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GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Decryptor(m): 6:26pm On Sep 05, 2014
I have been an ardent customer of GTB for the past 8yrs and enjoyed their mode of services until recently. I use to read comments (even here on Nairaland) about how they are over-rated and refused to agree to it until recently esp in the area of their online banking services.

I received some money from a relative who resides in the United States via Western Union and i set off to the bank with the personal details he gave me for identification and collection. At first i wanted to collect the money thru the Western Union via First Bank but on second thought changed my mind to make use of my bank GTB so could easily transfer the funds directly into my account.

I whistled my way into the banking hall and walked straight to the part of the counter that had a sign dangling from the top with the inscription "Receive Western Union Payments Here" and told the lady saw there my mission but to my dismay, she said that they don't pay western union anymore physically across the counter. she inquired whether i was a customer of GTB of which i gave an affirmative and then she suggested i do the whole thing right from the internet banking.

I just nodded and was quite disappointed because i needed the money in my account right away in order to take care of some urgent issues but i had no choice since it was already some minutes to 4pm and judging that it was late to get to another bank.

So i decided to make use of the ibanking facility and quickly browsed my way to their app on Google Playstore on my Handheld. After downloading and installing the app, i was face to face with the interface where i was to log in but suddenly remembered that i had forgotten my ID and Password. I remembered i was furnished with those details on the day i was issued a token for internet banking and it comprised of some long digits as the user id which i could not remember because the token was issued sometime last year and i had never run into a circumstance where i needed to make use of it while doing my online purchases in the internet.
I walked over to the customer care rep and told her i wanted to retrieve my info and there was no place on the app that gives an option to recover it. She tossed a form to me asking me to fill it which i complied to and i handed the form back to her. She casually told me that i should retry login in after 3 hrs and i would receive the link on where to recover my password (INSTEAD OF JUST INSTRUCTING ME TO SIMPLY MAKE USE OF THAT THEIR TABLE PHONE IN THE BANKING HALL TO CALL THE MAIN CUSTOMER CARE REPs TO ASSIST ME)

Fast forward to about 8 hours later at home (I decided to give them more time) i tried to login into the internet banking facility and the "Enter your USER ID" and "Password" interface kept staring at me in the face while the so-called retrieve password link was conspicuously absent.

It was then that i realized that the lady who gave me that instruction to wait for 3 hrs was a dummy and i was somewhat a bigger dummy not to have thought of the impossibility for the IT Guys behind the IBanking to magically discern that there was someone like me who will try to login from my device at so-so time so as to make sure i get a link. CHAI! embarassed

I had no other option than to call the customer care number i saw on their website and gave it a go. The number connected and i was given instructions by an automated machine to follow some prompts which i did and after about 5 mins later, i was talking to one of their customer rep. I told him my problem and he asked me some personal questions which are connected to my account which i provided the correct answers to he gave me the user ID which was a combination of my former account number before the new one was issued by the CBN. he also said he was going to forward me to an automated machine so that i can type the ID he provided in order to reset my password. I waited and about a minute later, i heard the voice of the machine instructing me to type the 14 Digit number followed by the Hash (#) key. The annoying thing about the machine was that the time frame it gave for typing the long digits was too short...Just a mere 3 or 4 seconds angry then it would say, "You have either typed the wrong key or did not respond to the instruction and then it would hang up only for me to call again and another customer care rep would pick and start the process of Question and Answer to verify my identity and then connect me to the evil automated machine..a process that would take about 4-6mins of call time: REMEMBER THAT IT IS NOT MY NETWORK PROVIDER CC I AM TALKING ABOUT IN WHICH THE CALL WOULD HAVE BEEN FREE BUT GTB CUSTOMER CARE OF WHICH MY NETWORK PROVIDER WAS CHARGING ME FOR THE CALLS. cry

After trying the whole thing about 4 to 5 times without any luck and with my drained up airtime, i just sat there thinking of my life! Until i just remembered that when it came to passwords that were numeric, i usually used a combination of numbers from my dad's former car plate number. So with my fingers crossed, i typed the ID that i managed to retrieve from them and typed in the numbers on the password field...GBAM! I had successfully logged in! cheesy Hurray Now i could get my Western Union Funds into my account or so i thought...

I took time to get familiarized with the control panel or rather the account dashboard so after a long try, i saw the option that said "Receive Western Union"...i happily clicked on it and it asked for my token code which i immediately generated and i came face to face with the form where i had to type in the details like the MTCN Number, the name of the payee and all that. Then with a big grin, i clicked on submit and was rubbing my palms in anticipation to see $$$$ but to my disappointment, i saw a page telling me error..could not connect to https://ibanking.gtbank.com/blah-blah-blah/confirm.aspx
"This must be a network ish",I thought to myself so i tried it again and again and again but still got the same result! Conclusion: The page was dead!!
Just almost immediately, my younger sister came visiting saying she needed some money to get something we discussed about the previous day. The problem was that i did not have the amount required of her in the house and the nearest ATM was very far and she needed to get the item first thing in the morning by 7am.

And like a proud peacock, i told her that she should not worry, i would simply transfer the money into her Diamond Bank account from my own account instantly right here in my living room. If una see the way i keep face as i dey talk...i made it look like having a GTB Account was the coolest thing on earth! grin

I scrolled down to the ibank page and located the "Transfer Funds Locally" and selected the "Transfer to another Bank Account" option. I filled the form with every information needed and her own account details which she provided and clicked the Submit button and to my dismay, the error page exactly the one that displayed during the Western Union greeted my computer screen. I wanted to save face by running to my Tab for succor...maybe the GTB App would help since all my attempts on the computer failed but i still got the error message in form of a pop-up. Embarassing!

Since the item she wanted to pick up was of immense importance to both of us, we resorted on calling the guy to keep it for her so that while she goes to collect it, i would rush to an ATM and make the withdrawal. But remember, GTB Customer Care line had already drained my airtime.

So i remembered that i saw a part on the online banking dashboard where one can recharge his/her line and so i leaped again. Logged in cos it had already logged me out and clicked on the "Recharge Airtime" link...a decision which i regret taking! After i typed in my phone number and scrolled to my network provider option, i typed in the amount...since it was almost 11pm, i thought of calling my cousin who sent the cash from the US to notify him of my inability to get it via my bank so i decided to recharge heavily. I typed in N3,000 and the money was instantly debited from my account but up till this very moment while you are reading this, i am yet to get the airtime on my phone. I waited till 12 midnight, 1 am, 2am...dozed off...woke up with a flash by 5am to see if my phone was recharged but didn't see any message from GTB or Etisalat...checked my account balance just to be sure but my airtime was N0.70k!

I had to go to their facebook page to complain since i did not want to burn airtime again but on opening their facebook page, i saw numerous complaints and complaints. That was when i knew that something was wrong. Is the once admired GTB performance decline as a result of the death of their former MD or is it a case of irresponsibility and mismanagement? If they had merged with any bank during the recapitalization era, I would have said that it could be the reason for this change in their mode of operation. Right now, i am thinking of moving to another bank but don't even know whether i may jump from frying pan to fire. It's so unfortunate that there are no laws or punitive measures from the govt to checkmate this kind of discrepancy from financial and private institutions like our inefficient network providers and banks like these.

Below are screenshots i got from facebook from other customers who were lamenting! One of them even had her money swiped off from her account after she had given one of the Customer Care Reps her details in an Online Chat on their Website shocked shocked and the Facebook Administrator's replies are just consistent and annoying angry

GTB...Guarantee Trust Trouble Bank

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by lomaxx: 6:34pm On Sep 05, 2014
Guarantee Trust Arseholes

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by sluvy4tune(m): 6:59pm On Sep 05, 2014
This bank keep diminishing on a daily basis , I have been trying to use their western union to access money for over 2 weeks, and they are not even a shame to tell me that their western Union portal is down. The Thunder wey go strike down GTbank still dey do Press Up.

**Updated: Use the Gtbank app for airtime purchase, my 1K disappeared its been over 24hrs now

Purchase items worth $54 using Paypal and almost 14k was debited from my account....jeeez the fraud Don reach this level ?

Pls house how much Gt charge per dollar cuz my over 4years with them go end 2moro!!!


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by DWJOBScom(m): 6:59pm On Sep 05, 2014
Serious crap it is.......!
Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Decryptor(m): 7:04pm On Sep 05, 2014
more screenshots

Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Decryptor(m): 7:05pm On Sep 05, 2014

Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by mastercee(m): 8:51pm On Sep 05, 2014
well! I'm not saying you are lying oooo but the thing is I've never had this kind of issue with GTB most especially the online platform.

I receive money form other accounts without problem, send money to any account without any fuss, recharge my mobile line at anytime of the day. I guess you just had a bad day


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by BigBossMan(m): 10:13pm On Sep 05, 2014
It seems you are not a frequent user.

Gtb is awesome. I have been using them regularly for the past 8 years. Their Internet banking platform is very user - friendly and they are very innovative!
However issues do come up on in a while. I also use diamond bank big time. They are equally very good.
I have had issues using both gtb and diamond, far worse than what you experienced.
Bottom line is even the best players still goof.
Just bear should sh.it happens!


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by anochuks08(m): 10:47pm On Sep 05, 2014
Op just respect yourself and move to Fidelity.

I use both fidelity and GTB. You cant compare the two of them. GTB instant transfer takes 4 to 5 hours to deliver while Fidelity instant transfer takes approximately 20 seconds to deliver. Na today I dey get reversal for Airtime purchase that wasnt credited on Sunday. I only use their internet banking service to pay my dstv subscriptions only.

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Eghosa1(m): 6:20pm On Sep 06, 2014
You had a bad day clearly Buddy. GTB has issues alot though with their internet banking facility but they're still the BEST bank when it comes to it still. It's only diamond bank and fidelity that come close. Try resolving your issue and begin afresh. You'd be good to go. And on the facebook complaint, they have a dedicated customer complaint email. Use it instead. All GTB users know it. Reply is within 12 hours most of the time and they solve your problem most of the time though it could take days as isssues of reversals are.


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by semid4lyfe(m): 6:56am On Sep 07, 2014
Not only Internet Banking, GTbank is overrated in everything.

My colleagues with salary account in other banks started receiving their salary alert since last Wednesday.

As I type, all those using GTbank salary accounts are yet to receive their salary. I expect it'd enter on Monday sha. Funny thing is our our accounts get credited via ATM/POS transfer unlike before when it used be by Internet Banking.

Also, their debit card exchange rate is online transaction unfriendly. Other banks (whether Master Card or Visa) charge below #163/USD but GTbank charges as much as #165/USD currently.

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Isiterere(m): 10:09am On Sep 07, 2014
what a bad day for you indeed.
Never experienced such with my over 8years of banking with GTB .come to think of it , just once in your 8years of banking as well; I will say GTB is a lesser evil to others. Go to the bank on Monday and solve the issue . Shikenah



Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by ayando(m): 11:00am On Sep 07, 2014
@ Decryptor. No system is perfect. Although I have had some challenges with them but I still prefer GTb to any bank. First bank is good too but I just started banking with them a month ago, so I can't say much. Sorry abt it but you too U try small going by your own contribution like U wrote.


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by eemalex(m): 11:29am On Sep 07, 2014
cool tho
Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Samiceman: 11:29am On Sep 07, 2014

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Funbii(f): 11:31am On Sep 07, 2014
for me, First Bank over GTB


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by iceberylin(m): 11:32am On Sep 07, 2014
Nigerians calling "GTB" GTB Bank since 1960 grin


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by justi4jesu(f): 11:32am On Sep 07, 2014
Hmmmm What a life and look at me here saying i will clear my account with Firstbank, leaving their sorry A.sses to GTB...Arrrghhhhh..

These banks are killing me cry cry

No one is perfect afterall..


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Kenneylee(m): 11:33am On Sep 07, 2014
It's been a lovely experience for me except for some Nigerian factors @ times …
Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Nobody: 11:33am On Sep 07, 2014
There is a big risk with Internet banking services in Nigeria.

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by slightlyMad(f): 11:34am On Sep 07, 2014
1. The menu is poorly implemented for mobile, ALL mobile.
When trying to select a service on the left, once you touch the collapsible, it opens fine, when you touch the service, it loads fine, but when you scroll down the main view to transact, the menu pops open again which means you have to scroll down more.
when you scroll down more, the menu hides itself again so you have to scroll back up.
I have call their customer service and all they do it "we will forward it to the right department"
this problem is almost a year old now.

2. There are so many distractions, adverts, heavy data consuming graphics that can be implemented with CSS and still look great.

3. GTbank till date is unable to securely implement their payment gateway- GTPay.
The gateway is very insecure as there is absolutely no webservice or API to query transactions till date.
They expect the developer to login to their online account manually to verify orders, though they forward transaction statuses back to your return URL, They implemented this on the clientside. (imagine forwarding successful transaction details back to merchants with the help of the client's browser...lol learners.)

4. Do you know that if you dial *737*500# on your mobile phone, Your phone will be credited with cash deducted from your bank account?
No token is required. The problem with this approach is for instance Dad leaves his phone behind and a broke son decided to borrow credit from dad's account. He dials the code, loads dad's phone with N5000 and transfers the credit to a proxy who laters converts the credit to cash.
I can imagine how these guys just leave such a huge security gap on every account all in the name of innovations (I complained, nothing has happened till date)

5. Logging users out every 60 seconds of inactivity is not security sir, so also is disabling right clicks, At times, we always want to copy account numbers by simply right clicking.
You only end up giving me extra work to do by having to navigate to where the disable javascript is in my browser.

6. Before your server goes down, Let us know ahead, Lives do sometimes depend on being able to access our accounts on time
I pray we have no medical emergency, I will sue you for what you are worth.
I can remember spending hours at their Ajose Adeogun branch simply because their server went down and my car was running out of fuel
I had to park within the bank's premise and take a cab home.

7. When we make online transactions, and merchants dont come for funds in 1 weeks, please make the funds available to us.
Imagine a scenario where i make $1000 payment when the exchange rate is 160 naira to a dollar
and the merchant shows up 2 months later after the exchange rate may have become 170 naira to a dollar
Instead of paying 160,000 naira, i end up paying 170,000 naira because the merchant did not pick it up on time?
come on! do something to protect our interests.
the hold time is too much, reduce it.

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by mu2sa2: 11:34am On Sep 07, 2014
What i hate most about Gtb mobile banking is the use of token. This means you have to be going about with your token. Uba's mobile banking is better - you use only password for transactions on phone; token is for internet banking.

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by sirjohnson(m): 11:34am On Sep 07, 2014
The best in Nigeria
Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by StreamerBlogger: 11:38am On Sep 07, 2014
Can a Nigerian send money outside through western union?
Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by justi4jesu(f): 11:40am On Sep 07, 2014
ayando: @ Decryptor. No system is perfect. Although I have had some challenges with them but I still prefer GTb to any bank. First bank is good too but I just started banking with them a month ago, so I can't say much. Sorry abt it but you too U try small going by your own contribution like U wrote.

Hmmm keep your fingers crossed..
Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by hardywaltz(m): 11:41am On Sep 07, 2014
Neva had issues with them and their mobile money transfer is so instantaneous most people i transfer money to in their presence think its fraud.

Any time some tells me he will transfer money to me from his GT account, i already know it will take 24hrs before i can receive, where i once transferred N10mill to business associates Gt account from my FCMB acc an while waiting for the print out, the guy called me he had received the money.

Lots of people have tried to make me open a GT acc but i have always refused coz i am receiving better service where i am.

The only complain i have with them is that their ATM machines neva have cash there forcing you to use other banks ATM machines which maybe faulty and debit u without paying u.


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by bitterpenis(m): 11:42am On Sep 07, 2014
Switch over to standard chartered online banking, nothing compares to it, been winning awards for best online and mobile banking for the past 3 years, globally and locally. It's simple to use, safe and transactions are real time

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Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Nobody: 11:48am On Sep 07, 2014
I never had any issues though. But next time, instead of using their android apps just download Google Chrome and save your self all those long story wahala, you can easily retrieve your password and they will send it via email though it may be up to 24hr . It behaves exactly like pc own. Don't use playstore version. It can be easily Compromised. Remember that fraudsters are not resting. Everyday I see junk mail that always tell me to update my gtb account login details. When I see the link I laughed because it is not official. How dem know I use gtb is what baffles me.
And again you were in the banking hall you should have requested where to call online customer care. It would have saved you your credit instead of using your credit.
Finally go and try many other banks, you will still see reason why gtb has more customers. If they don't steal your money via illegal deductions they will expose you to fraudsters.
I opened a bank account recently in bank xxxxx and after activation wey I never start using their online platform, I received mail that I should update my login details. Since then I never put money there because how come some thing I never activate is asking for updates. Something is fishy. I don't joke with my money. Try others and compare


Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by gbadexy(m): 11:49am On Sep 07, 2014
I had a similar experience with their air time recharge once and after complaining to them, I got credited back after a week.
I also rushed to get the token hoping to be able to transfer money to my material suppliers for ease of transaction but later found out I can't do so with savings.
All in all their internet banking is not that bad. I pay bills online with ease, recharge my airtime and get prompt payment from clients with account with the bank.
Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Chubhie: 11:49am On Sep 07, 2014
Once a bank is getting too many customers know tis time to look for alternatives. Stanbic does it for me.
Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by Nobody: 11:49am On Sep 07, 2014
Well you are not familiar with their process, so stop giving them bad credits, I have received Western Union with them more than 10 times, and I get credited instantly, plz note that the Western Union thing is operated by quick teller and not Gtbank, although it is connected to gtbank now, if u weren't successful via gtbank simply login to quickteller and do it from there

About the airtime recharge do not go for higher denomination, u will always have problems, try doing 1k recharge at a time and u will be fine.


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