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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 12:37pm
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 12:25pm

How? Is it not the same insults disgrace and public accusations?

1. He accused me of trying to seduce him

2. He accused me of collecting money from Government (whoever that is) and chopping it while he was "suffering"

3. He said I got millions and abandoned him in a home to "suffer".

This he said in public admist cursing and screaming.

After all this I was begged to "forgive" him because he is poor and sick while I am "rich" and without emotions abi?

After throwing so much dirt do you know someone will be waiting in the corner to bring it up and use against me one day "afterall, you collected cancer treatment money and chopped".

Being the struggling one doesnt give anyone the right to throw tantrums and insults. Once is a lot but continuously No. When things go his way she is an angel worthy of Gods blessings when it doesnt she and her whole family are devils

1) It is not the same thing. I was the one who touched on what his previous boss did to him when he was being grilled about his thread asking for FOOD for His Mum, because he had many other threads on NL running concurrently asking for a job as a Cook, etc...

Your number 2 and 3 has no bearing on this matter at all. He came to beg for food for his Mum, Efe and co took pity on him and raised over N100k for him...he got into this deal packaged as help to stand on his own two feet...he unwittingly took on a second hand bike that was giving him issues constantly YET IN THE SPACE OF ABOUT 7-9 MONTHS, HE HANDED OVER CLOSE TO N500k TO SASSYGIRL...

It was after this that he ran crying to NL about his shylock boss but he was told to man up and pay her her so Madam Sassy that had not partaken in the thread before logged onto NL to post some chats they had offline the day before and grandiosely announced to all of us that she was calling the Police to pick him for insulting her late Dad shocked shocked shocked...After some of us recovered from shock, we pointed out where she insulted his family too...this later died down sha

A few months later na so dem bring matter come NL again over one party telling him to record payments and the other party telling him not to record payment. Because of the fraught relationship between Mother and Daughter...Luckily for him, he used commonsense to keep records...Police were involved the end Oluface had to wear bells and parade himself round the neighbourhood to placate frayed nerves...and it was at this junction some peeps said kilode gan sef that some of us know the difference between a King and a TVR and a Bajaj keke napep...and got Sassy to reduce the N600k she originally wanted to N550k...

Now they are here again, with her saying he will see... undecided
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 11:47am
Thank You Ifyalways. I pray God replenishes your pocket continually.

This thread is tiring but I want to see how it ends.

Aproko tinz grin

Don't let doing good tire you, so here's a very very assignment for you...please help us countdown the time since Oluface has gone MIA and keep the countdown till his safe return. God bless you as you do so.

Should I notify TEHN to get you an air conditioned sun lounger and a personal butler this timecheesy
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 10:00am

Ify, Business is Business, I dont think she helped either, she had a keke, it was lightly discussed here before he silently went to pick it up and only came back when they had issues.
Its an emotional subject and I am slightly biased due to my own experience. If you go to National Hospital and mention the boys case they will tell you how heart breaking it was for them too because it was bad. So people who at the pinch can start reeling off curses and insults at others am wary off forgive me, it was a horrible nightmare for me and sadly am still living in it.

Oluface picking up any bike was not discussed here. I remember him being told off by the EfemenaXY and the other nairalanders who were helping him and had become an e-mum to him for taking such steps behind their backs. They severely tongue lashed him but in the same vein, maturedly e-hugged him to acknowledge they understood how he took the steps he did to try stand on his own two feet...

And when Sassy followed Oluface to NL, it was with a false-airs-and-grace of see somebody I am helping stop all this half stories you are telling pls. And as for the twist you are trying to introduce into the story about what Oluface made them go through, it didn't happen that way. Every significant personae that has been involved in this case has shown sympathy to Oluface instead...hence reason some peeps wanted to get the Police to pick up Sassygirl too for abuse of power, hence reason the Police she took him to get arrested offered to lease a brand new bike to him, hence reason the Efemena's, the Hipsinkolo's, who are connecting the dot and picking out the snide shenanigans of the aggrieved party...

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 9:40am
Please oh, for the avoidance of doubt seeing so many mentions (chai) I changed my mind not because of Sassygal because Olu came on to display exactly what she has been saying. If he can curse so much he should handle his issue.

I dont know him but I have had to deal with people who can act like that so I can imagine what she is going through, sadly with cases like this everyone will assume you because you have some financial advantage have to swallow it all and do and say nothing which is why I have stood with sassygal from the begining because I have been in her shoe. When I tried to get the person locked up it was like I was satan "Ha ah, see this boy he is still sick oh, do you have a heart of stone?" meanwhile no one helped or is still helping me pay off the money from what he stole. So if Olu can be all over cursing let him go and pay. I asked why didnt he answer since he was the one in debt? I dont blame Sassygal at all. He has put her through so much drama so much that now that there is real trouble she doesnt care anymore, if this was the first time am sure she will write it off.

Abeg I dont care if I am called a co devil but I know what I am saying, me I have gone through it, rich or struggling one should strive to be better and not be constantly acting up under the excuse of bad temper. I am sure everyone on her street must have heard the story of the "Wicked Joy"

This na story for the gods. By the way, the cancer boy story is miles apart from this unfortunate incident playing out here.

Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 1:25am

Wait o! I know I said I would not comment but I am only after my 25k, any other issue is in your mind, my dear.

I get my 25k now, I apologise to nairalanders for being so crass and exploitative as well as shouting to the world about my help and c'est finis, The whole business with Seyi Odunlami or even busybody2 or whoever else is over.

I live my life with no regrets, not even one. Every experience is a 'blesson', blessing + lesson.

So once you or anyone decides to help, my account number will be made available asap! My patience expires at close of business, today the 31st of October.

You are only after money indeed.

That's why Aisha offered to repay you 3 times, you didn't address any of her post to thank her. No thank you for your gesture ma. Instead you jumped on Oluface with your Madam-dem-go-take/i-must-teach-him-a-lesson mentality.

Na una sabi. My own be say we will not allow you throw baby Oluface away with the bath water cool

Sassy girl,
I know you don't need the 25k.It's probably just that you want to teach the dude a lesson.Please permit me to ask you to write it off.
It won't do anything for you.Chalk it up to one of those things that happen in life and move forward.

She abhors this kinda hometruths, and would rather listen to those liking her posts to find the biggest trailer tyres to hang on Oluface's neck cool

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 12:47am
Agbero na ur type dey use kerosine and petrol all am saying is if u like olu dat make pay d balance make sassygal rest she is tired of asking. Am not to talk abeg ur action should speak abeg. Haaaaaaa

Na your generation be agbero. Kilofoshi, lati ibo si ibo, won te were mo eba fun e ni? Abi nibo lo ti nbo ti o lokun lorun gan sef.

Na wetin dem dey talk, na wetin you dey talk!

Did you not see the way Aisha who wanted to pay, u-turned, carried her slippers on her head and ran when she realised this issue was more than the N25k they are using to bobo us


Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 12:28am
Madam busybody2 amebo international recorder of africa you can help olu pay so all d story will end biko sassygal giv her ur acct details jor. Make u balance.

You nefa finish oh, you still have to petition the owner of this forum and query him for allowing a busybody on his forum...Or didn't he know realise the busybody will start posting in any section/thread ni?

Tell him to ban the busybody too if it pains you that much, tschewww cool


I will be damned if I trade more words with you, so please knock yourself out henceforth.
grin grin

You can't quit yet please. What do you want ekeyofuro aka Purityme aka busybody3 to do with the gallon of petrol and kerosene she bought to use for Oluface cool abi no be busybody she come do too!

When is the wedding coming up? Both of you can't go through this without cementing it. @Sassygal and Olu. Both of you complement each other in a very weird way.

I remember Ms Gboliwe camped on those threads begging Madam Sassy. At first na wooden chair and pure water you brought to siddon for the thread...but after many weeks you brought your waterbed and oxygen water and what else sef.

Ms Gboliwe deserves an honorary title and medal from Nairaland for that begfestcheesy

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 12:02am

Sweetie, I definitely won't be embarrassed. You are simply living up to your name dear. I am so glad you are not my type, heck, there can only be one crass madam olowowhatever.

This your rave ain't getting my money back. Nairalanders have realised that I'm an exploitative crass madam and I gladly accept. Your asinine comments will serve no purpose but to ensure I collect my money back. So if your broke Bottom can't support him, shut the Bleep up! #pardon my french

Now I am a fool and a liar, thank you Seyi, once upon a time, I was a God send. Anyway, just so u know every single chat, text, email, phone call to my otherline was saved.

Here we go again with more yada, yada, yada...

Aisha2 willingly offered to pay you tonight but again you brought in your garage mentality and wanted Oluface to face jungle justice on Nairaland instead. Newsflash, this would not happen to him in Jesus' name because the devil remoting you is a liar...

And PLEASE quit your nauseating crass talks about the coins in your pocket, make we hear word...since you are really gagging to know, all fingers are not equal, some of us were born with blue blood coursing through our vein and don't have problem with money. So change the damned boring record cool

Onibara e nbole bo...and you are on a long thing if you expect me to think you deserve a further dime for the "oja okunkun you used agbari to lease him" cool


Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 10:43pm On Oct 30
I vaguely remember that thread, its a shame. As for me, I feel sassygirl should just forget this issue and move on. Its becoming embarrasing

Maybe someone craves the embarrassment but anyone can see Oluface is fed up.

Aisha dear,
If they both (Oluface and Sassygirl) apologize on here for their harsh words and snide comments, would that help make you reverse your decision? Because the way I see it, they've both gone about this the wrong way.
I know you as much as everyone else, just wants to see an end to this matter - once and for all...

You cornered her and caught her redhanded Efe cool All she wants is for Nairalanders to ALUU4 Oluface lipsrsealed


Sweetie, I will pray you become a bigger Madam Olowolayemo than I am, just so you can actually be a blessing to people in need.

Empty barrels make the loudest noise so please kindly save your CURSE for yourself biko... No be ya type by a million mile cool

Feel free to go and stand on your rooftop and carry megaphone to announce how you love exploitation gift wrapped as blessing...ko kan aiye...but forget your pipe dream of getting Nairalanders to throw tyres round Oluface's neck...fa fa fa foul, it will not happen.


No dear, please spill. I am very interested to know about the 'personal' stuffs I told a stranger about my mum. So do go on.
I'm certain if they were written earlier, enough people would have seen, so you repeating them won't make a difference

No, no, no, no, no, if I dig it up and paste it here, some family section peeps would "again" commit the irony of saying a busybody is digging...As if a busybody is defined as someone who does tailoring or cooking or etc.
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 9:46pm On Oct 30

Lmao at very close!

You are damn funny, gal! I shared deep family secrets too Oh my! This is good!

Okay I will pretend I don't remember/didn't read the personal stuffs you told him about your Mum that you both spilled on the last thread lipsrsealed
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 9:44pm On Oct 30

You are indeed a very silly person. I would have imagined that all your advocacy was to aid a victim who has been unjustly exploited.

I am actually facing the issue on ground cos it concerns me, you on the other hand are the alaseju.

I do not for one second, care about your opinion of my affairs. I would suggest you devote more time to your affairs, you may eventually raise enough money to assist the exploited.

So run along now....

It is not YOUR FORUM I am commenting on, it was other members I was quoting.

So if you don't care about my opinion, stop quoting me shikena.

And for your information, it is not everyone that is crass like you Madam Olowolayemo that wants the whole world to hang tyre round Oluface's neck and stone him to death.
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 9:25pm On Oct 30

No surprises there, BB. Who wants to be taken for a mugu? Especially after reading this:

Why was the bolded bit in red uttered?[b] To spite nairalanders who've helped him out in the past? [/b]To spite those who were willing to help out even now? If it really isn't her business like she's said, then why say it? To what purpose?

Anyone who's serious about collecting their money and truly wanting an end to this matter would not go about uttering statements that are bound to rub people up the wrong way. ESPECIALLY, knowing how "quick mouthed" Olu can be at times.

I still believe that Olu has a good heart. It's just that he tends to wear emotions on his sleeve for all to see.


My small wife, this is it. She wants you to regret being one of those who helped him out so you could join her and demand your own back too from Oluface.

You guys that rendered help to him (dictionary meaning of help) don't even give him any grief. I tire oh.

And the funniest thing is they used to be very close, even shared deep family secrets oh, some of which they spilled on NL Hence reason I said this is now a spiritual issue.

How can an "help" situation degenerate to this level
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 9:17pm On Oct 30
Busybody ko, nairaland ko!
Na yo biko.
Even me way read from beginning to end don forget, but you? Na everything you download for brain.
Funny enough everything you summariaze were actual what transpire doing that period.

Busybody oh!!!!!!!! I dey salute.

Thanks Ms Saraha1 for vindicating Oluface.

Oluface must have ice running in his vein to be able to continue in this same line of work cheesy
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 9:12pm On Oct 30
@ busybody2, can you be so kind to make payments on his behalf? I will send you my account details in a jiffy. Just so you know, Ifyalways agreed to pay 10k and aisha backed out in her initial 15k offer.

Thank you for your "kind" contribution to Odunlami Oluseyi's plight.

I can see I have refreshed your memory to remind you, you called the Police first.

Newsflash, I am not here to do "kind" but to do factual because you are not the victim here but rather Oluface that you know yourself that you exploited...

So face the issue on the ground alaseju.

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 9:01pm On Oct 30

With what you wrote here, then I had to aceept that you are real busybody.
You try .


Lol. I have to rep my username na.

There case funny die, that's why. Tom and Jerry no funny reach these two cheesy

Some Nairalanders threatened to have her put in cell as well for abuse of power...

I remember another thread Oluface was mandated to wear bells round his neck and legs and belly and go round the neighbourhood announcing how he wronged Mama so he could be forgiven...

And it was cos this issue was allowed to go on and on that some Nairalanders persuaded Sassygirl to drop N50k off total repayment.

I can never forget Ifyalways hilarious comment that even if the keke was plying ikoyi/Lekki/VI axis sef, it can't make the N15k/week repayment Oluface was being forced to pay.

Now dem table matter again, Aisha2 that offered to pay has u-turned in confusion, lol

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 8:41pm On Oct 30

I have never called police for Seyi ever! The first time, he took my mum to the police for daring to ask for her money, I was not around. The second time, a lady in my house called the police when he threatened to beat me in my father's house. The third time, he reported himself to them when the guy at his park, which I begged to look for him stopped him, that single person is the 'area boys'.

Please be certain before u conclude.

You have forgotten the first thread you posted chats between you two

You have forgotten how some of us were begging you to listen to your fiance's imput


Oga oh

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 8:38pm On Oct 30
@ sassygirl, its 25k that is remaining right, instead of bothering yourself and letting Olu insult you. Let this matter die once and for all.
@ busybody, see olu's choice of words, if I was the one I would go with area boys too when going to ask for my money. She may go alone and chop slap

I was on the thread that started all this. Both of them have been trading words since day one. This insult up here is still very mild compared to those ones where they were both cursing each other's parents out...
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 8:35pm On Oct 30

Let me go back and read but I think I read that he first reported to the police it was when the case turned against him that nairalanders intervened

Nope. He came to open a thread on NL that he mistakenly leased an inferior quality bajaj keke that was given to him second hand for N600k. And that incessant repair was making him struggle to make repayment. That he unwittingly trusted/signed the contract without paying due attention. New keke Napep costs N450k in Lagos and N350k in Pitakwa oh...

100% of all respondee told him to pay all and chalk it down to experience.

Oluface jejely accepted nairalander's verdict and was making fun of himself and his predicament and people were commiserating with him for accepting his punishment

Na so the other party called Police and had Oluface locked up for his audacity to come on NL to laugh away his sorrows.

All plea not to kill a fly with a sledgehammer fell on deaf ears...

It was a poster who stated that "if Oluface dies in police custody..." that prompted his release to be effected oh...

...and so on and so forth jare...
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 8:21pm On Oct 30

If the plan was to default so "Nairalanders will pay" then let him pay his own debt. Let him be responsible for clearing his own mess. I offered to pay when it seemed it was about the money and not all the curses and all flying around.

That was not Oluface's plan.

These two have both been trading curses since day one they came to NL, so nothing has changed here oh...
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 8:14pm On Oct 30

Ehnnn, I think it was Olu who carried the matter to Police the last time only that it seemed he shot himself in the foot and somehow insulted the officer then the case turned against him

Nope. Some Nairaland elders waded in the matter and even one of the Police Oga even offered to buy a keke and lease it out to Oluface...

That's why I was advocating they carry this issue to God.

One has to be street smart to dabble into such venture and indulge in some gutter garage behaviour once in a while to deal with these drivers, but the disadvantage Oluface faced from the onset was leasing a second hand bajaj vehicle for much much higher than the cost price of new sef.

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 8:10pm On Oct 30

I offered oh Busybody but I withdrew my offer, the matter pass me. The back and forth plus insults. Let Olu sort his issue out

You can't back out. You already concluded Oluface na cantankerous ingrate when you offered to pay nau. Besides the money is directly going to Sassygirl.
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 8:01pm On Oct 30

Sweetie, the devil has no place in my life.

Amen. And I hope the devil remembers you are a child of God next time he tempts your itchy fingers to call police or area boys again cool

It is well cool
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 7:53pm On Oct 30

Thank God you realise that

Na una both dey bring drama come Internet for people to mediate in and post their varied opinions. Or what else do forumites do on forums other than post?
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 7:30pm On Oct 30

Did you read the part where I asked the nice person to send me a mail or call?

This is no longer a physical thing.
The "spiritual" side is too glaringly obvious...Both of you are innocent, and it is this evil entity using both of you as "tools" to keep waging war against each other...I don't wanna talk too much here because of prying eyes but both of you need to run to God asap to intervene in this issue and the "other" familial issue causing all this...
Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 7:21pm On Oct 30

No dear. The police won't settle this matter.

Okay. It's a free world cool

What do you mean by saying that i want Nairalander to pay off the remaining 25k.. Dont forget .. I worked so hard to pay you and mama the 525,000
before the maruwa get knocked.. so why would i look up to someone to pay up the remaining balance.. It is what u know yourself that if not
that the maruwa got knocked i would have pay off your money.. if you want still want to see the keke.. i will take you to where is it.. u can
always come with area boiz as usual
.. you are all know very well where my garage is ... Total Filling
station Oyingbo. Even the people that Borrowed me the 30k i paid you are yet to be paid.... Once again.. if you want to see the keke.. you are always welcome.

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 7:14pm On Oct 30
Somebody offered to pay off the balance 3 times in the last 10 minutes oh, yet see threats AGAIN. Hmmm. God dey sha cool


I am to leave my money for this thing ? In fact, you will pay this money sooner than you imagine

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Family / Re: Please Help my mother by Busybody2(f): 7:10pm On Oct 30
Someone is about to call the Police again cool
Family / Re: Diagnosed of Dual Hole in the heart #PlsHelpSaveBrian by Busybody2(f): 7:05pm On Oct 30

Where is my friend busybody2. Come and see your sister o. I am sure you understand why I am calling you.

Hey Mr Gboliwe, sorry I couldn't respond earlier. The sordid perversion of some posts of some peeps that I read here, with their morbid voyeuristic fantasies, was too much for me to stomach cool
Family / Re: Diagnosed of Dual Hole in the heart #PlsHelpSaveBrian by Busybody2(f): 6:57pm On Oct 30

We've raised 1.2mil presently. Remaining a balance of 500k

Ok Sir.

There is nothing impossible for God.
Family / Re: Diagnosed of Dual Hole in the heart #PlsHelpSaveBrian by Busybody2(f): 11:43pm On Oct 26
Olu4life, whats the balance needed?

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