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Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by Krrush(m): 2:33am On Dec 02, 2007
My 2008 New Year's Resolution: Was I True To 2007's?

Why do we even make them? New years' resolutions I mean.

I think its borne out of an innate desire to SUCCEED.And so we set goals,even subconscious ones.

My 2007 one was not pronounced ''aloud''. It was a combination of several desires like ''meeting my set financial target'',' 'being a more tolerant person'',' 'finally starting my exercise schedules, own great abs'', ''be less of a harsh dad to my 7yr old'',''e.t.c'',

Did I stay true to all? , Tell you what, gist me some of yours then we go here how far?

So, 2008's new year resolution?
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by tflow: 11:04am On Dec 19, 2007
Hi guyz,

I believe that each and everyone of us have a great plan for 2008, but i will implore you to put all your predicaments and dilemma of 2007 to past. I believe that they (predicaments and dilemma) are just an obstacles that makes you to be more stronger. Just try to be focused and determined. I want you to put the below followings into consideration. God has already bless me, and all my plans are going well as planned, so 2008 will be additional success to me. Happy ile-ya lol and merry xmas in advance. Please try and stay out of trouble. kiss

1) life is just a blank slate, what matters most is what you write on it.

2) The difference between the possible and the impossible is with the person.

3) Don't let things that are less important be at the expense of important things.

4) The price of success are; hard work, dedication, and unremitting devotion to what you want to see happen.

5) What you think of yourself is more important than what others think about you.

6) The moment you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.

7) Fail to plan is plan to fail.

cool It is the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by Pamperme: 2:28pm On Dec 19, 2007
To do better than 2007 smiley
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by Emperoh(m): 11:34am On Dec 25, 2007
What are you New Year Resolutions for the coming year. How do you hope to spice up things in your relationships. What bad affairs do youwant to stop and things you do to make your union with your wife or Girlfriend something to always look forward to. Share them with us.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by member161476: 12:05pm On Dec 25, 2007
Do People keep to Resolutions, ?
Old school
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by Christino(m): 5:54pm On Dec 26, 2007
Break new grounds, explore opportunities, have a couple of babies. wink
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by Nobody: 6:02pm On Dec 26, 2007
No more new year resolutions.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by IBDat(m): 6:29pm On Dec 26, 2007
1. Get my business off the ground
2. Give up smoking
3. Commit to a relationship
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by cutensexxy(f): 6:42pm On Dec 26, 2007
to stay motivated dedicated and focused on career, with hardwork and determination my 2008 will be far greater than 2007 smiley
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by GLORY20071(f): 6:49pm On Dec 26, 2007
Go for regular medical checkup
regular exercise
start my master's
continue to build on my relationship with God
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by ojoabidemi(m): 7:02pm On Dec 26, 2007
havin a resolution is one thing implementing a whole BIG new ball game.
i hope to settle down this time around
no excuses,
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by kaynoJah(m): 7:05pm On Dec 26, 2007
Love my wife the more!
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by jmichael90: 7:14pm On Dec 26, 2007
Dedicated, Focussed and Friendly. I will maintain Honesty with those that are honest with me and vice versa grin
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by FactorChic(f): 7:20pm On Dec 26, 2007
I don't make resolutions anymore because, I never keep to it.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by desertboom(m): 7:39pm On Dec 26, 2007
I don't wait at the beginning of every year to do resolution, any character or idea that I'm not comfortable with i just change it immediately, I don't wait till any specific time.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by Omolulu(m): 7:50pm On Dec 26, 2007
to be a better person in 2008(although i dont know how long i'm gonna stick with it)
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by surugede(m): 8:03pm On Dec 26, 2007
go for HIV test cry
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by Nobody: 9:05pm On Dec 26, 2007
undecided Well I don't believe in this "New Year Resolution" stuff.
Just make sure you do the right stuff this new year! Don't make one yeye promise that you can't fulfil here!
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by rayboy(f): 9:08pm On Dec 26, 2007
Do to others what i want others to do to me. stop showing sisters my my my wewe thing
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by faketan(m): 9:29pm On Dec 26, 2007
which one be your wewe thing bro/sis?
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by skima(m): 9:35pm On Dec 26, 2007
improve my integrity, be closer to God, and lunch my dream projects (one at a time).

Next Level
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by faketan(m): 9:58pm On Dec 26, 2007
You de work for ABC transport?
See your location. . lol
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by mrpataki(m): 10:19pm On Dec 26, 2007
Give birth to my baby. Enough of postponing. angry
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by ebony4life(f): 11:03pm On Dec 26, 2007
I learnt something recently, people are more serious about their resolutions by January - March, when they go further their zeal die out. and they go back to that which they promised themselves not to do. It is a syndrome called "never finish it" syndrome.

Well I plan to work more on my voice,
Increase my relationship with God,
Go for my Masters,
Help the needy.

May God help me.

Out of my last year's resolution I fulfilled 70%.

How will you rAte me. tongue
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by biggozz(m): 11:15pm On Dec 26, 2007
make the moment count, no more future.
just discovered it is the cure to procrastination and source of continual fulfillment.

(tho i started 2 weeks ago to implement it)

Pls I recommend the book( RULES OF LIFE- Richard Templar) it inspired me.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by chikibaybi(f): 11:39pm On Dec 26, 2007
By His (God) grace and grace alone.
Start my own biz
Be more tolerant
Be submissive, am tooooo bossy.
Be more humble.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by topkin(m): 11:42pm On Dec 26, 2007
I think New Year Resolution is a culture that was handed down to us by generations past. The reason why people don't keep it is because the society/economy is a dynamic one. The circustances surrounding when a resolution was made will differ later hence resulting to an envisaged plan not being attained.

Personally, I think daily resolutions endure more than new year resolutions.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by tundewoods(m): 12:07am On Dec 27, 2007
To continue breaking my previous years unfulfilled resolutions.Afterall what does it matter,If laws could be made to be broken,how much more new year resolutions
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by LongOne1(m): 12:11am On Dec 27, 2007
Discover my purpose/place in life.

Reduce alcohol and nicotine consumption to the bearest minimum, if not totally.

Trying not to always destroy the people i love.
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by lawyer(m): 2:18am On Dec 27, 2007
Rubbish! There is no such thing as a new year resolution. We all hypocritically stand in front of God on new year's day in churches and mosques and deliever our own versions of the new year budget as resolutions which by mid februray we have already forgotten we made such stupid promises to keep.

How many of us for donkey years past have made up our minds to stop smoking, fornicating, back bitting, cheat, reconcile with our families, stop drinking, hope to do very well in school, help to improve lives and probably find another fool proof strategy to woo more business clients and increase our potentials psychologially, spiritually, financially and mentally and end up repeating the same old mantra next year as if we didnt say it in 1989, 1996, 2001 and more memorably in 2007.

Why is only on the 31st of december we remember when to say those silly resolutions. The women would scream to God and within " oh i want to have that child at last or have another baby boy or give me a better boyfriend or make my marriage work or relationship" and the boys will scream out loud " Oh God let my business boom, let my car finally show this year, let my money show, let the society know i have arrived and a host of a million twaddles and rubbish they hope and wish to accomplish"

Well i have got news for all the dreamers and optimists. The cloud is not turning to pink on the 31st of december and the moon will not change to the sun on the first of january. Your nauseating boyfriend will still be around you, your cheating girlfriend will still arouse more boys attention, your sniveling mother inlaw will still harrass you, your pesky granny will not die and still hound you, your shares in the banks will still appreciate and depreciate, danfo and okada riders will still be a menace to the society, nepa will continue to haunt us, the roads will still be death traps, you wont stop smoking until the doctor waves a red flag about your lungs, you wont stop drinking until you pass out in a gutter, you wont stop cheating until your caught red handed and disgraced, you wont make more money until you draw up a business plan that is feasible and realistic and you wont stop going to miracle crusades because you have a fetish for going to such places to pray for get rich quick schemes and inshort, its another day in the life of an ordinary nigerian. So get over it and live your life the way you were living on october 14 and not thinking the sky will fall on october 15. It's just another day.

I can remember how i was under the cloud of those that paid much importance to this new year resolution garbage about 20 years ago and i kept on saying i would change and i would do this and that. Each passing year was worse off than the latter and until i realised that it wasnt necessary, things began to happen. Always expect the unexpected and most of the time it favours you when you dont place much importance to it. People would come out here and say you should have the will power, discipline and determination and spiritual help to make your resolutions come true but its all a load of crap. How do you determine within yourself to stop boozing, smoking and fornicating in 365 days and not falther and go back to your old crazy ways that you feel comfortable in? What will power makes you stop cheating, back stabbing, lying and trampling on other people's back to snatch every financial opportunity that comes your way? If your the owner of a petrol station and there is fuel scarcity, what will power prevents you from hiking the prices to make more money? But you will be the first to tell God and yourself on the 31st of dec, no more cheating and stealing! How laughable nigerians can be atimesgrin If your a student tell me you wont attempt to settle any of your exams this semester or year or try and sleep with the favoured lecturer to gain that all desired 2:1 or 2:2 so as to be eligible to work in zenith?

Abeg so my new year resolution is to break up with more girls, booze and smoke more, rip more people off financially, climb the backs of other people till i get to the top, take no prisoners and trample on anyone that gets into my way of success, scheme and connive more and finally date the love of my life pilgrim 1 grin because it just another normal day in my life and in the lives of millions of Nigerians and it's pathetic for you to remotely deny it.

Life is too short so play more! wink
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by lailai2(m): 3:19am On Dec 27, 2007
mehn, bros lawyer, u dey vex o

i neva new pple took ney yr resolutns as serious as that,
Re: Your New Year Resolutions For 2008? by almondjoy(f): 6:37am On Dec 27, 2007
Less work, more vacations! cool

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