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Politics / Re: Olu Onagoruwa Is Dead by PurestBoy(m): 6:07pm On Jul 21
You remember wrongly. He was one of the few who strengthened Abacha's hands in the beginning, thereby putting a stamp of legitimacy on his infamous rule. But as the elders say, Whoever is foolish enough to ride on the back of the tiger shall inevitably end up in its stomach. Learn Nigerian History, buddy boy!

I thought Abacha killed his son? lol, na me you dey call boy? you no serious
Politics / Re: Olu Onagoruwa Is Dead by PurestBoy(m): 5:35pm On Jul 21
A former Attorney-General of Nigeria and human rights activist, Dr. Olu Onagoruwa is dead.  He died early Friday morning at the age of 80. He was appointed the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1993 and was further appointed as the African representative to the body that drafted Ethiopia’s constitution in that same year. Dr. Onagoruwa was also the Group Legal Adviser/ Company Secretary of Daily Times Nigeria for several years.

His core practice areas included Constitutional law, Legislative Matters, Banking and Insolvency, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication Law and litigation.

He wrote several books and has to his credit over 250 published articles.

Onagoruwa held a doctorate degree in Law.


I remember when I was growing up and learning naija politics, this man suffered alot under late Abacha.

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Sports / Re: Ogenyi Onazi & Raheem Lawal Step Out For Ahmed Musa's Traditional Wedding (Pics) by PurestBoy(m): 3:30pm On Jul 01

I honestly don't understand why Nigerian footballers have a poor sense of style.
See how they look like Almajiri people on Sallah day.

My heart goes out to Ahmed Musa's life when this 'calabar' girl Juliet eventually shows him the difference between okpa and moi-moi oka.

Since over my 10yrs on nairaland I've not seen an irresponsible commenter like this, God! is dis what nairaland has become?
Nairaland / General / Re: Who Can Lend Me A Car For 24days by PurestBoy(m): 2:13am On Jun 19

A very small car, but automatic....I don't mind if it has just 2 doors.
My budget...30k...EPP me cry

Lol . . 30k for 25 days! This babe no try at all. Don't you have boyfriends to give you one?
Education / Re: I'm Filing A Lawsuit Against JAMB by PurestBoy(m): 8:45am On Jun 17
Almost new Motorola Moto G3, 2gb ram, 16gb, Android 6.0, accessories and original box. Location: Ibadan. zero8zero57358636
Phones / Re: 7 Good Android Phones You Can ACTUALLY Buy Under ₦70,000(without Brking D Bank by PurestBoy(m): 8:31am On Jun 17
Almost new Motorola Moto G3, 2gb ram, 16gb, Android 6.0, accessories and original box. Location: Ibadan. zero8zero57358636
Phones / Re: Tecno Camon CX Air: Full Specifications by PurestBoy(m): 6:38pm On Jun 10
contact me on watsapp
Phones / Re: Tecno Camon CX Air: Full Specifications by PurestBoy(m): 12:43am On Jun 10
Plz I'm in need of uk used or fairly used samsung j7/j7 prime. .whatsapp number is 08059330884.. Tnx

I have used like new Samsung J5 gold 16gb. I'm in Ibadan if you wannaa buy
Education / Re: Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada by PurestBoy(m): 6:51am On Jun 09

If she was indeed the first black biomedical PhD in Canada then she'd have said it herself. My point is the OP misrepresented her message.

She actually is and that's why this is news and trending
Education / Re: Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada by PurestBoy(m): 5:16pm On Jun 08
Dr. Adebola Olubamiji, the first black person to receive a PHD from University of Saskatchewa, Canada shared her success Story on FB and urged Nigerians to be bold & innovative.

We love when our very own succeeds and excels. The beauty about success stories is that it inspires us to do better and be better. Some stories are inspiring and Adebola’s success story is one of them.

Read and be motivated....

My name is Dr. Adeola D. Olubamiji and I’m the first black person to have received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (5th of June, 2017). My Bachelors degree was in Physics from OOU. Because I had a 2.1, it opened the door for me to proceed to Finland for a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering. During this masters degree, I worked part-time as a cleaner and did this after my Masters as well. Out of determination, I applied to over 100 schools for my PhD and finally got a full 3 year scholarship (later extended to 4 years scholarship) at University of Saskatchewan, Canada  to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. While in that PhD program, I worked part-time as a makeup artist and seller at Sephora Canada, I braided hair and weaves for students, did tutoring jobs and teaching assistant jobs to make extra money. This journey wasn’t easy but it’s now paying off. I currently work as a Lead Metallurgical / Material Engineer in an Aerospace Manufacturing Company here in Canada.

Source: http://www.trezzyhelm.com/2017/06/nigerian-lady-becomes-first-black.html

Deola is her name and not Adebola and has been a genius since our secondary school days at Mokola Ibadan where we grew up. She was devastated when she lost her equally genius elder sister Omoleye few years ago.
Education / Re: Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada by PurestBoy(m): 5:11pm On Jun 08
Damn I'm so proud of this gal Adebola & so happy for her too. Thanks for making evry1 concerned proud....this is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

Her name is Adeola not Adebola
Education / Re: Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada by PurestBoy(m): 5:09pm On Jun 08
In Canada? Nairaland can lie oh. Even the lady didn't make such claim.
Seun your misinformation crew are at it again.

Don't say what you don't know . . She's in Saskatoon in Canada and a childhood friend. We talk daily
Education / Re: Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada by PurestBoy(m): 5:06pm On Jun 08
Wow! Deola is making me proud. She's a childhood friend and grew up together in same hood in Ibadan.
Phones / Re: 5 Types Of Apps You Should Stop Using Now by PurestBoy(m): 11:43am On May 26
My brother has alot of them and one 'coolant ' that will be fanning his phone.
Travel / Re: NIPOST Stealing Our Goods .. Please Help!! by PurestBoy(m): 1:04pm On May 25
I have contacted my lawyer and the next stop is the police station to Lodge the complain . They might thought I am into internet fraud....
Make una help me out..

They've done that to me so many times here in Ibadan. Once they see a foreign names as the sender, they assume its Yahoo stuff and steal it. I don't know who to report to again
Travel / Re: NIPOST Stealing Our Goods .. Please Help!! by PurestBoy(m): 1:01pm On May 25

Nipost official twitter handle was last active dec 16 2016,they need to have a strong online presence such cases can be sharply reported to.this has totally gotten out of control.

Even their website to track packages is error. Everything is just wrong with this country
Travel / Re: NIPOST Stealing Our Goods .. Please Help!! by PurestBoy(m): 12:34pm On May 25

This is what Vintino should do. Go to the state head office and ask to see the area post master. They are quite attentive and will take up the issue for you.

All that na story, 2months I was to receive brand new iPhone 5S Gold here in Ibadan. On arrival I found the documents indicating iPhone was bought and sent but an old Ericsson phone in the iPhone case. I immediately went to their CSO who claimed the theft was made in Lagos and took me to their APM where I wrote a complaint letter and dropped the package with them. Up till now nothing has been done. I feel like crying wherever I remember the incident.
Education / Re: LAUTECH Shut Down, Jambites Not Allow To Write Their Exams (Photos) by PurestBoy(m): 10:37am On May 15
Oh my Alma Mater . . What has happened to thou


Sports / Re: 6 Nigerian Youngsters Named In England's World Cup Squad by PurestBoy(m): 11:44pm On May 14

If he hadn't been successful, you'd had swear you don't know about him.

Success has a hundred fathers, Failure is an Orphan.. grin

I never said I've met Dele but I know his grandfather, I don't even know the dad because he never base in Nigeria.
Sports / Re: 6 Nigerian Youngsters Named In England's World Cup Squad by PurestBoy(m): 11:18pm On May 14

Yes, he decided to start going by his first name after how woeful he was at the Euros, perhaps due to pressure. And probably cos the family he stayed with while he was at the academy, who also happens to manage his career, told him to cut his biological family off. At the end of the day, he started the academy with their son, and since their son didn't make it - Dele Alli automatically became their meal ticket.

You also can't blame them for that cos his dad was far away in the US (although he alleged that he sends him money for his upkeep and he bought him his first car) and his mum who was an alcoholic gave him away. With time, he's going to outgrow it and return to his family. The guy is just at a crossroad trying to figure himself out, especially with how successful his career is, right now - without distractions. However, that doesn't negate who he's.

He's the biggest talent out of the England, since Wayne Rooney (you can say since Gareth Bale out of the UK), right now...and that's a lot of pressure. So, it's only right for him to stay away from unnecessary distractions. But he'd be alright. His problem is mostly with his mum.

His grandfather lives at Alli Street, Mokola here in Ibadan. I grew up in that street also. His father is Dr Kenny in US. Dele was in Naija when he was 7yrs old. The street was named after his grandfather.
Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Chop Off The Hand Of A Man In Yobe Who Didn't Give Them Money by PurestBoy(m): 1:12pm On Apr 22

Kikikikikiki, hunger for your side is not a small matter o. grin
Did he tell you he wants phone? grin
Wicked2! chai
Foreign Affairs / Re: This Incredible Team Can Build A Hospital Anywhere In Just 12 Hours by PurestBoy(m): 3:54pm On Apr 14
Why can't topics like this make frontpage?
Foreign Affairs / Re: What To Know About The 'Mother All Bombs' Trump Dropped In Afghanistan(Photos) by PurestBoy(m): 3:44pm On Apr 14
This overrated bomb should have been compared & juxtaposed with the Russian-made “Father Of All Bomb,” which by the way, is four times more powerful than Amerika's MOAB. grin

Mother Russia's ingenuity & unrivaled military supremacy is incontestable - even the perfumed military Generals in Washington can attest to this grin

No leader who has ever dared to confront or insult Amerika publicly - e.g Patrice Lumumba (Zaire), Mohammad Mosaddegh (Iran), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Sukarno (Indonesia), Juvénal Habyarimana (Rwanda), Salvador Allende (Chile) to Muammar Gaddafi (Libya), Al-Basheer (Sudan) and Fidel Castro (Cuba), to name just a very few - has ever lived to tell the tale.

While some were directly assassinated by the CIA; others were “only” toppled - And these patriotic leaders were wasted by Amerika for committing “several grave crimes” such as:

1.) Defending the vital interests of their Nations & people.

2.) Refusing to allow the unbridled plunder of natural resources by Amerikan & British multinational corporations - like they're in doing in Nigeria.

3.) Standing against the principles of imperialism - even simple criticism of the Anglo-Zionist Empire has often been punishable by death.

But the only hero that has ever called - and is still calling - the bluff of the Empire is non other than the “just & merciful” Comptroller-General of the Irunmoles (Vladimirovich Putin) grin cheesy grin

Do you know Y? Because any wrong move from Amerika - Boooooom! grin cheesy grin

I admire your love for Russia and always follow your argument with missy something and co, my question is, why haven't Russia showed their power like US has been doing bro?

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Religion / Re: Anja Loven Rescues Four Children Accused Of Witchcraft by PurestBoy(m): 12:18pm On Apr 13
I'm sure someone somewhere is kpanshing this woman for dis naija grin grin
Crime / Re: Police In Ibadan Arrests Groom, Family Members For Robbery At Wedding Engagement by PurestBoy(m): 5:23pm On Apr 10
What is the meaning of that jagbajantis above? Is the OP the one drunk or the mod?
Celebrities / Re: Why Seun Egbegbe Is Still In Custody After Court Granted Him Bail by PurestBoy(m): 12:28pm On Apr 01

The condition that has not been met is not the financial aspect, the condition he is finding difficult to meet is the requirement to produce two level 16 civil servants to stand as sureties for him. I knew from the day that judge gave the bail conditions that the level 16 civil servant part of it will be very difficult for him to meet.

Pls help me out, Who is a level 16 civil servant? I need examples pls
Celebrities / Re: Yvonne Nelson And John Dumelo Dressed As The Opposite Sex (picture) by PurestBoy(m): 10:22pm On Mar 20
I don't know which one is John but ama fvck the shiit out of that broad in the dress.

Only few people can decode the slang "broad" there if you hadn't used the f word, me and my men have our own languages that even strangers beside us won't understand. Are you a Libyan burger?
Career / Re: PHCN Official Electrocuted During Illegal Connection Of Electric Cables by PurestBoy(m): 8:59am On Mar 14
Very bad, I know d guy and it occur in my area

This your moniker makes me remember quantum chemistry, it wasn't easy as a chemistry student

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Health / Re: 23-Year-Old Lady And Cancer Survivor With A Bionic Leg. Photos by PurestBoy(m): 5:59pm On Feb 27
Can she work unassisted with that thing?
Business / Re: Lily's Supermarket On Fire In Akoka, Yaba (pic) by PurestBoy(m): 5:54pm On Feb 27
Firemen came but not water!! God, how did we get it wrong in this country? lipsrsealed undecided cry
Crime / Re: Man Kills His Friend In Ogun Over A Woman (Photo) by PurestBoy(m): 12:25pm On Feb 21
Mad people everywhere embarassed
Travel / Re: A Nairalander Visit To The Moremi Statue Of Liberty.(With Pictures ) by PurestBoy(m): 1:16am On Feb 12
So I had fun going to this place and seeing this statue of liberty myself, so next time you are around Osun state or particular Ife city do not hesitate to pay a visit to this great place of honour.

I would rather travel to Ife because of the great palm wine close to OAU gate than going just a see a statue

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