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Technology Market / Re: AV To HDMI Converter 720p/1080p For Giveaway by duality(m): 10:11pm On Jun 17
Does it require power cord?

Does it include delivery �?
Autos / Re: Honda Prelude Needed 92 To 96 by duality(m): 9:15pm On Jun 17
Now this is funny...
Romance / Re: Groomsmen Staring As Groom Kisses His Bride In Adorable Photo by duality(m): 9:12pm On Jun 17
People lie a lot about marriage jare...
Politics / Re: How Did MKO Abiola's Death Turn To Sacrifice For Our Democracy by duality(m): 7:35am On Jun 16
It is very funny that people try to shape narratives the way it favours their interest. And very disheartening that many people blindly repeat those narratives to make it look like truth. For the records, MKO Abiola was not a champion of our democarcy. He was a man that was fighting for his political interest to the point that many innocent poor Nigerians lost their lives. We did not return to democratic rule because of Abiola, infact, he was one of the people that fueled the prolonged military rule.

Please, facts should be set straight. The fight for democracy was fought majorly by pro-democracy groups: NADECO, G34 group etc. Many people lost their lives fighting for democracy, not necessarily for Abiola's mandate. We should know that Abiola had given up while in prison, the papers carried it when he said "I want to go home", but the Afenifere, seeing that Abacha had died felt that the coast was clear, think that with more pressure he could get the mandate. He was approached to let go of June 12 and come out to contest, but his brothers adviced him to remain in prison till his mandate was given to him. Those who were old enough to remember how the country was would attest that Nigeria was at breaking point. Somehow, he was removed from the scene and that ended the wahala. And I ask, who actually killed Abiola, who compelled him to remain on the cross fire in a time that the world was desperate to have Nigeria back to a new start. If you ask me, those that advised him to remain in prison after he had been pleaded to by world leaders to come out and contest again were the people that killed him. Where are those people today, are they not the ones that ran quickly to join the new parties and contested afresh.

So, my conclusion is that
1. Abiola was not a pro-democracy advocate. He was a man that benefited from the military misrule and by the time IBB genuinely wanted to return Nigeria to democracy, he was the one with the fat bank account to buy his way into party nomination.
2. Nigeria did not return to democracy because of him, rather it was because he was no more. If he had accepted the offer to come out from prison an contest afresh like Mandela, many people would not have died unnecessarily
3. We had democracy before he contested, infact, Our democracy was truncate because of interference of people like him
4. He did not care if people died because of his ambition, all he wanted was his dream be actualized - that is selfishness.

You said the absolute truth...
All these sudden frenzy about Abiola is strong manipulation of the simple.

Abiola was never sworn in as president of Nigeria.

Don't miss that fact.
Politics / Re: I Haven’t Seen Anyone Who Can Defeat President Buhari – Alao- Akala by duality(m): 9:17pm On Jun 15
No big deal... After all, you'd still have something to say when Buhari is eventually defeated
Politics / Re: “I Never Insulted Buhari, It Is You Journalists That Misquoted Me” Says Fayose by duality(m): 8:53pm On Jun 15
Abeggyyy free fayose...

He never insulted Buhari... Some persons are pained that he had the gut to openly oppose the Buhari government they support. Nothing more.

If other presidents can be called names, why not Buhari.

Is his government performing?

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Celebrities / Re: Mimi Orjiewke Slams Charles Billion Over Child Support by duality(m): 8:43pm On Jun 15
Bad marriages everywhere

People carry expectations for Ghana-must-go backs into relationships which they themselves can't even meet

You made my day with this post... This is the truth.

At this rate, marriage may no longer be fashionable.

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Politics / Re: I Tried Thrice To Get Jonathan To Confer GCFR On MKO — Kola by duality(m): 8:08am On Jun 15
Vary lame.... There was nothing GEJ would have done to the bewitched.

These same people said the confab was wrong.


Many are being too emotional about this issue.

Abiola was not a president of Nigeria. He was never sworn in as president.

Get this to your heads.


Politics / Re: 'I Will Do Everything In My Power To Unseat You'- Reno Omokri Warns Buhari by duality(m): 7:35am On Jun 15
All these people attacking reno... What exactly are your points?

That we all should pretend that we want Buhari? When the fact is that most of us want to change his government for something better?

Has reno lied with any of his claims?
That your defense to any of reno's claims is to tell us that GEJ Did similar things is absolute crap!

We must learn to demand the best from government.

This bewitchment from those in power must be destroyed, in Jesus Name.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Fate Is In The Hands Of The Electorates Not Tinubu -Senator Shehu Sani by duality(m): 10:22am On Jun 14
The funny thing is that, if tinbu today, says, he won't support Buhari, all these people supporting Buhari will suddenly change tunes. You'd see them saying things like,

You can't ignore Tinubu and stand... Etc

I want Tinubu to stick with Buhari, so that when he finally sent to daura , these chicks won't blame it on Buhari not having Tinubu 's support.
Crime / Re: Third Mainland Suicide: The Woman At The Center Of The Story Speaks Out (Video) by duality(m): 9:28pm On Jun 13
Where are the pictures that went viral, we need the defferentiate them.
Crime / Re: Conflicting Reports On Woman That Jumped Into Lagos Lagoon On 3rd Mainland by duality(m): 8:16pm On Jun 11
She's US based, married with 3 kids. She lives in Texas. Her husband is Tunde who works or used to work with Access Bank in Lagos. She got involved with another guy in Nigeria and they both got involved in series of adulterous activities. Her lover, an older guy as well swindled or collected over N10m from her.
She went to arrest him only for him to publish nude pictures of them together in order to prove his innocence to the Police that whatever happened between both of them was consensual, that he's not a fraudster as claimed by the married woman. The blackmail from the man got to her husband and this compelled the husband to conduct a DNA test on all his 3 children which later turned out that they are not all his kids after all. Those kids belong to someone else. On Saturday, 9th of June, 2018, the woman drove her truck to the bridge, parked her Ford SUV van on the 3rd Mainland Bridge and jumped inside the lagoon on a suicide mission which is a resultant effect of the blackmail. Bad market/bad business/dirty game. She's gone and the kids are left in the hands of strangers to be taken care of. Lesson to learn.


The truth about things like this can't be easily known.

To cover things up it's normal to churn out stories like this. After all, it will resonate with many simple minds.
Religion / Re: Does God Tell Us Who to Marry? by duality(m): 12:19am On Jun 11


I didn't quote you, did I? But I'll still dignify you with a response grin I'm that generous

Another ignorant write up from you

Now, what is wrong if a man decided to ask God if a prospective woman is for him? How is that bothering God?

We all have our plans but always know that God's plan is the best for you. Yours may be good, but God's plan will always be better.

I never played down the issue of you choosing for yourself. Your article became disgusting the moment you advised that we don't need to hear from him, just because we feel or know we have met a desirous prospective woman.

That to me, is the trashiest thought one could ever imagine. grin

All your responses are on point. You strike me as a mature Christian.

I should have written what you wrote, so I'd just say thanks.

As for Toks2008, he's misfiring big time. He needs to take a break.
The hollowness in this writeup is too much. If he has experienced salvation, he needs to go back to bethel. This kind of mindset can make the Holy spirit, distance himself from a man.
Politics / Re: Shehu Sani In Aba Prison In 1995 (Throwback Photos) by duality(m): 11:18pm On Jun 10
This man Shehu sani is gradually showing his true colours.
His sinister, unannounced dissatisfaction with the Abiola award arises from PMB nonrecognition of the role he played in the June 12 debacle.

There's something innately dishonest and self serving about the way he's going about it.

Una just dey carry a political motivated award for head.

The Award adds absolutely nothing to Nigerian.

Is the award Good governance?
Celebrities / Re: Chioma And Davido Step Out For A Date, Reveals What Appears To Be A Baby Bump by duality(m): 2:58pm On Jun 10
Who took the picture and posted it online.
Na dem dem
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Tore His PDP Membership Card And Campaigned For APC (Throwback Video) by duality(m): 2:49pm On Jun 10
Obj always wanna be in the scheme of things.. Too bad Buhari has buried his political clout with June 12 recognition

How if i may ask. I may not know how June 12 impacts an average south western person
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by duality(m): 6:44am On Jun 06

When I was single, I bought a TEC 2.5. I used it for 2 years and gave it to my bro. He's still using it, 3 years after. No problems whatsoever.
I also met TEC in my hubby's house and it's still serving us well
TEC is a good buy!

Disclaimer: I no Sabi who you wan buy from o. Just wanted you to know that the gen de try well well.

smiley alright
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by duality(m): 6:40pm On Jun 05

Tec is good just like its counterpart and not better than the likes of Elepaq, Sumec (firman), Tigmax, Lutian. just note that IF TEC SPOIL OR HAVE ANY ISSUE THE PART IS HELL, NOT READILY AVAILABLE AND VERY MUCH EXPENSIVE. My one cent advice.

In other words, TEC is not a good buy.
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by duality(m): 6:34am On Jun 05

This is TEC. Other products can be lesser, no argument.
2.5kv of TEC with electric start is 100k+


Is TEC better than other generator?

Can it carry pressing iron? Have you used it on such load?
How long have you used it.

What is your last price.
Education / Re: Sexual Harassments And The Cabals In Nigerian Universities by duality(m): 3:19pm On Jun 02
As long as many people don't condemr fornication, adultury and other forms of illicit sex [
Things like this will continue
Romance / Re: Visiting My Fiancee's Parents For The First Time, What Should I Buy For Them? by duality(m): 2:57pm On Jun 02
Buy the wine, but also buy some tubers of yam and keep in your car booth, if your discussions with them goes according to plan, on your way out, have them come offload their yams, otherwise, cut your losses and carry your yam go house. yam cost o.

That's if you have a car snd you decide to travel with it.
Sports / Re: The Nigerian World Cup 2018 Tracksuit Cost 72,000 Naira - Fans React by duality(m): 8:54pm On Jun 01
This colour is a big miss.
It does not look fine
Travel / Re: More Pictures Of The New Lagos Buses by duality(m): 8:47pm On Jun 01
Abeggyyy make we hear word!!!!

Governors have been importing buses into this country.

It's an avenue to divert funds.

Which governor hasn't bought buses.

Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Pregnant Lady In Benue, Insert Sticks In Her Private Part by duality(m): 10:55am On May 29
To the likes of ngeneukwuenu, progressive99, madridguy etc.

This is farmer and cattle migrants clash and not terrorism.
Romance / Re: Blood Stains On The Floor Each Night With Her by duality(m): 7:43am On May 29

SignUp on aliexpress n order it, it'll b delivered to d post office nearest to you

As simple as that? What about secured payment.

Sorry to derail the flow.

I honestly may just try it right now.
Just highlight the steps for me.

Go to Ali express,.. Negotiate.. Pay with shipment.. Give them the address why post office and not. Say office address.
Abge no vex
Romance / Re: Blood Stains On The Floor Each Night With Her by duality(m): 7:32am On May 29

Best advice so far.. Op cctv camera is affordable on aliexpress, buy the one with night vision.

I need one. How do I get it. The camera

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Religion / Re: Never Neglect Rules And Focus On Prayer by duality(m): 8:36am On May 27
proverbs 22:6 King James Version (KJV)

6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it

Many christians are suffering today because they simply lack knowledge owing to the fact they were either not sent to school by their parents or they did not learn trade or some kinda vocationals.

Many other christians who were sent to school or some informal education also have attitudinal problems because of poor parenting issues.

Now, if you are a christian and you have these problems mentioned above, know that there is absolutely nothing the blood of Jesus can do to help you.

If you are the type that attends fire fire churches like mountain of fire, mountain of liberty or liberation city, redeem christian church of God, die by fire, i mean my foot ministeries, thinking that they are the solution to your problems? You are deceiving yourself.

Some of these christians never had parent to be with them when they were growing up or they were brought up in a polygamous condition were there are several other siblings to cater for with little or no resources available, yet they want prayer to do miracle. grin

Every problem you are going through in life originates from the way you were brought up by your parents

To this effect, there is need for proper parenting.

We are celebrating childrens day today, i pray that God should open our eyes and give us the insight to stand by our children and give them the proper up bringing they deserve .


Im quoting you.. Because you will be saved only by fervently prayers not rules.. Go and ask for mercy.

This is directed to you. If you like, take what i just told you for granted.

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Technology Market / Re: Thermocool Gen & Ultra Hd Tv For Quick Sale-Clearance Sales by duality(m): 8:31am On May 27

Beware of scam, I've sold both TVs.

Hello, can that your generator conviniently power pressing iron and fridge?

The type.

Is it still available?
Politics / Re: Hypocrisy Of The Nigerian Media by duality(m): 2:45pm On May 26
When i see topics like this, i know the camp of the buharideens is in great apprehension.

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Politics / Re: Rochas Okorocha Appoints Officer In Charge Of Indian Hemp (Video) by duality(m): 8:09am On May 26
How do i reach Governor Ambode on this. We need a commissioner for indian hemp in Lagos...
I could help out.


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by duality(m): 7:59pm On May 25


How much is new one at oyingbo

Post the whole picture

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