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Foreign Affairs / Re: Malaysian Passenger Plane Shot Down In Donetsk By Ground To Air Missile by Busybody2(f): 8:37pm On Jul 17
Quelme: Ukraine and their western gangsters at work again. Trying all means to undermine Russia. No investigations yet, and all fingers is pointing towards Russia. Another false flag by the western neo nazi.

The Western gangsters need an "excuse" to get a foothold in Russia..."Mission" accomplished, so countdown till they join the "rescue" mission... cool

Just like they offered Nigeria help to find the missing chibok girls who are still missing to date...because they couldn't impose AFRICOM on us so had to devise boko haram/chibok girls as a smokescreen undecided

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Religion / Re: My Demon Experience During Sleep by Busybody2(f): 8:05pm On Jul 14
EddyNumerouno: Bros, na witch dey fan herself with your picture for village. Eleyi gidi gan (this one is string!!!)

My ribs oh grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy grin grin grin grin grin grin
Religion / Re: Between Goshen And Joeagbaje: Who Would You Listen To? by Busybody2(f): 6:35pm On Jul 14
mployer: I think Joe has more profound knowledge and experience in the ways of God and the personality of a true Christian than Goshen.

Goshen too is good but he applies logic sometimes to drive home his point.

Succinctly stated cool cool cool
Religion / Re: Reasons Why i do not believe in the existence of a god by Busybody2(f): 3:47pm On Jul 14

GAGUT theorem? So you need science to prove the existence of God. Interesting

If that was what you could gleen from my submission, all I can say is "oh dear" ***sighs***
Religion / Re: Seeking The Face Of God - The Journey by Busybody2(f): 1:50pm On Jul 14
torchwave: I thank God for another month being the fifth month in my journey of seeking His face. It has not been a smooth journey but His grace on me has made it this consistent. I never dreamed it possible that I'd be this consistent, every morning sitting or standing, listening for His voice day after day, week after week, month after month. God is sweet. Looking back now, I see that covering this distance without feeling weary is proof of God's hand of grace upon me. One desire fulfilled.

The truth is I have been tempted many times to give up as it seems nothing is working and God keeps choosing to remain silent. I had always wondered why God delays His answers to His children. Since He is God, He could grant the answers to our requests in a short time if He chooses to. When I began seeking Him, I wondered why it took long to find Him. I just couldn't understand why God takes long to answer our prayers. Is it that He just loves delaying answers to prayers?

A certain day, very recently, a thought found its way into my thoughts in answer to my confusion. It wasn't a voice but they were words. Weird right? Voiceless words that can be 'heard' in the thoughts. The thought said 'God delays the answers to our prayers for sometime because He is 'sharpening' our faith through our patience.' Almost immediately, I recalled a verse in the Bible I have read quite a few times but which deserted my memory in my confusion about His delays to answering our prayers. I did not remember the exact chapter and verse but I recalled some of the words in this manner, "The trial of your faith worketh patience.'

James 1:3-4, Knowing this, that the trying of your faith works patience
But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

When the thought came along with the words of the Scriptures confirming it, I was baffled, surprised, thrilled, happy and had a sense of peace because I knew the thought could not have originated within me. Besides, it had this authority that was lacking in my everyday thoughts. Since then, I have learnt to love His delays to my prayers or, say, His silence whenever I listen for His voice because I know and I know that He is developing my faith through patience. My faith is much more important to Him than the answer to my prayers. It is the only means of reaching Him, receiving from Him and hearing from Him. When you quit asking or seeking Him, there can only be one reason - you've run out of faith.

So then, I love His delays because His delays are for my benefit (for the growth and purification of my faith) and I love His answers which are proof of my tenacious faith. Either way, God is sweet.

Indeed, God is ordering my steps. I'm still on the path of seeking His face and will never turn to the right or left till I have met Him. I'm more confident of finding God than the sun rising tomorrow. I am not being optimistic, I am being very very certain of that fact. I dream of the day I wake up to hear His voice and ask, "Is that you, Lord?" Another great desire fulfilled.

Congratulations torchwave,

Job 33:15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumbering upon the bed: then openeth the ears of men and sealeth their INSTRUCTIONS...

He is a faithful God hence reason you already have some experience of His presence through music, dreams, the radio, etc and that encounter in your 3rd paragraph is one of the means He speaks to us...That was God talking to you, He communicates His mind and His will to us in various ways and that was an instruction from Him to you, to exercise patience and to reassure you that you now have a relationship with HIM...Add more praise and worship to your routine, cos as you know He inhabits the praises of His people, and I bet you know all there is to know about praying and fasting...I've had several of such similar lucid communication, although mine mostly came by way of chastisement cos I kept refusing to submit to His will...

I'd hear this subtle voice...then hurriedly wake up and see the same passage in the Bible...I had an instance I was running from someone for years and told him "biko stay away from me since it is you your Mama wan kill..." Following this, I got weeks and weeks of loud vivid instructions to stay put, etc, yet I refused and was still saying no and arguing with God... then the next voice I heard was "disobedience is worse than witchcraft"... I jumped outta bed startled and checked the Bible and it was there, shuo shocked Then I started scoping God that shebi He is the one who says we should flee from danger, that that is tantamount to sleeping with the roof on fire, that how can my saying no to His will be worse than witchcraft, etc. I talked and negotiated till I was blue in the face, but for where...I love God sha cheesy
Religion / Re: Reasons Why i do not believe in the existence of a god by Busybody2(f): 3:56pm On Jul 12
cashkidisback1: I think it would be nice if I could believe
in God but the following things make it
really hard. For the purposes of this
threda 'God' is typically christian. that
means he's omnipotent, omniscient,
omnibenevolent, omnipresent, and that
heaven and hell are real places and you
need faith AND good works to get into
heaven. I know a lot ofg Christians
don't belive in this God but a lot MORE
Christians do, so that's why we're going
to go with this definition.
Also, we're going to discuss the basics
of the Christian story. That is, the idea
that God sent Jesus to redeem our sins
and that Jesu was cricified, rose after 3
days and all of that.
Here's 25 things that make it hard for
me to belkieve in this:
Why did God sacrifice Himself to
Himself to change a rule He made
Why, if we are the warm, fuzzy
centre of all creation, is the universe
so incredibly massive? I mean, have
you ever seen a pictrre of the
known universe? I saw one on
astronomy picture of the day. Its
unbelievable! There's something like
40 billion galaxies, each with about
100 billion stars. And that's only the
stuff we know about! It seems so
arrogant to bvelieve that of all that,
there's oinly one species on one
planet in one solar system in one
galaxy that actually matters.
Why did God take so long to tell us
about himself? Richard Dawkins
thinks our species is 250,000 years
old. God only came along 3000
years ago(ish). What was he doing
the other 247,000 years why we
were killing eachother over caves
and stuff? And why, if the message
of God was so important, did it take
about 1500 years for the Chinese to
hear about it? Doesnt it make more
sense that the Christian God was
the product of a messianic middle
east cult and there was nothing
"divine" about it?
The trinity doesnt make any sense.,
I mean none AT ALL. Words mean
things and this whole "God exists in
three Persons and one substance"
thing just makes no sense. There is
literally no logic to that senence.
Terminally ill kids.
No miracles nowadays. God never
had a problem meddling in peoples
lives before. Why has he suddenly
got quiet at just the same time our
species has figured out hoiw to
record and analyse things?
If Heaven is perfect happiness, and
Hell is the opposite, how can a
mother be happy in heaven if her
son is sent to hell? If we're changed
THAT MUCH bny going into heaven
mightn't we as well be dead?
The concept of eternal punishmnt is
unjust. Even Hitler doesn't deserve
eternal punishment.
The 'one size fits all' concept of hell
as a punishment is very unjust. Why
should a law abiding atheist and
Hitler get the same punishment?
Remember, the majority of
Christians should (if they follow
their doctrine properly) believe that
faith is essentia;l to be saved.
Why does god require we worship
him? He's supposed to love us,
right? Well, I love my cat but I don't
demand he worships me even
though I am (I like to think) a
superior being.
The concept of heaven is one of
eternal worship of GOd. Wouldn't
that get boring after the first
hundred billion trillion years? Its all
very well saying that heaven by
definition ius always blissful but you
have no way of saying why that
may be , given wha the Bible actually
says about it. Your just saying "God
will fix it when you get there".
The Bible contradicts itself all over
the place. I trust i don't need to cite
The Bible contains nothing that
couldnt have been written by a man
or woman living in 1st century
God doesn't answer prayers. No
matter what subjective experiences
you may have had, studies have
been done which prove this.
The gospels were written 70-100
years after Jesus died. Thats plenty
of time for hearsay and conjecture
to creep into the story even if the
basics were true.
The creation myth has been
debunked. If genesis is untrue, God
had much less reason to send down
Jesus because there was no such
thing as original sin.
There are LOADS of logical
problems with the Christian idea
that God is omniscient, omnipotent,
and omnibenevolent. If God is
omniscient that means he must
know everythng, including
everything man knows. That means
he must know lust and envy. If God
knows lust and envy, He must have
feelings of lust and envy. THat
means he's not perfect. The idea of
a perfect God is self defeating.
Another logical problem with the
idea of a perfect God is that,
because a perfect being knows
absolutely everything, God can't
have free will. God knows his
choices in advance.
There is as much hard empirical
evidence for the existence of God as
there is for the ecistence of the
flying spagetti monster. Seriously. If
God does exist then there is
absolutely no difference between
our universe and a universe where
he doesn't exist.
There are still people in the world
who haven't heard of Jesus. If
Jesus's message is so important,
why has God let this happen?
Christians say the universe is finely
tuned to support life and that is
evidence that God exists and
created the universe for us. But our
planet is the only one we know that
supports life and even earth is a
very dangerous place with its
earthquakes and volcanos and
tsunamis and hurricanes and
tornadoes and ice ages dangerous
diseases. Why would God create
such an inhospitable planet for us?
If God created everything, that
means he also created smallpox,
which has killed more people in the
20th century than all the 20th
century dicatorships combined and
multiplied by a hundred.
If God gives us free will to suffer
that means that God must want us
to suffer. THat means God
approves of suffering generally.
Why won't God heal amputees? I
mean, when Christians talk about
God saving or curing someone,
there's always a natural
explanation. Why doesn't God ever
do anything which cant be easily
explained in natural ways?
Terminally ill kids. That one bears
That's about all I can come up with. I'm
sure smart people who've studied this
could come up with loads more. I dont
want to offend anyone. This post is the
product of an existential crisis. I really
do want these questions answered so I
can have a chance to believe.
copied cool cool

A bit busy so to answer this briefly, there is a current high outpouring of the Spirit of God currently on the rise... hence reason people like me from a traditional non-Christian background are having our eyes opened and being made aware and brought into the Christian fold... I have enough experience of God's intervention in my life to write volumes and testify of God's goodness in my life...

Pressed for time, so what i am saying is that God is real and He still answers prayers and is still a miracle working God. Besides GAGUT theorem Gijij=0 which proves the existence of God and one religion has been experimentally and extensively verified by E=MC2, rubberstamped by Prof Steve Hawking, reviewed by many, solved many hypothesis, etc

Religion / Re: Between Goshen And Joeagbaje: Who Would You Listen To? by Busybody2(f): 3:04pm On Jul 12
Not that conversant with this section, but briefly glossing through both profiles, one of this two gentleman needs to back away from what the Holy Bible states in 1st Timothy as profane and idle babbling and unproductive communication, whilst the other gentleman Joeagbaje is on the right path with his 1st Corinthians stance of "saying we are for Peter, for Paul or Apollo, is Christ divided, did they not proclaim the message and salvation if Christ..."
Religion / Re: Bad News For Atheists: Scientists Say Cosmos Shouldn't Exist If Big Bang Is True by Busybody2(f): 12:02am On Jul 11
EvilBrain1: I was wandering why OP and his fellow Christians never posted a link to a source article. So I did a quick Google search and immediately found out why.

It turns out that what the scientists actually found was that the current big bang model breaks down when you incorporate the newly elucidated properties of the Higg's bosun. That doesn't mean we should throw away the whole theory. Virtually all the predictions big bang physics has made have turned out the be spot on, so the theory is clearly sound. This finding only means that there's something we haven't taken into account yet i.e. the model is incomplete.

And that's exactly what the scientists involved said. Robert Hogan, the guy who lead the study said this: “The generic expectation is that there must be some new physics that we haven't put in our theories yet, because we haven't been able to discover them,"

New physics by the way is something that every scientist hopes for. Unlike religious sheep, scientists don't just try to validate what they already believe, they try to find the flaws in their work so that they can improve it.

Once again, you people have been caught lying for Jesus. I don't know why you keep doing it when you know you're just going to get caught.

*Edited to add DailyFail link.

Utter bunkum.

Primordial gravitational waves which confirms the theory of cosmic inflation, and which pre-dates the Big bang, was detected - yet these bunch of enemy-of-progress-party-poopers rush in to say its not true "unless" the unexplained realm of particle physics was at work too Oh, and that dust in the milkyway galaxy "could have" skewed the results by 1/3rd. What a load of ridiculous utterances? What a load of utter tosh, tschewww undecided
Religion / Re: Destiny! by Busybody2(f): 11:15pm On Jul 10
Ayanmo o gbogun (destiny can never be changed, it could be delayed though, with jazz et al)
Religion / Re: He Is The Great I Am by Busybody2(f): 11:00pm On Jul 10
Who can fathom God's infinite wisdom and the depth of His love. I stand in awe of you Almighty God. Thank you for redeeming me smiley

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Religion / Re: Seeking The Face Of God - The Journey by Busybody2(f): 9:34pm On Jul 10
@Torchwave @Naijababe @thecongo

G'day, kindly send a mail directly to ************** i tried replying the other time but dunno what happened!


Re your previous thread concerning are what is called "an omo oloju aanu" i.e. a very empathetic child and you hate the "double life" upbringing/your toxic unavailable Dad/your "weak" Mum...this is the core reason you are unconsciously hesitant and wary of adult relationships and have resigned to the unhealthy fact that the odds are unfavourable...

You have the upperhand as an adult now, so you have to boldly approach your Mum for some serious communication about their parental role and its impact on your childhood...

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Politics / Re: Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale Is The 2nd Woolwich Suspect by Busybody2(f): 9:03am On May 24, 2013
dhardline: I think i know where all this is going.By accusing Nigerians in this recent events and possible in more to come it will make the world see us as a terrorist country and hence a gradual hatred for Nigerians starts to arise around the world then they will have the full support of the world nations to invade Nigeria with their drones and armies just like they did in Iraq and other places.

Mutallab story who was on their radar yet flew across 3 continent to bomb US was not credible enough so ...

BOKKO HARAM were the Chadians and Nigeriens who fled to Nigeria when there was famine in their Country about a couple of years ago, this story was on Nairaland, and no sooner than Jonathan start millitary operation did we read on this same Nairaland that 2000 "refugees" has fled to Niger...MISSION ACCOMpLISHED... Go figure...


Politics / Re: Micheal Adebolajo Father's House Sealed-off By Police by Busybody2(f): 11:07pm On May 23, 2013

So what is the cause of it when white man joins radical Muslim and kills his fellow human being. Is it centered around white peoples problem?

My first point was addressing the "oh he is Nigerian and has further soiled Nigeria's image", hence reason for the (,)comma sign, that instead he is an African Migrant.

Now my second point is also applicable to the white people as well. Every child is supposed to have an idyllic chilldhood and a safe loving home and parents who love them unconditionally, but if the rug is pulled under the child's feet or if they have never experienced this basic comfort that is their natural birthright, they encounter a rollercoaster of emotion and need lots of emotional and psychological support so thhey would not be left floundering.

Now with a male child with no positive role model, faced with parental rejection or parents too pre-occupied they tune out of their children's emotional needs, and with the unspoken rule that boys/men are not supposed to cry and take everythng on the chin, this children's self-esteem reaches rock bottom, they feel marginialised, empty, worthless, lonely, unloved, their hormones start to go into overdrive, vital neural pathways in the brain starts getting altered, they start getting depressed and start self-destructing to feel in control, so they venture out into the unknown world trying to seek validation and look for where to belong to create the family they never had, and this types of gap are easily filled by Gangs on the lookout for members, Mosques, Cults etc, looking for vulnerable people to brainwash...

...And the rest they say is history sad
Politics / Re: Micheal Adebolajo Father's House Sealed-off By Police by Busybody2(f): 5:56pm On May 23, 2013

did you get my email

Oops, off to go check rightaway Sirree embarassed
Politics / Re: Micheal Adebolajo Father's House Sealed-off By Police by Busybody2(f): 4:31pm On May 23, 2013
u dont know obadiah777 ?he is the strangest guy in nairaland ,u can never win an arguement with him ,he will soon bring out the bible now just wait and see

You just brightened my day with this post. Thanks for the comic relief grin

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Politics / Re: Micheal Adebolajo Father's House Sealed-off By Police by Busybody2(f): 4:19pm On May 23, 2013

Either way....Either way.....

I've been good, hope you're the same smiley

You with your naughty streak, good? Lol, I'll be in touch grin

frankkky: i beg to disagree,everyone has an excuse in this world,obama did not have a father figure but look at what he is today,i know many people were grew up without both parents but made something out of their lives.lets stop creating excuses where there is none,a child brought up under the watchfull eyes of both parents can still err,let GOD just take be taking care of our kids for us while we do our best

It is what it is, when the Government keep meddling and telling you how to raise your children and the man that is supposed to be the Head cannot be arsed or has been crippled by the laws skewed in favour of women, children will look elsewhere to "belong".

The percentage of people you are talking about is negligible. Black men are too selfish, self-centred and self-absorbed and need to step up to the plate or zip up! This is the same way charitable organisations are always raising money for their children in Africa sad

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Politics / Re: Micheal Adebolajo Father's House Sealed-off By Police by Busybody2(f): 4:08pm On May 23, 2013

hehehe u well so.....i copy copy becos it was a nice write up see as u show ma yansh for public grin grin grin grin

missed u are the kids

Hey Mr V, long time no hear, how are you and your old man. And how are "they" cheesy

Don't mind your yeye unpatriotic Nigerians jare with their pull-him-down mentality. All they know how to do is whinge and moan about our woes and badmouth the Country and then continue with their own criminally inclined agenda, tschewww.
Politics / Re: Micheal Adebolajo Father's House Sealed-off By Police by Busybody2(f): 3:58pm On May 23, 2013
Is that Busy_Body I'm seeing on the viewing list?

My prayers have been answered cheesy

Hey sugarplum, missed you loads , how ya been babe kiss

Seriously, I'm deeply deeply disappointed and hurt that he's named a suspect in this case.

Deeply disappointed.

May my child never bring me and our family name this much disappointment.

I know how you feel, but fortunately/unfortunately, this is not deemed a Nigerian problem, but an "African Migrant" problem and a "black people" problem, centred around family and the lack of positive male role model.
Politics / Re: Micheal Adebolajo Father's House Sealed-off By Police by Busybody2(f): 3:44pm On May 23, 2013
Ricky_Ross: I once told someone that all Muslims have the same mentality and the person didn't believe me. From what we have gathered so far, this guy is a Yoruba guy eventhough he may be born in UK but his parents are Nigerians of Yoruba origin. In that regard, I want to know what prompted this guy to act like this? It will be more understandable if he came from Northern Nigeria. Dont get me wrong I love people from all tribes and cultures but this guys action is going to affect ALL Nigerians. I just wished he is not a Nigerian.

1) Family Breakdown. Most black males in the UK don't have a Father figure or a positive male role model to look up to!!!

2) UK government has been aware of the alarming rates Black men especially are being radicalised and forced and bullied to convert to Islam, but they bury their heads in the sand in instances like this to prevent being accused of racism. US too has this same issues...

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Family / Re: Dilemma - Candid And Honest Advice Needed by Busybody2(f): 4:45am On May 22, 2013
pslm23: .

Last night she asked me what she should do. She is seriously contemplating going back to Austria but I told her not to do that yet. She needs to stay and not let any crazy woman run her out of her home. Her greatest fear now is the son who is living with them. Funny thing though is that she was the one pushing for him to come and live with them but now she thinks and believes he is a spy for his mother. He disrespects her at every given opportunity and sucks his teeth at her and raises his voice at her. Sometimes she just wants to knock him out.

What would you all advice. Please I implore you all, do not insult any of the parties involved, it is just advice she needs. She will log in with my password to read all your comments and might even respond to any questions you ask. By the way, she's igbo and he's Edo and they really really truly love each other. He tells people he finally has the peace he has been looking for for many years

pslm23: thank you all for you points and concerns. the parties involved (my cousin and her husband) will definitely read your comments and handle this issue however they best want to. all we can do is give our tots and advice. As for me, i will support her cos she has done no wrong except fall in love and even that is not a crime!

Regarding the teenage boy, it is nice to know that this is only a phase and kids his age rebel and act out. It deosn't change the fact that she thinks he is a spy for his mom.

by Nigerian/African standard from what i'm gathering, even if this man was previously married for 17 years and divorced with 7 kids, it automatically makes him ineligible for any future marriages or happiness. Wow! Nice to know.

God bless you all and thank you once more!

shocked shocked shocked

Hmmmm, my only advice is these kids have been through a lot in their short existence on earth and already from the tone of the posts, it seems the 16 year old spy is heading for Camp Gulag as punishment hence reason Dad is still in limbo as per snatching them off the Mum begging to offload them like pure water cry cry
Family / Re: What Do I Do, I Don't Have A Supportive Family? by Busybody2(f): 4:16am On May 22, 2013

I didn't come to the country all alone, I came with my family but no one helps me, they just allow me to go to school from home, that's the only thing they do for me.


So its just Mum alone and the rest of you children!

Mama-gee, you are human so it is your fundamental right to feel the way you do because not having a dependable background can shake our basic sense of self, but i want to congratulate you and tell you it is very brave of you to have BOLDLY stepped out of the shadows of this emotional betrayal from your parent whom are supposed to have unconditional love for us and spoken up. Many in your shoes would have succumbed to peer pressure and fallen off the wagon and would have started keeping bad companies such as joining gangs to get a sense of family, you could have latched yourself onto any random man for security and validation, but are still holding on strong, not letting anything deter you in achieving your goal, you are one strong lady who is not just aware of her strength. And inspite of all you are passing through, you are still selflessly striving to do your best and keep your head up and prevent yourself from falling through the cracks. (((Kudos to you for this)))

What sometimes helps is trying to picture yourself in that persons shoes that maybe they too could be amongst the walking wounded blighted by their childhood and might not have had the best of childhood too, hence their poor parenting skills, or it could be that being a lone parent has left them too preoccupied to tune in to your emotional need or that perhaps life didn't present them a glimpse of the template on how to be good parents, hence reason they couldn't perform up to par when life threw them the curve ball of parenthood…

So please these circumstances are beyond your control and none of it is your fault, so It is natural to feel the way you do, but don't be too hard on yourself, rise above the feeling of rejection, the rage, the insecurity, the feeling of worthlessness, the profound sense of loss, etc. You are on the cusp of adulthood yourself, you would soon graduate and get a professional job and find yourself immersed in a new world, you will soon start thinking about settling down and starting your own family, giving you have a chance to forge new relationship and get your own family. And of course feel free to let more out and pour your heart out, so you can be relieved from all these burden you have been carrying on your shoulders all these years. You can also pour out your heart to your parent as someone helpfully suggested, and hey you have us here in the family section too, we are one hella crazy, looney, cuckoo lot, but we love you babe.

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Family / Re: Dilemma - Candid And Honest Advice Needed by Busybody2(f): 2:25am On May 22, 2013
pslm23: .
... My crime here was that i listened to men of God, listened to family, listened to friends and remained in an abusive volatile situation and caused mental harm to my children who witnessed the violence. The last born is a girl and one day when she and her brothers were playing and goofing around, the boy picked up a knife and was chasing his sister saying "come let me chook you" they thought it was all fun and games but I was beyond upset when I was told. I blame myself for this and that was why i put them in boarding school, to remove them from all that and have some kind of discipline instilled in them. My ex has made it clear that they are all coming to live with me because she wants to be able to find a husband and she can't do it with 4 children by her side

Please quit it with the sob stories already, we have heard everyone else is to be blamed except you, heck even your 16 years old child wasn't spared in this blamegame because he committed the crime of the century by telling his Mother that his Dad was married undecided

Now moving on swiftly, why haven't you dived in headfirst to rescue the children God gifted you from the clutch of this woman you have painted worse than the worst demon out there What are you waiting for I have read about 5 separate posts of how much you love them, besides they have all been dumped in boarding school, meaning that you would only be having them for the school hols, so whats the delay

You are the only child, you got s lady pregnant out of wedlock, she was caught cheating on you when your baby was 7 months old, this in your family is a taboo and since then your family have hated her and some of them have vehemently refused to support you marrying her! Have you ever considered whether tnis this taboo backfiring hence reason you both have been having trouble since or ould their be something diabolical behind this!!! And what do you do, you keep getting drunk and sleepwalking to her house thereby introducing 3 further innocent baby into the already heated, dangerous territory undecided

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Family / Re: What Do I Do, I Don't Have A Supportive Family? by Busybody2(f): 2:09am On May 22, 2013
I'm a student in school, I try my very best in school and work as hard as I can but I have an unsupportive family who has never uttered a word of encouragement nor offered me any financial help....

I work part-time because I'm in school full-time yet no one cares about me, it looks like I was brought into this world and abandoned and left all alone... I have just one parent and no one is helpful to me at all, I feel deserted and neglected.

Please someone should tell me what to do?

Awwwww babe(((hugs))), do you have other siblings or has things always been like this or did you have to relocate to another Country for studies?

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Family / Re: My Boyfriend Wants Me To Give Up Custody Of My Little Boy, What Should I Do? by Busybody2(f): 1:24am On May 22, 2013

*HIS DAD CAN'T HAVE HIM BECAUSE - He was abusive to the boy's mother whilst they were together hence reason they parted ways eventually, he is in the Military and lives in an Army Barrack, so we can easily deduce that he is an unfit dad.

*HIS PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS ARE NOT COMPETENT ENOUGH TO LOOK AFTER HIM BECAUSE - According to the OP, the only time she was forced to send him to stay with them at his Dad's insistance, he came back sick, malnourished, frightened and traumatised and that was for a couple of weeks. Which begs the painful and heart-tugging question - Was it his grandparents idea to have him over or did his Dad force him on his grandparents hence the outome cry

*HIS MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER REFUSES TO TAKE HIM IN - Although she herself is not in good health, hence she could have used this as an excuse, but she categorically and blatantly and emphathetically said no BECAUSE she knows "whats up" aka "she knows that this is a clearut case of what the adult sees whilst sitting down matter" HENCE reason she told her daughter to take her son if she travels sad

*HIS MUM'S SIBLINGS AND COUSINS CAN'T HAVE HIM - because they are still young and funding their own feet too, understandably...

*HIS STEP-DAD-TO-BE DOESN'T WANT HIM yet - according to the OP, he can afford it and he would have taken the boy along if he was his son/BUT instead revels in INSISTING the boy's Mum return this too young boy to his Father's family/repeatedly berates her that she will regret it if she turns his offer down/tells her she is overly worried that her baby will be fine/tells her that travelling with her baby will scupper her chance of getting the visa/that travelling with her baby will cause unneessary hardship?blah/blah/blah/dsng he seems so sure of all these variables undecided


All these talks of providing 3 months worth of food, bribing your mum against her consience, etc, is heart-rending to say the least, thinking about it sef is leaving me emotionally traumatised... This baby is still too young for all this in his short time on earth. You have something on the table regarding your Nigerian masters degree, which takes after that proverbial saying that states that "A bird in the hand is worth..." Cast your mind back to when you first beame a Mum, remember disovering how vulnerable one can get, seeing that we are now responsible for these tiny cute bundle of joy, but then their smiles and the way their fingers grip ours help us realise what strength we have and helps us take them to unknown depth, they beoome our main priority, our ambitions shift, and every moment with them recreates this bottomless pit of happiness, and we wanna get it right and make sure we give them the world... please think deeply whether this is the time to rock that boat now..,. sad

I have read your last post as well, but going back to the other posts and your boyfriend's utterances, you have supplied loads of information about him that is screaming out that "he has strong controlling tendencies", you on the other hand oozes this "too nice/eager to please" character. Wish you the best of luck, whatever you decide smiley

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Family / Re: Please Post Your Complaints In Here : Please Get It Off Your Chest by Busybody2(f): 11:27pm On May 21, 2013
Tgirl, why was my post addressed to ileobatojo deleted?

She called me a Christian hypocrite and i responded that i am not a christian yet and is still on the fence, that i have decided to get off the fence and since she is the perfect Christian, her mission is to win my soul for Christ undecided Her paranoid self, jumps on me everytime I post claiming my post is addressed to her, I reminded her I only post once a month for the past year, that I have clashed with virtually everyone in this section, so why is she always shitting her pants that it is her i am talking to and what makes her special enough to think I am addressing her punk forgettable self!!!

So have you deleted my post because you don’t want me to make heaven ni?

Besides, how is my post that you removed different from yours that you left for jidegirl pleading with her to kindly get off your back

I don't wanna do this to you, but I have never ever been frustrated into tears before, but...
Family / Re: Please I Need Ur Urgent Advice by Busybody2(f): 7:59am On Apr 07, 2013
JOHN MASON: Hello nairalanders, please I need your matured advice on my marriage that is collapsing day by day,I dated a girl for good four years and during the years we were very happy building our future together with plans to have a great family in the future, but immediately after our wedding my wife became a different person, infact I can't believe what I began to experience.we weeded january and our problem started February and because I am a very patient person I called her to know why she has suddenly change and I couldn't get any good reason. She use to go and stay with my family but since after our wedding she has abandoned. My family even to call on fone, the worst of all is that she doesn't cook for me any longer nor wash my cloths as she use to do before our wedding but while dating her I started a business for her and the business has grown so big that she doesn't come back home on time sometimes 10pm or some minutes to 11 and I can't continue with this rubbish, I have tried to talk to her family but because of little money they use to get from her they refuse to confront her with the truth so please my people what will I do?, this is the fourth year of our marriage no child whenever I tell her about that she complain that the stress will be too much for her to carrying a baby up and down for now that I should wait. What have I done wrong to this sadist. I have made up my mind to divorce but I think I ve been fooled seriously. I want to revenge before we call it a day. Thanks for your matured advice in advance.

Why do you wanna revenge shocked shocked shocked Why! What does that solve!!!
Family / Re: Marriage by Busybody2(f): 7:52am On Apr 07, 2013
Db boy: I think marriage is a selfish institution created by a woman to personally own men.What is your take on marriage let us know[/color][color=#000099]

Lips sealed# The grammar in this succinct post is too much for my pea-sized brain to comprehend, so i will pass on this one lipsrsealed
Family / Re: My Ex Wants Me Back ! by Busybody2(f): 7:49am On Apr 07, 2013
Efemena_xy: hmmm... lipsrsealed

Na wetin, bush small wife from the village, I am just trying to prove that I know the Bible more than Kobojunkie with her "thou shall not covet" Bible verse, and I am doing a good job and heck have done a better job than her if I may say so myself, for which I deserve to pat myself on the back tongue cheesy lipsrsealed

Now if you would excuse me, it's Sunday, so I'm off to go and decide whether its Church or the shopping mall on my agenda this morning embarassed lipsrsealed

Dear Baba God, if they split my brain open now, I am 100% positive na cottage cheese go full the place, hence reason for my permanent penthouse in yabaleft, but who am I to complain, you are the "I AM THAT I AM, AND YOU HAVE MADE EVERYTHING BEAUTiFUL IN YOUR TIME OR IS IT SIGHT embarassed
Nairaland / General / Re: Women Help Me: I Know I Can Invest In My Children's Lives. by Busybody2(f): 6:48am On Apr 07, 2013

^^ sands and ashes cheesy

A simple case of an attention seeking rude busy body trying too hard to be noticed at all cost.

* help her thank Gawd in an accident that happened miles away Gawd knows how
* now help her call Suzie Orman spend her $650k / annum claimed salary cheesy
*next will be to help her wash her trasy mouth cheesy

angry Last warning, I have trademarked and patented this busy_body name, and no one is allowed to use it on Nairaland without my express permission, otherwise I will sue Seun oh angry

Okay seriously Jidegirl, whats this latest one about? Cos all I remember is that time of your first post in the family section and there was that clash about sperm/towel/baby/etc, so what's this latest one with Jenny all about?

And hey, I saw somewhere you were called a bully, hey you might have a naughty streak but you are not a bully, unlike the person accusing you, who loves nothing more than throwing their fellow ladies "under the bus" under the guise of "difference of opinions"... but it is well sha, God dey... wink
Nairaland / General / Re: Women Help Me: I Know I Can Invest In My Children's Lives. by Busybody2(f): 6:34am On Apr 07, 2013
jennykadry: My fellow women I need prayers...... I need serious prayers and I need you's to join me in prayers.

I have this fetish for clothes, bags and shoes, I have list count of how many shoes and bags I have. I gave not repeated a piece of cloth and shoes in over a year and I can go for another year without repeating shoes or clothes. My hubby only lasted as a therapist for a few days until we went shopping together and he was admiring some clothes and to me there would look good on me and before We could say jack Robinson we chattered bags full of clothes, bags and shoes. That was the day his therapist work ended.

I invest a lot on my kids and I know I could use these money and invest some more. I am considering freezing my card but hubby's would be "unfrozen" and I won't be held responsible for an empty account. grin

Help me ooo

Hehehe, it's times like this me see dey confuse say Jennykadry is Busy_body cheesy But I have learnt to embrace my flaws and weakness, after all God still loves me the way I am cheesy

So It's no biggie, we only live once, so if that is the way you wanna indulge yourself, go right ahead. Some people waste their money on cigarettes, drinks, women, gambling, etc. Just make sure you invest in quality top end designer gears, which in future can be an asset and you can sell off as "vintages". And the fact is you can sell them for more than you pay for them too, so it's a shrewd investment which is a win win situation all round wink

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