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Fashion / Re: Do We Actually Sell Original Louboutin In Nigeria? by Busybody2(f): 9:02am On Apr 25
There's a store at The Palms, Lekki that sells originals. I've forgotten the store's name though.

I can spot fakes a mile off. They don't sell originals either, they stock high quality replicas, since they discovered that Nigerians are not willing to cough up the price of originals...

So many guys claim to be selling Louboutin products but most of them are selling Replicas...
I saw on a Nigerian website that a Louboutin shoe goes for about #32, 500...but on checking the same shoe on the official Louboutin website it was $995! Thats approximately #200,000!
The Naija marketers give many lame lines that they buy it whole sale thats why they resell it that cheap...but no matter the whole sale an original Louboutin can never go from 200k to 32k except you stole them from Louboutins. Even if you did you'll sell above dat price...
What annoys me is dat they'll argue it to d last that its original & not replica...saying "they sell original but cannot say about someone else"-market women

Anyway itz none of my business lipsrsealed

To avoid fake replicas, buy direct from the shops or online or from any of their outlets or a reputable shop that sells their concession. I buy during their sales period for around half-price.
Health / Re: DJDOLA; Prayers, Words Of Gratitude, Derailers Haven, Etc by Busybody2(f): 5:20pm On Mar 09
MARCH 2nd 4.59pm
I just went through the thread today so let me do my bit to educate a bit on Nasopharyngeal carcinoma NPC. NPC is a cancer arising from the skin in an area behind the nose known as the Nasopharynx. It is relatively rare and most doctors not in ENT may never have come across a case before and this makes the diagnosis to be delayed in many cases. Most patients present with a neck swelling first, others have symptoms that may easily be confused with cartarhh that refuses to go away, bulging eyes, difficulty in swallowing and deep headaches. Such cases are rarely diagnosed till they have advanced to the stage where they give other scary symptoms like nose bleed. Patients rarely loose weight at the beginning so this makes many people relax and not suspect something sinister. It affects any age group but in Nigeria is commonest amongst young adults in their 20s and 30s.
The treatment is Radiotherapy alone for very early cases and then radiotherapy and chemotherapy for other stages from stage 2 upwards. There is very little surgery that can be done for these patients as the Nasopharynx is so closely related to many delicate structures in the head and the chances of removing the tumor without killing the patient is slim.
I can't comment on this patient as I don't have all the details and I couldn't make a prognosis on a social blogsite even if I did.
My advice for her is to make sure she completes her Radiotherapy and chemotherapy without a break and then 3 to 6 months later her doctor will need to reasses her.
Both radio and chemotherapy are brutal. I tell my patients that at the end they will feel like a trailer ran over them and reversed .
I hope my little explanation is of help.
I'll keep praying for her.

MARCH 2nd 6.26pm
thank u very much Sir, every bit of ur explanation is like u see n know me from adam, my own has gotten to a stage of blood from nose n mouth. With 4chemo n 21radio one of my nose is still blocking especially in d night but d blood has reduced drastically, pls advice me on some of d things I can put in place like; my mouth is useless, nausea ,vommiting ,tiredness, insomnia, unable to eat e.t,c please av u seen ppl come out of nasopharyngeal cercinoma? Can it come back after treatment? I look like a monster now I can't bath for long ,pls help me.

MARCH 2nd 7.04pm

Folake as I said radiotherapy is very hard on the body because of the way it works. The radio waves kill any fast growing tissue and the fasterthe tissue grows it grows the better it works. Cancer cells are growing extra fast and that is why they are killed off. Unfortunately the skin in your digestive tract (that is mouth , oesophagus stomach etc) are also fast growing but not as fast as the cancer, so many of these cells are being damaged but not as severely as the cancer cells Try to eat a balanced diet, since food is hard to chew and swallow add things like Complan milk to your diet, blend fresh fruits like banana with milk or youghort, or none citric fruits so you get adequate nutrition and vitamins, ask your doctor to prescribe something for the nausea and vomiting.Drink plenty of water, gargle regularly with mild salty water and if you can find it small baking soda. I recommend bone to be applied to sores in the mouth to soothe them before eating. Also be careful of what supplements you tak,e anything with folic acid should be avoided as these feed the tumour.
Yes I have seen patients recover from NPC but unfortunately I have seen some reoccur too . You concentrate your energies on staying positive as we always get better results in patients who are not depressed. I know it's not easy but God is your strength.

MARCH 2nd 8.26pm

Please in addition to your explanation, I will like to know what we can do to combat the effect of this chemo.

You need to see how good looking Folake is now. I am so sad about it

MARCH 2nd 10.25pm
Ola, you sef ehn, you are not even letting the house know financial status by updating the financial contributions and expenses. Anyways. I WISH FOLAKE a healthy life 1s again.
Health / Re: DJDOLA; Prayers, Words Of Gratitude, Derailers Haven, Etc by Busybody2(f): 5:06pm On Mar 09
A Brother and his Sister with severe cancer were grateful to have the attention of Dr Allycat on their thread and they were in the middle of a tete-a-tete with this Doctor about her chances of HOPE and SURVIVAL, and you have audacity to butt in rudely and say this below....and accused them of diversary tactics in your subsequent post...SHAME ON YOU undecided

MARCH 2nd 10.25pm
Ola, you sef ehn, you are not even letting the house know financial status by updating the financial contributions and expenses. Anyways. I WISH FOLAKE a healthy life 1s again.
Health / Re: DJDOLA; Prayers, Words Of Gratitude, Derailers Haven, Etc by Busybody2(f): 5:00pm On Mar 09
OP(Ola) we all here will love to be hearing from FOLAKE and how she is personally feeling, so pls can you get her at least a tecno phone (internet enabled). . . . Abeg o, HOW UNA SEE AM?

Mods, FRONT PAGE 1s again pls, the Last time this thread was on front page it was ridiculed with doubts which chase many away, but since its been cleared. And OP wats d update so far. donations, expenditures if any, and ofcos, where is Folake? She was suppose to be here by now. You know peeps are watching and expecting ur updates.

Why is Folake not here up till now @OP.
am sooo so glad you are finally here and we can hear from you personally. We can only imagine wat you going through but just chill and see wat Jesus is about to do in your life. YOU ARE HEALED.
Health / Re: Please Help Safe Folake (urgent) by Busybody2(f): 11:06am On Mar 09

I understand that everyone WANTS INFO on how the money has been sent however please remember that we have a PATIENT here.

Please dont think this case is the same as other Tehn cases where you can demand reciepts , weekly updates like they were being paid.

Folake is undergoing CHEMO here!!!!!!!!!!!
All this plus and minus excel sheet computing being demanded here is not in the interest of the patient
Someone that is physically reeling daily from chemo effects and we are discussing lack of updates like its supposed to be a twitterfeed


If anyone seriously wants the detailed accounts then they should volunteer to do it for and take that load off Folake's family.
Cancer stops everything in the life of a patient and their family - they are already juggling their personal lives and assisting Folake day in day out whilst we are here online posting posts. They are living it!! Emotionally and physically.

I passed the place you get your immunotherapy drugs from in Magodo today.
I'll see what I can do


That the public is involved is no excuse - people raise funds through newspapers articles, online campaigns, TV programs all the time but I'm yet to find where the same public DEMAND breakdown of expenses and updates like it was an audit. The most you will get is the total amount raised - finish.

This is someone's life here - her PRIVACY splashed out in the public because she needs HELP.

Kingolaola has given us the the amount given so far its approx 800k as at his last count.

If this cash does not cover all her chemo and radiotherapy sessions left they will let us know.

Just because we gave out our free will does not give us the right to do what comes across to me as 'harassment' like we gave them money to buy shares and we are demanding our dividends.

Next thing is that people will start scrutinising the breakdown - how much is the transport, why is this one there,

Let someone volunteer to do their accounts if you all insist

God bless you Sis, thanks for restoring our faith in the human race. Cancer itself is a painful, life-sapping illness, talkless of the equally painful cocktail combo of Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy Ms Folake is being subjected to. Yet people were even originally complaining that the 24 hourly update her Brother was giving was not enough and he should be online 24/7, smh...


Health / Re: Please Help Safe Folake (urgent) by Busybody2(f): 10:40am On Mar 09
@idowuogboo cramjones babyosisi busybody2 we need you here pls. God bless you

Woah, not another Cancer case.
Religion / Re: Christians State Your Reason For Believing In GOD by Busybody2(f): 1:33am On Feb 06
Truly, He is a mighty mighty God...and the sweetest Father anyone can imagine.

If our Father has used this to touch you, to draw you closer to His heart ever throbbing with infinite love for you, to Him be all the glory and praise. More than that, I'm happy in your joy.


Like you, I have a Calling from God. My prayer is that He helps us fulfill the mission He has entrusted to us. God is our strength.

Most importantly, after our time here on earth is done, it will be joy indescribable to see you in heaven, as well as so many Christian nairalanders I've been blessed to meet.

Now you see why my confidence in God can never fade.

Oh the joy is actually on your behalf...I was delirious with joy to hear our loving and merciful and kind God heeded your voice and your dream came through, in even better ways than you imagined.

I read about your "September" last year with a lot of trepidation and my heart in my mouth, because my "september" too was ***thumbsdown*** That's why I am really happy you are back and have grown loads spiritually. Congratulations, the Lord is your strength and shield and no good thing would He withhold from you as you place your trust in him. Remain blessed Sirree. Are you still on the SC email?
Travel / Re: Dual Nationality Nigeria/uk Passport? by Busybody2(f): 1:20am On Feb 06
I have a question, I have two nationality, both nigerian/british, do I have to show both passport when leaving uk airport or just nigerian, however I have errors on my Nigerian passport.like my date of birth and names, wuld correct it wen I get to nigeria, can I still leave uk....any answers pls would be grateful and helpful

There was a weird memo passed round to Travel agents, Nigerian Embassy in UK and some few professionals, around August/September last year...

Something about travelling with one passport to/fro Nigeria only...Border machines at the airport are being reprogrammed, so very soon you would only be able to travel to/back from Nigeria with just one passport.

Until now, we can travel out with our Nigerian Passport and return with our UK passport, but once this dodgy rule kicks in, if you choose to travel with your UK passport, you have to buy a £400 Nigeria visa to guarantee a smooth passage to Nigeria otherwise you would be sent back from UK airport that you don't have a visa to travel to Nigeria. If you use your Nigerian passport to fly out, you would be denied boarding back to the UK because the computer would not show up that you are a British Citizen, so you would be told to go and apply for a UK visa if you want to travel to UK.

The counter staffs would not be able to help you because every time they swipe your passport, it will show up as blank. So be warned...

I reckon 100% that there would be war in Nigeria following the February 14th election, started by either Boko because Buhari is going to win, but the result will be rigged and the seat given to GEJ, hence reason for such drastic sinister moves...
Religion / Re: Where Medical Science Meets Faith.come And Join In A Fast For DJDOLA I/28/2015 by Busybody2(f): 12:31am On Feb 06

Busybody sorry I had to quote this cause it really got me. I don remember insulting you in any of my post on that thread. The only ones I insulted I quoted their post which was emmysexxy,originalsly and olu4life. One other person I quoted was aisha2.

But I had done that unknowingly,please I take back my words as I do not intend it. It must have been in my bad moments. Shalom.

Sorry sincere apologies to you, I didn't know it would read like that, what I meant was Themaingate was on my case and you were on Emmysexxy's case. That what all of us including Emmysexxy was saying was "the hospital is wasting valuable time/taking DJ for a ride", but we was labelled Tehn haters...whereas the two statement are miles apart and does not even click at all at all. Our concern was for the patient because terminally ill people have weeks/months left to live...but this was too heavy for us to blurt out sad Even before DJ left Eruwa, I remember telling Naijadeyhia off for e-diagnosing 10 illnesses, that Luth already diagnosed terminal ascites aka the big C.

Now seeing Jaybee's statement that the hospital already had all the information they needed that November...if only we can turn back the hands of time...but God knows best cry This life cry
Religion / Re: Where Medical Science Meets Faith.come And Join In A Fast For DJDOLA I/28/2015 by Busybody2(f): 9:06pm On Feb 05
Doc Babyosisi, I wasn't banned, just received a polite plea from the-powers-that-be-on-NL to go easy on Tehn...a funny request considering the fact that I hadn't even started with these tehn people...If I get banned for all I was saying "which was this hospital is wasting time/money", the law will come down hard on the Hospital with Tehn and Nairaland as co-defendants in Court for medical malpractice, negligence, over-testing, etc..." See post from Jaybee below (in bold) confirming the hospital knew from the Cytology done November 27th, yet when you and I came out December 15th to ask why the dangerous delay, they encouraged peeps like Themaingate and taryour to be insulting me and Emmysexxy and our family, and jumped on your neck too mocking your profession undecided Anyway God told me to forgive them, and compel the house to forgive too...So they are lucky I am now a baby Christian sha...And when I saw a random post from emmysexxy about forgiveness, I became convinced that was from God too...

God bless you Babymama1 for this thread for DJ.

January 26th

Did you even bother to read my post Mr or you are just on a whinning bender?

How do you know which chemo drugs to use bearing in mind we don’t know where the cancer is coming from? –
They know from the ascetic fluid cytology report that the cancer is an adenocarcinoma. Chemo is systemic and they will use the drug that kills adenocarcinomas. According to him, adenocarcinomas usually come from the liver and the colon and since the colon is clear (from colposcopy results) its more likely from the liver and from previous results a mass was seen in the liver

How will you know for certain that it’s from the liver
A liver biopsy would give a 100% result, but they have no intention of further distressing the patient by doing a liver biopsy as they already have all the info that they need

Nov 29th

We did not mean to keep you in the dark but there has not been a lot of new updates on this case.

As you are all aware, Hamed was scheduled to have a biopsy done on his liver to really ascertain what is wrong as the antibiotic treatment has not achieved the desired result.

He is still being prepared for the biopsy and hopefully he will have it on Monday.

On Thursday, he had the following tests
•Serum asatic Albumin
•Cholesterol, Glucose, Amylase and Cytology
All in a bid to really find out why his liver is not functioning properly.

We are pleased to say that his kidneys are okay as there is no need for any more dialysis, he is still adding weight, he is stable and has improved considerably.

We hope that when we have the results of the Biopsy and the other tests, we will know what exactly is wrong.


Dec 7th

Hello all, Hamed was supposed to have a biopsy done last monday but it could not have been done before the fluid which has accumulated in him was drained.

After draining, it was discovered (through both physical and scans) that there was a tender mass across his transverse colon which prompted a colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy was not helpful as it just indicated a slight narrowing of the transverse colon, this leads to suspicion that the mass is actually on the surface of the transverse colon hence a laparoscopy is being scheduled for this week.

The biopsy has been called off(for now) as his liver seems to be okay. We urge you to keep praying for Hamed though.

Thanks for your support.


Off to go and screenshot for the 100th time incase they wanna start modifying and hiding evidence cool cool

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Religion / Re: Where Medical Science Meets Faith.come And Join In A Fast For DJDOLA I/28/2015 by Busybody2(f): 6:55pm On Feb 05
###Oh Lord though healeth us

Where shall we look for help in affliction?
Or whither shall we send?
“The prayer of faith will save,” it is written,
’Tis truth till time shall end.

We touch the word of His promise,
As firm as heaven’s throne;
And trusting Him this very moment,
We know the work is done.
Thy love, O God, abideth forever,
Thy mighty pow’r the same;
And all Thy word declares Thou art willing
To heal the sick and lame.
Thy heart, dear Lord, is full of compassion,
And touched with sympathy;
Why then should we continue to suffer?We know Thou healest us.
O Christ, Thou art our perfect Physician,
Thy faith now makes us whole;
Thy healing touch pervadeth our body,
And thrills with joy our soul.

Religion / Re: Seeking The Face Of God - The Journey by Busybody2(f): 6:34pm On Feb 05
Woah, congrats Torchwave, you did it. God's promises are sure forever!!!

*Proverbs 8:17 - I love those who love me; And those who diligently seek me will find me.

*Deutoronomy 4:29 - But from there you will seek the Lord your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.

*Jeremiah 29:13 - You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

*1 Chronicles 28:9 ...for the LORD searches all hearts, and understands every intent of the thoughts If you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever.

*1 Chronicles 16:11 - Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!

Blessed are thou, Torchwave smiley

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Religion / Re: Christians State Your Reason For Believing In GOD by Busybody2(f): 6:11pm On Feb 05
Hmmm. Let me count the reasons:
I've seen Him perform His Word in the lives of many and in my life
He touched me
He changed me
He loves me as I am and He told me so
I've seen the face of Jesus. He has visited me more than once. I count myself unworthy but blessed by His unexpected visitations
His Word is powerful, undeniable, unquenchable
He saved me from death three times. I would have been dead long ago but for Him
I've also seen guardian angels in my dreams (probably my guardian angels) and other angels in dreams and a vision.
I have super peace everyday because He is the source of my peace even though there is a raging storm around me
Twice, He showed me heaven and it was confirmed through the testimonies of others
He has made Himself known to me so that I've complete confidence in His existence
He has Called me to preach His Word and that is why I have a purpose
....and that is why I shall never stop believing in God

This is the confidence we have in approaching God, that if we ask ANYTHING according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have what we asked of Him.

Awww, what a mighty God we serve. There is none Holy as our Lord. Ever dependable, ever sure. What a privilege and honour to be able to be counted worthy to worship at His throne of grace.

(((Hugs))) Torchwave, ***wiping away tears of joy*** So so happy to see this...
Travel / Re: The Uk Is A Trap. Don't Come Here To Study: by Busybody2(f): 2:42pm On Jan 30

smiley smiley smiley. secondary school student ke.grin
it's still cold in April and early may...( April feels like UK winter). June and July are hot like naija tongue

Chei, so Easter is out then shocked possibly Summer then. Though not sure whether to do Canada first or last Going the NYC/Niagara falls route to/fro Calgary is already another journey in its own sad

Yes oh, it's for when I wanna contest the Presidency seat, don't want nobody doing a Buhari on me, Nigeria badly needs a female president, lol grin
Travel / Re: QATAR And UAE General Visa Enquiries by Busybody2(f): 2:26pm On Jan 30

yah i know dat... but presently the 90 days is very much on

Na wah, yes you are right, it's back and around N280k shocked How did you know this and I don't angry

Travel / Re: UK Wants To Deport 5yr Old Nigerian Boy Rafeeq Atanda, Mum Pleads by Busybody2(f): 2:18pm On Jan 30
^^^^^Sorry this above is jumbled up...
Travel / Re: UK Wants To Deport 5yr Old Nigerian Boy Rafeeq Atanda, Mum Pleads by Busybody2(f): 2:16pm On Jan 30
See below the right of a child to education. Nowhere does it say it is a right to be educated in the UK or gives right to remain in a country because you are in school there. If that was the case people who study in the UK on student visas should be automatically awarded citizenship.

Unless you can prove to me that he cannot continue his education in Nigeria, that argument holds no water for the home office.

Education is a human right which ought to be accessible to everyone, without any discrimination. All children must be able to go to school, and thereby benefit from the same opportunities to build a future. Additionally, educational instruction must be equally gratuitous so that children from disadvantaged environments will be able to enjoy their right to an education.

You cannot compare students who have to apply for a visa "from" elsewhere to Rafeeq. Rafeeq was born in UK, the only thing he is not entitled to is a BRITISH PASSPORT. He is entitled to EVERYTHING ELSE a British citizen is entitled to. As soon as he is born, if his parents wants to take him out of UK, his
parents can apply for a Nigerian passport for him/her, get the same visa category as them, but make sure he does not spend more than "Bleep" amount of time outside UK, and when his parents wants to renew their visa to come to UK, all they have to do is include his passport...until he gets to full time education...OR his parents can live him in UK...This is why Illegal immigrants even send their children to school in UK, do you think the Government is not aware of this!

As a child age 5 entitled to full time education, if he starts attending and starts missing classes or attending erratically, his mum/parents would be subject to fines or imprisonment...that should tell you how compulsory/important education is.

He was born here, and has spent his formative years here so sending children aged 5 and above back affects them psychologically because all they have known their whole lives is UK.

This is not a generally known case because it came on the back of another case whereby a Portuguese lady and another lady followed their husbands. When their hubby returned to their respective countries, the mum applied for right to stay and were granted SOLELY on the basis that the children were aged 5 and above, in full time education, had spent their formative years here so sending them back home would affect them psychologically and of course they are still young children so need someone to look after them and ideally the mums are the best in this case. And you know EU laws is universal....what is good for the goose is good for the gander...UK are legally bound to apply the same rule and they did this hence reason they took out the "7year residency rule" and replaced it with nothing...read through any case involving children, you would see that even if they want to deport overstaying parents, and issue them separate letters of intention to pick them up/surrender to UKBA, there is always a "subtle" separate clause in the last paragraph of the children's letters of the extra rights "qualifying" children has...


Travel / Re: QATAR And UAE General Visa Enquiries by Busybody2(f): 1:42pm On Jan 30

go back n check again ..... n mind u its not drnd its dnrd dont get it wrong...

Drnd, drnd, tomayto, tomaato...all join grin

Kk checking...like I said they change their rules like they brush their teeth... lipsrsealed
Travel / Re: UK Wants To Deport 5yr Old Nigerian Boy Rafeeq Atanda, Mum Pleads by Busybody2(f): 1:34pm On Jan 30
Part for the fact that he has been sent back to Nigeria already, I don't see what the right to education has to do with his eight to stay in the UK. Are you saying returning him to Nigeria means he will no longer go to school?

Yeah I read that he got deported.

But it's under "UN convention on the rights of a child to education" legislation and can also be challenged under "Human Rights" to education. A child in full time education in UK should not be deported. It's illegal to send that child to Nigeria.
Travel / Re: QATAR And UAE General Visa Enquiries by Busybody2(f): 1:13pm On Jan 30

what are u guys saying 90day visa is very much avalaible even according to thier website

Quote the link you have Sir. I saw this 3 days ago on drnd website.
Travel / Re: Main Reasons Many Are Refused Visas by Busybody2(f): 12:20pm On Jan 30
shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked Hey Mr Vic, happy many many new years, longest time, good to see you, how have you been Sir, compliments of the season to you and your family...where have you been!!! Wow thinking about it I think I replied Mr Akolawole this morning on another thread, could it be the same Akolawole too? Good news all round cheesy

No mind the guy oh, 90 days dubai and Bahrain visa indeed! Scammers everywhere, lol
Travel / Re: I Have Dubai And Bahrain Visa : No Upfront Payment by Busybody2(f): 12:11pm On Jan 30

Well, i can prove that he is not a scammer, he is only a humble thief because, scammers are way more intelligent than this calibre of a struggling thief.

Sorry oh, old things have passed away I am now meek and gentle as a dove and can't fight so I only asked if he was a scammer 800 feet away from him embarassed

shocked shocked shocked Happy many new years Bros Vic, longest time. Good to hear from you. How is family? Missed you soon much. Glad to see you around here...Omg I also responded to Akolawole earlier on today, wow...good news all round.
Travel / Re: QATAR And UAE General Visa Enquiries by Busybody2(f): 10:37am On Jan 30
Hello everyone, thanks for your contributions, you all are the best.
Please I want to make clarifications on dubai visa, like I said last week I gave som1 #150k for visa, and now he's asking for anoda 50k. He said d visa is ready but he won't give me if I don't pay d balance.
Pls how much is dubai visa for three months.
Note: I already made d payments before I discovered this thread. Tnx.
I need answers asap.
God Bless You All

Pls how do u recognize a fake visa? I have two visa .. For a friend and I .... One was stamped and d other wasn't. The one stamped I learnt is the old two months visa while the unstamped one is the 'new three months visa'. Your thoughts pls! Thanks

I know Dubai are fond of changing their immigration rules like they change pants, but they are currently no longer issuing 90 days visa according to their drnd website!!!

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