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Re: The Wedding Night by TessaJ(f): 11:09pm On Aug 05, 2017
Kudos to d writer...pls update ooooo

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 12:30am On Aug 10, 2017
Chapter Two

This was the last thing she did thought she would spend her weekend on. Especially when it was only fifteen hours to Monday. How could she? Amenze groaned inwardly, punching the keyboards in impotent anger.
"Lord please, throw her into the hottest part of hell" she prayed. Her eyes were tired from the brightness of the screen, she had to dim it. She was catching up on her needed sleep after spending the previous nights in apprehension, tossing and turning and yet her brain couldn't think of a solution to her present predicament. She was counting on Shikemi to be done with her brainstorming and provide the solution she needed.

She was certain she had slept until her phone rang bringing her back to the room her friend placed her. It was Stella. She called to inquire if she saw the email she sent. She had replied with a "no" and Stella went ahead in her annoying tiny voice to advise her to check her email on time so she could complete the projects against Monday. And she ended the call before Amenze could drag herself from the mild trance that enveloped her. Amenze decided at first she wouldn't do any work especially when it was not part of her job descriptions to work on a weekend. But, she wasn't sure how the C.E.O would handle it. He had never been friendly to her or even looked at her twice even when he acknowledged her greetings. His leering eyes and charming smile were wholely reserved for Stella. He obviously doesn't care about her laziness and she was sure he would heap the blame on her, if they did not deliver the project tomorrow.

Amenze opened her email and was livid after viewing the huge projects she had to work on. If only she could get the job she had set her heart on initially. Amenze after graduation had been lucky to work with the bank for three years before she was laid off with hundreds of staffs without any cogent reason. It hadn't been much of a sad incident for her as she had planned to resign the following year.

She had saved enough money and was not in debt unlike her other colleagues who allowed themselves to be bullied into buying designer clothes and shoes. She was once reported to one of her immediate boss who had a cousin that sells to the bank for never patronizing her. The woman had taken it out on her complaining about her work and even given her a query. She was almost out of job that month until she went to the woman's church and pleaded with her. It was there she opened up on her bittered emotions.
"We have to help ourselves. Every time you ignore the young girl whenever she approached you with her goods" she said.

There and then she spun a tale about her four siblings that relied on her solely for their survival. The women fell for it and backed off her case. But there were some of her female colleagues that sniggered whenever they thought she wasn't looking. They gossipped about her cheap bags and shoes. But it never bothered her, her goals were very different from theirs.

After she lost her bank job, she got another less appealing one as a part-time teacher which she was doing before Shikemi informed her about two openings at Ogun state. One was the assistant manager of a newly built hotel and the other was her present job. She had been very disappointed when she was denied the hotel job because of a reason she had no idea of.

As her fingers and neck ached from the long hours she spent on the laptop, gave her a solid reason to despise her job. Now, her head was empty she had no idea on how to continue with the project. After chewing her bottom lip and glaring at the screen with squinted eyes, she saved it and shut the system off. She felt more frustrated than a writer going through a writer's block.
Come Monday, I will slug it out with her. She promised silently. A soft knock sounded on the door. Amenze looked up to see her friend carrying a tray. Shikemi's eyes moved around the room taking in every minute details. The bed was ruffled from her restless sleep and her unpacked weekend box.
"You've been in this room since twelve" Shikemi chided
That long? She hadn't realized it been such a long hour working alone in the guest room but when she moved, her aching shoulders and neck told their own story.
"I was not aware" she winced with pain
"Are you still worried?" Shikemi asked and added at her friend's raised eyebrows that silently ask in return "Shouldn't I be?"
"I told you I would think of a suitable solution. I brought you food. Eat" she said this while opening the tray. It was white rice and vegetable. She grabbed the plate and started eating hungrily, her stomach in response tightened in pain while she clutched at it, groaning.
"Take this" Shikemi gave her the fruit juice which she drank slowly.
"Thank you. What have you been up to?" She asked
"I slept. Then I went out to pick my cousin, you remember her?" Shikemi asked while Amenze nodded in affirmative. They had been one of the bridesmaids three years ago.
"She's here and she hasn't explained a thing to me about her bruises" Shikemi frowned. She was obviously worried.
"I received a call from Stella, she emailed me some projects I had to work on" Amenze informed.
"When will you confront that Stella? You've to speak up so she won't take you for a ride" Shikemi was annoyed. She had seen the lady at the restaurant and she appeared to be rude.
"I definitely will. Tomorrow" Amenze replied rounding up her meal. She carried the tray and extended a hand to her pregnant friend who gladly accepted the little help.

Together they headed to the spacious kitchen.
Amenze washed the dishes while Shikemi sat her heavy body on the kitchen counter talking to her husband on the phone. Amenze never cared for what lovers had to say to themselves. To her, it was all acting or reading a Harlequin romance series that only exist in fantasy or cinema screen and not the real world. Presently, she allowed her curiouity to pushed her into listening on her friend's conversation. Shikemi was feeding him with every details of her day. And this was love? Amenze wondered. She was still musing when Shikemi handed her the phone. It was the first time she was talking to Deji since her friend got married to him nearly a year ago. After exchanging pleasantries and there wasnt much to say, she returned the phone back to her friend who beamed on hearing her husband's voice again. Afterwards, she clutched the phone to her chest sadly. The call had ended and she was already missing him.
"Oh please, the honeymoon is over" Amenze said
"It only just started incase you haven't notice" Shikemi retorted and added "whait till you catch that bug"
"Never" Amenze said trailing behind her friend as they left the kitchen, now moving in the narrow passageway. The house was a small four bedroom flat built buy a stingy landlord that had bigger dream than his one plot.

They entered into a modest, neat beautiful room that was a replica of where Amenze was staying. It was painted in spider blue and a lone figure stood at the window. That was all Amenze could see. The room was dark. Very dark. Shikemi switched on several lights, illuminating the room. It brought other features alive. Amenze could see the thick mattress that was draped with a red duvet and plush red rug beneath her legs. The blue leather settee looked inviting and she dragged her tired self into it. Allowing it softness to enveloped her. She sighed in pure content, her eyes shutting themselves to catch the sleep she denied them hours ago. She would have slept but her friend's shriek pried her eyes opened.
"What is this?"

Amenze followed her line of vision and gasped at the large bruise staring at her. The lady had her Unclad back turned to them. She was only clad in her knickers. A large, fury red bruise stamped itself on her back. She has a lean frame and a chocolate skin. Amenze could still remember her pretty face, and dimpled cheek. Bisi turned around to face her cousin who look shocked. How long she had been in the room, she couldn't tell. Since she arrived in the afternoon, she had stood at the window watching as the afternoon slowly melted into orange and became dark.

"What happened to you?" Shikemi asked again
She watched her cousin's friend whom she had forgotten her name but could still remember her as one of her bridesmaids. Amenze moved closer to her touching another fading bruise on her eye.
"Who did this to you?" Amenze asked
"My husband" she replied with a dry smile.
At this, Amenze threw her hands up in the air. Another horror called marriage.

Bisi paced around the room, her hands supporting her heavy breasts. She moved from one length of the room to another, her breath heaving from the short exercise. She stared at the two rings on her finger. One was her engagement ring and the second gold ring was given to her on her wedding day.
"Was there no sign he was an abuser?" Shikemi asked
"None" Bisi replied thinking on the two years she dated him.
Five years prior,
Bisi was twenty three with no serious relationship but a string of exes she left behind her. She had graduated very early from the university and there was nothing else for her to achieve. She was done with her Masters and decided to chill and focused more on a future that was more important. Most of her friends and acquaintances who were in their twenties were married or engaged. She felt suddenly too old, especially when they call to hear about her relationship; when she would be getting married. She mostly told them lies about some mystery man she was in love with. And then days rolled into months, the year was almost ending and there was no one serious in her life. She panicked and began to do things she never imagined herself doing. She attended more parties and even agreed to be bridesmaid on some random friends wedding. Her free time were spent on social medias digging up her archives in search of old messages she never replied to. Some of the messages were two year old, but then she had to try as stories of couples on social medias were common. It had been a most frustrated months for her until she met him. Bisi met her husband at a party. She had just had a promise of promotion at the museum she worked in. It had been the only highlight in her life. She studied history of arts at the university and had secured her first job as an art teacher before she became a secretary at the museum. Her jobs had evolved during the period she met popular actors. She edit and read scripts for them. Sometimes if she was less busy at the museum, she joined them at their movies location watching them act their movies. A few times she was lured to act a role usually to replace missing actress. It was at the movie award night she met him. One of the upcoming actresses pounced on her the minute the party was over.

"Bisi, have been looking for you" she beamed dragging a tall handsome guy with her.
"May I introduce Timi David to you"
Bisi almost rolled her eyes when the actress groaned at the lack of recognition in her eyes.
"He's an actor. A popular one. Didn't you watch " Krentz" that popular soap opera?" she rushed to explain.

Bisi had to feign recognition. She eyed the slim handsome actor clad in a grey suit. She never considered actors as suitable candidate for a lifetime marriage. To her; they were bunch of jobless human who rode on fame while wasting their youthful age. She was about to turn around and ignore him when he extend a handshake saying "Let me introduce myself properly, I am Timi David a lecturer at the state polytechnic and actor during my spare time"
Now you are talking. Bisi thought to herself.

They kept the conversation light, sharing minute details like state of origin. He was from Ondo state while she was from a small town in Oyo state. Although she grew up in Lagos. They exchanged contacts and he was about to offer her a ride when someone slapped him on the back "Timi David, here you are. Congratulations, I just saw your......." And he was gone without saying a proper goodbye to her.

To her intense horror, Bisi found herself thinking about him over the holidays at Ologuneru with her parents. After the award night on the 18th, he hasn't called her phone or even text her on WhatsApp. And it was almost new year. She panicked wondering if she should call him first. She resolved that she shouldn't take him seriously. He was an actor, and they were mostly unserious. Although she hadn't read anything negative about him on social medias. It seemed everyone loved him.
On her return to Lagos after the New year, she had completely pushed him out of her mind until he visited the museum specifically to seek her out.

"My phone was stolen that night and I couldn't recall your last name, I would have searched for you on Facebook and drop a message" he said as a way of apologizing.
He took her to a glamorous restaurant where she had pizza while he ate ofada rice without saying a word to her till their lunch was over. Bisi had wondered if she had done something wrong and if she would ever get to see him again since she hadn't impressed him. Suddenly he said; why didn't you call me? You had my number. I was worried, I thought I would not be seeing you again. You should have called " he said and she apologized.
He drove her back to the museum and stopped her from leaving.

"Bisi, I know its too soon to start proclaiming that I love you. I wouldn't believe you if you say that to me. But to be honest, I would love to get married to you" at the look of feigned horror on her face, he had said" calm down, am not saying like right now. But please create time for me to let this thing between us develop. I'm sure it would lead us to the altar"
Indeed, it did led them to the altar, the "thing" between them bloomed into a beautiful love story.
The present,

"During our courtship, he has never raised his voice at me. He never did" Bisi sobbed
She was now sitting in between her pregnant cousin and Amenze
"What happened?" Shikemi asked
"He quit his job to focus more on his acting. I got a promotion and was too busy to go to locations. Sometimes, he was gone for months. I never suspected him. He never gave me a reason to do that" she paused cleaning her stained face with her hand
"Whenever I am less busy, he support the idea of me traveling. I visit my uncle in Badagry, unknown to me he spent that period bringing in girls to our matrimonial home"
Shikemi was rocking her, saying sweet words to stop her endless tears.
"My mum called me to a family meeting, I was admonished for abandoning my home for weeks. I explained to them, that my husband hardly complain about it. They forbade me from ever leaving my husband's house at least until I have children"
Bisi had been married for three years without a child.

"I was in the middle of another holiday when we had the meeting. I was very annoyed and I decided to leave for my home that day. I didn't call Timi, I got home and met some strange female shoes and clothing at the sitting room. I couldn't believe it when I got to our bedroom and caught him with a woman twice his age. I was livid"

She smiled bitterly at the memory. The woman had been his long time sugar mummy and she had no idea. She could remember many nights Timi comes home with expensive clothing and shoes for her. He always claimed Mama T bought it for her. He would even insist she called her and thanked her. Bisi had no idea she was being paid for her husband job.
"She look horrible, I still can't believe that Timi with all his education and good looks could sleep with that old hag. She was saggy all over. I attacked him. Hitting him hard with my handbag. The woman tried to stop me but I slapped her. She passed out. Timi was mad at me, and we fought. I didn't care he was a man. I didn't care that he was stronger than me. I hit him as much as he hit me. When he punched me in the eye, I had to stop. He took his sugar mummy to the hospital and i left his house. I was at the hotel for days. I couldn't go to my parents like this. That was why I called you"

The room thickened with silence. Everyone of them lost in their own thought. Bisi never thought she could raised her hands on anyone least a man. When she was still at school teaching, she had never punished her students by beating them. But Timi brought out the criminal side of her. She could remembered his bloodied face she achieved with her nails and the several places she bit him. She had sunk her teeth into his ear with the intention of cutting it off. Now she knew how the women who stabbed their husbands to death felt. She had never imagined Timi could cheat on her with anyone not to talk of an aged woman, in their matrimonial home she was supporting the bill.

Why are men like this? Why do men think they are mini gods when they are nothing but just a creature with a red blood flowing in their vein? Why do men think its their world and they could misbehave? Bisi thought to herself. She had realized over the next few days that was not the first time he was bringing in women into their home. When she confronted him after he came back from the hospital. He had told her in clear terms that the women had things she couldn't afford for him.
"I have a huge name, how do you expect me to maintain it if not for the help of this women that buy me cars and designer clothes? It's showbiz and if you are wise, you would sit down and share the wealth with me not act like some screwed nut" he hissed angrily climbing the stairs.

She thought maybe he was angry and waited till it was late at night to talk to him again.
"Timi, you owe me your faithfulness. You vowed to love only me. If I had done anything wrong, let's sort it out amicably"
But he had stared at her like she was crazy and he even told her he owe her nothing. She visited her mother in law hoping the woman could talk some sense into her son but she nastily told her "my son was not circumcised just for you"

She had never wrong Timi. To her, they were in love and they had a peaceful marriage and the sex was great. He was the one encouraging her to travel, claiming he doesn't want her to be lonely while he was away at locations. She had believed him and never suspected his motive.

"What will you do now?" Amenze asked bringing her back to the present.
"What else but divorce that cheat. You should even expose him and his sugar mummy to the media" Shikemi said
"And when I divorce him, what difference would it make? All men have their vices; if he's not a drunk, he will be a wife beater or an adulterer or fetish or lazy or something more horrible" Bisi said, Amenze nodded in affirmative while Shikemi shook her head.

"There are many good men out there. My husband is an example. Divorce Timi, you will meet better men"

"And if I don't, will you share your husband with me?" Bisi said with a harsh laugh

"Never" Shikemi said

"It's easy to tell a woman to divorce her husband forgetting about the society that would eat her raw once she's out of the marriage institution. No matter what a woman is going through, they expect her to stay married and use make up to hide her bruises" she paused for breath, before crossing her fingers, a harsh smile on her face. Timi, used and lied to her.

"No, I won't divorce Timi David but I will stay and ruin his life"

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 12:31am On Aug 10, 2017
Kudos to d writer...pls update ooooo

Thanks ma'am
Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 12:32am On Aug 10, 2017
Thanks for the lengthy update I hope u update again like this soonest happy new month
Happy new month to you too


Re: The Wedding Night by yewande1234(f): 2:15am On Aug 10, 2017
Tnx 4 d update ma'am


Re: The Wedding Night by 123456dr(f): 10:34am On Aug 10, 2017
Go girl.

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 11:04am On Aug 10, 2017
Go girl.

Thanks ma'am

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 11:04am On Aug 10, 2017
Tnx 4 d update ma'am


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Re: The Wedding Night by Eyinimofeoluwa(f): 11:05am On Aug 10, 2017
Nice one

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Re: The Wedding Night by Qasaforlife(f): 11:20am On Aug 10, 2017
Nice story u have there. Thumbs up dear.


Re: The Wedding Night by bossy512(f): 11:21am On Aug 10, 2017
Weldone sister

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Re: The Wedding Night by Oyindawealth(f): 4:16pm On Aug 10, 2017
Degelinglasis... Weldone!! As for Bisi I really pity her,..and I support her decisions.....

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 5:45pm On Aug 10, 2017
Degelinglasis... Weldone!! As for Bisi I really pity her,..and I support her decisions.....


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Re: The Wedding Night by hormobolanle: 8:55pm On Aug 10, 2017
Wow stories like this one do burst my bubble, Issokay........ Biko wait o pregnant Kimberlywest u Neva still born ni
degelinglacis Kare I dy ur back like school bag

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 9:46pm On Aug 10, 2017
Wow stories like this one do burst my bubble, Issokay........ Biko wait o pregnant Kimberlywest u Neva still born ni
degelinglacis Kare I dy ur back like school bag

cool cool

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Re: The Wedding Night by Sylva2147: 8:38pm On Aug 14, 2017
Nice story you got here, how I wish you will finish this story we are enjoying unlike other writers that would abandon a good story halfway. kudos to you

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Re: The Wedding Night by EllaGold35(f): 10:16am On Aug 15, 2017
I'm liking this...
Thanks for d invite.
More update please.

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Re: The Wedding Night by kingfhaddo(m): 10:38am On Aug 16, 2017
Nice story,please don't be like other writers who stop interesting stories halfway.May God bless you and more ink to your e-pen

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 10:50pm On Aug 21, 2017
The following day,Monday morning, Amenze woke up with a heavy head at six thirty. Stumbling out of bed with the reminder that she was yet to complete the project work, she quickly grabbed her laptop, her fingers pressing the necessary keys so she could be done with it. After spending close to an hour, she was done. She knew she would be late and didn't care. If her salary hadn't been encouraging and keeping her away from spending her savings, she was sure she would have quit a long time ago. She brought out her phone from under the pillow, quickly going through her emails with the hope that she would find a new interview message but there was none. She was tired of her job and Stella was the sole reason. There was no motivation or challenge from a supposed senior secretary. She was still sulking when a text message from Shikemi came in. Her friend texted her to be ready in ten minutes or she would leave her behind. Amenze groaned and quickly dashed into the bathroom still dressed in her pyjamas. She rushed through her bath , brushing her teeth frantically and mentally planning the outfit she would wear.
Ten minutes exactly, they were on the road heading to the office. Amenze applied hair cream on her braids. She searched her bag for earrings and her make up. When she was done, she checked her face on the side mirror adjusting the excesses. She turned to her friend who looked perfectly even though they slept late last night.
"Shikemi, good morning" Amenze greeted
"Good morning" Shikemi said in a solemn voice
"Still worried for your cousin?" she asked
"No, I'm worried for you" Shikemi answered
A frown creased Amenze's forehead at her friend's words. "Why?" she asked her
Shikemi threw her a sideways glance before concentrating on the road ahead of her. "Marriage, how do we get a man on a very short notice?" Shikemi muttered
"I don't know. Maybe you should introduce me to some of your husband's friends" Amenze replied.
"Sorry no. I can't do that to them, they want a wife not someone who wants to use them" Shikemi replied.
Feeling sadness washed over her as a result of Shikemi's words, Amenze felt deflated and kept quiet. She wondered if she should have confided in her at the first instance. Considering the fact that until three months ago, they haven't seen each other since Shikemi's wedding a year ago. But she had been with her this far and she trusted her even though her careless words hurt. As if reading her mind, Shikemi sighed aloud and said "I'm sorry I spoke out of turn. You see I love my husband and I don't want to hurt the people around him" she said as she maneuvered her car into crowded garage.
They stepped out of the car, saying few words before heading to their different departments.
Stella paced the small but efficient office she shared with Amenze. The desk held a computer, memo pads and a multifunctional printer. On the left wall was a file cabinet and a small door on the right led to the changing room she mostly spend her day reading since the arrival of the assistant secretary. Where the hell was Amenze? She asked herself looking frantically at the wall clock. Adetayo had informed her through the intercom that they would be having meeting with the boss in the next fifteen minutes. Yet, Amenze was not here. Stella had arrived earlier hoping to go through the project work so she would be familiar with the words. How would she present the project when she had no idea what it entail? Adetunga had no idea his brother hired another secretary to handle her job, and he had been praising her this past few months. She shuddered at the thought of Adetunga finding out. He would terminate her appointment and her father would punished her.
Her head throbbed painfully. Try as she might she couldn't perform well in administrative work. It was just not for her. She hated not being in power and having to work endlessly in order to satisfy "some" boss. She had studied political science in the university and was planning to venture into law but her father was having none of that. To him, it was a total waste of years pursuing another degree. He wanted her to get married to Adetunga. That was his ambition for her. Ever since her father met him and invested in Morot line of businesses, he droned on how Tunga has the best brain in the country. How it would be nice to add him to his beautiful possessions. Her father was a collector of beautiful things. Cars, humans, houses was his forte. And Stella was another of his collection. A beautiful daughter he could use as a tool. He started plotting her at every events Adetunga attended, when it seemed that was not working, since he always came along with beautiful women, her father changed tactics. He sent her to his office in the guise of learning the rope of business.
She was used to her father ways and it came as no surprise when he started his plot. And her attraction for Adetunga spurred her on in the beginning. The only setback was his terrifying anger whenever he found error in her work or she attempt to seduce him. But now, she was fed up, six months trapped in his company and she couldn't bring him up to scratch. Her father had warned her not to return home without a proposal. She hoped her announcement to him on the grim magazine would be a headway for her.
Amenze wanted to get to the office on time. She ignored the stairs she took every morning as a form of exercise for the elevator. The last time she rode in it was three months ago when she came for her interview. She pressed the elevator button indicating she was going to the last floor and waited. She glanced at her wrist watch, it was 8:45am. She grimaced. She was forty five minutes late, even though lateness was her intention, she still felt bad. She shouldn't have allow her anger for Stella to push her into a terrible habit.
The elevator doors opened for her, she stepped out to see Nathaniel, her neighbour.
"Hey Nat" she grinned embracing him.
"Amen" he greeted returning her hug
His eyes roamed appreciatively over her light green sleeveless top and lilac short skirt. Amenze had a sneaking suspicion that he had feelings for her, but she couldn't really say for sure considering the numerous women that spend the weekends in his flat. But regardless of his unclear personal life, he was a great neighbour and she valued his friendship.
"What are you doing here?" She questioned
"I came looking for you. I didn't see you this weekend neither did you tell me you were traveling" he looked so concern and Amenze felt bad.
"Oh am sorry, it was impromptu. You could have called me" she said
"I did. Check your log" he replied
Amenze did that and saw three missed calls from him. She apologized again. He kissed her cheek and explained to her he was going home to sleep as he had a crazy night shift. Nathaniel was a psychiatric nurse.
Amenze stared at his exit, touching the cheek he just kissed. Here was someone who cared.
"Hi Precious" she greeted the receptionist who was glued to the computer screen
"Hey Amenze. Stella is been asking for you" she called after her.
She stepped into the office to see a fuming Stella seated on the swivel chair fixing her with an angry stare.
"Did you check the time you are just coming in Miss Pete?"
"Uh, am sorry" she muttered dumping her personal effects beside her seat.
"The hell you are. How dare you come in at 8:55am when you know I have a meeting with the C.E.O at nine. And where's is the project" Stella was now on her feet looming over Amenze.
Amenze was never quick to anger but the word "hell" from Stella had her boiling with rage. She was late so what?
She turned on her"Miss Banjo, who the hell do you think you are to talk to me that way? I am late, big deal? I do not answer to you. My appointment letter says I answer only to the C.E.O not some lazy doll face secretary " she sneered.
The angry spark between them was diffused by the presence of Adetayo who had listened to every words from his office.
"Miss Peter, if you haven't realize it, every staff here is on probation until they have work diligently for six months. How dare you come to the office late holding us all from the meeting we have by nine" he was annoyed at her for calling his crush a doll face.
"I am sorry sir, that was not my intention. How could I do that when all these weeks I have been working extra hours beyond what was mentioned in my appointment letter" Amenze said softly but the meaning was not lost on her boss.
Adetayo breathed out. He knew the work load was much on her with little or no help from Stella.
"Miss Peter, you are the secretary here regardless of what your appointment letter says. The HR department will rectify that by adding the necessary incentives before the week runs out. Miss Banjo is my PA not the secretary and she will be in charge of my calendar and other minor things" he fixed Stella with a stare that stopped her from arguing with him.
Amenze nodded at him. She knew there was something going on between those two. She was sure it was the usual office romance. A boss and his surbodinate having an affair. It was obvious Stella had him by the balls hence his indulgence towards her. How can someone as successful as him choose pleasure over business? She wouldn't be surprised if his business come crashing in the next decade. She handed the project over to Stella. The latter gave her a look that told her it was not over yet.


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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 10:51pm On Aug 21, 2017
Nice story you got here, how I wish you will finish this story we are enjoying unlike other writers that would abandon a good story halfway. kudos to you

I intend to complete the story. May God help me
Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 10:52pm On Aug 21, 2017
I'm liking this...
Thanks for d invite.
More update please.

You're welcome

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 10:56pm On Aug 21, 2017
Nice story,please don't be like other writers who stop interesting stories halfway.May God bless you and more ink to your e-pen

Amen and you too.

P.S : I have been distracted of late. Apology for the late post. And thank y'all for your comments and likes.
Please your constructive criticisms will be appreciated. Do not hold anything back, I want this story to be better than "Make me a wife" cool
Re: The Wedding Night by Sylva2147: 8:23am On Aug 22, 2017

I intend to complete the story. May God help me
are you having some challenges?
Re: The Wedding Night by Sylva2147: 8:24am On Aug 22, 2017
thanks for the mention

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Re: The Wedding Night by Gloryejims(f): 9:05am On Aug 22, 2017
Keep it up dear

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Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 11:41am On Aug 22, 2017
Adetunga walked into his company his smile wide at how a plot of farm had evolved into a multinational company producing large commodities for both locals and export. He had diversed into so many branches of agriculture now the zoo was his latest baby. He had big dream of turning into a large tourist centre. Soon enough, he would complete his hotels and venture into a security firm. He grinned, delighted at his thought.
He walked through the glass door and was instantly greeted by his receptionist.
"Good morning sir"
"Good morning Ella. Have you inform Mr. Adeniyi to prepare my office?" he enquired and she nodded.
"And my PA?* he asked further
" She's on seat sir"
He murmured his thanks and headed to the bank of elevators that would took him to the top floors of the building and his personal office. The elevator door opened into a spacious beautiful reception area. Mrs Mathew was his personal assistant for the past eight years. He was exhausted from fending off unwanted advances from his young PAs. Every six months he was with another replacement until his HR hired an elderly woman. Mrs Mathew was efficient and ruthless even with her advanced age. They got along quiet well and he wouldn't retire her until she was probably walking with a stick.
"Good morning Mr Ademoroti" she greeted with that pleasant smile
"Good morning. I hope there's still time to relax"
"You have nothing on your calendar until nine. In the next ten minutes that is" she told him
"Postpone it till eleven" he replied as he took of his suit.
"OK but there are ton of emails and phone messages on your desk" she informed
"I can manage that. Could you please arrange a lunch date between Dayo and I"
"No problem" she picked up the phone and did just that while Adetunga steppes into his office that served as residential as well. It boast of a large desk, laptops and also a complete set of sofas, a bathroom and toilet. There had been many nights when working on a complicated deal he had slept on the sofa and awakened in the next morning to prepare for another hectic day. He tossed his suit at the back of the sofa and settled to work. He powered up the state of art computer system that allowed him to monitor every area of his business, video chat with managers in other states and countries and to stay on top of mergers and hiccups that might arises.
He went through the numerous emails on his laptops, giving a brief glance to the less important ones while deleting the ones he couldn't make sense out of. He worked through the hours till his intercom rang. His PA informed him of his coming meeting.
He moved to the large conference room smiling and returning his staffs' greetings. They were top managers of each department with their secretaries. He saw Stella in her plunge grey shirt greeting him with a coquettish smile. He rolled his eyes and ignored her focusing his attention ahead. He listened to few important reports before moving to projects Stella was handling. He was impressed by her work. His threat to throw her out had done the trick. He only just have to endure her presence for another six months before she leaves his company for good. He watched his managers display their wealth of knowledge before he announced his own decision.
"Gentlemn, it seems we have had enough time reviewing this same project. This is the third meeting we are discussing it. I believe we should have a face to face discussion with our business partners. They will be in the country this week. Hopefully next week Monday the contract of sale will be ready with their signatures" he assured
With that the board meeting ended with Stella following him to his office. He frowned at her.
"How was your trip?" She asked with large smile plastered on her face.
"It was fine Miss Banjo"
"What do you think about a dinner reservation for us at Option, seven o'clock tonight" she asked, her fingers already trailing a path on his chest.
He stared at them intently before removing them from his chest.
"Stella, I am not a slowpoke even though I may have been acting like one. I noticed how you've been chasing me over nine months now. Let me warn you, chasing me about town is a fruitless course. And you taking it a step further by going to the press could backfire if I decide to take it up with you. How about I invite the same grim and tell them how your father is trying to buy you a husband" she gasped at that
"But I will let it slide" he sighed
Just then the door to his office opened. Adetunga scowled at it and relaxed when he saw Dayo walked through the door. His gleaming haircut matched his black suit. He looked in Stella's direction, his eyes taking in her appearance.
"In addition" Adetunga began turning towards the flustered Stella "Go and meet Mrs Mathew and tell I said she should spare five minutes of her time to explain how a secretary is expected to dress"
Dayo sat down on one of the sofas with a furrowed brow "Her father can get her a job as a secretary anywhere"
"I know his ploy" Adetunga replied
"And you agree to let her come here knowing that? Can't you see the way she's dressed? Another Funke loading up"
Adetunga held up his hand stopping him"Relax Dayo. I have this under control. She works with Adetayo at the other building and I am here all by myself. Come on she can't do any harm"
He shook his head "I pray so"
He knew Dayo thought he was weak when it came to beautiful face. But he was wrong. He knew he messed up big time with his ex wife. How he allowed her ruin him even with all the earlier warning signs. But that had only hardened him more. It made him stronger------made him realized that love never existed. It was only common interest that kept men and women together in marriage.
"Trust me am good" he said pushing himself away from the desk "come let's have lunch"
They walked over to the elevators and left the building.
“Good afternoon,” the male waiter dressed in a fitted dark blue suit greets them when he approached the table. “I am Desmond, and I’ll be your waiter this afternoon. May I start you off with some drinks?”
"Lemonades and vodka" Adetunga ordered for them
"Damn am impressed" Dayo said looking around the classy restaurant.
Adetunga shrugged "You know I am man of class and it has to show in my businesses. This waiters are mostly interims and part time students. I hired tutors to teach them manners and foreign languages"
"I have to start investing in Morot line of businesses" Dayo said
"You should" Adetunga said and launched into an idea he had been flirting with few years back
"Security firm?" Dayo was stunned
"First you are doing a Masters in that course and moving around with three hefty men"
"See, take your time and listen to the news. Kidnapping, robberies, assassinations. It keeps increasing and the government aren't doing anything. We have to be our own security" Adetunga said
"Like vigilante?" Dayo teased
"Hell no. Something more sophisticated than that"
"What do I have to do?" Dayo asked putting his glass down
"Put in your money"
"Convince me"
"I will send you a proposal tomorrow" Adetunga said waving at the waiter.
They ordered pizza.
Dayo talked about where he was the previous night. Adetunga had refused to attend the dinner party with him.
"I had too many drinks. I met your sister and few of her colleagues"
Adetunga shrugged " I don't socialize these days. I enjoy staying in my room sleeping or reading. I have to rectify that if I am to marry this year"
"You should" Dayo said nodding "Tomilola said you are working too hard"
At that, a warning bell went off in his head"What else did she say?"
"Nothing much. Just that she enjoyed her weekend with my son"
"She spends time with your son?" Adetunga asked
"Of course. Daniel loves her and call her mummy" Dayo replied innocently unaware of his friend's mounting rage.
"He calls her mummy?" Adetunga asked
"You don't know?"
"I fvcking don't know or understand why the hell you spent the night talking to my sister"
"Why not? She's my friend and I have been seeing her" Dayo said
The word "seeing her" did it.
Adetunga shoved at Dayo’s chest with enough force to have the other man stumbling backwards.
"What the hell do....." stunned Dayo didn't have the chance to complete his sentence when his friend came at him with his fists crashing down. connecting with the sickening crunch of bone hitting bone.
It took the prying hands of his younger brother and two of his workers to stop the enraged Adetunga.
"What's happening here?" Adetayo asked his brother whose laborious breath was coming in short and fast.
"You knew sleeping with her could strain our friendship and yet you did. You're just a betrayal like Rotimi"
Dayo stared at Adetunga like he was nut when his meaning dawned on him.
"You are crazy. How could you accuse me of that? She's your sister for God's sake. Tomilola has been my friend all these years and we talk a lot. She helped raised Daniel when my wife died. Oh hell"
Dayo said wiping his bloodied lip.
"Help yourself to some lunch, we are fine" Dayo said to the onlookers and left.
"Oh God! What have I done" Adetunga muttered staring at his friend's departure.

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Keep it up dear

Thanks cool
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are you having some challenges?

Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 11:44am On Aug 22, 2017
thanks for the mention
You're welcome
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you shall overcome all your challenges and complete the story and beyond IJN.
Re: The Wedding Night by degelinglacis: 2:06pm On Aug 22, 2017
you shall overcome all your challenges and complete the story and beyond IJN.

Thanks grin
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Wow, thanks 4 sharing dis story with me. Its 9ice u av started anoda story.


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