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Education / Re: LAUTECH Shut Down, Jambites Not Allow To Write Their Exams (Photos) by PurestBoy(m): 10:37am On May 15
Oh my Alma Mater . . What has happened to thou


Sports / Re: 6 Nigerian Youngsters Named In England's World Cup Squad by PurestBoy(m): 11:44pm On May 14

If he hadn't been successful, you'd had swear you don't know about him.

Success has a hundred fathers, Failure is an Orphan.. grin

I never said I've met Dele but I know his grandfather, I don't even know the dad because he never base in Nigeria.
Sports / Re: 6 Nigerian Youngsters Named In England's World Cup Squad by PurestBoy(m): 11:18pm On May 14

Yes, he decided to start going by his first name after how woeful he was at the Euros, perhaps due to pressure. And probably cos the family he stayed with while he was at the academy, who also happens to manage his career, told him to cut his biological family off. At the end of the day, he started the academy with their son, and since their son didn't make it - Dele Alli automatically became their meal ticket.

You also can't blame them for that cos his dad was far away in the US (although he alleged that he sends him money for his upkeep and he bought him his first car) and his mum who was an alcoholic gave him away. With time, he's going to outgrow it and return to his family. The guy is just at a crossroad trying to figure himself out, especially with how successful his career is, right now - without distractions. However, that doesn't negate who he's.

He's the biggest talent out of the England, since Wayne Rooney (you can say since Gareth Bale out of the UK), right now...and that's a lot of pressure. So, it's only right for him to stay away from unnecessary distractions. But he'd be alright. His problem is mostly with his mum.

His grandfather lives at Alli Street, Mokola here in Ibadan. I grew up in that street also. His father is Dr Kenny in US. Dele was in Naija when he was 7yrs old. The street was named after his grandfather.
Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Chop Off The Hand Of A Man In Yobe Who Didn't Give Them Money by PurestBoy(m): 1:12pm On Apr 22

Kikikikikiki, hunger for your side is not a small matter o. grin
Did he tell you he wants phone? grin
Wicked2! chai
Foreign Affairs / Re: This Incredible Team Can Build A Hospital Anywhere In Just 12 Hours by PurestBoy(m): 3:54pm On Apr 14
Why can't topics like this make frontpage?
Foreign Affairs / Re: What To Know About The 'Mother All Bombs' Trump Dropped In Afghanistan(Photos) by PurestBoy(m): 3:44pm On Apr 14
This overrated bomb should have been compared & juxtaposed with the Russian-made “Father Of All Bomb,” which by the way, is four times more powerful than Amerika's MOAB. grin

Mother Russia's ingenuity & unrivaled military supremacy is incontestable - even the perfumed military Generals in Washington can attest to this grin

No leader who has ever dared to confront or insult Amerika publicly - e.g Patrice Lumumba (Zaire), Mohammad Mosaddegh (Iran), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Sukarno (Indonesia), Juvénal Habyarimana (Rwanda), Salvador Allende (Chile) to Muammar Gaddafi (Libya), Al-Basheer (Sudan) and Fidel Castro (Cuba), to name just a very few - has ever lived to tell the tale.

While some were directly assassinated by the CIA; others were “only” toppled - And these patriotic leaders were wasted by Amerika for committing “several grave crimes” such as:

1.) Defending the vital interests of their Nations & people.

2.) Refusing to allow the unbridled plunder of natural resources by Amerikan & British multinational corporations - like they're in doing in Nigeria.

3.) Standing against the principles of imperialism - even simple criticism of the Anglo-Zionist Empire has often been punishable by death.

But the only hero that has ever called - and is still calling - the bluff of the Empire is non other than the “just & merciful” Comptroller-General of the Irunmoles (Vladimirovich Putin) grin cheesy grin

Do you know Y? Because any wrong move from Amerika - Boooooom! grin cheesy grin

I admire your love for Russia and always follow your argument with missy something and co, my question is, why haven't Russia showed their power like US has been doing bro?

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Religion / Re: Anja Loven Rescues Four Children Accused Of Witchcraft by PurestBoy(m): 12:18pm On Apr 13
I'm sure someone somewhere is kpanshing this woman for dis naija grin grin
Crime / Re: Police In Ibadan Arrests Groom, Family Members For Robbery At Wedding Engagement by PurestBoy(m): 5:23pm On Apr 10
What is the meaning of that jagbajantis above? Is the OP the one drunk or the mod?
Celebrities / Re: Why Seun Egbegbe Is Still In Custody After Court Granted Him Bail by PurestBoy(m): 12:28pm On Apr 01

The condition that has not been met is not the financial aspect, the condition he is finding difficult to meet is the requirement to produce two level 16 civil servants to stand as sureties for him. I knew from the day that judge gave the bail conditions that the level 16 civil servant part of it will be very difficult for him to meet.

Pls help me out, Who is a level 16 civil servant? I need examples pls
Celebrities / Re: Yvonne Nelson And John Dumelo Dressed As The Opposite Sex (picture) by PurestBoy(m): 10:22pm On Mar 20
I don't know which one is John but ama fvck the shiit out of that broad in the dress.

Only few people can decode the slang "broad" there if you hadn't used the f word, me and my men have our own languages that even strangers beside us won't understand. Are you a Libyan burger?
Career / Re: PHCN Official Electrocuted During Illegal Connection Of Electric Cables by PurestBoy(m): 8:59am On Mar 14
Very bad, I know d guy and it occur in my area

This your moniker makes me remember quantum chemistry, it wasn't easy as a chemistry student

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Health / Re: 23-Year-Old Lady And Cancer Survivor With A Bionic Leg. Photos by PurestBoy(m): 5:59pm On Feb 27
Can she work unassisted with that thing?
Business / Re: Lily's Supermarket On Fire In Akoka, Yaba (pic) by PurestBoy(m): 5:54pm On Feb 27
Firemen came but not water!! God, how did we get it wrong in this country? lipsrsealed undecided cry
Crime / Re: Man Kills His Friend In Ogun Over A Woman (Photo) by PurestBoy(m): 12:25pm On Feb 21
Mad people everywhere embarassed
Travel / Re: A Nairalander Visit To The Moremi Statue Of Liberty.(With Pictures ) by PurestBoy(m): 1:16am On Feb 12
So I had fun going to this place and seeing this statue of liberty myself, so next time you are around Osun state or particular Ife city do not hesitate to pay a visit to this great place of honour.

I would rather travel to Ife because of the great palm wine close to OAU gate than going just a see a statue
Family / Re: My Son Attempting To Put On A Small Generator by PurestBoy(m): 7:12pm On Jan 29
That moment when he tries to put on a generator because he sees daddy and mummy putting on the Gen every time. grin

My son had attempted similar thing before


Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 6:15pm On Jan 29

Guess what? I'm right now inside NERO LOUNGE @ Sangotedo-Ajah sipping my #500/bottle beer. This hotel is owned by NERO himself and dude is in and out of US also dealing in FX.

These guys are lovers of luxury cars and another expense car parked inside Nero's hotel testifies to this.

Good to hear that and happy for him cos some peeps are already saying he has rundown.

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Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 6:08pm On Jan 29
that's a long story. the owner is also an older friend. he's called emerald, real name saheed. the owner of the popular emerald boutique

i think saheed's problem is that he has too many investments. he wants to manage all his investments himself which is not possible.

he owns 411, echo club (ring road) , the new bakery (iyana adeoyo, ring road), metro hotel (bodija), emerald boutique and the building itself, 40% of the buildings in dugbe (around the emerald building), the hotel at ajeigbe, ring road. those are the ones i know. both shef and emerald are in their early forties. they are also almost enemies. if you go anywhere in ib, be it club, bar hotel, bakery, boutique or wherever and you see a phone number with plenty 3s. it's saheed's own. he drives an eod, big daddy and one old toyota suv.

the direct answer to your question, his money doesn't come from his investments.

You're right, I've known Saheed since his early days at aleshinloye (he's my older brother friend) before the formal dominion bar now emerald boutique at queens cinema, 411 I heard was leased to him and not an outright owner. Just like you said, he can't manage all these investments by himself, I know echo too
Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 1:49pm On Jan 29
Ade Bendel was never quiet. These guys were just louder.

maybe you don't know Nero ran the cotton's club then, he tried to revive it the same time i tried to revive the 411 club before saheed gave me contract worries and i backed out.

the owner of the car is shef, and he's an older friend. he's very much alive and accessible. everyone that wants to kill himself on this car should just walk into Options club, you'll find him or his younger brother AK there. Package yourself as well to do, then you'll have his attention and maybe consider your proposal.

it's been fun reading these rumours though, now i know i was always right not to believe internet speculations.

the said car is just beside my mechanic's workshop, inside the street beside 'The Castle Inn' hotel (another fatally wrong investment) before total garden.

Boss what happened to 411 even after renovation and improvement on the place still not on par with GQ and Plat?
Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 1:42pm On Jan 29
Fvck Nero and the fvcking Chef mennnn! Before I left Ibadan, the neighborhood was quite with civil minded people and families living in both old Bodija and New Bodija. The caliber of people you find there are hardworking people like doctors, engineers and some other proffessions, not yahoo yahoo and cocaine boys. We know ourselves and the family you came from! We have bad guys but not like all these fetish muthafvckers!

From Cotton's club to Platinum at old Bodija, and from Joanis guest house, AKA Joe to La - Parisane at New Bodija... I bet it if Nero knows a club called La - parisane.To cut the story short, those assholes just messed up the good name of the neighborhood and corrupt so many innocent young girls and guys with their flamboyant lifestyles. Even when Ade Bendal was living on my street, he did his poo codedly, and he tried his best to remain anonymous not like this loud muthafvcker they call Nero!

Dammit! There's no place like home.

Joanis, Platinum around year 2000 these places were decent before being hijacked by YYboys and druggies


Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 1:27pm On Jan 29
Saw this online from 2009

The owner of a club in Ibadan called Options 24/7, Babatunde Iyiola a.k.a. Shef and the fraudulent Ibadan big boy; Nero may have taken their enmity to another level if there is no quick interference.

You will recall that Nero who is deep in love with Pastor Abiara’s daughter, Leah, was once accused of spreading ugly rumour about the sale of the hottest watering hole in Ibadan at the moment, Options 24/7. On this ground, Shef, we were informed, declared persona non granter to Nero and his cohorts at his club.

One of the allegations leveled on Nero is the fetish substance Nero was said to have prepared to sprinkle on the ground so as to cause setbacks for the very flourishing and bubbling nightclub, but for God who exposed his act through divine intervention, the club would have become a thing of the past.

When Shef got wind of Nero’s diabolical moves, he positioned his security men to deny Nero, Leah or any of his notorious gang members an access to his pub. This, we much gathered, led to Nero securing a hospitality haven for himself. Though, the said newly acquired relaxation bar which was said to have been solely financed by Leah, according to one of Nero’s aides, was only on lease by Nero for three years as against the rumour he’s been spreading in town that he bought the franchise.

Source -https://m.thenigerianvoice.com/movie/7306/ibadan-big-boys-babatunde-iyiola-nero-at-daggerdrawn.html

The news is true but old, Leah has broken up with Nero for long, Nero couldn't even manage a once blossoming Cotton Club. His gang drank all the wines and beers till the place was closed down.


Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 1:21pm On Jan 29

Lol...... Lekan Lakaster
Am from Eleyele. U??
Eleyele here
Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 1:19pm On Jan 29


Nero ruined himself, his hungry friends he had to feed didn't help matter, I understand his wife Leah broke up with him. I heard he's now in US but will confirm and update


Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 1:10pm On Jan 29

Chai!! the customised plate number reads SHEF. Don't know the guy personally but he owned a popular club in Ikolaba Agodi area very close to officers mess. He also drove a Range Rover with customised plate number SHEF 2

That's Big Shef, the owner of Option 24/7 club

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Car Talk / Re: Ferrari F50 Abandoned In Ibadan (Pictures) by PurestBoy(m): 12:48pm On Jan 29
The owner was into drugs around 1998 if I'm not mistaking. He built a mighty building at Benjamin, eleyele. But I don't know his whereabout again. Guess dead or serving jail term.

That's Shef, the owner of Options club in Ibadan, Bleep Ferrari, Shef is rich
Forum Games / Re: Can You Spot The Fox To Save The Geese? by PurestBoy(m): 8:37am On Jan 24
I beg change your moniker, you are no longer a boy...purestman for sure

lol, bad guy
Forum Games / Re: Can You Spot The Fox To Save The Geese? by PurestBoy(m): 8:37pm On Jan 23
I've not seen the fox but I'll keep trying. If it's snake, I trust lalasticlala to be the first to spot it

this is the first time I'll be the ftc in my 10yrs of being a nairalander, pls show me love with some likes

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Jokes Etc / Re: Join Whatsapp Group For Fun,jokes And Stories. by PurestBoy(m): 11:57pm On Jan 11
Politics / Re: Shia Muslim Group Rejects FG Move To Disobey Court Order On Zakzaky by PurestBoy(m): 1:53pm On Jan 06

What's this one feeling like, you joined last year September, and you have started behaving like a boss.

You better channel your time in something productive instead of coming online to disgrace yourself.

Do you know how many years have been on NL? And do you even look at my profile to know what I have contributed to NL before you quote me?

Just because I didn't comment does not mean I am jobless like you

You are felling like a boss with the rubbish you comment there without any like?

You better mind yourself.

some people have been here before you too and I hate these childish mentality of idgaf crews
Travel / Re: 2 Die In An Accident Along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway - Graphic Pictures by PurestBoy(m): 5:51pm On Jan 03
From personal experience, I can tell you for sure that the driver had a brief moment of sleep. I know this because it appears that the impact stopped the vehicle rather than the driver slamming on the breaks when it was too late.They probably ran into a flat bed with no safety barrier behind it; hence the hood and a larger part of the vehicle ended up beneath the truck. I had a similar accident a few months back when I was heading home from work. I slept off and as God will have it, the flat bed I hit had a safety barrier so I did not end up under it. Guys!! always have plenty of rest before going behind the wheels.

I was there the moment it happened, the driver was probably sleeping not to have see the parked trailer, the road was free and we were in the slow lane while the accident happened at the speed lane beside us.
Travel / Re: 2 Die In An Accident Along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway - Graphic Pictures by PurestBoy(m): 5:46pm On Jan 03
It was actually a parked trailer by the speed lane. I was on my way to Santa Cruz beach Ajah from Ibadan and it happened just beside our car before people started breaking the SUV from the boot. It was a painful sight for my eyes and our spirits were dull till we reach Lagos.
Travel / Re: Fun-seekers Besiege Lagos Beaches Despite Recession (Photos) by PurestBoy(m): 2:34pm On Jan 03
We had to drive down to a beach called "Santa Cruz at ajah/epe" area which is more decent than this. We went from Ibadan.

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