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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Onemansquad(m): 2:43pm On Dec 25, 2014
Oyinprince u no sabi me again abi anyway hapi xmas
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 5:53pm On Dec 25, 2014
Oyinprince u no sabi me again abi anyway hapi xmas
bros, no vex o. I thought you monicker was part of those I quoted.

Christmas reminds us of God's love, hope you showed love to people around you and to the goats and chickens too, hope you didn't murder any?
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by nceedaga(m): 11:46am On Dec 26, 2014
frank frank, xo luvin ds story. welldne op

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by stuff46(m): 12:59pm On Dec 26, 2014
bros, no vex o. I thought you monicker was part of those I quoted.

Christmas reminds us of God's love, hope you showed love to people around you and to the goats and chickens too, hope you didn't murder any?

oms is not a christian
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by seunviju(f): 6:45pm On Dec 26, 2014
Really loving this story,thanks for the update.Merry christmas and happy boxing day @ oyinprince

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 10:28am On Dec 27, 2014
"You must be very silly to drop a clipper on
someone's head just because you saw a girl"
Bode mocked " If I was the guy, I would have
made sure I scrapped the skin on your head with
the clipper"

"The guy no get sense jor, you were lucky to have
people who held him for you" Kelvin joined

Frank kept quiet as his friends made fun of him,
he couldn't get the day's incident off his head. He
wasn't really pained about the fight that ensued,
but he was disturbed because he did not catch up
with the girls. It seemed like he just lost
something very important.

"Frank, Frank " Bode shook Kelvin who was
already deep in thoughts " What's the matter with
you? You should be thanking God that things
didn't go worst and not bothering yourself"

"I'm not worried about the salon the issue at the
salon anymore, that has been solved, I'm just
wondering how I lost the opportunity to see
Amarachi" Frank replied

"Hahahahaha" Kelvin laughed and walked towards
his room "Bode, your friend is beginning to fall
sick, he almost got his salon burnt and he's still
thinking about the girls, you better speak some
sense into him"

" You guys don't understand me and I don't
understand myself either"

"Hmmm, I think I understand you bro. You are
beginning to fall for Amarachi" Bode replied and
walked away smiling.
Kelvin walked by into the house at five thirty pm
to find his Mum sitted in the living room,
watching her favorite TV drama series, Super
Story. The last time he saw her was Saturday
after the marriage discussion, he was later told
she travelled to the village that evening.

"Good evening Mum" He greeted

"Welcome son, how was work today?"

"Fine, we thank God" , He said planting a kiss on
her left cheek.

"Good, Dennis. I have a surprise for you. When
you are well rested, I'll show you"

"Okay Mum" Dennis replied and climbed up the
stairs to the first floor of the duplex where his
room was located. He wondered what kind of
surprise his Mum had, she was someone who
didn't like surprises herself.

Dennis came into the living room after about an
hour in bedroom, his Mum was still watching TV,
this time a ghanian movie.

"You're welcome Dennis"

"Thank you ma, when did you return from the

"This morning. I have a surprise for you, I brought
a gift from the village" she said excitedly

"What's that Mum?"

"Wait" she said and called out "Nkechi come, my
son is back from work"

A tall girl came out smiling from the visitor's
room, she was dressed in a skirt and blouse
Ankara and had a scarf tied carelessly on her
head. She had a funny and not too pretty face,
she drew up her skirts which was obviously loose
and falling off her waist as she walked towards

"Good evening sir " She knelt down in front of

"Good evening", he replied and turned to his
mother "is she the new house girl? I thought we
had enough house helps already"

"She's not a house help Dennis, she's is your
wife, I picked her from a very good home in the

"What?? Mum? I'm sure you are just playing

"I'm not playing pranks boy, since you refuse to
bring a wife home, I've gotten one for you"

"Mum, I don't like this, how can you bring a wife
for me? I've told you I'll do that when it's time"

"When will that time be? That's what you say
always and I'm not having any of it again"

"You'll marry her yourself , I'm not a kid
anymore, you can't choose things like this for
me", Dennis spoke angrily and made his way to
his bedroom

"No you will marry her, she's here to stay"
Turning to Nkechi, she said " Don't mind him, he
will calm down, I'm sure it is stress from work
that is making him react like this. Go and pack
your luggage and join him in his room, you are
his wife."

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Nobody: 10:47am On Dec 27, 2014
Hahahahahaha na by force?


Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 11:05am On Dec 27, 2014

oms is not a christian
Oh! Neva knew that
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 11:06am On Dec 27, 2014
Really loving this story,thanks for the update.Merry christmas and happy boxing day @ oyinprince
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by therealbabe(f): 12:43pm On Dec 27, 2014
Frank is falling for Amarachi, it looks like Dennis too is, I'm enjoying this story. Waiting for the next episode.
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by stuff46(m): 1:00pm On Dec 27, 2014
have read from the top to the last and have got some a little observations

[b]had[\b] been friends with Ini
from her Primary school
days, the' i think this needs to be checked

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by lecrae(m): 2:46pm On Dec 27, 2014


Amarachi woke up as early as five a.m to prepare for work, she had been nervous all through the weekend since she had received a mail confirming her appointment. Even when Ini took her out to Erinsic, she could only keep her mind off temporarily due to distractions by their newly found friends. Not that she was a timid or fearful girl but she was anxious because it was her first employment and her first day at work.

Her Mum had advised her when she called during the weekend to be hardworking , reminding her that she was the only hope of the family. Her Mum always told how she met her Dad, how Amarachi's father had married her even though she was from another tribe due to her hardwork.

Six years ago, Amarachi's father had a major setback in his business and since then struggled to make ends meet. He managed to cater for the family and get Amarachi through school by petty trading. Her mother engaged herself in tailoring and was able to also help the husband meet some needs.

As Amarachi took her bath, she had Ini calling to her " Hey, Ama. Hope you are awake, we need to leave by seven a.m on dot."

"I'm taking my bath already" Ama shouted back

"Ok, I just wanted to know if you were awake, let me go take my bath too"

It was five minutes past six when Ama came out of the bathroom. As she took a look at her phone, she saw an incoming call from an unsaved number.

" Hello"

" Hi Ama, It's Frank"


"Yes, one of the guys who helped you and your friend on saturday"


" Yeah, how was your night?"

"Fine, thanks. Please, you can call me later in the evening, I'm preparing for work now"

"Alright then, have a nice day"

"You too"

Frank, she remembered him now, the funny guy who made them laugh excitedly with his jokes on Saturday. They were three guys, one was just talking casually and always taking long glances at Ini, Frank was making them laugh all through while the third one was quiet and only smiled occasionally. But how did Frank get her phone number? She didn't remember giving it to him. He must have gotten it when he askwd for her phone and pretended to be observing what kind of brand it was.

By the time Ini came out of her room dressed, Ama was alreafy taking a breakfast of sliced bread with tea.

"Good morning Ini" Ama said to her as she sat on the dinning table.

"Good morning Ama, I can see you are already prepared for work this morning"

"Yes, I am" Ama replied and continued , "You know Ini, I don't know how to thank you enough, you've been so good to me"

"Come on, you don't need to say that. What are we friends for? Lets hurry up and get to work early enough."

By seven thirty they got to the company in Ini's car and Amarachi resumed her job as the accounting research analyst. She was already seated in her office shown to her by the secretary by 7.45 am. She busied herself studying some files found on the table. At about 8.15 am, she received a call from the accounts manager summoning her to his office.

"Good morning sir" Amarachi said as she walked into his office.

"Good morning, Miss Amarachi" Dennis Michaels replied looking up " you may be seated"

He took his time to admire her looks as she sat, he didn't take notice of her pretty face when she came for the interview. She must be a goddess or a "mami water" if they really existed, he thought to himself.

" Welcome to the company Miss"

"Thank you sir"

" Some documents have been sent to remind you of your duties in here, but I just thought I should talk to you to let you know the import of your job, we need you to be alert always. If your job is done well, it would cause an increase in the progress of the company"

" Yes, I know sir. I promise to do my best and you'll have no regrets having me here"

"Good, you can go now , tell the secretary to come here at once"

"Thank you sir" She said and stood to take her leave.

Dennis watched her, he was enticed by her curvy little shape and the way she walked. He thought of asking her out, but waved of the thought with the excuse that it was too early, he wasn't known for flirting with females in the office.


Frank shook his head to the sound of Lecrae's Church clothes mixtape as he shaved the hair of a customer in his Unisex salon, he had two other branches in the city. Frank did no office job, he decided to invest in the hair styling business after he graduated and couldn't get a job. He had three hair stylists working in each branch of the other two salons and he worked in the newest branch also managing the others from there and visiting them occasionally.

"Done sir, do you like the cut"? Frank asked as he clean and applied antiseptics to the man hair.

"Yes, thank you." The man replied "How much is it?"

"It's six hundred naira"

"No o, I will pay you five hundred please"

"It's okay, I'll collect it because you are a first timer here"

Frank sat in his office seat and recorded the transaction. As he dropped the pen, his mind raced to Amarachi, he had been thinking of her since he woke that morning. He thought of calling her, but it was eleven am and he didn't want to disturb her work. Why did thoughts of her occupy his mind like this? He had so many pretty girlfriends but none of them took over his thinking capacity like this. Well, time will tell.

Cool tale, why you mention my monicker na?
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 5:10pm On Dec 27, 2014
have read from the top to the last and have got some a little observations

[b]had[\b] been friends with Ini
from her Primary school
days, the' i think this needs to be checked

Can you explain more pls?

I just changed it to 'has'
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 9:18pm On Dec 29, 2014
Ama and Ini took their lunch in the cafeteria
silently. The place was busy at break as usual
with several workers chatting and eating in pairs
or trios. It was Ama's second time of visiting the
place and her third day at work. She visited the
cafeteria the day before and found their services
quite good, so she didn't hesitate when Ini called
her during break that day.
Ini was about to get up from the table when eyes
met with someone's she had been avoiding,
Benson. Benson was a co worker in her
department and was the most annoying of her
toasters. He had been embarrased by her several
times, but he would always come back. She
would have given him a chance for his
persistence but she couldn't because the guy was
a flirt who wouldn't mind chasing a monkey if it
wore a skirt.
"Ama, let's get out of this place, I don't want that
jerk to meet us here"
"Who's that?"
"I'll tell you about him later, let's go out now"
They hurried out through the other entrance but
were outsmarted by Benson who had gone to
wait for them outside.
"Hi Ini baby, trying to escape from someone?" He
said mockingly
"Ben, what is it you want this time?"
"Baby, you know what I want, just grant my
request and things will be okay"
"Not in this world, nothing like a relationship will
ever happen between both of us. Get that into
your brain."
"Come on baby, ain't I good enough?" He
continued and turning to Ama he said "Hello
Friend, would you help me beg Ini for a chance to
prove myself?"
"Sorry sir, she's obviously not interested in you,
the best you can do is to let her be" Ama replied
and ran after Ini who was already on her way to
the office."
Dennis sat in his office, lost in thoughts. He was
thinking about the recent challenge he face at
home. The previous two nights had been almost
sleepless for him as he had to share his bed with
a total stranger. He had begged the Lady to leave
the room but she stayed insisting that her bride
price had been paid and she had a right to share
his room. On the first night, he was disturbed by
her terrible snoring and other sounds she gave
out while sleeping. On the second night, she
clinged to him and insisted hat he performed his
manly duties to her. He managed to escape at a
point and made his way to the guest rooms only
to find out that the keys had been hidden by his
Mum. He had to resort to sleeping in the living
"Hello sir, you sent for me" A voice jerked him off
to reality. He found a pretty figure of Amarachi
standing in front of him, he had to look around
the office for some seconds to recall where he
"Oh, I sent for you?" He asked surprisingly
"Yes sir"
"Erm, I wanted to ask you about the Erm... , the
erm ." He stammered
" The research on prices you asked me to make?"
"Oh Yes" He replied quickly to save himself from
further embarrassment though he was very sure
that wasn't the reason he called for her.
"Here is it sir" Amarachi replied placing a file on
the table, " the market prices of all products are
well documented in there"
Dennis scanned through for some seconds and
dropped it on the table.
"You may leave now"
"Okay sir" Amarachi replied and proceeded to the
She was about to walk out when Dennis found
himself metion her name.
"Sir" She turned back and gave a suprised look at
"Sorry fir troubling you. I wanted to find out what
you will be doing after work today"
"I'm not doing anything, I'll just go home"
"I was wondering if we could have dinner together
"Sorry, not today sir. I have so many things to
attend to"
"But I thought you said..."
"Yes sir, I just remembered that I have some work
to do at home"
"Okay, so do we postpone it till weekend?"
"I'm not sure I'll be chanced sir"
"It's okay, thank you"
She left without saying any other word, he
wondered why he gave up easily, he would have
pressed on, maybe she would have agreed

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 9:21pm On Dec 29, 2014
Cool tale, why you mention my monicker na?
kpele, lol
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 8:25am On Dec 31, 2014
Please keep your comments coming. I'm dropping two chapters later in the day.
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by therealbabe(f): 1:57pm On Dec 31, 2014
I'm following and lovin it, continue
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 12:27pm On Jan 01, 2015



Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 12:37pm On Jan 01, 2015
" I want to relax my hair, how do you do it here?

" Bola asked the person she guessed to be the
manager of the salon.

"We do it for six hundred naira"

"Okay, so who's attending to me? "

"I, every other stylist is busy. So I'll attend to
you" he replied motioning her to the hairdressing
section " come over here"

"Okay, please do it well. This is the first time a
male would relax my hair "

"You have nothing to worry about Miss", He
smiled." I'm a professional"

"Here's my hair relaxer" She said and brought out
the air conditioner.

Bola observed him as he gathered everything he
needed, she wondered what would make a good
looking guy venture into a handwork that is
mostly perceived to be for females. He kept a
neatly shaped low cut that made him look like a
black American, his eyes were the perfect
definition of sexy, his face was the most
handsome she had seen in years.

She felt blood flow faster through her veins as he
worked on her hair, it was more than just of
feeling of relaxing the hair. Although he did it
perfectly, she felt there was something more in
his strong hands that gave her the soothing

In some minutes, he was done working on her

"Wow, you did it well" Bola commented taking a
deep look into his eyes.

"I'm good at what I do Mam" he said taking his
eyes off her after noticing her deep look.

"My name is Bola"

"I'm Frank"

"I stay just opposite your salon across the road"

"Opposite the salon?" He asked in surprise.

"Yes" she said walking out with him following
closely," I stay in that house" she said pointing to
a deep blue gate.

"Oh, that's cool" He said unconsciously, his mind
racing to two days ago. That was the same gate
he saw Amarachi come out from. He was tempted
to ask about her, but advised himself against it.
He concluded they must be friends and if he could
get to be friends with Bola, maybe he could get
Amarachi that way.

"Yeah, I'm having my birthday party this Saturday
at Bovina Hotel and you're invited"

"Oh! Saturday??" He replied excited then talking
silently to himself "that means I can get to meet
Amarachi again"

"6pm, I will be expecting you" she said and
proceeded to take her leave.

"Oh sure, I will be there"

"Why don't you just give him a trial, it's an
opportunity to chill out you know" Ini said
munching meat pie

"I'm thinking it's too early, I just started this job
and I need to concentrate"

"Come on, how will just having a break disturb

"Not with my Boss"

"Hahaha, what's wrong with that? Or the guy
isn't cute?


"Yes, isn't he cute?"

" He's okay"

"Then give him a trial"

"Alright, maybe this weekend"

"Good one girl"Ini replied smiling. Then her
expression changed " Oh! I forgot to tell you,
Saturday is Bola's birthday party"

"Wow, that means I'll have to postpone the date"

"No you don't have to, I will just go alone"

"No, that can't be. I insist, the date is postponed"

"Okay, Mister Manager has to wait then"

"Hehe" Amarachi gave a chuckle.

"Oh! What's that at your back? " Ini asked
putting up a serious look.

As soon as Ama looked backwards, Ini grabbed
her meat pie and ran into the kitchen.

"There's nothing ... Oh! My meat pie, I'll kill you if
you eat it" she pursued after her.

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Uthman51(m): 7:28pm On Jan 01, 2015
Happy new year to you brother...
This guy sabi caress girl hair well..we need more updates sire
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 10:30am On Jan 02, 2015

Not less than sixty people were present at the venue. The hall was neatly decorated, it was designed to look like an airplane, there was also a customized bar by a side of the hall which was built up by the event planners Bola had employed. The music was played by a Well known DJ Jimmy Jazz and the Mc was the well known comedian Bucketmouth.

Ama sat quitely nodding to the sound of the beat occasionally humming some of the songs she loved as she watched others dance. She was left alone when Ini had gone to assist Bola attend to some guests. She was surprised when she first got into the hall, she never thought someone could spend so much decorating the hall for a birthday party.

"Hi Amarachi" Someone greeted her.

"Hi" she replied

"You don't remember me? Its Frank"

"Oh Frank, its nice to see you again"

"I've been looking for you since I came in"

"Looking for me? How did you know I was here?"

"Never mind. I am a prophet, I see so many things, especially the whereabouts of Beautiful girls like you" He joked making Amarachi laugh

"Hahaha, you are not serious"

"I am" Frank replied and paused " you know you look prettier when you smile"

"Thank you" She replied letting out another smile.

"You're welcome, I... "

The MC's voice interrupted, "Attention everyone, It's time to make a toast to the celebrant"

Everyone looked towards the centre where the stage was set.

"I will call on the celebrant's best friend Miss Ini to take over this segment"

The crowd was enthralled as beautiful Ini stepped up, she was donned in a tight pink dress which clearly revealed her endowed figure eight. The hall was dead quiet as she spoke as everyone was bewitched by the smooth texture of her voice and her intonation.

By the time Frank looked back, Amarachi was out of sight. He looked around the hall to see if he could find traces of her, he didn't but saw Kelvin who had been searching for him.

"Frank, where have you been? Why did you leave where we were seated?"

"I had to search for Amarachi and now she has left again. I guess she went to use the restroom and she'll be back soon"

"So, how far have you gone with the wooing?"

"What wooing? Well, I just started talking to her some few minutes ago"

"You can wait for her, for me I want to enjoy this party" he replied and faced the stage "Can't you see Ini is beautiful, she wasn't as beautiful as this when we met last weekend".

"Yeah, but she's not as beautiful as Amarachi is"

"I bet she's more beautiful" Kelvin argued

"No! Are you a fool? How can you say that? Don't you have eyes to see?" They were beginning to raise their voices unconsciously.

"Don't call me a fool. Don't,for anything. How can you say that 'yellow pawpaw' is more beautiful than that fresh African looking girl?"

"Are you sick? Why would you call her 'yellow pawpaw'? Be careful Kelvin"

Kelvin was about to reply when he realized that part of the crowd was already watching their drama. He walked out of the hall quickly to avoid further embarrassment. Frank stayed back hoping for Amarachi's return.

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 10:32am On Jan 02, 2015
Happy new year to you brother...
This guy sabi caress girl hair well..we need more updates sire
I apologize for the slow updates, I lost some already typed chapters on the new year's eve, dunno how they got deleted from my memory card
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Uthman51(m): 10:38am On Jan 02, 2015
Wating girls go cause for dis world ee..keep it coming sire
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Onemansquad(m): 7:38pm On Jan 02, 2015
Gals fukin guys up since 1755
oyinprince 9c update we nid more

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by therealbabe(f): 9:05pm On Jan 02, 2015
see the small boys wan fight
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by therealbabe(f): 9:10pm On Jan 02, 2015
Smalls guys wanna fight
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Onemansquad(m): 9:55pm On Jan 02, 2015
Smalls guys wanna fight
dy want fight cos of small gals grin grin
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by therealbabe(f): 10:11pm On Jan 02, 2015

dy want fight cos of small gals grin grin
taah. tongue The girls didn't do anything
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 7:31am On Jan 03, 2015
"So is that why you returned without him? Bode
queried Kelvin.
"No, I waited outside for sometime, when I went
back to check him, he was nowhere to be found. I
thought I would meet him at home"
"That's serious, its 11.30 already and he's not
picking his calls. I know he doesn't like staying
out late or even sleeping out, I hope everything is
fine with him"
"I don't think there's anything wrong with him,
the guy is crazy about Amarachi and there's
nothing his craziness cannot lead him to. He'll be
"I just hope so"
Frank opened his eyes to find himself in a strange
large bed in a room which was not his. He picked
up his phone and saw twenty five missed calls,
ten from Kelvin and fifteen from Bode. He tried to
get up but was resisted by a terrible headache.
He noticed he had only his boxers on, he
struggled to remember what happened the last
night but couldn't until Bola walked into the
"Hey Honey, you are awake. How was your night?
She asked placing a kiss on his left cheek
"How did I get here? He asked in a confused tone
"How you got here? Lastnight, you said you
wanted to follow me home."
Frank got more confused, he wanted to speak but
no words came out.
"But Honey, you didn't take more than a bottle,
how come you got knocked off so easily?" Bola
That explained his dilemma and at that moment,
his brain came alive. Pictures of his argument
with Kelvin came back to him. He also
remembered how he fruitlessly waited for
Amarachi for hours after which he went to the
bar and took alcohol for the second time in his
life. Though he was twenty three, the only time
he tasted alcohol was in secondary school when
he was invited for a Friend's sister's birthday
party. He only tasted a bottle cover full of Guilder
that day. Last night, he did gulp down a bottle of
Macdowell within few minutes, that was all he
"Did anything happen between us?" He asked
soberly even though he was sure of what the
answer was.
"Come on baby, everything happened and I must
really commend you, you were so sweet. I've
never had a more pleasant experience in my life."
She replied excitedly, " But one thing I don't get is
you kept calling me Amarachi, who is Amarachi?"
"Oh, I need to get home and go to church now"
He said in almost in tears. "Is anyone else aware
that I'm here?
"No, why do you ask?"
"I thought my friend knew. I have to leave
"Come on, you should stay a little with me? Then
we can go to my church together for the third
"No, I'm an usher in my church" He lied as he got
up to wear his clothes, "I need to get there early"
"Alright Hun, I will drop you in my car"
"No" , he quickly objected the idea, he didn't want
to see her again talk less of letting her know his
place of abode. He cursed himself and alcohol for
all that happened, he was grateful he couldn't
really remember the experience, it must have been
a terrible one."
"Why won't you let me?"
"I don't want anyone to know where I'm coming
"Okay, would you at least take breakfast before
you leave?"
"No, I have to get home quickly," He said and
rushed out of the room.
"Alright honey, take care. I'll call you later" She
followed him to the gate and watched him board
a bike.
Back at Frank's house, Kelvin and Bode already
started calling some of their other friends to ask if
Frank had spent the night at their place but they
didn't get a positive response.
It was about 8am when Frank walked into the
house, he walked straight into his room without
acknowledging the presence of his flat mates in
the living room. They walked in after him
demanding he told them where he spent the
"Guys, I'm not in the mood for any kind of
questions and answers now. I'll talk to you later"
He replied and laid faced down in his bed without
taking a look at them
"How can you talk like that? You didn't tell us
that you won't be coming home, we've been
worried about you all night and you just walked in
this morning without an explanation" Kelvin flared
"Are you crazy?" Frank stood up from the bed
and faced Kelvin ready to give him a fight.
"What's the matter with you? You've been acting
insane lately" Kelvin continued, this time in a
more serious tone "why should a girl turn your
head upside down?"
"Be careful Kelvin, don't let me do something you
wouldn't like"
"Come on guys, what's the matter with both of
you? You want to pick a quarrel with yourselves
on this little issue?" Bode quickly intercepted,
stepping in between both of them. "Kelvin, let's
go dress up and go to Church. Frank should have
calmed down when we return"
" Just warn him Bode, he should not interfere in
matters that do not concern him" Frank shouted
as Bode and Kelvin walked out.
"What's wrong with both of you? You were on
good terms before you left for the party." Bode
inquired from Kelvin as soon they got to the living
"That question should be directed to him and not
me" Kelvin replied and walked into his room .
Frank in his room wondered why he acted like he
did to his friends, he wondered why he vented his
anger on them when they weren't the cause of
his trouble, he had only himself to blame for his
mistakes. He decided to apologise to them when
they returned from Church.
As Amarachi and Ini walked into the house from
Church, her phone rang for the third time. She
checked the screen, it was an unsaved number,
the number had called twice already during the
church service, she picked the call
"Hello Amarachi"
"Sorry, I just wanted to find out how you are
doing today" the voice continued
"Is this Frank?"
"Okay, I'm doing fine"
"I didn't know when you left ..."
"Frank, how can I help you?" She cuts in
"I was saying I didn't know..."
"Please, if you don't have any reasonable thing to
say, don't call me"
"Why are you sounding like this? Did I offend you
last night?"
"I think you don't have anything to say, I don't
want any trouble with your girlfriend. Please don't
call my line again"
Frank was left confused, who was she referring to
as his girlfriend? He didn't remember telling her
he had one or did she see him with Bola? No, she
said no one else was aware about his stay in her
house. He got more confused as he thought
about all that happened to him within the last
twenty four hours.

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by therealbabe(f): 7:40pm On Jan 03, 2015
Loverboy makes a mistake
Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 10:50pm On Jan 06, 2015

Amarachi walked into her office on Monday to find a bouquet of flowers on her table. It looked so beautiful and smelt nice. She picked it up in gratefulness to whoever sent it. The note attached read "to the beautiful Angel sent to bring light into my life".

"Emma" She called the cleaner

"Yes Madam"

"Who brought this flowers here?"

"A messenger dropped it with the security men this morning and I asked to bring it up here"

"Okay, you can go".

Few minutes after she settled, a letter was brought to her by a messenger from the General manager's secretary. It was a letter informing her of a board meeting by 2pm with all departmental managers and their research personnel, she was asked to report to her manager's office for details.

"Good morning sir" she greeted as she walked into Dennis' office.

"Good morning Miss, have your seat" He replied without looking at her " I believe you are here in respect of the letter you received this morning"

"Yes sir"

"Okay" He replied finally looking up at her. He looked and sounded very business minded. During the weekend, several thoughts had occupied his mind, he thought of why Amarachi hadn't accepted his dinner invitation. He concluded that she might think of him as one of those bosses who loved to flirt with their employees, so he decided to put a pause to his dream of anything happening between them. But here she was, looking beautiful and morw radiant, a look at her face made him want to ask her out immediately but he advised himself strongly against it.

"We are buying up a company, Lex international, our job is to find out about their goods and prices so we can be able to give our recommendation if the company should go on with the transaction" He paused and took a look at her to see if she was following

" So you'll make your reaearch and end your report to me an hour before the meeting. Do you have questions?"

"No sir, it's clearly understood"

"Alright, that's all for now."

Kelvin read the document on his table carefully, as the Public relations manager, he was to represent his firm in a meeting with Videx international the next day. It was the first time the firrm would be going into partnership with another company to provide a certain product in the country. He read the terms of the agreement carefully, he also made some changes in favour of his company hoping they would be able to convince whosoever he negotiates with at Videx.

"His door flew open and his secretary came in smiling.

"Sandra, I told you to always knock before you come in"

"I'm sorry sir, I didn't know you were busy"

"It doesn't matter if I am busy or not always knock"

"Okay sir"

"What do we have here?"

"The proposal for Videx you asked me to type"

"Okay", he collected a document from her and scanned through. It's good, I'll call you later when I'm done reviewing these ones"

"Is there anything else I can do for you sir? " she asked bending over his table to reveal her breasts through her half buttoned shirt.

"Nothing else Sandra" He replied angrily obviously noticing her efforts to display the twins before him " I said I'll call you when I need you"

"Alright sir" she said and walked out immediately.

Since Kelvin had been promoted to the post of the public relations manager, he noticed that she dresses and acts provocatively. Always in mini skirts to reveal her thighs and she always looked for opportunities to bend to offer him a clearer look at her assets.
What Kelvin couldn't understand was why a Lady of her class should seek for attention so cheaply.

...to be continued

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Re: INSEPARABLE - A Story About Friendship by Oyinprince(m): 12:06am On Jan 07, 2015
Janet was so busy with her phone that she didn't notice when her brother walked in.

"Janie" He called playfully

"Oh Brother, welcome" She looked at him and noticed he had a cheerful look "what happened today? Its been long since you called me Janie, something really good must have happened today"

"Nothing much dear" He said as he collapse on the chair opposite hers. "It's just that I had a successful meeting at work today"

"A successful meeting?" She looked at his face demanding more answers.

"Yeah. There's this new intelligent lady that was employed in my department, you need to see how she responded to all questions and brought up mind blowing suggestions"

"Hmmm, tell me more"

"Tell you more? That's all, I'm just so happy about the outcome of the meeting"

"Come on, you are hiding something from me, the last time I saw you so happy was on your graduation ceremony"

"What else do you want to know?"

"Okay, tell me something" She said moving closer to him. " That Lady, I know you do like her. Have you asked her out?"

"Come on girl, don't be silly" he said laughing, " who told you I like her? She's new in the office"

"Yes, you like her brother. I can see it all over your face, you don't talk about girlfriends so excitedly talk more of just an employee"

"Okay Janet, I like her if that's what you want to hear"

"Wow!" She exclaimed and did some dance steps around his chair " so when is the date?"

"What date?"

"Come on" she looked at him disappointed, "don't tell me you've not asked her out yet"

"I tried, but she said she was busy the first time"

"And you gave up?"

"I'm thinking its too early" he said letting out a sigh

"Come on brother, don't delay, don't waste time. Delay might be dangerous"

"It's okay Janie, I hear you"

"Okay, tell me more about her, how beautiful is she?"

"Its okay Janie, lets talk about you now" He changed the subject of discussion "Why are you home today?"

"I need some money"

"Money?" He exclaimed " You were given so much money the last time"

"I used them up already. You know I have to but some new books"

"Okay, but why didn't you call? Why did you have to come home?"

"I also wanted to pick something I forgot"

"Okay, what do you need the...

"Hey!! My husband, you are welcome oooo" Nkechi interrupted and moved towards Dennis.

"I've told you not to call me your husband again, I didn't marry you" He said standing up immediately "My mum married you, so she's your husband" he continued and proceeded to his room.
Nkechi ran after him, both of them leaving Janet in confusion.


"That's how it happened o" Frank concluded his narration.

"That's bad, but some girls can be so cheap o, you barely know each other and she slept with you like that" Bode said.

"That's not what even bothers me now. I think Amarachi saw us go together, you know they are Friends, Amarachi may believe I date her, that's why she probably spoke to me like that on phone"

"That's not too good, so what are you planning to do?"

"I don't know, You guys should help me" He paused and looked at Kelvin who had been silent all through. "Kelvin, you're not saying anything. Are you still angry with me?"

"No, come on, that's long forgotten. I was just occupied with so many thoughts" Kelvin finally spoke. "I think you should talk to that girl, the birthday girl. I think you should tell her your situation. But I hope what you guys had was jusy ordinary sex and she doesn't feel anything for you, that might make the matter more complicated than it already is"

"No, I can't do that. I don't just want to see that girl anymore" Frank replied

"I think you just have to" Bode added.

"That would be pretty difficult" Frank replied.

After some minutes of silence. Frank spoke up again " Hey guys, I've been thinking about something else lately"

"What's that?" Bode and kelvin replied simultaneously.

"I think we'll need to start getting separate apartments for ourselves"

"Why?" Bode asked

"We need to start preparing for marriage, we can't stay together all our lives"

"Yeah, you're right" Kelvin replied " I've been thinking about that lately too. Its time to start planning for our wives and kids, we are not getting any younger."


After another moment of silence, kelvin continued "Has anyone found a place he wants to move into?" He got no response except stares at each other.

The living room was silent again and in some minutes they all fell asleep.

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