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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 12:03am On Dec 24, 2014
@Dastancypayne» I'm really sorry I couldn't bring you more updates y'day. Same old excuse. Well, here's one to make up for it.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 12:06am On Dec 24, 2014
The time was 5pm,thirty minutes more than the three hours that had been stipulated for him to return back to his place. He sat down on the tree stump which he used as a seat. He tried to think about the day's activity so he could just stop thinking of the hunger that was almost driving him insane.

What had been controlling the armor?

Even as he tried, his mind still couldn't fathom it. At last he gave up and rested on the thought that it had to do with magic.

He had often heard that there were spirits lurking around the castle, fearful ones but he had never given the stories credit and often dismissed them as 'rooster and bull' stories fabricated just to scare toddlers. He thought he was smarter than that. But now, he had started to believe.


That's all he had to do. His guardian had told him that BELIEVE was what would save him in dire times. Believe in himself. He had magic inborn, that it flowed in his veins though he hadn't come to terms yet with that fact for then he ought to be able to do magic without much stress.

Why hadn't he been able to summon his guardian?


That's all he had to do. What else was hope? He had since been hanging on just those words that his life had a purpose, that he wasn't just a waste of another se.men as Tennaki always called him. In the future, he was going to confront Tennaki for using those words against him. He had to know--

A sharp pain distracted him from his thought and made him hold his stomach. This hunger was driving him nuts.
Just then, his stomach caught the strong smell of food. He tried to take his mind off it as he thought he was fantasizing. But no, that really was the smell of food, of well garnished jollof rice. He got up and looked out just to see a guard emerge from the far away corner of the corridor carrying a steaming bowl of rice and it wasn't any other but Tennaki.

"I'm going to beg him to eat even if he kills me for it," he told himself.
As Tennaki got closer, he was smiling mischievously.

Was this how he usually smiled when he was about to dissect a meal?

Tennaki didn't stop but was heading to his room. He ducked and quickly went inside when he saw Tennaki just footsteps away from his door.

"Hello little darling!," came Tennaki's voice.

Tennaki being nice? It was too good to be true. It was either his hunger was driving him mad or he was still locked up in one of his dreams.

"I brought you food. The kind Lord Manterror has been noticing your emanciation and has therefore ordered that I see to it that you're well fed"

Even as he said it, it was very easy to tell that he didn't mean it. There was an air of cynicism about those words.
Still, as he left, George was left with nothing but fantasies about the food being rushed into his stomach and saw them, lump by lump depositing themselves, one on-top the other in a nice arrangement till there was no space left. He sure was going to savor every last spoonful of the rice. And he was going to leave the two large chunks of meat for the last. It was like a price, a jewel for going through the task of eating.

But such large pieces of meat?Even Gofrin's wasn't usually this large. Anyway, the king had said he wanted him unmalnourished and he was going to enjoy it while it lasted. He dipped his spoon into the plate and made it half-way to his mouth.

He ought to say some prayers for this food or shouldn't he?
He had often wondered if there really existed a god like people say.
No, there's no god! For which god would have allowed him suffer all the pains he had gone through ever since he could remember. No, no god could be so heartless.

There's no god!

Haven come to this conclusion, he again dipped the spoon into the steaming bowl of rice and wedged it ensuring it was full. His stomach ached even as he brought it close to his mouth.

Suddenly, with the speed of shock, something snatched the food as it was about to enter his mouth.
He looked up angrily but saw nothing.

What had it been?

He looked down and searched, his eyes trying to catch a glimpse of anything strange and then it appeared into sight; it was the book which laid open with the words


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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Mczigx(m): 10:34am On Dec 24, 2014
Ride on boss
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:39am On Dec 24, 2014
Ride on boss
Na U be boss oo...Make ground no open swallow me oo...Anyways, I hail thee! Keep following...

Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:49am On Dec 24, 2014
He was taken aback by those words.

Was he about to eat to his own death?

He was happy and scared at the same time. Happy that the guardian had timed his attack very well for without him, he would have being laying down dead on the floor.
But he was scared for his life. If truly, his food has been poisoned, then this would not be end of the attempts. His life would be on a continuous bout of danger.

"Why would Manterror want to take my life?"


"There are some questions that even I cannot answer. But sometime in the future, you will. But one thing is certain, you have been marked for death."

His heart was pounding as he thought about his present situation. It has to be something very grave for Manterror to want his life.

But how was he sure it was Manterror and not Tennaki?

"Who really wants me dead, Manterror or Tennaki?"


"Tennaki is dangerous and could be used to do anything evil but this is not his own doing. And by the way what have you done that could warrant him killing you?"

You have no idea he thought.

"Oh I do...,"

Great!I'd forgotten he could hear my thoughts

Then he remembered how he had called for the guardian's help and he hadn't come to his rescue.

"Why the hell didn't you come to my aid in my moment of desperation? I mean I could have been killed back there by only god knows what--a armor!"

There was a pause and then scribbling...

'Its not as it seems. I was away for a very serious reason. My stay would have been detrimental to your purpose.'


'Let's say I would have been the missing link in a puzzle that Manterror is trying hard to solve.'


His anger dissolved immediately and his fear was clearly evident. He tried to imagine what had happen that brought the focus all of a sudden to him. Somewhere deep down, a light was striving to surface in the mist of the darkness that now cloudy his mind. An idea as to why he was suddenly the target. It was quite alarming to think that he was no longer Manterror's obstinate slave boy but now also his enemy.


Yes, it had all begun the dark the bell had rung on that fateful day when he was in the kitchen. The alarm signifying the arrival of a new prophecy. Somehow, he knew the prophecy had been connected to him. But he still was ignorant of the content of that prophecy.

"Is there any way to know the content of that prophecy?"


"Timing. Everything's got to do with timing. When the time is right you will be fully knowledgeable about the prophecy but for now you must concern yourself about your safety.".

He was getting angry...

"Why the hell won't you tell me anything? Why must it be later? Is it until I'm dead before you reveal them to me? How I'm I suppose to fulfill some stupid destiny if I don't know anything? How I'm I suppose to be safe if I don't know what I'm up against?"

He didn't realize he had be shouting at the top of his voice. Footsteps were approaching quickly. Then, like the stroke of lightning the food in the plate disappeared, he was involuntarily forced to a sleeping posture. He tried to move but felt as though an invisible hand was forcing him down. His tongue was tied and as he tried to scream, his vocal cord couldn't produce any sound.

Tennaki came to sight and looked in. He smiled when he saw that the plate was empty and that George was lying down. He reached for the plate and then took a peep into George's face. With the alacrity of a professional, he intuitively shut his eyes just in time before Tennaki could suspect he was awake.

"The deed is done!" Tennaki said smirking widely as he left the room. As he left, George felt a weight lifted off him like an invisible blanket. He got up immediately searching for the book. He was afraid it had left again. He scanned the area and managed to sight the book just in time to see it disappear with the words clearly written on it.

[size=3pt] 'You must run away. NOW!'. [/size]
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 12:25am On Dec 25, 2014
Nothing to write tonight. Just came here to wish you all a merry christmas.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Crowny1(f): 12:31am On Dec 25, 2014
Nothing to write tonight. Just came here to wish you all a merry christmas.
Same to u
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 12:39am On Dec 25, 2014

Same to u
Thanks dearie.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 2:58pm On Dec 26, 2014

Where was he to run to? He had no idea where could be safe for anyone running from someone as powerful as Lord Manterror. It was doom before he even attempted. But still he had to try.

He braced himself and got up, looked around for things he could possibly need among the little things he possessed. Nothing there was of importance. He owned virtually nothing and carrying things would even slow him down.

He got to the door, looked around and when he was sure that no one was around, he walked as fast as his limb could carry. He came to the end of the corridor and stopped. There were two staircases, two ways into the corridor; up the staircase to the left led to the kitchen and the other to the right, led to the room of the lady Geraldine, Manterror's wife.
He chosed the one that led to the kitchen. Of course, where was he to take?

He ran up the stairs and got into the kitchen and fought his way through the crowd of serving women and young maids. They were not surprised that he was in a hurry as he always hurried like that whenever he was an errand. He got to the end of the kitchen and got to the door. He opened it and ran down the stairs. Just then, he heard the voice of one of the guards whose voice was familiar. As he ran down the many steps, he could only make out the words 'seen him' faintly but he was sure those words were directed at him.

"God, they know! They are all after me."

But where?It came to him as soon as the thought came. There was only one place where he would be safe, where no one will dare pursue him onto; the albanian forest held stories of horror and no one who cared for his life could venture there. It was told that spirits came out in the open and broad daylight waiting for victims whose souls they fed on. It also heard stories that all sort of strange and dangerous creatures were found. It was his only chance of survival and he had to make it there. But how could he do it without being caught?

He jumped the last two steps and came to face the door that led to the stable. There was a door there that led to the courtyard but it would be filled up with patrolling soldiers. There was no way he could make it out alive.

He heard footsteps coming closer and felt his heart beat hard against his chest. He had to make a decision quick or face his impending death. And boom it came.

The secret passage that the princess, what was her name again, Cordelia, princess Cordelia had talked about in her letter. He had to find it. He ducked low as some armed guards came to sight. They looked around for a long time and would have almost found him had the place not been dark. He shifted further into the darkness trying so much to be quiet and stilling his breath. He heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the last of the retreating footsteps.
As he tried to get up, he lost footing and he fell back hitting his back on the wall. He would have almost screamed out in pain except for the fact that the guards could still be near and something else...His back had not hit concrete wall but something different. It had felt cold against his back in contrast to the walls that radiated a kind of warmth. Not quite able to see, he used his hand to feel the surface and smiled when his hand came across something; it was the handle of a door.

He had found it. The secret passage.

He wasted no time in getting in.

"Aperi portam!"

The lock of the door clicked open and turning down the handle, he went in.


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Psalmology(m): 6:16pm On Dec 26, 2014
Wow...yeppie!!! the suspense is obviously captivating. Great one from a great mind. Me likey. lol...can't wait to consume the next update. Where my folk and spoon self...hope the next update is cooking

George is now in...I reserve my comment.

Keep the ink flowing.....
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 6:44pm On Dec 26, 2014
Wow...yeppie!!! the suspense is obviously captivating. Great one from a great mind. Me likey. lol...can't wait to consume the next update. Where my folk and spoon self...hope the next update is cooking

George is now in...I reserve my comment.

Keep the ink flowing.....
LoL. Na so boss and thanks for the compliments. I'm done cooking oo... na to dish remain.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 6:58pm On Dec 26, 2014
The passage was dark and it stank of decaying organisms which must have been dead for a long time. There was no trace of light and the dead silence made his heart cling to his chest.
There was a rumbling in his stomach and a shrill that coerced the length of his being, not from hunger or cold, but from the feeling of danger that the passage radiated.

Light. He needed light.


A fire conjured on the tip of his finger and with it, he took a good view of his surrounding.
There were cobwebs hanging from every available space in the ceiling and trails of sand littered the floor. He saw what he thought to be the skeleton of a rodent in more than two places. What caught his attention most was the writings on the wall. They were not in a language he could read but they were strangely familiar. He felt like he could understand them, that they communicated to him some vital essence.
Coupled with the writings, were drawings and markings that portrayed six men dressed in some ancient attire each wearing an helmet, no not an helmet, a crown with the emblem of lions. He looked closely at the drawings to see that there was something different about the guy in the rear, on his own crown was the emblem of a dragon.
He remembered the armor room where he had noticed that the armor that fought him had been different with his sword having the emblem of a dragon. There was some connection here but his naïve mind could not fathom it. His thoughts seemed to be clogged as he could not make meaning of the streams of thought battling for recognition in his head. He sighed and moved on. He must not forget that he had to escape before he was caught.
He moved on trying hard to concentrate. He still felt hungry and knew he had to make it out in time and find something to eat or he was going to die of starvation.
He feet ached as he moved through the passage trying hard to avoid stepping on anything on the floor. As he went on, the passage narrowed into a tunnel and he knew from the way it was getting warmer and sloping downwards that they were going underground.

The air was getting hotter and his throat getting dry. He had to get out of this place soon or he was gonna choke.

He doubled his footstep and broke into a run when he noticed that the tunnel was getting wider. He instinctively knew that he was nearing the end of the passage as the air was getting cooler and purer. With excitement, he ran on and came to an abrupt stop when he heard movement, not of footsteps but of something gliding. He tried to listen but everywhere seemed to have gone quiet. He looked sideways but saw nothing. He then looked up and dodged just in time as something lunged for him from the ceiling.

It was a snake.

He shifted back but his brain was slow in processing his next course of action and took instead to observing the features of the snake. It had a small head with eyes dark and cold in a way he thought amusing with patches of red. Its skin, no scales were of golden brown encircled by grey colored patches. As it rose, its thoracic region was revealed, it was somewhat transparent and the....

The snake lunged at him and would have bitten him but for the light that he had thrust forward quite unconsciously.

'I'm I mad. What I'm I doing?'

Realization came to him quickly. It was no ordinary snake. It had tried to hypnotize him to make the kill easy. He wasn't gonna die cheaply by the bite of a magical creature like himself.He was up quickly and ran all the way out of the passage. He heard the slithering of the snake behind him but he kept his focus and increased his speed till he came to an opening and then he fell down to the ground. He noticed that the snake had not followed him out and could sense a change in the air, the atmosphere was soothing, almost too soothing to be real. He closed his eyes and counted as his breath slowed.
He was being drawn in, drawn to a place where there would be warmth. He didn't know how he knew it but he was certain that if he could just cross the line, allow himself to be carried away, he would find satisfaction. He close his eyes and eased himself to be dragged in. Here was peace at last...peace that would last forever.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by rockhillz(m): 7:39pm On Dec 26, 2014
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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 1:11pm On Dec 27, 2014
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more ink to your pen
Thanks boss.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:16pm On Dec 27, 2014

The darkness spread round about occupying every little space there was. It made still every form of life and the air smelled of fear like there was an imminent danger awaiting any creature who ventured into the territory. Not even the squeaking of squirrels, not the hooting of owls. All seemed to have gone cold and still if only to have their lives spared for another night.

The air felt chilly against his skin but inside, his bones were only kept warm by the heat that emanated from the fear that was conjuring on his inside, he wasn't normal. He shouldn't be sweating in this cold weather.

Why was he scared?

He wondered where he was and why. Where was he and was he being held captive or was this place even real?

He reached for his legs but found out they were more or less dead. His hands and legs felt heavy and stiff. He pinched his leg and when he should have cried out in pain, there was no feeling. It felt like they had never been put to use before. Also, his throat itched terribly like they housed a dozen of sores. Worse still, his ears kept tingling and painfully so, it felt like...like...like he had lost the use of them. His eyes felt like they had been glued to his eyelids preventing him from opening them.

But of what good would his eyes have made in darkness?

He was useless, less than living. That was how he felt..like some big mass of condemned elements. He felt the very essence of life wash out of him like some liquid flowing down the drain. Only in this case, he was both the liquid and also its observer. This didn't seem right. This wasn't happening.

He tried to re boot his brain, to kick start it into action but like an unoiled engine, it would not bulge.

He breathed deeply as the last of bit of his soul was being sucked away like a long streak of white smoke and replacing it was a void,so dark, so cold that it would make even the brightest of light lose its radiance. It had come at last and his soul was going to find rest, solace.

But he had never imagined it so, he had always thought to see himself being welcomed by a band of white-clothed angels with flutes and trumpet singing melodious songs as he was taken to a mansion where he would be free and made to sit on a chair made of gold, clothed with royal purple robe made with the best of silk, underneath his feet would be a pillow, soft and comforting preventing his feet from feeling the coldness that was associated with the human world, he would be served sumptuous delicacies filled with every kinds of meat he desired, three times, no five times a day like Gofrin, oh..he shouldn't remember him, not even his name...he would spoil this one...like some gall in a cup of tea, his very own devil...yes, back to his fantasy, he would...He couldn't remember what he had been all about.

What's with this brain malfunction?

He sank low as his despair plunged deeper. He felt lost, felt betrayed. This was not what he had bargained. He had accepted death only so he could have a taste of joy. And this...this was no definition of joy, it was like the exact replica of the meager life he was living only worse; trapped in endless darkness and lonely.

Suddenly, he felt a presence. Like someone was walking close, and as he came, it came, whatever, there was an excitement about its arrival. The essence were flowing back in, the smoke that was his soul was re condensing into its container, his body. Everything seemed to be going on reverse. The tingling in his ears stopped and though his couldn't see, he sensed an unusual brightness gradually proceeding radiating a warmth as it came. Finally, it stopped as it came to where he laid.

"This one's not to be tampered with. He's the chosen," came a deep baritone voice. He heard sound of something retreating.

Those words! They had meant something. It conveyed meaning that he sensed were in a way related to him.


Then he was gone and he knew it because the feeling of warmth the aura radiated was gone.

He opened his eyes slowly only to shut them back again, the rays of the sun was almost blinding him.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:35pm On Dec 27, 2014
I'm sorry I couldn't update earlier than this. Hope I didn't disappoint? Keep following... Boss Rockhillz.. I noticed you reading as I was making some corrections. Thanks and keep following.


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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by fhunkhy(f): 10:39am On Dec 28, 2014
Pls update
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 4:01pm On Dec 28, 2014
Pls update
Spare me some hours please. I'll update later on. Fatalveli, I see you. Keep following guys...there's more to come.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Fatalveli(m): 4:08pm On Dec 28, 2014
Ohh! I've been made, carry on boss.... U are da 'um' Grenade.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:29pm On Dec 28, 2014
Can't believe I'm updating late again. Sorry guys I was so happy that I couldn't keep a clear head. I just tried to rush up this update and so it may be a little bit....Well, lemme know what you think after reading.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:29pm On Dec 28, 2014
He opened his eyes again, more slowly this time. He made to face the direction backing the sun but discovered that the sun had already set.

"My my...does it mean I slept off again? I must be really tired"

A prolonged grinding in his stomach reminded him that he had some angry worms to feed. They were gonna poke him to death if he didn't satisfy their appetite and that quickly. He looked around for any familiar fruit tree but found none. This part of the forest was strange to him as he hadn't been here before.
He walked more deeply into the forest brushing aside hanging branches and thorns that threatened to pierce his feet. His worn out shoe was only high enough to prevent his feet from touching the ground. Yes, that high. It was the best definition of flat. He feared a daring thorn may pierce into his under foot from the ground and so took the greatest caution, watching the ground before he place his foot.
He was glad when he saw an apple tree and on it were ripe fruits. His mouth which had been dried for long was suddenly gaining moisture. He wondered where it had come from.
He reached for a branch from which he could get a fruit or two but he discovered it was just about some inches higher. If he would just jump, maybe he would be able to reach it. He did the invisible calculation with his eyes and came to the conclusion that his assumption was right. He jumped to as precise a height as he could jump but still couldn't reach it. He was disappointed and surprised at the same time.

He ought to have caught it!He had jumped high enough...or maybe he hadn't.

"I'm gonna try again," he muttered to himself.

He bent low to gather up thrust and gave his best effort and where he should have caught the branch, he was left with nothing but thin air.

Something wasn't right. Was he hallucinating or was it that the branch was getting away from him with each try.

"Oh my gosh...this hunger is driving me insane. And now I'm...I'm..seeing things."

He paused and looked up the tree with the look of suspicion Gofrin would give him when caught prying into his privacy.
Curse shi.t...He just remembered him again. He tried to concentrate and this time he made up his mind to watch closely at the tree to notice any movement. So he was jumping now not necessary to make another effort but so he could find out if he really was becoming a nut case or if -by some explanation( if there were any)-the tree was moving away from him.

Going low again, he jumped and then he was it. He notice the branch with the swiftest of movement rescind a little.

"Holy hell...the tree's alive!"

He retreated back and left his mouth agape.

What in the world was this place?

"F'Cos I am," came the deep voice that unmistakably had come from somewhere in the tree. A careful look at the tree and he discovered the unmistaken outline of what could be seen as a mouth and spots for eyes. With this realization came a cloudy feeling and his legs gave way and down he went back falling to the ground and his breath ceased. He had fallen unconscious, more like fainted.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:32pm On Dec 28, 2014
Ohh! I've been made, carry on boss.... U are da 'um' Grenade.
lol..why does everyone keep calling me boss Anyway, thanks Fatalveli..nice name(though I wonder what it means).

Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by ODUMAIYE(f): 3:09pm On Dec 30, 2014
i need more
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 4:33pm On Dec 30, 2014
i need more
Okay dear...I'm bringing something soon. I updated ma fone n I found it difficult to re-activate my document to go app. But its running well now.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 4:46pm On Dec 30, 2014
He felt the cold push through him, his eyes were suddenly a shade of red. His feet felt like freezing. It was the cold associated with the winter. Yet again, he opened his eyes and found him, it staring at him.

"You seem to have a nag for fainting," the tree said. Its voice thundered making George's heart quake.

"Its not normally like that. It was the shock to see you, a tree speaking coupled with the hunger that has been ravaging my system."

"Hunger? Well then, have a fruit!"
He lowered a fruited branch for George who was all too excited. He dashed forward and when he was about to take the fruit off, the branch went higher.

"Wait a second...I have a question for you!"

George looked disgruntled. He wasn't sure how much longer he was gonna stay alive.

"Well then?..."

"If you came along this way and found out that I was dying and that I was withering and wilting and they was only this one fruit left on me...would you still take it?"

"Of course I will...I've never been so hungry all my life!"

"Well said boy...your honesty is your strong point!"

It shook off the fruit and it fell right into George's hand. He immediately took it and took a deep bite in and began munching. It tasted good, really good. He savored every bit of it and it was a very big one. It was twice his fist. By the time he was done eating, his stomach was full.
All along, the tree had been quiet as it watched him eat.

"So you can talk?"[i] George asked after he was done eating.

[i]"Of course I can...we all talk when we feel like it."

"Every tree here talks?...But, its not suppose so be. I mean I've never seen one do before."

"You, my friend are new to our world. There's a lot more you haven't seen."

George paused for a while seeping in the information. What more discoveries was he about to make? He was getting excited. He loved learning new things.

"So what's your name?...I mean..you surely must have a name by which to identify you. I know you're definitely not Mister apple cos you're not the only apple tree here."

"True boy...true..I'm Harold Wise."

"Hmm...Harold Wise...I like the Wise part of it. By the way I'm..."

"George...I know who you are."

"But how?"

"You are very popular among the trees...some ten rings ago, you were taken along this path and we saw your aura. It was like none we've ever seen or heard of. So bright and pure. We knew then as I've confirmed now that you are special."

"You're confusing me...First of all, what's a ring? Some form of measurement?"

"Yeah. That's how we tell time over year. Its the time it takes for us to complete a stage of our development."

"Woow! That's exciting to know...we use years, months and days..we humans."

"That's makes the both of us son."

It was a sight to see both laughing; one a deep voice that made the earth quaked and the other, a rather tender expression of excitement. George was happy to be able to enjoy a bit of humor without being questioned for it. He sat down and cross his legs together.

"So what's this aura you're talking about?"

"Well...its kinda complex...Its seen by only creatures like us...I mean creatures of magic. Its like an encystment...a transparent one. It comes in varying colors. Pure white for one who's innocent and thick black for someone evil. It helps us to decide who we can trust or who we can't."

"I see..."

"You should be able to see it. Perhaps you've not discovered it yet. Its inbuilt but has to be nurtured to perfection."

There was a brief pause during which George had time to think of his seemingly 'great' future. Now that he had lost the book, his guard, if he would be able to achieve it. He even wondered still if his future was really bright.


He had to. It was the only thing keeping him going on.

"You've got to keep the faith kid. No one can take your destiny from you if you don't permit it. In you lies greatness yearning for expression. There's so much you have to give to this world. You owe it to them. Do not fail and never ever forget who you are."

He sighed deeply. Then he looked up at him.

"Do you read minds too...cos I was just thinking about my..."

"No I don't...but I've lived long enough to know when someone's bothered. Those were just my favorite lines for the good aura guys."

George smiled. He looked away towards the sky as the evening clouds were giving way for the ones arriving to take their stations. Soon it was gonna be dark.

"Can a young lad like myself find a place to rest?"

"You sure do. Come over here!"

He went close and the tree lowered a branch ground level for him to climb onto. He did this carefully trying not to break it but he need not cause it was very strong. It raised him up and began transferring him upward branch to branch until he was resting high up on a bed of branches.

"See you tomorrow kid!"

"See you too...em...Harold wise."

"Hmm...," he affirmed.

Soon they both fell asleep and unconscious, unaware of the world around and oblivious of the danger that was to surface.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Trypa(f): 7:02pm On Dec 30, 2014
Aww where is dis guy oyA cum n update
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by ODUMAIYE(f): 7:44pm On Dec 30, 2014
thanks for the update.i really enjoyed it
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:21pm On Dec 30, 2014
thanks for the update.i really enjoyed it
You are welcome dear. I'm glad you liked it. Keep following.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Timothy3113(m): 7:40pm On Dec 31, 2014
Hello pabon, you didnt even ask of me.
It is the stupid mod that ban me for 10 days or soo.
Please be consistent in these forth comiing new year.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Emzypaz(m): 7:47pm On Dec 31, 2014
Its the end of the year and we have decided to have an award for one Literature-lander who has done a lot this year. That person whose stories have influenced you, that person whose comments have made a positive change.
VOTE FOR THE LITERATURE SECTION PERSON OF THE YEAR; https://www.nairaland.com/2067377/literature-section-person-year-award#29364922.
Voting ends 10pm tonight and results would be announced by 11:59pm.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:04am On Jan 01, 2015
Hello pabon, you didnt even ask of me.
It is the stupid mod that ban me for 10 days or soo.
Please be consistent in these forth comiing new year.
Thanks ooo...and happy new year. I was wondering if you were still with me. Anyway, thank God you are back. Its nice having you with me in 2015
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Timothy3113(m): 9:44am On Jan 01, 2015
Thanks ooo...and happy new year. I was wondering if you were still with me. Anyway, thank God you are back. Its nice having you with me in 2015
am still, with you but please, new year new resolution.
Be consistent in your update pls

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