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Fashion / Re: Meet The Man Who Has Lots Of Shirts Made With Pure Gold(photo) by Busybody2(f): 6:47pm On Aug 10
shocked Hmmm, didn't know Indians had guys over 5 feet tall lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Religion / Re: Testimony Time (A Thread To Tell Of The Awesomeness Of God) by Busybody2(f): 11:15am On Aug 04
ayobase: It was during Power Must Change Hand (PMCH) programme on the 2nd, August of 2014, an every first-saturday-of-the-month prayer meeting by Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministries. The pastor had to play back a recorded testimony to encourage us before we were connected live to Prayer City.

A woman reported and published a case of her 3yrs old kidnapped daughter. She went for prayers for the deliverance/release of her baby. it was already 3 daya or so. On the last night, she told God her daughter must be found.

before sleeping, she got a call from the police station to come check if the child recovered on a distant express road in the middle of the night is hers.......... the child is hers.

i never knew when a drop of tears dripped while watching the mother engulfed with joy as she testified.

it was God indeed.

Miracle working God. Oba atofarati bi oke...

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Religion / Re: Testimony Time (A Thread To Tell Of The Awesomeness Of God) by Busybody2(f): 11:13am On Aug 04

the grace is always sufficient.

He has been keeping tab on before your MIL started tinkering.

Hmmm, the story of my life...there I was without a worry in the world, living life to the max...I would share all with you someday soon...cos now I understand why God had to step in. My MIL goes round in the spirit realm crying "mo tu eran ohun si'le" (my crime - we marry/born), whereas I didn't even know that God was already on the scene when I heeded that call, heck it was even God who orchestrated it all smiley

Hmmm, life...
Religion / Re: Does God Speak To You? How? by Busybody2(f): 11:04am On Aug 04

u got me cracked up...I like ur sense of dulling moment.

you are one of those lucky ones.

no going renegotiation. ....God shall perfect all.

Awwww, thanks, but you call this lucky, me that I cannot pray one minute without falling asleep, Church sef I no dey go, I was dropped right in it, like a lightening bolt, its was like a parallel existence to me before, I used to think it was Nollywood stuffs and fake, so was rooted to the spot for a year 100% sure I was dreaming it all I just thank God because the lack of serious bone in my body helped cushion the effect otherwise making me sole resident of yabaleft sef no go fit contain me...

Hmmm, seems like it, although I fought God so hard, I really kicked off...that why is my own different, that why don't I get my own free will too like others, that for example not everyone can be Doctors, Lawyers, etc so why should I tow the line He has earmarked for me, that He should please free me as not everyone comes first in a race and I am happy to take last position, etc...and when my bribing and pleading didn't work, I started asking around what happens if one refuses to do the will of God and I was told na hellfire straight, cos the will wasn't for my own benefit alone...I was still grumbling and contemplating and thinking that hmmm maybe I should start preparing for hell then, but I would need to commit more sins and "j'aiye ori mi to the fullest" to make my punishment more worthwhile...that was when I heard "disobedience is worse than witchcraft" and I was shocked to see this confirmed in the Bible too shocked that was when I knew I don enter am cheesy I have been giving God the side eye look since then and have told Him - me and Him go enter one knicker when I get to heaven cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Religion / Re: Please I Need Advise!!! by Busybody2(f): 9:57am On Aug 04
neche2012: I sincerely need advise on this challenge i am facing presently. My mum has been down with stroke for the past nine months, we have been treating her to no avail. She had suffered this first time two years ago, by God's grace and mercy she became ok until this particular one.
I got a message recently that she made a covenant with the queen of the coast since she did not fulfil the covenant 'they' want to make life miserable. Presently two of my brothers are mentally not sound, the first son does not even bother to come see her mum, he only calls on phone to find out how she is fairing, the last son has not made move to call or come see her mum, the whole load is just on me.
I would have find joy taking care of her as the only daughter, but i am not very happy doing it, because i have been getting some other information that could possibly be responsible for our predicament. I was told that there was a time she visited one of my aunts and they went for prayer somewhere, my mum was told that two of her sons would soon have mental problem as a result of what she did, that was about 5 years ago, she never mentioned it to any of us. They told her there was a tree she planted in our village that she should cut it down, before she does that she should call some deliverance ministers to pray on it. She actually cut the tree not from the tree but the base and she did not call anyone to pray against what she did, two weeks after cutting the tree, she had a stroke.
I was given a message recently that it's as a resulting of keeping my mother in my home that is the reason why things tend to be difficult for us financially, that the "queen of the coast" is fighting against allowing her to stay with me. Although before now people have been telling us that there is a bad spirit in my house, i have been fasting and praying, my husband have lost his job, we are feeding with the little salary i am earning.
The question now is should I take my mum to the village?, since my grandma said i should bring her, my fear is who will take care of her while she is there, none of my siblings want to go with her.
Please my good people i need your candid advise.

I agree with every sane comment on this thread.

You have to forgive your Mum. A lot of them, needing help, followed someone somewhere maybe because of cheating husband or drunk husband or husband not coming home, or they need a husband or because they were not getting pregnant or any reason...unbeknown to them that the devil does not give free lunch and that they would have to repay that favour with their blood and sweat in the near future...

What has happened has happened and God is using you as a gap to reconcile your family to Him and rescue all of you...You are not alone and be rest assured though that the battle is the Lord's so just equip yourself with the armour of God in Ephesians 6 and stand. God knows about this so you are etched in the palms of His hands.

Here's a couple of Bible verses to get you through;

Deutoronomy 18:10-11 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

Isaiah 49:15 Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 9:18am On Aug 04
FOLYKAZE: GooseBaba and my big brother Macof, can you pls ignore this lady for the sake of sanity. She is ignorant about Africa spirituality and knowns close to nothing of the Yoruba conceptual aspect of it.

Lets learn to ignore those that cant argue objectively except resorting to Insult. Being A yoruba, we aint taught to insult others, that is why Omo Iya meji njeun ninu akoto ototo. Given the gal attention she yarn for would lead to derail of this thread. This thread is opened for learning. Atheists have agreed they are Aborisha, Some christians have too though partially while Ube who tried to disagree got trapped even in the christiandom he ran to. Muslims are the expected ones expected here to give their own view. . . . .not some brainwashed gal.

I have tried personally to extend my honour to her Dad and families. Let her shout evil this and that, lets just ignore her. . . . .

Aitetemuole, alagbari oshi, who started the cursefest undecided Hollering like a hit dog when your bingo self realised you had bitten more than you could chew. Best you stick your tails between your legs and run along.
Arrant nonsense, all y'all pagans know is to troll Christians threads insulting Jesus as Jewish blah, blah, blah, and now you are spitting your dummy out of your mouth that your backward religion and its self-serving lies are being exposed, tschewwww.


By the way, your master Folykaze is tugging at your leash to stop barking, so better get down on all fours and roll over cool
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 9:12am On Aug 04

Nothing dey happen... We already know that you're Babanla oloriburuku....

Right back at you cool

Then it's settled that motherfuvker died figuratively.. You bloody African female gentile in denial...

Duh it was used in "only that ONE" context, Sule Bada from Igbira.
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 12:28am On Aug 04

Smh...since you want to correlate spirituality with government.. When was the last time a traditionalist ran the Nigerian government..? when was the last time any past and present government officials swore an oath before the Gods of his/her ancestors..? NEVER..?! But you want to blame my personal spiritual leaning for three state of affairs in Nigeria.

What has your corpse worshiping done for Nigeria..? Is the mountain god or dead jew part of your ancestral history.? You proclaim a mere mortal as your lord and savior because he was sacrificed for your sins... Tufiakwa..! You scream blood of jesus left right and center and accuse others of human sacrifice.. Smh. Are you an hypocrite or are you deluded..?

No one is asking you to revert to your ancestral beliefs. All we are asking of ignorant Africans is to stop spewing garbage on what they know nothing about.

Carry your self loathing enter bush..... Bla Bla Bla rubbish...

You can't even differentiate spirituality from humanity.

They are related in the sense that once the last trace of your primitive religion is wiped out, so with Christ as the cornerstone of Nigeria, its onwards and upwards from then on.

Duh, blood of Jesus is used figuratively, we are not knife-wielding bunch of savages like your blood thirsty God.

In Christ Jesus, there is no jew nor gentile nor male nor female. No you are the ones who need to walk round with an "am a mug" sigh stuck to your forehead.
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 12:12am On Aug 04
You reap what you sow.. If you did not offend the lady why would they ask you to apologize.. Either that or you are lying. I have never heard of such.. Or better yet, go ask your father what he did..?

Which God..?Which light.? Which truth..? Which way is a dead and rotten corpse leading you..?

How did I offend the blood sucking demon

Freaking pretender trying to paint his evil religion white. Better repent before nemesis catches up with you, psssfffft
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 12:09am On Aug 04

I'm a little bit confused on this "Aje" things...

Is Orisha Aje = witch

Or good market..?

Or is it by pronunciation or context...


Aje pronouce A-jel is witch

Aje pronounce A-jay is wealth

See them cheesy

Tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum
Suegbe and Shugamu
Sule-Bada and Zulu Gambari
Atole and Ajato cool
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 10:09pm On Aug 03
GooseBaba: speak of retrogressive culture a culture you never experienced since you NEVER lived in Nigeria. Therefore, your whole output is founded on mere speculation and theory... Smh..

You're are nothing but an insignificant busybody... Just dey run mouth Abi type anyhow.. undecided

Yet more hokum and hot air from more confused lot. What has your spiritual leaning done for Nigeria?

What does your fetish bloodthirsty ifa do other than spill blood?

All we here is paganism is a rich cultural whaccumacallit, it is our forefathers thingymajug, endless waffle and twaddle and drivel ***rolls eyes***
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 10:02pm On Aug 03

More dumb talk by someone running her mouth since.

Paganism is simply the default way of life of a people. it's culture, traditions, language and spirituality all revolving around the people.

Now wat is wrong with being Yoruba and loving it to the fullest?? Jst because you have been sold into mental slavery you expect sensible Omoluabi to follow u??

Folykaze never said that, And frankly you don't deserve the time he has given u on this thread

Default huh, buncha blind dingbats, no wonder you can't question them but just dey do follow follow cheesy

I love my tribe, its culture and language but that is where it ends. With regards to its spiritual aspect and traditions, count me out. To me I used to think Ifa was an hobby for my Dad until my MIL pulled those stunts and I started hearing about etutu, blah, blah, blah and how I would go and beg and blah-de-blah. Like WTF!!!

I will pray God let you see the light and the truth that Jesus is the only way.
Business To Business / Re: Honegrity Business Services Nairaland Customer Care Thread by Busybody2(f): 9:46pm On Aug 03
Gboliwe: I have whatsapp but I rarely ever use it. No he doesn't have my number.

I thought with whatsapp messages get relayed asap so even if you get one message a month, you'd still get it.
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 9:44pm On Aug 03

wrong! God the creator(Olodumare) is everything and he can't use himself aimlessly and stupidly like the fictional abomination called Jehovah

The dark energy is pure energy, the strongest of all forms in the known's responsible for all matter. This is what Yoruba call oduduwa that you ignorantly called "effigy"

Stop bringing wat you watch in Christian propaganda movies Christians are demented liars

God the Creator is the embodiment of love. He sacrificed His son Jesus Christ to redeem us. He loves us basking in His presence and loves when we spend time with Him, unlike the stuck-up snob you are worshipping for material gains.
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 9:39pm On Aug 03

I knew it, you are a demented liar like Paul ur master. This is how you Christians come lying that you were into Aborisha or ur family produces the chief araba..that's if u even know wat araba is you prodigal daughter abusing her own family jst to score points for a dead jew

wats my business with where u live?? Point is you know nothing about Ifa and the Orisha stop ur lies

the bold is prove that you are an utter ignoramus and complete illiterate in Yoruba knowledge

I said wat title does ur family hold?? Where is ur quaters in Ile-ife. Not amount of ruling houses

I am not gonna stoop to wallow in the mud like you. My post that you quoted mentioned that I will furnish you with further information via pm if you desire, so what is it with the verbal diarrhoea............grrrrrrrrrrr, olodo rabata that can't read.

Like I said, I don't know and don't give a flying figs about ifa and orisa and all those backward nonentity you people are pandering to angry I only knew them from far and now I have seen the light, may Holy Ghost fire burn all of them to smithereens

Na by force to relate to your deaf and dumb as a box of rocks gods ni cool
Business To Business / Re: Honegrity Business Services Nairaland Customer Care Thread by Busybody2(f): 8:39pm On Aug 03

Sharing something? Who no like awuff? grin
I have landed.

@ topic, Good. Keep it up bro. May God increase you.

Your site needs me to be tutored or take a crash course to understand how to navigate. Maybe you should make it easy for internet novices like me.
I was just discussing with someone on nairaland about getting me a compac 110-1100c keyboad and battery. Do you have them? What are your prices? Also, I want a 500GB Portable external HDD, what is the price? (Buying this could be later, not as important as the keyboard and battery)

Me and blackberry finally parted ways. Does Honeric have your number/are you on whatsapp?
Business To Business / Re: Honegrity Business Services Nairaland Customer Care Thread by Busybody2(f): 8:34pm On Aug 03

Hehehe what am I sheraringing o.. lol who be Mr gboliwe? I think say na miss gboliwe o.

Oh, so you are not sharing anything shocked

Thank God i didn't bother to read your thread then tongue

Congrats jare, onwards and upwards kiss kiss kiss

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Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 7:44pm On Aug 03

this post proves you are a liar no Title holding family in Yorubaland especially that of the next to the ooni would be so ignorant about Yoruba spirituality like u here.

I would catch ur lies now...wat title does ur family hold in ile-ife??

What is there to learn from such retrogressive culture, psssssfffft. Never lived in Nigeria, besides I would rather pull my own teeth than listen to those dull-as-dishwater tales about some effigy coming to earth with one cockerel and a handful of sand to do lord knows what

There are 4 ruling family in Ife...what else do you wanna know...i can pm you addresses, pictures, etc
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 7:38pm On Aug 03

How does this answer the questions?? Wat is paganism and what are we doing that is not right?

Simple you come here blabbing abt Quantum physics in an out of context manner

Quit being a blockhead, this post was addressing someone else and you know it.

Paganism huh, hmmm, in summary y'all believe in a cold and aloof Eledumare who does not relate to common human beings like you, but instead utilises 401 orishas to act as intermediary and you people are blood thirsty savages, always spilling blood. And according to Folykaze, the reason you exist is to worship money shocked What a sad, empty, unfulfiling life.

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Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 7:33pm On Aug 03

grin grin you mean the same dark energy that is responsible for creation and continual expansion of the universe??
Or your "traditional family" didn't tell u that?? Even if they didn't, you didn't study elementary science??

So how is manipulation of the dark energy evil?? Or just because it's "dark energy" it must be evil??

God created everything so He can use it anyhow He pleases.

What else do these bullies and cowards who only come out to operate under the cover of darkness use it for?

Thats what the literature i read had to say about black magic, with them wondering how black people harness this poo'e with no regards for karma. So if witches are good to you, it is because you are one of them so y'all are closing ranks.
Religion / Re: We Are All Aborisha by Busybody2(f): 7:27pm On Aug 03

Nigerian mentality, how is witchcraft evil??
All you dumb Christians would do anything to attack your ancestry...see this one abusing her family..wat a shame
You were asked to beg for forgiveness, is that difficult?
Or u so proud that you can't humble urself to apologise

This ur little yarn doesn't even remotely address the OP so let's leave it

What is it used for?

Beg someone who trampled upon my rights. She is lucky I chose not to revenge and found God and Jesus,


It does, y'all belong to the kingdom of evil. Imagine being proud you worship esu May God redeem your soul.
Religion / Re: A Thread For Instrumentalists & Choristers by Busybody2(f): 7:19pm On Aug 03

I don't wanna ask further personal question.

he must have ended up taking interest and good on saxophone.....all the same, we are still serving the Lord either here or there.

answer ur kids quickly, before they turn the plates and bowls into drums.

Interest sha, na only to reminisce remain, lol.

Thanks. Have asked around and was told I could get an electric drum whose volume can be controlled so I wouldn't go deaf cheesy

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Religion / Re: Does God Speak To You? How? by Busybody2(f): 7:08pm On Aug 03

never knew u are this religious/spiritual

I wasn't at all...far from it, wetin concern me with awon kiriyo's like my Mum calls them...I was Saul jejely going to Damascus oh...until my MIL started tinkering... so God stepped in...and I have been trying to renegotiate with God... grin
Business To Business / Re: Honegrity Business Services Nairaland Customer Care Thread by Busybody2(f): 6:44pm On Aug 03
Mr Gboliwe, I haven't read this thread but I know Honeric01 is deffo sharing something so I don help you reserve space in the queue tongue

KnuckleHead: peeps in thread smiley

Mr Ekeyofuro-longthroat-peeping-tom. Abeg fall wayback don't come and shorten our ration biko, aproko cool

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Religion / Re: Testimony Time (A Thread To Tell Of The Awesomeness Of God) by Busybody2(f): 6:41pm On Aug 03

Wow.... I love all you wrote... You're fearless. And I'm glad you realized the Truth - Christ.

Thanks so much for this, and all thanks to God...there is indeed power in the name of Jesus Christ the son of God and at the mention of that name, every knee bows and tongue confess that He is Lord.

I find it weird though that people don't understand when I tell them I have forgiven her...they tell me to rebuke and cast and bind, but I tell them if not for her evil manipulations and stuff, I would not have known about the truth - Jesus Christ like you said. Her act opened my eyes to Christianity and God's love for mankind because I was in the world and used to look in at Christianity from the outside and didn't understand it at all, and it would have been "after death, judgement, for me" shocked I'd rather she went to Church to give her life to Christ and be delivered as there is no sin God cannot forgive and He also wants every soul saved...but its like I am on my own with that line of thinking...and some peeps even tease me that I am being empathetic because she hasn't shown me enough pepper cheesy


Religion / Re: Testimony Time (A Thread To Tell Of The Awesomeness Of God) by Busybody2(f): 6:28pm On Aug 03

that is the core testimony.

u r indeed a rugged person.

I like ur style.

ur mum has reasons to be scared.

Its all been by the grace of God. Hmmm, maybe my Mum is scared because she is not a Christian. One Bible verse I used to hear over and over again before committing to God was "i have not given you a spirit of fear, but of sound mind" and another one about "...what can mere mortal do to me" this strengthened me and kept me grounded.
Religion / Re: Does God Speak To You? How? by Busybody2(f): 6:08pm On Aug 01
SirAweezy: He speaks to me through visions, trans, and words of Wisdom.. He allow me see through my tongues(I can Intreprete). And aslo he talks to me through Nature, the tree, winds, and deep moment of silence). Guess what... I'm still finding it difficult to be faithful To him... Social life is very interesting, and wouldn't want be a pastor.. But I see him most times when he smiles at me and just shook his head slowly... So many incredible revelations but I prefer to be Solo..(Don't know for. How long. Sha)

I know and can relate to this post 100%...and for me I tried to dodge envisaging the sweat, hardwork and sacrifice this would entail...but then when the potter comes a-calling, what can the clay do, but thankfully its all by His grace and His yoke is light hopefully i wouldn't have to lift a finger tongue embarassed
Religion / Re: Does God Speak To You? How? by Busybody2(f): 6:04pm On Aug 01


Iya big bumper

Ngbati you were ignoring me nko cheesy

If you believe something as preposterous as the word becoming flesh to dwell amongst men, If you believe Christ and His crucification (the Christian's testimony), and you believe Jesus is coming back in the flesh, why do you find it hard to believe God still speaks audibly...

Job 33:15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumbering upon the bed: then openeth the ears of men and sealeth their INSTRUCTIONS...

I have audibly heard from God many times by way of severe chastisement...I was just an occasional benchwarmer in Church at that time and a know my I am this independent man in a woman's skin who don't need a husband, and vehemently baulks at the idea of getting married because to me marriage is an impediment to my free spirit...then got my children and discarded the men like chewing gum stuck to the sole of my shoe without any concern that I was trampling on his far as I was concerned, I had ticked all the boxes on my list and was just blissfully merrily waltzing around, happy with my lifestyle choice and the freedom that came with it...well God had to step in to pull me up by by bootstraps...and of course I rebelled for a long time...
Religion / Re: A Thread For Instrumentalists & Choristers by Busybody2(f): 4:58pm On Aug 01

No wonder ur kids are crazy about drumming.

Ur drum terms.....u must be a lover!

Is your husband into any musical instrument?

I love drums, but from far sha, lol. I'll probably learn with my boys when they start lessons.

Hmmm, he used to play the clarinet in Church as a youth, but like 99% of the atheist on NL, he became jaded with Church/his parents' religion and veered off-tracks...
Religion / Re: Does God Speak To You? How? by Busybody2(f): 4:29pm On Aug 01
ayobase: question is this, some people do hear from God audibly like when talking with a friend.......I wanna believe this is one of the effective ways God can deliver one from a die-minute impending danger.

how do one attain this level of relationship with God, provided one has fulfilled the aforementioned methods?

Feel free to come in here. Thread was long but was lost during the NL crash...
Religion / Re: Seeking The Face Of God - The Journey by Busybody2(f): 4:00pm On Aug 01
torchwave: I will try once more to determine the possibility of its recovery. The whole thread I mean. Thanks without measure.

Working on this, my sidekick Tigerpaws the terror, is trying to fix this but is having issues - cache has been updated.
Religion / Re: Lets Us Brainstorm And Learn From Each Other:pagans/ Xtians/muslims/hinduists... by Busybody2(f): 4:56pm On Jul 28
Space Bookmarked.

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