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Business / Re: The Insider Secrets Of Setting Up A Highly Successful Importation In Nigeria by FRANKODEY1(m): 4:44pm On Feb 01
please can we discuss business. whatsapp 08068989509
Adverts / How To Get 100+ Customers A Week Using Facebook Ads by FRANKODEY1(m): 1:45am On Jan 20
Please is not a tutorial as you should have expected.
But is a

[+] FREE Facebook And YouTube Ads Management Service.
[+] And a FREE Copywriting service.


In details:

I will manage your ads platform (facebook or YouTube) putting my entire creativity and experience into it from ads design to maximize conversion and ROI, also brand establishment for just a Week.


I will write a captivating and High converting sales funnel and sales letter (email, optin and page) for any of your product so far you provide me with testimonies and proof of workability.



please contact me through my profile... Phone number Via whatsapp only.
Business / Re: How Can I Use Facebook To Sell My Products? by FRANKODEY1(m): 10:18pm On Jan 15
I can help you for free for now. contact me on whatsapp 08068989509
Programming / Re: Ruby On Rails/javascript App For Learning Japanese Characters by FRANKODEY1(m): 11:24pm On Sep 17, 2014
where are you? I need a Ruby on Rail expert
Software/Programmer Market / Looking For A Ruby On Rail Expert by FRANKODEY1(m): 12:44am On Sep 17, 2014
please if you are good or an expert of Ruby on Rail, please do contact me via 08068989509. I have a huge paid job and tech startup Co-founding opportunity for you. Nigerians only.
Education / Agbami-chevron Scholarship Difficulties. Please Help by FRANKODEY1(m): 11:09pm On Dec 20, 2013
Please so, how do polytechnic students HND level benefits or get re- awarded after ND level in which the scholarship was awarded? Or does it ends at ND level graduation only?

please help.
Business / Re: Online Real Estate: Buy And Sell Your Domain Or Website Here by FRANKODEY1(m): 4:20pm On Dec 07, 2013

long time, I was even saying I will get to via Whatsapp or 2go today..

how biz...
Can we talk later?
Business / Re: Online Real Estate: Buy And Sell Your Domain Or Website Here by FRANKODEY1(m): 4:18pm On Dec 07, 2013

long time, I was even saying I will get to u via Whatsapp or 2go today..

how biz...
Can we talk later?
Business / Re: I Never Knew designing/Installing Premium Wordpress themes Can Be This Lucrative by FRANKODEY1(m): 10:19am On Dec 04, 2013
inforesource: Good morning Nlanders, if you are good in designing an ebook, kindly drop ur contact here. Thanks.

please hit me via Whatsapp (08068989509)
let me design it for you
Programming / Re: Nigerian Online Chat App by FRANKODEY1(m): 5:28pm On Dec 01, 2013
@Code Eater

please I love to speak with you guys.
let's meet via whatsapp Frank Odey (08068989509)
Business / Do It Yourself Facebook Marketing And Ppc Advertising Video Tutorial - Join Now by FRANKODEY1(m): 4:44am On Apr 05, 2013

Please this THREAD is for a Live and Video Tutorial.
You ONLY have to Contribute, comments, spread ideas and Share.

No adverts posting
No Spamming of any kind
No Quoting of Long threaded comments

This thread is created to empower, teach and share with fellow business owners on this forum and particularly this section strategies to gaining MORE SALES, MORE CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS, MORE PROFIT AND RETURN USING FACEBOOK AS A MARKETING TOOL, So you reserve to yourself only and to no other persons for damage, lost and any other issues that occur during your application of strategies, tricks, ideas and experiences share HERE. And to contributors and commenter(s) make sure you show up with what is VALID and APPLICABLE, with Less/little Risk or control-able damage/loses.


*Introduction to Facebook Marketing and Advertising
* Various Marketing tools on facebook and viral advertising
* Understanding Facebook Policy and Terms of Advertising
* Fan Pages and Timeline, How to Use them for Business Promotion

* Facebook Advertising;
* How to Create Ads and Get Them Approve FAST.
* How to Organize Campaigns and Ads Group.
* How Test Ads Group and Split Testing.
* How to Create Ads and Pay 0.01 cent per click.
* Various Ads Automation Tools.
* Landing Page and Fan pages Opt-in Tab.
* Where to Get FREE Facebook Coupons and Advertise for Over 125 dollars FREE.
*Many More under this.

* ADVANCED Facebook advertising and Viral Advertising/Marketing
*How to advertise Money Making Product even if it is against FB Policy
* How Use FB Offer Promotion to sell Hot Demanding Products (like Imported ones)
* How to Use Post Promotion to Drive Waves of Traffic to your Blog/Websites
* You will Know CPM and CPC/PPC which goes for branding or for Selling, and what work best.
* How to SPREAD the Web using FACEBOOK user Like and Interests
*How to Advertise on Facebook on LOANS and Pay Later...


So, who is interested? Who will contribute? who will just comment?

Webmasters / Please Best Reliable Hosting Companies In Naija For Blogging by FRANKODEY1(m): 5:41pm On Feb 04, 2013
Please can someone list the best hosting companies and plan for wordpress blogging. Very reliable service.

Business / 500 Tons Of Waste Cartons And A4 Printing Papers. FOB by FRANKODEY1(m): 7:05am On Jan 26, 2013
Please anyone that can supply 500 tons of waste cartons and waste A4 papers monthly. Completely FOB
please contact me 08068989509
Business / Re: How To Get Highly Responsive 6,312 Subscribers To Your (info) Business Blog by FRANKODEY1(m): 4:12pm On Jan 22, 2013
obiscolly: Really quite tasking. Nice one though! Kudos.

Just a try
Adverts / Re: Complete Information Marketing Business-in-a-box With A Full Year Automation by FRANKODEY1(m): 4:10pm On Jan 22, 2013
Just remaining 3 slots
Adverts / Complete Information Marketing Business-in-a-box With A Full Year Automation by FRANKODEY1(m): 9:45pm On Jan 14, 2013

I'll advice, you to read and re-read every word, every letter and mostly every sentence in this thread, and I will promise never to make it....


Of course, I'm NOT here to promise you HEAVEN or to show YOU how to Make Money no Man on Earth have Made before, and even....

On the long-run...I'm NOT God, but I have to be REAL and as Honest as GOD!

Though, I have something to share, a business, a system that is keeping me on track to get to my BILLIONS naira GOAL, which I can simply and easily share with other close ones around. And will...

Never LOSS a penny of my target billions if I Do!

Listen, what am saying, is a BUSINESS....like all other businesses, but is more-or-less...

Just an ORDINARY Business!
It's an Add-on to Businesses,
It's Robusty and Reliable,
It can be Fully Automated,
Above all is 400% ROI accountable!

Friend, You have heard about it, before but You....

DO NOT believe on It!
DO NoT try it at all!
CONCLUDED, it's a scam, a crap, or another Just HYPE!

Please don't....


What I'm talking about is...


Give it a try again with me, and I will SETUP A COMPLETE INFORMATION MARKETING BUSINESS That Will Profit You As Low As N80,000 Per Month completely on Automatic setting runing for a Full year (properly thru 2013).

And that is not ALL!

I will personally hand-over and Train You for 10 WEEKs with Video covered during the SETUP process.

And more, is JUST for please Few Persons, remember I said I'm NOT GOD!

All it would cost you is...


Here is the Deal:
I want to DO what I like and Love doing BEST.

(please do check my nairaland profile and know more about me well before, click on my username attach to post topic).

One more question.

Would you like to have your own money making website complete with everything including uniquely fully designed site/blog+ebook + traffic + autoresponder + tools + affiliate products + articles etc all setup for you just under FIVE DAYS then after running on autopilot 24/7 round the whole year?

Yes! Is what I did hear you say,

see what I'll Setup For You;

. I will design a professional website for you according to your taste. (Worth#35,000)

. I will register and host a domain name for you totally free of charge for one full year without you paying a dime. (Worth #5,000).

I will create an information product for you in one of the hottest selling and evergreen niche or market (they're; health and fitness, dating and core relationship, wealth and business, etc). (Worth #7,000).

I will personally design your ebook cover for you from the scratch for whatever product I created to sell on your website. (Worth #5,000).

I will personally personally write and publish a powerful sales letter for the information product that will pull-in random sales for you without you having to pay for it again. (Worth #5,000 (most persons here on nairaland know I'm a Sound Copywriter and savvy marketer).

You will get a page header/business logo professionally designed to your taste that will match the information product you offer on the website. (Worth #5,000).

I will create an auto responder follow-ups, squeeze page for you to help you build your own list of loyal responsive subscribers and you'll get it free. (Worth #7,000)

I will personally setup, run, fund and monitor, and management ALL the marketing campaign (Facebook, offline classifieds, adwords and online newspaper site advert) for the Info-business for a year. (worth N50,000)

bam!....forget about all the worths.

I will run the business like my own, and all you have to do is ATTACH your OWN BANK ACCOUNT to the business to enable you receive your EARNINGS on each sales.

Yes, it's Me!

Frank Odey
Creative Systems Techologies

Contact Me, if Interested


P.S: Just N20,755 for this YEAR only!

P.Ss: My GUARANTEE to you is simply N45,000 after One 3 weeks of NO sales after SETUP is complete direct to your account.


PPP.S: Questions are welcome
Business / Re: Do It Yourself FOREX Trading Course FREE by FRANKODEY1(m): 8:41pm On Jan 13, 2013
On Nairaland, we know those that give and affect lives whole-heartedly

Well done bro.
Business / Re: Information Marketer's Lounge (Special Thread For Info Marketer! ) by FRANKODEY1(m): 8:04pm On Jan 13, 2013
deji yusuf: It have been a long time I have posted on this Lounge,
well I have been away because I have been so busy and sick at the same time...

what are your plans for 2013?
We are now I 2013, we must NOT aim for the stars because the stars is just your starting point,
you must achieve that Big Dream that you have always been day dreaming about.

You must be highly productive, you must plan big, take massive clever risk.
Don't ever give a poo about what the haters are saying because you are above them,
This is because you are a action taker,
risk taker and a visionary.

Can you see these words I wrote to you?
Can you still breath?
Can you still move?

If you do the above listed things,
then it means that your are still on our planet,
you are not dead.
My point is that if you have not achieve your goal,
your dream, your aspiration, don't break the sweat,
so far you still have life I you, you can make it.

*Pray to God-He is always there for you.
* Believe in yourself.
* Have a simple reasonable goal in mind.
* Take Action!!!
* ..and the sky is just your starting point!

I just hope you have set all your goals for
this amazing new year and you are getting ready
to accomplish them.

In God We Trust!
To Your Success!



Adverts / Please Waste Papers Needed Urgent Ready Contract by FRANKODEY1(m): 4:36pm On Jan 06, 2013
Please anyone that can supply 6 containers of Waste papers to dubai (especially newspapers type)
Huge Contract please

reach me on 0806898905
Business / Re: Help Chibuzor Eze Has Scammed Me. by FRANKODEY1(m): 5:11pm On Jan 04, 2013
Don't worry.

His email account is already hack and same to all his scamming tools

He has not seen anything yet

all his details is intact, (maybe him go fly go abroad very soon)

I hate this


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Adverts / Websites That Have Affected Your Life Positively In 2012 - Share! by FRANKODEY1(m): 12:25pm On Dec 30, 2012
Hello Friends

Coming to the End of the Great Year 2012

We have been online every minute, every second, every day


For Me:

In Business:

Websites that got me New skills:
Copywriting skills - www.thegaryhalbertletter.com

blogging skill- www.copyblogger.com

Marketing and Adverising - www.dankennedy.com,

Business ideas within Nigeria -

inspiration and writing -

Products I bought that make me more money in 2012 -

Dan Kennedy magnetic marketing - cost $457
Audio marketing secrets - cost $574
Advertising Ideas - John caples cost $100 flat
Gary Halbert - Ads and sales Letters Breakdown - cost $99.6

Percentage level of Positivity in Money and Life

www.nairaland.com - 40%
www.thegaryhelbertletter.com - 40%
www.successdigestdaily.com - 10%


Frank Odey
Business / Re: Information Marketer's Lounge (Special Thread For Info Marketer! ) by FRANKODEY1(m): 6:40pm On Dec 29, 2012
FOREXMART: First of all i pay due respect to all the gurus in the house. One thing has kept on stopping me from info marketing since 2007 and I wonder where i would have been by now if i started.

These are the biggest questions that have cone to mind.
1. How do i generate traffic from only the Nigerian market since payment will be made in naira?.

2. Can i create a website on my own with a WYSIWYG software containing multiple pages?

3. knowing what a mailing list is, how
do i add a subscribe button to a page?

4. How do i integrate and use an auto responder on my site.

5. What service broker will you recommend for purchasing a domain name and hosting a website in Nigeria?

6. Finally i have read through all the pages and nobody has talked about how best to generate nigerian traffic to your site. It makes no sense when my info is for Nigerians and my traffic is from Japan.

So how best would you advice me to generate nigerian traffic and what are the best methods?

question One and five are similar i know but they are very important to me because these are questions that have bombarded my head these years.

Please i have lost faith in all these fake marketing sites that dont give you practical steps to building traffic.

I could really use a someone as a friend and mentor.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this wonderful thread.

And please ignore my typographical errors cos am typing via mobile.


1. YOU generate traffic from advertising on most circulated newspapers or magazine and most recently on Facebook (which is the best source of traffic now)

2. My bro Microsoft frontpage will do you good, learn how to do design wit it, make your site simple. See a sample here: www.internetincomeng.com
or you can choose to use wordpress with optimize theme for landing page

5. I use registram.com.ng for domain and today i use smartweb.com.ng you can paid in naira

more answers coming
Business / Re: Information Marketer's Lounge (Special Thread For Info Marketer! ) by FRANKODEY1(m): 6:29pm On Dec 29, 2012
@forexmart welcome

i will answer you shortly
Business / Re: Information Marketer's Lounge (Special Thread For Info Marketer! ) by FRANKODEY1(m): 11:21am On Dec 29, 2012
Please guys which nigeria based web hosting service is good and reliable for blog hosting especially wordpress?

Please help, urgent...credit card wahala i dey run from.

Business / Re: Pure Water Nylon Waste Business by FRANKODEY1(m): 10:37am On Dec 28, 2012

here is it: frankodey@ymail.com
Business / Re: Pure Water Nylon Waste Business by FRANKODEY1(m): 7:08am On Dec 28, 2012
Yes, is very lucrative, I can help you guys especially if you are in Lagos

contact me via NL profile

Business / Re: Information Marketer's Lounge (Special Thread For Info Marketer! ) by FRANKODEY1(m): 3:14pm On Dec 27, 2012
2sexy: wow.. na wa ooo. anyway, my head has taken a new direction.
Lemme just drop a few tip.

As and info marketer, try as much as possible to learn copywriting. you can spend a full month reading everything about it.

Lemme tell you truth about the likes of Akin Alabi... they are chronic copy cats. the arent innovative or creative as many people believe them to be.

get your hands on copy written by the veteran copy masters and read them everyday. Fine the one whose style you like and read as much as you can. Learn how creat ebook covers in seconds. You don't need to be a graphic designer to create stunning ebook, CD, and box cover. get hold if you paypal account and visit http://www.ecoversoftwarepro.com/. It is cheap and dead cheap to make your product look professional. Dont forget to send me the software when u buy it ooo. grin grin

Okay... no go to http://www.hardtofindads.com/ and see copies that has worked and will continue to work. so unfortunate that i have lost all the carefully researched copywriting ebooks I have. at hardto find ads, that is where Akin Alabi also stole some ideas. there are more.

I have been a little away from IM for some time now and I will get back soon with loads of info. Happy New Year In Advance.

Also goto http://www.hardtofindinterviews.com/related_sites.htm and make carzy cash.




Thanks for sharing...

But take a look - copywriting achive

Audio (mp3) - www.hardtofindinterviews.com , www.executiveaudioinstitute.com

Ads copy - www.hardtofindads.com

Seminar - www.hardtofindserminars.com

More ads - www.infomarketingblog.com

Copy Guru(s) Newsletters -
Gary Benivenga - www.marketingbullets.com

clayton markpace - www.thetotalpackage.com

Gary halbert - www.thegaryhalbertletter.com

more coming...on that

Copy Books (raw and super) with examples -

The Lazy Man's Way to Riches - Joe Karbo

How To Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time - Gary Halbert

Advertising Ideas - John Caples (this is rare to see)

Making Ads pay - John Caples

more coming....

Make i enta my Library (knowledge power-house)

2013 don suffa for my HANDS




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Business / Re: Information Marketer's Lounge (Special Thread For Info Marketer! ) by FRANKODEY1(m): 6:23pm On Dec 19, 2012
suxes2005: Which AR are you guys using?

Thinking of traffic wave but I do not know how to set it up



For low cost: Trafficwave
you need just $17 per month, is like their trial version is not working that much.

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