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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:50am On Oct 08, 2018
When George got back to the clearing, he found Harris on the floor, clutching his ears and not moving.

"Harris!" George called but Harris gave no response. He moved close to him and bent down to touch him, just then, Harris latched out at him and made to grab him, George, out of shear instincts dodged and Harris staggered forward.

He saw Harris' back and decided that something was wrong. The boy's leg now looked sturdy and his eyes had flashed a brilliant black. George wondered what he could do.

Harris turned around again and faced George. His visage was like one who'd been dipped in hot oil. His eyes were black, his pupils greatly reduced. His mouth creased at an unbelievable angle and saliva dropped from them like he was an slowpoke.

Those fingers

They looked like tendrils and had an unmistaken look like those of birds. George wished this was all a dream. Harris approached him, a vengeful smile plastered on his dripping lips.

"Harris, please I don't want to hurt you. Stay back!"

If this was Harris, he clearly didn't know his name any longer as he kept coming. George prepared himself. As Harris neared, George sensed movement around him. Someone was watching. This wasn't good. *Why would the person not come to his aid?* Maybe he was waiting to make sure that he was clearly in trouble before coming so he would have all the bragging rights.

George would show him he needed no help. If Harris was weak before, he would deal with him no matter what what had possessed him.

"Sustania!" George aimed the choking spell at Harris. He stopped coming forward, looking like he'd been affected by the spell. He however straightened up in few second much to George's amazement. He was getting scared. He threw another spell, this time a curse that stopped the flow of blood, but Harris, like it was a pinch of his arm only bent for a moment. He was very close now. George backed away and wanted to scream for help. He found his voice was gone and could only produce a croak.

"Help!' Please help!!!"

He backtracked and made to turn and run away when he his back hit a tree and found he couldn't break free. Small tendrils, similar to those now on Harris hand bind him to the tree awaiting Harris' attack. George felt husband heartbeat tripled its beat and silently prayed this wouldn't be the end.

Bids of sweat soaked his back as Harris finally got to him and stopped. He opened his mouth and George perceived what smelled like ginger.

"Any last words? "

The voice was nothing like Harris. His had been babyish, a child-like pitch. This however, was harsh and deep, like someone who had swallowed a block of ice.

George contemplated begging him to but knew that would amount to nothing. He instead decided to play for time, giving him space to think of a solution.

"But, what have I done?"

The reply came from an inexpensive source. It came from behind him. "Your kind is the reason why there's been commotion around the tree population, you come in to take what's ours and never stop to consider the consequences. Today, you pay for the wrongs of your fathers."

With that, Harris touched George’s forehead and he began to twitch, his brain immediate exploded as he began to see the scenes from other kings minds that had passed before him. Then, as quickly as it had began, it stopped. It was a voice he hadn't expected but was glad to hear nonetheless. Mrs. Ivy rushed on to carry him away as Cordelia chanter on with her father.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:51am On Oct 08, 2018
I must finish this book this month oo...
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by devilmaycry1(m): 10:14pm On Oct 08, 2018
Wow finally
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Spiritmask: 4:01pm On Oct 10, 2018
Hope so
I must finish this book this month oo...
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:10am On Oct 11, 2018
Another update is ready. Just give me few minutes.

In approximately 6-8 updates, this book will be done and dusted

# operationFinishMyBook
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:26am On Oct 11, 2018
"That was stupid. You keep making stupid decisions." This was the harshest of the criticism he'd been getting and he knew he was as guilty as he was being charged. Nora was visibly angry, her hands shaking even as she pointed the accusing finger at him. She stormed out of the room, not giving him room to explain.

Harris had not yet recovered from the corruption. His hands and feet were still sprouting tendrils for fingers. He was sorry he had acted out of anger. He shouldn't have left Harris in the wild knowing how difficult it was for him to defend himself. All of this was his fault.

Everyone was avoiding him. He could tell it to even if if he some didn't say anything. Nora was the only one who'd he spoken to him since that night and that was two days ago. She was the one most affected, obviously so. She'd been as close to Harris as George has ever seen and he hated to be the one to cause her pains. He wished things didn't always go this way.

Even Mrs. Ivy was snubbing. She'd come to his room, dropped his food and had gone away without the usual 'Hi'. George didn't know how much more he could take. Everything was falling apart. He didn't know what was going to happen. The battle they'd been preparing for, the battle that brought them here was just a day away and they were in disarray. How do you win with disheartened and discontented people?

And Cordelia, she'd not said a word to him since she'd told him that morning when he woke up that he was wrecking everything and taking everyone down to with him. He wasn't the one to be hurt by words as he's had told deal with such all the years at Manterror's. Yet, her words had struck him like arrows dipped in scorpion poison. It was spreading all over his head and he couldn't stop thinking about the sadness that had creased her brows as she spoke.

What had he done that was so wrong? He had been concerned about Dathan, about him dying because of what Harris had done. At least someone should understand. Even if no one did, Cordelia, whom he'd spent the better part of a year should know he wasn't selfish. He had always wanted, desired what was best for everyone.


He had never heard anyone used that word. No, not since Alexius left. That even had been lies. Lies Alexius told to get at his skin. He'd never agree that he was selfish. Or was he?

The last few days, all he'd been thinking was getting fine with the ear so he could get to lead a normal life. The war was the password to getting the elixir. The elixirs with whichever he'd save his people. Maybe he had been selfish after all. Damn! It felt like his happiness had been plunged even deeper into the ocean that was his saddened heart.

He sank to the floor, not careful to avoid the shards of glasses that was everywhere, a reminder of his unguarded state. An attempt to push the food Mrs. Ivy had brought in that morning had resulted in the glass of water breaking, spilling water and glass everywhere. Yet, he hadn't moved to clear the mess. He hated that he might see someone and would have fresh pangs of guilt at seeing them not talking to him.

As he sat down, his felt a sharp prick on his right index finger. A shard of glass had gone in and it was deep inside. He tried removing it but the more he tried, the deeper he looked felt it go.

He pointed his left palm towards it, the last option being magic.


Nothing worked. He didn't even feel the usual rush of power that jostled him a little when casting a spell. Alas, his magic was gone!
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:32am On Oct 11, 2018
Thanks for the following everyone. Six years isn't child play. I've been as inconsistent as kilode but you've been there all the same. Thank you.

I've enrolled for the NaNoWriMo writing challenge which kicks off first of November. The goal is to write consistently, everyday for one month. I hope I can go through it. I'll try to bring whatever story I work on that period here. I'm hoping you'll still follow me there. If you'd like that, just reply and I will endeavor to mention you when I begin. It will be fantasy as well.

Wish you well!

Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by devilmaycry1(m): 9:47am On Oct 11, 2018
wow nice cant wait
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Spiritmask: 9:36pm On Oct 12, 2018
Thanks for the update
Thanks for the following everyone. Six years isn't child play. I've been as inconsistent as kilode but you've been there all the same. Thank you.

I've enrolled for the NaNoWriMo writing challenge which kicks off first of November. The goal is to write consistently, everyday for one month. I hope I can go through it. I'll try to bring whatever story I work on that period here. I'm hoping you'll still follow me there. If you'd like that, just reply and I will endeavor to mention you when I begin. It will be fantasy as well.

Wish you well!

Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 4:39am On Oct 20, 2018
What would I do without magic? The staff gone and now my magic? Is the batte not lost already?

Mr. Logan patted George on the shoulder. This was after running a hand through his own hair a number of times. It would seem he'd lost hope too. The realm was gone already. George could imagine the smoke rising from the ashes, everything burnt down with fire, just as he'd dreamt.

The room was dimly lit with a gas lantern hanging loosely from the wall. As he stared at it, he could only imagine the screams of people as they realize that their families were no more android that they too would be soon gutted by the same flames that had destroyed their loved ones.

It was dawn already but the drapes hadn't been pulled back. It felt like everyone was trying to hide from the reality that the Solstice was to kick off in few hours.

George got up from the sofa. Mr. Logan gave him an affirmative nod as he left the sitting room for his room where he'd be free to think. As he passed by Mr. Logan's room, he heard the faint sound of someone sobbing. Fresh pangs of guilt washed over him as he hurried on to his room.

He met Cordelia inside. Her eyes were swollen, her hair a mess. She just sat there on his bed as George studied her features, his eyes fixated on hers. She looked down when she could no longer stand him and instead focused on her fingers. She kept scraping at her thumb that George feared she would draw blood. He walked slowly to her and sat beside her on the bed.

They stayed there for minutes, no words said. George didn't know what to say. He knew he should comfort her but how was he to do it? Tell her that everything was going to be alright? He barely believed it himself. The only thing he could do was take her hand in his. She turned suddenly and drew him into an embrace as she began sobbing. George could only wrap his hands around the small of her back. He could feel her heart beating against his chest. He wished something could be said, done to reassure her.

"I'm so scared George!" He shut his eyes and
squeezed them. The pain he felt was more emotional than physical. It was like an incision had been made on his heart and the blood allowed to drain slowly.

He pulled her tightly, his own tears beginning to build. " I am too, Cordie!"
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 3:19pm On Oct 20, 2018
Guys, do you know what's holding me back? It's this last part. I want it to be perfect. I could have written one long update this morning and then comes the part you've been waiting for.. I'm scared however. I don't want to kill the story just before it ends.

So, forgive me. I may draw on or just plainly write it. It would depend on the state of my mind. I've got so many ideas running amok in my head like an athlete on a treadmill.

It will come out soon enough. I have to warn you though, I may write something and pull it off again if I don't feel it's right. George has to....

Ooops... I almost gave away spoilers.

Lemme go already.

Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Spiritmask: 11:38pm On Nov 07, 2018
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Spiritmask: 9:13am On Nov 12, 2018
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:04am On Nov 13, 2018
Cordelia's tears flowed ceaselessly and soon, she began to sob. It felt like a thousand thorns were pricking on George's heart. He badly wanted for her fears to go away. He drew back from the embrace to wipe her tears away. Using his thumb, he dried her eyes. She gazed into his eyes and kissed him on the lips. It came as a surprise at first but there was no fear on his part, it felt like he'd be expecting this moment to come for a while. This was the right thing. His lips yielded to hers and they allowed themselves to wallow in the strange sense of ease their moment of affection brought.

George found his hand working its way to the small of her back and the other pulled her closer. His skin burned where hers touched his and he could hear the beat of her heart as it ticked, as though counting down to the very moment when the climax would happen. He pulled back suddenly. He didn't want to take advantage of her weakened state. That wasn't him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know what..." Cordelia jittered before George cut in.

"There's no need to be. I feel the same way about you." Cordelia, whose head had been bowed in shame looked up at him, her eyes dazzling like the stars on a winter night.

He got closed to her and wrapped his hand around her neck. "I promise to do everything in my power to keep you and everyone safe."
"I trust you will. It's what you do." She played with the seam of her blouse, folding it into squares. George wished he could tell what was on her mind.

"Its barely twelve hours till it all goes down. What do we do?"

"Well. We could go through our strategy again. Come see," he beckoned on her to the wall behind his wardrobe where he had etched out a map. Some sort of plan. It looked amateurish but Cordelia could see a lot had gone into it. He had messed up the wall pretty bad. Better this than lose everything. Right?


Brief? I know. It's all I could do to not let the thread keep too long.

Best of mornings to you.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:11pm On Nov 21, 2018
The light had gone out and George squatted on the terrace of the house looking dazed. He couldn’t think straight. Cold beads of sweat kept racing themselves down his frame. Despite the fact that the night was cold, there was hardly any sign to show it. He had no jacket on. He found he didn’t need one, not this night. He stroke Cordelia’s hair absentmindedly. She lay on his lap, her eyes closed but clearly not sleeping. There was no sleep for anyone this night, not till the terror was passed.

Not far away, he could hear the heavy breathing of the Thorank folks. They too weren’t speaking. Everyone waited, silently hoping that the prophecy had been a spook and that nothing would happen to their realm. As much as they hoped for it, there was rarely any doubt it was going to happen. The signs for the day were enough for anyone to know that the Solstice would surely come.

Earlier in the day, there had been a cry. It hadn’t been anything abnormal. Children cried when they came into the world but Jabil had been different. He had tried his best, the way babies could, to prevent himself from coming into the world. While his mother had pushed to give way for the child, he had pulled back with surprising strength. It had taken the intervention of Mrs Ivy, the healer with the magic touch to persuade the baby to come out and when he did, he had nearly condemned the eardrums of all present. His voice had been that of a teen just entering puberty, deep and uncontrollable. He had engraved on his palm “giorno malvagio.” This was Italian for evil day. Still, hope was what they had left, even if it was just barely a pinch, it would suffice.

Tonight was not so much different. The nocturnal creatures kept at their business, oblivious of the fact that they too would be affected should the prophecy come true. That was one thing that George envied about animals right now. They never had to live their lives watching their backs. They had little to care for, to be accountable for. They rarely felt a sense of danger and would only act once the evil landed. He wondered how they’d fare tonight.

Mr. Logan kept tapping his leg on the spindle of his chair, no doubt in thoughts too. You could cut through the air with a rubber knife. It was that thick. No one spoke, preferring to keep their thoughts to themselves so as not to be caught unguarded when the battle began.

Even Harris was quiet tonight. It had been customary to hear him mutter some incomprehensible words in his locked up state but tonight, not even a hiss had escaped his lips. His corruption though had failed to cease. It had taken the better part of him and he was beginning to smell.

Dathan was still in the Thorank state and could be heard whimpering at times. Nothing they hadn't tried. Every time they failed. The plan was to get him to a place where he could be safe, away from the danger of the evil that was to come. The only place that seemed relatively safe was the tomb of the Thorank king. It was dangerous to reopen the tomb but George was positive the ancestors would be on their side, at least this time. Beyond that, he'd come to understand more about the ways of the Thorank and would be careful not to offend the dead king another time.

Nora had still not recovered from the corruption of Harris and was still not talking with him. However, she could do little on her own and so tried to be around. The truth was that she was as scared as they all were, if not even more. She was doing a good job hiding it though. Her face was emotionless when she came to tell him she was was ready.

She had bathed and was scenting like lavender. She had her hair packed into a ponytail and tied together with a butterfly clip she'd said she got from her deceased mother.

"We may go now." Cordelia and George aroused. George caught Nora's eyes as Cordelia stood from his laps and in a brief moment saw raw anger crisscross her brows. He wished she'd reserve that anger for the creatures that would soon invade the realm and not on Cordelia.

George got to his feet first and helped Cordelia up. He cleaned himself of the dust that clung to his back and led the way. Cordelia followed and they were flanked by Nora who carried an expression that made George remember Gofrin. He cast the thought out of his mind immediately. This wasn't the time, not even the day.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 8:23am On Nov 26, 2018
Chai! I've lost all my followers. Where will I get motivation to finish now?

I will keep going though. I've gotten too far to quit. Four more updates to finish.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:45am On Nov 27, 2018
When they got to the tomb, they found etched on the stone he used in concealing it the last time, an elyse, a magical plant that stings on touch. That was not the only thing about it. What was worse was that the plant absorbed all magical abilities. They heaved Dathan’s body to the ground and George began calling on the guardian of the dead Thorank king to grant them access. This was the only option. He didn’t have his magic and even if he did, it wasn’t going to work. He hoped to the high heavens that they’d listen to him. Nora had her hands folded on her chest, looking gloomy while Cordelia looked on at the door, the beam from the torch in her hand clearly targeted at the large stone covering the tomb.
After what felt like an eternity and Nora was beginning to shift uncontrollably, George got a signal. There was someone whistling a message to him. Immediately he deciphered it, he turned to his companions. There was no way they could hear the message, or even know the meaning but it wasn’t what George was expecting and he didn’t know how to break the news to them. He had to do it anyway.

‘Errm…we have a situation, one I never anticipated.”

Nora turned to look at him. George could see that her brows were raised and that she already doubted him even before hearing the speech. Cordelia, on the other hand, looked to George, a puzzled look on her face. George didn’t know the best way to put it. Time was running out and they needed to act fast.

“Well, the guardian of the tomb says one of you would have to stay back.”
Immediately he said it, Nora shifted back. This was the first time tonight she had shown fear. She clearly was not going to allow herself to be shut in a tomb with dead or near-dead folks. Cordelia would do it if he asked. He was sure of that but she was needed in the battle. At least, she still had her magic with her. Nora, on the other hand, stood no chance at battle. As witty and fast-footed as she was hardly the type to engage in a battle of this magnitude. George proceeded to explain to her but she drifted backward as he approached.

“So, you think I’d be foolish enough as to allow myself to be trapped in that tomb, that I’d sacrificed my life for Dathan’s”

“No one’s talking about sacrificing your life here, Nora!” he said in the mildest way he could. He was already getting frustrated. The longer they delayed, the closer the time for the battle drew near. They had to get Dathan safe and leave.

“Spare me the nighttime voice. I don’t need it.” The way she spewed the words from her mouth, George could tell there was more she wanted to say. It was like she had been waiting for this moment, one where she would get back at him.

“Nora, this isn’t about me or Dathan or even Harris. It’s for the realm.”
“For the realm you say?!” she charged at him with such vehemence, he almost tripped as he moved away. Gosh! Nora was taking it all wrong.

“How come you knew to protect Dathan but not Harris? You’ve been ever so selfish and even now you still are.”

Her words cut through his heart like poisoned arrows from a skilled archer. His shoulders slumped immediately at their own accord. This was coming from someone who he’d thought would understand given the kinds of stuff she’d had to endure for the time she’d been alone. Granted, she was ruing the putrefied state of Harris but by now she should know it wasn’t his intention to have Harris taken over by forces of the earth. He seethed at her lack of understanding but knew he’d have to take things carefully to get her to comply.
“Harris is now a creature of the trees. They’d do everything to protect their own. You might think I have done nothing about his case but that’s not the truth. I’ve spent every spare time looking for a solution to his current state. I’ve accepted that I caused his current predicament.”
“That still doesn’t change the fact that he’s helpless. When the chaos begins, who would look out for him? You say he’s now a creature of the trees and that they’d take care of him, why can’t the same be said of Dathan. Isn’t he a son of Thorank?”

As she said it, they noticed that the earth began to shake. Even George couldn’t keep himself steady. He had to grab onto some iron pole while Cordelia held onto him. Nora, not having anything to hold unto gave a heart-stopping, ear-splitting shrill. A wind, as boisterous as cavalcade erupted raising dust as thick as a fog. George struggled to see Nora but the dust prevented him from seeing her and he had to shade the dust from getting into his eyes. When he felt the dust had subsided, he slowly dropped his hands. He opened his eyes almost immediately. Dathan’s body was gone and so was Nora.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Spiritmask: 6:53pm On Nov 30, 2018
Pls do update more
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by chris99(m): 12:10am On Dec 01, 2018
[quote author=pabon post=71769825] please tag me when next u update d story. jxt a newbie to nairaland
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:12am On Dec 03, 2018
please tag me when next you update d story

Wow! That's nice. Glad to know I have another follower.

How've you liked the story?
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by chris99(m): 11:51am On Dec 03, 2018
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Fazemood(m): 6:51pm On Dec 07, 2018
Nice novel pabon, I have to confess you are above average. I enjoyed from the start till here, I am glad to have opened this thread and also glad to meet up with you guys.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Pheezie(m): 6:02pm On Dec 12, 2018
Guy,complete this story na. It's been a pleasure reading your story so far.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:22pm On Dec 18, 2018
Guys. I will continue thus story this week night. Stay tuned for more updates. I had a job and you won't believe it was able to write a good length novel within three weeks.

Maybe the motivation is better when money is involved. What I learned is that's anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I intend to write more books. However, here's a question, if I decide to put this book or subsequent books I write on sale, would you be willing to spill something cash to buy it? I need your honest reply.

Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 3:43am On Dec 20, 2018
I wasn't able to write yesterday because the spambot banned me from doing so. Nothing was done even after mailing the mods.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by immacul6(m): 9:51am On Dec 20, 2018
guy nice story o,but when:ur imaginations are too much: the story bcoms complicated
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:01am On Dec 20, 2018
guy nice story o,but when:ur imaginations are too much: the story bcoms complicated

I wish you could be specific. What do you mean by my imaginations being too much?

Thanks for the feedback..
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by immacul6(m): 3:22pm On Dec 20, 2018
i belive that dis wast how u planed d story from the begining,am nut perfect o but pls end well
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 4:50pm On Dec 21, 2018

George held Cordelia’s hand as they ran back. Soon, it is going to be twelve and the sons of Thorank had been specifically instructed not to act until they receive instructions. The night sky was getting increasingly darker as though it was going to rain. George beckoned on Cordelia to not get tired now.

“We cannot stop now, Cordie. It’s too risky” She was slowing down and therefore, making it difficult for him to hold onto her. Cold breeze was beginning to stir and George believed that it was going to rain.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse! He half muttered to himself. Cordelia, normally light-footed and a better sprinter than himself, was surprisingly slow the very time that being fast mattered.

“What’s the matter Cordie? You are not usually this slow!”
“I can’t help it myself, George. It feels like my energy is being sapped away.” At this point, she slumped down and sat on the bare earth, her cloth obviously ruined. This wasn’t the Cordie he knew. She would always be mindful of herself irrespective of the situation. Whatever was happening to her was really serious.

What am I going to do?

Just then, he heard a cry that made the ground beneath shake and the sky seemed to give a shrill. He bent down, holding his hands in his head. He felt like he was going to give up his sanity. The voices, the screams, everything didn’t seem right. It suddenly felt like being here was the safest thing for him.

“It’s the Blood Solstice. See!” Cordelia pointed to the sky for him to see. The sky had given way at the far corner to their right to a moon stained a dark red. It was like the moon was bleeding. It was like nothing he’d ever seen.

“Oh my gosh! Oh my! What do I do?” visibly shaking he bent to Cordelia. “I can’t leave you here.”

“You’d have to George. The people won’t do anything without you. We’d lose if that happens.”

George gave her one last look and kissed her forehead before getting up and running like his life depended on it. Indeed, his and the lives of the people he had come to see as his depended on it. If anything should happen, he would have failed them.

He ran as fast as his leg could carry. Then, he began to see them drop from the sky. They were creatures like he’d never seen. They had the beak of eagles but the bodies of lions in their prime. Their eyes were bloodshot like they’d been smoking some serious poo. They had a certain grace in the skies you wouldn’t attribute to creatures that heavy. As they approached, they poured fires from their mouth and consumed trees in their wake. George had to duck down a number of times but no matter what, he couldn’t stop for anything. He had to return in time to give the people the instruction they needed to act. He ran like a mad dog, wounded and crazy. He was coursing on more with adrenaline than with strength. The only thing he saw was he dishing out instructions to the sons of Thorank. They were the only one that had what it took to savage the realm. And Mr. Logan…George feared he may be in danger. If he used his magic and the sons of Thorank didn’t act, then all of the attention would be on him. He would be in great danger. He ran all the more until he got hit by a fireball, the size of a fist. He fell to the floor with a thud, his clothes burnt where he had been hit.

PUFF! He coughed out with bile rising in his throat. He had a barrage of emotions right now. Anger, fear, sadness.

Everything pointed to the fact that he had failed his people. He tried getting back up but discovers that he had twisted his leg in a terrible angle and couldn’t walk.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” He screamed until he felt his lung give way. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to help his people overcome. Had the prophecy been false? Was it supposed to end like this?

He began crying uncontrollably. His tears were the only thing that was left. Everything and everyone had been taken from him. The things and people that once gave him joy would soon be bad memories, thoughts that would provoke regrets.

It was then that it began. He noticed a sensation creeping into him like the way the poison from a snake bite slowly works its way to the heart. This was different. It felt like he was being like something was being pumped into his vein. It left him feeling strong once again and ready for a fight.

The action has only just begun!
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:38pm On Dec 21, 2018

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