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Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 3:50pm On Dec 09, 2013
Hi guys,I'm new to writing and I really love the written works that I see here.I'm attracted to magic and want to do something on it.I need your suggestions plsss...And my written English isn't the very best.Help!!!


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Ashley2389: 5:54pm On Dec 09, 2013
You need to start something first, then we can help with the corrections, even the best writer the world today started from somewhere


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:58am On Dec 11, 2013
Thanks for the encouraging words.I will try something.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 6:46pm On Dec 11, 2013

George is the last surviving heir to the throne of nobles.Before he could discern left from right,he was taken away when the fierce minions of the great kingdom SYRIADS invaded the castle.The castle lay wasting in abandonment as no one lives there(at least none moving)for they were all mummified.It was a curse placed on PANTHADRA and on every citizen there.Their souls were encased in their bodies.Unable to die and yet unable to live.
George grows up as a slave working for the warrior Manterror who was present to witness the killing of the nobles of Panthadra.He worked all day long scrubbing floors,mucking horses and attending to the needs of Gonfrin,Manterror's slowpoke of a son who always seems bent on ruining George's days.
At night,he sleeps in a lightless room which he shares with mices and cockroaches.For him the future was blank but little did he know that soon he would on course to re-writing history.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 6:59pm On Dec 11, 2013

The kitchen seemed busier than he had ever seen. Everyone seemed to be really busy cooking,steaming,stewing and frying. He looked around to see where the aroma that stuck to his nose was coming from. There it was,a mountainous cake had been baked. On seeing him,the baker smiled and handed him a piece but was surprised to be dealt a thunderous slap instead. He jerked up but couldn't see anything. Then a torch shone blinding his eyes.
"Will yu geh d f'ck up you little pumpkin?"
Twas all a dream. He sighed,dragged himself up and cleaned himself of the dust that clung to his body. He coughed loudly deliberately much to the annoyance of the guard.
He was escorted to the room of Gofrin. When they got to the door,the guard left him. He stood waiting at the door.
"Do you seriously think I would waste my saliva calling your cursed name? C'mon,drag your stupid ass in you pitiful,foul smelling son of a leper!"
George moved quickly into the room and knelt down.
"Good mourning,my lout!",his tactical use of words would have gone unnoticed but for the smirk that lingered on his face.
"Say that again....say that again,you beast!"he stormed.
"Good morning my Rod"
"Better. I see you are in a good mood. That 's good for you're in for a great day."He straightened up and cleared his frog like voice.
"My clothes are all dirty...."
"But my Lor...."
Gofrin gave him a deaf ear and went on.
"...the floors are dusty,the linens need changing,the bath tub needs scrubbing..."
"wud that be all my...."
"Shut up. You will not talk until I'm done you silly pig!"
"I'm sorry your..."
"Finally....I'm beginning a training course with my dad on the art of horse riding today,I need the Haflinger mucked thoroughly"
He looked around to see if he had forgotten anything. When he was satisfied that he had forgotten nothing,he dismissed him.
"Yuck!what a choice of horses!"George exclaimed. He emptied the wardrobe of clothes and took them out for washing. He came back an hour later and commenced scrubbing of the floors and bath tubs. He was used to this and finished in no time. He would replace the bed spread and linen when he comes back from mucking the horse. He looked at the clock. The time was fifteen minutes to the hour of ten. The horses were usually taken out for riding at ten. He hurried down to the stable and began mucking the ugly looking creature which seemed to notice his disgust as it kept soiling everywhere with its wastes. In no time,his face was covered with it. Just as he was about spanking the horse, he heard a voice and looked up. The appearance was the strangest he had ever seen. The man had his face covered with a dirty brown bandana and his eyes were fiercely cold. His teeth were the color of the soil and he could barely stand on both feet. When he spoke he shook visibly.
"How do you young lad?".He stood gaping but shut his mouth in time to rattle his brain to provide an answer.
"I'm...I'm well,fine....,sire"
"Very well then", he said dipping his hand into his robe and reached for something. George took a few steps backward.
"Nothing to fear m'dear.I come in peace".He handed him a parcel wrapped in dark red leathery cloth. It was strapped with belts which looked like they were made from very costly material. He took it and looked at the man in surprise.
"Happy 10th birthday son!"
He stood agape. He looked down at his shoes to see if he was dreaming. They were still old and wickedly dry. It wasn't a dream.
"But how d'you kno...."he asked looking up only to see empty space. He looked around but there was no trace of his strange visitor.
"Strange!"he said tucking the parcel into his pocket. He realised that the horse had stopped trying to fight him and now yielded in what seemed like fear.
"That's how a good horse ought to behave",he said when he was done padding the horse. He went back to the mansion to see if he could sneak away some food as he was hungry having not eaten the previous night.


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:09pm On Dec 11, 2013
I will continue tomorrow or probably this night.I'm hoping people would like this and that I won't get too much criticism.Good night pals.


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:27pm On Dec 11, 2013

Back in his room,George opens the parcel carefully as he ate the last of the leftover of bread that had come from the Gofrin's table.
It was a book.It looked old but the cover had to have been made from some hard material because it had no sign of a tear.It was titled


He opened the book and on the front page was a picture of a man,his wife and their little son who appeared to be about a year old.

"In loving memory of KING PRINCE"

Who was this King Prince and why did his name seem to ring a bell?

He asked himself.The name,the name.He remembered now.About a fortnight ago,he had gone to give his master Sir Manterror news of the readiness of his breakfast when he had heard him(Sir Manterror) in a deep discussion of some sought.On closer a look,he had discovered that he wasn't actually talking with anyone but was thinking aloud.
"It can't be.The last of the nobles have been destroyed.I watched King Prince bleed to death.It can't be!"

"What could be troubling the great warrior?"he had asked himself.Well,he shouldn't bother about matters that didn't concern him,he had concluded.

Looking at the photograph,he saw a certain resemblance to the man in the picture but he quickly pushed the thought aside.It would really be foolish to think he was related to royalty.He sighed and read on.

"The book you now wield holds the keys to a thousand questions great minds have searched and researched about and have never seen.
What you see here shall be to my account but your actions and their consequences forthwith.you shall bear and you alone."

"Interestingly cunning!"he muttered to himself as he turned the next page.

" In the beginning it existed yet unknown to all creatures.The deep secrets are open to only those who seek deligently.
Eyes looking but seeing nothing,ears hearing but discerning nothing.Nose smelling but perceiving nothing.Physical senses alone cannot comprehend the greater knowledge that roams the earth.
Do you think you are reading another mere fiction or do you not know that what you are about to embark upon may change the course of your destiny forever
Look again.Those with talents inborn will discern the truth.A puzzle to solve.A mystery to discover


He shut the book closed and murmured the words.They weren't ordinary,they meant something.He reached to open the book but then something caught his attention.The name of the author read GAMIC FO SETCRES.

Yes,something wasn't right.The name had been scrambled.
He tried rearranging the letters and in about ten minutes,came out with a shocking conclusion.The scrambled name was actually the original name of the book;SECRETS OF MAGIC.


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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:35pm On Dec 11, 2013
I really don't know why the spacing isn't working.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 3:04pm On Dec 12, 2013

He read on...
"The magic book reveals secrets that are unknown to ordinary beings neither indeed can be. It makes and also destroys kings. It is not a childish affair. Indepth concentration and focus is required to fully comprehend the mysteries found therein. I advise that if you have come across this book by mistake to immediately return it and not continue in what could lead to your demise. The magic book will not be held responsible for the effect it may have on the reader..."
He paused for a while. The book talks like its has a personality. Why was he having the feeling that something was about to go wrong? Why did he feel the urge to close the book shut, strap it and hide it, forever? Anyways, nothing could be more dementing than his present state. He was not afraid. He had seen the worse: sleep in a room filled with worms, gone to the Albanian forest alone at night unguarded,and worse still, attended to Gofrin's stupendously stupid tasks for a whole day. Certainly, it couldn't get worse. He braced himself. He turned the next page and saw what looked like a hollow that had been created to fit the hand. He tried fitting his left hand but it didn't fit as it was meant to fit the right. It wasn't that he didn't know, but he thought that it would be better(should it be the case) to lose his left rather than his right hand which happened to be his better ha nd. He had to choice but to place his right hand if he was to advance further and dig up more secrets. He seemed bent on discovering the hidden secrets, an attitude that had often times gotten him into trouble.

He fitted his hand in and it was a perfect fit. He waited for something to happen but nothing did. Just as he was about to remove his hand,he felt his hand press tightly against the hollow. He tried removing it but it got tighter. He began to feel a burning sensation,like the ball of his palm was being roasted. He gave an effort to yell but no sound came out. The sensation got worse and just as a tear made its way down his face, it stopped. The grip on his hand had also loosened. He hurriedly pulled his hand out. He examined it only to find to his greatest awe missed with dismay, a golden star engraved on it.
What could this mean...a punishment for his over curiosity, or a gift?
We will find out soon


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:43am On Dec 13, 2013
Please lemme know what you think about my write-up.I could do with some encouragement or constructive criticism.I want to know how my piece is being seen so I'd know how to go about completing it.


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:01am On Dec 14, 2013

He moved away from the book in fear.He winched in pain as the pain on his palm grew.
What had he indulged himself in?What evil had he brought upon himself?
What was the way out?The way to prevent the greater trouble that may result from it?Destroy it.

Yes,that was it.He should destroy it.

He advanced to the spot where he had placed the book,the light that once illuminated the book making it possible for him to read it in darkness wasn't there anymore.He searched the floor blindly with his left hand but it was no more.

"Where?",he said aloud.A pang of fresh fear blew across him.
"What more evil would he be expecting?"
He stooped down and sat on the floor,thinking,shrieving.He thought of a million and one things that could happen if he slept.He couldn't,wouldn't.He stayed awake for hours until he unconciously drifted into sleep.


The sound of a cock crowing from a distant woke him up.He staggered up.
"What had been thinking about before he slept?"
The answers didn't take long to come out of his brain.He quickly checked his palm to see the scar but gone it was.
"Was all that a dream?"
No,it couldn't be for he had felt the raw pain,the burning sensation.
"So where had it gone?"

He walked out of his,room,no prison.That's what he saw it out.But he couldn't understand.Why did his master Manterror hate him so much as to let him sleep in a room as deleterious as that.What had he done to deserve such a life not even meant for pigs?
He had heard from one of the cooks the situation surrounding his early days.He had been taken from an orphanage where his no-good LovePeddler of a mother had abadoned him.The Lord Manterror had seen him in one of his philanthropic visit to the orphanage.He had been lucky to have been spotted,or unlucky he thought.He would give everything to go back to that orphanage.
He walked towards the east end of the mansion and was about climbing the stairs that led to his master,Manterror's room when he heard a screeching sound.He spinned around at once but didn't see anything,or anyone.
His heart skipped a beat.He was sure that it wasn't a fragment of his wild immagination.He had heard it.

"Who's there?"

He got no reply.He took a second glance at the direction where he thought the sound had come from,still he saw nothing.He shrugged and moved on.He had hardly moved two steps when he heard the same sound.He swirled around at once to see the object glide out of sight.He paused and them decided to walk towards it.The end where the object had disappeared into was dark.He strained his eyes trying to make out the object in the dark.
"Move no closer!"

He paused.
"Who are you?"
"Just an informant.I've come to warn you of the impending danger lurking around this place.You life is in great danger.You have been marked for death.Save yourself,run away!"
"Bu...but to where...how.?why...who are you even?"

No reply.

He advanced forward.He swinged his hand as he went so he could maybe catch a piece of his cloth.But alas,he was gone.
He walked back and made towards his master's room.When he got there,he met a very angry Sir Manterror.
"Why are you late?"
"I was...em...I didn't..."
"....didn't wake up in time.Isn't it?Well well well,my charm,Gofrin has been complaining of your unruly behavior.He said he refused to make his bed yesterday and that you even make heat of him...."
"....but I never..."
"Oh shurup!You don't know the sacrifice I've had to pay for bringing you up.I give you my food,give you a place to lay your thick skull and a place to call home.One of these days,I'll have you thrown out.Maybe then you'll see how much of a help I have been."

Oh,how he wished he would just give that order.He'd the happiest person.Not having to work all day,eat once a day,endure Gofrin's naggings and Bullshits.He'd love that to his last breath.
But where would he go really?who'd be willing to take him in..who did he have in this place,or anywhere else.Twas the bitter truth;his master had really done a lot for him.

"For today,you will wash all the linens in the courtyard,scrub all the floors,polish the tables and chairs in the sitting room,and then fill the tanks with water."

He didn't know whether to cry or sob.It was way more work than was meant for someone his age.Filling the tanks alone would take more than half the day.He felt like killing himself.But what good would that do?It wouldn't stop the injustice.None cared.His death wouldn't cause so much as a blinking of Gofrin or Manterror's eyes.They would find a replacement for him the very next day.He had to be courageous.He braced himself and began moving towards the courtyard.

He had just finished filing the tanks with water and still he hadn't tasted anything.He was so very tired.He dragged his now heavy body to the kitchen.The place had been cleared and he couldn't see any food.Then looked at the corner of a sink and saw something wrapped in tissue.He quickly took it.He opened it to find some piece of fried meat and bread.This hasn't been left there by mistake.Twas the chief cook,Mr Mutton.He had been everly so kind.

"Maybe he could let me in his home should I be thrown out",he thoughted.

He bit hard into the meat and hate very greedily.He had to gather enough strength for tomorrow.

Ten minutes later...

He was okay now and he walked tiredly to his sleeping zone where he would have to battle the cockroaches and mices with which he shared the place.


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:20am On Dec 14, 2013
Chapter two loading....

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 1:51am On Sep 07, 2014
I just wished I still had a copy of these pages...I donno how I'm gonna go about re-writing those lost pages...

MODIFIED 15-8-2016▶
A lot of people may not get what I was trying to say here. The truth is I had gone a great distance, I think up to chapter 8 then when Nairaland got attacked and a lot of pages got deleted... And sad enough, I hadn't given any thought to saving the work. I was just uploading them here as I wrote. I really was lost not knowing how I could go back to begin from chapter 2 again...

Well, I did cope... That's obvious...

Just wanted you to know... Now you do. Read on...


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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Feyikaey(f): 3:59pm On Sep 07, 2014
It is not easy tho, but the Lord is your strength. You can do it.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Mczigx(m): 4:36pm On Sep 19, 2014
Itz a gud 1

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 3:12pm On Oct 10, 2014
I'm currently thinking of something to write.I want to take time out to analyse d plots so the story won't go out of line.Expect something soon!

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by kenchukscole(m): 4:09pm On Nov 01, 2014
Well done sir...
The story has derailed to much nah...come update abeg

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 6:49am On Dec 06, 2014

The breeze blew across his face as he stood facing the river. The water flow had ceased and what he now saw was a clear reflection of himself;his boyhood frame,smallish arms,fragile lips,sunken eyes and a head that seemed too big for his body size. Yet,he had the eyes of an angel,bluish brown. His jaw line was perfect and his teeth were white. He inhaled the fresh,clean,Gofrinless air. It always felt good to be out in the open air all by yourself. He retired to a sitting position and began to pick pebbles which he threw leisurely at the river and watched as it hit the surface of the water and the splashing sound they made. He enjoyed being by himself.
Suddenly,from the bottom of the water came a bright light. Gradually,it shone getting brighter as it arose. He wavered in curious excitement. He got up and looked in awesome bewilderment.

What was it and where had it come from?

It came close to him blinding his vision, his eyes began to hurt and just as he was about to scream out,he woke up with beads of sweat streaming down his body. But the burning sensation that were on his eyes lingered. He couldn't open his eyes.
"Stop it!stoppppp!"

The light grew fainter and he slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't see a thing. He mopped his eyes with his hand and opened them again. This time,he was able to make at an object,the source of the light. It was the book.

"What the hhhh!"
"What are you and what do you want from me?"
He asked with mixed fear and anger.
No answers came. Instead,the book unstrapped itself and opened.

"Me?Read to my death?!No I won't!!!"

The book moved close to him. He crawled back on his bottom till he got to the wall and could no longer go backward. Still,the book advanced.

He was dead scared


His mind plagued him. He had to. What more could happen than hadn't already. He had brought this upon himself for accepting a gift from a total stranger. He had to brace up to the consequences.
He took the book in his hand and read...


Once lived a great king in the land of PATHANDRA. He was the greatest king the land had ever had. His dominion spread through all the regions. Through his wisdom,he led his people to conquer territories and wherever he went,people revered him. He had principles which he followed and lived by notheless the situations. His every words went out as a decree.
One of his decree was that in the course of battle,the women and children were to be spared....
King Prince was a handsome king,six feet two,fair-faced and blue-eyed. He had a lovely wife,Lavena Prince who loved him with all of her life. Their marriage was blissful but lacked the seal; a child.


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 8:49am On Dec 06, 2014
...A child to run round the palace, a child to gladden the heart of his mother, a son to replace the king when he died, a son to keep the lineage of the king.
And so times past and the people started whispering. Rumours started spreading that the king's wife was impotent. Some said she had given up her womb as an exchange to be married to the great king and still, some said the king had given up his ability to produce a son in exchange for his gallantry in battle.
Soon the words began to spread and words started getting to the queen and her once joyful days were gradually turned to sorrow. She would lock herself up in her bed chambers and cry her eyes out. She refused to eat any food and soon it began to take its toil on her health. She grew leaner and was taken aback by a very bad fever.
The king got worried about his wife. All along he had not for once accused her or called her barren for he knew it was no fault of hers; only the gods gave children. He stood by her and instead pondered why the gods had chosen to render him childless.
As time grew,the pressure was mounted on him to do away with his wife and to get married to another. This displeased him greatly as he couldn't bring himself to the thought of hurting his dear wife so much as to taking another wife in her stead.
In a bid to savage the situation the situation, the king had to turn to his very last alternative; a visit to the one-eyed witch of Xavia.

He had heard about the witch from a concerned guard and after consulting with his trusted allies and finding it true, he decided to give it a try. And so, he took some men and journeyed to the masked valley; the valley of decision.

They went with enough food and water that would last them the five days it would take to get to the valley and back. The journey was smooth from the first day and they scarcely met any obstacle until it got to the fourth day.

As they slept underneath a rock in the dead of the night, a ferocious two headed python bit one of the men. He screamed out in pain waking the others up. They got up just in time to see the reptile run out of sight. Yes,strange though,unlike every other serpents that crawled on their belly,this one had legs and actually ran.

They pursued after it but alas, it disappeared from sight. The man got sick and all attempts to restore his health yielded no positive result. They had to carry him sick as he was as they continued their journey with the hope that the witch would have a cure for him.

On the eve of the fifth day, they reached the valley and were greeted by the absence of the witch. They called out on her continuously but she was not to be found. The king felt dismayed and he beckoned on the others to turn back.
Just then, they heard a screeching sound like the one from a cricket. They turned and found her perched on a small rock.
She was smallish and her back was bent over. She looked like she was gonna fall any moment but the stick she held unto gave her balance. She gave out a wicked laugh and as she did, they could see the empty socket on the right side of her face that may have once held an eye. She looked scary.
"Who would have thought that the great King Prince would visit a lowly witch?"
She stressed on the witch as the king made to speak.
"I have..."
"Speak no further for I won't hear of your blunders. The thing you seek is on my fingertip."
Within split seconds,she had disappeared into thin air and reappeared standing face-to-face with the king.

"A child to be born, a son to be heir
A pound to be lost, a possession so dear"

"Anything you want!" That was the desperate appeal from the king.
The witch let out a wicked and prolonged shrill of laughter.

She got out a long and cruelly sharp dagger and held it out.

"Blood demands the hungry blade
Some drops to seal your fate"

The king held out his hand while the witch drew a cut on his palm and allowed his blood flow onto a censer. She took it up and went towards a platform where she carefully laid it down. She did a quick incantation and bade them go out of her cave.
"But how I'm I to be sure that you're true?" The king asked.
She gave him a questioned look. Then, she pointed the dagger at the sick man.
"That one shall recover on the struck of day,
Magic and witchcraft never really fails"

And with that they journeyed back and the sick man did really recover. And so the did king come to have an heir but at a very costly price...


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 8:53am On Dec 06, 2014
It feels so good to be back.How I wish Timothy3113 was here and also Aisha.I missed you guys.I'm gonna be updating frequently now.I've got my fingers back!

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Timothy3113(m): 9:35am On Dec 06, 2014
It feels so good to be back.How I wish Timothy3113 was here and also Aisha.I missed you guys.I'm gonna be updating frequently now.I've got my fingers back!
guy u start any time am there for you

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 4:17pm On Dec 06, 2014
guy u start any time am there for you
Thanks man!

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Mczigx(m): 5:34pm On Dec 06, 2014
Alas d travellers has arrived.....

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Nobody: 8:10pm On Dec 06, 2014
I stil dey wait o. Bros

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:47pm On Dec 09, 2014
Alas d travellers has arrived.....
Traveller?lol.Anyways,I'm back for good.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:49pm On Dec 09, 2014
I stil dey wait o. Bros
No vex bros.I've updated now.I was just trying to put some things in order.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 12:05am On Dec 10, 2014
The book then snap shut and strapped itself. He wondered why the book had given him that information.

"What's that suppose to mean?"He thought.


That story has a relation to you. Its not just a fiction but has bearing with the real world. You are on course to changing history and its important that you'd be conversant with past happenings.

He had gotten over the shock of learning that the book had access to his thoughts and was now trying to comprehend what he had just read from it.

"So is that what you've been up to?"

Apparently!I went to be updated.

"Is that what the use to which you were created?"

In a way. I am the magic book,THE GUARDIAN.I was created a thousand years ago and I have been handed over the generations to those on whose hands the safety of the generation depends. I provide information on vital links and ensure that my wards are well prepared for the future. You are the savior of your generation and the fate of a people rests on you. You are to find that out very soon.

His head was bent in thought. It felt like too much to take it. What was important about him. A mere toddler,servant boy whose existence dependent on his waiting on two cruel people who didn't care so much as to whether he eats or sleeps. How could he be have been born with magic?savior of his generation?He felt like laughing. It sounded ridiculous to him. He very much doubted the words from the book.


The path may seem blurred right now but its only a little while before things will start getting clearer. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

He sighed

"So what else I'm I to know?"


Lots more. But they will come a step at a time. You'll learn quite a number of things soon.

His eyes brightened. He was always eager to learn new things.

"Wow. I'm anxious to see what I can learn"

You were born not of nature but of magic. So,its only obvious that magic resides in you

"By reside you mean?"

'I mean that you have the inherent capability to make things happen without you necessarily physically causing them to. Magic is an accessory to be used to aid one's course. You have a very important destiny .You must never fail, a whole kingdom awaits your return.

He was getting more confused.

"Can you be straight forward please, I'm getting confused?"

Its only a matter of time. Your curiosity shall be satisfied. For now, let your mind settle on improving your inner strength for in there lies the source.

"Okay,I will settle for that. So when do we begin?"

Whenever you are ready

"Of course I'm ready now."

Okay then,we'll start with the basics. There are little spells you will need to help in your daily activities

"Okay...like making heavy loads lighter?"

Yes,like making heavy loads lighter. The spell is 'burdeno lessenia'. You let the words fill you and then you imagine it with your mind and see it happening there.

He tried it. There was a heavy log at the corner of the room that he had always used as a seat. He imagined it getting lighter and then spoke the spell.

"Burdeno lessenia"

He tried carrying the log and to his amazement,it felt like carrying an empty pail. He couldn't contain his excitement and shouted


He quickly recognized his mistake and ducked low pretending he was asleep. In split seconds, a guard came by and looked in. He appeared to have been woken by his scream.

"Tis da little jerk talking in his sleep!"He said to another guard.

He waited for some minutes before getting up again. He got up and headed straight for the book. He held it in his palm as he unstrapped it. He tapped it but there was no response. He scribbled

'Let's continue'

Still no reply. He tried again and again but still got no reply. Finally, the handless scribbling began but his excitement was short-lived as he read the words,

Enough for one night, we continue tomorrow.


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 12:06am On Dec 10, 2014

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Mczigx(m): 5:28am On Dec 11, 2014
Traveller?lol.Anyways,I'm back for good.
dats gud

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:48pm On Dec 11, 2014
Chapter Three

An attendant carrying a trayful of cheese had collided with him,staining his already worn out shirt.

"Sorry dear. Its my fault. I wasn't looking where..."

"Don't mention. Twas my fault as well. 'Cud have made way for you"

The fat woman gave him a wide grin as he sped along. The lace of his worn out shoes had come undone but he couldn't stop to tie it. He was late. Gofrin as his father's only son was given all he needed and requested for. He had asked for a slave when he was just four and I guess you know whose feet fit into those shoes. He demanded that his breakfast be brought to him in bed no later than six am. He required George to dress him up,comb his hair,get his shoes on,do his laundry,make the bed,tidy up his always messy room and even flush the toilet whenever he was done disposing of his foul-smelling, constipating excrement. For George, hell would be a lot more comfortable place to be in than in Gofrin's presence. He made his life a living hell causing him pain from dawn till dusk. Gofrin saw George as his living puppet which strings were readily available for pulling at any time of the day. He ensured that George never had thirty minutes of daylight to himself.

Once when he was seven,he had ordered George to go on all fours, carrying him on his back everywhere he willed for the obscure reason that his feet was sore and so couldn't place them on the floor. The memory and scars of that day still lingered and so had Gofrin's conscienceless inhumanity. George longed for the day he could pay him back even if it were a little bit. Just a slice of his own cake. Anyways,he need not do more than the little,for any measure of pain above little would kill Gofrin who was as defenseless as an amputated spider.

As he carried Gofrin's breakfast of whole-grain bread,scrambled eggs and green tea,he allowed his mind to delve into a scene that happened some thirteen months back where he had gotten the good laugh at Gofrin that he had always craved for.

It was a sunny morning and Gofrin had decked himself with a cowboy's outfit ready to horse-ride his way through the ranch. On getting to the stable,he had met George mucking one of the horses. His joy knew no bounds as he would have found difficulty climbing onto the horse. He took some giant strides towards where George was standing and motioned at him.


George who hadn't seen him walk in was taken aback. He looked up from the horse he was tending to face his little boss.

"Woh...I didn't notice you come in!"

"Why would you when you have the deafness of your mad pauper of a father!"he sniggered. He seemed happy with himself.

"What do we have here?",George asked eyeing him from top to finish.

"What!you haven't seen a cowboy before?"

"Not that. Just that I think cowboy's outfit with all the strapping are meant for those skilled in horse riding"

"And who said I'm not?"

"Well,those who detest burnt fingers shouldn't play with fire"

He raised his hand to strike George but gave it a second thought. He had a million and one ways to punish the....

"Bend on all four. I want to climb unto this horse"

"What!but I'm gonna be stained all over and besides,I'm not done tending to the horse"

"You dare question my instructions. You had better oblige before I run to tell my dad"

George on hearing his threat quickly crouched and painfully watch the weighty Gofrin use his body as a spring board.

Gofrin balanced himself on the horse and took hold of the reins and urged the horse out of the stable. It yielded to his will and this pleased him. It trotted cutely some few meters away from the stable but the self-acclaimed brave boy wasn't satisfied. He hadn't come out dressed the way he did just to have the horse trek with him on its back.

He drew he reins backward steadily just like he usually watch his father do and the horse stopped trotting and broke into a gallop. The young Gofrin tried all his effort to get it to slow down but the horse seemed to have grown deaf. It sped on knocking off Gofrin from its back. Only the reins which he held tightly kept him from crashing to the hard baked floor. He was dead scared as he glided along the floor with his legs stretched apart. He screamed aloud like a mother in birth process.

George gave a good laugh as he stood watching the horse circle round in top speed for about ten minutes before one of the trained horsemen in Manterror's service came to his aid. He had later spent a week in bay as he went down with fever and cold. He kept complaining of bruises and headaches. George shook his head as he took the stairs. He had learnt his lessons or so he thought.


Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:02am On Dec 15, 2014
He tethered the tray with one hand and with the other quickly open the door of Gofrin's bedroom. The young prince laid sprawled on the bed. Saliva had formed on the side of his mouth and was beginning
to drop. He placed the food on the table by the
bedside and decided to play some tricks on the
cluless Gofrin.
He reached for the seam of his shirt and drew out a thread. He held it up and allowed the lower end to drop into Gofrin's ear and removed it quickly. The unconscious Gofrin sensing the tickling sensation from his dream,poked into his ear and scratched
lightly and continued his sleep.George repeated the action allowing the thread to stay for some few more seconds.
"Hmmwhmm!"he mumbled scratching again,this
time a little prolonged.George smirked allowing
himself to catch some fun.He put his hand over his mouth and ducked down just in time for Gofrin to half consciously raise his heard to see who or what was disturbing his precious sleep.When he saw nothing,he plunged back to the bed.
George thought to himself.
"See,you it was who said I must serve you breakfast by six knowing fully well that you'd be in bed and yet you wouldn't hesistate to deprive me of my own sleep"
He made up his mind to do something wild.He
looked around and then seeing the trayful of
Gofrin's breakfast,decided to try some fun.
He went over to the table and picked up one of the cover plates made of stainless steel and held it up high and allowed it to crash to the floor.
Gofrin sprunged up with a terror-striken face that George had never seen on him before.
"You devil!!!" he shouted.
He ran out of bed towards George and held him
tightly by the collar.
"You did that with an intent,didn't you?"
"No my prince,twas a mistake.The plate fell as I
brought your breakfast sir."
At the mention of breakfast,he looked beyond
George to see the table set.He brushed George
aside and quickly made way for the table.
"Prince,you can't have breakfast now.Not until
you've brushed up your teeth and..."
"Sharrap!who are you to instruct me?Even if I don't brush for a year,my teeth would still be more healthier than yours"
"Ok,go ahead then"
"Like I needed your get go",he said sarcastically.
He descended on the dish even without washing his hands.
George went towards the window and drew the
curtains up and looked out.He saw the servants
moving about their business.He looked back at
Gofrin and then an idea struck him.
Why not practice a few stunts on Gofrin?
He took out the book carefully but silently and
unstrapped it.
He couldn't talk and so he tried to think-talk to the guardian cause it could hear his thoughts.
"How do I move things?"
A muffled scribbling...
Gofrin's plate from which he was eating suddenly flunged itself to the edge of the table. The baffled Gofrin who was about putting a slice of bed in his mouth,stopped with his mouth agape. He looked towards George's direction but he,George quickly turned his back to face the window and pretended like he was adjusting the panes. Gofrin shut his mouth and cleaned his eyes. He wondered how he
could still be dreaming when he was wide
awake. Was he getting mad?By the time he finished wiping his eyes,the plate had returned to its position. He concluded that indeed he had been hallucinating. He reached for the mug containing tea but just as he was about to touch it,it moved. He extended his arm for it and yet again it moved. He was getting scared.
"George!George!!"he screamed.
He turned from the window to look at him.
"Come over here,quickly!"
He went over to the young prince's side.
"What's the position of this cup?"
George pointed it to him. He nodded.
"Try holding it."
George reached out to it and held it. Gofrin was shocked. He had expected it to move. George pretended to be amused.
"What's the matter my prince?!"
The young prince kept numb for some seconds and then slapped himself twice,one on each cheek. He felt the pain and so wasn't dreaming. He then turned to face his servant.
"What did you do with my breakfast?You enchanted it,didn't you?Wait till I tell my dad",he quickly put on his shirt and slippers and made for the door.
"And just what will you tell your dad?That I'm a
wizard?Come off it!If I was you should be dead now."
He stopped to consider. It was true that he wouldn't last a day if George could do spells. He'd have his head split in two or could have been transformed into a pig as George like to refer him. And just how could a pitiful fragile servant be a wizard?He was even ten years old. He shrugged and walked back.
"Take that rubbish from here. I've lost my first breakfast appetite."
First breakfast indeed!True though,for Gofrin ate twice every morning. One by six and the other by 10a.m. Little wonder he had such a bulging stomach.
He happily took the tray downstairs towards the kitchen where he would thrill himself to some rich tea and nutritious bread. He had never had so much to eat for breakfast all his life.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 2:10pm On Dec 15, 2014
Well done sir...
The story has derailed to much nah...come update abeg
I've updated.So what do you think?

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