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Sports / Re: Musa! Man Of The Match - Nigerian Vs Iceland (World Cup 2018) by nduchucks: 6:23pm On Jun 22
Up Aboki na. cool

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Sports / Super Eagles New Video - Why You Dey Worry Eagles Will Win by nduchucks: 1:03pm On Jun 22
Celebrities / Re: Jimmy Wopo Shot Dead Within Hours Of Xxxtentacion Killing by nduchucks: 6:36pm On Jun 19
The violent situation in the US is at epidemic levels. If you love yourself in the country, you better have at least a 45 in your glove compartment always.

Nuff said.


Politics / Re: Dino Melaye: "MKO Abiola No Longer Nigerian, Cannot Be Made GCFR" by nduchucks: 9:26pm On Jun 07
The constitution is silent on conferring the said honour posthumously.

Dino is just yearning dust. Let him file a lawsuit and let's see the judge who will rule against the President.

Dino is a disgrace to his generation and should really be in jail for his many offenses.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Not Survive It If Anything Happens To Nnamdi Kanu - Group Threatens by nduchucks: 11:43am On Jun 04
Clowns and cowards who should have been protesting by the hundreds of thousands to demand the release of Kanu are issuing empty threats. SMH


Politics / Re: Nigerians React To Saraki's Impending Arrest, As DSS Withdraws His Security by nduchucks: 11:39am On Jun 04
Nonsense and ingredients. How can they arrest a whole Senate President.

Buhari should invite key senators to Aso rock for a peace meeting. When invitees are on their way to Aso rock, the police will pounce on Saraki.

The method was good enough to trick Buhari and get Saraki voted in as Senate President. Noting go spoil. cool
Politics / Re: Nairalander has been Elected as State Organising Secretary Of APC Sokoto State by nduchucks: 2:12pm On May 26
With gratitude to almighty God & deep sense of humility, I am pleased to inform you that I have been elected as STATE ORGANISING SECRETARY of APC Sokoto State Headquarters.
Words aint enough to express appreciation to my Bosses, Family & Friends.
My special gratitude goes to His Excellency Rt. Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal CFR (Mutawallen Sokoto).

Bashar Isah Jabo
(Sarkin Yakin Jabo)

Congratulations, Dan uwa ni.

Please ignore negative comments centered around partisanship because they are narrow minded. Nigeria is not a one party state.

You can make your own Mark regardless of your party affiliation. There are good and bad elements in all parties and I encourage you to associate with the good elements.

Best of luck to you on your way up.

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Politics / Re: How Can Olisa Metuh Be Sick For 4 Years. by nduchucks: 12:19am On May 21

You're sick to suggest that Buhari is fighting corruption. Buhari is corruption!!!

Kedu nwanne m ?
Politics / Re: IGP Ibrahim Idris In Marching Blunders At A Ceremony (Video) by nduchucks: 7:03pm On May 18

Why should the rest of us be forced to learn your language, when we have our own, simply because North are too mentally backwards to learn the lingual franca that's the official language which is more recognized worldwide than your language? Why should we conform to the North's incompetence? Have the country not gone backwards enough already to compensate your low progression? Have we not suffered enough?

You have my apologies. I did not realize that I was conversing with an intellectual midget.
Politics / Re: IGP Ibrahim Idris In Marching Blunders At A Ceremony (Video) by nduchucks: 6:35pm On May 18

Hausa language for what? Because North refuses to gain education, we should all conform to your backwards behavior and force ourselves to learn your language? No wonder ibos want out of this country. I don't blame them. I wish it was you North that want out. I'll vote to push you people out. There is no way we'll progress with North as countryman. As long as we share the same space, we are bound to fail. It's clear as daylight now.

No need to be tribalistic and hateful.

Hausa is spoken by more people than any other Nigerian language. Additionally it is the most linguistically developed, appropriate, and complete one.

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Politics / Re: IGP Ibrahim Idris In Marching Blunders At A Ceremony (Video) by nduchucks: 6:23pm On May 18
Chances are, this IGP's IQ is much higher than those of the NLers who are bad mouthing the man. Most of these critics cannot and will not accomplish 10% of the IGP's successes in multiple lifetimes.

It's high time we established a Lingua fraca in this great country. Hausa language would not be a bad choice.
Crime / Re: 3 Nigerians Arrested In USA With Fake Documents, $53k Cash In A Stolen Maserati. by nduchucks: 5:26pm On May 06
Guys, these criminals are known to use identity cards which do not bear their real names.

The bottom line is that they constitute a disgrace to the entire nation.

Oyinbo people do not care about your tribe, all they know is that the criminals are Nigerians.

You name checkers are narrow minded and dumb.


Crime / Re: Army Intercepts 92 Armed Herdsmen At Check Pionts by nduchucks: 10:22pm On May 04

Every thug, foreign mercenary, hired killer, ISIS operative, Al Quaeda fanatic, Boko Haram operative, is now called a herdsman by ignorant and biased goons. SMH

Hope the grammer is clear to you now.
Crime / Re: Army Intercepts 92 Armed Herdsmen At Check Pionts by nduchucks: 6:46pm On May 04
Every thug, foreign mercenary, hired killer, ISIS operative, Al Quaeda fanatic, Boko Haram operative, is now called a herdsman by ignorant and biased goons. SMH


Politics / Re: Senator Dino Melaye's Recall: Live Updates (Photos) by nduchucks: 3:31pm On Apr 28
1 polling unit does not make the entire set of polling units.

By the time the results from the remaining polling units come in, Dino and his supporters may be quite shocked.
Celebrities / Re: Waje & Her Daughter, Emerald Iruobe's WhatsApp Chats by nduchucks: 3:48pm On Apr 27
Why are folks complaining? embarassed

The chat is lovely and smacks of bonding and mother/daughter love.

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Politics / Re: Senator Dino Melaye Tweets From Hospital Intensive Care Unit - Nigerians React by nduchucks: 8:54am On Apr 26

The PROBLEM is not knowing how to fight! But choosing your fight with precision:

Dino vs Magu; Dino vs Ndume; Dino vs Omo Agege; Dino vs Tinubu; Dino vs Police IG; Dino vs Customs CG; Dino vs Gov Bello; Dino vs CEDO; Dino vs Smart Adeyemi; Dino vs Service Chiefs; Dino vs Ministers; Dino vs Oshiomole; Dino vs Remi; Dino vs Malami; Dino vs Babachir; Dino vs DSS/Daura; Dino vs Presidency; Dino Vs Taofeeq:Dino vs Jagaban, Dino Vs Buhari, Dino vs Ex-Wives and so on!!

It was a defeat waiting to happen!!! Even the Great King David never fought two battles at a time. Choose your battles wisely.

Politics / Re: Senator Dino Melaye Tweets From Hospital Intensive Care Unit - Nigerians React by nduchucks: 8:26am On Apr 26
Brand new charges should be added to his set of criminal charges:

1) Smuggling a telephone into the hospital where he is held under arrest.

2) Bribing police officers.

3) Inciting and encouraging violence against Peace Officers.

4) 3 or 4 additional choice charges.

As example should be made out of this senator who continues to make a mockery of our system.

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Politics / Re: Court Remands Senator Peter Nwaoboshi In Prison by nduchucks: 1:56pm On Apr 25
The first lesson folks should learn is that the Fulanis have very good memories and they never forget.

Saraki and Dino are yet to pay for humiliating our great President in order to become Senate President.

Saraki is well advised to keep a low profile for now.


Politics / Re: National Assemby Summons IG Of Police Over Dino Melaye by nduchucks: 1:48pm On Apr 25
The Senate has summoned the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to appear before the house by 11am tomorrow April 26th to brief the house on why Senator Dino Melaye was maltreated by the police despite his status as a federal lawmaker.

Under the law and the constitution of this great country, ALL citizens have the same rights.

Just imagine the Senate essentially declaring that they are superior to the rest of Nigeria's citizens.

Dino put himself in the hospital. Who told him to jump out of a moving vehicle?

At the end of the day, we may find out that the tout Dino, may have staged the entire episode just as he staged his attempted assassination. The fool needs to grow up.


Religion / Re: Where Will Suicide Victims Go: Heaven Or Hellfire? by nduchucks: 1:25am On Apr 25

When you die your physical body decay... Yes your physical body decay,but what happens to your spiritual body?
No body says your physical body doesn't decay. but does your spiritual body decays too?

The person no longer exist on earth, yes, all memories of him ceases to exist on earth Yes, but does that mean he no longer exist?

Sir, what burns in Hellfire is a resurrected body, not this one you are wearing. indestructible body. Apostle Paul said, we shall all be changed. All.

Sir, I submit that what you called 'your spiritual body' is not the same as your current physical body. Your current body can be burned with physical fire. This physical fire as defined by ill-advised folks as hell fire, cannot exist in the spiritual realm, by definition. That is the only point I made. This is a very simple concept to grasp if you simply allow your God given brain to think.

Only Satan will deceive people to think they can live as wickedly as they want and get away with it. iro o. Na lie. There are consequences for actions. whether you believe it or not doesn't change a think.
The loving father will not throw his Children into the fire yes. You said His children. And you are right. For, why will God throw His children into the fire? But, do you know what it means to be a Child of God?

Can you point to me anywhere it sayd God created Hellfire for His children? No. Hellfire was created for Datan and his demons. But what about those who are so wicked, acting like demons in human flesh. Doing everything to oppose God? are these Children of God?

Jesus says, 'if you don't gather with me, you scatter abroad'. If Jesus is gathering and you are scattering, are you for or against Him?

Do you why Jesus cast demons off people?

Anyone who told you that there is no place where evil doers will spend their eternity, that person is working for satan. Quote me on that.

God's. loving Children obeys Him, not fight him. But here you are giving the atheist false hope to believe they can do all they do and go away unpunished. lol. you try.

I'm sorry to say that you are quite confused. I also resent the wicked characteristics which you just attributed to the Omnibenevolent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and the most merciful God. This is quite shameful, I'm sorry to say.

Oga, If you don't have the new life Christ is offering now (That new life will act as an access code into His presence), when you die, you'll be left with no choice but to be where the rebellious will be.

Call Hellfire Metaphor, Allegory Hyperbole or Oxymoron, it won't grant you access into the presence of Christ.

The above is nothing but red herring and has nothing to do with the point I made to wit, the definition of hell you have become erroneously accustomed to, cannot exist in the 'spiritual realm'. That fire and brimstone should not be taken literally - its that simple.
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Injured, Rushed To Hospital After Jumping Off A Police Vehicle by nduchucks: 5:36pm On Apr 24
Dino is a coward. The likes of FFK faced jail with boldness while this Dino Sisi jumps out of a moving vehicle like a petty thief.

Some may actually conclude that our youths are not only lazy but are cowards as well. They should be occupying NASS as we speak.

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Religion / Re: Where Will Suicide Victims Go: Heaven Or Hellfire? by nduchucks: 2:57pm On Apr 24
I see quite a few narrow minded comments here. Comments which inadvertently give atheists reinforcements for their beliefs.

For now, let me just state that hell, as defined as brimstone and fire, only exists in this realm we live in.

When you die, your physical body decays and will no longer exist. How then can anyone burn in hell as defined by most religious folks.

I submit to you that the hell-fire defined hell is simply a metaphor. No loving father will throw his own child into a raving inferno unless that father is wicked or insane.

Some of you Christians need to study the bible with your God given brains and stop feeding Atheists unnecessarily.
Politics / Re: Harvard University Uses Nigeria As A Case Study Of A Failed African Country by nduchucks: 9:02pm On Apr 21
Even dumbass fool knows that the shithole called Nigeria is a failed state. It made the rank not because of the similar conditions of failed state but for the fact that Nigeria had enormous wealth yet failed woefully.

The above can be described as 'Lamentations of a lazy youth' who would rather yell from afar that his country of birth is a failed state, instead of admitting his own contribution to the said failure.

Martians will not fly down and build your country of birth for you. The founding fathers of the countries you admire did not build those countries from diaspora.
Crime / Re: 2 Ladies Caught Stealing Money At A Plaza In Onitsha (Photos) by nduchucks: 3:35pm On Apr 18
Inhumane and a barbaric response of the highest order.

Many animals have more decency than many of the idiot.s who humiliated and injured these women for petty theft.

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Family / Re: I Need Help For My 4-Year-Old Son by nduchucks: 12:16am On Apr 14
@OP, here is the litmus test I use.

Ask yourself this question: Have I ever seen a teenager behave in the manner your 4yr old does? If your answer is No, then your son will likely grow out of that behavior.

Please do not damage the boy by telling him that being himself is wrong. Let him be for now, he is only 4yrs old for Pete's sake.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Fires Rex Tillerson, US Sec. of State Who Just Visited Nigeria Few Days by nduchucks: 2:19pm On Mar 13
If you call Trump an Idiot and refuse to even deny doing so, Trump will get you sooner or later.

Tillerson called Trump an Idiot. grin

Tillerson went beyond Trumps wishes and like a rogue, condemns Russia for UK nerve agent attack.

That's why he got fired.

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Crime / Re: 1,000 Houses Burnt In Kasuwan Magani As Kaduna Mayhem Worsens by nduchucks: 1:49pm On Feb 28
I remember riding a bicycle from Kawo in Kaduna to Kasuwan Magani with my boy scout brothers in my youthful days. Our troop was made up of Christians, Moslems, and people from our three major tribes.

These days, extremists and senseless bastards have destroyed my dear Kaduna. cry

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Celebrities / Re: I Am Sweet In Bed – John Okafor 'Mr Ibu' by nduchucks: 4:51pm On Feb 24
Na veggies full that stomach so?
Crime / Re: Soldier Shoots His Superior In Borno by nduchucks: 9:00am On Feb 22
When a gambari killed a fulani, there is no case

Foreign Affairs / Re: Singapore To Give Citizens $300 Each Because Of Excess Budget by nduchucks: 7:51am On Feb 22
Let it be known to our uninformed youths that civil servants in Nigeria received similar distributions which was called Udoji awards.

Nigeria will regain its greatness soon after the failed looting generation of leaders die off on the next 10 or so years.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Court Releases 475 Boko Haram Suspects by nduchucks: 2:54pm On Feb 20
The detention of any Nigerian for an extended period of time without charges is a gross violation of the human rights of the detained.

Whether the detained is Nnamdi Kanu or youths rounded up by poorly trained soldiers, is immaterial. It is still unconstitutional and wrong.

Those released kids should be paid some reparations.

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