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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 9:13pm On Dec 20

All the while you have been talking of LUTH diagnosis of cancer
This is new information as what was written by luth was chronic liver disease.

Where did luth talk of cancer as your statements indicate that there was a diagnosis from luth yet then went on a battery of tests for reasons unknown
This is luth diagnosis...

Er...can you not see the malignant ascites diagnosis written under the decompensated Chronic Liver Disease they suspected was the primary source in that same paper in the link you used your own hand to supply? Did you not see the blood tests for cancer and blood test to check for internal bleeding?


Na wo o, small small na. make una display some maturity na.

Thanks for your opinion. When I get to that bridge I will cross it. Expect an invitation in the mail. Thanks once again.

As for you bunksy, Maryjane09 and Caracta were the only ones sweating round attending to DJ at the time you people were cruelly saying "tehn would have handled it better" oh. Hence reason for my last paragraph in bold not to frustrate them. So what other meaning does this have than you people were implying they were rubbish...So it is okay for you and Tehn to criticise others, but Tehn does not want to be criticised, hence reason for their pre-emptive attack on me to silence me. So what is good for the goose is not good for the gander? By the way, awon iran di iran e ni o ni problem". So all of you keep chatting shite, God is watching all of you hypocrites in 4D. Thanks for promising not to reply me

I have nicely told people to carry their politics away from this thread. This is a life and death matter here...All DJDOLA needs is a credible Doctor/Hospital and for him to survive this ordeal first, so anybody that knows what help to render should do so, instead of repeating ad nauseum that TEHN woulda done this or that...

Once the OP's health has been stabilised and he has been given a clean bill of health, then people with an axe to grind with Seun can state their concerns/frustration...This is not the thread to roast Seun alive.

And we have to be careful we don't frustrate those already helping as they are trying their best too. Thanks.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 8:00pm On Dec 20

I just saw this addendum to your post. Who is hurt? Hurt whose feelings? Even if you are my father, your words can't hurt me. Why do you think your attacks are hurting people? Whoever gave you that notion should be jailed. Stop this self-aggrandizing because you are nothing but a mere faceless moniker who adds nothing to my life. I'm ONLY concerned because DJ will bear the repercussion if these insults continue. Donators and TeHN workers might quit if these insults continues and DJ will pay dearly for it. Minus that, I would've continued reading this thread silently with my single post since day 1. You can't hurt my shadow much less me. I'm done on this issue.

Oh please so if you are not feeling hurt, why do you keep going on and on and on and on about it like a broken record and not just waka pass after your first post on the matter? Am I the only one who have returned insults on this thread that it is my own case you decide heaven has to come down Good you are done. Good riddance to bad rubbish and please let the door hit you on your way out, tschewwwww.

You just saw the addendum YET it was in the post you quoted. Berra go sort out your selective reading problem afflicting you, Olodo upon 30.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 7:50pm On Dec 20

"The devil is proud of you".. "Shameless Jaybee3"... "Debased mind".. "May God punish you and everyone pushing you to do this".. "Lying dingbat".. "Incompetent goofaholic" are just the insults I could pull off straight from the top of my head and they all have one characteristic - they belong to YOU.

I'm not here to side TeHN nor You. Nah. I feel you have a tangible reason as to why you feel the doctors are being insincere, but the way you are heaping these crude insults will make some people defer from replying you. Emotions are involved here, so it wouldn't be bad if you are civil. If you insult someone, it's likely that the person will not look forward to discussing future issues with you lest you insult him again. That's why Jarus and some, decided not to quote you. You have a valid point, I'm not doubting it, neither am I saying you shouldn't contribute. Your contributions are valuable, you care about DJ. But when you lace your posts with insults, someone will get turned off because of it. Your insults can make someone in TeHN to pull out of this mission and we don't want that. We need all hands on deck. A life's at stake here. We ain't perfect, let's point out our wrongs, imperfections and mistake with civil posts devoid of insults, that's all I'm saying. Once DJ is back to optimum health, if you want insult the living daylight out of anybody, be rest assured I won't butt in.

Newsflash, my visit to this thread was not to discuss. I detected an emergency and some anomalies and communicated this to whomever it may concern. My posts were rhetorical and needed no response ONLY ACTION. Nothing else. All the posts are still there so feel free to go through them to get a better understanding.

And at the end of the day THE END JUSTIFIED THE MEANS, and we all now know what's up, which again was the sole reason for my sojourn here. To which again I say, thank God for mission accomplished.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 7:15pm On Dec 20

I'm not here to rep anybody. I noticed the insults in your posts, and I think it's causing more harm than good. The post of yours I quoted is a "current" post. These insults will end up putting off some posters who might want to explain something to you, but on seeing your insults, will decide to keep mute. I understand you might be "too blunt" online, but please for the sake of DJ, do away with insults. It leads to nowhere meaningful. You can engage in a discourse without the unnecessary insults. If a life wasn't on the line here, I'd have sat back allowed the free-for-all to rage on.

Keep pretending you did not see that the other party started the numerous insults which prompted me to return the abuse and cut them to size, and this was after numerous plea that I was not here because of them/their reputation but because of the fact that LUTH confirmed malignancy/cancer as far back as first week November and a life was at stake, so keep yakking poo-stirrer. Your selective judgement has shown you are of the devil your father, so keep stirring...

We now have a diagnosis, anyone with a heart should be in a pensive, sober, reflective mood, but no, all Ochon still wanna do is spit out his dummy cos his feelings are hurt, carry go una hear lipsrsealed

In the other news, I am glad the hospital has done what they should have done as far back as three weeks ago. Mission accomplished cool

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 3:48pm On Dec 20

I don't mean to butt in into your ish with Jay and others you feel are being taking for a ride by the doctors... But don't you think you'd stop the glaring insults on these people? You can speak your mind quiet clear without the numerous insults entrenched in your posts. it's off-putting. I beg you to stop. Be civil at least for DJ's sake. Even when you are driving your point home succintly, your insults takes the shine off it.

We have long moved on from "that". This "current" chin-wag is solely between good and evil. So thank you as you remember the battle is still the Lord's not yours undecided But then again you could be here as the representative of the devil the accuser of the brethren, so the floor is yours...
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 1:55pm On Dec 20

You are the one lying all over the place and trying to make everything about yourself.

You aren't more concerned than we are so stop drawing attention to yourself.

If you have axe to grind then just say so and stop all these unhelpful rants already

This is about DJ and him alone.

You are the one without conscience cos if you have one you won't be trying to draw attention to yourself

Nuff said

A round of applause for this depraved performance of yours that could only have come from a debased mind. The devil is very proud of you for the depth you could sink to on his behalf just to get a pat on the back.

Bravo, well done, but as long as God still remains on the throne you wouldn't be forgetting this day in a hurry, mark it down.

cool cool cool
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 12:06am On Dec 20
But TeHN did say they would handle this na (directly or indirectly)....

Now what's the way forward cos it's not easy soliciting for more fund at this point in time after the extortion from that hospital and much delay from the kick off of its awareness.

I tire oh

Why did Jaybee3 pick a fight with me for rightly saying they pledged to help DJ?? It was Doc Osisi that I was talking to before the Jaybee came to turn the subject to them again, jeez. Bloody liar. Sunday go reach now, they will carry Bible. Pathetic!!!

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 11:46pm On Dec 19

Provide a link where we vowed to seun in front of nairalanders
That's not so difficult or is it?

You wanna start pretending you have amnesia abi?

You wanna pretend you don't remember how many "Tehn would have handled this" jibes you guys were throwing at Seun?

You wanna pretend you don't remember my response to Aisha that "Tehn don't handle medical cases" which prompted your response I quoted?

Don't you people have any conscience that you have to lie so blatantly, especially lies that can be exposed instantly? Now you are pretending you can't remember grovelling??!

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 11:40pm On Dec 19
How on earth did "we are happy to help" and "i will cordinate our approach" turned to we making a vow to seun in front of nairalanders?

What exactly do you stand to gain with all these half truths?

Slow your roll. It was not only you saying this. There was quite a few of you on Seun's neck that time. The posts are all still in the other thread dang!!!
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 11:38pm On Dec 19
Here is another.

Busybody2: Has TEHN started handling medical cases again?

Jaybee3: We don't have any new medical case that we are working on but of course we are always happy to help if and when needed.
We will look at ways on how to assist with this case as a matter of urgency if needed

Politics and wordplay don't work with me Jaybee3. Fear God.


I know Iyalode

There are other ways we can help if ever needed. That's the message i'm trying to pass across

Sorry to take u back. The last I checked u clearly stated u can't help Brian cos u peeps don't handle medical cases again. So y saying otherwise?

I didn't define the type and level of help or did I?

Besides, let's not get into any unwarranted argument.

Olu4life, it's okay. God sees, God knows, God cares...

I wish Brian safe flight tonight. May God be with him. Hope the surgery goes smoothly and I wish him safe journey mercies back home.

olu4life: Amen sis. Already ignored jawe. E go beta

I have nicely told people to carry their politics away from this thread. This is a life and death matter here...All DJDOLA needs is a credible Doctor/Hospital and for him to survive this ordeal first, so anybody that knows what help to render should do so, instead of repeating ad nauseum that TEHN woulda done this or that...

Once the OP's health has been stabilised and he has been given a clean bill of health, then people with an axe to grind with Seun can state their concerns/frustration...This is not the thread to roast Seun alive.

And we have to be careful we don't frustrate those already helping as they are trying their best too. Thanks.

jaybee3: I'm happy to coordinate our approach to getting him back on feet.
I will start working in background and hopefully come up with the following by the end of the day:
Firm action plan
Communication plan

People mocking Seun cos of his clash with tehn kept coming to the thread to say "Tehn would have handled this"... This prompted my "has tehn started handling medical cases comment because three weeks to this date (circa Nov 10th), TeHn told Olu4life whose month old nephew had a hole-in-the-heart that they don't do medical cases anymore cos they don't have medical staffs on ground in Naija. Olu4life pleaded with Okijajuju to help him present the case again to Tehn, it was turned down again, (it's all in their thread oh)...And I know communication was going on underground to allow Tehn handle DJ's case. Now this shameless Jaybee3 is here trying to trip me up...May God punish you and everyone pushing you to do this, for this wicked and vile stunt you pulled tonight.

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 11:31pm On Dec 19

Can you please provide evidence of this vow?


Can you please provide evidence of this vow?

Me i am tired of all this condescending "can you provide this and that" didinrin queries. Go through your old posts. Posts don't disappear into thin air do they? Was it someone impersonating Jaybee3 that asked this below undecided ***rolls eyes***

Brb with links

Jaybee3: We don't have any new medical case that we are working on but of course we are always happy to help if and when needed.
We will look at ways on how to assist with this case as a matter of urgency if needed

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 11:01pm On Dec 19

Busybody my dear,you know well that no surgeon will see this guy weeks after without recent lab results. all these labs and scans will be repeated in India or any teaching hospital he goes to before surgery There is enough evidence to send him somewhere that will both test and goal is the treatment after the tests..

I understand you perfectly well Doctor Osisi, as well as your concern regarding time that might not be there.

But they avowed to Seun that they are capable of handling this in front of all Nairalanders, so I am sure they understand the enormity of the task at hand and are bent over double working towards fulfilling this.

You really tried in this case. It is indeed only God that can reward your labour of love towards Brother Ahmed. May God come through for him.


Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 10:11pm On Dec 19

Ok...good we are on the same page

Note mynd accompanied in a private capacity to check the state of Hamed in eruwa

He did not get involved in a tehn capacity till much later

Did I specifically say anything different to this?

My mid November post that I used to holler thanks is still there somewhere on my profile nau.


Me the "Lying dingbat" and "incompetent goofaholic" (is that even correct?)
Biko, keep my user name off your posts
Thanks in advance.

If you need me to direct you to the patent office to copyright your "precious" username, let me know, so "UNTIL THEN", psssffftttt.

And hurry up and get your name copyrighted so you sue me to court "next time" I use your username, and cash it at the bank cool

***Anyhoo, back to the manuscript on Hamedo, tick took, tick tock, tick tock, Seun and Nairalanders are counting on you Tehn...***


Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 9:39pm On Dec 19

Thanks for your wishes.

As you are well aware we all work on a volunteer basis n so it is not just a simple matter to just nominate a fellow field worker

The field worker who was with Hamed has been there for the past three weeks or so everyday and am sure he will have other personal things to attend to.

The team will consider the suggestions

I am 100% cognisant of how TEHN runs. I know Mynd44 accompanied Hamed from Eruwa. I remember Caracta mentioned something about someone coming to buy him stoves, etc hence reason I gave a shout out thanks to him and TEHN. I am just simply reminding y'all that I was there too when y'all convinced Seun you are capable of handling this, and you would not have bid for this project if you didn't have the wherewithal or staffs. May you all never grow weary of doing good.

The Lord is your strength. Only God can reward y'all. God bless you.

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 9:14pm On Dec 19
This is the first post of this thread

How did I come to that conclusion?
Have I seen DJ?
Was I not reporting what his treating doctor said?

Let this slide Doctor Babyosisi and focus on important stuff such as the pending CT SCAN biko. You are here for DJDOLA's welfare and Tehn convinced Seun they are capable of handling this case and I am sure they will see this to the end. So your business here is with Tehn, so let's focus on them.


Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 9:06pm On Dec 19

Ok...a meeting may need to be scheduled with the hospital though Hamex has discharged himself
I am not in town again
So far these are the suggestions obtsined so far

Best of luck. Try chase up the CT scan. I am sure no appointment is needed for that and if you are out of town, TeHn should have no issue nominating one of your fellow fieldworkers.

The house will be waiting/hoping for the best. Thanks.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 8:26pm On Dec 19

According to the doctor they suspected malignancy not yet confirmed and not ruled out also
More tests are needed
yet you are the same person complaining of the battery of tests

Do you see why we needed a doctor

You are not been asked to go and dictate what tests the Doctor should do, so you are capable of asking the Doctor the question Babyosisi asked. Again this Doctor was the one who told you they suspected it, so if they have ruled out liver issue and retroviral, it's easier for you to ask what is the probability this is cancer.

You are spot on again
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 7:39pm On Dec 19

Trust me, no one hears of cancer and go to bed and sleep soundly. We like all of you are eager to confirm or rule it out as soon as possible. What we need is the practical way to go about it with or without the current hospital treating him.

If the hospital is slow, as we think they are, what do we do? Compel them to hasten up? Yes! but we have to approach it with care, reason we kept asking for a doctor on ground to help us 'compel' them to hasten up.

Alternatively or in addition is to liaise with other doctors and seek their opinion and practical things we can do to get a confirmation as soon as we can, and Royver is helping us with that.

We are also still opened to other practical suggestions of what we can do to get a conclusion as soon as we can, preferably not a 'read in between the lines' suggestions.

IMHO, asking a Doctor to query another Doctor's incompetence is antagonistic, unprofessional and unethical. The Pickabeau1 that went there this Monday can ask the two questions Osisi asked since nau!

This Hospital were the one who told him Cancer was one of the suspected diagnosis afterall?!
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 7:31pm On Dec 19

Today is Friday,by tomorrow many people will be heading home for Christmas
I guess until next year

This all must be a dream, that is the only plausible logical reason undecided
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 7:27pm On Dec 19

My opinion or the interpretation of the results you provided by two cancer specialists who specifically told you that growth should be biopsied?
If you folks are done with the case please declare it closed after all patient has been discharged.
Or you can keep shopping for the diagnosis of your choice

Babyosisi, see the highlighted below which was posted yesterday...Even if it is TB, so it costs nearly N1M to treat TB! This is mind-boggling!!!


Your concern is noted, we thought of the possibility too, but we are unable to reach the conclusion that it is a rip off. We also have no guarantee that taking him to another hospital apart from teaching hospitals will be less expensive. Private Specialists Hospitals in Nigeria are very expensive from our findings.

However, the way forward is to suggest alternatives. What are your suggestions?

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 7:15pm On Dec 19

Since there arent doctors on ground, you can liase with babyosisi by contacting her through phone or whatsapp for faster communications if she agrees.
You dont need to post response and wait to get further questions on nairaland in other to save time.


Won't it be a lot more expedient if a doctor is here to discuss with the doctor and they talk?

So we ask the doctor these two questions, we then come back to report. Then collect another set of questions and then go to the doctors and repeat the process.

Okay na....


She has been in correspondence with the team
Hence my surprise what she came here to post

We also have been in correspondence with Rover

At this stage it takes an average of two days for turn around with this Doctor by proxy issue

We get information from field
The field officer writes an email
We forward to babyosisi and royver
They interprete considering there are time zone differences
We tell doctor on ground
Someone's life is at stake in all these email correspondences
Do we tell the doctor here to stop until we get email response?

It is not an effective use of time

We need a doctor on ground that can volunteer at least once or twice a week

The general hospitals are on strike
The lab tests are being done in far locations aside from where he is admitted
It takes time to make diagnosis

All these constraints have been displayed here.

Thinking out loudly - So Gbadexy makes the suggestion in bold up there, and all we get is excuses about how it would take three days for information to flow from the hospital to Doctor Osisi and back to the hospital SO they would rather prefer a doctor on the ground YET according to pickabeau, babyosisi's last email to them was December 13th.

December 19th (today's date) less December 13th is a whooping 6 wasted days of waiting for Doctor on ground when Babyosisi's free service could have been utilised oh cool How difficult can it be for any gentleman to ask the Doctor "is it Cancer Sir" or how difficult is it to tie one's headscarf round the waist and grab the Doctor by the collar and demand answers from him

Heavenly Father we beseech thee.


Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 6:55pm On Dec 19
Honestly something is not right here..Do u know that most of the posts we are putting here should not be read by the patient.This to me is unprofessional and totally unacceptable.I understand that people are frustrated,including myself, with the way things are going,BUT pls dont let us throw professionalism into the dustbin,it is who we are!

All we have done here is say the hospital should hasten up the diagnosis process and rule out cancer, which was one of the 4 diagnosis they gave, nothing else...We are aware of ethical reasons not to disclose diagnosis. I have shared same thing you have said up there about withholding info in a post I made 5 weeks ago. Our collective goal and wish is for a false positive result. Thanks.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 1:48pm On Dec 19
Why all the demands for doctors to help you interpret the result
Haven't you all received enough interpretations to know where we are now what to do next?
I am now compelled to make the contents of my email open for all to see
This is getting annoying
Busybody move over,na me dem go attack now
Here I come

Babyosisi please it's okay. I totally understand your frustration. Let's all just hope for the best in God. Sorry Mrs Osisi.

Apologies for all the unfair comments and attack directed your way. And even the latest of the many snide attacks from Pickabeau that he just made.

God will make a way I believe. DJ will be healed.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 1:11pm On Dec 19

Thanks for ur advice, we'll taken but let me also chip in my advice to you:

Try and get some basic communication skills and know how to connect with ur audience. It's pointless having any form of knowledge about a subject but lacking the manner of approach to pass on this message. This has been ur problem on this thread and that's why you type very long epistles but nothing substantial is ever deducted from it. Thank you!

Okay I hear you, we will discuss Kimoni's hurt feelings later. I promise undecided

All I am here for NOW is the hospital to confirm the patient does not have cancer with weeks/months left to live.

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 12:27pm On Dec 19

You have said sooo much but at the end of the day, nothing of value was added. What solutions are you proposing to all the highlighted issues? I couldn't find any. We need solutions at this point, the problems have long been identified. Thank you Sir!

I "would" suggest, you kindly read between the lines, go through her previous posts on this issue before arriving at your own equally unhelpful conclusion, and if you still don't get her posts, remember it's a forum she posted on to express "her opinion". Not forcing you though, hence reason I used the word "would".

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 12:15pm On Dec 19
Can someone explain to can medications be prescribed without a diagnosis? ...I hope he takes none. Bgusybody been talking a lot but nobody listening....just responding based on emotions. Like I said before....when the funds run dry the hospital would declare the tests are not conclusive. I am just sick and tired of DJ being exploited by this hospital and so many can't see it....30 plus days in a hospital and the problem can't be diagnosed? Even if it's a case of juju...within days any hospital worth its salt would declare treatment is beyond them and have the patient discharged...30 days and counting? DJ is not an invalid nor suffering from anything that should have had him as an inpatient ...maybe a few days max for tests and observation. But then why should they discharge him when he is a cash cow? lose money through boarding and feeding? Now that he is discharged they will fill the boarding gap with medications....the billing shall never cease....talks about more unnecessary tests but no talks about results. Because they are doctors and we are not we cannot challenge their decisions? It is this same mentality that allow so called MOG to exploit the masses. I hail Hamed for discharging is the very reason he cried out for help and now is back to square one. I know he is grateful for the support...but then why should he be wasting away and be unnecessarily confined?...and I know his conscience is bothering him since he knows the contributors are being exploited...but it would come off as ungrateful for him to voice that opinion. His condition is not new....and like Busybody suggested should be sought in the North. Sorry...but I do not have sugar to coat my thoughts. For so many that have sacrificed a lot for this cause....I am saying this so that your efforts shall not be in vain. "You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time".

You were the one saying this all along since Nov 10th. You said this (see below), you said more sef, this prompted my "we have all been jazzed comment on Dec 17th"...because one of the suspected diagnosis Malignancy even in the Western world indicates a terminal case where patient has weeks/months left to live...So this hospital has had 35 too long days to tell us if it is or not...

Semitunde, hope you can now see from the last paragraph why I have been pleading since that Tehn is the least of my worries...Moreover Team A and Team B which Chaircover formed had Doctors on both teams(Babyosisi and Wayllihayi), but this was disbanded and cursorily dismissed...and if I show more love to Tehn than I already do, my accountant in control of my finance would tell me to kneel down, close my eyes and raise my hands, then release me hours later to go and write "I could have used that to buy a keke maruwa and register it and insure it" 5000 times on the blackboard, and then come back to frog jump for 10 please, let's focus on the issue on the ground which is not Tehn but about getting the good news from this hospital that they have ruled out terminal cancer

That's the problem with these medical institutions.....some are like vampires....will bleed every kobo out of you then watch you in the eyes and say they have done all that is medically possible.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 9:49pm On Dec 18
cool cool cool cool cool cool cool


We are yet to be briefed on that and on the test report they got yesterday, we are waiting to meet with their CMD later in the day to get the briefing and ask questions raised. R231 will post an update when we have it.


Thanks again.I really do appreciate all your efforts.
Eagerly waiting to read that report when posted

Good one Osisi. The Lord is your strength Ma'am and He will continually uphold you in Jesus' name for your selfless unrelenting dedication to this cause.

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Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 8:39pm On Dec 18

The way is what I suggested. TEHN needs a respectable doctor or 2 within its ranks to be on the ground to avoid these sorts of issues. It is simply capacity building to meet emerging challenges

May you remain wise beyond your years.

Flashback - I repeatedly told Tehn this same thing off-line as far back as Nov 12th at the time they were about to take on this case, but it obviously went in one ear and came out the other straightaway, and now they are sinisterly trying to make it look like it is them I am pointing fingers at with my "baseless criticisms" as pickabeau called it as at this morning, whereas I don't have time for them now or in the nearest future and it is the hospital's charade I am here to focus on solely...


I know TB was one of the four suspected which puts it possibility at 25%, and when two were ruled out, this upped it to my gripe is why CT scan couldn't be done much earlier, why tests couldn't be run concurrently, etc, especially considering the fact that the other tends to malignancy....In all, I hope DJ gets a clean bill of health smiley


Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 3:45am On Dec 18

We are saying the same thing,I didn't say you pulled them out a secret place
I am just hoping the patient knows these things too before those updates are written here

I was saying the same thing Ma. It's these pointless ferocious attacks I can't comprehend undecided

Mami Babyosisi and Busybody2, as a professional in my own field too, I'm fully aware of these delay tactics and milking processes other supposed professionals make use of in convincing the clients that they are doing their best even when its obvious they are just fooling such clients. That is where objectivity comes in and helps to avoid being ripped off.
What are your suggestions at this point? Please let's not play the blame game I beseech thee.
To my brothers Jarus, Oam4j, R231, jaybee3 and Mynd44 please there's no point in putting up defensive stances. We are all in this together so instead of standing on opposite sides, please let's stand on the same sides and face whatever is coming. Thanks and one love.

I ain't even on the opposing side, i am just perplexed how the hospital is taking them on a merry-go-round...and told them to ask if it's Cancer, if it's benign, but was rudely told the hospital will finish treatment of TB first after which investigation of the primary source of the cancer would commence...Oh Babyosisi I was also told to fly down to Nigeria to hurry the Doctor up if I am not satisfied with the pace and the meticulous professional method he is using.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 2:28am On Dec 18

I hope to God the doctors and Tehns are telling the patient these tests being written here
It will be wrong for a patient to read his results online

Ma'am, what they are posting in the updates is what I have been regurgitating.
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 1:56am On Dec 18

Ordinarily I would have ignored all these but for the benefit of those reading so you dont mislead readers who might took your words for facts. Even though you give the impression you possess some knowledge of medicine, you are yet to tell us that you are a specialists in cases like Ahmed's case or prove to us you know better than those specialists currently handling him. Medical doctors from this site mailed us to give us their opinions and suggestions. Osisi even even took all the test reports we have so far to other specialists in US and forwarded to us their opinions and suggestions, all which we are taking into consideration.

1. You seem to have more information on the tests carried out at LUTH than we and Ahmed have. Please forward them to us.

2. Which of the reports on Nov.27 reveals cancerous cells? We were only informed of cancerous cells about a week or two ago when one of the results of the tests came. Can you please give me a link to that Nov 27 report?

3. The hospital is not ignoring anything but waiting for the result of the Abdominal CT scan that only came today Dec.17th.

4. If TB was suspected and the cost of treating it is not much why should it be ignored? And whatever improvement Ahmed has now is due to that treatment.

5. And who are "these people" that are still making it about them, their money, their sleepless nights, their numerous phone calls? Where is TeHN making it all about them? Our focus remains Ahmed's health.

6. Again I repeat, We are concerned with the time taken to reach a definite diagnosis including the amount spent, and we did inform the hospital of our concerns but we were told Ahmed has to be systematical and thoroughly examined so they don't get it wrong. We have no choice but to respect their demand and process till we are presented with better alternatives. Also taking into consideration Mynd's explanation that test results in Nigeria don't come out in few hours, but most times take days.

7. The reality I have to accept is that Ahmed is being treated in Nigeria hospitals with a lot of inadequacies which is unlike UK hospitals you are familiar with or other part of the world, where the facilities are in place and results are gotten in hours.

8. We already requested for suggestions of better alternatives days ago on this thread and beside your complaints and raising issues we already raised and taken with the hospital, you are yet to suggest to us a better alternative. Do you have a better hospital in mind? Do you suggest we fly him out of the country without a definite diagnosis? Or what exactly do you want us to do that we have not done?

Mr Devil's advocate, if what I post which is "all" gotten from updates you people have been presenting, is flying over your head, why don't you fall back undecided Or na by force to respond to what is beyond your grasp Is it the same Osisi now in tehn's firing line or another Osisi Hypocrite much undecided Anyway to indulge your shameless mischievousness :-

1) DJ uploaded a handful of LUTH documents requesting CT SCAN and "further" blood tests CA19-9, CEA, PT-INR...were these tests trying to find out if he has two heads and 14 fingers

The rest of my response here ain't necessarily for you but for those that can read between the lines...

2) Cytology test done November 27th, result "communicated" to concerned party December 15th.***sighs***

3) CT scan ordered 1st Dec, result came out today Dec 17th according to you.***palms face***

4) Tuberculosis is/was one of the 4 suspected differential diagnosis on "presentation", not "examination"...tests keep revealing mass, tumour markers..."yet" this is shoved to the side to treat Tuberculosis ( source r231's latest update)

5) This is hilarious, a woman posted this, backtracked, and you a man supposedly took it upon yourself to respond, brouhahahaha. See why I said I am just indulging your tomfoolery, lol. Pekele pekele

6) Yeah keep waiting, malignant ascites with an underlying aetiology tending to Cancer has all the time in the world undecided

7) Keep scrapping the bottom of the barrel to throw cheapshots at me. Ko kan aiye. My post is somewhere on this thread how I can never send my enemy to NHS hospital.

cool) How is it my fault that you can't read between the line that I have to repeat myself like a broken record

Y'all keep going personal whilst I continue to express genuine concerns the Hospital's antics...Onibara yin nbole bo cool
Health / Re: SOS! - Please Help Hamed - DJDOLA by Busybody2(f): 1:05am On Dec 18
Ladies and gentlemen,is there anything in my posts that remotely blames Tehns for anything at all?
Have all my posts here not been in awe of their great efforts towards Hamed and frustrations towards this hospital?
So why would someone working on this case send me a rude email in these words in response to my posts here today ?
What nonsense?
I find this extremely insulting and totally uncalled for and demand an apology.

Look r231 or whatever you are called,are you out of your damn mind.
Do not send me another email anymore
This is it
Do not send me any more emails
Whatever you want to say ,say it here.
I am done with emails with you and Tehns
I don't need this
If my criticisms of these doctors is a criticism of you,tough!
Deal with it
I won't stop saying what I have to say especially when two other doctors,actually 3 agree with me
These people are making money out of this guy and chasing the wind and you are more concerned with silly remarks
Amongst everything I have written and that of busy body's is the truth of the situation here

Ms Osisi, this is simply a "reverse psychology" and a cheap underhanded tactic to throw you out of the thread because they erroneously feel you are hitting too close to the bone. Ignore Ma'am and feel free to continue as the spirit leads.


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