardly update..... Eva sinc...til nw.... U hav 2 mke ur fans glued 2 dis story by givin us more updates....... All dsme....nice 1....... I jst pray u..impruv more...on ur updates..........
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 2:11pm On Mar 19, 2016
Ok...am sorry I hv been having network ish lately. Thanks
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 3:35pm On Mar 19, 2016

"Hello where are you?" sola asked. "Am at home" I replied. "Hmm you won't believe what I just saw" she added. "What is it again?" I asked. "I just saw Wale, your cassanova lover with another girl, babe you need to see the way they were smooching each other" she added. "Sola are you serious about this? Where you exactly?" I asked. "I dey limelite" she said. "Ok, I will be with you shortly" I said trembling. Wale has been avoiding me lately, he even stopped calling and picking up my calls. I got limelite and spotted sola waiting for me at the gate. We entered together without even exchanging pleasantries. We sat down under a shade waiting for wale to come out of stardom. Stardom was limelite's club. After 30mins he came out to our greatest surprise he was with tobi. My head sparked, no wonder she has been avoiding me lately. Sola held my hands so tight so I won't react.
"OMG please tell me that wasn't real?" I asked in tears and banging the door heavily. "Susan you really have to calm down" sola said. "Calm down, are you for real? OMG I have been played" I cried out. "He just played your on your intelligence not your body" she said. "I wished I did not say that" I said. "No susan don't tell me you guys.." she said with her mouth widely open. "yes, ever since then he has been avoiding me" I said crying. "Aww susan, am so sorry" sola said hugging me with one arm. "Tobi, must pay for this" I said still in tears. "Sola just forget this, tobi is our friend so leave her out of this" she added. "So you are taking her side now, well it's OK. I know this was your plan all along. Sola out of my life for good" I said opening the door for her. "But susan.." she wanted to utter before I stopped her. "Shhh out!" I exclaimed. Some minutes I left, still crying, I heard a knock on my door. "Who is there?" I said. "It's dolapo" she said. "Come in" I said wiping my tears. "Baby why are you..." she said trying to console me. I narrated the whole story to her. "I saw this coming" she said. "Excuse me please come again" I said. "You remember the last time I told you could come back to see me." she said. "Yea" I said. " I was expecting you to come so I could confess this to you" she added. "Confess what?" I asked sitting upright. "I overheard your friends planning to take wale away from you. Funny enough the scene you saw at wale's house were all setup and part of the plan they had for you, but I did not want to jump so I just shut my mouth up. I will advice you to accept Daniel because I see true love in his eyes. See if wale loved you as he always claimed he did, he would never concur to such acts and will never fall for your friend's trick. My dear you are still young and you look ambitious, so I will advice you to Gboju and move on Ok." she said sternly. "Yes, thank you" I said nodding my head. "I will see you later I have to go now" she said. I later thought about what she said and got to understand the dream I had. So my friends never wished me well. Still heartbroken I slept off to cool off my mind.

I woke up some minutes after five. I tried to eat rice. I was chatting on whatsapp when Daniel sent me a text. "Are you around" he sent. I replied him and he told me he would be with me shortly. I thought daniel would come to console me, I thought I would find love again but it did not turn out as I expected. Daniel came to me to add to my problem. He told me my friends told him about what happened earlier. "Am sorry about that" he said. "Thanks am fine" I added. " but if you had accepted me it wouldn't have turned out like this" he said. "But we could still fix that" I said with hope. "No, it's too late am so sorry" he said hugging me" after a little chit chat he left. He only came to mock me, I knew it was part of their plans but I wasn't bothered. I was going through my pictures when I came across wale's picture. When I saw this I cried bitterly. My first love life was a tragic one but God understood better. I lost everything all in a day. I lost my friends, love and hope. I made up my mind to move on and forgot about it all. I tried to sleep but couldn't when all that was in my head was wale filled memories.

It was the last day of exams, I couldn't wait to go home and have fun with my family. I got to the ICT centre since it was GNS and was on a long queue. "Is that not wale with you friends?" Timi asked. Timi was my course mate. "Yes I saw them" I said smiling. "I thought you guys were dating?" she asked. "Not any longer" I said. "Awww sorry about that, i also experienced break-up some weeks ago" she said. "It's OK life goes on"i said. "Abi now, are you on the group chat?" she asked. "Yes I am" I replied. "Ok, I will message you later in the day". She said. After the chit chat we finally entered the ict and sat for our exams. "Hello sis seun" I said after returning her missed her call. "You have to come home right now" she said. "Is everything ok" I asked. "Just come all is well" she said. After the call I rushed home to get ready for lagos. When I got home I met Linda home alone as usual. "Susan what sup" she said with a gloomy face. "What's wrong where is mum and sis Seun?" I asked. " did sis Seun not tell you?" she asked surprised. "That what?" I asked. "Mum is currently in coma all thanks to an accident" she said crying. I was dis-stabilised when I heard this and all I remeber was darkness everywhere.
Re: My University Experience by Nobody: 8:31pm On Mar 19, 2016
Registerinq my presence.. Good work bro... *looks around* lookinq for a beautiful lady to sit with... I see Temmiesexy.. Can I join you o ye fair Damsel?

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Re: My University Experience by Dayo4real12: 9:43am On Mar 20, 2016
Nice One
Re: My University Experience by Weirdman: 10:32am On Mar 21, 2016
Ah ah kilode.. . omojeshu where are thou now come update.. .
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 12:43pm On Mar 21, 2016
Am so sorry for late updates am currently preparing for my exams pls bear with me...I will update u guys before d day runs out
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 6:20pm On Mar 21, 2016
"Thank goodness you are back" Linda said. "What happened?" I asked trying to balance myself. "You fainted don't u remember?" she asked. "All I remember was you telling me mum was in coma, are you really sure about this?" I asked with tears rolling down my cheeks. Linda hugged me and whispered into my ears "all is well sis". Sis Seun came back, I noticed she was on putting o her happy face. "Welcome" I said trying to collect her bag. "How are you and how was your exams?" she asked. "We thank God" I replied. "How is mum now?" I asked. "She is now concious and the doctor said she would be discharged on Friday since there were no injuries" she said smiling. "Ahhh, that's a relief" I said. "Excuse me o am hungry and no one is talking about food here o" Linda said a we all busted into laughter. "So susan any gist for me?" sis Seun asked. "This is awkward sis when did you seem to care about my life?" I asked jovial. "A long time ago but I did not put it into action until we almost lost our mum and I felt there was no special sis thingy between us three but now am with you guys, I mean you guys are the family that I have an right now I think am flying without wings" she said with tears rolling Down her cheeks. Linda and I went close to her to hug her. "Sis a lot has happened to me I school" I said. "Like what go on" she said looking impatience. "For some months I though I have finally found love and friendship. It took me four months to realize I was wrong. I lost my virginity to the one who I thought loved me but he had his plans, my friends betrayed me an I lost it all sis" I said crying. "It's OK dear I have experienced such, it's my fault if I had shared my experience with you I know yo wouldn't have made that mistake, it's alright wipe your tears" she said. "Wow am sorry susan but sorry o is it not that guy that came to beg you the other day?" she asked. "Yes" I said nodding my head. "Guys are mean, if I were u I would have killed him" she said and I could feel the rage in her. "Linda life is a circle, what goes around comes around. He too will experience heartbreak it bound to happen"sis Seun said. "Egbon leave fairytale jare, thank God you guys know am a trouble maker, any guy that try poo with me will smell his ass" she said as we all laughed until I went to bed.
It was Friday and I couldn't wait to see my mum. We got to the hospital some minutes past ten. Some of our family members followed us while the majority stayed at home to prepare for her welcome party. My key fell down and I never noticed until a young, well-built, handsome guy came to give me. "Excuse me miss" he said "yea" I replied. "I assume this key belongs to you" he said stretching fort the key to me. "Ohh my goodness it must have dropped when I wanted to brink out my phone, thank you so much" I said. "You are welcome. Am joshua and you are?" he asked. "Am susan" I replied. "Which room are you heading to?" he asked. "Ward 14" I replied. "Same here" he said. "So who are you here to see cos am here to see my dad he just gained consciousness" he added. "Am here for my mum who has the same ish as your dad" I added. "Ok" he said. We had a little chit-chat until we both entered the Ward. I was so happy to see my mum smiling again. We left the hospital for our house and had the welcome party. It was so much fun and at night I remembered school was to resume the next Monday. We had just a week break though it was too short but I liked it.

I left for school as early as I could on Monday. I got to my hall some minutes to eight. I arranged all that I brought from home to sustain me for the semester. The rain semester was always short and full of social activities. I was prepared for school quarter to nine and waited patiently for a PS cab to pass. After some minutes of waiting I finnaly got a cab. "Good morning susan" he said. I was so curious to know who knew me until I turned back to see it was joshua. "Morning you also school here?" I asked. "Yea and am a 200lvl economics students" he added. "Eco iyen na nice. Am a 100lvl student of mass comm and thanks for the other day" I said. "Don't mention" he added. He paid for my T-fare I was so happy and we exchanged phone numbers and left for our various departments. "Morning susan" a course-mate greeted. "Morning how are you?" I asked. "Am fine, MAS105,103,101 result are out" he added. "Are you for real? Where is it pasted?" I asked. "Go check it at the department, Good luck" he added. I took a napep down to the department and saw my course mates with gloomy faces. I rushed down to the notice board and was so curious to see my result. I checked my 105 first and scanned for my matric number. I had a B. And also had another B in my 101 and couldn't find my maric number for my 103 until my class rep helped me. It was an A. I checked for wale he had celestial church of christ(CCC). I didn't bother and not so long I saw him smiling as he was coming closer to me. "Good morning" he said. I never replied him and I walked out from his sight and left for my MAS104 class.
Re: My University Experience by Weirdman: 7:50pm On Mar 21, 2016
More update oh

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