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***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 11:31pm On Apr 11, 2017
The story below is an exclusive work of the author, ADEBIYI Deemola (The writer of that famous story, DIRTY GAME).
All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.
You can contact the author via:
08038195562 or schedule42012@gmail.com

******(EPISODE ONE)******
"Hello, Tina. Where are you?" Shade asked on phone.

"I'm on my way home. I just left my boyfriend's house now. How was your exam?" Tina replied.

"It was fine jawe. See, let me block you at home because I don't have much on my phone." Shade said in hurry to drop the call.

"Alright. No problem."

Shade dropped the call and joined Tina at her place after some minutes.

Tina was one and only daughter of a police. She lost her mother at the age of fifteen before her father was later transferred to Olodo town where she later completed her secondary school.

She was a bossom friend of Shade who she couldn't do without. They attended same secondary school together, but different courses. And they both got good results. In fact, almost same grades in each subject.

Shade has taken Tina as her lord ever since she was being saved by her when a guy attempted to rape her then in lower class.

Tina was only beautiful, she was also strong and courageous. She fear nothing but sway easily by emotions.

"What's is the matter? This your face looks pale. I could notice a glint of depression in your eyes. Is it that you didn't write your post utme well or what happened?" Tina asked curiously, searching Shade's eyes with full sense of concern.

"Tina, I don't think I will be able to continue with Tunde any longer." Shade said sadly, looking away.

"What? What happened? Did you catch him with a girl or what?" Tina asked anxiously.

"No, I just don't seem to understand him anymore. It seems he has gotten another lady and as a result toying with my feelings." Shade replied.

"Why did you say that? Could you just cut out the chase? Please, tell me something. What exactly is the issue?" Tina inquired, eager to know what exactly the issue was.

"Could you remember I told you he demanded for sex some years back which I told him to let me finish my secondary school studies if at all we gonna do such?"

"Yea. Vividly." Tina replied and readjusted herself on her seat, then folded her arms across her chest, listening attentively.

"Ever since then, Tunde never made any other attempt. Though, he shows me love and cares for me most especially while in public, with his friends, but whenever we are together in his room, he keeps distance away from me and always afford touching me. In fact, his today's attitude pissed me off."

Shade paused. Her eyes were saturated with tears.

"What did he do to you?" Tina asked nervously.

"He showered me with love for the two days I spent with him during my stay for the examination. We even came home together from the School. His caring attitude during those two days couldn't be overestimated which loosen my heart to receive his love. And I was expecting him to make the move when we finally got home today since his roommate was around at school which I thought it was the obstacle for him to touch me, but unfortunately, he just turned moody when we got to his house even when I was ready in my mind to keep my promise. Or was he expecting me to make the first move? Hell no! I can't just do that." Shade lamented bitterly.

Tina took a deep breath and kept mute for like a minute, then forced a smile out before she spoke out.

"Shade, do you believe that it is dangerous to be afraid of taking risk than taking risk? I was once a victim of this type of circumstance. That was exactly what happened between that my guy I lost his contact and I.

"Only that what works for Taiwo might fail Kehinde. It is all about risk. What I did then was that I tried to challenge him and when there was no positive result, then I made the first move myself which brought our relationship back to normal before we were later separated by inevitable bitter circumstance." Tina said, and heaved heavily and then closed her eyes for a moment which got Shade lost.

She looked down and buried her head in her palms. Her eyes were saturated with tears. She felt like crying, but held her emotion.

Shade was totally lost, confused and couldn't know next line of action to take. She felt like asking her about the story but her instinct held her back. She was interested in hearing what rendered her helpless, but she thought that was not the right time for her to ask. She stood up from her seat and walked towards her sluggishly, then lifted her face before consoling her.

"I'm very sorry to tender you a case that takes you back to a sad memory lane. I never saw it coming. We never discussed anything about your past before. I'm very sorry in case I've hurt you. You just have to let go your past and focus on the present for better future." Shade rendered her words which calmed her down.

Tina also felt like spitting her mind out at that very moment but she couldn't just say it.

After some minutes, Shade left for her house when she received an urgent call from her mother.



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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 12:02am On Apr 12, 2017
"What could have been the problem? How did she even know I'm now around? This is unusual! Something must be wrong"

A lot of thoughts filled Shade's head while she was on her way back home. She would have taken a bike to fast track her movement but none was available. She paced very fast as her legs could carry her and got home after some minutes.

Shade met her mother in the sitting room with her arms akinbo, wandering around. Her heart beat increased geometrically while looking at her mother's stances.

"I'm here ma." Shade finally spoke out with tremble in her voice.

Her mother turned around. The look on her face dragged out happiness out of Shade's life. She looked helpless like a wounded lion that has lost its claws and teeth.

Shade was the Apple of her mother's eyes. Words only couldn't express how much her mother loved her, but yet, she never tolerated any act of indiscipline from her. This was so because she was the only female and last born of the family. And also, she happened to be the only brilliant one. Her two other older brothers were dullards. They couldn't get their O' level results completely let alone of furthering.

"Where did you go to since you came back from Ibadan and where are you coming from?" She asked, searching Shade's eyes, expecting her to lie.

"Emm, Tunde's house ma."

Shade was panicked. She wished to say the truth but she has been warned by her mother not to mingle with Tina again.

Shade's mother stopped Tina from coming to her house and warned Shade from going to her when she suspected her sons were having crush on her. And she believed Shade could be an intermediary between them.

Sequel to that, Shade had no other alternative than to mention somewhere else if she didn't want to experience excruciating punishment. But where would she say she was just coming from?

Shade's mother eyes bulged out of there sockets like that of a dragonfly when she heard Shade's response. She couldn't believe her ears.

"Eeen! Where did you say you went to? Tunde's house or where?" She interrogated while looking at her disappointedly.

Shade was sorted of words. She stood shamelessly, scratching her own neck with left hand while her eyes blinked like that of analog wristwatch. She knew her mother knew the truth, but she just had to say something.

"Can't you talk?" Her mother barked at her.

"So you too have cultivated the habit of lying, en? Eni to ba paro ma jale ( whoever lies will definitely steal ). Haa, Shaaaaade! Now, tell me where have you been since you left Shola's house?"

Shade couldn't withstand the pressure mounted on her any longer and she decided to say the truth so as to set her mind free.

"Em, en, Ti , Ti, Tina." She said stammeringly and took some steps backward, preparing herself to flee in case her mother made any attempt to catch her."

"Eeen! Despite all the warnings? Did you grow your ears for decoration? I pray you don't implicate yourself with your adamant attitude."

She paused a bit and was a bit calmed. She felt like beating her initially, but she later gave it second thought, after all, she said the truth. Aside from that, she has been warned by Shade's father not to lay her hands on her ever since the day she fainted and later woke up on a hospital bed after two days when she was been beating by her.

"Now, listen and listen good, never and ever in your life, I repeat, never and ever in your life do you go to Tunde and Tina's house again. But you can just try me if you have two heads.

Move to the kitchen and prepare what to eat tonight jare. Oni ranu." She warned emphatically.

Shade quickly found her way to kitchen within a tick. She placed her left hand on her chest with her eyes gently closed and heaved heavily. She was relieved and happy for not got beaten by her mother, but sad with her condemnation.

"Why would mum stop me from visiting Tunde? What could have been the issue? Even her reactions when I came around was suspicious. Something must be fishing."

She pondered over the issue. Her mind was not at rest and she became restless as she engaged herself in the cooking. When her mind couldn't resist the worry any longer, she dialed Tunde's number... And she got more worried when there was no response from the other end after several attempts.

"Oh my God! Where did he drop his phone now? Or is there anything wrong?" She asked rhetorically.

She decided to dial the number for the last time before given up and fortunately for her, her call was picked up, but by a woman.


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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by sirblero(m): 5:46am On Apr 12, 2017
keep it coming...

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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 6:16am On Apr 12, 2017
keep it coming...
Thanks man smiley
keep it coming...
Thanks man
Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 6:20am On Apr 12, 2017

"hello dear."

A weak feminine voice needed no authentication echoed out from the receiver's side of the call.

Shade didn't think of it twice before decoding the voice to be that of Tunde's mother. She was scared and almost dropped the call, but summoned courage to speak out.

"Ye, ye, yes ma." She replied stammeringly, trying to compose herself.

"I learnt that you and your friend came home together?" She stylishly asked.

"Ye, ye, yes ma." Shade replied, still couldn't get over the tension.

"That's good. So, how was your exam?"

"It, it, was fine ma."

"You want to speak with him right?" She asked rhetorically.

"Ye, ye, yes ma." Shade replied, nodded her head in affirmation as if she was rightly in front of her.

"Ehyah! He is not around for now. I've sent him on an errand but left his phone for charging. Hope there is no problem?" She asked and listened patiently to hear what her response would be.

"No, no ma." Shade replied and a bit convinced with the excuse gave by his mother.

"Are you sure? Because the way you are sounding seems somehow. Or did your mother tell you anything?" She asked, getting Shade confused.

"No. Not at all ma."

"Alright. Just make sure you listen to your mother in case she has told you something or tells you later. It's for your own good." She advised, sounding somehow depressed.

"Alright ma." Shade replied confusingly, wondering why she uttered such statement.

"That's good. I will deliver your message when he comes around. Take care of yourself and remember me to your mother too." She said calmly.

"Alright ma." Shade replied and hung up the call reluctantly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was totally lost while trying to comprehend Tunde's mother words.

Her mobile phone fell and scattered when she turned around with her eyes opened and saw her mother standing at the entrance of the kitchen, putting on frighten face.

Shade's mother came around immediately she started the call, but Shade was oblivious of her presence.

Shade gazed at her mother forlornly with shock, wondering what was going through her mind. And she later took her head bowed when she couldn't resist the crimson look on her mother's face. Shade knew she was in trouble, not only because of the call she made but what she put on cooker had started burning.

Though, Shade's mother was seriously aggressive, yet she composed herself and remained unraffled. She instructed Shade to take off the pot from the cooker which she did without hesitation before she was being interrogated.

"Now, tell me, whose call were you receiving which got you so engrossed to the extent of forgotten what you're cooking?" She asked, gazing at Shade horrorly with her arms akimbo.

"Em, en, your friend ma." Shade replied stammeringly with her head still bowed, trying to avoid eyes contact with that of her mother.

Her mother knew who she was referring to as her friend but pretended to be ignorant of it. She needed to be cleared and sure of Shade's claim.

"My friend or what did you just say? Who amongst the friends of mine?" She interrogated further, forcing out a mocking smile.

"Mummy Tunde." She replied and raised her head slightly, gazing at her mother stylishly to see her facial expression.

"Did you mean Mama Tunde called you?" Shade's mother asked confusingly.

Shade was wholly confused and lost. She didn't know whether to say "yes" or "no". She just nodded her head in affirmation.

"Good! So, what did she tell you?" She asked calmly, looking at Shade keenly for any suspicious reaction.

"Nothing ma. She only asked of you and advised me to listen to whatever you tell me." She responded out of fear, shivering like a chick suffering from cold.

Shade's mother was a bit calmed. Different thought ran through her mind..." was she trying to pull Shade's legs just to know if I've told her about the issue? Or she has told her herself? No, she couldn't. She will not like to expose the issue. I'm even in the best position to tell my daughter, not mama Tunde. But does it make any sense to tell this little girl? No. I would rather stop her from going there..."

Shade mother was jolted out of her whirlpool of disarray by the ringing tone of her phone. It was her husband. And she picked it up immediately.




Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by silver94(m): 7:40am On Apr 12, 2017
Ride on bro
Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 12:38pm On Apr 12, 2017

Shade's father asked about Shade immediately after he exchanged pleasantries with his wife.

"Is my angel not back home from the examination town?" He intoned worriedly.

"Yes. She is back since afternoon. She is even here." Shade's mother replied calmly.

"Oh, thank God. But what happened to her lines? I have dialed the two lines but both were switched off. Any problem?" He asked further.

"No problem. Her phone mistakenly dropped from her hands and that was the reason why her lines were off." She replied, beckoning Shade to rapidly gather the scattered phone together. And without hesitation, Shade did as instructed. Fortunately for her, it came up when it was switched on as if nothing has happened to it. Shade's eyes was full of smile forgetting the outstanding challenges before her.

"But the lines are now available." Shade's mother added calmly.

"Good! That's better! May I speak with her right here instead of calling her line again? Or don't worry, let me call her on her line." He requested kindly but later decided to change his mind.

"Why calling her separately when she is here beside me? I'm giving the phone to her right now to discuss whatever you want to discuss." She replied and handed the phone to Shade, who collected the phone reluctantly.

"Hun, see you. Don't tell me you're jealous of your daughter o. Just keep your mind at rest, she can't hijack you from me..." Shade's father said jokingly, thinking that the phone was still with her wife until Shade's unique voice echoed out weakly into his receiving ear.

"It's me daddy."

"Oh, Shaaade! So, your mum finally gave the phone to you out of jealous?" He asked astonishingly.

"Yes sir." She intoned soberly.

"This is not my Angle's voice. You sound worried. What is the issue? Or you have trespassed again?" He asked confusingly.

Shade couldn't disclose the truth to her father with the look on her mother's face. So, she quickly cheered up and pretended as if nothing has happened.

"No, daddy. Only that I'm a bit tired and need rest." She replied silkly.

"Of course, you will need to rest. I know you must have overstressed yourself for the exam. You know what?"

"What's that daddy?" Shade asked hurriedly, just immediately as if she was expecting him to say something before.

"Let's do it this way. Just return the phone to your mother." He commanded.

"Alright sir." Shade replied without thinking twice and handed the phone to her mother in a respectful manner...

"Daddy wants to speak with you." She added.

"I'm now with you." Shade's mother voiced out.

"What's really going on over there? I can't understand please. Has Shade done anything wrong again?" Shade's father asked worriedly.

The question was not an impromptu for Shade's mother. She never expected less from him. She knew how smart and sensitive her husband was. She knew playing upon his intelligence could be backfired, but she has to play save by covering up the case. This was so because Shade's father has warned her from letting Shade moving around with Tunde, but she wouldn't listening due to the cordial relationship between Tunde's mother and her. And also, she saw Tunde as a promising child with a great future.

"No. Why did you asked such question?" Shade's mother denied.

"I can't understand. Something must be wrong, because your reactions and that of Shade are not welcoming. Are you sure you're both very much okay?" He asked Confusingly.

"Nothing oooo. We are very much okay." She affirmed her stand in assuring tone.

"Good to hear that anyway. Since you're very much okay, would you be so good to offer me a favour?" He asked, assuming her claim to be true.

"What's that, dear?" She asked curiously.

"I want my angel to be freed for today. You know how she reads whenever she has an exam to write. I know she must have overstressed herself for the one she just wrote. So, please, she needs to rest. And in case she has trespassed, forgive her for today." He pleaded gently.

Shade's mother took a deep breath, then granted his request unconditionally and the call was hung up.

She looked at Shade with hatred, while Shade took her own head bowed.

"God saved you tonight. Just complete what you're doing and join me in the sitting room." She said and left for sitting room.


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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by Missmossy(f): 1:55pm On Apr 12, 2017
Interesting, keep it coming cheesy

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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by sirblero(m): 2:51pm On Apr 12, 2017
I still can't lay my hands on the details of this story...

good work bro... nice story..

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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 6:38pm On Apr 12, 2017
]I still can't lay my hands on the details of this story...

good work bro...
nice story..

[Thanks for following bro]
Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 6:50pm On Apr 12, 2017
Interesting, keep it coming cheesy
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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 6:52pm On Apr 12, 2017
Anyone in the house?
Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 8:20pm On Apr 12, 2017
Shade was oblivious of what her father has discussed with her mother, but she was very optimistic it would be in her own favour. She quickly dished the food, put it on dinning table and leaned to sitting room to join her mother after some minutes.

"I'm here ma." Shade said to her mother who rested her body on a sofa, napping.

Shade's mother was jolted out of her napping status. She wiped her face with her right volar and yawned with her mouth covered with hand. Then, she asked if Shade was done with everything about the cooking for that night and which she responded, "yes." Then, she proceeded...

"Shade! Shade!! Shade!!! How many times did I call you?"

"Three times ma." Shade replied calmly.

"Good! That mean your ears are here with you. You might be seeing me as a wicked mother, but I want you to know that I care about you so much.

"I've tested you but I doubt your integrity. I'm scared and not ready to bear any risk that could spring out. I'm very sure you're not ignorant of your father's order. Aren't you?" Shade's mother asked, in a slightly raised tone.

"No, I'm not ma." Shade replied reluctantly, shook her head in disagreement.

"In case you never knew, your father has ordered me to stop you from mingling with Tunde. What did you think will happen if he later discover I never followed the order he gave as regard banning you from hanging around with Tunde? Why must you abuse every little opportunity given to you? Why must you trespass and go beyond the boundary demarcated for you? So, since I've allowed you guys to be friends, then you've taken it as right, abi? You were even bold to extend your tentacles to Tina's side even when I had warned you.

"God saves you today for letting your father called, you would have smelled pepper in this house today.

Now, that's no room for second chance. Opportunities come, but once. Since you've taken the one given to you for granted, then you're banned totally from visiting both Tunde and Tina's house. And I must not see you guys together again. I said it authoritatively. Thank God you know what I'm capable of." Shade's mother reacted ferociously as if she was being aggravated for being disturbed from her napping.

Shade was panicked. She never expected such furious reaction from her mother since her father has spoken to her. She felt confused and depressed. How she wished she could ask about what actually happened to Tunde, but who would she ask? She was still wallowing in her prism of defeatism when her mother shouted on her to vamoose.

Shade quickly found her way to her room. She sat on her bed, resting her back against the wall with her pillow engulfed in her arms. She felt dejected. Her eyes were saturated with tears. She felt like crying, but she couldn't just do. There was disorderliness in her body system. The worms in her stomach too didn't help the situation, they rumbled continuously for food, but no attention was paid to them, though she was seriously hungry.

"What have I done wrong to deserve this? What brought sudden change in my mother? Why is she maltreating me just like a slave? Even when she has not told me the reason why I must stop visiting Tunde. And Tunde's mother said I should listen to whatever she says. But mum has not told me anything. She only shouted on me. No problem. I know what to do." She pondered over the issue and finally made up her mind to do the findings herself, by any available means.

After some minutes, Shade heard her mother saying "the food on the dinning table must not be left unfinished." And since Shade was hungry initially, then she walked gently to the dinning and ate up her food. She left for bathroom and freshen up so as to have sound sleep. After all, she had planned what to do. So, nothing bothered her any longer.

It was early Sunday morning, Shade quickly engaged herself in necessary domestic works and prepared what they like eating on Sundays - jollof rice and dodo. This was quite unusual of her. Shade was a lazy type who only like eating but not ready to work for it. And that was what her mother hate about her.

Shade's mother was flabbergasted to see their sitting room transformed to something she never imagined; just like Queen of England palace. She couldn't believe Shade could do the magic voluntarily, if not up to something. Then, she pretended as if she didn't see anything and watched every step taking by Shade.

After some hours, Shade was called by her mother and she was sent on an errand.

Shade was very happy. Her prayer has come to pass; she saw it as an avenue to execute her plan. Without any time wasted, Shade dashed out of the house and headed to Tunde's house. She walked very fast as her legs could carry her and got to his house within a blink of an eye.

Neither Tunde nor his mother was around. Then, Shade dug her hand into her purse to reach for her phone, and that was when she knew she left it while she was in haste to leave the house. She stood motionlessness, with her arms akimbo, thinking on what next of action to seek redress. Fortunately for her, she saw one of Tunde's neighbours, a corp member coming out from her own apartment. Shade quickly ran to her and before she could say a word, the lady of about 27years, who was holding a food warmer and a flask of water asked Shade not to say anything, but she could follow her if she was interested in seeing Tunde.

Shade couldn't think of it twice, she just followed the lady. And they both took a bike after when the lady has negotiated with the bike rider. Shade, who had no idea of where they were going sat at the middle. And they embarked on unplanned journey.

After they had covered some miles, when they had started leaving the outskirt of the town, just then, that was when Shade started wondering where they were going. And the Lady's phone rang just immediately Shade asked where they were actually going. She neglected Shade's question and picked up the call...

"Yea, we are on our way. We will be there in the next thirty minutes." The Lady replied the call and hung up.



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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 9:57am On Apr 13, 2017
She stylishly touched Shade with her left hand and held her for a moment.

"Yes? I heard you saying something the other time. What's it?" The Lady asked, pretending as if she didn't hear Shade's question.

"Where are we going? Because we have already left our town." Shade asked again, feeling uncomfortable.

"Which kind of question is that? Is it not Tunde you're looking for? So, helping you get to the hospital where he is receiving treatment is now something else to you? Please, if you know you're no longer interested, then let me know." The lady replied sarcastically, waiting patiently for her reaction.

Tunde? Hospital? What could have happened to him to the extent of admitting him? Ehn en, so that was what my mum was hiding from me? Hun, no wonder his call was picked by his mother yesternight. Now, I have an idea of what's really going on and I won't relent until I get to the root of the whole saga. Thank God I saw sister Cynthia who is helping me out."

Shade was a bit shocked. Her thought ran wide like an internet search engine. She believed her reasoning was right. And she was so desperate to give whatever it takes to see Tunde with her Unclad eyes and know what exactly her mother and her friend were dodging from her.

"I'm sorry ma. I'm interested but only wondering why he was taken to far place for the treatment." Shade replied calmly.

"Don't worry, you will understand better when you too see how critical his condition is. I'm very sure your mum has not told you about his sickness. I'm only trying to help you because I'm a lady too, and I know what it takes to be in a relationship. Who knows maybe all he needs to be okay is you." The lady said, trying to get Shade convinced.

Shade was wholly convinced, nodding her head in attestation to what she said. Truly, her mother didn't reveal anything to her. Then, it is suffice for Shade to conclude that there is a clandestine behind the scene which her mother was keeping away from her. If not, her mother would have told her about the sickness. Shade thought, and made it known to Cynthia that her claim was right. And also let her knew her mother didn't know her movement.

"Really? Good! That shows your truly in love..." Cynthia was on her words when the okada rider cut in...

"Aunty, where exactly is the place? Because we are already at where you told me." The guy asked worriedly, just because there was no settlement around the area, not even a building.

"We have already reached where we are going. Just halt the bike for us to get down." Cynthia replied.

The guy stopped the bike and both Cynthia and Shade got down.

Shade was a bit scared. Her eyes scanned at three sixty degrees through the environment, while Cynthia was paying their transport fare, but hid her feeling.

The bike rider believed Cynthia was up to something but it was not his business. After all, they both came out from the same building and stopped him at a time. He ignited the engine and made a U-turn to where he was coming from.

Cynthia asked Shade to follow her, which she did out of panic. She quickly assisted Cynthia in carrying the warmer and flask and they both plighted a narrow path surrounded with bush both left and right.

Shade's mind was not at rest as they trekked, looking suspiciously, the left, right and back continuously...


Shade mother was getting worried. She gazed at the wall clock and it was quarter to Eleven.

"Where has this girl gone to again? Even if she checked on her friends, she should be back by now. She can't even meet Shola and his mother at home. Perhaps, she has gone to Tina's house again. Despite all the warnings, en. She is going to meet me here." Shade's mother pondered over the issue, while readjusting herself on the seat.

She reached for her phone on the table and dialed Shade's number when she was running out of patient, but the line was busy. She tried it for the second time and same thing happened. She was more aggravated, wondering whose call Shade could be receiving. Then, she dropped her phone beside her and relaxed a bit, resting her back against the back of the sofa, with her head slightly tilted backward, tasking her brain about the kind of punishment she would subject Shade to.

She was so curious to look at the screen of her phone when she heard it ringing. She thought it was Shade, but it was other way round, her father. She was a bit reluctant, but later picked it up when the ringing was about to lapse.

"What's going on? Where is Shade?"

A coarse voice echoed into her receiving ear. She was sort of words. She thought her husband must have called Shade and only God knows what they had discussed.

"I sent her on errand some minutes ago." She replied calmly, so that he will be oblivious of the outstanding predicament.

"Didn't she go with her phone, or why was she not picking up?" He asked out of concern.

"I don't think she left it behind because her line was busy some minutes ago when I put calls through her line..."

"You might be calling her when my calls to her were in. Kindly check her room to confirm. She might be charging it." He suggested.

Shade's mother couldn't believe her eyes while looking at the phone on Shade's bed, with its light on, showing missed calls; "4 missed calls from BDITW."

Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 12:44pm On Apr 13, 2017
She was sort of words. She stood motionlessness like a statue, wondering why Shade didn't go with her phone. And she was brought back from her whirlpool of confusion when her husband voiced out.

"Are you there?" He asked, wondering why it took her so long to get to Shade's room and feed him back what the outcome was.

"I'm with you. Just like you guessed, she didn't go with it. She left the on her bed."

"What's wrong with her? Hope she is fine?" He asked bafflingly.

"She is very much okay. In fact, it seems like today is special to her because her attitudes before she left for where I sent her showed it all. She woke up very early and engaged herself in core domestic works which she has never done without being subjected to pressure. And they were done excellently."


"Yes dear."

Shade's father was a bit convinced, but wasn't get carried away. He suspected foul play in her wife's words. He knew Shade could only do such only when she has a hidden agenda. When he related what happened a day before that day, he got more disarrayed. And he thought the only panacea to the issue was to surface at home without the conscience of both Shade and her mother.

"Let me know when she comes back." He said and hung up.

Shade's father, a sophisticated glazier, who travelled to different towns and cities based on contracts with his two other sons, Dele and Akin to get works done called on both of them, and let them know his plight, promising them to be back very early the following day.

He was brilliant and had passion for education, but didn't have access to it just because his parents couldn't afford to enroll him into any. And he has made up his mind to finance any of his children, who is brilliant like him to any length. And his hope was Shade.

To ease his movement, he decided to go with his car, jeep and embarked on his journey.


Shade's mother quickly put call to the one she sent her to. Her mind was not at rest. She became restless, wandering in the house with different thoughts when the woman said she has not set her eyes on Shade.

"Haa! Nibo ni Omo buruku yi le gba looo? (where has this stubborn girl gone to ooo)." She said annoyingly, biting her own finger.

She thought of calling Tina and ask about her but she didn't have her number. Then, checking Tina's number on Shade's phone crossed her mind, and she rushed to pick the phone up, and fortunately for her, the phone was not passworded. She searched the phone book tremendously, but unfortunately, she couldn't see anything like "Tina", all the names were coded. She was able to decode "BDITW" to be her own husband through the displayed number.

She flung the phone aggressively on the bed and leaned to her own room. She sat on her bed, looking frustrated.

"What's really going on with this little girl? Not even her, but me. Why did I send her when I've even suspected her actions and reactions? Where should I start tracing her to now? If her father should call now, what will I tell him?" She quarried herself, soliloquising. She later stopped the blame, reinvigorating that that wasn't the right time to be regretting her action but a way out. She bowed her head, engrossed deeply on what next of action to dabble into.

The ringing of her phone jolted her out to reality. And she couldn't hesitate to check who was calling her, "Mama Tunde," she felt remorse and guilty for not putting a call to her (Mama Tunde) and ask after the health of her one and only son since they both carried him to one herbalist for a spiritual treatment.

Tunde was met struggling for survival with his mouth littered with foams like an epileptic patient in her room by her mother and her friend. The two of them, who were just coming from an anniversary ceremony they were invited to got lost at the point of the scene. They were restless, wallowing in whirlpool of confusion without knowing the next line of action to seek redress. Noise for help rented the air as they ran helter-skelter, flinging their sophisticated head raps and bags unconsciously to rescue the poor boy. They quickly carried him out of the room into his mother's car while Cynthia, who met them in the process assisted them in opening the gate before they drove out with tremendous acceleration to a hospital where he was later DAMA (discharged against medical advice) when he was not responding to treatment, before Shade's mother suggested to carry him to a herbalist.
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********EPISODE EIGHT*********
Tunde's mother bought her friend's suggestion when she recollected that she had not gone back to the herbalist for the final rite after she gave birth to Tunde.

Tunde's mother hands were blessed and she was married to a wealthy man like her. She was a type who didn't believe in traditional beliefs. But her orientation and ideology changed after her marriage when she couldn't conceive for many years.

She went for different medical check up with her husband where they were told that they were both fertile. She ran from pillers to poles, attending different prayers, but all to no avail. And this made her cried both days and nights. Her trust in God disintegrated and diminished geometrically. And she became hopeless.

Though, she was loved by her husband, but the families of her husband didn't help the matter by molesting her; they called her different names and threatened her life. The pressures and victimizations she was being subjected to by them were unbearable. And this made her sought for help from her one and only friend, Shade's mother who had once advised her to seek for the help of traditionalist but which she declined.

Shade's mother lead her to the nearby town where she was being attended to by a herbalist called Baba Awo. This was done without the knowledge of her husband (Tunde's father) who also has phobia for anything pertaining to traditional issues.

Different rites and concoctions were prepared for her for three consecutive days which were taking strictly on instructions. Then, mashed black soap was given to her to bath on that third night and her husband must sleep with her three different times immediately after the bath before the dawn on that particular day.

Baba Awo assured her that if all instructions given to her were strictly putting into consideration, then no doubt, her womb would be blessed and she would carry her own baby. But if otherwise, she might face some consequences and remained barren forever.

The only task ahead was how to convince her husband to sleep with her for three different times before the dawn.

The note of warning sounded by Baba was like a threat to her, and she felt like backing out when she thought of her husband who was tired of sleeping with her, but she gave it second thought since she had already performed some rites and she can't afford to be living like a snake that threads on a hill without any mark.

"But how possible is this? Could this be achieved? Hmmm, God! Help and guide me through. This is beyond my control." She engaged in deep thought, running prayer in her own mind.

Though, she was a bit tired when she got home, but she didn't relent. She prepared the delicious meal, Amala and Efo riro which happened to be her husband favourite food, and then put it on the dinning table before his arrival.

She was fast aslept on a sofa, in the sitting room when her husband came around from his place of work.

She yawned uncontrollably, stretching her body and her arms up when she later woke up. Her eyes glued to the wall clock, wondering how the time flew; it was already past ten. She knew her husband was around through the splattering sound of water echoing out from the bathroom; he was found of showering before going to bed.

She stood with her arms akimbo, thinking how to execute her project for the night. Her heartbeat increased as she thought of the note of warning sounded by Baba Awo.

"Taking my bath with the black soap at exactly twelve O' clock is not the issue; even sleeping with me is not the issue, but for three times, that's the main challenge. How will I do it. Oluwa, sanu funmi oo (Lord, have mercy on me ooo)".

She thought in her mind, then leaned towards the dinning so as to dish out the prepared meal but astonishingly, the table has been cleared; her husband had served himself and returned the used plates to the kitchen, leaving her own part of the meal on the table. She was a bit puzzled. Then, she left the dinning and moved towards the bathroom, calling her husband...

"Dear, hellooo sweetheart"

"Yes, Darling. You're up?"

"Yes, dear. When did you come around?"

She was advancing towards the bathroom while responding to him.

"Like two hours ago. I was a bit tired and seriously hungry and I didn't want to disturb your sleep, so I had to dish out for myself. I'm sorry in case you're offended for not waiting for you."

She was very satisfied with his response, but pretended as if she was not pleased.

"How could you do such when I've been waiting for you so as to eat what you cherish most with you? I slept off in the course of waiting for you just because you kept so long. I'm not happy with what you have done tonight. And you have to pay fine."

She opened the door of the bathroom, but by then, his husband was already done, with his towel wrapped round his waste. He smiled to her but she paid her back with moody face.

"I'm very sorry once again. Hope the penalty won't be a severe one?" He asked, drawing her closer, planted a kiss on her forehead and wrapped his left arm across her waste.

She was a bit more relieved and smiled. Then, she voiced out

"Your punishment is very simple. You will just have to play with me tonight till I get tired."

Her husband looked into her eyes with shocked for her demand.



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Kindah confusing shaa..but I believe with time..it will connect..
#following..more ideas to your story
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nice work boss
Kindah confusing shaa..but I believe with time..it will connect..
#following..more ideas to your story
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***********EPISODE 9***********
Her husband untangled himself and looked into her eyes confusingly. He couldn't believe his ears and needs clarification so as to validate his wife's demand.

"What did you just say now? Did I you say play till you're tired?"

He asked out of surprise, with a scaring look. And his wife was a bit scared with the frighten look on his face and she felt like retracting her word, but she summoned courage and recomposed herself with a romantic gesticulation.

She moved closer to him, looked passionately into his eyes and pushed him gently to the wall while caressing his unclad body. This action got her husband lost. They both entwined and entangled, finding their way to their bedroom as their tongues fought the war of supremacy. Her husband's towel fell off as they engaged in the passionate romance, locked together, smooching each other, while rolling from one angle of the bed to the other. And she was about to be unclad by her husband when she came back to her senses as regards the instructions which must be observed for the night. But which her husband was already in the mood.

She stylishly got up and took permission to be back shortly, then headed to bathroom. Her husband was a bit pissed off over her stance, but raised about it and remained unraffled. Fortunately for her, it was almost time; eleven fifty-five pm. She waited for a moment and had her bath. And then leaned forward, directly to the bedroom without anything on; just the way she exited her mother's womb, praying for God's favour in her heart.

Her husband went crazy with the figure he beheld in front of him. It was as if he was seeing her for the first time. She looked extremely beautiful in his sight at that very moment. Her dark skin was glowing and glittering like a pearl.

"Waoooo! C'om!"

He beamed a wide smile and licked his leaps continuously, anxiously waiting to have her taste.

It was like a miracle to her wife. Things seemed to be working out for her. She was a bit relieved and her fear started looming up subtly.

She cat-walked with her chubby body coupled with an ass that made heads turn, and then climbed the bed to join her husband, who was already in need of her. And they both engaged themselves.

She played exceptionally with different styles on that very day just to achieve her ultimate goal. But after two rounds of hot sex, her husband became very tired and weak; his joystick couldn't come up again. She put in all her best by robbing and sucking it, even though she had vowed not to do such again ever since the very first day of her wedding night where her husband pleaded for it. But all her efforts were futile.

She sat on the bed with shattered heart, starring at her husband who was already dreaming in his sleep with hatred. She felt dejected as different thought ran through her mind.

"What's likely to be the repercussions of this? Will I only remain barren for life or another consequence is attached? Haa, I'm doomed! What should I do now?" She soliloquized.

Different thought went through her mind as she sat with her arms folded across her breast. She looked at the wall clock as its hand ticked round; it was three forty-five am. And this increased her fear. Then, she stood up and walked to the sitting room to reach for her phone, and then dialed her friend's line...

The call was picked up immediately without any delay.

"Hello. How far? I've been expecting your call before this time. Hope it was successful?" Shade's mother asked with great sense of concerns.

"I'm in trouble ooo. He only went with me twice." She replied, weeping bitterly.

"Haaaa! Wahala wa ooo (there is problem ooo). So, what's the way out now?"

"I don't even know. I'm even fed up." She replied, crying.

"You had better stop crying, so as not to complicate the whole issue. Cry can't provide the solution to this present issue. What will you say you're crying for if he hears you now? Wait, where is your husband now, and what was his response after the second round?"

"He is in bed, sleeping. He was already tired. I've tried my best to wake him up romantically, but all to no avail."

"Just calm down first. Hope he is not hearing our conversations?"

"No. I'm not with him now."

"Good! just relax yourself first. His body will soon gain strength again. All you just have to do now is to go back to him and pretend as if you're have slept off too till around past four when he is likely to wake up. But if he didn't wake up, stylishly wake him and find your way out."

"Are you sure that is going to work?"

"It's all about your belief. Just give it a trial."

"Alright, I will try. Thanks so much. I so much appreciate."

"Don't thank me now till it's successful."

"Alright, take care."

She hung up the call and joined her husband on the bed as advised.




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************EPISODE TEN***********
One of the most difficult things on earth to achieve is to cheat on nature. No matter how strong one is, when body nature is ready to act, one can't escape its reactions, except if curbed on drugs.

The stress went through by Tunde's mother both the day and night made her tired, and she met her Waterloo in the course of pretending.

Tunde's mother lied herself unclad beside her husband, pretended to be fast asleep. After some minutes, she saw her husband standing up and headed to bathroom to have himself bathed, then came back to her on the bed. He looked at her passionately, caressing her from head to toes. And without hesitation, she responded to the reaction. They both locked up again, and had last round of sex she had been envisioning.

She was very happy, thinking her dream has come to pass on until when she was woke up from her slumber by ringing of her phone. Her husband only made the last trial in her dream, not in reality.

She sprang out of the bed, neglecting the ringing phone. It was already morning, some minutes to eight. She checked every nooks and crannies of the rooms and later found that her husband had left for work when she looked through the window and couldn't see his car. She broke into tears and cried her ass out.

She reached for her phone and checked the missed calls; all were from her friend. Then, she dialed her line back which she picked once without hesitation...

"Hello, what's really going on? Where have you dropped your phone since?"

She asked, expecting her to response, but all she could hear was weeping. She was seriously puzzled. Her instinct has told her what the outcome was but she couldn't just conclude that way. And beside, she needed to know how it happened.

"Helloooo, are you there?"

"I'm in trouble ooo. I missed it." She replied inaudibly, still weeping.

"Just a moment please."

She dropped her call and put on a casual wear, get her car key and drove to her (Tunde's mother) house. She got there in a jiffy. She couldn't believe the unexpected action planning by Tunde's mother; she was drafting a letter which to be dropped for her husband, and then commit suicide thereafter. She rapidly collected the pen and torn the letter into pieces...

"What did you think you're doing? What has come over you? Please, just tell me, what's your problem? Not meeting up with the task given to you doesn't mean there won't be a way out. At least, you let's go back to him first, then we look for remedy. Killing yourself over this issue will not profer solution, but complicates it. God will even punish you for taken your own life, yourself."

"Sincerely, I'm fed up of this life. Oro aye mi ti su mi ( I'm fed up of my life )." She replied, weeping profusely.

"Sorry. I know how you feel and I also share from the pain you're going through. It is well with your soul, dear. Let's go back to Baba. I'm very sure, there will surely be a way out. Just calm down and have your mind at rest"

Shade's mother felt like crying, but stylishly controlled her emotion. She petted her and restored her lost hope. Then, they both travelled back to meet Baba.Shola's mother explained what her friend has encountered and sought for remedy.

Baba Awo pitied her; this was due to the fact that he knew that the repercussion might be unbearable for her. But as not to complicate the issue, he assured her a way out...

"Ona abayo wa. Sugbon o ni lati pada wa ni kete toba ni oyun ( there is a way out. But she has to come back immediately when she is confirmed pregnant)."

They both thanked him very well and dropped him some amount of money for appreciation.

*******AFTER TWO MONTHS*******
she was confirmed pregnant. She couldn't believe her ears when she was told by their family doctor who conducted the test. It was like a dream to her. She couldn't hold the joy, so she called her husband and friend to deliver the good news. It was paradoxical for her husband, and as a result, he left his office to confirm the good news with his Unclad eyes.

The following day, Shade's mother called on her to let visit Baba since her pregnancy has been confirmed but her husband was at home with her, keeping her company. And she was unable to meet up. Throughout the week, they both busy and as a result they couldn't visit Baba till the following week.

Baba complained bitterly, saying they should have visited him before that time, but yet, he prepared her another Concoction which she ate before they left. And he stated that she must come to his place for delivery. This sounded awkward; how would she go there for delivery without the knowledge of her husband?


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**********EPISODE ELEVEN*********
They both acted like a heroine in the presence of Baba, thanked him as usual and left for the road side where they packed the car without uttering a word to each other, till they got back to where they took off.

"It's like moving from a frypan to fire. How on earth is that possible when my husband didn't and mustn't know about my visitation to the traditionalist? What if he is around at the verge of the delivery? I'm getting tired of all these conditions jawe." Tunde's mother expressed her grievances through lamentation to break the silence. She was extremely frustrated.

Shade's mother was not satisfied with Baba's conclusion neither, but she needed to act strong and encourage her friend so as not to give up. She smiled and moved closer to her...

"You're very much correct. But nothing is impossible. Even, IMPOSSIBLE says 'I'm possible'. So, put your mind at rest and bother your mind less. Recall that you failed the very first day your were instructed to sleep with your husband because of this gravidity, but yet, there was a way out. Never do you be pessimistic, but optimistic for every problem has a solution.

I will like to be on my way. Take care of you and stay out of worries." She said and left for her house without looking at the back.

Tunde's mother was a bit relieved; her hope was rekindled. Though, she couldn't figure out how she was going to make it happened, but she was optimistic.

*********** ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ *************

Days over days, weeks over weeks, and months over months, the delivery day finally came around. She had been seeing the traces in the evening, but she didn't take it serious. This was because that wasn't her first time of experiencing such. In fact, she had been to hospital on different occasions as regards the sign of delivery.

She woke up in the middle of the night, held her back, crying for help as she twisted her body while wallowing in whirlpool of pains. The excruciating trauma she was passing through couldn't let her remember what Baba told her. Even, if she did, how would she tell her husband, who has already carried her into his car, heading to the hospital.

She was supported in into a ward, but later transferred to theatre after some hours for caesarean section (CS) when she couldn't put to bed herself.

Fears and tensions saddled her husband's mind when he was being told by the doctor incharge. Though, the doctor assured him her save delivery and told him to go home for baby's load, but due to depression, he couldn't go home. He stayed around restlessly, moving randomly like abnormal swinging of a simple pendulum.

He couldn't believe his ears when the doctor finally came out and delivered him a good news, telling him his wife has put to bed.

"Doctor, what did you just say? Do you mean my wife has put to bed?"

The doctor beamed a smile and replied, "Yes sir, Mr. Olalade" to affirm his word.

"Hope you're here with the baby's load I asked you to bring the other time?"

"No, doctor. I will go for it now sir. How is the mother and the baby?"

"They are fine."

"May I come to see them now sir?"

The doctor smiled.

"She is sleeping for now. Just go and prepare the load, probably before you come back sir."

"Alright sir. I will be back shortly."

He was over joyous. In fact, if one rode horse in his stomach at that very moment, there will be no hindrance. He couldn't even remember to ask if it was a boy or girl.

He dashed out of the hospital into his car and sped out. He got home within a tick and packed all the necessary things needed, then entered into his car and ignited the engine. While driving, he took out his phone and started dialing family, friends and relative's numbers, spreading the good news to them. All of a sudden, a coming trailer that has lost its brake surfaced with active loud horn, while people around were alerting him about the oncoming vehicle, but he was wholly engrossed in the call he was making. And before he could realise what was happening, he was already crushed with the car.



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*********EPISODE TWELVE*********
The phone fell off his hand. Blood splattered out like birds from a disturbed tree. He was extremely crushed into the car to extend that it took those who came to scene to rescue him almost an hour before they could let loose his body. But unfortunately, he has gave up the ghost, even before his body was loosen.

His body was carried to a nearby hospital which happened to be where he was going. And his phone was used to contact his family members.

It was a great loss to the families and friends of the deceased, most especially his wife, who has suffered a lot in the hands of his family members, but never let down by him when he was alive.

If they could intimidate and victimise her when her husband was alive, then only God knows what could happen after his exit. While thinking about this, her heart vibrated and she broke into tears.

"Why was the death came when I just gave birth to a new bouncing boy baby? Why was he even not allowed to set his eyes on the little baby before his departure? Why this time? Why? God, why? Why was he traded for this boy? You should have let my husband be and hold this baby."

Tunde's mother lamented bitter, and she was cautioned by the family members and friends when she was later told about the demise of her husband.

Burial was done and the baby boy was named Olatunde amongst others. This name was given to the baby just because his late father was popularly called Ola, and their beliefs was that it was that same man, though the boy had been given birth to, before his father's exit.

Olatunde was a replica of his late father. He was fair, handsome with pointed noise and smart. The resemblance couldn't be over emphasized when he started growing up. Most people preferred calling Tunde Instead of Olatunde, except his father's families and her mother who called him Ola. The taking after of Olatunde to his father made the families of his father had special love for him, and the love was also transferred to his mother. And this gave his mother rest of mind, then decided not to remarry.

Shade's mother visited Baba Awo to complain about the ugly incident that happened to her friend just immediately she heard the sad news. And which Baba said her friend was adamant to instructions. He claimed he saw the event coming and that was why he instructed her to come around when it was time for deliverance. And also gave another warning that the baby must brought to him for the final rite to avoid incurable sickness attack, when the baby is at his late teens.

Shade's mother herself was fed up of those mandatory conditions to be met by her friend. She blamed herself for introducing her friend to Baba. The message to be delivered was to heavy for her to table for her friend who just lost her husband. She wished her friend was there and heard it herself. She felt like keeping it to herself, but later gave it second thought. And she summoned courage to deliver the message, but which Tunde's mother deafened her ears to.

All the efforts made by Shade's mother to convince Tunde's mother then were futile. And the issue went off, not knowing that what goes around comes around.


Shade's mother later picked up the call when the ringing was almost lapsed...

"Hello, Mama Tunde. You must have angry with me for not asking after the latest development since yesterday. Please, I'm very sorry. I would have called you, but I'm also facing a challenge here which I've been battling with since morning." Shade's mother said, trying to bail herself out.

"No problem. I thought there must be a reason for that. Hope it's not that serious?" Tunde's mother echoed out weakly.

"It's Shade ooo."

"What happened to her?" Tunde's mother asked curiously.

"I sent her to mama Ijebu for the past three hours and she has not returned. And mama ijabu said she has not set her eyes on her today."

"Whaaat? Where could she have gone to? Call her number now."

"She didn't go with it oooo. In fact, her father has been asking after her. And I don't know what to tell him if he calls back now."

"Just put your mind at rest. She will soon back. Okay?"

"I pray so ooo. Thanks. So, how far? What's the latest development?"

"I just pray it works ooo. I called Cynthia some minutes ago and she assured me one. She is on her way with the one she got."

"Thank God. By God's grace, it will definitely work. Just be optimistic like I always tell you."

"I do. Thanks so much. I will call you back, or you can as well call me too the moment she is back."

"I will surely do."

"Take care of you and stay out of worries."

"And you too."

"Alright." Tunde's mother replied and ended the call.




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Seems Shade is the one they got.. interesting cheesy more please.....

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*********EPISODE THIRTEEN********
Tunde's mother heaved heavily. She looked at her son laid down on a mat, almost lifeless, with pity. She felt sad and before she could blink her eyes, tears was already rolling down her cheeks.

"If I had known, I would have waited till God's time. Ever since I visited this traditionalist, I never experienced happiness. It has been from one problem to another. God, please, forgive me if it's a sin. This punishment is getting too much. I can't withstand it anymore..."

Tunde's mother was on her bewailment when the ringing tone of her phone jolted her out. She couldn't wait to pick up when she saw the caller to be Cynthia.

"Hello, Cynthia. How far?"

"I'm good ma. We are already outside, waiting for you. Baba's boy didn't allow us to ente, we would have come in directly."

"Good! Good! I will be there now. Just a moment, please."

She quickly dropped the call and headed to the room where Baba Awo was, then informed him. And she was given a leaf to show his boy which will serve as order to let them in.

Here was Shade with Cynthia, standing in front of an isolated old un-plastered blockhouse with Cynthia. Fear over shadowed her when she looked round and couldn't see any building, except the very one infront of them, surrounded by trees and bushes. The environment was extremely quiet, just like graveyard.

My God! Where is this? Is this where aunty was referring to as hospital? What's really happening? Hope this aunty is not planning any evil against me? God! Haven't I put myself in trouble. What's really wrong with me? Why am I doing this? Haa, I'm in trouble. My mother must have been looking for me by now. Where will I say I went to if at all I'm out of here? ..

The arrival of Tunde's mother jolted Shade out of her thought. Tunde's mother was shocked. She couldn't believe her eyes. She squeezed and then wiped her face just to be sure it was not a dream, and no, it wasn't.

"Shade." She called, just to be sure.

Shade rushed to her and went down on her knees. She was pull up by her. Shade's fear disappeared as they all walked in.

Tunde's mother was uncomfortable with the person brought by Cynthia when she remembered the operation to be carried out by the person, and the sacrifice to be paid after the successful completion of the operation.


Tunde's mother was told along side with her friend, Shade's mother by Baba Awo to get a teenager, virgin girl to be precise. The girl will carry a prepared sacrifice in the evening and drop it at a T-junction. For the sacrifice to be accepted by deity, she must not look back after dropping it, no matter the challenges.

The sacrifice to be paid by the girl is that, whoever deflowers her will face what Tunde is facing and join forefather after a week.

Tunde's mother couldn't hold what she heard from Baba. She felt like giving up. Where will she get a virgin girl? Why must she ruins another daughter's life just because of her own son? This was unfair and injustice. But her friend advised her not to give up. She suggested she called on Cynthia, who is a corp member undergoing her service in a government secondary school in their town, and also a neighbour; she rented an apartment in Mama Tunde's house.

Cynthia was very closed to both Tunde and his mother. This was because Tunde's mother was very kind to her, and likewise Tunde. She kept Kunle's company each time he came around from school. In fact, she had crush on him, but hid it to herself since she knew the relationship between him and Shade.

Since Tunde's mother had no alternative, she called on Cynthia, when Shade's mother had left for home to check on her daughter who went for Exam. She called on Cynthia as suggested, and she liaised with Cynthia who promised to get the job done on an agreement, and which Tunde's mother was ready to pay.

A ring was given to Cynthia by Baba Awo to wear on any of the left fingers. This would be used to confirm if any girl caught is a virgin or not. Cynthia body would vibrate if the touched girl is a virgin.


Tunde's mother mind ran wide like an internet search engine. How would Cynthia bring her friend's daughter for such life threatened assignment? If mama Shade should know about this, how will she feel? Haven't I turned to a betrayal like that? No, we can't use her for this! No!

Tunde's mother called on Cynthia to see her in camera while Shade stood pitifully like a player who just lost the winning penalty on a final match, with Tunde.

Tunde's mother was able to convince Cynthia why they couldn't use Shade; the relationship between her and Shade's mother, and likewise her impact on how she gave birth to Tunde. And Cynthia was ready to take the new task on a new agreement which Tunde's mother was ready to pay. And additional days were requested for by Cynthia.

Tunde's mother was in a dilemma when Baba Awo later came out and said, the rite must be done that very day, in fact, they only have some minutes, otherwise he will pass away.


God forbid bad thing... If you were in Tunde's mother shoes, what would you do? Or what advice would you give to her?

Your opinions are needed

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Re: ***all In The Name Of Love*** by ajodem(m): 6:36pm On Apr 14, 2017

my love. "i can't just stop thinking about you, my love". i love you, my love. reply my message though.

Hmmmmm! Love in Tokyo... I wanna love too o

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