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Nairaland / General / 7 Inventors Killed By Their Inventions by icnsystem(m): 11:47pm On Apr 15
Tragic irony
The life of an inventor is not an easy one. First you have to come up with a good idea that solves a problem in a way that no one has thought of before, and then you need to design and engineer your idea to take it from theory to reality. The very nature of invention means that inventors are continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This drive to discover the next Big Thing has been a boon to humanity and has given us inventions like the steam engine, the automobile and the personal computer. It's the major reason why we're still not huddled in caves fighting off wolves and cowering at the crack of thunder.

But invention is a fickle mistress and has proved to be a dangerous undertaking for many a would-be Edison. Things go wrong, inventions break or don't work as the designers intended, and sometimes inventors are killed by the very ideas they brought to life. We've compiled some of the sad but fascinating stories of seven inventors who died at the hand of their inventions. Let their stories serve as lessons for those of us who dream big.
1.Henry Smolinski
Henry Smolinski was a Northrop-trained engineer who left his job to start Advanced Vehicle Engineers, a company focused on bringing a flying car to market. In 1973, the company built its first two prototypes made by fusing the rear end of a Cessna Skymaster airplane with a Ford Pinto. The tail section was designed to be attached and detached from the car.

Smolinski was set to begin production for the retail market the next year, but on Sept. 11, 1973, he went on a test flight with pilot Harold Blake and was killed, along with Blake, when a wing strut detached from the car. The National Transportation Safety Board ruled that bad welds were responsible for the crash. (And it did involve a Pinto.)
2.Franz Reichelt
Franz Reichelt was an Austrian-born French inventor who made a living as a tailor but spent his free time working on a flying parachute suit designed to be worn by airplane pilots. Airplanes were a relatively new invention when Reichelt was working on his design, having only been flown for the first time in Kitty Hawk in 1903, and the mechanics of how a pilot would escape a damaged plane were still being worked out. Reichelt's first tests were performed using dummies and were successful enough for him to test the suit himself, which he did by jumping off the lower level of the Eiffel Tower. The 187-foot fall onto frozen ground killed him instantly.
3.Horace Lawson Hunley
Horace L. Hunley was a lawyer and a member of the Louisiana state legislature who had a thing for submarines. He helped design and build three different models for the Confederacy during the Civil War and was ultimately killed when his third design went under. His first submarine was built in New Orleans and was intentionally sunk when the city fell to the Union in 1862, and his second submarine sunk in Mobile Bay in Alabama. Hunley funded his third submarine himself, and on Oct. 15, 1863, Hunley, along with seven crewmembers, died when the sub that carried his name sank in the waters off Charleston, S.C. The Confederacy recovered the sunken sub and sent it back out with a new crew who managed to stay alive and also managed a major accomplishment: to sink a ship. It was the first ship to be taken down by a submersible vessel. However, the Hunley disappeared on this first and last successful mission, taking its third crew to the bottom of the sea.
4.Thomas Midgley Jr
Thomas Midgley Jr. was a highly decorated chemist best known for his work with "no-knock" or leaded gasoline and the greenhouse gas Freon. He suffered from lead poisoning and once poured leaded gasoline all over his hands and sniffed from a flask of it for 60 seconds during a press conference to prove the fuel was safe. One might assume that Migley died of lead poisoning, but he was actually killed by another one of his inventions — the rope and pulley system he built to support his body while he was in bed suffering from polio. He became entangled in the ropes on Nov. 2, 1944, and suffocated.
5.Marie Curie
Marie Curie was a physicist and chemist best known for her work on radioactivity; however, she also discovered the elements polonium and radium. She was awarded two Nobel Prizes — one in physics which she won jointly with her husband and Henri Becquerel, and another in chemistry — and was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes. She is still one of only two (along with Linus Pauling) to accomplish that feat. Curie is responsible for establishing the theory of radioactivity, but unfortunately she unwittingly also discovered the fatal effect radioactivity can have on your health; she died on July 4, 1934, of aplastic anemia caused by radiation exposure.
6.Perillos of Athens
Of all the inventors on this list, this guy may be the one who most deserved to die at the hand of his own invention. Perillos was a bronze worker who designed a device called the Brazen Bull to be used to painfully execute criminals. The Brazen Bull was a hollow bull. Prisoners were locked inside and roasted to death by a fire underneath. The device was even designed to channel the screams of the burning prisoner out of its nose to sound like a bull. Perillos pitched his invention to Phalaris, a tyrant lord of Acragas in Sicily. After Perillos showed Phalaris the bull, the inventor was put inside and a fire was lit underneath him. History isn't clear about if Perillos was pulled out before dying, only to be thrown off a cliff by Phalaris' men, or if he expired within the bull. Either way, the bull did him in.
7.Valerian Abakovsky
Valerian Abakovsky was a Russian inventor who died when his invention, the high-speed Aerowagon train engine, derailed on a test run, killing Abakovsky and five others. The Aerowagon had an airplane engine and propeller and was designed to carry Soviet officials to and from Moscow. Abakovsky's invention worked fine on the outgoing leg of the test run but crashed during its return to the capital city. Abakovsky was just 26 years old.

Food / Nigeria Spends N9bn Yearly To Import Champagne by icnsystem(m): 11:46pm On Apr 03
Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chairman and big-time farmer, Chief Audu Ogbe, has advocated a high import duty on champagne import, saying that Nigeria spends over N9 billion to import the product.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting organised by Quintessential Diamond Limited, a company that deals in agro-products in Abuja, Ogbe pushed for special banks funded by the treasury and targeting industrial, and agricultural growth at one digit interest rate.

He said if this was not done, the economy might head for trouble, recalling that when a few years ago he warned the Kano State Government against militant activity, he was accused of raising false alarm.

“With the current interest rate, you can’t manufacture. The next thing is, we have got to create special-development banks. We had them before – NIDB, NBCI. They were there focusing on industrial growth. Some of these reforms have deformed this country’s growth. And those banks should charge one digit interest rate. This business of throwing the whole thing wide is not helping the country. I don’t care which economist is preaching this stuff. I challenge such an economist that since 28 years ago when we began this programme (the country’s economic programme), poverty crisis has worsened by the day. We must have special banks funded by the treasury targeting industrial, and agricultural growth at one digit interest rate. Otherwise, we are heading for trouble,” he said.
Religion / Man With 14inch Tail Is Hailed As god by icnsystem(m): 3:27pm On Feb 16
A man with a 14.5-inch tail growing from his back has been hailed as a God in India. Chandre Oraon, 35, was born with the wispy appendage, which locals believe signifies he is an incarnation of Hindu monkey God Hanuman. Worshipers also claim his ability to effortlessly climb trees is further proof of the divine similarities.

Many of his devotees travel hundreds of miles to queue up outside his house in Alipurduar, West Bengal, to seek blessings by touching his bushy tail. When not busy giving blessings, Chandre works as a tea picker on a local tea estate.

Videographer / Director: Arkaprava Ghosh, Producer: Aamir Bashir, Editor: Ian Phillips / Jack Stevens
Health / Marijuana May Stop Spread Of HIV by icnsystem(m): 10:08pm On Feb 14
Marijuana has long been used to effectively treat symptoms associated with HIV, such as chronic pain and weight loss. But a growing body of research suggests the plant may be able to stop the spread of the virus itself.
A Louisiana State University study published in the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruse narrates how for 17 months, scientists administered a daily dose of THC, an active ingredient in cannabis, to monkeys infected with an animal form of the virus. Over the course of that period, they found that damage to immune tissue in the primates’ stomachs, one of the most common areas in the body for HIV infection to spread, decreased.
Sports / Lazio Midfielder Who Claims To Be 17years Old by icnsystem(m): 8:02pm On Feb 13
Lazio is a seria A football club in Italian league and this African footballer (pictured below) true age is now generating serious debate...Nairalanders,please join this debate:Does this guy look 17 years old?

Health / Devastating Effects Of Cancer On Woman Body by icnsystem(m): 8:18am On Feb 13
The graphic content of this article could be disturbing and explicit to some extent.But before i proceed,let me state here categorically that i didn't set out to promote Indecency neither am i mocking this beautiful mother of 4 whose true cancer ravaged body is attched to this article.Am very emotional and this graphic content is heart rending but i decided to share it on this forum to raise awareness about devasting effect of cancer so that folks can take proactive measures to prevent and fight the scourge of cancer.
A comprehensive awareness about the causes of cancer is a must for everybody in another to stem the tide of this deadly disease.To every women out there whenever you noticed any changes in bosom,don't wait too long to see your doctor.Act fast,Health,they say is wealth.|ukt1|dl2|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D242781

Education / WAEC Introduces 39 New Subjects by icnsystem(m): 7:55am On Feb 03
The NERDC is the body responsible for reviewing primary and secondary schools’ curricula in the country.

She said, “The implementation of the new SSCE curricula began in September 2011, meaning that the maiden public examinations based on the new/ revised curricula are expected to be held in May/ June 2014.

“Each WASSCE syllabus is derived from the senior secondary education curriculum. In addition to the 39 new subjects for which NERDC engaged in curriculum development, curriculum review was also carried out for 35 existing subjects.”

In the new curriculum, four new subjects- Computer Studies, Insurance, Store Management and Office Practice- are in the electives category, while the remaining 35 subjects are in the Trades category.

Among subjects in the trade category are Painting and Decorating, Photography, Salesmanship, Plumbing and Pipe Fitting, and Upholstery.

Ajibade added that under the fresh directive, students would be required to take four core subjects, comprising English Language, General Mathematics, Civic Education and Trade/ Entrepreneurial Studies.
Nairaland / General / World's Most Expensive Toothbrush Cost A Whopping £2,600 by icnsystem(m): 6:41pm On Jan 30
The Reinast brush has, according to its makers, a special antibacterial protective layer which guards against germs.Keeping your teeth white and minty fresh just got a whole lot more expensive.
This is the world’s priciest toothbrush - a titanium ‘plaque destroyer’ with detachable bristle heads which costs an eye-watering £2,600.

Sports / At 60,joe Lasisi Is Ready To Fight Bash Ali 58 For Guiness Book Of Records Bid by icnsystem(m): 6:32pm On Jan 30
Lasisi, 60, a former world number one light heavyweight contender, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that ``Ali should accept my challenge if he really wants to prove he deserves to be in the record book.

Joe Lasis said``I have decided to come out of retirement; I am fit and ready and Ali should accept my challenge and let us see who is truly Nigeria’s great.”
Isn't funny for these 2 grandpa to start throwing punches at 60 & 58.My taking is that they are dead broke.Nairalanders,your opinion please!
Romance / Will You Accept An Invitation To Attend Gay Wedding? by icnsystem(m): 10:35am On Dec 24, 2013
As the gale of same sex marriage is spreading across western world and beyond.It's gradually becoming a reality that an invitation to attend one of this unusual wedding will be extended to an African residing in this clime.Of course,every human being is a product of his/her environment.since we are part of every society we find ourselves,there is no way we can exist in isolation without interacting with people of other cultures,orientations and belief systems in place of work,business or daily activities.Invitations come in different forms,it could be birthday,naming,funeral,graduation,wedding ceremony,e.t.c,
But what if it is an invitation to attend a gay wedding?As an African how would you handle this situation especially if the person inviting you is very very dear to you?

Politics / North Korea Leader Execute His Uncle by icnsystem(m): 2:59pm On Dec 13, 2013
(CNN) -- As the shock sinks in of North Korea's extraordinary announcement of the execution of leader Kim Jong Un's uncle and former protector, government officials and analysts are trying to decipher what the brutal move means.

The ruthless disposal of Jang Song Thaek -- Kim's uncle by marriage who had, until recently, been regarded as the second-most powerful figure in the secretive, nuclear-armed nation -- has serious implications for North Korea, its neighbors and the United States, observers said.

But exactly what is going on inside the notoriously opaque North Korea regime remains as murky as ever.

"We don't have a clear sense of this at all," said Victor Cha, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies who represented the United States in nuclear talks with North Korea.
Romance / Man Padlock Lover's Blue Jean by icnsystem(m): 3:51pm On Oct 08, 2013

A man in Mexico has been charged by police for padlocking his girlfriend jeans to prevent her from having affair with another man.
Religion / Re: Which Is Your Best Gospel Songs And Artists? by icnsystem(m): 6:05pm On Oct 06, 2013

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Nairaland / General / Male Prostitution Causes Rise In Sale Of Pampers In Kenyan by icnsystem(m): 9:11pm On Aug 20, 2013
Addis Ababa – The Police in Kenya said Tuesday said they were battling to contain a new trend of commercial sex tourism that targets young boys in the coastal towns of the country .
The reports monitored from a local radio station, quoted Police as saying the trend had caused the rise in the sale pampers in the region due to the rising health problems among boys indulging in the act.
Malindi sub county Deputy Police Commissioner, Joshua Nkanatha told Kenya local radio that boys from poor families were being lured into the trade by rich male tourists.
The Police official said the situation had lead to an increase in number of cases of HIV/AIDS spread in the area.
“A survey we conducted shows that boys engaging in intimate activities with male tourists are buying pampers because they can no longer hold their stool, “Nkanatha said.
Nkanatha, who spoke during a Public Baraza at HGM primary school, Malindi said “male prostitution had become high
in Malindi and contributing to increased cases of HIV and AIDS.
He urged educated and concerned members of the public to take up the responsibility of enlightening the youths
about the health risks of engaging in the vice.
Malindai is a resort town on the outskirt of Nairobi, the Kenyan Capital which attracts Tourists from within and outside Africa.
Fashion / Re: Eniola Badmus' New Look by icnsystem(m): 6:40pm On Aug 14, 2013
There is nothing wrong with this Lady physically and mentally.To be extra large is not a sickness,crime or disadvantage.
Good education should always compel us to accept others for who they are.One thing i admire so much about this lady is her strong sense of personal identity,with this quality,haters can go to hell.Fly Baby Girl!The sky is not your limit,God is....

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Sports / O-U-T-R-A-G-E-O-U-S!: Soccer Team Wins 79 – 0, Another 67 – 0 - See More At: Htt by icnsystem(m): 7:37am On Jul 10, 2013
This is Nigeria in his true colour and character.We are in the guinness book of record again for laughable and unbelievable reason
Read on Nairalanders:
Politics / Re: Katsina Has Highest Rate Of Teenage Pregnancy — NPC by icnsystem(m): 4:17pm On Jul 09, 2013
That is more delinquency and a very veritable tools for boko-haram's recruitments...May God save Nigeria
Nairaland / General / How Would You React If You Discovered That Your Only Son Is A Gay? by icnsystem(m): 10:31pm On Jun 13, 2013
A Nigerian Family friend of mine from French city of Lyon are going through emotional trauma now because their only son is a confirmed gay.Their son,aged 20 is now living with his partner (A man),they now planning to legalise their union by getting married this december.The boy seems very happy and fulfilled but his parents especially his dad is gradually going insane about his only son intimate orientation.Though his two younger sisters are doing very well in school but his dad considered him as a natural heir and symbol his struggle.
His parents attempts at making him to change his attitudes towards same sex backfired as the poor boy see such parental intervention as threats to his freedom of choice and liberty.
To restrain his parents and protect his privacy the boy is now armed with court order restraining his parents at least 100 meters square from him and banning them from calling or chatting with him.Nairalanders, if this boy is your only son how would you react?
Family / Re: Raising A Child To Speak English In Nigeria: Is It Proper? by icnsystem(m): 3:35pm On May 06, 2013
It's widely believed in the west that sub-sahara African lack strong sense of identity.Though as a black African i found this analysis very insulting and repulsive.But a careful reflection and study of our society will attest to the authenticity of this claim.Nowhere across the world are kids forced to speak foreign languages and culture at the expense of mother's tongue at home.
Even ex-British colonies of India,pakistan,west-indies,e.t.c, children are raised with native language and culture thereby giving them very strong sense of identity.But Today,it's only in sub-sahara Africa,we have these backward mentality that equates fluency in English as measure of intelligent quotient.That is the biggest lie and propaganda.A sub-Sahara African child raised at home with native language and culture fare better in life intellectually & morally than the kids raised entirely with western values and language.Conduct an empirical research before antagonising me.
Back in my days in school, we were told that speaking our native language was vernacular and we pay fine if anyone is caught speaking native language in class.That's the greatest fraud and blackmail accepted by our parents because they lack sense of identity.Most socio-cultural values of sub-sahara Africa origin are fast vanishing because our parents denied us values that reflect our heritage through native language.We know that written tradition is easier to pass to next generation than oral tradition.That's sub-sahara's misfortune
Even if you have FIRST CLASS PHD in English or other foreign language there are still core socio-cultural values you cannot decipher from these foreign language.Not until i travelled to Europe,i never knew that the white man blackmailed us by telling us our language was vernacular and speaking queens English is sign of intelligence and accomplishments.What a fraud


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stocks That Make You Happy All The Time by icnsystem(m): 11:55pm On May 04, 2013
Politics / Breaking News: Taraba Speaker,his Deputy Impeached by icnsystem(m): 4:06pm On Apr 22, 2013
Reports from Taraba State, indicate that the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Istifanus Gbana, and his deputy have been impeached.
The former speaker and his deputy were removed by 17 out of the 24 members of the Assembly. Both men did not attend Monday’s sitting.
Investment / Re: GtBank & First Bank Dividends In 2013 by icnsystem(m): 11:56pm On Mar 22, 2013
And how much dividends and bonus Zenith Bank is paying this year?I doubt if anybody knows
Foreign Affairs / President Obama's Inaugural Address by icnsystem(m): 11:58pm On Jan 21, 2013
We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any time may face a job loss, or a sudden illness, or a home swept away in a terrible storm. The commitments we make to each other through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, these things do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us. (Applause.) They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great. (Applause.)

Politics / Re: Pictures Of Nigerian Troops Arrival In Mali by icnsystem(m): 5:21pm On Jan 18, 2013
This is not the time to criticize our military in Mali.If we refuse to discourage these Jihadist from spreading their campaign of terror,Nigeria and the whole Africa will surely pay huge price for sitting on the fence.
Our Troops should be supported,encouraged and well motivated to perform this supreme price of securing our peaceful co-existence and future.This is not the time to talk from both side of the mouth on security issues.Our sense of communal survival should be stronger than ever because,we are all in this together.We have decided to send our Son,Daugther,Brother,uncle,cousin,niece,sister,e.t.c,in "HARM'S WAY".Criticizing them now is tantamount to exposing their flanks to terrorists.
My prayer is that non of our military men in Mali should die,kidnapped or held hostage in terrorist or enermy(s)den.As a citizen of this great nation,i personally share their Joy and Pain in the battle to secure our freedom..WE SHALL NEVER MOURN THEM BUT CELEBRATE AND SAVOUR THEIR SWEET VICTORY.Because through their supreme sacrifice our Freedom to worship the supreme being in whatever way we damned fit is surely guaranteed.GOD BLESS THESE MEN & WOMEN OF GREAT ENCOURAGE


Culture / 5 Goats Arrested In Osun For Violating Enviormental Laws by icnsystem(m): 12:27am On Jan 10, 2013
No fewer than five goats were yesterday arrested at Dele-Yesa area in Osogbo, the Osun State capital by officials of the state Waste Management Agency (OWMA) for allegedly violating environmental laws. The state Coordinator of the agency, Mr. Henry Ogunbanwo said the goats would be charged to court by the agency and would be prosecuted in accordance with the laws guiding environmental protection in the state.
Politics / Re: Paying James Ibori's Pension:is Delta State Govt Right Or Wrong? by icnsystem(m): 11:01pm On Jan 07, 2013
We are in this mess today because some Nigerian citizens have no single sense of personal identity,entitlement and decency.In a brash attempt to defend infamy,they throw their heritage and birthright to the dogs.Lack of sound education,poverty syndrome,paternal deficiency and neurological disorder have make some folk useless that they lost the capacity to engage in intellectual discourse.
Politics / Paying James Ibori's Pension:is Delta State Govt Right Or Wrong? by icnsystem(m): 9:08am On Dec 29, 2012
As a criminal that captured the governor's office by altering and concealing his criminal records,identity & looted state's treasury,MR,James Onanefe Ibori ,his cronies,family & others across the federation should be barred from accessing state fund or benefit (pension),but if these felons are to enjoy state funds via pension,then what is wrong dedicating funds to appease Boko-Haram,Kidnappers,armed-robbers & other miscreants?After all,the root of these violent crimes are attributable to greed,recklessness and shortsightedness of our elite. or is someone saying some criminals are more handsome than the other?But hold on !I'm not in anyway advocating that any criminals should be rewarded in cash or kind.But James Ibori earning pension from state he onsciously looted has serious consequence and precedence..Paying him pension is an encrypted coded message and signal to Criminals of different shades and background.We must pay serious attention to our sense of reward!Quoted from:
Literature / Needed Urgently by icnsystem(m): 2:20am On Oct 20, 2012
Can someone help me to locate an article titled:IN DEFENCE OF AWOLOWO MATTER ARSING FROM ACHEBE'S CIVIL WAR MEMOIR written by TONY NWAEZEIGWE....I need it urgently for research.I read the e-version in vanguard newspaper.But i'm finding it very difficult locating the plain text version.can someone help me out!
Violent Crimes / Man Hides 2.6KG Of Cocaine In Roasted Chicken by icnsystem(m): 11:24pm On Sep 01, 2012
Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency at the weekend arrested an auto technician in connection with 2.655kg of cocaine hidden inside roasted chicken.
The seizure was made at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos during the inward clearance of passengers on a Turkish Airline flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The street value of the seized drug is about N24 million.

The NDLEA Airport Commander, Mr. Hamza Umar, who gave the name of the suspect as Vincent Chegini Chinweuwa, described the seizure as remarkable.
Umar explained that the suspect had given investigators useful information.
“We discovered 2.655kg of cocaine hidden inside roasted chicken. It is a remarkable seizure because no one would have imagined cocaine worth several millions inside roasted chicken,” Hamza stated.

During interrogation, the suspect said he thought that the drug will not be detected.

Chinweuwa said: “It took me three days to pack the cocaine inside the roasted chicken.
“I was confident that the drug will not be detected.
“I have been living in Brazil since 2006.
“Life has been stressful because I cannot even visit my wife in Nigeria due to lack of money.
“I wanted some money to start any business of my choice back home.
“Unfortunately, I was disappointed upon arrival in Lagos.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, said that spectacular seizures like this will help to discourage others from the criminal drug trade.
“The suspect thought his mode of drug concealment was perfect but we proved him wrong. Several drugs cleverly hidden by drug barons have been discovered and we shall continue to detect drugs regardless of the mode of concealment,” Giade said.
The suspect, who hails from Imo State, will soon be charged to court.

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Sports / Cameroon Athletes Go Missing From Olympics by icnsystem(m): 10:29pm On Aug 07, 2012
Seven Cameroon athletes have disappeared while in Britain for the London Olympics, according to the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education.

The seven - five boxers, a swimmer and a footballer - are suspected of having left to stay in Europe for economic reasons.

"What began as rumour has finally turned out to be true. Seven Cameroonian athletes who participated at the 2012 London Olympic Games have disappeared from the Olympic Village," David Ojong, the mission head said in a message sent to the ministry.

Ojong said a reserve goalkeeper for the women's football team, Drusille Ngako, was the first to disappear. She was not one of the 18 finally retained after pre-Olympic training in Scotland.

While her team-mates left for Coventry for their last preparatory encounter against New Zealand, she vanished. A few days later, swimmer Paul Ekane Edingue and his personal belongings were also not found in his room.

Ojong added that five boxers eliminated from the games, Thomas Essomba, Christian Donfack Adjoufack, Abdon Mewoli, Blaise Yepmou Mendouo and Serge Ambomo, disappeared on Sunday from the Olympic village.

International Olympic Committee officials said on Tuesday they had heard nothing about the missing athletes.

"We are unaware of it," IOC spokesman Mark Adams said when asked whether organisers had heard of it.

It is not the first time Cameroonian athletes have disappeared during international sports competitions.

At past Francophonie and Commonwealth games as well as junior football competitions, several Cameroonians have quit their delegation without official consent.
Religion / Manufacturer Of Coffin Complains Of Low Patronage by icnsystem(m): 11:38pm On Aug 04, 2012
A friend just called some few minutes ago complaining bitterly about low patronage of his newly established coffin manufacturing outfit.His pastor refused to make his prayer request public because of the nature of his profession.During prayer session in church many members always want to listen to his prayer request.To them he is an outcast and a sadist.
Now this guy is feeling very frustrated and lonely because this is a line of business he loves so much.Please feel free to give your sincere advice on how he can turn this business into a huge success

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