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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 10:20am On Nov 18

There won't be a next time. I'm done here.

Even if I kneel down to beg you sad Even after everyone has begged you sad

Were you not just about to set the ball rolling and divulge some precious info to Anas09 sad

Totally not fair, oh well life's unfair as they say!
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 9:28am On Nov 18


Woman! You'd do well to curb your tongue!? Have I ever joined issues with you. Do you see me joining issues with people!!!

Woman! For the life of you don't EVER in your misguided sense of aloofness and misappropriated pride take a swipe at me again. Never! Don't EVER mention my moniker, in fact I'm invisible where you are concerned!

Good Lord! Such insults spewing forth from a self processed Christian! Jesus! What kind of mother or wife are you with such an unbridled tongue!

What do you even think you know?! What experience do you have. I stand here before the Great White Throne to tell you that I have stood before the presence of entities that will make you pee your pants and ponder about your sanity, you'll tear out your hair by their roots shouting 'Blood of Jesus' all througj the encounter. This submission I make with all humbleness of heart.

What do you know? Have I ever come forth to denigrate the person of Jesus Christ? What is wrong with you woman!? Do you even think you know Him more than I do? Are you alright?! Don't push me lady!

Are you alright?! Woman! What is wrong with you. Be extremely careful. People like you make the evil in godly men arise. You are the first person that will insult me in NL and what makes it mind-boggling is we do not have anything in common here! Did I join issues with you?

This may be a faceless forum, but in the metaphysical where all things are decided, there is no such thing as facelessness.





You'd be doing well to let your 'Busybody' friend put a check on her tongue and utterances.
If she calls me out, she won't like it at all!

Why is this addressed to you? She mentioned me and some others I don't even know in the most derogatory of terms while replying a post of yours.

My stance here has always been to read, comment when I have something to say and learn when I read something worthwhile. I do not ever force my views on people. Each to his own has always been my guiding philosophy as every man has a story to tell never minding if he's deluded or not.

Talk to that person whomever he/she is. That busybody moniker should steer clear from my space, both online and ethereal. I thrive on warfare!


Woman! You'd do well to curb your tongue!? Have I ever joined issues with you. Do you see me joining issues with people!!!

Woman! For the life of you don't EVER in your misguided sense of aloofness and misappropriated pride take a swipe at me again. Never! Don't EVER mention my moniker, in fact I'm invisible where you are concerned!

Good Lord! Such insults spewing forth from a self processed Christian! Jesus! What kind of mother or wife are you with such an unbridled tongue!

What do you even think you know?! What experience do you have. I stand here before the Great White Throne to tell you that I have stood before the presence of entities that will make you pee your pants and ponder about your sanity, you'll tear out your hair by their roots shouting 'Blood of Jesus' all througj the encounter. This submission I make with all humbleness of heart.

What do you know? Have I ever come forth to denigrate the person of Jesus Christ? What is wrong with you woman!? Do you even think you know Him more than I do? Are you alright?! Don't push me lady!

Are you alright?! Woman! What is wrong with you. Be extremely careful. People like you make the evil in godly men arise. You are the first person that will insult me in NL and what makes it mind-boggling is we do not have anything in common here! Did I join issues with you?

This may be a faceless forum, but in the metaphysical where all things are decided, there is no such thing as facelessness.





And one other thing you must know, I am an extremely busy person hence I didn't see this vomit of a post of yours calling me out...til now Folks like you be the reason why a lot of smart folks dont like posting stuff as knuckleheads such as yourself always end up attacking their theories emotionally rather than intellectually.

Their person and supposed irrational thoughts are not spared by your self-righteous crusade. Why is it irrational? Simply because it failed your supposed test of rational and coherent thoughts, a theory you in turn borrowed and espoused from some one else. Why you think that authority was infallible with respect to his/her postulated theory (ies) is a matter for another day.

Now that I am here I've read some of your post (still too busy to read all) and I shake my head at some of your submissions.

When I started my journey, I met a whole lot of folks like you. In fact the modern occult movement is peopled more by your kind than any other;folks who due to the effect of the collective consciousness owning to their environment cannot properly grasp occult knowledge independent of their preconceived notions. Hence to forge ahead, occultism is made to 'fit' into their belief system or sacrificed on an alter of spiritual convenience- their pathetic attempt at having the best of both worlds.

You have so much to learn. Whether you choose to believe that is your cup of tea. Once again, stay away from 4C2215131.


So you'd abide and suffer the busybody chap to rain insults on people whom he/she has no dealings with? At least speaking from my own perspective. Did you read the last paragraph of the post the Silvalord chap quoted?

You'd do well to read it. Blessed Be.


Warn her very well. Everybody save the Almighty God who sits on The Great White Throne and the host of heaven can be touched! Everyone, myself inclusive.

What separates the adepts from the teethers is how do you deal with the touch, do you buckle under or do you absorb the evil energy and go about your daily business.

Never start a fight that can't be won. There are no such things as dead heroes and even the Almighty sometimes removes the hedge of protection to teach someone a lesson...the lesson of humility and knowing how to address people.


I will not be drawn into a war of ords with anyone here. I see y'all spoiling for a fight. I won't make your day. I have my reasons.

I even regret my replies to that busybodie post, I let down my guard and became vulnerable. It will never repeat itself. I am far bigger than this and was supposed to take the insults in stride but, I have learnt from the experience.

Having said this, all of you can come at me with whatever you want. I remain myself and y'all will get nothing from me. Nothing.

You don't understand much. Maybe you do in your own way. Like I always say each to his own. You have a definition for occultism, hmmm...shakes head.

Well I have said my bit. Please y'all should desisit from dragging me to your discussions or verbal duels
That is all I ask.

@vooks, you tell me to come at you. And you do so with such insolence. Do continue. Why should I? Do I have an issue with you, I don't. So sorry I will not take the gauntlet you threw down. Sometimes I truly regret why I speak at all in this forum. I regret it so much. Just messing up my equilibrium, something I can Ill afford.

But then I realise that there are some great minds here who drop nuggets in a dignified manner. I guess the gilt will always attach itself to the gold.


On second thought, you addressed me as silly. I never quoted you, replied to a post of yours, or remotely abused you. Yet you rain insults on me not even taking time to analyse the issue at hand.

How can change come when we conduct ourselves in the manner you just did.

There was a chap I quoted with regards to the insults busybody rained on me even though I never knew she existed on NL til I saw her insults on my person. I think the chap's moniker is as09 or something. You know the reply I got? One of wisdom.

He understood my anger and pain and apologized on behalf of the one who attacked me without provocation. Now today, you mention me and rain insults on me again. You've got your work cut out for you.

An advice, a faceless forum here may be but, ALWAYS guard your utterances as the power of life and death are in the tongue. Learn humility and civility and you'll see how far you'll go. Calling me silly. If you meet me in person are you sure you can call me that to my face Mr. Vooks, are you sure? Shake my head...

You may come at me with insults again by way of replying this post of mine but, I'm done here. If only ignorance was an excuse in the court of life...if only.


Again, I was on the verge of initiating an intellectual discussion with you as you totally don't understand what I was saying in my post that what you quoted. Breaking stuff down so you understand what I meant by my post until I realised that my post will definitely make 'no sense' so I decided to keep my peace.

If Olaadegbu (don't know if I got the moniker right) is reading this; my good Sir, hope you now understand what I said in the reply to your post about my elaborating more on the seeing Angels without assistance stuff. You see how I've been treated in a thread I hardly participated in save a post or two. Blessed Be.


Very well. I'm relaxed. We will discuss at length as soon as I find time. Just praying our discourse won't be hijacked by chaps we would rather do without.

Blessed Be.

P.S Maybe I should desist from using that word 'Occult' as it seems to be the stimulus for the conditioned reflex demonstrated by the 'Custodians of Christian Faith' ala Pavlov experiment. Will think of a suitable term couched in maybe scientific lingo. Funny enough this move of mine is exactly the opposite of that initiated by the occult fathers of years gone by who couched their occult theories and discoveries in Christian terminology to avoid the stake or guillotine. All I seem to be guilty of is 'asking why?'. In the world of religion that is a big taboo; to question established doctrines, dogma and traditions. I beg to differ.

History indeed repeats itself.


It is well. Like I said, I felt remorse after posting my retorts to busybody with regards to his/her post attacking my person. That's not me. Usually, I just let it go as I feel the other chap is entitled to their opinion even if that opinion ion makes me out as a zombie.

The sword is sheated, the hatchet is buried and the books of sorrow closed. Blessed Be.


I really have no idea why you have seen fit to address the above post to me. I certainly do not care for your very condescending tone. A cursory glance a few pages backwards shows that the post you refer to as being derogatory towards you was in response to somebody else and nothing to do with me. In fact Busybody2 mentions my name and admonishes me to give my life to Christ and that was it. Now, having not exchanged remarks with you prior, I can think of no other reason why you would address me in the above manner.

Others have apologised on behalf of Busybody2 for the remarks, I also add mine as well, we never take a sledgehammer to a fly, your responses have been over the top!

I trust that now you may realise you made an error in directing the above post at me, naturally you will rectify the situation post-haste.

Thanks in advance.


I don't understand what you're saying. I stated the reason for addressing you in that manner in my post.
Again I appealed to you to 'call her to caution'. Thought you'd perceive the intent behind my post.
I never criticized you for her post. I even tried explaining why I sent you that post and my explanation had nothing to do whatsoever with indicting you in her rant.
I don't ever come at people who have I have no business coming at. It's against my personal philosophy and certain creeds I have espoused .
I only appealed to you due to the implied respect the busybody chap has for you as mentioned in his/her post so I was deferring to a supposed higher authority to call to order a 'surbodinate' of sort given the scenario. But obviously I was wrong.
Again if you are adding your voice to the apology, you'd have stopped at that. Qualifying your apology by infering that I am brewing a storm in a tea cup ala the sledgehammer..." remark detracts from your intent.
If you see nothing seriously wrong in the unwholesome language that busybody used in describing myself and some other chaps, well I guess I am guilty of using a sledgehammer.
Furthermore, my tone was far from condescending. You do not report someone ,asking for redress, to a subordinate of the erring party, you report to a superior. How that becomes condescending to you is beyond me.
While I apologize for any slight my post may have caused your person, I also do not abide the language of your post making me out to be a cry baby and some attention seeking individual that can't be pacified.
If you follow my posts you'd know that I have moved on from this matter. In fact I am weary of this issue. There are more pertinent matters to attend to .
This thread is being appreciated by certain folks who are benefitting from it, God forbid that I will be manipulated to derail or put a spanner in the works as I am all about development and growth.
My apologies to CharlyG1 who birthed this thread, it wasn't my intention to create noise and interference but, I am just mortal. I was attacked and my instincts swung into action;repel the attack by attacking back and the collateral damage seems to be a derailing of the thread. I am sorry.
Blessed Be.

At Vooks, et al

First appearance counts a lot - All I remember of 4C's moniker was of someone who waltzed into this thread smugly exchanging snide comments with the likes of directionless sylvalord and co who were purposely denigrating this thread, so what sorta shade of red carpet was he expecting me to lay on for his ilk? To the extent that he had to spit out his dummy and slyly put Sukkot and Sarassin down just to validate himself just because I complimented their intelligence!!! Wow!!! Next time he should guard his utterances well if he want to be held in the same high esteem otherwise I will call out any moniker as I deem fit and nobody can do diddly-squat about it.

A quick glance at 4C's previous posts shows he is somewhat knowledgeable but all he keeps saying is "he does not feel Nairalanders can deal with his high intelligence and understand..." When you Vooks came in to challenge some stuffs and I took you on, you made sure you backed it up every time with credible references and a cursory look at your previous posts shows you are highly intelligent, exposed and well read as well...and 4C wanna be lecturing me about humility, oh please!

Anyway I am glad all is well that ends well and he has thrown in the olive branch. (((Hugs all round)))
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 2:18pm On Nov 14

hi dear. without wasting much time......EVERY TRUE CHRISTIAN HAS BEEN MANDATED BY GOD TO FIGHT. firstly the bible says that .....FOR WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD BUT AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES , POWERS....ETC. ware fare prayers is prayers against demons and environmental wicked powers assigned to slowpoke our progress/ knowledge of God etc. that's y we have an amour of God.
the verses I'll fight for you and you shall keep your peace doesn't refer to this kind of battle ( spiritual) but for other issues of life that bother our mind, faith etc.
meekness is a fruit of the spirit evident in the life of matured Christians in their day to day activities with their fellow man but wen it comes to prayer or the spiritual issues......ONLY THE VIOLENT CAN TAKE IT BY FORCE. God bless u. holla me if you need more insight

Hmmm, I still think the violent ones taking it by force statement is just to force us Christians to stop being laikadaisical and not get distracted and not for us to equally get violent!

Over the years and all over this thread, calling on the name Jesus in faith has been all that one needs to overcome any spiritual battle. So I am seriously confused and don't get all these hardcore battle at all.

Or what's your take on the verse about the weapons of our warfare not being carnal but mighty through the pulling down of strongholds which I believe to mean the mind is the battlefield.

Also one of my favourite Bible verse can be found in Romans which states "if your enemy is hungry, feed Him because by doing so he is heaping fire on his own head...And then there is the verse about not repaying evil for evil in 1 Thessalonians 5...And don't forget Jesus also said we should turn the other cheek! So could you explain how tackling the other issue of life such as faith is different from using the same faith to overcome all the wiles of the enemy?

Well, there is generally no evidence for such claims. But, I started becoming sceptical coz no one would believe my experience

There is plenty Millitary intelligence out there and recently there have been lots of whistleblowers resigning and coming out to spill.
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 1:16pm On Nov 14
Matthew 11vs12
And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

How many of us believe in spiritual warfare? Warfare prayers..
Warfare prayers can release you from demonic manipulation.
Warfare prayers can give you that child, husband or wife.
Warfare prayers strengthens your spirit man
Warfare prayers moves the Hand of God.
Warfare prayers can open your eyes for you to know a problem is beyond the physical.
Warfare prayers can heal you from sickness.
Warfare prayers can give you that job.
Warfare prayers will reveal your true enemies.
Warfare prayers is what this world needs now for spiritual revival!

One Midnight in my village, at about 12am i felt the urge to read the BIBLE... After reading the Bible, I felt inspired to pray, i started praying harder, before i knew it.. I grew aggressive in my spirit and started warfare prayers.
Warfare prayers are dangerous prayers to the enemies, it makes them inoperable, it spoils things for them. And when prayers are done at midnight, it's even more deadly.
Back to the story..

I prayed hard, spoke in tongues for about 1hr. Then i relaxed to read the Bible some more. As i was reading...

Good morning CharlyG1,

Please I want to pick your brain on something. This warfare prayer is something I have never done because my take on the Bible verse is kinda like explaining that it is the violent ones that have take it by force and since being meek is one of the fruit of the Spirit we are not supposed to fight back for the battle is the Lord's and vengeance is His...

Another reference is the verse whereby the only fight we have to fight is the good fight of faith with the full armour of God which is the sword which is the word, guiding our loin with the truth, the shield of faith, helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with the gospel of peace, etc
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 1:03pm On Nov 14
I thought I was the only one that thinks along the line of harnessing power to develop technology although am now a 'huge' sceptic.

It's been in place for ages, just that because it's the evil type it's being harnessed for they give them those posh sounding names. It is only we Africans that concert such juju power to attack each other's progress whilst the oyinbos use theirs to float planes, for EMP ish...

Words on the street is that such was tested on the Malaysian plane that disappeared recently. I was amused to read that 5/6 hours after the Airport's Air Traffic Control radar stopped picking signals, Millitary radar was still able to detect those signals...Some country was apparently testing how to make planes, rocket disappear or evaporate mid-air and how to fire missiles from one country to another undetected such as from Russian soil to US...

Why the skepticism? Please spill...
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 11:31am On Nov 14

A very perceptive post. It’s very good you choose to broaden your mind and it is equally great that your journey of self-discovery has brought you the realization of the one true God.

I would just say that we survive in the chaos of the universe by picking order out of the winds. Death is certain, but life becomes possible by following patterns that lead like paths of firmer ground through the swamps of time. We breathe and bleed, we laugh and cry, we crash and die in time with universal cues.

As humans we have developed a taste for the mysterious. We have become aware of ourselves, of our life, and of the fact that we must die. We have opened a door on forethought and imagination but we have also discovered anxiety in the process.

Even those that die have not lived in vain, because news of their failure is broadcast to the universe and it becomes part of the inheritance of the living. This is the true communion.

I won’t go into the gamut of my beliefs, after-all we must not upset the religious police on these pages, suffice to say, I am no atheist, I believe fervently in the Divine, I am not Christian and never will be. I practise no religion, but I believe firmly in Jesus who for me is the God of Compassion.

Very poignant post. Thanks once again for all the beautiful posts I have read from you that helped form the path I embarked on...and please don't stop, you never know who else is learning a thing or two...

People tend to forget such Bible verses that states that there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven...He made the moon to mark the season; the sun knows it's time for setting...God changes times and seasons...

If only people will open their eyes to see that before the creation of man, evil was, and we were not supposed to be a part of that "world"...This reminds me of this herb some people use ayaushka(sic) that people in the western world use and apparently these herbs helps transports them into a different world - some claim to have out-of-body experience, some claim to see demons, Angels, etc... There is really a lot going on out there that mankind is not exposed to!

The Bible makes sense the most to me out of all the journals out there because it covers all grounds and leaves no stones unturned and it has been revealing through the ages that the works and word of God does not return void and always accomplishes the purpose for which it was set...Science has recently been fervently studying and published a peer-reviewed "quantum double slit experiment" and discovered that human consciousness such as thoughts, prayer, etc and the material world and can influence it. I am glad there is now so much evidences out there that Science is discovering about the evidence of a Creator.

No knowledge is wasted Sir. My fellow followers of Christ mean no harm so feel free to divulge and offload anything off your chest to your heart's content. We your ardent followers will lap it up and do justice to it. It was reading about all these astral dynamics, spiritual evolution, enlightenment, psychic abilities etc that made me stumble on something called "dimensions of consciousness" and this irrevocably helped me arrive at the fact and conclusion that Jesus Christ is the way. Then considering the fact that He was the one I saw with God, for me it was a no-brainer and I have reached my final bus stop. I guess you are of the Divine Father/Divine Mother/we are all gods extract?!

So nowadays I just read for fun and have been exploring "star" children. You mentioned something about "auras", my first child has something special going on, but my second child, hmmm, everywhere we go enlightened people stop us to kinda like pray for him and marvel and revere him and hold him in such awe it's unreal and surreal... Sukkot please fall in, what is this I read about getting to the blissful 13th dimension and starting all over again, o ti o, mba, mba, mba, I must be suffering from brain overload shocked

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 10:33am On Nov 14
Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
..... Jeremiah 33:3.

The Bible verse I love is the part Jesus Christ says He and His Father God will reveal themselves to those who love them and do their will.


This is absolutely brilliant..May the almighty God keep showering you his blessings.

I sent you a pm pls kindly respond.. Thanks

Thanks a lot Sir.

Sure. Will do.

You shouldn't have mentioned these boys scout. They'll flood this thread and totally derail it.
@CharlyG pls don't allow this thread go down.

Lol, they wouldn't show face. They are wanderers and drifters angry at the fact that they were dragged to Church from a very young age probably against their will but were too cowardly to do anything about it.

They were probably exposed to traumatising and questionable behaviours in some churches/by some church members/some Christians and have used that as a reference point to turn their backs on God unbeknown to them that no one is perfect and there is no one without sins and yes even Christians sin too. So they are now doing transferred and referred aggression and taking this out on us followers of Jesus Christ rather than go and face their parents who unwittingly let them down wink


Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 9:44am On Nov 14
i see you are getting that cosmic knowledge. thats a beautiful thing because only high frequency vibration-al beings are interested in the cosmos. the bible is an astro-theological book about the cosmos amongst other wisdom embedded and coded in it, if read very well. so you are doing a good thing. those with the christ frequency will slowly be drawn into the knowledge of electromagnetic frequencies and the knowledge of the cosmos, so you are in good company.

Hmmm, so those EMF stuffs are real, wow! Fascinating topic if I may say! So how does one find out what sorta modern day technology uses such because I was just reading how they can be used to tamper with earth's EMF and are being experimented on humans shocked

Again it's all thanks to knowledgeable folks like you, Sarassin, billionaire, Davidylan, etc and of course by the grace of the Most High God, that I have been able to use what I read to connect the dot/fill in the gaps/helped me see through the murky waters...I have always had a voracious appetite for reading since I was young and have been aware of these subjects as far back as I can remember, just that I was reading so I could have something to talk about and not be in the dark! When you have time kindly pray for me that the recurring morbid macabre thought of mine that of one of my bookcases (with over 7000 books and counting) will not come to pass and fall in my head and become the end of me embarassed Lol.

with regards to the oni of ife, i dont follow that type of thing. its all nonsense. they dabble in voodoo and orishas to be able to conjure the little energy that is at the disposal of these left hand powers but the right hand power is the real power that will be coming to those with the christ frequency. point being all that ooni of ife traditional nonsense is a form of delusion for the spiritually dead. it is to keep the spiritually dead occupied in some kind of spirituality while they are on earth, but it is a delusional category people that have been rejected by God in their previous re-incarnations are placed in by God. there are many delusional categories for the walking dead to keep them occupied in some form of counterfeit spirituality while on earth.

Thanks for breaking it down succinctly as usual Mr-Sukkot-aka-Mr-Fountain-of-knowledge. I am thankful we weren't forced into any religion growing up and we were left well alone to remain free spirits otherwise God knows how deeply entrenched I would have been! So I guess this kinda helped gave me the leverage and chance to sit on the fence for years when it came to deciding what religion I wanted to end up in!

I am from that background but asides from using 'em endless beads and irukere and the doors it wouldn't stop opening in Nigeria and those tiresome fawning adulation and blarney and the occasionally posing with the Ooni's staff, I don't know diddlysquat about it all and have always been amused and bemused by the whole charade!

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Religion / Re: Strive To Enter by Busybody2(f): 8:23am On Nov 14

I Thessalonians *

5 For all of you are children of the light and children of the day. We are not of the night or of darkness.

6 Therefore, let us not sleep as the rest do, but let us stay alert and sober.

7 Those who sleep go to sleep at night, and those who are drunk get drunk at night.

8 But since we are of the day, let us be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love and the helmet that is hope for salvation.

9 For God did not destine us for wrath, but to gain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,

10 who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep we may live together with him.

11 Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do.

12 We ask you, brothers, to respect those who are laboring among you and who are over you in the Lord and who admonish you,

13 and to show esteem for them with special love on account of their work. Be at peace among yourselves.

14 We urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, cheer the fainthearted, support the weak, be patient with all.

15 See that no one returns evil for evil; rather, always seek what is good [both] for each other and for all.

16 Rejoice always.

17 Pray without ceasing.

18 In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

19 Do not quench the Spirit.

20 Do not despise prophetic utterances.

21 Test everything; retain what is good.

22 Refrain from every kind of evil.

23 May the God of peace himself make you perfectly holy and may you entirely, spirit, soul, and body, be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

24 The one who calls you is faithful, and he will also accomplish it.

25 Brothers, pray for us [too].
Religion / Re: Breaking News...islam Again In The Heart Of France. by Busybody2(f): 8:03am On Nov 14
God have mercy... sad
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 11:02am On Nov 13
Quite a profound post mademoiselle Busybody2. very profound. the bible is indeed the gateway to the secrets of the galaxies. many unenlightened get lost in its literal mythology and symbolism and allegory.

Could you imagine some peeps on here talking mundane pedantic stuffs about why angels are not females when there is hardcore stuffs going on out there in the cosmos and beyond! There has even been a scientific based peer reviewed grand unified theorem gagut theorem that proved the existence of the Most High God oh!

It's only recently they have started talking about potential water on Mars when they have known since yonks that there are other parallel habitable planets glistening glamorous buildings and technology we humans can only dream of, with living beings such as ET, UFO's, etc. I have been reading how Parapsychology, biological communication, psychic energy, ESP, electromagnetic technology, etc is been used in many wars by all these civilised country's military intelligence agency worldwide. Even Pentagon released a statement earlier this year about their need to use ESP(juju) for these on-going war, which you warned people was about to start, but flew over their head as usual, hmmm!

Talking of traditional religion, I sincerely hope it was not the "ifa oracle" that chose the current 419 signature-forging, criminal and rogue as the latest Ooni of Ife, who despite still having a Father/Older brother openly bribed his was through because of the new cars and transformers and property he has just decided to start building...See how they just used this dude to rubbish their supposedly highly-revered ifa tradition, smh!

Longest time jare bredrin, May God bless you for this. May we all not perish for lack of knowledge in Jesus' name. Keep posting please, I learn a lot reading from you. May wisdom and knowledge never depart from you sir. Currently reading about mindcontrol and how brainwaves can be shifted from one level of consciousness to another and how it can be tweaked round to make people feel depressed or hyper or psychic...

Ha, this Busybody chic. I dey feel youuu. Post more nah. Be a regular here u hia?
U seem to be very vast. Hit me sideways.

It is all thanks to peeps like Sukkot, Sarassin (give your life to Christ) Gatiano who thinks outside the box that got me reading more oh. Heard Davidylan deactivated cry

It's hard to post in this section without interference from such pontifical, highfalutin, extremely low frequency (ELF) zombies such as - ifeness, ghostofsparta, sylvalord, donnffd, wiegraf, 4C2215131, johnydon22, plaetton, muskeeto, davien, dalaman, pr0ton, pagan9ja, folykaze, etc with their head stuck in the sand!

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 9:53am On Nov 13
pls help me in prayers, my spiritual lyf ix ntn 2 write abt


I pray God be your strength and make His strength perfect in your weakness. His grace is sufficient. He will uphold you with His right hand and strengthen you with all power according to His glorious might for all endurance and patience with joy...

May you not grow weary in Jesus' name.
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 9:32am On Nov 13

Just curious, how do we all know that God isn't male? If memory serves me right isn't the ancient of days portrayed as an extremely old venerable chap with a long flowing beard?

The Most High God was in the male form when He was revealed to me smiley

Out of curiosity, I used to be a rabid sceptic before and never believed there was a God out there and I have read many of these things you and Sukkot tend to talk about - such as the paranormal, the supernatural, remote viewing, extrasensory agent, energetic transmutation, Psychokinetic energy, zero point energy, quantum physics, wormholes, Blackholes, supernovae, sunken stars, dark energy, dark continent, UFO's, shape shifters, astral magic, empirical philosophers, stuffs about space and other galaxies and planets, ancient Egyptian pyramid stories, "intelligence", gamma ray, radars, infrasounds, sensors, radio waves, super EMP weapons, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera - and all have led me back to the glaring fact that love is the greatest energy out there and there is God and seeing Jesus Christ in the flesh beside Him has solidified my faith that this is the way to go.

The funniest true shite I read was how whites marvel and shake their head at us blacks, that there is this place "out there" in the cosmos where you see blacks clamouring and falling over themselves to harness "power" and all we use it for is to harm each other's progress and do juju and other petty evil stuffs to one another, that don't we realise the 100% karma behind this?! They have recently been using it a lot but this is what goes into their nuclear weapon, non-nuclear weapon and they give it posh names like high energy physic, EMP pulse, super energetic radiowave, infrasonic sensor, military intelligence radar, etc.

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 9:01am On Nov 13

I sent two emails to your icloud address, you didn't even acknowledge receipt. cry

embarassed Sowwy Bros G, haven't checked in a while embarassed Have even forgotten I have such embarassed


Thank you ma.


Thank you for the prayer & encouragement Dear. God will continue to bless you and strengthen you too in Jesus' Name.. Amen.

You are both welcome Sir.


Wow. Great confidence you have there. You speak like a soldier of Christ, like Prophet Elijah.

I pray God continues to keep you, direct you and prosper you in Jesus Name.. Amen.

Amen in Jesus' name. And I pray the same for you too.

I love my Almighty awesome Heavenly Father so much words cannot even quantify it. He never fails, He is always making a way for me, I will forever give Him praise and honour and celebrate His glorious name and He will forever remain the owner of my soul.
Religion / Re: How Can I Have Victory In Overcoming Sin? by Busybody2(f): 8:43am On Nov 13
If the above comment is not proof of torment and a disturbed man, then i dont know what isundecided.
The article disturbes him to an extent that he just has to do all he can to fight it.
Its like the mention of God or christianity torments them and they just have to fight back.
They never stop creating odd threads and comments on christianity and God even though they claim not to believe these. Its obvious they cant control their obsession.

For God or Against God, Evidently there is no mid-seat. The atheists keep proving this right. The devil has a way of using people, its so real you dont realise youre actually possessed.

Except of course one can explain why atheists take a "non-existent" God and religion so seriously which aint possible.

We need to include these guys in our prayers cos as normal as they might sound, many of them are going through so much hurt, pain, trauma and dont know how to get away from it. Many question God wrongly because they think He shouldnt permit evil on them.
Their best try is to fight it off and vent all their frustrations on social media.

It will interest you to know that majority of them live as secret atheists in their domain. We need to understand that social media is probably the only platform where they will ever get to share their frustrations and hence the reason why they stay here day and night.

Lets just pray for them so that they are able to overcome whatever shackles the devil has thrown around their necks before it completely destroyes them and that they find mercy and grace in Christ.

This is it. You have hit the nail on the head. This is why Christians have to be meek and gentle in handling these atheists because they are morally fragile and bruised all over. All they are doing is projecting the fact that they are hurting inside.
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 3:53pm On Nov 11

That verse simply shows you the conventional wisdom that what is least understood is most likely to be spoken evil of. For that those who have not had YOUR experiences are likely to speak evil of you. This I said because I guard against criticizing what I have yet to experience. Hope you now understand me better.

Loud and clear Sirree smiley I love your open mindedness quality. It will take you places. May you be a many-time partaker of 1st Corinthians "eyes have not seen, nor ears heard..." miracles God promised those He loves in Jesus' name.


There are tidbits of extrabiblical tales here including artificial distinction between demons and fallen angels and some prescriptions. It is important that we found and base our faith in the Word of God and not fantastic tales. Cults have been born out of chasing experiences and a case in point is Mormons.

I get you clearly but to be fair to CharlyG1. someone who came in and tried to make it about the God of chosen was shot down and rightly reprimanded that God can be found in any Church. Also when Sarassin unwittingly tried to keep this thread as a free for all, he was sternly reminded that this was solely a thread to declare the majesty and glory of the Most High God.


I heartily agree, I only caution against experientialism exalted above the Word of God

Your wonderful gift of discernment, may the Lord increase in you even more to the end that more may be edified

May God continue to replenish the OP and keep him upright in Jesus' name. Thanks for the well wishes as well. I pray God continues to increase and reward your staunch unwavering faith (a spiritual gift) in Him as well.

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 3:27pm On Nov 11
This thread is quite revealing. How do these demons look like? Are they as are depicted in christain magazines and in films? Like strange creatures with horns and fang-like teeth.
I really want to have this gift of seeing spirits. How do i go about it?

1st Corinthians 12:31 says anyone can covet any of these gifts but remember none of it is for showing off but to be used for the glory of God.
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 3:11pm On Nov 11


Jude 1:10 (KJV)
But these speak evil of those things which they know not:

It is not wise to speak evil of what you don't understand. But at the same time, One can readily see the slippery slope of experientialism some are following here. It is all about experiences experiences and the Word of God is greatly diminished. Can I tell you that I don't need any of these extra-biblical revelations to be a complete Christian and that scriptures suffice?

That aside, I have matured in my walk in Christ to a point where hair raising tales barely tickle me. I mean I have heard tales of those who visited heaven, hell, marine world bla bla and they barely impress me. Just give me the Word of God any time.

Whenever I run into subtle boasts of supernatural abilities,I simply dare these pricks to try it on me. This I do as a reasonable exercise of skepticism to keep their haughtiness in check cool

Pray tell how does one speak evil of evil?!! These evil being only exist to kill, steal and destroy or ain't this so in your own book?

There is nothing extra-biblical nor haughty in disposition here, what is being discussed here is a strata of one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit promised us by Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John and this not divinely bestowed for personal gratification but to edifying, exhort and comfort all in the body of Christ. And I am sure loads of people have been contacting the OP offline.

"Mayorall" just popped in to post an handful of testimonies bearing such gift but from his post I was able to discern that HE HAS ANOTHER SPIRITUAL GIFT - "FAITH" - the mountain moving unflinching type of faith. Ditto another poster "Blank" who just popped in to say hi. She also has this extra-ordinary generousity AKA SPIRITUAL GIFT OF "GIVING" which she does secretly...

Sorry guys I had to reveal these hidden things to buttress the point I was making embarassed

So you see Monsieur Vooks, God gives these gifts as He wills and this does not mean one gift is more important than another. Everything is given for the comfort of all because we are all one body in Christ and every member of the body of Christ need each other.
Religion / Re: "I'm Tired Of Being A Christian", A Think-piece For Christians by Busybody2(f): 2:05pm On Nov 11
Kelsey Munger wrote this article here http://kelseymunger.com/2015/09/14/im-tired-of-being-a-christian/

Excerpts below. I feel she speaks for me on many levels, and these are some reasons I don't always announce that I am a Christian even though I adhere to Christ and his teachings.

What about you? Do you feel the same way? And what will you do about it?

Oh boy! Yours was one of the monikers I used to come across in this sections eons ago. One thing you need to understand is that we as humans are not perfect and stable and are being kept together by the grace of the Most High God, and as Anas09 stated everything you listed is in the Bible so don't allow stuffs like this to demoralise you.

You simply can't stop spending money because there are lots of fake currencies! You wouldn't stop travelling in cars and buses because there are increase in accidents so don't worry, God knows hence His promise that we should stand firm and let nothing move us and continue giving ourselves to the work of the Lord, as in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye it will all be over minutes and we would be transformed...

So please you just keep doing what you can and don't let the commandment from God to love Him and love our neighbours as ourselves depart from you.

Bible verses like this are there to remind us that God sees and knows all and nothing escapes His eyes...Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

It is well with your soul Bro.

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Religion / Re: Former atheists speak: Testimonies. by Busybody2(f): 1:32pm On Nov 11
I open threads to minister to peoples hearts, i particularly opened this one to show believers the testimonies of christian converts and i believe im on the right section of the forum.

If this thread means "calling on atheists" to you, then i seriously wonder what your problem is. Just because you have sleepless nights thinking about your next negative move on believers dosent mean everyone else does. Its senseless to say I hate anyone because i post often on the religious section, I Post here because I believe in God and share the teachings of christ with other people. I dont post christian testimonies because i hate anyone, i post testimonies to share with other believers. And i believe the right place to do so is the religion section.

This is a public forum with about 40 different sections. This is the religion section where people share their faith in God. Atheists dont believe in God so one wouldnt normally expect them on a section where believers share their faith among themselves. Reverse is the case here, you seem so obsessed to an extent that you hardly stay a day without commenting on God and a religion you claim not to believe.
Christians dont share their belief in other sections, they share their belief among themselves in a section which has been created for that purpose.

See the picture below (please stare at it over and over again).

You would do well to explain exactly what your obsession with a "non-existent" God is.

"You see me",undecided thats foresight!, i thought you only believe what you can see,undecided, I sense confusion in your system.

Lets quickly play a game; Pretend that God does not really exist for a week, pretend that religion is really superstituous nonsense, pretend you dont really care about God or religion.

Simple right. Lets see how far you can go. winkLets see if youre really in control of yourself.
So you believe in glory too, do you just love shooting yourself in the leg Glory is invisible
You have seen His glory, but you do not acknowledge it because you want glory to to appear physically as a man to tell you the words "Hello airhead, my name is glory, see me"
Anger I post on the religion section not because im angry but because im a christian wanting to share my belief. You that is not angry, can you count how many hateful words youve said against God and christians on this section aloneundecided.
If my God wasnt real, you wont be here, you wont be desperate to refute His existence, you wont be quick to call names(ive never called santa claus names simply because i dont believe it), you wont be so obsessed with God and religion.
Id rather sit back and ask, Is life an illusion?, Is morality a scam?, did i come from an explosion?, is the story of Jesus true? If true is He truly God, How could Jesus fulfil the prophesies in the Bible?, What kind of super intelligent philosophers wrote the Bible?, Why does the Bible still apply to my life today? Couldnt frank be a demonic agent?, amongst others. Ask serious questions with a plain and sincere heart, you'll find answers you seek.

Standing ovation all round cheesy
Religion / Re: "I'm Tired Of Being A Christian", A Think-piece For Christians by Busybody2(f): 1:23pm On Nov 11

No, you are the one who missed the point. That's because you see the church differently from what the church is. And, you and the op failed to realise that what ever we see now in church and outside the church is a fulfillment of prophecies.
There's nothing happening now that hasn't been prophesied.
If you @sirwere have doubts its because u r far from the point. If u have a relationship with christ, you shd be happy all these things are happening, because that shows that you have not put ur faith on a fraud.
Do u not know that if these things don't happen christ would been a lie?

Besides, is a church a gathering of the saints? No. The church is a recovery centre, an A.A group of some sort. The church is like a clinic. You don't find healthy persons in the clinic.
Why do u think the Bible calls Jesus Christ the great physician, the great healer? What is he healing us of?

Maybe the Op wanted to see angels and saints in church? We are still on earth, Angels and saints are in heaven.
And Christ didn't come to call the saints, he came for sinners. So maybe you and the Ops she try reading ur Bible to know that Christ said many shall come in his name and decieve many. And in the last days iniquity shall increase.

Succinctly stated. Thumbs up smiley
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 12:11pm On Nov 11

I have YET to read any testimony of edification here, just a happy regaling of spiritual adventures.

So once again, who here operating in this 'gift' of seeing demons and Angels had edified fellow Christians?

It's under discerning of spirits like you have been told, and it is for the benefit of others. Lemme try explain this as legibly as I can because this was something I fell into headfirst, lol, because 2/3 years ago, I used to mock Christians who came across my path on this same Nairaland platform...but for the amazing grace and love of God...

Before I even realised I had anything, I remember talking to peeps and randomly blurting out stuffs like "you know what your is a witch/your is a demon/etc and would be told to shuush/gbenudake/be quiet/come and start going/etc and I would be surprised they know and ask why they are scared/keeping quiet about it and they will tell me it's a spiritual battle/not everyone has a big mouth like me!

Also I never believed in such before so I remember blurting once out in ignorance that "so which kain calling of "catching witches" be this and the person laughed and said such is called "deliverance ministry", and like I was told, people have been bequeathed these gifts by the grace of the Holy Spirit to help others be liberated and set free, to help them build their faith further in God, remind them God has not given us a spirit of fear, help them renew their confidence in God and remind them of the powerful name of Jesus Christ the Son of God and the lamb upon the throne...

So what I have learnt over time is that these are topics many people are scared and petrified of talking about, even in private. So it helps to know that they are not alone and that on Christ the solid rock they stand and help them remember jobless Satan and all his foot soldiers have been defeated and are under our feet in the name of Jesus Christ. AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AMAZING THING IS ALL THESE USELESS POWERLESS COWARDS DEMONS/WITCHES/FALLEN ANGELS/ MARINE SPIRITS/ETC, ALWAYS FLEE ON HEARING THE NAME OF Jesus.

That is why CharlyG1's intro somewhere quoted Ephesians " for we wrestle not against flesh and blood..."


Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 10:17am On Nov 11

Please explain the verse 15.

This is just reiterating the faithfulness of God to His creation and reassuring us how reliable, dependable and real He is to us.

God is a Spirit we worship in Spirit and in truth. We can see His glory but can't see Him yet until we get transformed...so for now all we have is faith in His words as can be seen demonstrated by your many encounter...The various splendid examples you shared about how God honours His words and how it does not return to Him void is helping remind a lot of people about the blessed assurance we have in Jesus Christ.


Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 10:00am On Nov 11

Missed you babe.

***covers face***

Thanks, really touched by this.

Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 9:53am On Nov 11
CharlyG1, thank you for standing in the gap and repping the word of God that states in 2 Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. . Thanks for this educative thread. May God continue to strengthen and uphold you in Jesus' name.


Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by Busybody2(f): 9:21am On Nov 11
Always with my angels. I call on God whenever I need them

Going to bed or travelling.

"Lord, you said you will give your angels charge over me, to keep me in my ways". Angels, Hear the word of God, keep me through out the night in the name of Jesus. The next thing is just seeing them taking positions. Watching over me.

Need them to on assignment.

Angels, you are God eternally obedient warriors, go and get my invitation letter for me now "IN THE NAME OF Jesus". I saw him rode on his white horse, stand at the door of the person am to meet, my invitation came forth on Wednesday. He waited there for me from Monday till Thursday that I met the man.

My encounter with Jesus. I discovered in my spirit I have to pray against temptation for a proposal am going to defend. I worshipped, praise, And I rose up to fire in tongue. Requested to leave this fleshy realm. I met him at upper room, offered me a seat, and said. " Son I have overcome the temptation for you". I thanked him and came back. I went to defend this proposal, the people that planned to put me into temptation by contract inflation against the price God told me to put into the proposal rather negotiated how to reduce price of my proposal. I was filled with confidence even with my stature as the angels of God were with me.

1 John 5:14-15

14 And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He heareth us:

15 And if we know that He hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 12:12pm On Jul 20

Haha! Her army are coming out. Even that yeye old goat has reported. You should be like 50-yepa old now. How are your grandchildren sir? cheesy I have long since left the Travel section. Is the UK still granting visas and appeals to peeps? I don't even follow UK immigration news again.

Now you wanna get all British on me huh? Na who and who be your mate? grin You are grossly silly. Lets even assume I have got that many bans as you imply, why am I still on this forum posting till date? I don't even know where this senseless discourse of yours is going. undecided Should I log in with my ''mrpataki'' addy? shocked

Pataki - shy? You have not seen me on the dance floor. You needed to have seen how all these Oyinbos were begging to dance Salsa and Kizomba with me yesterday night at the Salsa club I went to. Pataki loves to steal the show. cool So once again, you got it wrong about me about being shy. grin

Abeg update us, what is the latest with your court case? You know I love court cases walai! cheesy

Bingo! Bullseye!! You can say that again and again and again and again!! First he lovingly steps forward to collect the award for being banned many times, now he suddenly develops amnesia and is trying to shove the award under the carpet, hmmm...In the other news, see person with two left feet claiming best dancer. If I hear... cool I bet he even sucks at dancing palongo.

Phew, he is on his way out! Good riddance to bad rubbish, now I can clearly see front and the next sly underhanded tactic the so-called professional group Tehn has up their sleeves...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:52am On Jul 20

Well said. But unfortunately, there will always be trouble-someone who would hate you for knowing your stuff. It's appalling how someone can keep on being involve in fight all over the forum for 10 years

Hmmm the notorious Mrpataki and his rebel-rousing, troublesome, meddlesome, worrisome antics, I bet a few moderators can write 1000 page books on him...Funny i miss all those big big English words he used to use, he sure kept us Nairalanders on our toes and helped improve our vocabulary if I may say, lol.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:45am On Jul 20

LOL. Wetin happen? O fe da si rough ni? You think say na only you sabi write thesis? grin This thread should be a place of fun. You saw those who came here to talk about cake banters on this thread. Why not emulate fellow reasonable beings like that? Abi na only you madness dey worry ni? lipsrsealed

The only thing we want to hear from you forthwith is the decision the court has taken.

Mate, your reverse psychology cannot work with me, you have been screaming like a wild banshee since, so you must continue talking alainikan se osi... your trademark on Nairaland is fighting anyone and everyone, hence reason for your numerous ban. E don tay wey you tear eye reach back, so make my compliment of you being one of top 5 banned count, so please show us your logo, you have to keep talking...common don't start acting all coy and shy...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:19am On Jul 20

Yawns. Miss D say something new or I am giving up on you. You are running from pole to pillar here. Keep drumming up names, thinking it will appeal emotionally to those you are mentioning. Pataki is a one-man army and I will always be. I will address whomever I choose to, no matter whose ox is gored. You know what I consider pathetic about your plight is that, you cannot see beyond your nose. It is really a shame though. You are someone who is intelligently empowered, but your foolishness or is it idiocy will not let you expand your horizon.

Thanks for the compliment you have accorded me. Honestly, it does not move me an inch. cool I have grown beyond whatever you can say here. As for you, you have even deteriorated. Just look at your pathetic self here, anyone who dares to address you, you have ediotic inferences to bring up, that bears no bearing to your silly ranting.

As I maintained, your case is in court. The only thing that will be sensible for you to spew here is what the courts have decided with the foolishness you have thrown in their face. Anything short of this, makes you look dangerously ediotic on this board. lipsrsealed

I don't know anything about the TeHN. In fact the only time I ever came across them on this forum, is when they were posted on the FB some years ago I think. I won't even know about this thread, not until you CC (mentioned) me here. I don't even visit this board. Politics and Arsenal board are my interest mostly here these days. But then again, I see the same madness you exhibited back in 2008 on the Travel section playing out here. I have said my bit.

Let the UK court entertain your madness. The only thing I will state openly is that whomever you are having a case with, should direct the court to have a mental evaluation done upon you in all sincerity. You really need it.

Yada, yada, yada...I said it, I knew you can write a 90,000 word thesis on gbaranmideleru, ekeyofuro stuffs and you didn't disappoint!

The floor is all yours, all eyes are now on you as your heart always desire, and you are now the centre of attention, so any more bile you feel like regurgitating, lol...were dun wo loja omolasan ekeji bingo, woof woof....

Apologies Semitunde, this one is not a part of Tehn so excuse the politeness I am extending to him by entertaining his folly and tomfoolery until he skulks away like the pathetic weasel that he is...
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 11:15am On Jul 20
OK. Busybody2.

I can understand from your posts you have want Tehn, as a group and individuals to stay off your case, is that right? You have no reason to raise this again if they do that? If this is the case then I think that can be done.

Will the cease fire be extended to your real life instituted case against them ( if any)? Cos you know it wouldn't be fair to ask them to keep quiet while a case is being thrown at them, considering they are nairalanders with most of their help activities done online.

Also, from what I've gathered so far from you, you still believe there are good guys in Tehn and that Tehn itself is a capable organisation ( regardless of the issues you raised) so I'm sure you won't want the organisation to go down through you. Withdraw any case against them (if there is), and let everyone stay in their lane?

Pls jaybee3 Oamj4, pls can you roll with above?

Thanks pickabeau for stepping in.

I've know Tehn since maybe when it was started. This shouldn't be happening and allowed to fester, considering the calibre of guys there and the future as a group.

Busybody2, pls oam4j and pickabeau have tried to explain and apologise including for your children. Find it in your heart to forgive and move on pls.

We should learn to put ego aside ( even if it chokes us and threatens to burst our veins). We would have learnt another level of humility. It can drain us of the will needed to move forward, but true test of character and mentality can't be better than this... If anyone needs apologies, pls shower it.

This can make for good entertainment for some time, till ppl start getting irritatated and start lashing at everyone.

Mr Semitunde, I don't have any issue with any beef anyone has against me, I just can't wrap my head round why this people cannot reason enough to know that there are some sensitive subject that should remain out of bound and permanently under lock and key forever such as this traumatic DJ issue...

The reason the Court ish was being instigated by me was due to the outright lie that I hate Tehn, hence reason I countered this malicious accusation that if I hate Tehn how come when they approached me for help getting Tehn registered, I wired the sum of N150,000 to them following day, etc. They denied this 7 months ago, now came to deny this on this again, only to start doing a u-turn that I should upload proof... Who does that!!! What stops a self-proclaimed professional organisation from calling their accountant to verify something that would not take them a minute in this digital age we are in. It's their failure to look in the mirror and rather malign and discredit me as a liar, etc that is getting on my nerves. If they can drop the lies that I didn't give Tehn a penny, I will drop the court case!

Na jeje I dey my lane, as long as they dish, I will dish back lekunrere within the legal boundary I am permitted. They should stop thinking they can gang up on me to use me to practise damage limitation skills...I can see beyond all these ruse...And the irony is that you will never see the puppet master pulling the puppet strings involved online...he will sit behind the safe confines of his email to pass orders without letting them know what's up 100%...So let them learn to live and let live and all this will die down...



May the matter rest in peace

I pray so too sad
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Busybody2(f): 10:57am On Jul 20
Ok...If I say I am not confused still..i am a liar

If the matter is about DJDola...no one is perfect

He is late
The matter is concluded by God himself

Let his spirit rest in peace

The only matter that matters is nobody should be bringing up that DJ issue at all in lieu of how it all ended...people should learn to have the fear of God and stop raking coals over old wound and let the poor boy RIP. This is distasteful and unpalatable. This is not hard to comprehend! End of!!!

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