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Family / Re: Set-up Of Charity Section by Busybody2(f): 12:19am

Whaaaat! This is simply laughable.

Na wa for these people who just rush to comment without properly reading through the thread. grin

The joke is on you Mr Zulu Gambari. Firstly, three of my posts on the first page of this thread were hidden by the Admin.

Secondly R231 and Jaybee3 and Gboliwe and Pickabeau1 are the "only" TEHN committee on this thread, so can you pinpoint a single post between these four gentlemen clamouring for TEHN to act as dogsbody/foot soldiers of the proposed pie-in-the-sky charity section


Family / Re: Set-up Of Charity Section by Busybody2(f): 10:22pm On Oct 24
Try reading the first post

No need to go fixing what ain't broke...

I am sure many people with their heads screwed on the right way, would rather prefer to flick through the newspaper/tune into a radio station/log on to Nairaland/etc to see or read or hear "TEHN, a Charity organisation on Nairaland, raised N10M for charity" rather than "an olosho who privately does back for ground business lunch, but publicly claims it's all hardwork, brought a spaceship for N24M" :-/

Anyway what do I know ehn
Family / Re: Set-up Of Charity Section by Busybody2(f): 9:35pm On Oct 24
^^^What is this one saying nitori Olorun

Where in this thread did you see any TEHN representative state they want to handle the verification for this newly proposed charity thread

Learn to read between the lines jeez...once upon a time, TEHN a heaven sent blessing happened to Nairaland...BUT Seun wants TEHN disbanded and wants to pull the plug on TEHN and is saying Nairalanders should INSTEAD, INDIVIDUALLY give to their neighbours and friends and post pictures on Nairaland.

So Mr Akinsadeez, Seun has explicitly stated on this thread that he wants this DIY approach so hope you can see his proposal does not need TEHN so why are you getting your knickers in a twist. Na wah for people and their upside down reading and assimilation skills :-/

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Family / Re: Set-up Of Charity Section by Busybody2(f): 6:19pm On Oct 24

This is about helping people in the best way, while minimizing risks. It's not about TeHN or no TeHN. It's about people we want to help.


Thanks for your perspective. It's very valuable and whatever we decide will be designed to accommodate people based abroad.

Hmmm lipsrsealed cool cool

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Family / Re: A Thread For Both Parties To Share Their Sides Of The Story by Busybody2(f): 7:14pm On Oct 22

My dear, let me say it loud and clear that there is no perfect home, no perfect life and no perfect anything.
We all know that, so anyone mocking another is just pointing 1 finger and 4 pointing back at them cos no one knows tomorrow and that perfect wife or husband in 2012 may become something else in 2015
. . . . Than to pray for ones self and family and show empathy to others in pain, no more to do.
This life . . .

Hmmm, these wives run to their inlaw who tells them to endure, they run to their parents who tells them to return to their husbands' house, they come online hoping to seek comfort and succour under the cloak of anonymity yet all they get is a barrage of insults which further destabilises them emotionally...

It is well...
Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 7:00pm On Oct 22

You seye the thing with women, when nothing favors them that is when they realise they have to bend the whole thing. There is a guy I use to know those days, he impregnated his girlfriend and is girlfriend's family were richer than his own family. His GF family were public figures. He didn't want the child at first so one of his friends reported the issue to his mother, that was how is whole family knew about it. His mother and father took charge and they propose to go and meet his GF family. Now girlfriend's family were very angry and they called the guy a thief for coming to steal their daughter through the back door. Now on the day of the meeting, boyfriend's family went to the house of the girlfriend's family to propose marriage to their daughter since she was I think 3months pregnant at that time. Now, girlfriend's father almost accepted the offer but girlfriend's mother refused because she felt the guy was not good enough/rich enough for their daughter. To cut the long story short, girlfriend's family rejected the boyfriend's family. The girl was then sent to the UK. She gave birth there and everything. The girl's father was kind enough to divulge the news to boyfriend's family. Now boyfriend was asked to go to UK to see his baby. Boyfriend got there and girlfriend's mother refused him access to see baby. In fact the story is so long that today the child should be around 8 or there about but he doesn't bear the name of boyfriend's family. What I'm trying to let you understand is Women can be very drunk with power

I wholeheartedly agree with you that some women can be deadly. But the keyword is "some", a negligible few. Men are more atrocious in nature and are mostly to blame when it comes to family matter.


Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 6:55pm On Oct 22
when the tides favors the woman, no one cares if she decides to keep custody of the child forever after divorce/separation. I have a relation, many years ago he was working and his too beautiful wife was working as a secretary for a very big company. Wife got into a very hot romance with her boss and my relation suspected and queried her? because she earned more than my relation, she filed for divorce, she got it. She took custody of the kids and barred my relation from seeing them. She changed their school severally with the help of her boss and when the stress was much, her boss adopted her kid as his children "another man's kid" and flew her and the kids to America under a different name. Till date, no one knows their whereabout. My relation had search tirelessly.

What is bad is bad. This woman is evil, but this story does not mean all women are like that.

And until the selling of blank Nigerian birth certificate and filling any name or date of birth on it, is eradicated, some dubious people like this lady here would still succumb to evil...

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Family / Re: A Thread For Both Parties To Share Their Sides Of The Story by Busybody2(f): 6:21pm On Oct 22

Big bumper shocked shocked shocked
Where did the 2 come from? tongue
How are you babes? kiss

@thread the few times I have seen a couple come here to air their issues, it has made things worse.
in the cases I have seen, the other party happens to stumble accross what their spouse said and they then go on to tell an opposite story

Maybe if they both agree beforehand to discuss their issues, and are both in agreement, then maybe it will work.

While you are here mac, I have been thinking of opening a question/answer/reality thread on the romance section, because that is really where the foundation needs to be built on solid ground beofre the "I do", but I havent had time to do this. Maybe some people can help with that.

For the married ones, its maintenance & mostly endure and red pant and boxers advise cool but the singles can still run 440 if they feel that something is not quite right with Mr/Miss Right.

embarassedembarassedembarassed You caught me redhanded trying to sneak in/out of this sectionembarassed Good afternoon young-lady-of-nowadays or wetin Donthingy call you cheesy cheesy grin

I support you 100% that it is the romance section who needs the bulk of the advice before they enter one chance in the name of getting married.

And this would save more victims from the perfect ones with the perfect homes who always mock them by recommending they get more red pants and red bra...
Family / Re: A Thread For Both Parties To Share Their Sides Of The Story by Busybody2(f): 6:05pm On Oct 22

I meant a different panel of how ever many for each individual issue.

If it's open season for contributions, how is it any different from what normally obtains?


The difference is that it will all be on one thread. There is too much follow-follow and walking on eggshells in this section for your proposal of selecting panel members to work.

But thankfully, as always happens, a new wave of posters have recently graduated from Romance section and migrated to the family section bringing a breath of fresh air with them. So making this a free for all will help absorb everyone, and give a more balanced perspective.

I know you don't suffer fools gladly, but imagine you on one of such panels...imagine the missives directed your path on a regular basis as if you authored that Holy book called the Bible, which forms the basis for most of your - if I might add - archaic old fuddy-duddy stance cheesy WHICH IS THE GOD-HONEST ALBEIT BITTER TRUTH.


Good question, I have to say undecided
most people here happen to have sense on particular days and issues and the complete opposite at other times cheesy angry

TV01, this is what I was trying to say but couldn't find the correct English cool
Family / Re: Can Today's Women Have Successful Careers And Happy Families? by Busybody2(f): 4:14pm On Oct 22
Something's got to give and in most cases its the children that loses out on "quality" time.


Family / Re: A Thread For Both Parties To Share Their Sides Of The Story by Busybody2(f): 4:07pm On Oct 22

I guess helping others become calm helps me to keep calm too, I could tear people apart from stress. grin grin grin

Hmmm, mind over matter stuff...deep cool cool cool


Be prepared for derailments, threads to mutate all over the place and large servings of beef - you have bben warned - no order = chaos!


There are many posters in this section whose sole existence & validation is living for the pats they get on the back, so it should be a free for all thingy...

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Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 3:59pm On Oct 22
when the tides favors the woman, no one cares if she decides to keep custody of the child forever after divorce/separation. I have a relation, many years ago he was working and his too beautiful wife was working as a secretary for a very big company. Wife got into a very hot romance with her boss and my relation suspected and queried her? because she earned more than my relation, she filed for divorce, she got it. She took custody of the kids and barred my relation from seeing them. She changed their school severally with the help of her boss and when the stress was much, her boss adopted her kid as his children "another man's kid" and flew her and the kids to America under a different name. Till date, no one knows their whereabout. My relation had search tirelessly.

That's why we are telling you family law heavily supports women worldwide, including Nigeria.

Is it fair, ***shrugs***, women are the weaker sex...
Family / Re: A Thread For Both Parties To Share Their Sides Of The Story by Busybody2(f): 3:40pm On Oct 22
What do you all think?

Good or bad idea?

Glad you have decided to explore your calling as a Psychologist...been a long time coming cool
Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 2:09pm On Oct 22

Remember the lady sued the IBO man to court to get child support? and IBO man is saying he can only cater for the child if he has full custody. On what defective grounds will the case be thrown out? on grounds that they are not legally married or on grounds that it is impossible for the man to father the child?

Are the interpol in Nigeria not Nigerians? are they whites? you see if I'm the father of Liya and the court issues a warrant of arrest on me for not paying child support and I reside in Nigeria, they should just forget it cuz if I say I don't have money , I don't have! and I'm ready to proof it beyond reasonable doubt.

The laws in Europe/America favors women but you see, the law in Nigeria favors Men.

The man cannot just waltz in and demand full custody just because he is rich and the boy is his only son. His tantrum would not be entertained. Remember these are two grown adults who had a relationship and might have been in love with each both now hate each other and cannot stand each other and cannot be matured enough to sort out custody and maintenance and you have now invited outsiders (the Courts) to come and meddle in your one/both of you have already been deemed to be immature and irresponsible in the eye of the Court system...

The Mum gets custody for now due to the child's age and the Dad can apply for joint custody or access. Luckily for the Dad, because the child is a boy, the Dad can apply to court when the boy is aged 7 for full custody and then all his "hot air" can be taken into consideration.

Interpol could have black Officers working for them because they are a global organisation, but they usually have liaison Officers who works with the Nigerian Police to supply them with intelligence, etc, so it is not Interpol but the NPF acting on the prompting of Interpol that would clamp the handcuff on your hand, usually in public places such as the Airport in full glare of the public, even if you are on a flight from Kano airport to Ibadan airport.

Nigerian ladies can apply to the Court for custody, child support, spousal support, etc and if the man refuses to cooperate, they can contact their state or Local Government Welfare Officers or contact the National Human Rights Commission. Fashola also passed a law a couple of year ago to apprehend Nigerian men who gets women pregnant and run...

Again, Liya is a British Citizen, her Grandma has turned herself into a fugitive and if they fail to return Liya to UK, Prime Minister David Cameron would shortly be placing a call to President Jonathan Goodluck...USA might tell you the law of Nigeria has got their hands tied, UK does not joke with their citizens..


Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 11:52am On Oct 22

Have you tried collecting Nigerian passport for your kids? they insist on the father's passport ID and signature and they tell you the mother is irrelevant.i think Nigerian laws favors fathers more than mothers

I applied for their passports last year and had to produce all that because it is still a legal requirement till date.

BUT the reason for this draconian rule is that Nigerian law almost automatically grants Mothers custody of younger children, and Nigerian Fathers feeling sidelined started suing Visa and Passport services enmasse for not being strict with enforcing ID/consent checks on Mothers to make sure their kids are not taken anywhere without their approval.

So generally, family law worldwide, including Nigeria mainly favours women more...
Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 10:41am On Oct 22
Pickabeau1, busybody 2

But can't benyrazz fight for custody based on maternal incompetence and unwillingness to improve herself vis a vis furthering her education, even despite offer of financial aid from the husband? Isn't the child's basic upbringing being put in jeopardy by the mother's obstinate behaviour?

cheesy cheesy cheesy

The man's is a money-miss-road snob with fatally flawed logic. Even the English from England who coined the English Language knows that you do not ordinarily get social skills such as comportment skills and etiquette via tertiary education...and they are aware that some learning disabilities and language processing disorders such as dyslexia and dyspraxia exists which can affect anyone from any economic background, and these are routinely found amongst even graduates who have passed through university studies in UK...

So Chief Mr Cletus Benerazz would have extra-curricular tuition fee added to the maintenance he is mandated to pay his only son. And perchance he is still feeling generous, even after loosing this custody battle, he could pay the banana seller to travel to a Swiss Finishing School to polish her up to his taste cool

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Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 10:08am On Oct 21
The laws in our land was created for the poor people. Until the law can emancipate the plight of the common man on the street then I'm very sorry to say, you have no law. Until your judiciary becomes fully independent and devoid of political intrusion, you still have no law...

... Busybody2, aisha2 take note.

There is corruption everywhere but
Family law is structurally sound in Nigeria. It is about the best interest of the child so a mother owns the child until the child is aged 7 because of their tender age.

After clocking age 7, there is a Court hearing where the child is asked whom he/she wants to live with. Shikena.

This aspect of law works well so it was on the back of this that immigration department stipulated that passport application for a child needs to include bio data of Dad's passport, written consent letter from Dad, etc. So men would not be totally frozen out.

I see you mentioned Liya. You might run rings round the Court trying to avoid paying Mum child support, but Liya is a British Citizen so Interpol has the right to arrest her Dad anywhere in Nigeria and have him handcuffed and carted off to Police cell for evading child support payment. And he would only be released once he has paid every single dime owed since the day she was born.

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Religion / Re: The Koran Reveals That Jesus Is God... by Busybody2(f): 9:54am On Oct 21
There is a video that is going viral now... And I think you also that is reading can enjoy the content...
From Today's Passenger,Mario Joseph
'While I was working in a muslim moscheet as an Imam, as a parish priest.Once I preaced that Jesus Christ is not God, for me God was only Allah, and I believe Allah never got married,so no sons for Allah. So, I preached there that Jesus is not God.
Then, somebody asked me from who is Jesus ? From the crowd.
Maybe a muslim, but he asked me 'Who is Jesus?'.
I was preaching he is not God but the question was, 'Who is he?'
To know who he is I read the entire quran once again.
114 Chapters 6666 Verses in Quran.
When I read it, the name of Prophet Mohammed I found in quran, 4places, but the name of Jesus I found in 25 Places.
Then, itself I was a little confused
''Why does the Koran give more preference to Jesus?'l and the second thing: I could not see any women's name in Koran: the propet Mohammad's mother's name, or wife's name or children's name, no. In the Koran, there is only there is only one woman name I found. Mariam, the mother of Jesus, no other woman's name.
And in the holy Koran Chapter 3, the name of the chapter itself is 'Mariam' One chapter is ''Mariam''.
So, I was very curious to know about Mariam. The Quran say Mary was born without Original sin, she never commited any sin in her life,
Koran Chapter 50 Verse 23 says that she went to heaven with her physical body. Even the Assumption is written in the holy Koran.
And then about Jesus, when I read 45 to 55 verses, there are 10 points which the Koran makes about Jesus.
1. He is the word of God.
2. He is the spirit of God.
3. He is Jesus christ.
In that same Quran 3:45-55,
1. Jesus created a live bird with mud. when he formed it, he breathed into it, it became a live bird. So, I think he can give life.
2. He cured a man born blind.
3. He cured a man with leprosy.e.t.c
4. He gave life to dead people.
5.Jesus went to heaven.
6. Jesus is still alive and he will come again.
7. He spoke when he was two years old.
When I saw all this things in the koran, So I wanted to know what the quran says about Prophet Mohammad. But I found that did not do anything Jesus do and would not come back again.
So, there is a lot of differences between these two prophets.
So, I believe Jesus is not God but he is a prophet greater than Mohammad.
So one day I went to my teacher, the one who taught me 10 years in Arabic College, and I asked him.
'' Teacher, how did God create the universe?'
He said, 'God created the universe through the word''.
So I asked ' Is the word the Creator or the Creation?''
If my Teacher says he is the creator then the Word, Jesus is the creator.Then, the muslims must become christains.
If my teacher says he is a creation then how did God create the word, I would ask.
Since he cannot say the Word, Jesus, is the creator nor the creation he sent me out of his house angrily.
Interviewer(Cristina Casado): If you see things so clearly why don't all muslim accept this. Why don't they accept christainity
Mario Joseph: They say the word is creation nor the creator and also not God. I told my teacher,'the word, Jesus, is not the creator nor the creation tat is why christain says he is the son of God.
then, he told me if there is a son of God, then there must be a wife of God- that I must show him. For without wife no chance of God having a son. Then, I showed a portion of the koran to him where it is stated that God can
1. See without eyes
2. Talk without tongue
3. Hear without hears.
So God can have a child without a wife.
So, we had a big argument and you know what I did at the end?
I prayed and said
'Allah tell me what to do, your koran says Jesus is alive , Mohammad is no more. You tell me whom should I accept''.
After I prayed, I opened the Koran, I asked only to my Allah.
When I opened Koran, I saw chapter 10 Verse 94.
Which says.
' If you have any doubt in this Koran go and read the bible or ask the people, who read the bible.

END OF DISCUSSION cool cool cool
Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 7:50am On Oct 21
Your story is dead on arrival Sir. Mr international literate business conglomerate-extra-ordinaire that has never heard that Chromosome XY that produces a male is carried by men.

I know you must have put a lot of effort into this, but try again with a better story we will not put a hole in, in two seconds and casese would be struck out on defective ground.


Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 7:44am On Oct 21
For example, I'm a big IBO trader, importer/exporter of all kinds of goods. I have 3 wives and all what they have given me as children are all girls. Imagine a whole me have 17 girls? If my first wife had given me just one boy, I won't have married a second wife same thing with the third but non of them have given me a male child. All I have are girls, its not that I am not greatful to God but who would carry on with the family legacy when I have no child to bear my name? In my desperation to get a male child, I decided to be sleeping with all kinds of women. There's this girl that sells banana that use to come to my shop, I just said I should try my luck on her and luckily she got pregnant and gave me a boy. I was the most happiest man on earth. Look at me, a 57yrs old man. I finally have a son. For the past four years I have been taking care of the child and her mother, I rented a 3bedroom flat for them somewhere in Lagos, I furnished it to taste. I made extremely sure that my son and her mother never lacked anything. For a man of my status, I can't marry an illiterate so I have asked the mother to go back to school to write her ssce exams (waec) I will finance everything up to the university and she has refused. Though my son is in one of the best private school in Lagos but the boy can't speak proper English because his mother speaks bad English to him. I have asked the mother to allow me take custody of the child while she returns back to school but her and her family have said no except I take their daughter as my fourth wife. I said no problem but their daughter have to go back to school before I can marry her. They refused. Now I went to pick my son from school the other day and I took him home so that his sisters could know him and probably pass the night, I called the mother on phone to tell her. The following morning, Police men with my son's mother were knocking at my door alleging that I kidnapped my son from school. I was taking to the police station but I was granted bail on self recognition. I was so angry that I decided not to foot my son and mother's bill any longer. Their house rent expired, I did not renew. I refused to pay my son's school fees for the new term. So he has been sitting at home. Anytime my son's mother call me, I ask her to go back to hawking banana on the street to carter for her needs. Her family have called me severally to insult me on phone I just did not reply them. The other day, my son's mother came to my shop with a Lawyer to give me a letter summoning me to court
They do not know that my first wife is a Lawyer. A very good kind understanding woman, How I wish she bore me a son. The following week we were in court, my son's mother lawyer was asking the Judge to compel me to carter for the upkeep of my child financially. And my first wife whom is my lawyer was asking the court custody of the child to enable me carter for the child financially and anything less than that means they get no kobo from me. If she wants to keep the child fine, she takes care of his upkeep.

Now as a Judge, aisha2 how do you Judge this matter when the man has said he would not provide money for his child upkeep simply because he doesn't have custody of the child and his child is not been brought up in the way and woman is insisting no way. I keep custody of the child man foots the Bill.

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Religion / Re: A Troubling Matter In Marriage -- SEX. by Busybody2(f): 5:52pm On Oct 20

my busybody quoting the scriptures........hallelujah.

you are gonna make a good GO or Pastor's wife.

never seen u in this frame before.....GLORY!

embarassed embarassed embarassed

Sincerely, it's genuine Christian Brothers like you spreading the Gospel that is giving us hope that to live in Christ is gain...A warm knowing smile comes over me every time I remember your reassurance that God is not a frigid God we cannot negotiate with.

Thanks a great deal for keeping the flag flying wink

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Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 11:23am On Oct 20

Hmmmm true. Have given up trying to understand some things

Lol. Enough pulling out hair momentscheesy

It's a thankless task, so please you shouldn't give up on enlightening people. Nigerian females need more "teachers" and role models like you.


Family / Re: A Nairalander's Ordeal by Busybody2(f): 11:09am On Oct 20
Please all, I need your candid advice.

I took in for my boyfriend, immediately, he came with his family for d introduction ceremony. We were supposed to marry immediately too, but it never happened and I ve been living wit him ever since. Now, I ve given birth, d baby is 3months old and my mum and siblings re asking me to come back home and start a new life. I can't go back because of shame as they ve already announced to our neighbours that I am married! What do I do?

Is this the same Mum who cursed you/loved money more than you?

If yes, move closer to God...

Good thing your husband is still communicating with you. His own people-pleasing mentality get small comma, but if the reason he is still waiting is financially related and the grand wedding he is planning is not going to the family drinking garri for the next 3 months after the wedding, please bear with him and encourage him and don't relent in your role as the neck holding the head.
Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 10:54am On Oct 20

Thank you. I understand the skepticism but we should try to research small before running down every system.

Child custody and welfare is taken very serious here, the only times challenges arise is where the mother is not willing to fight for the child and decides to leave it to God or elders to settle

Yeah I agree wholeheartedly. People don't realise the law still works in some areas. And women don't know the clout they have and the power they wield when it comes to family law in Nigeria.

Well I guess for some women, they don't fight for custody because they feel the Daddy is better placed financially to raise the children, whilst for some they feel the child/children would be an hindrance to them remarrying so rather than dump the child/children on grandma to make themselves more marketable, they decide to leave the child/children to the Dad rather.

I have also heard of instances whereby the woman purposely leaves the children behind, in the hope that she might win the Dad's heart back or the Dad would be preoccupied with raising them and not have time for other women. Hmmm.


Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 10:39am On Oct 20
Oyinbo pple never know how Nigerians dey behave.

Na judge own judge dey talk o

Leave that side oh.

UK don't joke with their own at all...And now the Court has ruled that child abduction should not be treated under family law, but should be treated as kidnapping under Criminal law...

Interpol arrests runaway Dads in Nigeria for defaulting on child payment support in UK talkless of Grandma wey come boldfacely tiff a whole pickin...They better sack their incompetent, shitty Lawyer hand who has been giving them bad advice (that incriminating press release though shocked) and hand baby Liya over before she turns herself into a fugitive with Interpol on standby in Nigeria ready to pounce on her...


Family / Re: Court Orders Liya To Be Returned To Her Mum by Busybody2(f): 10:13am On Oct 20
Thank God for responsible, upright and just workers in the temple of justice in The United Kingdom. If this case was lodged in a Nigerian court, be sure ready for all sort of adjournments. Really crazy. Maybe liya might have clocked 15 before final judgement. And if you know your way very well, you would surely win a case even if all odds are against you

Times have moved on, child custody case is one of the areas that works in Nigeria now, and there are lots of feminist Pro Bono female law firms ready to drag it with any man that crosses the line and take him to the cleaners...besides a woman "owns" a child legally till age 7 in Nigeria...

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Family / Re: Pls Where Is Ewuro5 by Busybody2(f): 10:05am On Oct 20
The chronicles of Ewuro1 - to the power of infinity...aka Deaconess Kofoshi/Deaconess kogbagbere/Deaconess Area Scatter cheesy
Family / Re: Indigenes Of Ibadan, Let's Meet Here!!! by Busybody2(f): 9:28am On Oct 20
My ngbatic people...Ibadan ti o jale...never has such truer word been spoken lipsrsealed lipsrsealed cool
Family / Re: Does This Make Me A Bad Mother? by Busybody2(f): 9:15am On Oct 20
JOB related

All I see is the average $25,000 course fee, accommodation allowance, etc one would gross in the first year of study and the average $35,000 adding the children would gross following year! And these figures are on a scrimping and counting every kobo and penny levels too! N4M - N6M/annum. Osanobua shocked

I am not one to knock anyone's hustle if one is not business-minded inclined...If studying abroad is no longer guaranteed to get a better job abroad, take your children along with you from day least for the better life abroad always purportedly offer...

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