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...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 6:32pm On Jul 26, 2017
Hi dear literaturelanders, I'm trying my hands on something different. Not sure where I'm headed with it but, it's fantasy and a got a whole lot of sick humour. It's fiction and very, what's the word.......strange

So, please read and comment if to go on or to stop. I honestly have no idea what was going through my mind when I decided on this story. But, I wanna give it a shot

P.s, the title is subject to change, don't know what to name it just yet, so I went with the above


Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by meneski: 6:36pm On Jul 26, 2017
Am i welcum here?
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 6:41pm On Jul 26, 2017

I ran past the last known house in our little town as I went further into the bushy paths, the winds passing swiftly by me as my pants now created an unsteady rhythm in my ears.

Being on the track team can do much but not when you're already tired and have been running for a while now. My legs are getting wobbly with each jump I make but I needed to keep running. It all felt absurd, trying to outrun a killer and the thoughts running through my mind is pulling every strand of hair off her ditsy little head when or if I ever get to see her again. But I kept on running, shoving the absurdity along side my sanity which I lost a while ago aside as my pace suddenly increased, how? I didn't understand, but I had a feeling it had something to do with the rage coursing through my veins.

I was getting tired as the path seemed endless and my legs were now frail, but I could still hear his booths stomping heavily from behind me from his pursuit increasing the rise and fall of my pants as I jumped yet another puddle thanks to the morning rain that decided to make things worse, narrowly missing stepping in on it but missed the stone right in front of it as it carried and landed me face down the cold wet ground. I spat the dirt out and turned swiftly on my butt dragging myself backwards, as his figure approached me. I couldn't make out his face but I could swear I just heard a giggle as his deep voice produced a throaty laugh sending chills down my spine
I continued moving back on my butt not able to get up even if I had the chance to which I clearly don't, seeing he approached the more I dragged backwards, walking ever so slowly like a hunter observing his wounded prey
He moved closer as I hit a stop, my back hitting a tree bark and my hand searched behind me

He stretched his hands to pick me up, but grabbing it, and with a swift move, I swinged and wacked him in right on the head with a tree branch I picked up and he let out a groan in pain, holding unto his head and muttered curse words under his breath.

I got up immediately and ran like it was my last, cause it may very much be my last, not sticking around to access my damage and further into the woods, gasping for air as I did. But my escape didn't last long as I came face off with a cliff. I turned around but he was already close, how he did it I'd rather not ask beacuse he didn't seem like he was in the mood to braid hairs and spill secrets. I turned to my sides but I was stuck as well. He moved closer away from the trees and the moonlight illuminated his features. He could be worse right? I always pictured him hotter, but he was anything but that. My breath got caught in my throat as he smiled manically in victory in succeeding to trap me, flashing his scattered teeths which I'd rather he didn't. His machete glittered in the moonlight as he raised it up a bit higher, taking slow and steady steps towards me and I instinctively took tentative ones backwards, sparing the cliff another glance as I contemplated jumping off of it to my early demise or end up been butchered brutally by psycho over here. I'd probably be given a day a two of mourning and it'd be over, so it'd be a good riddance on my part I thought but didn't get the chance to decide when he suddenly stopped, a hooded figure shadowing him. And then it happened so fast, psycho didn't even see it coming as his head rolled down to the foot of my leg. I looked up shocked to say the least as the sound got caught in my throat to see his lifeless body hang few seconds in the air before dropping to the ground with a thud. The killer wiped the crimson liquid from his shiny long blade on his robe before going over the dead body and started moving closer to where I was. His black flowing robe sweeping the ground as he moved closer and closer, his legs not seen as it seemed he was moving on air.... and suddenly, it took even him by surprise when a chuckle sounded out. He stopped abruptly, his neck craning to the side as I guessed he observed the lunatic who decided to laugh in the face of death. I didn't know what brought the sudden confidence in me as I broke into a laugh fit, not believing just how realistic these all seems.
“This is just golden” I commented, dialling down on the laugh, as I wiped a stray tear from the corner of my eyes and stood up straight to look directly at devil's bítch right in front of me

“Grab a díck dípshit, cause you've got a long sucking to do while I visit and possibly converse with your daddy” I grinned, and with a single step backwards, I leaped.......

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 6:42pm On Jul 26, 2017
Am i welcum here?

You are very welcome. Do tell me what you think
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Toyin223(f): 7:29pm On Jul 26, 2017
Weldone Sister Sweet Beginning
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by EvaJael(f): 10:07pm On Jul 26, 2017
And you didn't call me. Issorite sha
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by seg005: 2:08am On Jul 27, 2017
“Grab a díck dípshit, cause you've got a long sucking to do while I visit and possibly converse with your daddy” I grinned, and with a single step backwards, I leaped....

good story in d making...but just watch out for "cuss" words
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 7:19am On Jul 27, 2017
Weldone Sister Sweet Beginning

Thank you... welcome aboard
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 7:20am On Jul 27, 2017
And you didn't call me. Issorite sha

I'm sorry sweetie, you know you already have a special seat
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 7:21am On Jul 27, 2017
“Grab a díck dípshit, cause you've got a long sucking to do while I visit and possibly converse with your daddy” I grinned, and with a single step backwards, I leaped....

good story in d making...but just watch out for "cuss" words

Will tone down on it, but I did say it has sick humour...... but still, thanks

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by EvaJael(f): 11:54am On Jul 27, 2017

I'm sorry sweetie, you know you already have a special seat
That's why I love u plenty

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Dextinate(m): 1:30pm On Jul 27, 2017
Oya make I observe from here EvaJael NNE carry on biko odikwa intriguing
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 8:14am On Aug 15, 2017
Chapter 1

.....A Week Earlier...........

“I was running, and then, there was someone else... a girl, so I stopped. She was crying in the middle of nowhere, and then I turned around, but there was nothing there. Like I wasn't been chased or maybe I was never even been chased in the first place. And the girl, she was just standing there in the middle of nowhere, her clothes were dark and her hair fell over her face.
“I moved closer to take a look, but it seemed I was no longer moving, because she seemed far of my reach and.......
I.... just...just..... urghh”..... I groaned cupping my face in my palm, because it was still the same pattern, the same beginning and the same meaningless ending

“You still can't talk to her?” her gentle voice snapped me out of my thoughts. I turned to the side to see her equally gentle smile directed towards me.

I shook my head sounding out a “No” and sat up on the couch I was previously lying on. “I can't even get close enough to see her face before I wake up, and it's always same sequence”. Sensing my frustration, she sighed and dropped her book and pen down prompting me to look at her.

“Maybe it's your subconscious trying to tell you something” she offered and I let out a chuckle. “If it's trying to keep me fit by making me run, then I don't think it's necessary, cause I already do that everyday, don't you think?” she laughed at that, knowing how much I loved running.

“You know it could be nothing, as always” she finally said when it seemed hours of no talking had passed, when it had been just few minutes. “You're probably right” I added lowly, although my voice still held a tinge of uncertainty.

“Kel.... she was about calling my name when the timer interrupted her

“Time's up” I gave her a tight lipped smile and got up immediately, wanting to avoid her pressing in on it. I just wanted to tell someone and get it off my chest, and not have it overanalysed like the mind analysing shít she does. But then again, she's a therapist, so I guess it's her job to want to figure it out together. Too bad I wasn't keen on that at the moment.

I turned around and headed towards the door trying avoid her gaze and let her not get through to me just by mere looking. She does scary things like that.

“Kelsey?” she called, and I halted, turning carefully to look at her. She smiled when she saw my face. “Have a nice graduation”

“Thanks” I smiled back and headed out the door glancing at my watch. Can't believe I spent two hours when I just needed few minutes to clear my mind. I sighed heading towards my car as I fished for my keys in my purse when I heard a snap behind me and turned around to see nothing. I took few steps towards the direction of the sound when my eyes caught it. Blue enchanting eyes in a somewhat crouched position as I coudn't see the person or thing behind the eyes, and......growling?.

I walked further in to take a good look when the sound of my phone ringing halted me.

“............Hold your horses, I'll be there soon” I said over the phone and hung up and turning back to the spot, but the eyes were no longer there. I sighed and looked around the environment of her office, shaking my head in disbelief. Of all places, she decided to have her office close to the woods? And I'm the one who needs therapy


“So you saw a wolf?” my friend looked at me, amusement clearly written in his features. I decided to tell them what I saw and they, well, are being theirselves about it. Whereas he thinks it's ludicrous what I just told could be true, she on the other hand is already making a theory about it.

“Do you think it's a werewolf and he's got like a Taylor Lautner thing going on,and, whoa whoa, I've got it”. Nelly, my other bestfriend finding the situation entertaining all but jumped just to make a point. “What if you're is mate, and he wants to claim you, but then a hot vampire, like a certain Edward Cullen” she wiggled her brows playfully “has already set his eyes on you. And then they have like a fight off in the end to see who's to get you and it gets dirty but at the same time awesome. And in the end, it's just worth it cause we get to see who has your heart” she finished, beaming as she made a dreamy eye, while I just stared wide eyed, having no idea how to repy to her absurd theory.

“Nelly Wincaster” just then, her name bellowed from the mic, and she got up immediately, straightened her robe as she marched forward, smiling widely all the way to the podium to accept her degree, but not before turning back to wink at us.........

“Crazy girl” Billy muttered under his breath shaking his head, causing me to chuckle

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 8:19am On Aug 23, 2017
Chapter 2

Voices whispering..... I could hear them, at first faintly but as my eyes fluttered open I could hear them some what clearly and make them out as just two. Although I couldn't make out what they're saying

.......“you just let her jump?” I heard an angry voice bark

“I didn't think she'd be stupid enough to jump” another voice snarled

Deciding I've heard enough as curses from both sides followed, I tried getting up but fell back down and groaned in pain. Pain shot through my head and my whole body felt like I jumped of a cliff, literally. I winced holding my head in my hand as I tried once again to sit up.

My actions interrupted whatever arguments they're were having and a pair of enchanting blue eyes were now staring down at me.

“Are you okay?” the boy asked coming to kneel beside me. My eyes widened as I saw him whole

“You're not a..... I was cut off as my eyes moved past him and landed on the person he was presumably arguing with now standing behind him, and I blacked out

.......Five Days Earlier.........

Loud thumps, followed by an equally loud music and the best part of the whole annoying ordeal is the loud cheering and laughter of people I barely know ninety percent of, partying downstairs in my living room. It's one thing to not want to take part in the partying, but it gets frustrating if they won't keep it down and just let the person responsible for them been here in the first place to just have a little bit of peace and quiet. I'm the one supposedly throwing the party, but I'm in my room trying to catch some sleep, now there's nothing weird about that

With a tired groan, I climbed off my bed, shuffled my hands through my brown fiesty curls, making it look some what presentable, not wanting to explain why I went AWOL in my own party to people I barely know or talk to as I opened my room door and strode downstairs to the heart of the party.

It was in full swing as expected of a bunch of teenagers who just graduated high school and wants to let loose.(not that they weren't doing that before) and they took it to greater heights with music bouncing of the walls, red cups in almost every person's or a bottle, a miscreant doing a beer bong and his equally dumb as Fúck fellow miscreants chanting “choke.... choke....choke.....”. “Idiots” I muttered as I made my way past them, past the couple sucking in every bit of saliva from each other's mouth, making a gag face past them and coming face to face with the person I wanted to see

“Not cool Nelly”, I grimaced as my sight caught behind her, on my living room couch, a very high brunette, judging from her annoying giggles. Giving a sloppy lap dance to an equally high sandy blonde guy who seem to be enjoying every bit of it and seconds away from sliding her very short skirt down her waist with the way his face is contorted, or he's just fighting to control his boner. Either way, their problem, I thought. Just hope she's on pills or he's got condom up his sleeves or the night will be a one to remeber for sure, even if they probably won't remember half of it. And my couch shouldn't end up assiting in making future babies

“You said it'd be a small gathering to celebrate our freedom” I turned back to a drunk Nelly whose eyes were now half shut and her body swaying from side to side from the music as she took yet another sip from her red cup.

“Heeyyyy” she whined but let go as I took the cup from her and set it aside holding both her shoulders down to get her to focus

“I agreed to a party because my parents are away and we could use the break, but what's this?” I threw my hands up in the air exasperatedly, but she smiled sheepishly at my gesture, either too drunk to realise i'm angry or thinking my outburst is funny

“Its a just a party Kels, relax” she slurred as her face darted to a guy clearly eye-raping her from the skimpy outfit she had on and she winked at him seductively

“You think this is a joke?” I fumed and her faced turned sombre as she straightened her slouched posture to look me well in the eyes

“Why do you have to be a buzz kill everytime?” she barked

“Buzzkill? Did you just call me a buzzkill?” I questioned my bestfriend who just looked as if she didn't just say those hurtful words to my face

“Yes buzzkill. I put up with you every single day through all your weirdness and the least you could do is let me have this little party. But no, you just have to ruin the mood”

“Did you just say little party?” I turned to the side to show her just how not little her party is, but she rolled her eyes like I was over exaggerating

“Look, maybe a few more people came along the line, but the place is still put together don't you think?” she smiled to get me to stop being angry, but it just made my insides boil more with rage

“Neighbours are beginning to complain and are seconds away from alerting the cops” I yelled not able to control the anger, but no one in here seems to noticed due to the loud music blaring and chanting of drunk teens

“You know what? fine!” she grunted as she slammed the red cup she succeeded in taking back on the table. “This party now blows and I'm outta here” she turned around and walked wobbly to the door,slamming it as she exited the house

I sighed rubbing my hand on my face as I groaned in frustration. Maybe I went too far, I grunted and turned around to see the áss my living room has been made of, and that thought flew out the window as the anger came back full force

“Alright party's over” I said to no one in particular putting off the audio system and the noise lessened, but whines and curses followed instead. I could care less.........

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by OluwabuqqyYOLO: 8:30am On Aug 23, 2017
Following, dear. I like this.
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 3:50pm On Aug 23, 2017
Following, dear. I like this.

Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Curry30: 9:37pm On Sep 04, 2017
My girl...way to go. Cuss words is like an added spice so don't filter 'em out.

Enough said..legoooooo!
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 6:23pm On Sep 07, 2017
My girl...way to go. Cuss words is like an added spice so don't filter 'em out.

Enough said..legoooooo!

Got it. Thanks
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 6:41pm On Sep 07, 2017
Hi lovely readers.
Okay, here's the deal. I've been and I'm still having mixed feelings about this story. I don't know if to continue with it or not, it's why I haven't been updating. Still haven't decided on both choices.

So, I'm very sorry for that. I really am sorry to those of you that have read it and are awaiting for more updates

But, If I'm led I'd leave an update tonight, and will continue with the updates. But if I'm not,..............
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by crislyn(f): 10:12pm On Sep 07, 2017

Hi lovely readers.
Okay, here's the deal. I've been and I'm still having mixed feelings about this story. I don't know if to continue with it or not, it's why I haven't been updating. Still haven't decided on both choices.

So, I'm very sorry for that. I really am sorry to those of you that have read it and are awaiting for more updates

But, If I'm led I'd leave an update tonight, and will continue with the updates. But if I'm not,..............

Ehn i was really happy when i saw the story, plz don't stop. I enjoy your stories a lot and I'm liking this one already..so plz let the spirit lead u to continue.

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 11:52am On Sep 08, 2017
Chapter 3

“Do not come any closer” I heard a voice warn, and then there was low distinct mumbling sound before it was out of earshot

My eyes flung open and I felt like I was having a deja- vú moment as a pair of blue orbs was looking down on me, concern on them. But as soon as my eyes opened, relieve crossed them and he opened is mouth to speak, but another head- sort of head came to view

“You awake?” came the gruff voice of the second head, but I couldn't reply nor look away from him/it. Like I was transfixed by it

There was a dragged groan and the boy got up abruptly dragging it with him

“I told you to stay far away from her”

“She looks fine” It replied and casted me a glance before turning back to the boy. “Plus I don't think she's affected”

It turned back to look at me, crotching down to meet my gaze and my body instinctively moved backwards as he came closer not liking the close proximity with a stranger, or thing in this case

He stopped as soon as he noticed my reaction, shared gazes with the boy, before turning back to me.

“Are you... scared?” he asked, seeming unsure of the question or how it should be asked

“No” I replied and got up, but still feeling sore all over. “But I do prefer my personal space, since you were invading”

He seemed relieved by my reply but still had a worried look on his face, and he got up walking over to the boy who now had an impassive look on

Soon there was a distant growl, causing the birds to scatter away from the trees, flying away in different directions and I flinched, falling to the ground as a stinging pain shot through my back. The pain causing me to scream as my voice echoed in the woods

The pair rushed over to me at once trying to hold unto to me, but my eyes were blinding as the tears brimmed in them and I pushed them away in both rage and pain as they flew from my touch and landed with a thud, few feets away from me.

I drew in a short breath, my eyes widening and they both got up to look at me, masking the same expression on their faces.

What the héll was that?

.......Five days earlier......

Grunting, I bent to pick the last red cup from the ground. And then, they came out in giggling fits from God knows where but I hope not upstairs, and strode past me and out the door

“Nice party..... he turned and looked up, eyes blinking as if trying to remember my name and then turned to me as if to help him remember. But I stood there annoyed as héll, why the fúck he's still here when I ended the party a while ago. He looked and probably saw my bored expression and he waved it off murmurming “weirdo” before closing the door

“Cúnt” I hissed. The least he could do is at least know the name of the person to which party he came to.

I didn't let that bother me as I turned back to my cleaning cringing at how much work I still have to do as red cups were the least of my problems compared to the empty beer bottles and broken items all littered round the room

Four hours later, I at least made the living room somewhat tidy for my parent's arrival in a few hours, as I swayed tiredly up the stairs and dropped on my bed with a thud welcoming the sleep almost immediately

My alarm beeping jerked me up and I groaned running my hand through my hair and slamming the frigging alarm down, stopping it's annoying beeping and was about jumping off the bed just in time to see my mom's blonde hair peek in

“Good morning honey, did you have fun last night?” She came to sit on the bed as I shrugged my answer

Of course she'd know I threw a party, I mentally smacked my self and sat up

“Kelsey” she called when I said nothing

“Mom” I deadpanned

“Look, I know you're angry, but....

“Angry? I cut her off “now why would I be angry that my parents missed my graduation, missed almost all my birthdays and pretty much missed everything in my life because of work?”. Sometimes I wonder if they remember they have a daughter back home.

“Do you even know I didn't go to my senior prom?” I asked, and her face widened in shock as she looked like I just told her my whole life had been a lie

“But you said you did” her face turned sad as she looked me in the eyes. I'm so sorry Kelsey, do you want to talk about”......

“I'm tired mom, I need to rest” I cut her off as I laid back down not wanting to talk to her anymore, pulling the cover over my head. I felt bad I couldn't talk to her. Sometimes I try, try to make her see that I miss them and would want to see them from time to time, and hear her promise that they would, but even I know that's not possible. Their job always comes first, and a childhood of lonesomeness can atestify to that. After a while, the bed left a weight and seconds later, my door opened and shut quietly. She had left. I sighed pulling the cover down closing my eyes tight not wanting to believe she actually left even though I wanted her to just stay at least a while.

My phone beeped and I picked it up from my bed side and and saw the new message icon on the screen. I swiped the screen to the side and Nelly's message popped up

“I'm sorry about last night, I didn't mean it. I am so so sorry. Can we talk?”

I read out loud and sighed and placing the phone back down. Not today, I've had enough, I breathed out and jumped off the bed as I put my black yoga pants on with a tight tank top, the one with a built in bra cup which squished my boobs together pushing my cleavage up to the top rim, with my running shoes on and opened my drawer to pull out my ear piece and closed it back, picked up my phone as well as I exited my room and into the living room hoping to give my parents the silent treatment to make them worry a while. They're home, which means they're on a break or something else I really don't know about since I barely see them to understand their schedule. I strode to the kitchen surprised the house is quiet, which was quiet unusual when they're home, because for some reason when they're home, they like to make it known to the whole house how loving they can be, which can be sickening, but nice. Not that i'll ever admit that to them. I made to open the fridge when the pink stick-it note caught my sight. I ripped it off and read

“Something came up and I was called for an emergency flight. Your dad's going to be gone too for business, so we're both headed to the airport. I made a sandwich and we'll see you later. Love mom”

I squeezed and threw away the paper and opened the fridge and there the sandwich sat in a covered plate with another stick it note “Eat me” dangling by the side. That's my mom, always wanting me to eat even when she's barely here to make sure I actually do. I took out a bottle of water and closed the fridge and made my way out closing the door after me to the empty house and unto the sidewalk, jogging with my phone strapped to my side, ear phones plucked in with my favourite playlist for running. Don't let me down by Daya and the chainsmokers blasting in my ears as my pace increased and my chest rose and fell with every step I took. I waved to the old Mr Chester out to pick his morning papers like he normally does, flashing him a smile as I ran past him and straight ahead along the side walk my face contorting to that of anger as my pace increased even more, but then a call came in and I ignored. I sighed, finally reaching the park and the call kept coming in incessantly not minding my not picking up. I stopped and pulled out the phone, sighing when it began ringing once more

“What?” I barked as soon as I pressed it to my ear

“I'm so sorry Kels, I really am. It came out all wrong and I was drunk and... you know how stressed we were, and then it was all over, and I thought we could celebrate and let loose. But then...... Kelsey? Are you there?” she called out when it seemed I wasn't responding and or listening, and she would be right if she thought so, cause I've heard it all before, excuses from everyone I knew. They no longer mean anything whatsoever

“Yea, I get it. It's fine” I responded to end the conversation as I was tired of it as it is. I know I wasn't in the right frame of mind being friends with her, but then again, she's the only one who really gets me or try to. Billy and her.

“Really? That's great, I'll be over soon so we'll go shopping and then, I could call Billy.... I zoned out on her, as a scene caught my attention. A frail looking girl, helpless, as a bunch of other girls picked and made fun of her, poking her as she fell to the floor cowering in possible fear. And then it happened so fast like a wave. You could see the fear in their eyes as the all got up and scattered away scared. My eyes widened as saucers as she got up, dusting herself, muttering something unaudible under her breath.

“I'll talk to you later Nelly” I hung up and walked towards te girl, but she didn't notice still busy looking er frame for injuries

“Hey” I touched her shoulders gently and she jumped from my touch, before turning to face me. And then the fear played in her widened eyes like I was holding a knife to her throat. She suddenly began shaking and seemingly hyperventilating and whimpered as she shook her head from side to side murmuring

“P..please” she begged as she moved back from me

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Kimkardashain(f): 12:23pm On Sep 08, 2017
Lilyjoe567 so my princess startd anoda story and cudn't even invite me. am angry,pissed.but mhen is this story wow.
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by itsandi(m): 12:32pm On Sep 08, 2017
Nice one! Read other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 3:15pm On Sep 08, 2017
Lilyjoe567 so my princess startd anoda story and cudn't even invite me.
am angry,pissed.but mhen is this story wow.

I'm so sorry sweetie. Just working on something out of my usual.

Plz don't be angry. You're very invited now
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 4:08pm On Sep 08, 2017
Chapter 4

“This dream keeps getting better and better” I muttered, no longer feeling the stinging pain, like it was never there. I could swear something was going on with me, and judging by their faces, something did happen.

How did they do that? One minute they were beside me, and the next they were flying from my touch.....

I looked at my hands but there was nothing different, same old hands and looked up but they still haven't moved. They're still rooted to their spot, eyes widened and somewhat distant, like they were focused else..... I turned to see the shadows from a distant. They were drawing near with the force of a thousand, or they could be thousand, I wouldn't know. I don't stay long enough to see them up close

“We have to leave, now!” one of them spoke

“Leave?” I asked turning to them “What the héll's going on?”. I still wasn't understanding what's happening. At least I get the privilege of waking up with vague scenes from my dreams. But this has gone beyond vague, and I may be going crazy right about now. And I'm going to remember all this and wish to wake up now

“We need to leave” the gruff voice spoke. “They know, and they're coming for you. He's not going to rest until he gets you, and if he does...... he paused and shared gazes with the boy before turning back to me. I realised they do that quite often, like a communication of some sort that both understood

“Lets just hope he doesn't get to us first” the boy spoke this time. “So we need to leave now”

“Leave?” I asked incredulous. “I've heard weird dreams, but this just took the top spot as the weirdest. No one talks in my dream, and in as much as I do appreciate you guys talking, I've had enough and I just want to wake up so I'll go for therapy and explain all of this”. I gestured with my hands

He opened his mouth to say something, but I cut I'm off

“It was nice meeting you guys, but I've had enough for one night” I said, turning around towards the direction of the incoming cloud.

“I say we do it my way now” the gruff voice spoke and I turned around to ask but instead saw a blow coming straight to my face. And everything went blank

......Four days earlier......

You haven't been picking up, so we're just calling to check up on you. Hope you're good, and we'll see you later” my dad's deep voice spoke from the home telephone line as I pressed play as soon as I got home. They left a voice message, I scoffed and placed the empty bottle of water down and ran up to clean up after my sweaty self.

I received three college applications and had settled for the one furtherest away from home. It's bad enough I've built myself quite a reputation of being a loner around here, left for Nelly that is. I wanted the exposure away from this little town, where everyone seemed to know everyone, even as far as knowing I got a tattoo that can't be read. They think it's a tattoo, I don't stop them but I don't remember getting one. Every where I go, people just look at me like that helpless little girl who lack parental care and is weird. No arguments there, and that's why the track team came in handy as I ran away my frustrations, and most times got the trophies hanging up my wall for it as a prize. But I'm eighteen now and will soon be going off to college.

After a while of walking aimless as I left the house. I still haven't seen Nelly even after we spoke yesterday before I saw the girl.

What exactly happened? How did she do that and what did she do? I couldn't get an answer. I didn't know when I began jogging and soon, it turned to a full blown running as it all kept replaying in my head, causing all my thoughts to be a jumbled mess. I increased my pace as I fought to let it all out, but it just wouldn't let out

I screamed in despair and came to an abrupt stop, not able to do I wanted at the moment, ever at all, cause it just won't happen.

“No... no.., I'm so close. Please...just give me a chance to prove myself......” a scream rang out, and I turned around to see I'm now in a secluded place and I could hear a female's voice still pleeding. A tiny helpless voice fighting with someone apparently, but then the weirdest part as I went closer to the scene, she was alone and talking to thin air. Her posture straightened as she saw me, and she became stiff and looked away from me immediatey, probably noticing I might have seen her. It was same girl I met at the park. Mrs Collins only daughter who people thought was even weirder than I was

“Hi.... I waved to get her attention and she looked back up now frightened for some reason, the same reaction from the park, before she ran away and I didn't get a chance to talk to her.
“Look, I'm not going to hurt you” I raised my hands in surrender “I just wanna talk, and maybe ask what you're doing here” I dropped my hands to my side when it seemed she was less shakened and moved cautiously towards her. She relaxed when she saw I was harmless and breathed out when I stood right in front of her, still not saying a word and still seemed cautious.

“I'm Kelsey” I stretched my hands out. But she flinched away, like I was going to hit her. Folding my palm, I dropped it to my sides as I gave her little space since she seemed tense once more

“You were fighting with someone, but no one's here? Are you okay? I craned my neck to look into her Eyes, but she was hiding
“That day at the park, what did you do to those girls?,they seemed frightened, and there was the thing with the”....... I tried explaining, and her head shot up immediately at my question as she gazed into my eyes intently

“So it is true afterall.....you have no idea, do you?” she asked snickering.....

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Curry30: 8:03pm On Sep 12, 2017
NEXT UPDATE PLEASE...the story is getting interesting.
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 8:42pm On Sep 13, 2017
Chapter 5

Warmth peeped from my slightly open blinds, as rays of light flashed across my face. I opened my eyes slowly, blinking the warmth from my face before my eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room. It was the same, same room I've been waking up in for the past eighteen years. Same pink coloured sheets and beddings. Same pink coloured room decors and same photograph of Nelly, Billy and I resting on the bedside. It was all the same, so it was a dream after all I sighed. And worse still, I remember everything like it happened for real.

I sighed and sat up running my hands through my hair in frustration. Why do I feel like I am missing out something, something vital, I breathed out and swung my legs to the edge of the bed.

I made to stand up but felt a stinging sensation as pain shot through my whole being causing me to fall to the ground in a limp. “Shít!” I muttered sitting up on the ground.

“What the hell was that? I thought trying again to stand to my feet, but the pain got intense and I fell back to the ground, sounding out a whimp as I lay drawing in slow erratic breaths through my mouth. The pain enraged on, sending unbearable agony to my whole being as I layed in a coiled position on the cold floor, tears stinging in my eyes. The bones in my body felt like they're been broken as I could hear them crack and I screamed out in pain. Maybe it was all in my head I thought, but the pain was very much intense, and then there was a sudden ringing sound blaring in my ears
“This is not happening.... this is not happening” I muttered, bringing both hands to my ears, covering them both to block out the sound as the tears dribbled down the side of my face.

“Few minutes passed and the pain plummeted and became mild, and the ringing gone. I removed my hands from my ears and rubbed away the tears and tried once more to stand to my feet and succeeded.

The pain was no longer there but I could still feel the stinging on my shoulder blades before it left as well. It was all happening and it was weird as I had never felt something like that before, and I didn't know if I needed to go to the hospital, but tell them what exactly? I was feeling pains in my body and ringing? but not anymore? I thought but was drawn out of my thoughts when the voice of my mom rang out downstairs in laughter

She's back? Why is she back now, she's four days early, I thought making my way out of my room, my hand wandering to my back, grazing my shoulder blades as I felt the familiar mark on them.

“Mom?” I called and she turned to me, a smile gracing her face before she turned back to unloading the groceries from the bag and into their various positions

“Hi honey” she replied, her back towards me, and just then dad walked into view. They were both here?

“Hey kid” my dad came and kissed on top of my head before walking past me

“What's going on? You guys are four days early” I questioned, confusion written on my face and they both stopped and turned to me with

“No, we're right on time” mom spoke slowly a small smile on her face. “And I thought to get groceries on the way back home so I'd make breakfast. I didn't think you'd be awake to do so” she snickered and went ahead to bring out a pan to kick start breakfast I presumed. But it didn't make sense. What did she mean they're right on time if they're here and they have four days before they got home. But then my eyes widened as a I just had a crazy thought

“What day is it mom?” I asked, and she paused long enough to give me a are-you-okay look before saying “the twentieth”

“Are you okay honey?” she asked seeming curious at my sudden behaviour, and I was too because something wasn't going on right

I ran to the living room, grabbing the remote and put it on the tv, and she was right. I saw the date for today down below, It's the twentieth, when it should be 16th.

What's going on and why don't I remember four days ago?. I turned to see my mom staring curiously at me

“Honey?” she asked

“I think something's going on with me mom” I muttered

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Kimkardashain(f): 9:43pm On Sep 13, 2017
O.M.G Wow!!!!
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 5:11pm On Sep 15, 2017
Chapter 6

“Clarissa?” I called before knocking at her door. I left the house in a blur. My mom kept looking at my like I'm crazy and my dad was seconds away from calling the doctors. My words they said were not understandable as I kept rapping on about my dream. Even I don't understand what's going on with me.
One minute I was talking to Nina Collins, and the next I'm having a dream and waking up missing out on four whole days. Something's going on, something not right and I need an explanation

“Clarissa?” I knocked once more before turning the knob and the door opened to show her talking on the phone, with a stern look displayed on her face.

I got in and closed the door after me, before going to sit in my usual spot for her waiting for her to be done.

On seeing me, she said a quick 'call you back' before slamming the telephone back down in frustration, took a deep breath before turning to look at me.

“Is.. everything okay?” I asked, peering into her eyes and saw worry in them. But she shook her head and waved it off

“Everything's fine Kelsey” she smiled “What's going on? You don't have an appointment”

“Yea, about that” I paused, not knowing how crazy it'll will sound if I went further. But then again, she's a therapist. I bet she's heard worse. “I...um..” I stuttered

“Kelsey?, is something wrong?”

“I.. I don't think so. The thing is....” I fumbled with my words my head falling to the ground, not sure how it'll be perceived by her. Maybe she won't think I'm crazy and I'm just overthinking it. She is afterall one of the very few people who don't think I'm crazy.

“I had a dream” I finally stated raising my head to look her in the eyes. “Its....” I was cut off when the telephone line began to ring.

She sighed and apologised before picking it up and brought it to her ear

“I don't know. How many times I'm I going to say it?” she barked to whoever was on the other line. “Maybe she's at a friend's place. You want to be useful, ask around” she said and slammed the phone down once more. A mix of anger and a whole lot of worry now eminent in her features

“Everything okay?” I asked and her head shot up, a forced smile now on her lips.

“Everything's fine, nothing to worry about”


She sighed and stress massaged her temples before getting up from her seat and out from her desk

“Nina collins is missing since four days ago”. She spoke out with a sigh “Her parents alerted the authorities when they couldn't find her the next day, but she still hasn't been found. I'm her therapist, so it's only natural they'd think she had maybe said something about her whereabouts. But I haven't seen her for sometime now and.... she went on but I zoned out when I had sort of like a flashback of me and Nina.

I was asking her why she was talking to her self, then she said something. She said I don't remember. And then she touched my my temples and muttered some words....... I looked up and saw Clarissa's gaze locked on mine

“What did she say?” she asked

“I don't know. I didn't understand her words. They were foreign,and there was pain inside of me, I think I felt some sort of power inside of me and my head.....” I stopped when I began to feel light headed and closed my eyes, took a deep breath before looking up to see clarissa's gaze still on me. But her face are now widened in shock, and the look of terror in them as she backed up slowly

“She's awakened you” she whispered still backing up

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 3:02pm On Oct 08, 2017
Hello story, it's been too long. Let's do something about you
Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Lilyjoe567(f): 3:08pm On Oct 08, 2017
Chapter 7

Did the room suddenly get hot? Because little droplets of water trickled down Clarissa's face, ruining the perfect image I have of her. I didn't even know she broke into sweats since she always seemed so prim and perfect. Always calm and gentle, both in her words and actions, and always ever so smiling. So seeing her out of it, and somewhat trembling as she stood far off from were I sat, eyes fixated on the door presumably awaiting whomever she spoke to on the phone minutes ago, after her mutterings that still made no sense to me whatsoever, and refused to speak to me became nerve racking. I had many questions swirling in my head that need answers, but she won't even look at me

What did she mean she awakened me? And who did she speak to and how and why is Nina missing? Did it have something to do with me not remembering and____ my thoughts were cut short when the door flung open and Clarissa sighed in somewhat relieve to see whoever just walked in, but I couldn't see as my back was to the door.

“What do you mean it's happening?” a male voice asked but was hushed by her as she murmured something to the person.

I knew that voice, I thought. I've known that voice all my life.... “Billy?” I got up and turned towards them, a questioning brow raised “What are you doing here?”

“Kelsey?” he spoke gently, taking small steps towards where I was.

“What are you doing here?”

“Do you.....?” he stopped to peer into my eyes as if searching for something in them, gave Clarissa a brief glance before turning back to me

“Billy. I don't understand, what are you doing here? Did you call him? Was he the one on the phone a while ago?” I asked turning to Clarissa who like Billy had a cautious look and still said nothing. Why were they acting strange, and what's going on and why's no one answering my questions

“Clarissa” I barked, getting annoyingly tired of the ignore_Kelsey's_questions_thing that was going on. But the sound of my voice coming out louder unlike usual, surprised me, but not so much the other two who were in the room with me, as they still stood still, but the look of terror now evident in their faces. 

“We have to go, we have no time” Billy said turning to Clarissa who nodded in affirmation still ignoring the confused girl in the room with them

“I'm not going anywhere until someone tells me what's going on” I spoke angrily. “Nina's missing, and the last thing I remember was talking to her. Now I can't remember from four days ago, and I had a very vivid dream, where the people actually spoke to me. So somebody better start talking, or we're going nowhere”. I huffed standing my ground as I crossed both hands on my chest eyes fixed on both of them who seemed uncomfortable by the minute and nowhere near answering any of my questions

“Look Kelsey” Billy moved towards me, placing both hands on my shoulders. “We'll explain everything. But for now, we have to leave”

“Leave, to where exactly?”

“You'll see when we get there” he gave a tight lipped smile

“What about my parents, or Nelly. What about Nina” I asked, feeling uneasy all of a sudden, a sensation tingling in my stomach like something is near

“Don't worry about them, and Nina is the least of your problems” he replied, his hands dropping from my shoulders as he held unto my wrist and began pulling me towards the door.

“What do mean she's the least of my problem?” I asked with a frown. “Does that mean you know where she is?”

“Not exactly. But I have a feeling it won't be....” he stopped when we got to where Clarissa stood. 

“They're here” she said moving backwards away from the door, and Billy did same pulling me with him. I didn't get the chance to ask when the door suddenly flung open revealing my nightmares that always seem to have a vendetta with me in my dreams, as the were always chasing after me for unknown reasons..... “They're real” I muttered

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Re: ...STRANGER THINGS.... by Kimkardashain(f): 4:08pm On Oct 08, 2017
wow oh lord jesus

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