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Family / Re: Under What Conditions Should A Christian (born Again) Divorce? by Busybody2(f): 12:09pm

Is that what u will advice your sister? Na so that banker take die for isolo.. . What if she dies before God touch him...

Marriage is a sacrifice.

One is commanded to forgive 77x7 times.

One is commmanded to love one's neighbour as oneself.

Longsuffering is a gift in the Bible.

Biblical love is not self-seeking, it keeps no record of wrongdoing, etc.

The same Bible says in the last days, Christians will be killed and beheaded just because they are followers of Christ. It has already started happening in some Northern States in Nigeria, where some Muslims would stop commuter buses, ask if one is a Muslim or Christian, then line up the Christians who don't deny Christ and start beheading them...

So people who choose to stay with their abusive partners because of their Christian conviction and these Christians above who refuse to deny Jesus Christ at the point of death are in the same is appointed for all to die once, nobody knows how, to negate the cause of dying in marriage, shine your eyes or shun marrying...Marriage is not by force oh...God help us...
Family / Re: Dear Nairaland Family. . . . .how Do You Define A 'KRAY-KRAY'? by Busybody2(f): 11:44am
Hmmm, I thought this was a self-introspective thread, until I saw the response to DUKENAIJA who was the only person keeping it real but had only scratched the surface...

Tpia - NL's thinking man's crumpet that would have told you the truth in her no-holds-barred manner, without batting an eyelid, is still traumatised, and rightly so, by some image that was posted cool

Err...firstly you ain't crazy, as in batshit crazy, but whilst what you are "afflicted" with, might come under some sort of personality disorder, is not something for public consumption because of its potential to knock the winds off your sail...but it's all ain't the only one with this kinda "affliction" on NL...

In the other news, do I smell my baby Ileke-idi, Stillwater and Sisikill on this thread. He is a miracle working God shocked lipsrsealed That means it's off to Church for Thanksgiving for my Christmas coming early
Family / Re: Under What Conditions Should A Christian (born Again) Divorce? by Busybody2(f): 11:08am
A divorce is permitted on confirmed grounds of adultery; although separation - living apart - is acceptable is the case of domestic abuse.

Separation is only allowed for limited period such as for fasting.

Exactly Honeric01
This is why the Bible States it is better to be unmarried so one can make Heaven. We are to work our own salvation with trembling. Or what is the point of you being a Holy Christian and you make Heaven and your wife and children end up in hell? "Esin iya o gba omo la" as the saying goes.

So before one mistakenly wander into that journey of no return called marriage, one need to do their homework well and shine one's eyes. But when people like TV01 tries to tell them this, hmmm...whereas LONGSUFERRING is one of the gifts in the Bible.
Family / Re: House Maid Beat Young Child To Near Death In Uganda (video) by Busybody2(f): 10:48am

That's true and is no news either cos I have seen that one with my own two igbotic eyes. My mum's friend has a maid staying with her. She has advised this girl to stop sending her money to her people and use it to care for herself but she refused. The woman pays her 15k monthly but the girl sends everything back home. Her parents and siblings couldn't care less about her. One time her dad came to visit with her elder brother the first thing they said to my mum's friend was they hoped she wasn't going around opening her legs for men...the woman asked them what if she is? isn't she an adult and can care for herself....they said nooooo don't let her....if you let her she will turn into a prositute. This same person that sends them everything she earns. I saw her last year looking like a beggar. The woman sometimes takes her to go make her hair and pays for it with her own money.

We read their confession everyday on NLD and even hear first hand from people who have experienced such.

As for women taking children in as maids instead of adults...their reward is waiting for them

Heaven help us.

Of course majority of people rarely treat their maids well in Africa, SMH.

Child slavery sucks and needs to be scrapped and IMHO everyone who employs a minor deserves what is coming to them.

Over here and in civilised countries, a maid needs their own bedroom and are not allowed to work more than the permissible hours of the land and are allowed weekends off and have to be paid at least the minimum wage. And for these reasons, barely 10% of the population have housemaids. And it is a jailable offence and a lot of Nigerians have been jailed for this housegirls issue abroad.

People in the Western world have learnt to buckle up and dispense with their laziness and raise their kids themselves. And it is not because they have modern gadgets...there is poverty everywhere, over 42 million Americans are on food stamp in in 5 Mum's in UK skip a meal so their children can their African counterpart need to stop enabling child slavery and do their own darned housework and childcare themselves!!!
Family / Re: House Maid Beat Young Child To Near Death In Uganda (video) by Busybody2(f): 10:39am

Your uneducated neighbor who sees nothing wrong in using a minor,is that the person you are using to compare?
Did you notice the maid in the video is an adult
So if she didn't like the job anymore why not move to a place where they would give her the Heavens

Family / Re: My Son Is Ill by Busybody2(f): 10:37am
Teething don't cause these. It's just myths peddled by illiterates. Get your baby to another Doctor. And check your house for mould and damp. And I know you are in Nigeria, but those medication are too much, kilode!

My fellow Nairalander, i bring 2 you my problem. It is said your brother can't put on a masquerade and u run into the bush, that is i would not have doctors, nurse, parents and well educated people on Nairaland and my problem is yet solved.
My son is Six months plus, he vomits, defecates almost every 30mins or so, has fever. But when d mother took him 2 d hospital she was told he wants to cry start growing teeth. They (hospital) wrote drugs like babyrex, amoxil, paracetamol, teething powder and d rest but d boy still hasn't gotten back himself.
Please can u kindly advice me on what 2 give him cos he has lost a lot of weight.
I appreciate your response and advise.
Family / Re: Under What Conditions Should A Christian (born Again) Divorce? by Busybody2(f): 10:34am
Christians and selective doctrine..

Some are even using their own logic to decide what is adultery and what is not..

some are even saying Jesus said what he said to "moderate" divorce with no biblical backings.

I want to ask, as Christians, do we have any other manual than the bible? if yes, can you post them here? if no, why then are you deciding what should be and not be outside the manual called "BIBLE"?

If you want to be a Christian, you must be in all ways, both in words and in actions, stop selecting when to be a christian and when not!

Christianity is in deeds and words.

The bible says "only Adultery and death" is permitted for divorce, anything outside these is "unscriptural" and "un-christian"

This is why you must look well before you say i do, stop running after flesh, stop chasing men or women because of their physical attributes alone, stop dating people from physical and material gains only.

Dont rush into relationships, follow God's manual and you'd be on the right path. also pray if you lack direction in choosing, stop allowing others choose for you, go straight to God for direction, you have the same access to God as any other Christian out there be it Pastor, Bishop, Pope or father!



Family / Re: Under What Conditions Should A Christian (born Again) Divorce? by Busybody2(f): 10:32am
The Bible is explicit enough on this...on grounds of adultery and if the partner is an unbeliever, and this is for the HARDHEARTED.

Love is the greatest and biggest commandment in the Bible. Marriage is not by force, dem no dey take rope drag person into it undecided
Religion / Re: World War 3 To Start before NOVEMBER 22 by Busybody2(f): 11:26pm On Nov 21

Hand over my baby's eyes so she doesn't see what you are writing about her beloved pappi. LoL

yeah what he need to do is go play in traffic on third mainland bridge with fast speeding SUVs zipping by at 100 mph cheesy cheesy

Hmmm, very similar great sense of humour. Loving this. This is looking like a match made in Heaven already tongue
Religion / Re: World War 3 To Start before NOVEMBER 22 by Busybody2(f): 11:03pm On Nov 21
yeah you need to tell that to stalker LordReed cheesy

Maybe he loves your playing-hard-to-get naughty streak cheesy

Yikes, enough, stop this you guys, see the way you both are letting my pure innocent thoughts wander off tangent tongue grin
Politics / Re: The Overdue Economy Crisis Ripe In 2015 - Ceah by Busybody2(f): 10:56pm On Nov 21
But the ship already sailed a long time ago, Mr Ceah Slowcoach undecided lipsrsealed
Religion / Re: World War 3 To Start before NOVEMBER 22 by Busybody2(f): 10:50pm On Nov 21
i dont know what his agenda is but it is interfering with my work. he needs to go feed that baby of his is what he needs to do instead of trying to prove me wrong. take that baby of yours for a walk or something. take that baby to go see 30 days in atlanta or something but whatever you do, leave me the hell alone. that nigga got too much free time on his hands cheesy


LoL. sukkot has nothing of substance that requires my passion. Time has already proved that, starting from 2012 till tomorrow. Ask him to recount all his failed prophecies of America's demise or the end of world or WW3.

Both of you, it haff do.

Anyway me i am very very happy there is a thin line between hate and love cheesy lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Religion / Re: World War 3 To Start before NOVEMBER 22 by Busybody2(f): 10:36pm On Nov 21
i reserve my love for those who deserve it. if you think i am full of shyttt ? then go to other threads. if i think someone is full of shyttt i will avoid their threads and ignore them. i would not click on their thread and keep pestering them. why would you pester someone who you think is full of shytttt ? is it because deep down you know that person is speaking the truth ?

and what i did to him is biblical

2 thessalonians 1 vs 6 Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you; <<< he is troubling me and it is righteous of me to recompense tribulation to him. its biblical

Lol @ the biblical passage.

I see LordReed so much passionately wants to prove you wrong, so ignore it if you can, time WILL prove you right that you are just not hot air and no substance wink
Family / Re: House Maid Beat Young Child To Near Death In Uganda (video) by Busybody2(f): 10:28pm On Nov 21

BB kiss...Oya no more 'fights' in the SOS thread kiss .I read about an incident that occured in the states. This man came home to find the child minder humping his less than 10 year old daughter. The man beat the guy and left him unconscious before ringing 911.

The child minder happened to be someone they'd known for a long time...he was like a brother to her

Insecure Agberos local touts with overbloated egos should stop overshooting their mouth and bullying others then cool

Yeah I saw something similar about two months ago. And I was happy the Police men on the scene left the man to rearrange the culprit's jaw wella...

What I came across whilst reading credible UK history report on housemaids...only a very very wicked evil selfish Mother who hates her child will sell her own flesh and blood into slavery as housemaids...and whilst these housemaids are working 23 hours a day for their Oga/Madam, all the pittance they are paid goes directly to these wicked mums in the village with not a kobo given to the housemaid doing all the hard work...

And what I read further was that these evil Mothers are witches and most times their children sold into slavery are "blind witches", who eyes are later remotely "opened" and they get initiated whilst in oga/madam house, hence reason the story of them being such is rampant...

Let those who have eyes/ears see/hear...but no oh, our people like 7/8 years old housegirls because older girls would seduce their husbands and males will molest their daughters undecided
Religion / Re: World War 3 To Start before NOVEMBER 22 by Busybody2(f): 10:22pm On Nov 21
that baby so ugleeeeee she dont need a mask for halloween grin grin grin

Remember love is the biggest energy wink So drop the ammo Sir or redirect it till when it's actually needed for the real McCoy which you predicted is starting tonight.


Thank you! smiley

Anytime Sir.

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Religion / Re: World War 3 To Start before NOVEMBER 22 by Busybody2(f): 10:00pm On Nov 21
^^^ be nice Sirree grin

Very very cute baby. Me likey. Congrats LordReed cheesy
Family / Re: House Maid Beat Young Child To Near Death In Uganda (video) by Busybody2(f): 9:56pm On Nov 21
I saw this video and have only one thing to say.....Hand that maid over to me for 5 minutes,...just five minutes

The baby only vomitted cos she was ill...

Only 5 minutes...hmmm God help me is all I would say lipsrsealed cry cry cry
Religion / Re: 5 Myths About Spiritual Spouse by Busybody2(f): 9:39pm On Nov 21
I have always thought Fubby was lastchild!!! Your background is so eerily similar ***shudders***

Blood of Jesus!
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 8:58am On Nov 18
Cramjones refused to acknowledge my attention seeking post to him.

I have removed my email address from the post I made for Cramjones.

Those of you sending me to Cramjones can see he has chosen not to get along with me and so should stop.

Someone else or group should package a professional appeal strategy and present to Cramjones.

With the number of mentions here, I am sure cramjones will not miss this last attempt by me to get him updated on the status of our brother Djdola and the need for him to help out

God bless Nigeria and heal our brother Hammed Adelodun.

Mr Cramjones was first on the scene requesting for a final diagnosis and until this is obtained, quit the sly digs at him to make it look like he has done a runner. It's unprofessional and unbecoming. Dang!

By the way, that one statement sending you was a rhetorical statement. There was no need for any action on your part undecided
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 10:19pm On Nov 17
@Nich, yes sir. Thanks for being the voice of reason here. Thanks too Ifyalways.

Kk, show over everybody. Back to your respective team posts cool cool cool
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 10:18pm On Nov 17

It is no longer anonymous grin

Na you get this hand!

Well anything to help you sleep better at night. Plus those researches carried out which states that you Doctors are the most depressed and lonely professionals cos of all those gory tales from patient that they have to listen to and find treatment for, was pulling at my heartstrings so I had to spill tongue cool


Let her also learn to speak circumspectly

Aunty Doctor kettle, before you call the pot black, nominate my jobless self for the team to go and dig up all the insults you don dash out on both threads. What say you, ehn? lipsrsealed


That nonsense above doesn't help the issue at hand does it

Phew, Doctor Osisi face front/face Djdola. This was a response to a post on this thread over 2 hours ago and it don reach the marrow and jugular vein of the person it's directed to cool Indian Fortis awaits your phonecall ma.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 9:48pm On Nov 17
TEHN is already running the show cool
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 9:41pm On Nov 17

I know busybody2 to an extent. Just don't mind the talks,she's more active underground. She be korrect person. An action lady but prefers joking here. *winks*

Not here to joke Sir. So make she carry her irritating joke outta my face with her stale and redundant news/updates.

**She barged into the thread yelling her head off that the OP was on death's door, WHEREAS Doctor Finn had just been told off for not been ethical and doing the same...

**She started screaming on top of her lungs that final diagnosis needed to be obtained AFTER Cramjones, Ifyalways, and Olu4life had requested for this same info on this same thread!

**She again started off like a wild banshee that she will not remind the house about passport again, whereas Jarus, Ifyalways and one Kemjam already posted they had contact/connection who can get this out in a day!

**And now she no wan make we hear word because she is the only one on this whole Nairaland who has details of hospital contacts in India!

Hian. And every thing she suggests she uses 3 pages to hammer it home as if everyone else she is talking to is brainless undecided

Ogini undecided


Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 9:15pm On Nov 17

What team are you on nne?
You need to get busy bodied doing that
There is a young man in a hospital bed that needs help
Inserting yourself negatively in discussions when you were not mentioned especially when you do so without the balls to name the people you are referring to ,will not raise him a dime
Use your busy body skills positively raising money and you will be doing him a great service


1.Copy the poster and post on Facebook and Twitter and make comments

2. Approach your friends and family and ask them to donate

3.Put the flyers up in your neighborhood if bills are allowed to be posted

4.Hand them out in your church or mosques

5. Join other internet sites and start the topic

I have never ever done this before, but since you are gagging to know, I have sent my own 6-figure sum anonymously, aproko wannabe. cool

And until Seun complains I am inserting myself anyhow on his FORUM, zip it ekeyofuro cool


Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 8:48pm On Nov 17
I see the one-dimensional empty vessel maketh the loudest noise nairaland renowned TOUT wan join the "talkative" league too cool

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 7:20pm On Nov 17

Lol. My sister I gentle o

Olu4life wan talk for background, dem set dia 47 dentures on him, Babyosisi taking a cue from this come talk for foreground, I bet she go still dey commot all the teeth wey enter her body commot from her body a week later lipsrsealed

Confusion break bone...WHICH WAY NIGERIA lipsrsealed


I am too busy doing what I am doing. Oh if you believe that coming here to type is all I am doing, na you know.

Now where is that bottle of alomo?

Ignore the aproko self didn't miss the fact that you were an active participant/poster/donor on the other thread wink I also see where you are coming from too with the morbid potential false alarm being raised by Osisi wink wink
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 7:06pm On Nov 17

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

I am always happy to throw down advice, but not in a position to take active participation.

My garri harvest is due in Sagamu next month and after. I need to go to the firm with my hoe and cutlasses and Sagamu does not have internet access yet.

This will do FOR NOW tongue But be warned I don't give up easily tongue embarassed angry
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 6:55pm On Nov 17

No o. I busy at the mo o. grin

Nah I bet it's all the oppression from all these self-proclaimed native doctors and witch doctors on this thread making you do a runner...because you are the "product of a closed down community college" innit tongue cheesy

C'mmon that didn't take you two minutes to come up with, so I know you have what it takes and you have the time and you can do this in 10 seconds flat wink
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 6:28pm On Nov 17

What ever the case, if there is an unfortunate need to progress to this stage of costly transplants, then ensure you apply some best practice in supply chain costs management.

Make sure you get some kind of competitive bidding into place.

Get as much health providers to put quotes in and let them know they are in a competitive bid. Make sure you spread the geographical spread of the bidders (e.g. India, SA, Turkey, Czech Rep, Morocco, Argentina, Ireland, Malaysia, China etc), don't only focus on the "norm".

One easy approach I like to use is to email them in bulk. Let them all see each other and then ask each of them to kindly send their lowest quote for the job.

From there, select the 10 lowest bidders/quotes (now emailing them individually), assess their competence and then play them against each other to further reduce their initial quotes until you are able to select 1 and keep 2 others as back up.

Ensure you get a kind of official, contractual and definitive agreement with the selected choice in terms of total cost, with some agreement of maximum additional, unseen costs to get the full intended outcome (i.e. resolution of the specific illness and any associated damage) before committing to use their service. By having 3 suppliers giving you details of their costs and what they plan to do, then you can easily compare what services are needed and are going to be provided.

So there is no hidden costs of surprise services they throw at you once he is in their country, the maximum you will pay beyond the "quote" is that in the agreement, which was put there as a worst-case contingency. Even when paying that, all additional costs would be carefully justified as necessary and scrutinised for rational of why it was omitted from the initial quote. If there is no justification of why it was omitted, then they potentially have to take the hit for the costs. If it works well (and I know it is difficult), ideally you will not pay more than the quote agreed.

Just some hints.

Someone yank this my husband into a TEAM asap tongue
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 6:24pm On Nov 17
Woah, see all round ego-tripping from every angle on a massive scale...with everyone forgetting Djdola in the middle...

@Olu4life I sight you oh
@annibro, all this promotion from commentator to Doctor for only me. You are mouthed cheesy

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 8:41am On Nov 16

I have gone to seek his attention again. Y'all should start fasting and praying so that the favor Esther got in 12bc will be mine in 2014AD grin

There is NOTHING impossible for our God to do, so keep the faith...God does not come down to help...He is no respecter of persons nor protocol - afterall He raised destiny helpers to donate close over a million naira to DJDOLA in 3 days without any pomp and pageantry and red carpet cool


Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 11:50am On Nov 15

Me I don't about this one and get me my latte abeg! Alariwo of Africa tongue

Onto it, madam I too sabi aka madam connoseiur of knowledge cool

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