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Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by slimur(m): 9:57am On Jan 27, 2013
Sarah oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More ooooooooo!!!!! Pls ooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Wendyphil(f): 6:08pm On Jan 27, 2013
I want more oooooo,*dancing Oliver twist.*
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Demlad99(m): 9:49pm On Jan 27, 2013
This story is fantastic. *screaming* mooooorrrrrrreeeeee!!!!
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Osgee(m): 11:24pm On Jan 27, 2013
Viewing this topic: Dariye ( m ), Debsolat ( f ), serahsadeiyare ( f ) and 8 guest(s)

Serah, i dn c u. Update nw nw b4 ehm, ehm.........
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Dariye(m): 8:59am On Jan 28, 2013
should i say it's a good thing to have just discovered this post,cos i didn't go thru all d suspense trauma u guys had gone thru, ...or that was what i thought... But,Hey!, can't wait for MORE PARTS,I can't believe u guys had been in this for weeks,i've only waited for like 24hrs and this is what i got to say:"I CAN'T W8 ANY LONGER". Madam Serah,pls do something,or else... I'll go on an hunger strike. cryshould i say it's a good thing to have just discovered this post,cos i didn't go thru all d suspense trauma u guys had gone thru, ...or that was what i thought... But,Hey!, can't wait for MORE PARTS,I can't believe u guys have been in this for weeks,i've only waited for like 24hrs and this is what i got to say:"I CAN'T W8 ANY LONGER". Madam Serah,pls do something,or else... I'll go on an hunger strike.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Debsolat(f): 9:16am On Jan 28, 2013
Osgee: Viewing this topic: Dariye ( m ), Debsolat ( f ), serahsadeiyare ( f ) and 8 guest(s)

Serah, i dn c u. Update nw nw b4 ehm, ehm.........

Hi Serah, although I admit this is a good story but you have dragged it for too long and some if us are beginning to lose interest. You started the story on the 14th of December, that's over a month ago! You gave us dates that you'll be updating but you didn't stick to it. The only way to pull traffic to your story is by sticking to the days and updating on time not leaving us salivating for a long time before you update.

Hope the chastisement is okay? Although we still love you.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 12:54pm On Jan 28, 2013
Thank you all for your patience, comments and encouragements.

I am glad you all enjoyed the story.

If you feel the story has been dragged for too long, I apologize. If you feel the suspense is too much, I apologize. Please be patient with me.

I will post at least once or twice in a week.

Please bear with me.

Thank you all.

The story continues this week.

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Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Obinnau(m): 1:53pm On Jan 28, 2013
pls stop telling us that the story story continues next week. This is already a new week so pls tell us that it continues today. Abeg i take the name of God beg u.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by cigaricon(m): 8:41pm On Jan 28, 2013
Ah ahn serah once a week? Then it'll take us a year before you finish the story. Like I said before; I have already finished reading two stories here on nairaland of which I started urs before them. Can't u see that people are complaining on the long time u take before u update? Ah we've waited for too long, make u consider us na
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Betgal(f): 11:15pm On Jan 28, 2013
Aunty serah, pls wen is d next episode coming up?
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Hugo7(m): 7:08am On Jan 30, 2013
Patiently watin...found my self followin this thread 4 the 1st time on nairaland...welldone ma @serah
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 11:26am On Feb 01, 2013
Part Twelve

Daniel battled with the urge to go after his wife. But he decided to look for Sheila. He would deal with his wife later. If Sheila had called her parents, they would be on their way. He saw her the moment he stepped out of the house. She was lying on the ground. His heart skipped a beat. What happened to her?

"Sheila?" He hurried to her side. She looked unconscious. His heart raced. "Sheila... " He shook her by the shoulder. She made no response. His heart beat quickened. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and dailed his father-in-law's number.

The security guard opened the gate. John drove the car into the large compound and packed it. Eureka screamed when she saw her daughter lying on the ground. She dashed out of the car, followed by her husband. She sunk to her kneels and touched her face.

"Sheila... Baby... Sheila... "

"What happened?"

Daniel met his brother-in-law's gaze. Martha walked out of the house. Her sister-in-law's scream had alerted.

"Let us take her to the hospital at once," she pulled at her husband's trouser. He knelt down and carried her. Daniel tried to help him, but he declined.

John placed his daughter on the back seat of his car while Eureka sat beside her.

"What happened?" Martha tugged at her husband's shirt.

"Get my car keys, we need to follow them."

"Honey... "

"Get the keys Martha!"

She frozed. He had never raised his voice at her before. Why was he staring and talking to her as if she had anything to do with Sheila's condition.

"Get going woman!"

She backed away and returned to the house. What was wrong with her husband? She doubted if she wanted to follow him to the hospital. She would rather stay at home than stand beside him in the state of mind he was in. Where was his car keys?

John drove out and began to pray. It was only God that could heal his daughter completely. Eureka called her father-in-law and Sheila's doctor.


John and Eureka sat in the waiting room. Charles, Sheila's doctor and a team of medics were attending to their daughter. They held each others hands and prayed silently. Daniel and Martha approached them. They took the seats opposite the couple and waited.

"What happened to my daughter? What led to her unconsciousness?" John faced his brother-in-law. Daniel swallowed hard. Martha folded her hands across her chest and avoided looking at her brother and his wife. Her husband had not spoken a word to her since they left home. She had no intention of following him to the hospital, but he turned deaf ears to her pleas and arguments.

"John... Sheila wasn't comfortable with her visit, she decided to leave... I found her unconscious."

"Just like that!" He voice rose.

"Look John... "

"No," he shook his head, "I should have listened to her in the first place," he turned to look at his sister, "She didn't want to visit because of her aunt's hostile attitude."

Martha met her brother's glare. "Don't look at me like that. I am not responsible for your daughter's condition."

"Really? Do you want to bet on that?"

She hissed and looked away. She didn't care what he thought. Charles approached them. Eureka got up when she saw him.

"She has gained consciousness."

"Thank you Jesus!" She held her husband. He made a sigh of relief.

"Her memories are back... We will like to examine her and run a test or two, but, as far as I am concerned, she is out of the woods."

Eureka began to cry. John shook hands with his father. He was glad that the three weeks nightmare was over. God had answered their prayers.

"I am so happy for you."

John patted his brother-in-law on the shoulder, "Thank you."

"When can we see her?" Eureka could hardly wait to see her daughter.

"Right now. Please come with me."

John and Eureka followed Charles. Daniel turned to look at his wife.

"Do you realize what your bitterness for Sheila caused today?"

She frowned and refused to look at him.

"What kind of a Christian are you if you cannot forgive the person that offended you?"

Her frown deepened.

"It makes me begin to wonder, what if I offended you? Will you ever forgive me? Will you treat me the same way you have treated Sheila?"

Her frown faded, she met her husband's sad gaze.

"It makes me wonder, what kind of a woman did I marry?"

His words pierced at her heart. She tried to speak, but her throat tightened.

"It doesn't matter what Sheila said or did to you or us or anybody. All that matters is your reaction. Haven't you heard of the phrase, 'loving the unlovable'? That is the true test of your so called faith in Christ Jesus. If God can forgive you, why can't you forgive someone else?" He shook his head at her and walked away.

Martha felt as if she had been drenched with cold water. Had she been so blinded by bitterness that she couldn't draw Sheila close and win her over with love? What kind of examples had she laid down for others to follow? What had she done? What had she been thinking? Her actions had made her husband to question their marriage. It was obvious that if she didn't let go and forgive Sheila, her bitterness will cost her everything she held dear to her heart.

She stood on shaky legs, tried to steady herself and walked out of the hospital. She found her husband's car, unlocked one of the doors and got in. Every tear she had been holding back gushed out and bathed her face. She bowed her head and asked God to forgive her and give her strength to forgive her neice. They both needed a second chance.


Sheila laid on her bed and turned on her side. Sleep had evaded her. She debated whether to go to the kitchen and make a sandwich and down it with a cup of hot beverage or remain in her room and try to seduce sleep.

The return of her memory had been a great news. Her parents were relieved and happy. She would be returning to school soon. She had only missed a couple of weeks. She had called her classmates and they had informed her that she had dozens of assignments and a few tests to sort out. Her parents had gone to see the head of her department and adviced him on her situation. That would definitely take care of any difficult lecturer.

She had been amazed at the way each and every member of her family treated her during the period of her illness. They were there for her when she needed them most. Despite the way she related to them in the past, no one took their pound of flesh. Except her aunt, Martha.

She sat up and drew her pillows close to her bossom. Everybody forgave her and helped her, all except Martha. Her aunt couldn't look past their past and reach out to assist her in her time of need. It became clear to her that her aunt's hatred for her ran deep. Would that woman ever find it in her heart to forgive her?

She had decided to start afresh with everyone. Regardless of what they might do or say to her, she would always respond in love. After all, they were her family.


Edidiong stood at a corner with her friends. The seating areas at the Lagoon front was occupied with several students. Some were reading while most of them were just gisting. A few were taking naps. She wished she could go and wake them up and send them off to their rooms or wherever they came from. She cleared her mind from crazy thoughts and tried to listen to what one of her friends was saying.

She sighted Sheila heading towards the exit. Should she call out to her? Will she respond? She had only seen her cousin once after she regained her memory. She wondered if the old Sheila was back. She prefered the new Sheila, the one she had built a growing friendship with. She bit at her lower lip and decided to give it a trial. If her cousin rejected her, it would be on record that at least she made an effort.

"Sheila!" She left her friends and went after her cousin.

Sheila halted. She heard something that sounded like her name. Was someone calling her? She looked around her.


She heard it again. Someone was definitely calling her. Who could that be? She turned in the direction of the sound and saw her cousin walking towards her.

"Edidiong!" She waved at her. She had been thinking of calling her cousin since she got back to school but procrastination had delayed her.

"Hey you... " She closed the gap between them and pulled her into a bear hug.

"I was thinking of calling you."

"Really?" She pulled away, "When did you resume school?"

"This week."

"And you have been thinking of calling all week long? I am definitely at the bottom of your list."

"Ah! Not so."

"If you say so."

"What are you doing here?" She adjusted the leather folder she was carrying.

"Just chilling out with friends."

Sheila nodded, "I was about going to one of those fake cafeterias to have lunch."

"Really? I will come with you."


"Let's get my car."


They headed for the exit. Edidiong was glad that things were moving on smoothly between them. God had definitely used the accident to give them a second chance.

"When is Boma completing his NYSC programme?" She looked at her cousin who was smiling sheepishly. It was obvious her mind had travelled far away. She tugged at her blouse.

"What?" She blinked.

"A penny for your thoughts."

"What about a pound sterling?"

"Yeah right."

They both giggled.

"When is Boma coming home?"

Edidiong shrugged, "In a couple of months."

"I can't wait to graduate."

"Welcome to the club."

They walked up to Edidiong's car and got in.

"Why don't we eat out?"

"Sounds like a good idea."

Edidiong winked at her and started the car.

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Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Ice4jez(m): 12:18pm On Feb 01, 2013
walk into thread ,read update n walk out to come back for next update next year.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 12:53pm On Feb 01, 2013
Sheila dat good of u,but dont be too soft o.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 11:23am On Feb 02, 2013
Part Thirteen

Edidiong and Sheila walked into Chan Lang Chinese restaurant. They found an empty table and made their orders.

"I have been here once with my parents."


"Yes. Their food is great."

"Boma has been here with some of his friends. He told me about this place."

"Boma and food."

"Don't mind my brother."

A waiter brought their meal and drinks.

"It smells so good."

"Yes, it does."

Sheila bowed her head and said a quick prayer before digging into her meal. Edidiong watched her and swallowed the food in her mouth and mumbled a prayer too. When was the last time she prayed before eating? Her parents would be ashamed of her if they found out that she had stopped praying before eating. She had been taught that it was good to thank God for providing the food. It guaranteed abundant provision from God.

"This is delicious," Sheila smiled at her. Edidiong nodded and smiled back. She would like to bring some of her friends here. She might also bring her dates, the restaurant was a good place to dine and have fun. When they were through with their meal, they decided to freshen up in the restroom before leaving.

"I must come back here."

"Don't spend all your allowance on Chinese food o!"

"Abi o... " They bursted out laughing.

Zidani and her friends walked in. They recognized Sheila the moment they saw her.

"Talk of the devil!"

"It is the big mouthed Adams girl."

Sheila and Edidiong noticed them.

"Hello, remember me?" Zidani stepped forward.

"Do you know them?"

Sheila nodded. The lazy spoilt rich girls are back.

"How are you doing, Zidani, Cecilia and Nkiruka?" She stretched out a hand, but they ignored it.

"Wonderful, you remember our names," Zidani hissed.

"Very smart," Cecilia snarled.

She was in no mood to exchange words with them. Zidani and her friends were trouble makers with a capital 'T', "I wish you ladies a lovely evening," she took her cousin's hand and pulled her towards the doorway. Zidani and her friends blocked their way.

"Not so fast."

"What is the meaning of this?" Edidiong demanded. The young women were beginning to irritate her.

"Please shut up!" Nkiruka addressed her.

"Are you out of your mind? Do you realize who you are talking to?" Edidiong lost her temper. Sheila patted her on the shoulder.

"Relax, I will handle them."

Zidani and her friends started laughing.

"Who is your friend?"

"She has a big mouth too."

"Come to think of it Zidani, she looks like your former wedding planner, Dorcas."

Zidani met Edidiong's glare, "You are right. She is the carbon copy of Dorcas."

"What do you want Zidani?" Sheila crossed her arms against her bossom.

"What do I want?" She looked at her friends and they giggled.

"We heard that you had an accident a little over a month ago."

"Please accept our condolences," Nkiru made a comical face.

"We heard that you went loco for a while," Cecilia derided.

"She didn't go crazy. She had amnesia," she defended her cousin. What was wrong with Sheila? Why was she allowing them to insult and make fun of her? The Sheila she knew would have finished them off in a matter of minutes.

"Amnesia is a milder way of classifying a lunatic," Zidani eyed her. Edidiong felt like smacking her mouth. That would keep her quiet for a while.

Sheila felt her anger brewing. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She would respond to them in love. She has to respond in love. She needed to respond in love. It doesn't matter what they say or do, she would do the right thing. That was the best thing to do. That was the only way no one would get hurt.

"Hope your wedding plans are moving on smoothly, I wish you goodluck," she pulled her cousin's hand and led her out of the restroom.

Zidani and her friends watched them go.

"Whatever happened to that girl during the accident, it definitely messed her up."

"You are right."

"The last time we saw her, she insulted us without giving a hoot. But this time around, she decided not to."

"She masked her offence with a cordial attitude."

"Is she all right?"

Cecilia and Nkiru shook their heads.

"I thought so too. Talking about my wedding plans, I think I need to call Dorcas, I prefer her to the quacks my mum shoved in my face."

"I concur," her friends choroused.


Edidiong and Sheila got into the car.

"Is this how you will continue to allow people to walk all over you?"

Sheila smiled, "I will choose my battles wisely."

She eyed her, "Really?"

"Yes, and for the record, Zidani and her friends do not worth a drop my spittle."

Edidiong giggled.

"What would Jesus have done? I have decided to follow his example."

"Hmmm... " She nodded and started the car, she backed out of the parking area and headed back to the campus. She was glad her cousin had truely changed. One can respond to insultive people in different ways. Sheila choosed to ignore their insults and walked the path of peace. That was something she needed to learn.


The door bell rang. Eureka groaned. Who could that be? It was seven in the morning. Don't people sleep anymore? Her husband turned on his side and faced her. His eyes were still closed.

"Honey... "

"I am not leaving this bed. Whoever is at the door should go and sleep?"

John chuckled and opened his eyes, "You are wicked."

"Whatever... " She turned away and pulled the heavy brown blanket over her head.

The door bell rang again.

"Honey... " He shook her lightly but she refused to respond.


Sheila opened her eyes, yawned, stretched her hands and legs and pulled the blanket over her head. The door bell had woken her. She wondered who was at the door. Who could be visiting her parents at this hour on a Saturday? She heard the door bell again. Why was no one answering it? She groaned and hurled herself off the bed. Why did she bother to come home? She could have remained in the hostel and no one would have disturbed her sleep with door bells. She scratched her hand and neck and staggered out of her bedroom in her pyjamas.

The bell rang again. She hissed and quickened her step. She yawned again and stretched her hands. Her eyes felt watery a bit. All she wanted to do was sleep. Who was at the door? She unlocked the front door and opened it. She narrowed her eyes due to the rays of sun streaming into the house. She adjusted her gaze and noticed a couple standing three feet away.

"Good morning Sheila."

"Morning Sheila."

Sheila frozed when she saw her aunt, Martha and her husband.

"Are your parents in?"

She tried to speak, but her throat felt parched all of a sudden. She moved away from the doorway, giving them room to walk into the house. She closed the door and watched them heading for the sitting room. Why were they here? What do they want? She had not seen them since she was discharged from the hospital. A thousand thoughts ran through her mind, but none could decify her aunt and her husband's visit.

Sheila left for the master bedroom. She knocked and walked in.

"Mum... Dad... Aunt Martha and her husband are here."

No response. Where they still sleeping? She approached the bed.

"Mum... Dad... You have... We have visitors."

No response. She frowned and moved closer, "Mum! Dad!"

"We heard you young woman," her father sat up.

"For the love of God can't someone sleep anymore in this house!" Her mother got down from the bed and marched out of the room in her nightwear. She watched her leave and turned to look at her father.

"Mrs. Cranky slept late. She will be fine once she gets enough rest as soon as possible."

She bit her lower lip, "Why is Aunt Martha and her husband here?"

John smiled, "Let us go and find out."

They both left the room and headed for the sitting room.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 11:27am On Feb 02, 2013
Watch out for the concluding episode of RAZOR TONGUE this weekend.

Thank you all for your patience, encouragement, comments, critics, and love.

I love you all.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by movmentish(m): 8:44pm On Feb 02, 2013
serahsadeiyare: Watch out for the concluding episode of RAZOR TONGUE this weekend.

Thank you all for your patience, encouragement, comments, critics, and love.

I love you all.
Sorry oh aunty serah but which weekend are referring to,dis one dat is finished already or next weekend Plz say 2mao grin grin grin

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Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 8:51pm On Feb 02, 2013
The final episode will be posted tonight or before midnight on Sunday.


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Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 10:02pm On Feb 02, 2013
Part Fourteen

Eureka marched into the sitting room, followed by her husband and daughter. Martha and her husband were seated on the cushion.

Daniel cleared his throat, "Good morning, we know it is early... "

"Yes it is very early," Eureka snapped and settled on the first chair she found.

The couple exchanged glances, "We apologize, we are actually here to see Sheila," Martha addressed them.

John sat beside his wife while his daughter sat opposite Martha and her husband.

"Why do you want to see Sheila? You could have called, isn't it too early to hold a family meeting?"

Martha coughed and leaned back on the cushion.

"Please excuse my wife. She had a late night."

"Your visit disrupted my rest," she added without remorse.

Martha got to her feet, so did her husband, "We apologize once again. You are right, we should have called. We know it is quite early. But, the earlier we... We will come back."

Eureka looked at her sister-in-law, then at Daniel. They both looked as if they had not slept well. She felt sorry for them. Her attitude had probably bruised their state of mind.

"I am sorry, I become cranky whenever I don't sleep well. Please sit down."

Martha shook her head, "We will call, then come back."

"Please stay, we insist," John assured them.

They sat back on the cushion and turned to look at Sheila who had been watching them all.

"Sheila... " She cleared her throat, "We don't have the best of relationships. It is my fault."

She watched her aunt, confused by her saddened countenance. What happened to her? Why was she taking the blame for what was not entirely her fault?

"Regardless of your bad attitude and... and the... " She cleared her throat again. Daniel squeezed her shoulder. "I... I should have known better. I should have acted better. I... I should have responded in love. You know... What kind of auntie am I? What kind of Christian am I? If... If I cannot be Christ like," tears slided down her face.

She had never seen her aunt this way. The woman always acted in control of things. But, she looked as if she had been broken, inside out. She wished she could wipe her tears away.

"All I am asking for is... I want us to... Even if we can't... Can we... " She tightened her grip on Daniel's hand. She inhaled and tried to hold back the tears threatening to flood her face.

John and Eureka exchanged glances. Was this the reconciliation they had been praying for? They had been interceeding for Martha and their daughter for several months.

Sheila took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She could hardly remember why or how her relationship with her aunt detoriated. She would love to get to know her and build a better relationship with her. Not just her, but every member of the Adams family.

"I am sorry too... I... It is not entirely your fault. I am at fault too."

She met her neice's sad gaze.

"I am sorry for everything. I would really like us to be... to be... to be..." She bit her lower lip.

Martha looked at her husband. God had answered their prayers. They had asked him for help. They had asked him to restore their family and he had done more than what they asked.

Eureka dabbed her wet eyes with the edge of her nightwear.

"We forgive you for everything. Please forgive us too."

Sheila nodded and swallowed hard.

Martha got up and stretched out her hands, "Can I have a hug?"

She pushed herself up and walked towards her aunt. Her heart was hammering against her chest. Who would have thought she and her aunt would ever reconcile? She closed the gap between them and embraced her.

Daniel sighed with relief. He was glad that his wife and her neice were going to make an effort to build a healthy relationship.

"I hope you are both staying for breakfast," John winked at his sister. She nodded and her husband smiled at him.


Charles and Nnese sat beside the pool in their tee shirts and shorts, watching their children and grandchildren playing and dining by the pool side.

"When was the last time they were this happy?"

"I don't remember."

"I am glad everything is sorted out now."

"God is faithful."

"Yes, he is."

John refilled his glass with freshly squeezed pineapple juice. Eureka raised her empty glass and he filled it too.

"I feel refreshed," he sipped at his drink.

"Same here," she tore into a roasted chicken lap.

"We need to do this often," Martha winked at her husband.


"Yes, sweet heart. All work and no play... "

"Hmmm... "

"What's hmmm?" She eyed him.

"I will think about it."

"Good," she pecked him on the cheek.

Dorcas and Imabong got out of the pool and joined them at the table.

"Both of you swarm like fishes," John waved a bone at his sister and her husband.

She chuckled and filled an empty glass with pineapple juice.

"Well... I will take that as a compliment," Imabong winked at his brother in-law.

Boma, Edidiong and Sheila sneaked up behind Daniel and pushed him into the pool along with his chair.

"What in the world!" Martha got up and knelt at the edge of the pool.

Daniel started laughing and swarm towards her.

"You kids do not have respect again."

They approached her with smiles all over their faces.

"What? What do you think... Stay away from me."

They ignored her and pushed her into the pool.

"Three of you are going to pay for this!" Martha screamed at her nephew and her neices.

Dorcas and Imabong started to laugh. John and Eureka joined them.

Daniel pulled his wife close and swarm with her, "Isn't this what you want?"

She stuck out her tongue at him. He grinned and drew one of her ears.

"Hey!" She slapped his hand away.

"Your sister can swim like a fish, what about you?"

"I am better."


"I won several medals at different swimming competitions when I was in the university."

"That was decades ago."

"Race with me."

"What's the catch?"

"A thousand pounds."

"Deal," they shook hands. He called out to everyone and annouced the competition between him and his wife. Everyone gathered at the pool.

"On your mark, set, go!" John shouted.

Daniel and Martha dived into the pool and swarm as if their life depended on it. They both got to the end of the pool at the same time. They both won.



Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 10:06pm On Feb 02, 2013
Did you enjoy this story?

A new story would be posted on a new thread soon.

Look out for @serahsadeiyare.

More stories are coming your way.

Stay tuned!


Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by movmentish(m): 10:48pm On Feb 02, 2013
Aunty serah I love you!!!!! grin grin grin
I love your story more tho
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Closetoheart: 11:09pm On Feb 02, 2013
serahsadeiyare: Did you enjoy this story?

A new story would be posted on a new thread soon.

Look out for @serahsadeiyare.

More stories are coming your way.

Stay tuned!
I enjoyed every bit n part of the story. Your ink will never run dry.
I can't wait to read the new stories. I'm following you already.

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Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by JustME7(m): 11:40pm On Feb 02, 2013
Wow, i enjoyed it. Thank$ alot
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 11:53pm On Feb 02, 2013
Hmmm thanks, i really enjoyed myself,and thanks 1 again,and cos of my love i sheila,i will advertise ur story,and am now following u bumper 2 bumper aunty,mommy [i dont knw which 2 use] sade, i love u. grin
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Onyeoma3: 1:56am On Feb 03, 2013
Aunty Serah,I love you. Thank you for such a wonderful story. It started well and ended well...one big happy family.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 8:17am On Feb 03, 2013
@onye oma... I love u more. I am thrilled that u enjoyed it.

@Damex333... Aunty or Mummy ke? Am very young oooo, although am married and I have a son, and would be turning 30yrs in August, Pls just call me Serah. Love yah!

@Just-Me... Thanks a lot too.

@closetoheart... Amen ooooo! Thanks! D new stories r on their way.

@movmentish... Lol, I love yah 2!

I appreciate u all. It's being quite a journey.
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Onyeoma3: 11:23am On Feb 03, 2013
serahsadeiyare: @onye oma... I love u more. I am thrilled that u enjoyed it.

@Damex333... Aunty or Mummy ke? Am very young oooo, although am married and I have a son, and would be turning 30yrs in August, Pls just call me Serah. Love yah!

@Just-Me... Thanks a lot too.

@closetoheart... Amen ooooo! Thanks! D new stories r on their way.

@movmentish... Lol, I love yah 2!

I appreciate u all. It's being quite a journey.

Serah,pls which date in august is ur birthday
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Nobody: 12:15pm On Feb 03, 2013
@onye oma ... 22nd of August
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by slimur(m): 2:54pm On Feb 03, 2013
cry cry
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Cutepie1(f): 4:02pm On Feb 03, 2013
Wow! Such a nice endin i really enjoy ur story
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Tovot: 4:05pm On Feb 03, 2013
more grease to ur pen!nice story and characters,
Re: Razor Tongue: A Story by Onyeoma3: 6:57pm On Feb 03, 2013
serahsadeiyare: @onye oma ... 22nd of August

Aawwwwwwww, narrow escape...mine is on 23rd august...I wished...

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