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Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: 'If You Don't Pay Tithe, You Are Permanently A Beggar' by tintingz(m): 1:34pm
Since this only apply to only Christians, I will advise Christians to abadon the faith.
Celebrities / Re: Maggy Anwuli Oputa: Charly Boy's Daughter Who Is A Bodybuilder & Mother Of 7 by tintingz(m): 8:58pm On Nov 23
For a mother of 7 to keep that shape?

I applaud her.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Barton Sends Nudes To Lady With Explicit Text Message (Photos) by tintingz(m): 1:05pm On Nov 23
I don't blame the lady, i blame the old man dating an underage
How do you know the lady is underage? Or didn't you read the report he had consesual relationship with adult women?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Barton Sends Nudes To Lady With Explicit Text Message (Photos) by tintingz(m): 1:03pm On Nov 23
I took the responsibility. Nice one
Family / Re: My Wife Had A Son For Another Man, What Should I Do? by tintingz(m): 10:42am On Nov 23
In developed countries, the father out to be doing the child support if evidence shows the real father owns the child or he will be restricted from seeing the child.

But here in Nigeria is the opposite.

Well I don't see anything wrong taking care of the child and the child bearing the real father's surname, it's your choice to make, if you're ready to take up the financial and emotional responsibilities of the child it's your decision to make.
Education / Re: Corper: "HND Holders Burn Your Useless Certificates & Start Selling Tomatoes" by tintingz(m): 10:21am On Nov 23
SMH, why should they burn it? Is it not a degree?
Romance / Re: Guy That Needed 500 Re-tweets To Go On A Date Shares Photos From Their Hangout by tintingz(m): 10:24pm On Nov 22
So what happened next, the story no finish.


Celebrities / Re: Iyanya Sponsors dijiaderoGBA, A Photographer To Calabar To Document The Carnival by tintingz(m): 8:40pm On Nov 22
I'm a photographer, iyanya abeg sponsor me to Russia for the world cup.

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Phones / Re: Does The Use Of 'k' In Convos Really Signify Lack Of Interest? by tintingz(m): 3:51pm On Nov 22

One chick who is still an acquaintance now doesn't use k, but she's fond of replying ''Lolz'' to any funny thing I say during the chat without adding a follow up, and once I see that, I don't bother with the chat for that day again

I so hate it when girls lack Basic creativity During chats,

If she's going to Lolz me, then I expect her to add a rejoinder to it to keep the chat alive and interesting
My brother the thing tire me sef.
Phones / Re: Does The Use Of 'k' In Convos Really Signify Lack Of Interest? by tintingz(m): 11:15am On Nov 22
Yes, it's sometimes shows weak intelligence especially when one is expecting a coincise reply to what one just massage and you write OKK... Gosh! It give headache and girls don't know that. But if you are inlove, it can't be annoying cos you will keep pestering like a father to a toddler...
Lol @ your last sentence. cheesy

It's funny when someone write an epistle and the only reply you get is "kk" or "lol". angry


Phones / Re: Does The Use Of 'k' In Convos Really Signify Lack Of Interest? by tintingz(m): 11:11am On Nov 22
Wow.... I'm learning oh.... Before now I don't use to see it as anything because a friend of mind like using k, g.m, etc and I also join the train. But thank God i have learned something new
It's good you're learning.

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Phones / Re: Does The Use Of 'k' In Convos Really Signify Lack Of Interest? by tintingz(m): 10:58am On Nov 22
People who use "K" "KK" are either not interested in the convo or not that intelligent and they result in monosyllabic. I've studied this.

There's a girl that always chat me up first, she also ask questions alot but she make use of "K" most time(although she use "okay" sometimes), I usually always get annoyed but when I see she's always interested in chatting, I just ignore the "K" stuff, I assume/presume it's her habit.

In conclusion, like I said up there, people who use "K" are either not interested in the convo or not intelligent to type words correctly or compose sentences, in addition some are just being lazy or it's just a habit.


Religion / Re: Man Poses With 666 Inscription On His Forehead (Photos) by tintingz(m): 3:42pm On Nov 21
I would love to tattoo 666 on my forehead. cheesy

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Romance / Re: 12 Signs The Man You Are With Is Not Husband Material by tintingz(m): 2:45pm On Nov 21
I disagree with number one.
Fashion / Re: Taylor Rhoden Rejected From Modeling Because Of Her Height & Curves, Makes It by tintingz(m): 10:24pm On Nov 20
I'm a photographer, I like this.
Romance / Re: "Women Should Marry 4 Husbands Also" - Muslim Lady by tintingz(m): 9:19pm On Nov 20
Do you have the names "Adam" and "Eve" in your Koran?. Just confused. That being said, you either accept your religious doctrines or change religion.
Yes there's Adam mentioned in the Quran and his wife Eve(Hawa), but I don't think the name of the latter is literally mentioned.

You should wonder why Hausa-fulani bear "Adamu" and the Edo governor "Adams Oshiomole"(born a Muslim).


Romance / Re: "Women Should Marry 4 Husbands Also" - Muslim Lady by tintingz(m): 9:14pm On Nov 20
If men can have multiple wives why can't women have multiple husbands?

I've debated this several times with Muslims.


Literature / Re: Letter To The Introverts, From Sassynigerian by tintingz(m): 11:40am On Nov 20
I'm ambivert, I choose when to be extrovert and when to be introvert.

One of the advantage of being an introvert is having wide and big thoughts, brainstorming, but one will have to be an extrovert to archieve his/her thoughts effectively.

Mark Zuckerberg is an example.
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Apologizes To Banky W For Missing His Traditional Wedding by tintingz(m): 10:53am On Nov 20
If not for Canada I'm to do some business I would not have miss Banky's traditional wedding, my apologies, we will fire Church wedding bro. No vex.


Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 10:17am On Nov 20


My work with you here is...................................................... DONE!

Your work is not done, you still have alot of unanswered questions which you were dodging.
Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 9:09pm On Nov 19

Why did You rather insulting instead of making your point and show why mine is wrong instead of Calling on me as writing nonsense,?

Did you notice you have started dancing and vomiting like a headless snake?

I don't need abhorrent style of communication please!

I had initially told you that with your sort not believing in the Bible i don't tango since you will derail to a tangent, this may be the last i will revert unless you are polite.

If am to preach to someone, it is not by compulsion by either side, hence, i cannot imposed on you to accept what the Bible says. So therefore, if i make a post, what you can or should ask from me is a scriptural reference and not all this petulance. No one compels anyone to accept the Bible, so your insistence in furthering this discussion and reacting with such words is unacceptable...... Please.
Insult? did I insulted your person? I only find your epistle to be non-sense.

If you find it offensive, my apologies.

When Did i tell you that Yahweh does not kill? Are you ok? did you even read my other post before dropping that post?

If you are still following, I had posted that "Yahweh does not kill innocent people. Why on earth did you input to me that i said that Yahweh does not kill? Was my post that Yahweh is entitle to destroy his own property lost on you?

Don't get me started, get your acts together and stop deluding yourself with deceit.

This is what I posted,

# Oh really Yahweh doesnt kill, then who killed the innocent children in egypt?, what about the innocent children in Sodom and Gomorrah? What about Yahwwh sent his men to kill unbelievers and take over their lands?

Don't try to play the good guy card, please stop it, I know what I posted, you're the one twisting your own words.

So, kindly reply to the quoted post up there, don't go red herring.

Are you a Jehadist with a Jehadist mentality? maybe that is responsible for this, Who is Allah? The word Allah means God in the Middle east hence is Not a name but a title, Satan is also Called a God, So, which God? Satan?
No, I'm not a jihadist with jihadist mentality.

The word Allah is an origin of a local god in Arabia same as Yahweh.

Yahweh and Allah are local gods/deities, Yahweh is a heavenly divine warrior.


In the oldest biblical literature, Yahweh is a typical ancient Near Eastern "divine warrior", who leads the heavenly army against Israel's enemies; he later became the main god of the Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) and of Judah

Allah>>> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allah

If you say God is a title I will agree but if you try to make Allah and Yahweh the same, I will totally disagree, yes the word Allah is adopted in other countries as God but Allah character, nature and origin is nothing close to other Gods, Olorun is also an example, it was adopted by yoruba Christians and Muslims but Olorun is actually a Yoruba supreme deity.

So again, are you defeding Yahweh's evil actions?

Are you here to defend Satan the Devil? Cant you see the output of the Followers of the Quo-ran? Ant their actions evil till this day? Did you see suicide bombers in the Bible?
# I prefer to defend Satan than Yahweh, because through out the Bible Yahweh was the one doing the evil act, satan was not even frequently mentioned., infact Yahweh is the one given satan permission to do evil act for him.

# What about Christian crusaders/terrorist actions? Are they not following the Bible?

# Where is suicide bombers mentioned in the Quran? undecided

Don't get me started!!!!!!
Please start, I will like to see what you're trying to proof. grin

Yeah, if you like, that master can be better for you, but like i have said initially, its like you did not comprehend, it is never a crime to destroy ones property
What kind of property are you talking about, be specific.

hence, Yahweh that makes the rules for the things he created can never be wrong.
The Bible said Yahweh repented, how about that?

Yahweh can never be wrong and he allowed evil, natural disasters on Earth. Please tell me something else?

He can remove any that does not want to go by his dictate, simple. Children faces the lot of their parents also, If a man is rich, the children get from the riches, if the parents are poor, the children cannot do otherwise. If the Parents were unrighteous or worship other Gods Like the Gods Of Egypt and Amalikite, can you explain why the children will not reap from their parents what they have offered in worship like also in the instance of wealth?
# For Goodness f**** sake children are innocent they know nothing yet, they have no choice when it comes to the norm of the land, they don't deserve to Bear the punishment of thier parents, so because you did wrong, do you find it justifiable for your children to be punished because of your wrong doing?

# And who told you children born by poor parents can't be rich or children born by rich parents can't be poor, where did you get this your analogy from?

Comprehension Issue, otherwise you would have understood what i meant before that Satan is the one in control of the world and hence should be held responsible for the bad things that have befallen mankind. Hence, Satan does not have the power to control natural forces and the outcome thereof. He initiated a rebellion and Yahweh left Adam to him and their lot and he could not carry after he had given a contrary suggestions

# Why did Yahweh created Satan?

# Why did Yahweh created Adam?

# Why did Yahweh allow evil?

Hold Satan responsible for the disaster and not Yahweh.
Are you saying Yahweh is not the creator of natural disasters?

You're just confusing yourself

# Again, did Yahweh created Satan? If yes then Yahweh is to be blame for the evil, disasters in the world, if no, then Yahweh is not omnipotent, he's impotent (no offense).

Who cares about what you want when it comes to law making for mankind? you cannot even know what will happens to you at the next turn and you think you have a capacity to make laws. That will be self deceit.
Is Nigeria constitution not a man-made law so what's so big deal about making laws?

Laws are created to fit in the society and to control the society, so when Yahweh give laws on selling or buying slaves or encourage slaves obeying thier masters, that's barbaric. Do you agree?

Such wisdom of man has kept the world the way it is now filled with so many diseases, especially for people that don't appreciate good things.
People that serve Yahweh are also suffering in this world and they will probably suffer in Allah's hell. *Not my ideology*

Yahweh did not create Satan just as no father gave birth to a thieve at birth, but rather, the so called thief made himself a thief when he picks up someones else property and he is described as such. So also, Satan made himself Satan when he acted in the ways fitting the names he bears: Opposer and Slanderer meaning Satan and Devil. That is the meaning of the names he is called. He Opposed Yahweh and Slandered Yahweh when he Lied against Yahweh. A thief was never given the name "Thief" at birth, Satan was not created Satan, a beautiful Angel that envied and took action against Yahweh.
Interesting, so Yahweh has no power over Satan, the all-knowing all-powerful God doesn't know Satan next move.

# You know shekau will bomb a hospital, what will be your move?

Let's see who's more loving between you and Yahweh.

Yahweh Has concluded plans to destroy Satan, He just does not want people that have not been warn to be destroyed along with the wicked and Satan:
Revelation20:2 and vers 10:

And he laid hold on the [color=red]dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan,
and bound him a thousand years,

10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.[/color]

From the Above, Satan will be destroyed. "But he does not desire any to be destroyed", Because God so love the world of mankind.
Please tell me why Yahweh doesn't want to destroy satan from onset?

If I say your post here is nonsense, you will say I'm insulting you, read your post here and tell me if it make sense to you.

Nope!, Error. They dont work hand in hand. You have limited information.
Really? Here is a verse from the OP,

But an evil spirit from the Lord came on Saul as he was sitting in his house with his spear in his hand. While David was playing the lyre" - 1 Samuel 19:9

Please explain this verses to me, and what about Job calamities?

I detest such mode of communication on this thread.
If you like caress, just answer the questions.

Yes i do.

Your difficulty is not generic, or do you think it is generic? Nope! i dont have such difficulties. Freewill is one of the best gift that has ever been given to humans, without it we would have been Robots. No?

That is what made you human, and Yahweh respect the decisions you make with it. You also are held responsible for the way you make use of it.
Did Yahweh know our beginning and end?

# I am going to ijebu tomorrow, did Yahweh know or not?, is it in my destiny?

I want to know how freewill work here.

Satan brought evil on humans when he insinuated that humans will do better without Yahweh, when he told Adam that Adam will Decide for himself what is good and what is bad, if Adam can decide for himself what is good and what is bad, what other thing will Yahweh tell Adam to do that will not fall into those two? > either Good or Bad? Hence, Adam and Satan asked for independence from Yahweh.
@bolded, Why did Yahweh allowed it, that's is my question.

Also, Adam accepted to apply Satan's Suggestions and Yahweh simply gave time for them to proof and succeed with their claims all this while, why then are you blaming Yahweh as the claim by Satan that Adam Your father agreed to is turning out this Bad and evil?

Blame Satan, He originated it.
Yahweh is the creator, he allowed all these and knows what will happen, blame Yahweh not Satan, Satan is just Yahweh's creation following Yahweh's plan except you want to tell me Satan is not created by Yahweh.

Not withstanding, the same Yahweh is extending a new offer through Jesus, But your lot is fighting with it instead of exploring the Bible to see how far. SMH.
so After Yahweh repented he sent a god-like man to the world to die for People's sin, I wonder why an all-powerful God can't do this with just People asking for forgiveness, he had to sacrifice a human before he could do that.

See how ridiculous your mythical book sound.

Same Here, You could not politely point out what is your stand without insulting.

I detest such.
Yahweh encourage slavery, yes or no, just answer.

Nope! Yahweh from the Bible always respected the freewill of humans, he always allows them to make their choices. If Yahweh destined something, he has to ensure it turns out the way he wanted, in Adams case, there is no evidence he interfered and i accept that.
You agree Yahweh is limited?

Please define freewill and destiny, let's see how they work together.

But You humans and Philosophers have coined up some fancy phrases to encompass Yahweh on what he has not said. Words like Omniscience and so forth. There is no such word like Omniscience and its definition in the bible, You are the ones forming words, give it a definition and wish to insert Yahweh into it. Hence, Your cup of Tea.

So you also agree here Yahweh is limited?

Peace to you.
Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 4:04pm On Nov 19

So it means you're now a follower of reasoning shocked
Yes I'm, it's better than being a follower of someone that believes a man rode on flying unicorn to the sky. grin
Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 3:18pm On Nov 19
My question doesn't require an epistle na.


Yahweh does not kill innocent people. But he removes the wicked and indifferent people. If someone is drowning and you could have help but you walk away and claims indifference, it makes you wicked. If you worship Satan or his demons and forms righteousness, you took the wrong side. If you refuse Jesus and claim indifference you will die since your choice and option is opposed to that of the giver of live.
# Oh really Yahweh doesnt kill, then who killed the innocent children in egypt?, what about the innocent children in Sodom and Gomorrah? What about Yahwwh sent his men to kill unbelievers and take over their lands? are you defending and justifying Yahweh's evil act and you will be the same person condemning Allah in the Quran.

* Again, tell me the difference between Satan actions and Yahweh actions.

# Secondly, natural disasters have killed over millions of people, is Yahweh not the creator of natural disasters, why cant Yahweh stop natural disasters from killing people?

Again, it is a given that without law and order there will be chaos.

The giver of live in his infinite wisdom knows that humans need 'HIS' laws to guide them for them to succeed bearing in mind the design parameters he used in creating humans:

Jeremiah 10:23
23 O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.

If the designer knew that what he had design(man) needs his laws to function and live, it becomes obvious to him that deviant is out to cause problems in his design and purpose and intent, not to mention that this deviant can be propelled by an external force that hate the designer.
Sorry, many laws in the bible are barbaric, immoral to me.

Imagine the bible is ok with men selling their daughters as slaves, the bible is ok with killing of unbelievers and taking over lands.

Now, the designer knows when the action of his creatures are voluntary (wicked intent) and when it is involuntary (ignorance), he also knows when his creatures are influence by this external enemy(Satan).
Why did Yahweh create Satan in the first place? i need good reason and why cant he just destroy satan, instead he gave satan permissions to do evil on humans, they even work hands in hands.

His Reaction to the actions of his creatures in those divers instances are not generic, he treats them accordingly. When Satan propels people to work towards thwarting of his plans like in the instances of the Amalakites that had reason based known to them to attack a set of Slaves of none existing nation running out of Egypt, and kill their sons and daughters, pregnant women, you wonder why such hatred.

The fact that we don't know the obvious reasons as humans does not mean that Yahweh does not know what was driving that nation as their God (of course, they were not atheist). Yes, Satan knew that Yahweh had plans to produce a Seed via the offspring of Abraham that became the nation of Israel, on their way out of Egypt, he wanted to destroy those Slaves using the Amalakites nation to prevent the coming of the Messiah.

That Yahweh that does not die tells Saul to go and pay them back by wiping off the nation that has Satan as its God, Satan that is an arch enemy of Yahweh, a God that will always use the people of that nation to destroy the nation of Israel at every opportunity like they attempted again during the time of Queen Esther and Modecaiah that Naaman almost wiped out the whole Israelite all because Saul refused to execute the command of Yahweh to completely remove that nation. Some of us yet still wonder why Yahweh will punish disobedient people.

O! As humans, we will be here using our finite knowledge, limited insights and understanding to judge Yahweh. Had it been that Yahweh did not intervene again, the nation of Israel would have been annihilated and the plans to produce the Messiah Jesus through Israel would have been affected. As a Christian, the Messiah coming is a big deal to me.

Such illustrates what happens when humans refuse to follow the instruction of Yahweh like Saul.
Such also shows that there are more that is happening unknown to humans, but Yahweh knows.
# What you posted here are just pure nonsense, until you tell me why Yahweh created Satan, then i reply to the myth you wrote up there.

# I dont even know the most wicked entity between Yahweh and Satan.

# It is either Yahweh act without no reasoning or he did with reasoning like human emotion.

Some people being disobedient to the instructions of Yahweh will either do the bidding of Satan or harming other humans.
Those that follow Yahweh instructions in killing people, taking over their lands and keeping them as slaves in the bible, what should we call that?

That Yahweh decides to remove such people out of the way does not make him wicked, but making effort to ensure that his long term plans comes to fruition for the benefit of the obedient ones.
With this do you still believe in the freewill you claim?

Without removing bad people the good ones will not have peace. A function of Love.
Why did Yahweh allow evil on humans?

The idea of enslavement is never a beautiful thing. Agreed.

The notion of slavery as used in the Bible OT is are two different thing, the Idea of slavery as used in the NT is a different ball Game also. But the emotions are wiped up using the understanding of slavery as in the "white man slaving the Black man" as a comparison to what took place in Israel.

If i should tell any difference, you will attack that i am supporting regulation of slavery. grin

I have gone through what the sons of Israel did, i understand it to mean working for the other man to pay off your debt of going under someone as to enable sustenance and make a living till the person can pay off and stand on his own. People can also go under other people for the sake of survival.

The NT mention of slavery was for workmen and others that may have been slaves, that they don't bring reproach to the Christian way by rebelling, but rather, that they set good example to their bosses so that they can preach to their none Christian Bosses to become Christians. This will not make people to conclude that this people are rebelling because they became Christians, thereby bringing distraction to the purpose of Christianity.

I don't want to stretch much on this cause of the sentiments people poor on it.
Another nonsense, Yahweh encourage slavery yes or no?

Should i quote the slavery verses from the bible for you?

Here's one

Exodus 21:7

When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go out as the male slaves do.

Yahweh said he has kept "Live and death before humans" and encourage them to chose. If they can chose, how can it be said that people have been destined?

To me, it is a matter of context and understanding. I have not understood the Bible to teach that all humans have been predestined by Yahweh.

It would be an abnormally for Yahweh to create some people to be criminal and some people to be doing good and do righteous things like others and he Yahweh at the same time said he will JUDGE the both of them according to their deeds, who is fooling who and who is the one that predestined them all at the get go?

If Yahweh predestined people, it will means he is on the wrong to call for their Judgement according to their deeds that he had destined.

To me, It is not what the msg of the Bible is.

Yahweh can sanction things he wish should happened in the future does not implies that all humans have been destined. If i have certain skill and power does not implies that i will use such all the times.
Let start by asking this, did Yahweh know Adam will eat the forbidden fruit? Is it Yahweh's plan or not?

The Bible shoes that Satan actually is the one controlling the world now in place of Adam, that is what he got from Adam when Adam decided to obey Satan instead of Yahweh.
If Satan is the one controlling the world now them Epicurus was right in his argument, Yahweh must be either impotent or malevolent.

The Bible says that whoever you Obey is your master. Romans 6:16
Yes, it depends on the nature of the master, good or bad.

To me Yahweh is a bad malevolent master.

If Satan is the one in control of the world today, we should rather be blaming him for the evil existing in the world today and not Yahweh. Satan instigated Adam to disobey Yahweh and Obey him instead.
No, we should be blaming Yahweh for the evil existing, he created Satan, natural disasters, bad humans etc, you claim Yahweh is the creator right? Then he should take the blame.

The plans of Yahweh is to remove Satan and cleans the earth. Remove Satan and those Obeying Satan.

Can you tell us why Yahweh want this? Did he do all these because he wants it or because it is the right thing to do?
Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 8:05am On Nov 19

Has Atheism snatched you from Muhammad
Reasoning snatched me from Muhammad. grin
Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 7:48am On Nov 19

You only show that you did not understand my initial post on this thread. Go read it again.
You talked about Yahweh destroying his property and also talked about freewill.

# First of all it depends on the nature of the property you're talking about, destroying a house, table is a non-living thing it doesn't apply here, killing animals is against animal rights, now killing intellectual concious emotional humans especially innocent ones is barbaric and wickedness. Do you support slave masters suffering and killing thier slaves because they own them? Even there is no emotional robots yet, destroying it is nothing.

# Now to freewill, since Yahweh knows the beginning and end of everyone, he has planned everything (destiny), are we acting on freewill or destiny? I will like to know why Yahweh want all these to happen and what he wants to gain in all these life saga?

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Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 9:09pm On Nov 18

As long as you don't get the Bible argument and you don't understand what the Bible msg is, it becomes strange to you what am saying.

Yes, i won't take Epicurus argument nor even pay attention to it as long as it has nothing to do with the Bible, but i attempted to state what Yahweh's plans are when it comes to fixing the ills on the earth.

Actually, my discussion centers on the Bible and the msg of the Bible, outside that am not game.

Mortals have nothing to offer me when they could not even save their own lives from death.

I am interested in what Yahweh says cause my life depends on whatever he says. Refusal is what has kept man in this lot. Man that cannot change his hair from black to white talk less of giving me eternal life is not worth me taking his philosophy to the Bank

Go ask Adam how far.
Ok, you only care about what the Bible says.

The killing of innocent children in Egypt by Yahweh in Exodus, is it just?

Make me understand Yahweh's actions and that of Satan.
Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 2:12pm On Nov 18

I don't owe Epicurus any explanation, the reason i am here is because Frosbel2 raised his questions from the Bible, otherwise i would not have had a time to waste with human philosophy.

Based your questions on what the Bible says and i may have one or two things to say.

However, the instance of Adam, Job and Jesus shows that the person Satan has a claim he is accusing Yahweh on, that his ways are bad and that Humans will not be obedient to him, and that his is better, hence he tempts all humans like he did the before mentioned persons above to act the way he Satan wishes> be disobedient to Yahweh.

Every one has to take a stand for or against the opposing stance.

Adam took a stance, Job did and same was Jesus. You either obey or disobey Yahweh. You too have a choice to make, either agree with Satan that humans don't need Yahweh to tell us what to do or you agree with Yahweh that he should tell you what to do like he was telling Adam what to do..

While Yahweh is waiting before taking action, is to give every one equal opportunity in every nation in all the earth. This Process going round the earth started with the nation of Israel and is spreading to all lands. Hence, it will take time to go round.

After it has gone round to all the Earth as a witness to all the nations, then Yahweh will take action. Matt 24:14.

Yahweh has demonstrated that he has all it takes to resolve the issues and sufferings, but on his own conditions.

Haven't been bestowed with the beauty of Freewill, it beholds that your decisions and stance must be taken into consideration on matters that will affect you.

Your post here those not make sense and it still falls back to Epicurus question, and I'm not buying all those mythical stories you put up there.

Let me ask you, if you have the all power to stop bokoharam evil act, won't you put it to an end? If you don't, what should I call you?

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Religion / Re: Who Allows Destruction And Calamity by tintingz(m): 12:32pm On Nov 18

Are you afraid of really speaking out?

Please do, it wont bite.

throwing aspersion and tantrums is for the lazy minds.

Tell me how Yahweh and Satan are different?

Here is a logical philosophical question,

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is impotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" ~ Epicurus


Music/Radio / Re: Olamide - Lagos Nawa / Moje Dodo (audio) by tintingz(m): 6:41pm On Nov 17
Bad lyrics but I kinda like the "moje dodo" grin
Religion / Re: Nigerian Lady Who Sees And Communicates With Ghosts Often by tintingz(m): 12:58am On Nov 17

read about them people I mentioned, they have few clips as well.We watch them live in the UK
What if they're fake?
Politics / Re: Bukola Saraki Shuns Ali Ndume As He Returns To Senate by tintingz(m): 12:46am On Nov 17

I have the patience ..I really would live to know why..u feel God failed u when u needed him the mist or u were not seeing the impact in your life?
Let me just give some point for my reason.

# I discovered the divine book is full of myths, folklore of the ancients.

# Women are degraded

# Muslim God is an Arabia deity who's hungry for power and threaten people with hell

# Religion is full of irrationality

# Science is against the stories in the divine book.

# No evidence for a personal God yet and there are over thousand Gods out there.

# I'm not completely moral sticking to a particular religious law and I feel caged

# It makes people hallucinate and do silly stuff.

* These are the few keypoint reason I left my faith.
Religion / Re: Nigerian Lady Who Sees And Communicates With Ghosts Often by tintingz(m): 12:24am On Nov 17

like who

The overwhelming consensus of science is that ghosts do not exist. Their existence is impossible to falsify, and ghost hunting has been classified as pseudoscience. Despite centuries of investigation, there is no scientific evidence that any location is inhabited by spirits of the dead.

The consensus of science is that ghost don't exist.

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