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Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 1:21pm On Dec 25, 2012

Season's greetings to you- what remote outpost have you run away to? tongue grin

Complete it! cheesy
Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 1:23pm On Dec 25, 2012
FRIDAY EVENING Kenneth packed all their suitcases in the taxi waiting outside for them.

Much as he adored his parents, he missed Divine and M.T like crazy. As for Sonia, she was never home at night anymore. In fact, for the past three nights he'd had to phone Divine over at Jeff's house. The pain of not hearing her voice, of not discussing their son, was getting to be more than he could stand.

Thoughts of James and her alone together, planning their life, were ripping him to shreds. Her name never came up in his conversations with Divine, who'd apparently accepted the situation without question.

The sooner he moved to Ligali, the better. The sooner he met another woman, the better. Actually he'd met a lot of attractive women who worked at the lodge. They'd be willing, if he had given them as much as a smile. But he couldn't even consider it. Neither of them had brown eyes and golden hair. Neither of them had a smile like sunshine.

At least for tonight, he had M.T,'s wedding to think about. It was kind of exciting to imagine them renewing their vows. When he thought of those empty years in the bunkers. . .

M.T and Hauwa deserved a special present. Kenneth couldn't think of anything better than getting checked in at the ranch as fast as possible. It was the perfect place for their second honeymoon. Maybe they'd find the same joy there that he and Sonia shared fourteen years ago.

Since he hadn't bought a suit and tie yet, he thought he'd buy a Western suit for the occasion. Maybe he'd get a matching one for Divine, do M.T proud.

Speaking of Divine, it was time for their nightly phone call.

. . .It's Friday night, Sonia and James had the weekend ahead of them and no Divine. . .

Feeling sick, Kenneth headed for the lodge on the run. Sometimes he just wanted to take off and keep running until he'd left every crucifying thought behind.

He reached his room out of breath, but it wasn't from exertion. Sonia'd had a stranglehold on his heart since the first time he'd seen her, when she'd cried in terror because he was going to throw cake in her face.

After he'd hit his target, all he could see was a bewitching smile and jewel-toned eyes pleading with him to be kind, not to rub the cream in her face. He'd started toward her with another cake, then stopped, unable to move while his heart performed maneuvers he'd never before experienced. That was when it happened. That was when he fell in love with Sonia.

. . .What if he never got over her?

The terrifying thought drove him to the phone. He needed distraction. He needed his son. It was ten. Their arranged time.

"Hi, Dad." Divine picked up on the first ring.

"It sounds like you're as excited as I am about tomorrow."

"You can say that again."

"How's your mom?"
. . .I swore I wasn't going to ask but I have to know. . .

"She's okay."

"You're not giving her any more trouble about James?"

"No, Dad. I promised I'd be good."

Nothing else was forthcoming.

"Dad? We'll be sure to meet you. Ten-thirty exactly."


"How's Grandma?"


. . .Mother will be better until the next time she sees Sonia with James. Then the tears and recriminations will start all over again.

"I can't wait to see you," Divine said.

"Ditto, son. Until tomorrow."

"Bye, Dad."


THE LANTERN had been lit. Sonia looked around the little cabin. She felt slightly feverish. Luckily the indoor and outdoor snapshots of their honeymoon trip had helped her recreate, down to the clothes they'd worn, the snacks they'd eaten.

She'd brought Divine's portable tape player. In order to provide the music they'd listene to, she'd asked Jeff"s older brother, Mike, to tape songs from the early to mid-eighties.

The only thing left was to arrange her hair as she'd worn it at the church on their wedding day.

Her eyes darted to her wedding dress, hanging on a peg. She'd had it cleaned, along with the veil. She couldn't wait to wear it again to meet her husband.

There'd been one change in plans since that meeting at M.T.'s a week ago. Sonia would stay out of sight until the wedding. After she'd discussed everything with the pastor, who was delighted to be a part of this unusual ceremony, it was decided that he would give a small speech first.

Kenneth would already be in front at M.T.'s side, as his best man. When the wedding march began, Hauwa would proceed down the aisle, followed by Sonia.

Seeing all of it in her mind, Sonia extinguished the lantern. She slid under the covers of the shed where she'd known rapture with her husband thirteen years ago. Where she would know rapture with him again tomorrow night.

. . .Tomorrow
There would be two brides, two grooms, one ceremony, two happily married couples.
Please, God. Make it come true. . .



Kenneth felt again the sensation he'd experienced as he and M.T approached Hill. The tightness in his gut threatened to cut off breathing.
. . .This isn't like last time, Brown

"Oh! I can't wait to see my grandson!" Kenneth's mother exclaimed, as the plane touched the tarmac.

"Look at your mom, Kenny. She's happier than I've seen her in a long while. Thanks for taking time to be with us."

"You don't have to thank me for something I wanted to do. Dad, I love you both."

As soon as Divine and Jeff sighted them, there was mayhem. M.T and Hauwa were right behind them. For the next few minutes, ecerybody hugged everybody. The reunion with loved ones warmed Kenneth's heart. Only one person was missing, one person who could have turned the occasion to the greatest joy.

. . .Like those seven years in prison, you've got to put Sonia away, Brown. You have to do it, or you won't survive the rest of your life. . .

Kenneth couldn't shrug off the feeling that everyone was caught up in the kind of nervous excitement that preceded a real wedding.

M.T was higher than a kite, and Hauwa walked around with stars in her eyes. But the biggest change seemed to have fallen over Divine. Kenneth had never seen his son so jubilant, almost euphoric. He knew Divine was excited to see him again, but there was something else. Kenneth couldn't put his finger on it.

In a way it worried him. Had Sonia's love for James caused their son to shut off his feelings for his mother? Had her absence at night hurt him too much?

Kenneth could only praise Sonia's mothering instincts. But James was a different matter altogether. Possibly Divine was overcompensating to deal with what he viewed as his mother's defection from the family. Kenneth thought about this on the drive to the house; he was still thinking about it as they prepared for the wedding. Maybe he and Divine should go in for some group counseling after the wedding. The army urged vets and their families to participate. Kenneth hadn't given it such credence until he'd seen Divine's behaviour today.

Naturally he was thrilled that his boy seemed so happy. But Divine was overdoing it, and that troubled him a lot.

"Hey, Dad! We match!"

"We sure do." They both stood in front of the mirror in Kenneth's room. The brown Western-cut suits didn't look half-bad. Kenneth was back up to 160 pounds. Twenty-five or thirty more pounds to go, but he wasn't complaining.

"Whoa, Dad! You look cute."

Using his good hand, Kenneth dipped the brim down level with his eyes, then stared at Divine in the glass.

"Make my day."

Jeff and Divine shrinked with laughter."

Then it was time to go to the church.


SONIA HAD ARRIVED at the chapel two hours before the ceremony to get all the ribbons and flowers arranged. She'd left her car parked at the hotel where she lodged. One of Mr. Hammed's employees had driven her to the church.

The rings lay inside three tiny pockets on a white satin-and-velvet pillow left on the front pew. Divine's job was to carry the rings.

When everything looked as perfect as she could make it, Sonia hurried to one of the little rooms used as changing rooms for bridal parties.

The box of bridal bouquets had been placed on a chair. Fashioned of white roses, baby's breath and fern fronds, they looked exquisite.

Almost sick with excitement, she removed her T-shirt and jeans, then began to put on her wedding dress.

"Most married women can't fit into the gown they wore at their wedding. Yours fits like a dream," Hauwa murmured as she let herself into the room, carrying her wedding finery over her arm.

"Hauwa! You're here!" They hugged. "I'm so relieved. That means everyone's arrived safely. H-how's Kenneth?"

Hauwa started to change out of her clothes. She eyed Sonia solemnly. "He's putting on a great show for everyone, especially the boys, but Sonia...the man's heart is broken. There's only one thing he wants, and that's to be married to you. M.T and I agree we would never have forced him to go through with this today if we hadn't known you were going to make his greatest dream come true by the end of the ceremony. It would have been too cruel otherwise."

"I know." Sonia's voice shook. "Sometimes I wonder if I've done the right thing."

Hauwa smiled her sweet smile. "If you could see the way you look, you'd know this is the perfect plan. Believe me."

"It's got to be. Here, Hauwa. Let me help with all those buttons. This dress fits you beautifully. You must be exactly the same size you were the day you got married."

"Hopefully, eight months from now I won't be able to step into it, let alone pull it all the way up."

"Hauwa! Does M.T know?"

"No, that's going to be my wedding present to him."

When she'd finished doing up her dress, Hauwa started on Sonia's. "It won't be noticeable, but I can tell you're a little thinner than you were thirteen years ago."

"If all goes well, I'll be in your condition soon. I want our children to grow up together."

"I think I'm too happy, Sonia."

"I think I am, too."

They both looked in the mirror to arrange their veils.

"Hauwa, our dresses are amazingly alike." They wore full-length, off-white silk with lace trim. Both dresses had long sleeves with a scooped neck and empire waists. The biggest difference lay in their veils. Hauwa's was shorter and fashioned of nylon tulle. Sonia's matched the lace cutouts on her dress and cascaded to her shoulders.

She turned to Hauwa with tears in her eyes.

"We're the two most fortunate women around. Our men came home."

They clasped hands and said a little prayer to remember the men who didn't.

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Re: Divided Emotions by maclatunji: 2:56pm On Dec 25, 2012

Complete it! cheesy

I don't usually do stereotypes but you are proving the perception of your people as book worms to be true. tongue
Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 4:38pm On Dec 25, 2012

I don't usually do stereotypes but you are proving the perception of your people as book worms to be true. tongue

Am actually a lagosian, my mom is Ek---
Re: Divided Emotions by IZUKWU(m): 4:48pm On Dec 25, 2012
Hmmm! Nice ,waiting to see kenneth's reaction!
Re: Divided Emotions by Nobody: 4:56pm On Dec 25, 2012
Holding my breath...lovey dovey...Omolollypop, making us wait till 31st is pure torture!
Re: Divided Emotions by maclatunji: 5:39pm On Dec 25, 2012

Am actually a lagosian, my mom is Ek---

Well, it is a part of you now.
Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 9:18pm On Dec 25, 2012
KENNETH REMOVED his sunglasses and entered the chapel, marveling at the beautiful decorations. The scent of flowers produced a flashback of his own wedding. He shook his mind to clear it of the memory and proceeded down the aisle.

Divine darted his father a brilliant smile and was right there to pin a red carnation on his lapel. Once again Kenneth had the distinct impression that something was wrong with his son.

The pastor came in, followed by the organist, breaking Kenneth's train of thought. Soon all the introductions were made, and the pastor showed Kenneth and M.T where to stand.

Divine was positioned on the other side of the altar. Kenneth watched his mother give Divine a kiss and hand him the ring pillow. Then she took her place in the first pew with his father and Jeff.

Kenneth could feel M.T shifting his weight. "How come you're so nervous? You've done this before."

"How come you're nervous?" He fired back. "I heard you doing Morse code through lunch. You're still doing it."

"I don't know. It doesn't mean anything. It's just a habit."

"Yeah, sure. You're nervous, all right." M.T grinned. "Maybe it's that new suit you're wearing."

"You don't approve? I bought it in your honour."

"Hey, I approve, Sarge. You look like a hero out of a Western. I hardly recognised you."

"And you look like a smitten bridegroom if ever there was one, all decked out in that fancy suit and white shirt."

"Do you think Hauwa will notice?"

"Nope. She's too crazy about you to bother with the details."

Kenneth loved to tease M.T about Hauwa because he could always get his buddy to blush.

The pastor began to speak. "Let us first say a prayer."

Kenneth had been prepared to hear the wedding march. Quickly he bowed his head and closed his eyes.

"We thank you, oh, God, for your bounteous blessings. Two of your servants, Kenneth Brown and Mohammed-Tafa Danjuma, are home with family and loved ones after their seven-year exile in a foreign land."

Kenneth's head jerked back and he stared at the pastor. Slowly his gaze passed over everyone. All heads were bowed except his. He lowered his head again, but his eyes remained open.

"They've served you and their country honorably, and now they wish to repledge their love and devotion to their wives in front of you and these witnesses. Amen."

"Amen," the congregation returned. Immediately the organ broke into the wedding march.

Wives. . .

"Steady, Sarge," M.T whispered. "Don't pass out on me."

"What's going on, M.T? Tell me, dammit!" He whispered back fiercely.

His palms were clammy and the room felt too hot.

"Just keep your eyes focused on the back of the church, and all your questions will be answered."
Re: Divided Emotions by Nobody: 10:58pm On Dec 25, 2012
OMG!I can't believe Lolly will leave us here hanging at this very junction!OMG!where are you Baby?Please let's finish this tonight.
Re: Divided Emotions by Ice4jez(m): 11:17pm On Dec 25, 2012
if someone has told me lola will do dis to me even on xmas i will ve use coke bottle to spell lola on his body.weeping n breaking furnitures till lola continues
Re: Divided Emotions by tijehi(f): 12:18am On Dec 26, 2012
When tension is too much it spoils the fun in anything. Really tired of all the tension. Lola, ur story was really nice, I hope u publish someday.
Re: Divided Emotions by kelmich(m): 12:26am On Dec 26, 2012
what next na? this is not fair oh angry
Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 7:54am On Dec 26, 2012

It's not my intention to keep you all waiting for too long, if I had my way I'd finish it all tonight, but there is no time
Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 7:56am On Dec 26, 2012
At M.T.'s injunction, Kenneth swung his head around.

He saw Hauwa start down the aisle. Her sweet face glowed as she kept her eyes on M.T. Then he saw another bride emerge from the foyer of the chapel. The lacy veil looked familiar.

Out of nowhere he heard his mother cry out in shock. His father looked like he was going to faint.

She drew closer.

. . .Dear God. Sonia?

His heart was racing. "I think I'm sick, M.T.," he said in a low aside, "I'm starting to hallucinate. Get me out of here."

"Steady. What do you think you see?"

"It's Sonia! She's wearing the dress she wore at our wedding. I'm telling you, M.T., am losing it."

"No, you're not Sarge. I see her, too. It's no hallucination. But I admit Sonia looks as heavenly as a vision."

Kenneth's whole body began to tremble. "What the devil...?"

"You're a smart man, Sarge. You figure it out."

"Mohammed," the pastor said, "if you'll make room for your bride here and clasp hands. And, Kenneth, if you'll do the same and clasp hands with your bride, we'll begin the ceremony."

Like a heart-seeking missile, Sonia's eyes locked on Kenneth's. The light that had been missing in them at Hill blazed fire right now. She reached boldly for his right hand and squeezed so hard he felt pain. He welcomed it, though, because it proved he wasn't experiencing some kind of weird flashback.

Kenneth could hear the pastor talking to M.T and Hauwa, but he wasn't cognizant of anything except the flesh-and-blood woman at his side, pulsating with life, looking at him as if he was her whole world and everything in it.

"For as long as we both shall live." She mouthed the words to him.

Those were the words they'd had inscribed on their wedding bands.

"Sonia Ebube Brown, inasmuch as you're already joined in the bonds of holy matrimony to your husband, Kenneth, do you renew your vows before God and these witnesses to love, cherish and honour him, through sickness, through health, clinging only to him and forsaking all others, until death do you part?"

Kenneth watched breathlessly as Sonia turned, her whole heart reaching out to him.

"I, Sonia Ebube Brown, consider it the greatest privilege to renew before God, before our son, Divine, before our dearest parents and friends, my vows to my beloved..." Her voice shook "...my beloved husband, Kenneth, whom I've always loved and adored.
"I ask for his forgiveness for any pain I have unintentionally caused, but I vow that from this moment on, I will do everything in my power to bring him nothing but joy all the days of our lives." She paused. "I come to him having forsaken all others."

. . .Is it true, sweetheart? James really has no more claim on your heart? Sonia? Do you know how much I want to believe you?

"I come to him prepared to be all the things I was to him in the past, prepared to be even more in the future. Dearest friend, dearest lover, dearest wife, dearest mother of his children."

"Kenneth Brown?" The pastor addressed him.

Kenneth felt as if he were in a dream.

"You've heard your wife's solemn troth. Since you are already husband to Sonia Ebube Brown, do you wish to renew your marriage vows before God, family and friends?"

Sonia's body started to shake like a leaf. Fear had robbed her cheeks of colour.
Re: Divided Emotions by Nobody: 8:14am On Dec 26, 2012
OMG! Shaking uncontrollably...Omolola is after my ...
Re: Divided Emotions by Folusade(f): 8:38am On Dec 26, 2012
Omolola, if you don't want trouble from all of us reading this your lovely story; just don't post that kenneth walked out o!

He must marry her- or remarry her as the case is!!
Your ink must go in that direction!
Re: Divided Emotions by Emeraldz(f): 11:29am On Dec 26, 2012
ruth42k3: Hey omolola how are you doing?hope u r enjoying ur wkend?pls when are u updating??looking forward oo
Great work.Waiting earnestly for your updates.
Re: Divided Emotions by emygreat747(m): 1:59pm On Dec 26, 2012
Gosh!!!!am so so scared ryt nw. GOD,lola,pls pls o,kum nd finish dis,am beggining to feel sick
Re: Divided Emotions by maclatunji: 2:16pm On Dec 26, 2012
LOL @Sonia Ebube Brown grin
Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 3:55pm On Dec 26, 2012
. . .Why are you frightened, Sonia? Don't you know this is what I've longed for? Prayed for? I'm the one who's afraid. . .

Clearing his throat, he began, "I, Kenneth Brown, in front of God, my family and friends, wish to renew my vows to my beloved wife, Sonia, the mother of my son, Divine, the light of my life whose love has sustained me through thirteen years of marriage, whose love kept me alive through a dark and perilous time."

He felt her body go limp with relief, and he braced her with his hand and arm, holding her close.

"I forgive her for any pain she might have unwittingly caused and ask that she forgive me for any pain I might have inflicted on her. I am the most blessed of men to have the love of such a woman, and swear to do everything in my power to show her what she means to me. I swear I will respect her, watch over her, honour her, keep her in sickness, in health, until death do us part."

Kenneth heard her cry his name.

. . .Ah, Sonia. . .can this really be happening to us?

"You may now exchange rings as symbols of your love. Mr and Mrs. Danjuma, and then Mr and Mrs. Brown.

Kenneth couldn't take his eyes off Sonia.

. . .She's going to live with me again. She's going to be my wife!

"Dad! Take the rings," Divine whispered.

Divine. He'd known all along. There was nothing wrong with his son. Joy had transformed him.

Suitably chastened, Kenneth flashed the boy a conspiratorial smile, which he returned, then felt in the little pocket for the rings he'd put on Sonia's finger thirteen years earlier.

Sonia lifted her left hand and helped him slide the rings home with his good hand.

To his surprise, she reached in another little pocket and brought out a ring that looked exactly like the one he'd lost when they'd run into that land mine.

"As long as we both shall live." She read aloud the inscribed words before taking his right hand and pushing it onto his fourth finger.

"Sweetheart..." His voice caught in his throat.

Suddenly Sonia threw her arms around his neck and pulled his head down, kissing him exactly the way she'd kissed him before he'd gone off to the war.

They might be in a church, but her hunger, her passion, broke all the rules and he felt himself going under. No one had ever loved him the way she had. No one ever could. His Sonia was back where she belonged, burrowing into his arms, into his heart. Her mouth set him on fire.

The war was finally over.

"Hey, Sarge..." Kenneth felt a nudge in his ribs "...maybe you better take it easy. Another minute of that and this holy house is going to go up in holy smoke."

Sonia must have heard M.T., because she tore her lips from Kenneth's and hid her face in his shoulder, still clinging to him as if she feared someone would drag him back onto that plane.

Holding her against him with his left arm, Kenneth fought for the presence of mind to extend his right hand to the pastor. That seemed to signal the cessation of formalities. In the next instant, Divine ha launched himself at them, laughing and crying at once, jumping up and down. Jeff was right there with him.

Kenneth saw his mother out of the periphery. She had collapsed in his father's arms. He knew she was overcome with joy. He and his father made eye contact. His father was weeping. They smiled at each other with an understanding that surpassed words.

Behind his back he could hear M.T sobbing uncontrollably in Hauwa's arms.

With Sonia still molded to his body, not saying a word, he lowered his head to M.T. "Haven't you done enough of that already."

"I can't help it, Sarge. Hauwa just told me I'm going to be a father in January."

Kenneth knew life didn't get much better than this.

"And you called me up because you were afraid to make love to your wife on your first night home..." He quietly baited him with relish.

"Ah, Sarge!"

He felt Sonia stir. She finally lifted her head, a beguiling smile on her face. "The getaway car for the four of us is outside the chapel."

Without taking his eyes off her, he said, "Did you hear that, M.T.?"

"I'm ready when you are, sir."

"Are you ready, sweetheart?"

In answer she pressed her mouth to his. That was all Kenneth needed before picking her up in his arms and carrying her down the aisle. He didn't have to look back and wonder what M.T was doing.

Everyone had preceded them outside. Divine and Jeff held the doors open while his father took pictures.

Sonia's car stood parked a few yards away. At least he thought it was her car, but it was covered with shaving cream. Just like his old Jeep that his friends had gotten hold of thirteen years ago. There were cans and streamers tied to it, writing all over it.


"You remembered!"

Again he felt a sense of wonder that his darling Sonia hadn't forgotten a single detail about that night of nights.
Still holding her in his arms, he walked around the front of the car to the passenger side. There was more writing.


Kenneth burst out laughing and shot an amused glance at his buddy. M.T was helping his wife into the back seat. His face had gone beet red.

"Oh, Sonnie. You did it this time. M.T.'s a wreck," he whispered against her delectable neck.

"I love him, Kenneth. He's so much fun to tease."

. . .I love him, too. I love you for loving him.

He set her down on the seat and helped fit her gown inside. "Where are you taking us, my adorable wife?" He couldn't resist kissing her again.

"Sarge, come on. Let's get out of here!"

As he walked back around to get in the driver's seat, he realized they had an audience and rushed over to embrace his parents.

"Kenny, Kenny," his mother murmured. "I'm so happy for you. Tell Sonia I'm sorry."

"I will, Mom. Now, all you have a wonderful time. I'll see you soon."

"Be happy, son," his father said hoarsely.

"Dad," Divine said as they hugged one more time, "she really loves you."

Kenneth clung to his son. "I think I kind of figured that out, Dee. Be a help to your grandparents. We'll see you soon."

"Thanks for coming, Jeff." He tousled the teen's head before getting back in the car.

Afraid to look at Sonia for fear he'd lose all sense of time and propriety, he turned on the ignition and headed toward the hotel in full speed.

"Go easy on the sarge, Sonia. He almost passed out on me in there. Maybe you ought to have someone at the clinic look him over."

Kenneth grinned. "No one's looking me over but my wife!" Now Sonia was blushing.

"Do you have our room number extension, Sonia?" M.T asked.

"Yes." Her voice sounded more like a squeak.

"That's good. When the sarge gets to the part where he doesn't know what to do, call me."

"Dammit, M.T.!"

Hauwa started to laugh.

"You made him blush, M.T." Sonia screamed in delight. "Finally!"

Unable to resist, he flickjed his wife a probing glance. "What do you mean, finally?"

"You know what I mean, Kenneth Brown."

He did. Midnight poker.

"I'm warning you now, you're in for a big surprise."

He shook his head. "You'll never win, sweetheart. Don't even think of it."

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Re: Divided Emotions by Nobody: 4:42pm On Dec 26, 2012
...and I am home and love omolollypop sooooooo much. Danielle Steel never did better!
Re: Divided Emotions by tijehi(f): 6:15pm On Dec 26, 2012
Jesu, e don end finally, we will rest oh. Going back to normal, no more night vigil, no more dozing at work cos of sleepless nights. Omolola thank you o. In my language we say Obulu (thank u). And as a natural Oliver twist, when is the next story?
Re: Divided Emotions by Folusade(f): 10:27pm On Dec 26, 2012
Thanks for a lovely story Omolola. Hope u are enjoying ur stay/holiday in Ek....

Re: Divided Emotions by creamchiccb(f): 11:35pm On Dec 26, 2012
You nailed it gurl!!!"Lovely story!interestin al da way!plz when iss urr nxt story darlin?can't wait 2 read anoda one 4rm you!cuz you da bomb nd God bless you baby!
Re: Divided Emotions by Sapphiredamsel(f): 11:50pm On Dec 26, 2012
I have been reading this story from the begining and watching from the sidelines but made no comments. Omolola, i just had to give it to you. Thumbs up girl, more ink to your pen.
Re: Divided Emotions by kilokeys(m): 4:35am On Dec 27, 2012
See ds lola geh sef... Thank u for breaking james heart finally... Since u r in lag.. Do us a favour , get married to james abeg.
Re: Divided Emotions by maclatunji: 6:25am On Dec 27, 2012
^But the story is not yet over now. Which kain readers be dis? tongue

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Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 7:26am On Dec 27, 2012
maclatunji: ^But the story is not yet over now. Which kain readers be dis? tongue

Abi ooo

@sapphire, so u've been reading? Thanks dear.

@kilokeys, hahahahahahahaha! Na so

There's still one more post to go (the epilogue)
Re: Divided Emotions by Screwface(m): 8:02am On Dec 27, 2012
This is enough climax already o. I take God beg you,dnt make your epilogue anti-climax biko!
Re: Divided Emotions by oyestephen(m): 10:10am On Dec 27, 2012
Its over, finally....what did I not do to read this story sef
Re: Divided Emotions by cutestones(f): 10:32am On Dec 27, 2012
Lola, u had me smiling, grinning, chuckling, laughin all at the same time! Really nice one!
I wud go and watch the movie adaptation went its out ova n ova again.( This is a warning o, if u don't turn it into a movie as soon as possible I will at the least opportunity I get, wheneva dat is....don't say I didn't warn u o, no copyright suing o! I don tell u)
Good job girl!!!!
Re: Divided Emotions by Omolola1(f): 1:11pm On Dec 27, 2012
cutestones: Lola, u had me smiling, grinning, chuckling, laughin all at the same time! Really nice one!
I wud go and watch the movie adaptation went its out ova n ova again.( This is a warning o, if u don't turn it into a movie as soon as possible I will at the least opportunity I get, wheneva dat is....don't say I didn't warn u o, no copyright suing o! I don tell u)
Good job girl!!!!

Lmaoooo! Don't try it ooooo

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Survival Of The Curse. A Werewolf Story. / Wole Soyinka Reacts To Wedding Of His Son, Oretunlewa And Nneka Ekechukwu / Memorable Stories From Your English Primary Books!!!

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