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In My University.....We Pay 1million As School Fees.am not lying o (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My University Experience by Ttorp(m): 11:33pm On Apr 15, 2017
Nicely written, omojesu. The story is opulent. Mind if I share this on my fb page?
Re: My University Experience by reefah420(m): 4:55pm On Apr 21, 2017
This is so much fun for me bcus am a student of oou...plz update soonest...bless!
Re: My University Experience by Damibiz(m): 10:49pm On Apr 21, 2017
Nice work u gat here,Damibiz is following
Re: My University Experience by abbeylli(m): 12:31am On Apr 22, 2017
Following nice story
Re: My University Experience by empress101(f): 5:46am On Apr 22, 2017
she is lucky dat she wasnt raped.. lipsrsealed Nice story dear.
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 2:58pm On May 21, 2017
Am so sorry for no updates
I have been working on publishing the book
But I'll drop till chapter 6.

Please follow on IG@call_mhekenny tho know about the update more.

Thanks guys you are the best
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 3:43pm On May 21, 2017
My eyes were widely open with tears flowing. It was morning already, I picked up my phone and tried calling Josh again and this time it was ringing. "Hello Joshua" I said hastily, 'where have you been i have searched all over for you' he replied. I told him to get a way to transfer my transportation fare when I get back I would explain to him and he did.
I got to Ago-iwoye in the late morning and went straight to my house and found Josh waiting for me, he looked worried and sad. "Where have you been?" He said with a harsh voice holding my hands like it was the last time he would. I couldn't give him a reply I was just crying. He took me in and prepared my bath and breakfast. It was like the romantic scenes I watch in movies but I still didn't conclude to myself to give him a chance in my life.
He gave me time to rest and after that we had been our discussion. At first I couldn't tell him but I had to summon courage to do so. Finally I let the cat out of the bag. Joshua looked disappointed all I could say was sorry because I never knew that was what had been planned for me. 'Susan, what plans do you have for your future?' He asked. I told himi don't have any. He advised me to check out what I have interest in and get back to him. He also told me to promise him not to allow such to happen. He stood up preparing to leave and it was unlike him. He opened the door about to leave then i ran to hug him from the back, "I love you" I said crying, "am so sorry for grieving you I just didn't want a chapter of my life to repeat itself. He turned back and held me so tight, "I know, it's ok, I love you more don't hurt yourself" he said wiping my ears.
We kissed and we didn't seem to be stopping anything soon, he sturs the door properly, the romance got deeper and deeper, he was half Unclad, then i snapped out,"Josh you should get going" I said scared. "Oh am sorry" he said like someone who has just gotten free from hypnosis. He dressed up and left.

I smiled aimlessly as I thought of what just happened. Hours passed I was alone, still pending Joshua's request and thinking of a career as I thought giving modelling a chance. The MBGOOU was around the corner and I made more enquiries and planned to get my form after discussing it with Josh, maybe he would be my chaperone lol kidding though.
I checked my reading timetable and did justice to it, I gave the Bible a chance this time before I went to bed that night I posted to Good to reveal his plan for me.
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 7:01pm On Sep 10, 2017
Hello guys

After a lot of my viewers wishing for me to continue I HV finally taken d decision to

Tonight update is gonna happen

I had to take a break cos my gp was down but thank Go now I concentrated fully and its ugright again
Ur boy hit a 4.3 last session
And am in my finals now and u know any mistake would be costly

But am back
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 8:29pm On Sep 10, 2017
‘And the winner is…..Contestant no.14 Susan!’ You needed to see the expression on my face cos it was way too wow!. “YES!” and in was awake. It was just a dream, I won the MBGOOU in my dreams. I giggled and imagined what if the dream could come true. Then I remembered giving prayer a shot last night maybe this was the thing that God wanted me to know for now. I got up and said my prayers, picked up my phone and told josh that I want to apply for the MBGOOU contest, he agreed and promised to get me a chaperone. I went to school and for the first time in forever I wished the lectures ended so swift, but they didn’t and I had agree to the witty saying that ‘in life you don’t get all that you wish for’. Today’s lectures turned out boring to me, I was filled with so much joy when the last lecturer said the words “see you next time”.
“Hello, Joshua” I said with haste, “hello dear, how are you?” he asked. “Am fine, where are you?” I asked. “Cafeteria, hope no P?” he asked. “I wanted to ask if you could escort me to get my MBGOOU application form?” I asked cautiously. “I have a meeting with my H.O.D and won’t be able to come with you, am so sorry I promise to make it up to you” he said with this sorry tone in his voice. “it’s ok I’ll be fine” I said ending the call with this ‘OMG’ rolling my eyes face. I went to the SUG building alone to get the forms and as usual I got this boring toasting talks from one dude, so ugly, to crown it all his tactics are wack. “See baby I saw you in my dream and the instance I saw you I knew you were my missing ribs”. ‘LOL’ was what was rumbling on the inside. I was like guy go to the museum trust me you’ll find your ribs. I endured his boring talks and was just faking this smile cos I needed someone to walk me down the road. ‘Could this get any worse!’ was the expression on my face when the dude told me he was also heading to Konigba. I endured again and the dude couldn’t even afford to pay my tfare. “Sorry please can I know your name cos u are just smiling since” he said, “OH! My name, am Ada” I told him, “Ok Ada, my name is Yusuf, nice meeting you, ermmm I don’t know if I can have your number?” he asked. “Driver owa oh!” I exclaimed as I alighted from the bus hissing.
Finally, after the boring class and a clueless toaster, I can finally get to fill my form and read up more on the competition. I was filling my name in the space provided when I heard a knock on the door. “who is there?” I asked “Your boyfriend” he said. “In your dreams” I said as I opened the door and quickly went back to filling my form. “Am sorry for the….” Josh said “Finish it up now, what sort of boyfriend are you gonna make sef?” I asked with my I don’t just care face. “The one you would never want to lose” he said. ‘WaaaWuuuu!’ so romantic, I was blushing inside but my facial expression could make a baby run back to his/her momma’s womb. “Come jorh” he said pulling my hands. “Leave me jorh” I said, to be sincere I was loving it but was just acting like every girl would to make her guy love her more. “its ok I have forgiven you” I said smiling a bit, then he hugged me, we kissed, Josh was so hot, he pushed me gently to the bed, slowly kissing my neck, trust me I was moaning and then I remembered that am not his girlfriend yet. “Stop please” I said panting like someone who just finished a 1000km run. “Am sorry I just couldn’t help it, I think I should take my leave” he said. “Please stay, I love you Joshua, I love you so much, I said with my face facing the ground like a guilty child. He came closer, better than drake did to wizkid ‘LOL’. He lifted my face and saw the tears. “Am sorry, I love you too, you don’t need to be scared, my love doesn’t hurt” he said with so much care and attention. “I know, am sorry for pretending also” I added. “It’s ok daer everyone puts the ego up sometimes” he said still hugging me. Then I gave him this blow on his back, “Ouch! What was that for?” he asked as we both giggled .
We both filled the form and he promised to introduce me to his friend who could be my chaperone. “Joshua oya come and be going o, its almost night” I said, “oh!, that’s true,ok see you tomorrow then I guess” he said as I walked him out of the room. I went downstairs with him and my hallmates were just gazing, am sure they were puzzled to see me smile and look so comfortable.
It was hard to see josh leave but he had to, I got into my room, studied and decided to take corn flakes since it was late and I don’t eat late to avoid a big tummy. Then I got this call, it was Benita, she said she wanted to apologize for the other night and asked if she could come over to my house the next day, but I declined, I told her that I have a meeting to attend and it’s going to take more of my day. “Ok babe, see you around then” she said as she dropped the call. I was pissed to even hear her voice, I eventually ended up taking only warm milk, said my prayers and then the lights went out again. I wonder what God would reveal this time.
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 7:28pm On Sep 11, 2017
I woke up again just like any other day, caught up in my new routine of saying my prayers, then I got this call from an unknown person. I picked thinking it was one of my coursemates but it wasn’t, the voice was so deep and scary, and all the person could utter was “Be careful!”. I was scared to my pants I wanted to pee, I rushed down to the toilet and I was calm. I composed myself and got ready for lectures. I was about locking my door then I saw this note with the words “You are not alone!” boldly written on it. This one got me more tensed, I summoned my courage to go for lectures, I called josh to meet me at motion ground so we can discuss about this issue. Before that, I went to my department to meet with my H.O.D and tell him about the strange call and the note, the number was hidden so it couldn’t be traced, I felt unsafe. He took me to the security unit and we reported the case, so incase anything goes wrong I could be traced and receive help. He told me to come to him later so we could go to the police station together. I went to meet josh and he told me to call my mum, but I just didn’t think that was the next step considering her health status, and I know how she puts matters concerning her children on her mind. “But atleast would you call your big sis and explain this events to her?” he said. “I think that’s better” I replied. We both had lunch together and promised to meet at my department after our classes. On my way to my department I realised how I had forgotten about my MBGOOU contest, life and situations tho. I walked slowly to class thinking of what could happen, could this be Benita?, or who, or Yusuf?, oh no he doesn’t have my number. Then I remembered Benita wanted to come over but I declined, I quickly picked up my phone and informed her that I would be around in the evening so we could talk cos there is a lot to talk about, and she agreed. Finally I was at the lecture theatre and am late for the first time. Everyone fixed their eyes on me as I walked in slowly, like I was on a runway, the presence of the lecturer mattered less to me at that point, to be sincere, I wasn’t there anymore. The words “You are not alone!” kept banging in my head everything else vanished, even josh.
“Susan answer the question now!” was what I heard and a tap on my shoulder brought me back to life, OMG! i wasn’t concentrating in even class, I really need help. “Susan, come with me please” Dr. Olajide said. I went with him to the H.O.D’s office. I felt so helpless and clueless. “Sir, this young lady has been acting weird lately, first a dramatic entrance into my class, and the she was even lost in thought, what is happening to you?” he asked so concerned.
The H.O.D told him to calm his nerves down while he explained everything to him. He told me to take things easy so I don’t get a high B.P. “Where is the Cleopatra in you?” I asked myself. I was asked to call someone to go with us to the police station. I called josh and we left together. We went straight to the D.P.O’s office and I told him all that happened and he assured us that nothing is going to happen and if I see anything else I should place a call. I saw students who had been arrested for several cases, I never thought I would ever go into the police station but I feel sometimes you need help, I just hope the NPF are capable of this cos we never hear any heroic deeds achieved by them.
I went home with josh, we talked for a while then I called my sister. “How are you?” she asked “am fine, can we talk?” I asked in a low tone. “What’s wrong! This one that you called me today and you are sounding so weird on phone, talk to me”. “it’s something little tho” I replied. “then spit it out!” she said concerned. “What!” she exclaimed after I had narrated all that happened to her. “Have you told mum?” she asked. “No, you know I can’t I don’t want her to get hospitalized, he health status now.” I said. “Good, you too don dey get sense be that” she said as we both giggled. “But what steps have you taken so far?” she asked. “I have reported to the school security unit, my department and the police force” I added. “ok! That’s cool, I know you are smart, just stay calm and be watchful, don’t walk late, stay in indoor and be at alert, may God be with you. I hope you have not offended all this brothers at the top o?” she asked, “Not at all, I should be fine, my regards to everyone, I have to go” I said. “ok bye” she replied.
I fell on my bed with my back, and josh came over and pulled me on his chest, those lovely well-built chest, I could hear his heartbeats. “Babe I want you to know that we would get out of this together, I promise, I love you” he said rubbing my cornrows, don’t ask me I got my wig off. “josh, thank you, I love you, but…” I wanted to say something then he cut me short, “but what?” he asked. “When can I be your girlfriend?” I asked smiling. “Forever, like right now” he said pulling me up and gazing into each other’s eyes, I felt his lips on mine, it was awesome, he held me so tight, kissed my neck, gently pressed my breasts, I was so Hot, it’s been a while I did this, we were both panting, he threw away his shirt and removed my top and he gently removed my bra, I was just on pants and his manhood was pointing out of his boxers, the pre-intimacy was awesome, “Bad boy” I said “Wait for it” he said keeping me in suspense, he took of my panties and josh was giving me one crazy head. Am analysing this cos it’s the best so far. “OH, I don’t have condoms” he said. “Don’t worry, I’ve got u covered” I said bringing out a condom from my drawer. “Where did you get this from” he asked. “hmmm, a STD seminar bla bla bla, can we get started?” I asked.

Fast-forward we were done, talking and then this knock came, “who is there?” I asked. “Benita” she replied. I had forgotten I asked her to come. I opened the door and gave her a warm welcome. “Joshua meet Benita my friend” I said as they both shook hands. I sat Benita down and explained all that happened to her, she told me to be calm and also apologised for the other dramatic night while josh was busy with his phone and earphones stuck to his ears, we talked about some girl stuffs and she asked if she could sleep over that Friday and I agreed. Josh and I escorted her while he went home also. Then my scared self came back. I was on the stairs that led to my floor when I saw two of my hallmates at my doorstep, pasting a note. Immediately I took their pictures and called josh and the police. I traced them to their room so I could be sure of whom to accuse. I went back to my doorstep and found the note “Get ready for us”. The police came silently cos I asked them to and I took them to their room and boom they were busted and arrested. I was told not to sleep at home so I went over to josh’s place to pass the night so we could go and conclude the case the next day. I felt relieved as I was I was picking some stuffs I would need. The police drove myself and josh in one of their cars to his house. “Please report to the station early” The D.P.O said. “Ok sir thanks so much” josh said as we both made our way for his room.
I called my sis and explained everything to her, I thought about the fact that I have been giving prayer a shot and come to think of it the audition for the competition is on Saturday, good thing the case has gotten a head so we could solve the mystery. I called Benita and told her about the just concluded drama and also about the competition and asked if she could be my chaperone since josh isn’t taking me serious on this and she gladly accepted. “My regards to your lover” she said, “Big head go to bed jorh” I said as we both giggled. Josh and I watched a movie on his laptop, there was no light tho, we talked about our past lives and laughed like we haven’t been together for a long time, but most importantly I felt safe in his arms. We prayed together and slept off.
Re: My University Experience by Nobody: 8:51am On Sep 12, 2017
Nice updates, thanks
Re: My University Experience by collinometricx(m): 10:24am On Sep 12, 2017
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 10:33am On Sep 12, 2017
Thanks guys see u by 7
Re: My University Experience by Lildiamond: 10:37am On Sep 12, 2017
I want more oo. Lovely story
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 11:45am On Sep 12, 2017

Please you guys can help me check this video out
Am in a contest sort of please
I love u
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 8:12pm On Sep 12, 2017
sorry am late!

“Good morning angel” josh said as me woke me up from my sleep. “Good morning” I replied yawning. “How was your night?” he asked, “lovely, what else could I ask for?, with you by my side all night.” I replied. “Mine was good, you should get up and clean up yourself while I tidy the room, we don’t want to be late to the police station” he said.
I left for the bathroom and as every lady would do, I spent so much time got out of the shower and saw josh on his towel only, he looked so hot. He went in to have his bath and he was done so fast and I was still on my make up. “Nawa oh! When are you going to finish this thing?” he asked. “Give me five more minutes” I said. It was my phone ringing, “The D.P.O is calling you” he said. “Hello sir, we are sorry sir, we are on our way” I said without giving him a chance to utter a word. “Ok, your H.O.D is here” he said. I rushed all I was doing and we were out of the house.
We got to the police station and hurriedly rushed into the D.P.O’s office. “Am deeply sorry for running in late sir’s” I said. “its ok, let me call the sergeant to bring in the guys” he said. We waited and it took about five minutes before the suspects were brought in. I then wondered where Nollywood got their fast action from, the suspects come in almost immediately as the sergeant goes out. “After our interrogation with them, they opened up. Turned out they were just pulling a prank but I told them that was too much for a prank” he said. “Sandra am so sorry” one of them said. “Please help us out” the other said in tears. Their bodies were filled with scars already, that I trust the NPF for. “Ok, I have heard you guys, but sir they need to promise legally that such would never repeat itself” I said. “I swear to God it won’t” they both chorused like this was some sort of rehearsed speech. “We just wanted to be friends with you, since you don’t talk to anyone in the hall, we didn’t know how to approach you, we thought you would be so harsh on us” one of them said. “At least you should have tried to, you guys wouldn’t had gotten into this mess, am sorry too, I just hope the hallmates wouldn’t see me as a bad person” I said feeling bad. “it’s ok, we would process their bail and they would also sign an undertaken” the D.P.O said.
The whole scene wrapped up so fast and it just seemed like josh wasn’t in the picture because he was mute all through the whole conversation. I signed a form and left for josh’s place.i cooked and we both ate and decided to call my sister to let her know about the situation. “Hello sis” I said sounding so bright and happy . “Hello dear, how are doing?” she asked. “Am fine ma, errm about that yesterday event, it has been resolved. Turned out it was my hallmates who said they wanted to prank me” I said. “I told you it wasn’t something big, thank God we didn’t tell mum” she said. “Yea, I hope everyone is fine, my regards to mum and the baby of the house, I have to go now” I said as I sensed josh was feeling left out. “ok bye” she said and ended the call.
“Can you stay here till Friday?” josh asked. “why?, that’s next tomorrow” I said. “I just want to feel your presence that’s all” he said. “Ok but you know it is not right?” I asked. “I know, nothing is going to happen trust me, no sex” he said smiling. “Naso, devil in the detail, I have heard you” I said smiling back, throwing a pillow at his face. We played and talked for a while before he asked us to study. “I have to go home to take my things and get the outfit for my audition ready and I need to see Benita to do that” I said. “We will go together, I can’t leave you all by yourself for now who knows who is trying to pull up another stunt” he said as we both laughed so hard. “That’s why you are my superman now” I said as the laughter continued.

I put a call through to Benita and asked her to join me in the next few minutes. We left for my house and everyone wasn’t staring at me as I expected. “Hi” said one of those guys that got arrested. “Hi” I replied slowly as I was trying to open my door. I entered my room, missed the scent of Lavender thanks to my air wick air freshener. I heard a knock on my door and to my surprise it was the two guys that pranked me. They came in and I welcomed them warmly and we all apologized. They introduced themselves as Alex and Scott turned out they were best of friends. We were still getting along when Benita came in and the boys had to leave us after the introduction. Benita and I picked a black armless gown, it looked perfect for the audition with shining stones laced on it and it look4ed like it was worth a million dollar whereas it just costs 10k. I picked a matching black shoe and a silver necklace to go along. She advised me to get my hair fixed in a bridal style and I took it up. We estimated the cost of a make-up artiste and the hair extensions nad service charges and josh came in handy in this aspect. Benita said she knew some of the organisers and would tell them about me. That’s fair, one has to play smart in life. Josh and I left for his house, while Benita left for hers. Scott and Alex extended their warm apology be seeing us off.

Friday came so fast, I had to go make my hair, book my make-up appointment and collect my gown from the drycleaner. Everything on my mind was Saturday, another chapter begins. I left josh’s place for my house and funny enough nothing happened as he promised. Benita and I were getting closer than I imagined even Alex and Scott, turned out Scott likes Benita and they were talking all thru the evening. I was with Alex and he was telling me about his feelings for me and how he had to let go when he knew josh was my boyfriend and we got looked so inseparable. It was funny though and I told him that love would find him, true love would. We were together seeing a movie though and we realised that Benita and Scott were still talking outside. We sneaked out to eavesdrop and all of that, they were talking like they knew each other from somewhere. We gave up and had to go inside to continue our movie.
Finally they were in, and Alex and Scott had to leave for their room. Benita and I talked and she told me she just likes him as a friend. “Indeed, and you guys talked for that long?” I asked. “Babe, ok you got me, I like him, he is cool, funny, friendly and I need love am tired of messing around” she said. “Ok no problem, it’s cool but be careful and study him well before anything happens, so you won’t fall into wrong hands” I added. “Ok dear, thanks for the advice” she said. “Ok so let’s pray” I said. “LOL! You pray?” she asked. “Yes I do am not a bad girl like you, duh!” I said as we both laughed. “Whatever, na u sabi” she said. We both prayed and slept off.
Re: My University Experience by Lildiamond: 8:06am On Sep 13, 2017
I love this story.
Re: My University Experience by Davidabutu(m): 9:08am On Sep 13, 2017
[quote author=david abutu.....dope
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 10:48am On Sep 13, 2017
Thanks guys
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 4:49pm On Sep 14, 2017
Am sorry am currently working on chapter 7

To drop tomorrow
Pls bear with me
Re: My University Experience by collinometricx(m): 5:09pm On Oct 08, 2017
Am sorry am currently working on chapter 7

To drop tomorrow
Pls bear with me

bros hwfa
Re: My University Experience by omohjesu(m): 4:50pm On Apr 12
Re: My University Experience by jullyrosy(f): 8:57pm On Apr 16
we are waiting ooo
Re: My University Experience by msylva2147(m): 10:20pm On Apr 16
Please which of the two is your name? Sometimes you use Sandra while sometimes you use Susan.

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