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Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 12:12pm On Jul 20

Haha! Her army are coming out. Even that yeye old goat has reported. You should be like 50-yepa old now. How are your grandchildren sir? cheesy I have long since left the Travel section. Is the UK still granting visas and appeals to peeps? I don't even follow UK immigration news again.

Now you wanna get all British on me huh? Na who and who be your mate? grin You are grossly silly. Lets even assume I have got that many bans as you imply, why am I still on this forum posting till date? I don't even know where this senseless discourse of yours is going. undecided Should I log in with my ''mrpataki'' addy? shocked

Pataki - shy? You have not seen me on the dance floor. You needed to have seen how all these Oyinbos were begging to dance Salsa and Kizomba with me yesterday night at the Salsa club I went to. Pataki loves to steal the show. cool So once again, you got it wrong about me about being shy. grin

Abeg update us, what is the latest with your court case? You know I love court cases walai! cheesy

Bingo! Bullseye!! You can say that again and again and again and again!! First he lovingly steps forward to collect the award for being banned many times, now he suddenly develops amnesia and is trying to shove the award under the carpet, hmmm...In the other news, see person with two left feet claiming best dancer. If I hear... cool I bet he even sucks at dancing palongo.

Phew, he is on his way out! Good riddance to bad rubbish, now I can clearly see front and the next sly underhanded tactic the so-called professional group Tehn has up their sleeves...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:52am On Jul 20

Well said. But unfortunately, there will always be trouble-someone who would hate you for knowing your stuff. It's appalling how someone can keep on being involve in fight all over the forum for 10 years

Hmmm the notorious Mrpataki and his rebel-rousing, troublesome, meddlesome, worrisome antics, I bet a few moderators can write 1000 page books on him...Funny i miss all those big big English words he used to use, he sure kept us Nairalanders on our toes and helped improve our vocabulary if I may say, lol.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:45am On Jul 20

LOL. Wetin happen? O fe da si rough ni? You think say na only you sabi write thesis? grin This thread should be a place of fun. You saw those who came here to talk about cake banters on this thread. Why not emulate fellow reasonable beings like that? Abi na only you madness dey worry ni? lipsrsealed

The only thing we want to hear from you forthwith is the decision the court has taken.

Mate, your reverse psychology cannot work with me, you have been screaming like a wild banshee since, so you must continue talking alainikan se osi... your trademark on Nairaland is fighting anyone and everyone, hence reason for your numerous ban. E don tay wey you tear eye reach back, so make my compliment of you being one of top 5 banned count, so please show us your logo, you have to keep talking...common don't start acting all coy and shy...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:19am On Jul 20

Yawns. Miss D say something new or I am giving up on you. You are running from pole to pillar here. Keep drumming up names, thinking it will appeal emotionally to those you are mentioning. Pataki is a one-man army and I will always be. I will address whomever I choose to, no matter whose ox is gored. You know what I consider pathetic about your plight is that, you cannot see beyond your nose. It is really a shame though. You are someone who is intelligently empowered, but your foolishness or is it idiocy will not let you expand your horizon.

Thanks for the compliment you have accorded me. Honestly, it does not move me an inch. cool I have grown beyond whatever you can say here. As for you, you have even deteriorated. Just look at your pathetic self here, anyone who dares to address you, you have ediotic inferences to bring up, that bears no bearing to your silly ranting.

As I maintained, your case is in court. The only thing that will be sensible for you to spew here is what the courts have decided with the foolishness you have thrown in their face. Anything short of this, makes you look dangerously ediotic on this board. lipsrsealed

I don't know anything about the TeHN. In fact the only time I ever came across them on this forum, is when they were posted on the FB some years ago I think. I won't even know about this thread, not until you CC (mentioned) me here. I don't even visit this board. Politics and Arsenal board are my interest mostly here these days. But then again, I see the same madness you exhibited back in 2008 on the Travel section playing out here. I have said my bit.

Let the UK court entertain your madness. The only thing I will state openly is that whomever you are having a case with, should direct the court to have a mental evaluation done upon you in all sincerity. You really need it.

Yada, yada, yada...I said it, I knew you can write a 90,000 word thesis on gbaranmideleru, ekeyofuro stuffs and you didn't disappoint!

The floor is all yours, all eyes are now on you as your heart always desire, and you are now the centre of attention, so any more bile you feel like regurgitating, lol...were dun wo loja omolasan ekeji bingo, woof woof....

Apologies Semitunde, this one is not a part of Tehn so excuse the politeness I am extending to him by entertaining his folly and tomfoolery until he skulks away like the pathetic weasel that he is...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:15am On Jul 20
OK. Busybody2.

I can understand from your posts you have want Tehn, as a group and individuals to stay off your case, is that right? You have no reason to raise this again if they do that? If this is the case then I think that can be done.

Will the cease fire be extended to your real life instituted case against them ( if any)? Cos you know it wouldn't be fair to ask them to keep quiet while a case is being thrown at them, considering they are nairalanders with most of their help activities done online.

Also, from what I've gathered so far from you, you still believe there are good guys in Tehn and that Tehn itself is a capable organisation ( regardless of the issues you raised) so I'm sure you won't want the organisation to go down through you. Withdraw any case against them (if there is), and let everyone stay in their lane?

Pls jaybee3 Oamj4, pls can you roll with above?

Thanks pickabeau for stepping in.

I've know Tehn since maybe when it was started. This shouldn't be happening and allowed to fester, considering the calibre of guys there and the future as a group.

Busybody2, pls oam4j and pickabeau have tried to explain and apologise including for your children. Find it in your heart to forgive and move on pls.

We should learn to put ego aside ( even if it chokes us and threatens to burst our veins). We would have learnt another level of humility. It can drain us of the will needed to move forward, but true test of character and mentality can't be better than this... If anyone needs apologies, pls shower it.

This can make for good entertainment for some time, till ppl start getting irritatated and start lashing at everyone.

Mr Semitunde, I don't have any issue with any beef anyone has against me, I just can't wrap my head round why this people cannot reason enough to know that there are some sensitive subject that should remain out of bound and permanently under lock and key forever such as this traumatic DJ issue...

The reason the Court ish was being instigated by me was due to the outright lie that I hate Tehn, hence reason I countered this malicious accusation that if I hate Tehn how come when they approached me for help getting Tehn registered, I wired the sum of N150,000 to them following day, etc. They denied this 7 months ago, now came to deny this on this again, only to start doing a u-turn that I should upload proof... Who does that!!! What stops a self-proclaimed professional organisation from calling their accountant to verify something that would not take them a minute in this digital age we are in. It's their failure to look in the mirror and rather malign and discredit me as a liar, etc that is getting on my nerves. If they can drop the lies that I didn't give Tehn a penny, I will drop the court case!

Na jeje I dey my lane, as long as they dish, I will dish back lekunrere within the legal boundary I am permitted. They should stop thinking they can gang up on me to use me to practise damage limitation skills...I can see beyond all these ruse...And the irony is that you will never see the puppet master pulling the puppet strings involved online...he will sit behind the safe confines of his email to pass orders without letting them know what's up 100%...So let them learn to live and let live and all this will die down...



May the matter rest in peace

I pray so too sad
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 10:57am On Jul 20
Ok...If I say I am not confused still..i am a liar

If the matter is about DJDola...no one is perfect

He is late
The matter is concluded by God himself

Let his spirit rest in peace

The only matter that matters is nobody should be bringing up that DJ issue at all in lieu of how it all ended...people should learn to have the fear of God and stop raking coals over old wound and let the poor boy RIP. This is distasteful and unpalatable. This is not hard to comprehend! End of!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 10:55am On Jul 20

LOL, afi minor clash....... you have forgotten that you even created an anonymous username back then to start attacking me and other forum members on the travel section back then? cheesy cheesy 2006? grin I officially registered on this forum in 2006. I became active in the Travel section early 2008/2009. So where did you infer this ''in 2006'' from? lipsrsealed

Your useless antecedents are well known on this forum at least by me and the few sensible peeps back then when the travel section had reasonable peeps. I doubt anyone you are having grudges with at the moment really know the deep seated madness and idleness that prevails over you. I was one of those who called you out on the Inspired thread. Because I know your writing patterns which borders on despicable pathetic online madness. To be honest, I don't even bother about you on this forum. In fact, I try to avoid you anywhere on this forum for a number of years now, because you are someone who truly needs the NHS Mental Act 123 enacted upon her. Those imploring you to be calm, are simply pouring water into a basket. This is what fuels your silly ego.

I did not badge into this thread as you are trying to foolishly imply. Rather you foolishly mentioned me in one of your silly puerile rantings here. Or are you suffering from memory loss added to whatever is complicating your life? undecided

If you are here crying about your children, it is rather aimless and useless. Afterall, you have been barking that you have filed your case in court. Let the UK court settle whatever your grouse is, and stop this gross eyesore ediotic infantile verbiage that adds no meaning to this forum. You call someone's mother a witch repeatedly (who probably has seen you for your true color), but you are here crying that someone is maligning your own children. Allow your brain to think once in a while Miss (Mrs) D...... I have no beef with you. If I truly did, I doubt the tone of my discourse would be this mild with you.

Go and resolve your issues somewhere else.

You were using mrpataki then, amongst other userid's you had or are you forgetting if they mention top 5 most banned username on NL, you would be listed amongst them!!!

As for the rest of the claptrap you wrote, my response is for gentleman Semitunde, and I am hear taking note for my case file, unlike you who keep wading in to be the centre of attraction! This was the same way you unceremoniously jumped on Siena in similar situation despite the fact that you were pals...so either go ahead with the assignment I gave you to contact inspired's mum or keep acting the fool you are...the floor is open...counting down...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 8:18am On Jul 20

Why do you lie so much ehn? Where on earth did i mention or attack your children?
I have a problem with you not them so why would i give a fvck about them?

I have a probelm with you because you are spreading rumours that we are killing people

I have a problem with you because you have questioned MY integrity

I have a problem with you because of your continuous allegation of gross negligence. So you know, we wouldn't have uprooted John Doe to India with no clear direction of how the bills will be paid if we were to start the case all over.

I have a problem with you because you continuously mentioned TeHN spending close to 2M on DJ's case even though it's one of your deliberate attempt to paint us bad.
Here is the itemisation of what was spent and i'm sure you aren't blind to see the spread of the expenditures => http://www.nairaland.com/1995601/rip-djdola-miss/157#31585196

BTW: I'm still waiting for your idiotic county court summon so i can finally put a sock in it. I've also gathered my own evidences so bring it on

cool cool cool


You keep stating that your children were maligned - thrown malicious damaging false shades........., and yet you have not produced one link or a webquote to such; whereas, you are so quick to produce weblink and state over and over again about someone else's mother being called a witch. You find it easy to label other people's relatives/loved ones with names, but cry wolf over yours?
#IDontGerrit. undecided

Thanksgiving to God for rescuing me from the clutches of the evil inclined "adult" was what I was doing, not crying wolf over "children" (innocent creatures of God) dragged into this battle. So is it peppering your body that I am doing thanksgiving to God Oga mafilomi ndasi Why don't you rather concentrate on the fact that you now have direct access to the mum's number you were looking for on the other thread by contacting Deeper Life directly to hand over her number, ehn inspector gadget/danger mouse/super ted/Colombo rolled into one undecided

@Olu4life, I am calm Sir, although slightly perturbed that - mrpataki attacking me with lies is someone I had a minor clash with "in 2006" over his bullying a Nairalander named Vicjustice! I wonder which hole these peeps with their putrid beef against me are crawling out from under, lol. Nine years old beef, dang, lol...

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Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 7:58am On Jul 20

This is confusing

DJDola is long gone and buried yet this matter still lives

I am not aware of any campaign against any kids by tehn

As has been made clear for the umpteenth time, tehn comprises more than one individual both current and previous

If there is an issue with one member, the matter should be taken up with the individual.

This has been going on for so long

Please let there be peace

Cc: semitunde

I did not bring this up, Tehn spokesperson did and CATEGORICALLY stated it was solely to defend Tehn. Again Semitunde, this was the same ish raised by OAm4 which I addressed earlier! Nevertheless it is tasteless and crass for anybody to bring up this 7 months old case which resulted in the painful demise of the patient, wouldn't you agree!!! With regards to the doofus Jaybee whom I cannot tackle head on due to legal proceeding Mr Semitunde:

-He is one of the official Tehn spokesperson who blatantly stated he was on other thread on a premeditated course of attack on my person "because" I was the only one who had issue with organisation Tehn 7 months ago. I do not have any other issue with him.

-My only grouse was with the hospital's antics hence reason ALL my posts "on NL" centred on time/money. [[six weeks spent with no diagnosis]] [[Donation received - donation spent] = upto N2M used to treat tuberculosis]] I don't have any issue expressing myself clearly. I was not part of those who mentioned anything about any India trip. My "offline" stance since day one which i communicated to them "offline" was - conventional medicine "cannot" cure this, complimentary medicine "can"...kindly empower DJ financially upfront and give him a sizeable sum of money as the breadwinner of his family so he can have something like a "bucket list" and also enable him cater to his dependants' needs...I communicated this to them formally in a non-imposing manner oh.

-Semitunde, you are very wise and correct to have sussed out that there are some other ish being dugged up: there was "one" instance outside NL 4 months ago(outside NL I repeat for emphasis) whereby a flurry of diabolical threatening text messages were sent to me by a Tehn individual, and I responded via same text message that "I don't suffer fools gladly/I am not moved by empty threats/"you lagbaja did this, you lagbaja did that, etc..."

-Pray ask this so-called professional tehn group why this "one-off offline" incidence with one individual - is being packaged by Tehn group with lots of salt and pepper added to show how butthurt they are as a group - "online" Why is the group here "online" to tackle what happened "offline" with an individual "online"? And they expect to be taken seriously! See why you sef are getting confused with this so-called professional group called Tehn on their individual/group stance! See how liars have painted the text convo I had offline with the head honcho at Tehn as gossip & rumour spreading! Pathetic!!!

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Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 2:24am On Jul 20

'y'all' ke? So we all attacked you and your children? Well, dem say old people no dey lie. Kontinu ma.

Ok ma!

Make I go read about Amaechi swag dress on Coming to America with GMB presidential welcome to America.

Here we go again ***rolls eyes***

Y'all, You all, means "more than one"...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 2:06am On Jul 20

Ok Ma!

Good luck and ride on, whatever you serve and believe is your strength.

Am done with you for now.

Mi o fi iwe pe anybody, na jeje I siddon for my own lane before y'all started throwing cruel malicious damaging false shades at my innocent children for that matter, jeez undecided
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 1:54am On Jul 20

I thought you know better than this. So anytime a PRO of a group speak, even on the bed with his wife or during a heated argument with his friends or enemies online or offline he must be speaking for the group? I give up!

Or is it that you are afraid of facing the individual alone but had to drag the group along to attract sympathy, making it look like TeHN as a group is fighting you?

For the record TeHN as a group has never discussed your family or children, we are not interested in your relationships; past present or future. Neither are we interested in your witches and wizards stories.

But if it makes you feel better, special and important dragging TeHN into your fight or if your goal is to tarnish the image of TeHN because you have an issue with one of TeHN members then go ahead.

Spare me the lies and balderdash and BS, newsflash, "the fact that Tehn official Spokesperson does not have any personal beef whatsoever with me" MEANS THAT HE STARTED HIS SMEAR CAMPAIGN ON THAT THREAD AGAINST ME AND MY CHILDREN "ONLY" TO DEFEND TEHN. END OF...I have never ever had any other altercation with Jaybee on/off Nairaland. He stated this motive clearly on the thread, stop feigning ignorance to save Tehn face!!!

Again, it's a forum and not your forum so no one is forcing or begging you to read nor will you get paid to read so gboju mehn and stop feeling fly with your sly self!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 1:49am On Jul 20
What can we do to swiftly put this behind us and move on? I had thought this would have been quickly brought to bed.

Tehn, I hope you guys can tell this isn't going away...dealing this with silence may have been the better option if its not repeatedly rearing its head. This Tehn individuals vs Tehn group thing is getting confusing honestly.

Busybody2, what do you want Tehn or individuals of Tehn to do to swiftly put this behind us and move on?

I don't know if oam4j speaks for Tehn or individually here, but I'm sure he's asking the same question one way or another, while also asking you to understand that the group is made of humans, just like you.

People wrong people in all sorts of ways, sometimes deliberately, but at other times unconsciously/ innocently. You feel wronged, some Tehn members also feel same by you. Since we are all aware of this, let's move to reconciliation.

Can we do that?

This Tehn people need to man up and hop off my tip/get off my case!!! They and their spokesperson are the ones "repeatedly" dragging me and my family into this ish and are now lying it's an individual thing to cover up the fact that they have goofed as professionals with their dirty campaign to nowhere that they embarked on against me...I don't have a personal beef with Tehn, I aired my view on the platform Nairaland as a member, they are the ones who have issues with my views and are dragging up 7 month old issues...

My only gripe on that DJ thread was "the hospital" delaying diagnosis 5 weeks and wasting valuable time, my posts are still there oh...It was the barrage of insults I got in response from this so-called professional organisation called Tehn that made me take a second look at the whole situation and stumbled on, and pointed out the exhorbitant fees this hospital was charging (close to N2M) to ignore cancer to treat TB)... Tehn further came out enmasse and guns blazing to insult me and my family (again)...eventually they used their own hand to vindicate me, saying the hospital knew since week one that he had cancer...sadly in the end DJ passed on...

Considering that a life was lost, and is gone forever, can they not respect the dead and bury whatever beef they have with me airing my own view "against the hospital"!!! To call a spade a spade, this sly, underhanded move on their part is sickening and stomach-churning and downright unprofessional!!! What is the big deal in me manipulation this hospital as substandard and below par Are they the first private naija hospital to come under scrutiny for shoddy practises
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:07pm On Jul 19

You are still making the same mistake of equating TeHN with individuals.

Did TeHN as a group mentioned/mocked/attacked you, and your children anywhere? NO!

Why is it difficult for you to separate and mention individuals that have issues with you from TeHN?

The moment you join TeHN in your attack then you include me and other innocent members of TeHN who have no business with you and your family and don't wanna know about any winch or wizard nor interested in any Deeper life Church story.

Like I told you TeHN is more than 1 or 2 people you have issues or business with. Free us and mention only the individuals that mentioned you.


Tehn's official Public Relation Officer (PRO) aka spokesperson instigated the attack... Individuals didn't attack me and my children on individual grounds, it was " Tehn members" that SOLELY attacked us under the guise of defending Tehn!!! And like I said it was specifically stated by the "Tehn members" attacking me that the reason I got roped in and attacked was because of the ish I had with "Tehn" that happened 7 months ago!!! THE POSTS ARE STILL THERE FOR YOUR PERUSAL MR MODERATOR!!! Hian!!! And I am simply exercising my right to state I don't wanna be dragged into osoronga stuffs so feel free to jump pass my posts! No one is forcing anyone to read! Abi Nairaland will collapse if OAM4j does not read my post ni undecided

You are the one being pedantic and trying to muddy the water, and I can see through your rigmarole/weak late attempt at damage limitation!!! Nairalanders were even reminded by Tehn members attacking me that I was being attacked for the "SOLE purpose of defending Tehn" on that thread. I don't expect anyone to be online 24/7, but a sizeable number of Tehn saw/rubberstamped these posts....And you jumped in saying you support them going personal but you are now trying to do a u-turn, hmmm, e de beru Olorun whilst remembering everyone is going to account for every idle word on judgement day undecided

Unless you want to lie to the house that Public Relations Officer no longer means spokesperson in English Language undecided
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 10:07pm On Jul 19

Please don't quote me wrong.

I dont know anything about your children or if anyone mentioned them on Nairaland, neither do I know what was and what is being discussed about you and inspired. I rarely have the time to read outside politics and religion section except when my moniker or TeHN is being mentioned or if i find a topic on home page interesting.

I hold no grudge against you and I have no time to begrudge online and anonymous personalities. You should be the one to stop begrudging TeHN and free TeHN from your discussions. If you have any issue with any of TeHN members, deal with them personally and leave TeHN out of it. TeHN is more that 2 people you know. If you had not mixed up TeHN with your discussion on this thread, I wouldn't have been here.

And I repeat; we never claimed at TeHN to be professional charity giver anywhere, we are just ordinary people who are willing to give helping hands to the needy, we are prone to mistake like all humans, we have feelings and emotions too, and like all human beings we have limitations of how much we can take. So if TeHN as a group made mistake or offended you, forgive us, free us, and stop mixing the group with the individuals in TeHN.


BTW, just for the records, we had two medical doctors that worked with us behind the scene during the last case.

This is how flies follow shite enter shalanga!!! You are the one who blindly and cruelly jumped on me to defend what you don't know!!!

NEWSFLASH, Me and my children were being mocked on the other thread by your so-called professional Tehn, and they raised the DJDOLA incidence that happened 7 months ago on that thread with no respect for the dead... YOU ARE A MODERATOR SO CAN STILL SEE THE HIDDEN POSTS in said thread. If I entered that customer thread to respond to TEhn's attack on my children, it would get derailed and the customer would be the last person on everyone's mind... THAT WAS WHY I CHOSE THIS THREAD TO RESPOND!

I am a child of God and don't want to be dragged into/or associated with osoronga things!!! Especially one of such magnitude that is giving Deeper life sleepless nights!!!

Tehn are the ones who started this, not me, hence reason I opted for the legal route...By the way, I know the timeline of things and know "when" the Doctors were "recruited" onboard...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 4:09pm On Jul 19

BB abeg, na God i take beg you please calm down madam. you seem so angry. have been following this all this while and still I can't get to wrap my head round what's really going on, or maybe I dint pay much attention to tiny details. abeg relax please.

I am not annoyed, I just find it bemusing that this so called professional organisation called Tehn has a grudge with me and used an unrelated thread to air their grievances SEVEN MONTHS LATER. Loun loun, haba, and you can still see OAM4J justifying Tehn's calculated and premeditated attack on my children and their right to go personal!!! See agbaya behaviour!!!

They know inspired's mother is a witch and were the same people preaching to me...so why wickedly drag me and my children into his affairs on the thread opened for him!!! SEVEN MONTHS LATER!!!

Well since tehn are the only self-proclaimed group in the world with all the solution to the world's problem, they can get in touch with Deeper Life to help them manage the scandal...since this is the same head of women's ministry/prayer warrior lady that got Pastor Kumuyi to break out in sweats when he was preaching a few months ago...


Ccc honeric, Olu4life
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 3:52pm On Jul 19

You are free to speculate but there is nothing more trust me. We were all good jolly friends until someone felt snubbed/ignored even though we were only being careful not to act without a professional/competent institution's advice that will put his/her/their licence on the line should anything go wrong.

But all of a sudden she teamed up with her well known 'enemy' who also felt ignored to attack us. When we got fed up and chose to hands off, they called us other names. We never claimed to be professional charity giver anywhere, we are just ordinary people who are willing to give helping hands to the needy, we are prone to mistake like all humans, but we have feelings and emotions too, and like all human beings we have limitations of how much we can take.

The basic requirement to be admitted as a member of TeHN executive is that while you have been active on NL for years, there is no record of being accused of fraud or lack of integrity. So you can't help getting personal when someone cast aspersions on the integrity you have built and maintained over the years.


Interesting, just because of my simple advise to make sure Tehn has a medical personnel on board in Nigeria before taking on medical cases you have decided to go personal...go right ahead with getting personal whilst the body counts keep increasing...its your call...

And FYI, Babyosisi is one of the ladies I respect on NL since 2006 and someone I look up to as a Mother...All I told her on that thread was to remember the Hippocrates oath...so keep using your evil mind to paint her as my enemy...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 8:18am On Jul 10

So loro kan sha, Na court go settle this case

Na so the cookie crumble oh. That's the law we have to toe...

On a normal day, in another clime like Nigeria, mi o gbe'se ran iponri iyalaya grandfada baba anybody and can hold my own, but my present IP, phone mast signal, etc, currently pinpoints to location: UK, so I gotta be all prim and proper and behave like a lady who spent 30 years in a Switzerland Finishing School and let the law do their job smiley

Anchor babies
Lord knows what next they will come up with to call my innocent children in a case I know nothing about...I used to go to that autosection to say pre-order should be scrapped cos the $199-$500 average the dealers make in profit is not worth the anguish and anxiety, but it was customers themselves whose voice drowned mine out that it saves them a lot more money than buying from what is already on the ground oh!!! They did not even let me finish asking my "what if the ship capsizes" question before chasing me out of the section sad And now I am being dragged on for supporting nonsense!!! Anyway like I intoned earlier, errthing can/will be used...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 8:08am On Jul 10
As for those of you who repeatedly keeps throwing my children under the bus and are like now chatting poo about 'em being used to collect some non-existent British Passport...Remember the Bible says children are a heritage of the Lord, a fruit of the womb...the Bible also says only children's Angels can behold the face of God...the Bible also says it is better to tie an heavy stone round your neck and go drown yourself rather than disrespect innocent children...I can't help but wonder why you can't wait till you cradle your own in your hand "first" before trashing my God-given children to score cheap points and laughs because only God knows whom He has destined to be parents...

God is watching all of you in 4D, so keep mocking and dragging my children through the mud to spite me, Kabiyesi Oba Adajedajo Abiyamo lojo ija, their Creator, is taking notes...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 7:57am On Jul 10
Hehehe, thank God I am not someone anyone can play politics or use wuruwuru to stylishly drop under the bus by apportioning what I never said/did to me...Who can forget the numerous posts whereby members were "using their own hands" to post that they are fed up of simply being used as decorations with their opinions dismissed outrightly...did y'all not later come to use your own hands to vindicate me and write in January that the hospital knew he had cancer since week 1 (November)...now you want to flame me for saying openly what y'all are saying whilst hiding under your blanket, lol. Nothing new there! The posts are still kuku dia, lol!

An organisation that had to approach Seun "formally" to take on a case - as is the norm with any case that comes to Nairaland - now decide to hold people to ransom by openly dumping case on Nairaland looking for who to beg and massage their egos...isn't the PROFESSIONAL thing to do "formally" go back to Seun to hand over the case back to him? cool Again after openly denying on other thread, next thing is tell me to upload receipt, rather than PROFESSIONALLY approach your Accountant to verify with perhaps an email that would not take 5 seconds to draft, lol!!!

Like I earlier intoned "errthing can/will be used..,
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 7:46am On Jul 10
Gentleman Honer, Olu, Bosslady QueenS, etc, please I am on my knees there is no need to tell anyone to put a sock in their leaking mouth....There is a pre-action protocol to observe before cases can be filed in Court so I need all the evidences I can get as I presently "have just 28 pages" of inflammatory, inciteful, malicious downright lies and need more, so bikonu let 'em continue spewing trash...

I nearly tripped over someone the other day in Court with 780 pages shocked, so I have a looooong way to go, so I need all the ariwo oja's I can get...Thanks for understanding wink
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 9:58am On Jul 07


Why would I want to stick my neck in a scandal even Deeper Life is finding a way to deal with An ish that I detached myself from, since 2009!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 9:51am On Jul 07

Busybody2 say sorry to jaybee3 because you don't believe he misappropriated anything.
Jaybee3 say sorry for calling busybody2 a maniac.
Oya kia kia

The law is simple here as you know, when they get the court summons, either they accept or reject, final decision lies with the Court who will not hesitate to issue the CCJ...

It's only a matter of time!

Jaybee3 and Busybody2 what else can I say, DJ is gone and you guys still on this matter, settle this one and for all please.

Why does he dragging me into a thread unrelated to me over this Tehn issue that happened over 6 months ago? Why can't he request for an IP check before spewing trash if not that he is just being a malicious, spiteful $>||#%€% ? Why, why, why?
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 9:43am On Jul 07
What I will do for those IFA beads right now just to throw them on a table and whisper 'la ye mi!'

you guys are making absolutely no sense and you consistently keep talking around in circles.

Jaybee & Busybody2 (though I genuinely think that name will suit me more than it suits you cheesy)

what will it take to quash this beef once and for all and for all parties to be happy and all of you guys to be close and hilarious again?

If its an apology - Jaybee you're a guy apologize to the lady.

Let them keep throwing mud, a case file has already been opened with everything being collated. IP checks have been done to see if I ever stepped in the other thread.

Lol Queensmith feel free to take the name, your sense of humour is still there, good to know cheesy
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 9:40am On Jul 07
Oh how I love the fact that it is a free world with free speech YET everything we say can/and will be used against us in a Court of law cool

Screenshot (check)
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 9:37am On Jul 07

I'd be lying if I said I understood - but I hope you soon get back to your original very entertaining self!

You saw someone mention in the other thread that inspired's family is a churchy family....and Like I mentioned earlier, Deeper Life is aware of everything going on and are involved...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 9:30am On Jul 07
@queensmith and Semitunde, my involvement in the issue was as a result of the fact that I was named one of the 20 stakeholders at Tehn, as well as a stakeholder via NL membership as long as it was on platform Nairaland, and used to get copied emails of Tehn's official activities, hence reason I helped pay Tehn's registration fee which the accountant can verify in two secs...I eventually had to vote with my feet and was not shocked to hear a handful of peeps defected after the DJ case too.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 9:13am On Jul 07

Babe! What has happened!!!

You all used to get along like a house on fire! What's gone wrong!!

A guy came online to solicit for funds. I mailed tehn offline that he has a terminal illness with max 26 weeks to live and had already spent half the time in other hospitals, that oyinbo medicine cannot treat this, but that alternative medicine can treat it... that they should please empower him financially and generously that he was the breadwinner, something like helping him with a "bucket list"....I was brushed aside...He was kept in their hospital for around 6 weeks with the hospital in Nigeria charging him nearly N2m for treating tuberculosis which is free to treat in Nigeria....in the end he passed on.....

This happened earlier late last year....I was only on the thread to speak about the patient, but Tehn thinks otherwise that I support Seun that yanked Tehn off for financial something, coz he apparently didn't even want them to handle this case!!!

Hence reason I am being dragged into this inspired ish! And the irony is they were the same peeps advising me these witchcraft thing is common in Naija and I should quit talking about it!!!

They will soon come and delete this as they have been doing!!!

Ccc semitunde
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 9:01am On Jul 07

Calm your nerves ma'am, you now see why not to really share stuffs like the other one with those you think understand? even after sharing with them, they still went ahead to do what they are doing, this should tell you most Nigerians derive pleasure from mocking people with negative news.

I didn't share it with them...I was jejely doing thanksgiving to God for rescuing me even when I didn't realise what was going on around me. Don't worry, they will need something important soon and will pray to God and Satan the accuser of the brethren will appear to remind God of this smear campaign - towards my innocent self - they embarked on his behalf, and how they did him proud!

We shall see. It's only a matter of time like you said wink
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 8:27am On Jul 07

It's well..it's a matter of time..

If that was me, the first thread will not even go up as it is illegal to bypass the law and take the law into one's hands and thread would not even get to page 2! Yet I am being accused of defending thread 5 loun loun!!! People are really doing the devil proud, it is appointed for men to die once so judgement day beckons for all...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 7:58am On Jul 07


See me see trouble oh, me that used to attend Church once yearly, see homework!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 7:50am On Jul 07

Can you go on that thread and do a disclaimer? Your name has started dropping...if you don't, this will fester.

Deeper life is aware of this issue and preached about this recently!!!

Thanks Sir, I don't need to defend myself before men. God will fight for me.

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