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Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by Marcdon10(m): 12:58pm On Dec 03
Five Reasons Investing In Real Estate Is Better Than Saving In The Bank..

Dear Reader

Some feel that saving money in the bank is a good strategy to building wealth. Though, it is very good to save, it is not a good wealth building strategy. The gains of real estate investment far outweigh that of saving in the bank for the following reasons:

1. *Currency always diminish in value while real estate appreciates:*

The purchasing power of money continually diminishes. The things One million naira could buy five years ago are not the same things it can buy today. However, real estate always appreciates. If you buy a plot of land in a good location, take effective possession and perfect necessary
documentation today, in five years’ time, you can sell it for up to 10× or more of the price you bought it.

2. *Return on savings is infinitesimal while returns on real estate investments are huge:*

When you save your money in the bank or do a fixed deposit, your returns on investment are usually single digit per annum. Conversely, based on the rate of development in the area you purchase your landed property or building, the return on investment are often huge. If you buy a house for example and let it out to tenants, between a decade to two, you will have recovered your investment and you will continue to make profit for the rest of your life.

3. *Your money in the bank simply makes the banker richer while your money in real estate makes you richer:*

If you save money in the bank, the money will be used by the bank to give
out loans and you will be paid an interest. The difference between the interest given by the customer who loans your money and the amount given to you is taken by the bank. Thus making the banker richer. On the other hand, when you invest in real estate, the difference between the price you bought the property and the price you are selling it is taken completely by you.
Thus making you richer.

4. *Expenses always arise to deplete your savings but your property is always there appreciating in value:*

When you have money saved in the bank, no matter how disciplined you are,
there will always be expenses that will arise to deplete the savings. When
you invest such funds into real estate, your cash is tied into an
investment that will be appreciating in value no matter how lose you are
with the remaining cash in your possession.

5. *None of the rich ascribe their success in gathering wealth to saving but most of them have impressive property portfolios (more than 90% of them):*

Of all the wealthy individuals in the world, I do not know of anyone whose wealth strategy was saving in the bank. However, a cursory look at the wealthiest individuals in the world, in Africa and even in Nigeria show that property investment is the preferred wealth building option.
Now you know, It's time to act..


For more information, please Call/Whatsapp Adeshina now on +2348125429017 or Call Adetutu on 08097178204
Or send us an email at Peacemindglobalrealestate@yahoo.com..
God Bless you..Sir/Ma
Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by dezealdig: 7:47pm On Dec 05
Don't be a victim investigate every property before you invest in it, to invest right please call 08022659069

Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by dezealdig: 2:33pm On Dec 08
Hi Everyone! 2009 and 2010 was great for so many reasons because i made people finally realise they have the power to determine how they buy property before throwing away their hard earned money. Personally i feel very very fulfilled that i did my best to help a lot of Nairalanders search properties and recommend the ones that are valid and the ones that have so many hidden problems that by the time you purchase it, you end up having more headaches than when you previously didnt buy any land. I was doing my calculation yesterday and i realised i have turned down almost N165Million worth of properties that were advertised to be sold to intending purchasers that had so many hidden scruples that the agents and omoniles wont tell you till you commit your money and then its from frying pan to fire. smiley

For the avoidance of doubt for First Time Property/Land Buyers or New Nairaland Property Viewers and Readers  who dont know what a property search is, it means before you buy any land or property whatso ever in any form or shape where ever, you have to know the validity of it.

Lagos in particular is so notorious when it comes to sale of property or land that have so many fraudulent defects surrounding that land/ property that you wont even know what has hit you. These set of people are known as the Omoniles, land grabbers or land touts.

Omoniles naturally should mean owners of the original land which includes the original family that truthfully inherited the property from their fore fathers that has passed down to them. But the real problem comes when there are so many members of the family that are divided in terms of claiming ownership of the lands and how the land truthfully devolved to them. Before you know it, a property that is meant to be shared by a family of 3 to claim ownership is now being contested by the brother in law, the aunty, the great grand uncle relatives etc and thats when they begin to employ touts going around to masquerade as the original owners with the right to sell and after you fall victim of their sweet tongues and coercion, you realise that you bought from the wrong family or the wrong set of people who have no right to sell the land to you and you would be confronted by the original owners  when you have started building half way and forced to cough out another payment to the real owners or be thrown out of the land. Trust me this scourge is very very real and 65% of lands in lagos have this problem one way or the other.

The other way your being decieved is by telling you the genuiness of the property comes from a set of documents. Those set of documents include either a survey plan, a deed of assignment, a certificate of occupancy, government allocation letter, government gazette or governors consent.

They will show you all manners of papers to make you believe them instantly and start pointing to different houses around there that has been built by one commissioner or one Minister or one big man and that their houses are still standing without any government wahala. What they want you to do is to instantly believe them and pay money to them immediately. One thing you can be rest assured is that, once you pay money to an Omonile, you will never ever ever get a refund of that money. Its gone and in some cases its in your front they will start sharing the money.

Dont ever ever fall for that trick. Always demand for what ever documents they have. I will point out the importance of each document to know the relevance of it and why it shouldn't be taken for granted.

Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by Ademidd(f): 10:20pm On Dec 10
W?ho know if Zion garden at Simawa is genuine
Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by Treash(m): 6:47am On Dec 15
W?ho know if Zion garden at Simawa is genuine

Pls contact me, 08068088866
Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by NAPHBRIGHT(m): 11:00am On Dec 15


Wemabod Estates Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading Real Estate firms offering services in property development and property management. In addition to an impressive portfolio of historical Real Estate landmarks in Nigeria, the company is currently expanding its portfolio of properties managed and developed. Property Management, Property Development, Appraisal of Building Projects, Feasibility and Viability Studies, Agency – Purchase/Sale of Properties, Project Management, Preparation of Bill of Quantities.

Wemabod Estates Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading Real Estate firms offering services in property development and property management. In addition to an impressive portfolio of historical Real Estate landmarks in Nigeria, the company is currently expanding its portfolio of properties managed and developed.

• Property Management
• Property Development
• Appraisal of Building Projects
• Feasibility and Viability Studies
• Agency – Purchase/Sale of Properties
• Project Management
• Preparation of Bill of Quantities.

About Us


The Company was first formed in September 1962 with a share capital of 10,000 pounds. It was then a wholly owned subsidiary of the defunct National Bank of Nigeria Limited and called Nabani Estates. In October of the same year, the Bank sold its shareholdings for 1,231,000 pounds to the Western Nigerian Marketing Board at Ibadan and the name of the Company was changed to Wemabod Estates Limited.

Wemabod Estates has grown considerably since its inception in 1962, as Nabani Estates (the original company) then owned only eight properties all of which were in Lagos and Apapa. However, the properties portfolio was soon expanded when other developments, including the impressive Cocoa House, Ibadan, were bought from the National Investment Company (NIPC) by the Western Nigeria Marketing Board and later transferred to Wemabod. A further bonus acquired from the same source was the 8 ‘A’ Shares of 1 pound each and 4,992 Ordinary Shares of 1 pound each; in the Lapal Property Company Limited which gave Wemabod effective ownership.

Since then other useful and valuable properties and assets have steadily accumulated, including West African Pictures Limited with its chain of cinemas in September 1987.


To be at the commanding heights of real estate business in Nigeria.


To provide first class customer focused real estate services,geared towards consistent growth and maximum returns to our shareholder.


• Commitment to Excellence
• Customer Focus
• Respect for Time
• Integrity
• Passion for what we do
• Team work

Principal Subsidiaries


The Lapal Property Company Limited originated in 1959, when a scheme was devised for the development of SCOA in Nigeria, with the sale and lease-back formula which was so successfully used to finance the rebuilding of London, after World War ll.
The Western Cocoa Marketing Board was seeking Investment opportunities within Nigeria, through an associate, the National Investment and Properties Company Limited (NIPC). A vital part of the strategy was that SCOA should form a company to take over all the Western Cocoa Marketing Board freehold and leasehold property interests. Lapal, the name of the new company is a mnemonic, compiled from Lagos, Paris and London, where negotiations first began, the final agreement was signed and the finance arranged.

NIPC was then able to provide SCOA with the necessary finance, by purchasing all the shares in the Lapal Property Company except two. The properties involved were sold by SCOA to Lapal and then leased back again.

Lapal’s first major development was the SCOA assembly plant and space parts warehouse at Apapa. This complex was urgently needed for SCOA’s rapidly expanding transport interests. The next step was to build the new company headquarters, Lapal House, a fifteen (15) storey office block with shops, vehicle workshops and garage space on Igbosere Road, Lagos.

The Lapal property company now has interests, not only in and around Lagos, but as far a field as Kano, Jos and Port-Harcourt. The transfer of the NIPC assets through the Western Nigeria Marketing Board to Wemabod Estates Limited, gives Wemabod ownership of all the Lapal Properties. The interest of NIPC transferred to Wemabod Estates Limited was 98%, while SCOA Nigeria Limited, held the remaining 2% with the power to appoint one person to the Board but without profit sharing.

Up till September 1990, the position was that SCOA remained the tenant in virtually all the properties of Lapal Property Company Limited and also retained its non-profit sharing representation on the Board of Lapal Property Company Limited.

When it became obvious that the previous arrangement had outlived its usefulness, arrangements were made in earnest to work out a new order. Series of negotiation meetings were held between the Management of SCOA and Lapal. The Management of Lapal was also assisted during negotiations by the representative of the Holding Company – Odua’a Investment Company Limited.

The basis of sharing was that, all the properties which were regarded as the article of trade to SCOA were retained by SCOA while all the other properties returned to Lapal Property Company Limited. SCOA also divested itself of the two shares it held in Lapal Property Limited and its representation on the Lapal Property Building Co. withdrawn.


West African Pictures Limited, one of Wemabod Estates Limited’s subsidiary companies, owns many open air Cinemas in important urban cities through Nigeria. The sites of these Cinema Houses are well placed for further industrial or commercial development as the need may arise, in line with the company policy.

West African Pictures Limited actually became a subsidiary of Wemabod Estates Limited in 1975, via the directive of the then Military Governor of Western Region, that the shares of the company be transferred to Wemabod Estates Limited that the Real Estates assets: leasehold, lands and building be sold to Wemabod Estates Limited at mutually agreed prices.

films, motor vehicles, fixtures and fittings, furniture and equipment at book values be acquired and goodwill to be determined after account has been finalized.

At inception, the company was saddled will the responsibility of carrying on the business of distribution and exhibition of cinema to graphic films.
to carry the business of distribution of cinema to graphic equipment e.g. projectors, , films e.t.c and to carry on the business of film production, rental and hiring.

However, with the advent of VHS, VCD, DVD and Home Video, the business is no longer yielding the required financial returns because cinema Houses’ patronage has been on the decline.

Hence the company has resorted to conversion of the existing structures to shops and halls, while the available land are being allocated to individuals to put up shops, makeshift kiosks and containers among others. All these allocations is believed will enhance the economic returns of the company.

At present, a comprehensive schedule of letting are being prepared in all the properties cum name of tenants, area occupied, rent paid as well as number of years granted.

The remaining functional Cinema Houses are Casino Cinema on Herbert Macaulay Street, Ebute-Meta, Lagos, Corona Cinema, Ita Faji Lagos, Queen Cinema, Ekotedo, Ibadan and Rex Cinema Tewogboye Street, Ondo.


This is a joint venture between the Ondo State Government and Wemabod Estates Limited.
The Company is registered to carry on business on Property Development, Builders of Houses and Shops of various descriptions and also to let out houses and to do all or anything pertaining to property development and management.

Wemabod Estates Limited owns 49% of the share capital while Ondo State Investment Company Limited owns 51%.

Pinnacle Court

Pinnacle Court is a tastefully built luxury apartment located at Ogedengbe Street, Apapa GRA with 4 Bedroom Ensuite Large Living Room and modern facilities such as:
• Fitted Kitchen and Wardrobe
• Fully fitted kitchen
• High capacity inverter for each flat
• 24 Hours CCTV cameras
• Intercom and Inverter for each flat
• Dedicated Transformer
• Water treatment plant
• Sewage treatment plant
• Ample parking spaces
• Cost – NGN55,000,000

VISIT:- www.wemabod.com

1 Share

Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by nationidea: 1:20am On Dec 16
Invest $1: Earn $4 and 0.1% Equity in 2018
See what you have to do to take advantage of this opportunity.

I have seen and read many startup opportunities and like many missed out on so many opportunities to invest my time and maybe little money, for example Bitcoin when it started out at $0.6 to the dollar didn’t see the opportunity then and totally regret that today as it soars above $10,000.

Well, that’s all in the past this isn’t exactly the same but an opportunity none the less.

My Advice
Always take risks especially once you can afford, try many things and you never know when the next big thing might emerge. Anyone who bought $10 worth of Bitcoin in 2013 will today have profited $60,000 in cash. For those who didn’t know about Bitcoin until now, well that’s okay but for those of us who were even offered free Bitcoin to sign up on some sites or had the option to get paid $100 or 100BTC for an article on sites like ListVerse.com that’s just painful.

So go check it out, this might not be exactly Bitcoin but it sure has the promise of anonymity and crowd funding as well as benefits which if you ask me are worth the risk since all you would lose would be $1 or gain $4 and an equity of 0.1% which seems insignificant until you project it a bit.

Let’s say the company earns $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, or $1,000,000 in a month you get to benefit $1, $10, $100, or $1000 every month. Now that is basic math of the possibilities ahead.

By the way I have already invested in the idea and have some of my friends too. I just hope they don’t close the door before you get the opportunity to invest. This could be your opportunity to ever invest in web startups.

Check It Out - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbd2-R-Ozu4H3co4KZNOY6pvx8zbCZ2siD3c2raMggq4k8vw/viewform
Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by Timtol(m): 5:01am On Dec 16






Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by Treash(m): 8:59am
If u are planning buying a landed property, kindly ensure you carry out concrete investigation or contact Adeolu Aderinto Solicitors to commence inquiries and search before u pay. Most lands are presently subject of dispute in court and parties are in bid to auction same for sale to innocent prospective buyers. We are ready to assist you. Its better you spend lesser price for search than throwing millions into dungs. Thank You.
08068088866 or 09090803205.
Re: Don't Be A Victim. Investigate Every Property Before You Buy Any Land This Year by dezealdig: 10:02am

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