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Romance / Re: 250 Romantic Nicknames For Your Loved Ones by crabsoyst: 7:36pm On Jul 23, 2013
Health / Re: Meet A Dentist by crabsoyst: 6:42pm On Jan 09, 2013
Pls doc...can you advise ow people with colored teeth can get it whitened, especially those related to using tetracycline during pregnancy by the mother, den resulting in the child having colored teeth. advise pls, thanks.
Properties / Re: Any Property Lawyer In The House by crabsoyst: 6:50pm On Nov 09, 2012
Thanks @femi_seun and @zaynee63.... in addition to this 6months by law, ow can i go about seeking for an additional 6month, i.e making it one year. By my own plan i intend to vacate the apartment by December 2013. So wld just wanna get a 1yr time to ensure my plans aint scuffled. Is this still possible, if so...ow do i go about this...thanks.
Properties / Any Property Lawyer In The House by crabsoyst: 1:21pm On Nov 09, 2012
Hi NL's. I need some advice from Property Lawyers in the house.
My apartment which i currently reside has been managed for some years by the developers. However, their agreement with the landlord ends this year and as such the building reverts to the landlord to collect the rent.
Earlier this month, the actual owner i.e. landlord told me and other tenants verbally that the house is due for renovation and as such want all tenants to leave at the expiration of their rent, which is December 2012 (please note that I pay rent annually for January to December).
My questions are:
i) in what form should this notice be given? verbal or written
ii) how many months of notice is a tenant entitled to by law
iii) is there any opportunity to appeal or seek extension of time.......if so, how does one go about this

Please help out folks.
Business / Roberto Kiyosaki, Author Of ‘rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Declares Bankruptcy by crabsoyst: 2:00pm On Oct 12, 2012
Roberto Kiyosaki, the man who made a fortune giving financial advice to people is broke.

The famed author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” filed for bankruptcy after losing a $24 million dollar lawsuit
However, the declaration of bankruptcy is seen in financial circles as a smart business move, taken to shield Kiyosaki’s estimated $80 million wealth from judgement debts .

Since Kiyosaki’s company, Rich Global LLC, filed for bankruptcy protection to shield itself from the judgement debt, the author now does business under Rich Dad Co, another company that he owns.

Source: http:///SVwYRa
Events / Re: October 11: International Day Of The Girl by crabsoyst: 8:32am On Oct 12, 2012
Work of a WEAK MAN is to check the mistakes of the WISE MAN,,,,,,,,,,,
Giv yourself a break...and take some humour dose..Mr Wise Man!
Events / Re: October 11: International Day Of The Girl by crabsoyst: 6:52pm On Oct 11, 2012
aare07: am using this medium to facilitate with the girls On NAIRALAND.


Joke of the day: Mr "FACILITATOR"..thanks for making me laff though..no hurt intended.
**on a serious note that word should be FELICITATE!
Romance / Re: Somebody Help: Genotype Issues Is Killing Me by crabsoyst: 12:18pm On Oct 10, 2012
OP; if you are affluent, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)/embryo biopsy or chorionic villus sampling should solve your problem. Check details via google.

Affluent....hmmm. The consultants says even with all the money, its not guaranteed.
Music/Radio / Re: MayD Launches 'Confam Entertainment' Record Label by crabsoyst: 2:32pm On Sep 26, 2012
So so Happy for MayD.....av missed you man...welcome back.
Lets giv the mic to dos who can handle it well. #SureGuy
Romance / Re: Somebody Help: Genotype Issues Is Killing Me by crabsoyst: 8:35am On Sep 13, 2012
princeeze1: Genotype z no longa an issue in marriage, sims u re jst lukin 4 an excuse to brk up afta an adventure, coz if u did consult as u said, u wud hv been told of 'total bone marrow transplant' which z nw available in nigeria-d total remval of d X factors n replacing them wit As. I dnt mean blood transfusn o. Den there z also d preventive injectn available at abt 150000k dat prevents a SS fusion to fertilise, so u wud neva hv an SS child. Both are avail in nigeria nt europe. Pls luk 4 anoda excuse, science has gone far, wake up, ds z d 21st century.

On a serious note now, this is new to me......i discussed with doctor friends, and not any of them mentioned this. Can you possibly help with some details of the doctor/hospital where you got this information from. Very much interested to follow up for more details. Thanks a big deal.
Sports / Re: Yobo Wants More Foreign Pros In Eagles Defence by crabsoyst: 2:25pm On Sep 12, 2012
Foreign Pros?? Can somebody tell Yobo to specifically list the names of those foreign pros he is referring to!!!!!!!!!!
Cos asides from Taiye Taiwo, i dont see any other Nigerian playing well internationally in dat defense line. Yobo should rather get ready and wake up to play with those home based guys.....he should stand as a captain not just by the badge/decoration, but show it on the pitch of play.
Romance / Re: Somebody Help: Genotype Issues Is Killing Me by crabsoyst: 2:04pm On Sep 12, 2012
omotola1: I‘m a scientist, biologist, partially a geneticist.
From that angle, my brother, i‘ll never even encourage my worst enemy to marry AS-AS.
But if u ve got a faith dat can move mountain, u may go ahead. It worked for some people (though some never knew their genotype).

many thanks! id get back to work tomorrow....time to be STRONG!
Romance / Re: Somebody Help: Genotype Issues Is Killing Me by crabsoyst: 1:06pm On Sep 12, 2012
hmmmm....appreciate the responses though.
Just on a second note, is it not medically possible to artificially choose the blood group of the child, maybe through artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilisation or something...some medical help also NL's....
Romance / Re: Somebody Help: Genotype Issues Is Killing Me by crabsoyst: 9:30am On Sep 12, 2012
^^^^ ow then did u survive the experience.....what tip do u have to share.
Romance / Somebody Help: Genotype Issues Is Killing Me by crabsoyst: 8:41am On Sep 12, 2012
Dear Nairalanders,

Its time I bring up my plight for this house to help deliberate on and proffer some advice/solutions/share experiences to help someone go through a very trying period of his life.

I am that kind of regular cool guy, achieved enough for my age (30years), good degrees and a stable career (enough to keep me comfortable and happy) and in addition, emotionally, socially, financial and physically ready for marriage. I am of the AS-Blood Genotype.

My love life has been quite challenging – been in three different relationships so far, and fortunately/unfortunately, they are all of the AS-blood genotype. In all honesty, as at the time of the first relationship, (the lady was AS also), which lasted from 2006 to 2009, I was not so bothered about the genotype tingy, but the relationship ended because of some other issues (she was still young and not really clear about what she wants, double dating on her part etc). Hastingly, because of the loss of the first one, I jumped into another (also an AS-genotype) which crashed in less than a year (2010) and that was simply because it was clear I rushed into it (we just don’t get the flow, we were always disagreeing on little things).

In this first two relationships, please note that even though I was thought genetics and this genotype mix in secondary school and university, I really didn’t bother about it effects, clearly because it was all theoretical to me as at then.

Afterwards, I decided to have a personal retreat, talk to myself, understand what I actually want in a lady, prepare myself (completed some more degrees, moved up well with career etc) and in between, got into a seminar that discussed genotypes in detail, and trust me was fully aware of it. I even did another test to confirm mine to be AS. Infact, I was able to fully understand how bad the effects of poor choice can be when you have an SS- child, as I know of a family with a SS-child and the hell of challenges they face during crisis experienced by the child.

Fastforward to late 2011, I got involved with another lady, which I liked very well, we dated very well for about four months before I asked her about her genotype, and alas another AS, painful!!! We consulted again with my pastor, doctors etc, and the advise was to let it go. Slowly and gradually, we had to let go.

Just recently, I am involved with another lady, now trust me, its just a month now, and she has been so interesting, I have been able to know so much about her in this short period, but alas, last weekend I just asked her about her genotype…………**faints** another AS!!!!!!!!!!! Been bedridden since then, just strong enough to get online and post this.

Something must be happening here, there must be a way out. Please doctors, counselors, people with same experience (personal or borrowed), please share, there really must be a way out. I’d tell you my greatest fear now is to go back being single or searching again!!!!!!!! NO…please help! Somebody talk to me……………..
Sports / Re: Yakubu Adesokan Wins Gold In Paralympics Powerlifting. by crabsoyst: 6:00pm On Aug 30, 2012
What the able couldnt achieve....................


Politics / Re: Friendly Caricatures Of Nairalanders by crabsoyst: 11:13pm On Apr 13, 2012
@Odumchi...u av just activated me from my viewing mode to contribution mode. very impressed, a totally new experience of my dear nairaland...Classic..insightful and totful..am very impressed and very very proud of U.. what av u done, U av introduced an entirely diff level to our relationship wt each other on nairaland. for this i celebrate U...i confer unto U, d award of a true Nigerian.
My lessons from your actions, there is still new things, new ideas, look deep inwards, unleash, Yes we Can, we can deliver this country, in our own little way..wt a unique idea just as Odumchi's...if possible, can u send me a private message, would like to meet you, lets rub minds.
On a lighter note, pls keep updating this thread anytime ure free, BOOKMARKED for future reference.
Religion / Nollywood Will Soon Lose Another Actor–prophet TB Joshua by crabsoyst: 8:33am On Apr 11, 2012
If the words of Prophet TB Joshua is to be taken seriously, then, there might be another recorded death in Nigeria’s movie industry called Nollywood.

This is as a result of another prophecy the respected man of God, who is the spiritual head of Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Ikotun, Lagos said on Easter Sunday.

In one of his church services on April 6, Prophet TB Joshua said there is need to pray to avert another death of a male actor in the industry.

TB Joshua is known for his prophecies which come to pass. The last of his come-to-pass prophecies is the death of Malawian President, Bingu wa Mutharika that died last week.
Politics / Re: Momoh, Madueke, Nezor SA, & Tridax SA: The Real CABAL? by crabsoyst: 8:31pm On Jan 11, 2012
Interesting revelations, even tis subject to verification, this shld be the focus of the FG, rather dan punishin d masses for some inefficiencies and poor controls amongst those in control. A proper audit of the entire from ryt frm allocatn of oil blocks down to exploration, distribution and refining needs to b done, but u a lotta savings wld come frm dat. Tis well wt my dear Nigeria,we av d knwledge and knw-hw and yet we suffer in penury,
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Wolverhampton Wanderers (1 - 1) On 27th December 2011 by crabsoyst: 10:58am On Dec 27, 2011
I see it play out, such that Arsenal returns back into da Big 4, I see our dear RVP banging in the needed goals, double honors today, Bring it on GUNNERS!!!
Politics / Re: Bomblast In Jos! by crabsoyst: 10:37pm On Sep 11, 2011
Nw, dis is getting rather far fetched,and its real time we all stop dis tribalistic bias/bashing and infact geographical space.Jos crisis is bcomin a long story and terrorism and inhumanity against mankind. We shdnt tink cuz we dnt stay in d former peaceful city or its a Northen tingy,hence we fold our arms.I rily dnt know wat our government is up2,bt our voice even on dis online forum shld stand fully to condemn this despicable act, not fighting or spittin some ethnical bias,humans like U and I are involved here plz. NLs for 1ce,pls stnd for injustice and let ur voice count, regardless of ur religion or tribe, stand for humanity wh at least is a common denominator, awww, tears on my eyes cus dis wickedness is 3much.pls and pls, for al dos involved, no more killin, be brave enuf and seek a better way for redress!!!!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Your NNPC Interview Experience (EH & GT) by crabsoyst: 3:23pm On Jul 06, 2011
For those that have had theirs, please share with us, how much was re-imbursed for travel expenses and also indicate your location.
Music/Radio / Re: Whats Your Best Radio Station In Naija? by crabsoyst: 2:34pm On Jul 06, 2011
Just give me my dearest Inspiration 92.3 FM all the time!!! morning, afternoon and night, the station rocks. great presenters, great programs, keep U entertained all d day long.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sahara Gaap: Please Help Figure Out The Riddle by crabsoyst: 5:46pm On Mar 23, 2011



Jobs/Vacancies / Sahara Gaap: Please Help Figure Out The Riddle by crabsoyst: 11:55am On Mar 23, 2011
Please see below, the mail received from Sahara Group as regards the interview, please help solve the riddle at the end, or any1 that know where their club house is, should please inform the house. Thanks


This is to inform you that you have been selected to for an interview

Please find below the Details of the interview:

Date: Friday 25th March, 2011

Dress code: Red T-shirt/Polo Shirts/Tops and Black Jeans or Black Trousers

You are required to come along with 5 copies of your CV and 5 copies of your passport photographs

*As you have probably figured we at Sahara like to think outside the box, therefore you will have to figure out the venue for your upcoming interview yourselves

Venue: FDS – BSFOB
Off Ozumba Mbadiwe
Hint - (To better the future) – ( You have to understand the past)
Music/Radio / Re: D'banj Mr Endowed Remix Ft Snoop Dog (official Video) by crabsoyst: 1:53pm On Feb 09, 2011
The fact that this video is organically sourced, directed and produced is enough to celebrate. Nigeria stand up!! And also, I especially like d fact dat Snoop tried to relate to our ‘Nigerianess’ vis-a-vis d dance steps,name et al. Great job!
Religion / Re: Should Pastors In Nigeria Pay Tax? by crabsoyst: 3:09pm On Feb 04, 2011
The tax laws subjects their income (nb: salary) to tax, but when it comes to gifts, no way, gifts are generally exempted.
Autos / Price Of New Cars Needed? by crabsoyst: 7:09pm On Jan 26, 2011
Hello fellow NLanders. I need prices of NEW automobiles (cars) between the range of 1.5m and 2.5m.
I will appreciate details on Toyota, KIA, Ford or Honda brands.
Thank you.
Family / Re: Indian Farmer Is World's Oldest Dad-94 Years Old by crabsoyst: 12:35pm On Jan 06, 2011
So, this man still dey KAPUT!!!!! na wah o grin grin grin grin grin grin
Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Charges Gate Fees For Watch Night Service? by crabsoyst: 12:22pm On Jan 06, 2011
NLanders, why do we take every opportunity to slander Men of God and God's work, see I tell you this tins are beyond us, the Man of God has good reasons and I believe based on this, he is justified, forget all other thoughts. When u drop ur offering in church, do u go back and request for accountability or request dat church accounts be audited,
Family / Re: Describe Your Mum In Two Words: by crabsoyst: 1:00pm On Dec 20, 2010

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