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Science/Technology / Re: Eight Of The World’s Most Stunning Bridges by PurestBoy(m): 2:06pm On Jul 11
Quote me again....
and you will
ewu.... did i collected your phone to post on nairaland.

If not that you're suffering from mental sosoliso, how can you say restoration gutter cover in Ibadan is among these bridges and yet condemning Onitsha bridge. Anumanu anuofia, come and meet me at Festac Ibadan and let me beat hell out of you, you think I'm among the e-warriors ni abi ko fe da fun e ni?


Science/Technology / Re: Eight Of The World’s Most Stunning Bridges by PurestBoy(m): 1:19pm On Jul 11
This guy just want me to throw-up,
onitsha ko, aba ni.....
you dn't even post lokoja bridge, third mainland bridge lagos, restoration bridge ibadan.....

Restoration bridge or gutter? Are you alright at all?


Education / Re: Pictures Of Some Nigeria University Main School Gates. by PurestBoy(m): 11:01pm On Jun 27

Gr8 far
I be ex-ladokite and lautech blood still dey in me

Ex-ladokite too, 04/2009 set. Are you Steve Oloyede?
Sports / Re: Mikel Winning AFOTY Award Will Be An Insult To African Football by PurestBoy(m): 10:26am On Jan 03

Keep devouring garri when your mates are eating friend rice and turkey, at your age you're still worrying yourself about the price of garri. I pity your girlfriend for dating a "clownister" like you. I miss the good old days when we have intelligent nairalanders
Politics / Re: Recovered Flying Object In Ibadan Is A Toy - Police, SSS by PurestBoy(m): 2:16pm On Dec 30, 2013

And I ask, is it neccessary it flies fro d US or did'nt they (US) has base all over d world
For me, I don't believe it's a toy, some1 dat invent d bigger can invent the smaller, it only require building a building of 1 acre or more to give runway and tag it as a private premises and monitor d little drone from dere.

Last Bullet: Only a fool will believe that the US government does'nt have spies in an oil-riched nation like nigeria.

And why would they employ the use of drone to spy us when there are Nigerian-born CIA agents that can easily provide them with any information they need? Drones are employed to the countries and areas where the job of CIAs are made difficult like Iran, North Korea, Russia etc
Politics / Re: Recovered Flying Object In Ibadan Is A Toy - Police, SSS by PurestBoy(m): 2:10pm On Dec 30, 2013
Ninilowo: Arrest that man that "fabricated" the stuff joor. He wan use am to dey spy ashawo jointz for Ibadan ni. Agbaaya grin

Why not go to sexuality section since na ashawo dey your mind?
Computers / Re: I Forgot The Password To My Laptop, Pls Help by PurestBoy(m): 7:47pm On Dec 27, 2013


One love brother!

Weeders team, they love one another
Properties / Re: Need 3 Bedroom Flat For Rent by PurestBoy(m): 4:05pm On Dec 23, 2013
Boll2010: Until there is light rail system around nigeria before we free from exorbitant fees,if other states are well develop as lagos,lagos won't be as this congested where people pay as large as this to live comfy,imagine just common 3 bedroom na war! So if you start work,come marry,dem pay you 150k per month,which day you wan build your own house for this same lagos,just because is closer to your working environment! I tire for this country ooo,unemployment n underdevelopment just full everywhere,if there is a fast train,which is goin to save cost and cover distance in short periods,why won't I build my house at ogun,oyo state or far ekiti, and get to my place of office at lagos and still managing the family with my unbalanced income of 150k, God I know say one day,one day,I say that very day,you go look at us,pity us,and find every means to give us credible leaders who will stop suffering and smiling in our country,and ladies expect marriage? God!!!! Tribulations of a ghetto kid!!!!! Do this government expect me marry to a one room apartment shack?? God dey sha!!!!!!.......God you see my mind,you know my plans,na everyday I dey tell you,and I no go stop to dey remind you,check my file case wey dey with you,next 5yrs if I'm going to be on nairaland to do anything,I will be addressed as an achiever in the world! So be it! In jesus name......I dey work,more harder and I know say you dey see your guy!

You get 3-bedroom flat for rent is the question and not this epistle.
Properties / Re: Need 3 Bedroom Flat For Rent by PurestBoy(m): 3:53pm On Dec 23, 2013
Fraternize: Anyone with knowledge of a "sweet and comfy" self contained in ibadan should please let me know. I'll give you a call immediately. My budget is 70k.....thanks

Call this person, he's a friend and didn't pay me for this advert.

Princeturbo of Turbo Ppties Intl Co Ltd® RC845855 08083288997
Food / Re: Ibadan Restaurants by PurestBoy(m): 11:06am On Dec 21, 2013
pius4luv: you can try bibire food canteen at sango ibadan

Bibire is worse than the worst joint, they should be stopped from selling amala, their ewedu is poo and they don't sell gbegiri
Food / Re: Ibadan Restaurants by PurestBoy(m): 11:03am On Dec 21, 2013
akin33: Iya Ope at Mokola. From Oremiji, turn right to Oke Itunu rd. turn left at opp St Louis grammar sch. Drive down and go straight, 30secs after Mokola barracks u are there. Gbogbo aye.

Na packaging mama ope get jare, her food no tap at all, her staffs are thieves, they stole my niece's new phone at the private section we were when she stood up to go to toilet. I'll recommend amala skye bank bodija for anybody

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Food / Re: Ibadan Restaurants by PurestBoy(m): 10:59am On Dec 21, 2013
publisher: SADE ELEJA @Mokola is the way forward!

Bros Sade eleja no dey sell food, na only beer and the place is dry now unlike before. Na my area be that

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Food / Re: Ibadan Restaurants by PurestBoy(m): 10:56am On Dec 21, 2013
chaircover: My city yayyyyyyyyyy grin

I guess some of these have already been mentioned

1. Fanowole at iwo road
2. mama ope
3. mama soji - jericho
4. there is also one Alhaja at bashorun/General gas junction
5. we also found this place at yemetu called mama turaya or something like that.
6. there is also one woman behind ance building in the aleshinloye market. i think she too is called ola mummy
7. there are also some places in UCH

if you want good nicely cooked food in nice surroundings then head to marthas kitchen along jericho road. Food is approx N1500 per plate depending on what you choose, but its worth every naira.

Where is ify? ify is an amala joint expert grin

Chaircover ur head dey there walahi. I dey Mama Thuraya now dey type dey chop, amala skye bank is also the best. Iya Ila's restaurant is dirty and old school but her food is the most expensive and tastier sha.
Politics / Re: Boko-Haram Attacks Bama Barracks In Borno by PurestBoy(m): 11:22pm On Dec 20, 2013
These assaults on military bases call to question the competence of our armed forces. Perhaps it is time to own up to their inadequacies and appeal for foreign reinforcement. It is an aberation that barracks should become targets for insurgents.

Just like terrorist group attacking US barracks always and their Army chief is still in office. Funny things happen in this funny country.
Autos / Re: Toyota Camry Pencil Light @ 499000 sold sold sold by PurestBoy(m): 11:34am On Dec 20, 2013
moscobabs: buy it and leta u discover u have spent another #500,000 after 2 month

Use your brain kid, you might wanna sell something here in the future too.

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Car Talk / Re: 4 Friends Killed In Ikotun Lagos Car Accident While Coming From Night Club[photo by PurestBoy(m): 9:30pm On Dec 19, 2013
***space booked incase I have important things to say***

When will you ever make sense? No wonder sexkillz was always banning you.
Autos / Re: Brand New 2013 Lamborghini Aventador by PurestBoy(m): 4:31pm On Dec 17, 2013
lord_falcao: who is yuxedo?

The richest nairalander and Banana Island. We're lucky to have him here in nairaland, his secretary handles his nairaland account. The only unbannable member.
Autos / Re: Brand New 2013 Lamborghini Aventador by PurestBoy(m): 4:26pm On Dec 17, 2013
olanshi: We at Lanshi Global Limited thank you for your patronage through the years, we appreciate your support . We will continue to improve in our service delivery in a timely manner. We look forward to more business relationship with you and everyone around you.

We have some rides available for this Christmas and New Year Season. You or your friends, family or Colleague maybe interested.

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5. 2010 Lexus GX460

6. 2014 Range Rover Vogue (5units/January arrival)

7. 2014 Toyota Prado TXL (10units/January arrival)

8. 2010 Land Rover LR4

9. 2010 Lexus RX350 fully loaded

10. 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited

11. 2006 Toyota Rav4

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13. 2012 Toyota Highlander Sport

14. 2013 Toyota Prado TXL

15. 2005 Toyota Pilot 4WD fully loaded

16. 2007 Toyota Pilot 4WD fully loaded

17. 2008 Nissan Pathfinder fully loaded

18. 2002 Lexus RX300

19. 2003 and 2004 Toyota Rav4

20. 2005 Honda CR-V

21. 2005 Toyota Camry LE

22. 1999 Toyota 4Runner

23. 2004 Toyota 4Runner Limited

24. 2008 Honda Accord EX-L V6

25. 1999 Volkswagen Sharan

26. 2009 Range Rover Vogue Supercharged

27. 2011 Toyota Avalon

28. 2014 Honda Accord EX-L 4plugs/V6

29. 2007 Honda CR-V

30. 2009 Range Rover Sport HSE

31. 2013 Toyota Sienna

32. 2013 Nissan Pathfinder SV 4WD

33. 2004 Toyota Sienna LE

34. 2005 Lexus RX330 fully loaded

35. 2013 Lexus GX460

36. 2013 Toyota Landcruiser GX-R V6/V8

37. 2009 BMW X6 fully loaded

38. 2008 Toyota Corolla Sport

39. 2012 Honda CR-V

40. 2013 Range Rover Sport HSELuxury

41. 2009 Infiniti FX50S

42. 2009 Honda Pilot Touring

43. 2007 Toyota Tundra

44. 2012 Toyota Tundra

You might probably be looking for a ride which is not listed above, you can write us a mail anytime.

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Broadcast and let your neighbours be fully aware! May this season bring us lot of merriment, more blessing and Unmeritted grace.

How can you help me with 2014 Airbus Boeing 797 limited edition
Properties / Re: Ikeja Gra Mansion For 475 Milion by PurestBoy(m): 11:43am On Dec 17, 2013
caprini: where is Yuzedo?

He's been hospitalized since losing Anambra election.

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Properties / Re: Ikeja Gra Mansion For 475 Milion by PurestBoy(m): 11:27am On Dec 17, 2013
Mattex001: No body on nairaland Can afford dis... Period!

You're wrong, Chief Yuzedo is equal to the task. He's super rich.

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Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience At Ikoyi Prison With Inmates And Warders by PurestBoy(m): 9:41pm On Dec 15, 2013
This is the most peaceful thread I've ever followed. No fight, the OP took the insults with love and replied in a funny way.
Autos / Re: 15 Fun Facts About Toyota by PurestBoy(m): 3:49pm On Dec 15, 2013

guy must u post dis on all threads? abi u just buy new BlackBerry ni?

That guy is just too stewpid, that UK used bold2 still dey freak am
Jokes Etc / Re: MTN Spam Messages by PurestBoy(m): 5:44pm On Dec 14, 2013
Macbriz: For Fun, Skills and Development, I Love You
Guys: Add My BB Pin: 2686B26D

Why can't u stop all these rubbish on every thread? Oh! How I wish sexkillz were still alive to ban the hell out of you.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Arsenal - (6 - 3) On 14th December 2013 by PurestBoy(m): 3:42pm On Dec 14, 2013
fredoooooo: Mukina2 darrrrrllling how are you? grin

You wan chop ban? Pls leave us oo, I dey vex here
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience At Ikoyi Prison With Inmates And Warders by PurestBoy(m): 11:09pm On Dec 13, 2013
experimentist: 12 midnight guys, thnx for ur concerns grin

50 minutes more, I'm waiting but why always 12midnight? Why not now? This criminal habit still dey your body. Lol
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience At Ikoyi Prison With Inmates And Warders by PurestBoy(m): 9:42pm On Dec 13, 2013
experimentist: foreigners and big men dem get their own separate cell. Abi u wan kill dem?

OP thank God you're back, I think say dem don carry u again ni
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience At Ikoyi Prison With Inmates And Warders by PurestBoy(m): 9:40pm On Dec 13, 2013
Sarah a: God save you say you , I for send three mopo to your area make they beat you like say tommrrow no

Haba madam, wetin be my offence, I no dey smoke weed nau
Jokes Etc / Re: DJ Beaten To Coma For Playing Tonto Dikeh’s Song In The Club? by PurestBoy(m): 9:38pm On Dec 13, 2013
andyanders: I think a DJ should retire at 41 because at that age, his brain should not be relevant in the industry.

Which kind club will a 41 yr old man be handling DJ job? Na waoo. Dem for carry woman urine throw enter his mouth.

Bros you too harsh nau
Jokes Etc / Re: DJ Beaten To Coma For Playing Tonto Dikeh’s Song In The Club? by PurestBoy(m): 8:34pm On Dec 13, 2013

I go knack but na ur mmama or sis. i wan knack. ode grin

Weyrey, oko ashawo, see your teeth lol

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