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Veil / Sequel: Behind Her Veil / Behind Her Veil (ebook) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Missmossy(f): 10:24pm On Aug 08, 2015
Sadiq though grin grin

Thumbs up Mattkent.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:40pm On Aug 08, 2015
Lolzzz..... Funny guys. More please..... #thumbs up#

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 7:39am On Aug 09, 2015
lol. I love how u ended this. Just ride on bro

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 7:58am On Aug 09, 2015
Oliver twist

Reporting ma wink
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 7:59am On Aug 09, 2015
Sadiq though grin grin

Thumbs up Mattkent.

Thanks Missy. Hope you enjoying it...
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:00am On Aug 09, 2015
Lolzzz..... Funny guys.
More please.....
#thumbs up#

More updates coming just for you cool
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:00am On Aug 09, 2015
lol. I love how u ended this. Just ride on bro

Thanks sis
Re: Behind Her Veil by Missmossy(f): 10:28am On Aug 09, 2015

Thanks Missy. Hope you enjoying it...
Sure grin
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 11:54am On Aug 09, 2015

More updates coming just for you cool
. Okay..... #waiting........#
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 2:17pm On Aug 09, 2015
Sadiq ignored Kazim and read the message from beginning;

“I don’t know what to say to you now, just like i didn’t know what to say to you the day you told me that you loved me. I didn’t want to hurt you that day by saying i don’t love you. And i didn’t want to give you the wrong impression by saying i do. I like you so much, more than you know, but that’s all. Moreover our lifestyle is totally different. Please find it in your heart to forgive me and i do hope we can be friends again. Your BF forever Vanessa smiley " The message ended.

While she was at it, she should have sent a post card and a hot pie too!

He already knew that she liked him as a friend but he was doubtful whether she loved him or not, but the fact that
she mentioned it now tore into his heart.

And truth be told, their lifestyle was different. She was the red carpet girl, a model, going to every event in town, seen with celebrities, and was friends with several celebrities. And him?

Totally nothing like her…. But does it matter? Do they have to live the same lifestyle for them to be compactable or together?

“Sadiq!” Anty exclaimed as she hugged him. “How was your flight?”

“It was smooth, like i didn’t even leave home” smiled Sadiq.

“How nice. How are your parents and little Asma’u, she must be all grown up now?” asked Anty.

“My parents are great and Asma’u is a big girl now. I think i have a picture of her here” he said, showing her a picture of him and Asma’u that he used as his phone wallpaper.

“Look at her!” screamed Anty. Kazim shrugged at the startled Sadiq. “She is a big girl now and so cute too”

“Yes she is” commented Sadiq, staring at the picture along with Kazim and Anty.

His phone rang and cut off the little union that was formed for Asma’u.

“It’s my mom” said Sadiq. “Hello mom”.

“Sadiq! Why haven’t you contacted us to tell us if you’ve landed safely? Asma’u have been worried and urging me to call you but your number wasn’t reachable” Mrs. Animashaun queried.

“I am sorry mom. I am in Anty’s house now. Here she is” he said, giving Anty his phone.

As soon as he gave her the phone, Anty switched to her native language which Mrs. Animashaun could speak fluently but Sadiq couldn’t.

“Come let me show you around, they aren’t going to end their conversation for another one hour” Kazim said with a little air of sarcasm. He was right and Sadiq knew as well.

The street was a little busy than earlier; there were little children racing home back from school.

“I have a friend i want you to meet” Kazim said.

“Ok” said Sadiq.

“Hello Kazim. Humaira tena gidan?” a faint girl’s voice asked from behind in their native language.

They both turned and there was a very beautiful fair girl holding the hand of a little girl that was on school uniform.

She was wearing a purple gown and a black veil that almost hid her face.

“No, she isn’t back from school yet” replied Kazim. She smiled courteously and increased her footstep.

“I know, she is bleau” said Kazim in a French accent before Sadiq could say anything. “It’s her brother i wanted you to meet”

“By bleau you mean ‘beautiful’?” Sadiq asked.

“Oui!” replied Kazim. He was literate in French and so was Sadiq.

“What’s her name” enquired Sadiq.

“Zeenat.” He informed Sadiq, glanced at him and added. “If i were you i won’t be thinking of what you are thinking right now”


Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 2:52pm On Aug 09, 2015

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 3:12pm On Aug 09, 2015
That night Sadiq laid on his bed, his curtains were up, yet the room was dark. A moment later a bright light, probably a car’s light flashed into his room. He made for his window and it was his next door neighbor who just came in ; the ever beautiful extraordinaire Vanessa Walter.

At least that's what the bloggers call her.

They were friends, he had a crush on her but never told her. It happens to everyone at some point in life…a crush.

She had told him that she liked his company, she didn’t say she liked him. He couldn’t risk telling her how he felt and lose her forever. Once those three letter words are said, it changes everything.

Not only those three words could make him lose her, him traveling to Kano would totally alienate him from her life. And that’s one of the reason he doesn’t want to go to Kano apart from the culture thing. Moreover they had both made plans to get admitted into Unilag.

Just then he realized he was going to lose her. All of a sudden he felt pale and a sudden heartache raided him. He laid on his bed with his eyes open.

Sadiq never really had much friends, he was much of a loner, but by choice. It is a thing of surprise that he is actually Vanessa's best friend. Both of them have never spoken even considering the fact that they were neighbors, until during their graduation from secondary school.

Vanessa had walked up to this nerd and asked him to the dance. The only reason she asked him was because she was looking for a no string attached dance, and being that Sadiq was the only guy she
knew didn’t have a date and who haven’t made a move on her, it seemed the perfect choice.

Obviously she told him the reason and he didn’t mind the charade as long as he was seen with one of the most popular girl in school.

The first few minutes were awkward, and they kept talking about school, about teachers then about the weather! Until Vanessa thought boredom could kill.

They said alcohol is one thing that can loosen you up and make you express yourself more, well they are wrong…After the awkward moments, they opened up.

Sadiq got a bit witty with her, they both laughed and enjoyed the rest of the night as if they were long time friends and since then they became friends …best friends.

“Should i tell her tomorrow? Should i tell her that i love?” he asked himself. Same question he has been thinking of asking for more than six years.

Apart from the fact that he wasn’t confident enough to tell her how he felt, he was also afraid of the commitment of a relationship.

Being in a relationship carries a lot of load. First you call yourself early in the morning, send sweet text messages then call back in the afternoon and probably in the evening and finally at night!

I call that sweet slavery.

“I think you should tell her” a low voice suggested.

“What!” Sadiq exclaimed. He switched on the light and standing by the door was Asma'u.

“How long have you been here?” he asked.

“Forty seconds ago, i think” she smiled, and then added, “You forgot to tell me bed-time stories”.

“I am sorry i had a lot on my mind” he apologized.

“By a lot do you mean just one girl; Vanessa” she mocked.

“How do you know so much?” amazed Sadiq asked his little sister.

“It’s my job to do. I think you should tell her. Not that i know what that ‘love’ feels like, but i think you should tell her anyway. The other day she came over, she carried me on her back and told me you are a good friend of hers. I think that is love” narrated Asma’u.

“That is friendship, okay? Now if you don’t mind can i begin the story?” said Sadiq, feeling more disappointed that all Vanessa saw in him was just a friend."

“No please. I think i want to sleep now. My eyes are heavy.” replied little Asma’u.

“Alright” said Sadiq as he carried her to her bedroom.

His cell phone started ringing some minutes later after he returned to his room. He checked and it was Vanessa calling. He strained his eyes at the clock hung above his bed and it was past ten.

“Hello” his voice sounded rough, he cleared his throat.
Deep... Very deep

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:48pm On Aug 09, 2015
Nice one as usual Mattkent... smiley I hope that Sodiq finds love

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:41am On Aug 10, 2015
Nice one as usual Mattkent... smiley
I hope that Sodiq finds love

Thanks for creating time to read. I hope he finds it too wink
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:57am On Aug 10, 2015
“What!” exclaimed Sadiq. “How do you know what i am thinking and why shouldn’t i think it?”

“One; anyone who have eyes would think like that and two; she is totally out of your league, like way out of yours” sniggered Kazim.

“Out of my league!? You don’t even know me, how can you say that!” he said feeling offended but knew Kazim was right.

I know you guys want my opinion. The thing is that i know everything; i am like google, wikipedia and an encyclopedia. Okay i am just kidding, but i know things because i hear things and see things and i have seen this Zeenat and she is definitely something.

I could say she is out of Sadiq’s league but then isn’t Vanessa ‘the extraordinaire’ Sadiq’s best friend or ex-best friend? If he can make Vanessa his bff i believe Zeenat won’t pose a problem, unless maybe Zeenat is the real extraordinaire le bleau.

“My apologies please. I didn’t mean it that way” Kazim said.

“You don’t have to apologize. Anyway what did she say to you?” asked Sadiq.

“She was asking if my sister was at home. They are friends.” replied Kazim, stopping by a white duplex which Zeenat had entered.

“Oh, okay. Your sister’s name is Humaira?” asked Sadiq.

“Yes. Do you always ask this much questions” joked Kazim.

Sadiq laughed, “Not really. Just in this occasion”

Kazim had sent a little boy in to call his friend and the little boy came back saying he wasn’t at home. Sadiq asked him why they didn’t enter the house and Kazim had to explain to him how it was not allowed for strange males to enter the house of married people unless maybe ordered to.

And all Sadiq had to do was fly out of his window and straight into Vanessa’s room. Well not in this town...

They headed back home, just two houses away. Opposite their house was a light blue painted duplex, exiting it was a white girl. She had long blonde hair and a pretty face. There was a black Chrysler waiting outside her gate, she hopped in and the car drove out of sight.

“Was that a white girl i just saw or was my eyes deceiving me?” asked Sadiq.

“Your eyes weren’t deceiving you. Her name is Janelle. Rumour has it that her father is an ambassador, but nobody really know for sure because she doesn’t talk to anyone around here. They moved here seven months again or so” narrated Kazim.

“This must be a nice neighborhood for them to reside here” commented Sadiq.

“A great one indeed. There are some Chinese families living down that end. We call that place China town, just for fun” he said pointing down the street.

Anty was through with the phone-call by the time they arrived. Kazim gave Sadiq a little privacy to settle down and Sadiq used the opportunity to take a long...long nap.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 7:25pm On Aug 10, 2015
At Eko Atlantic city of Lagos where the upper class people resided, a young damsel with a brown eye shade on and a skimpy black skirt matched incongruously with a white spaghetti top hopped into a taxi and dropped at surulere where the ever busy crowd of people moved about like flying bees struggling for surviver.

Surulere means patience is a virtue, but i assure you nobody is patient in surulere.

“I thought you were kidding when you said you were on your way” Jessica said to Vanessa.

Jessica and Vanessa aren't really friends; they were just in the same clique in secondary school. They had a lot in common except that Vanessa's
parents were way richer than Jessica’s, but they hanged together nonetheless.

To be sincere they envied eachother but Jessica just needs Vanessa so she can remain popular and be able to attend those red carpets event which Vanessa had unlimited access to.

And Vanessa needs Jessica because Jessica is the only one that can supply her with the white substance! You didn’t hear this from me….

“So you were saying over the phone that he isn’t replying your calls and messages.” began Jessica.

“Yes. And i am really worried. I don’t know if everything is all right with him” replied Vanessa.

“Believe me he is all right. He is probably having fun while you are here suffocating yourself.” suggested Jessica then added mischievously. “I met this weird guy and he gave me some strong stuff. I think you should try it out; you must try it”

“I don’t know” said Vanessa hesitatedly as if it was her first time. “I really want to be sober” she said, unwrapping the paper and taking a light sniff, then a deep stiff.

“How do you feel now?” she asked with a folded arm while resting her back on the chair like an observer.

Vanessa stood up with a lot of energy, spread her arms and rotated like a kid playing under the rain;

“It’s been a long time since i had this. I feel like the world is one small place where i can fly around.” She paused and stared at Jessica, and one could tell that an idea bulb had lit above her
head. “Do you think i should fly to Kano?”

“No girl. You are not a bird, you can’t fly” she said, dragging the almost unconscious Vanessa to the chair.

“I am not high; i know what i am saying. I can book a flight, go and come back and my parents won’t even have the slightest clue” said Vanessa ambitiously.

“And how would you locate him? It’s not like you’ve ever been there before.” enquired Jessica, even though she didn’t really support the idea.

Vanessa thought for a minute. “I can ask Mrs. Animashaun for the address” she nodded as if she had created a perfect plan.

“What if she asks you what you need it for?” happy to bring in more obstacles.

“She won’t ask” replied Vanessa confidently.

“But what if she does. Let’s just assume that she does.” Jessica insistently.

“With the way you sound i am beginning to think that you are her. Well if she does then i will tell her that i want to send him a post card or something” she smiled. “There! Problem solved. Now, no more insinuations from you”

I thought post card have become obsolete!

“You don’t have to do this, you know. You two are just friends, its not like you are dating or anything” said the pissed Jessica.

“That’s if he even sees me as a friend anymore. And for your information some friendships are better than some relationships” as she said it she reflected abit.

The friendship between her and Sadiq was really special. Sadiq always had her back and she always had his. If Sadiq were to have been around she won’t have sniffed the white substance Jessica offered her.

Imagine Sadiq had been gone for just some hours and she had totally broken her promise to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

What will happen in the next few weeks that he is going to be away?

She has a drug problem and the only person that have been motivating her and giving her the strength to stay sober was Sadiq. Her parents are unaware of her struggle.

“I have heard that statement before, i can’t remember from where” muttered Jessica.

“What statement?” asked Vanessa.

“’Some friendships are better than some relationships’” repeated Jessica.

“Sadiq. Sadiq said it.” replied Vanessa in an almost absent-minded manner. “That's it!" said Vanessa. “He said that last year about two of us, maybe all i have to do now is remind him and all will be the same again and i won’t have to travel anymore”

With a small thumps-up Jessica said, “Best idea. I am in support of this plan”
She got hold of her phone, went to her call log, before she could press Sadiq's number, Jessica dragged the phone from her.

“What are you doing?” asked the surprised Vanessa.“I thought you were in support of the plan”

“Yes i am. But you can’t call him in this condition. Call him when you’ve sobered up.” she suggested.

“Good point. I will call him when i get home” replied Vanessa with a lazy thumps-up.

It was nearly six o’clock when Vanessa got back home. Home became boring all of a sudden and everything felt and looked old.

The setting sun that gave the cloud a reddish color made things worst. It was as if she was in another planet where no one knew her, and she started blaming the sun, the lock on the door that refused to open and even her little
pet dog that she adored so much annoyed her.

How can the absence of one person bring so much isolation and misery?

Standing by her window and staring at Sadiq's closed window,she dialed his number and this time it rang without Jessica to interrupt.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 7:48pm On Aug 10, 2015
Making sense... #still here.........#

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Re: Behind Her Veil by meanface: 8:25am On Aug 11, 2015
is getting more interesting but can post more and more debface?....gud job tho

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Re: Behind Her Veil by meanface: 8:25am On Aug 11, 2015
is getting more interesting but can you post more and more debface?....gud job tho
Re: Behind Her Veil by Missmossy(f): 2:34pm On Aug 11, 2015
Ghen-ghen cheesy Vanessa should slow down oo...kudos Mattkent.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 2:53pm On Aug 13, 2015
It rang the first time without an answer; she consoled herself by imaging that he might not be close to the phone. She dialed his number again and again and again before she finally
decided to send him a message.

Sadiq was still sleeping. He had not heard his phone ring. The little nap had turned into a deep sleep. As his lazy eyes dragged opened, he moved back in sudden shock on sighting two little light- skinned kids staring at him.

“Mama...mama...mama” the kids wailed as they flung their hands in the air and raced out of Sadiq’s room frightened as well.

There is one weird thing about evening sleep; when you wake up from it, you feel as if it’s the next morning or as if its late at night when actually its just 5pm or 6pm! I have a feeling that it doesn’t happen to only me.

“God! Is it morning yet?” yawned Sadiq, turning and stretching while observing the environment. “I am famished” he muttered to himself.

There were five missed calls on his phone and one new message. Four of the missed calls were from Vanessa while the remaining one was from his dad.

"oh my God! dad called" he exclaimed while dialing his father's number. It rang several times without an answer and he gave up.

He checked the other missed call. He was about calling her when he changed his mind to read the text message first.

"Do you remember vividly last year when you told Jessica and i that the friendship between you and i was greater than some relationship? Why cant we remain on that ship of friendship?" the message ended.

Vanessa was right,Sadiq had said that but only to see if Vanessa was going to step up the friendship a notch but obviously that wasnt happening. Sadiq was distraught. He didnt want to give up on her, he didnt! And it crossed his mind that the guy he saw her with at the galleria must be who she was seeing. No wonder she wanted to change her phone password.

"I must go back immediately, moreover it is so boring here" he said to himself then replied Vanessa's text with the most annoying and shortest word ever.

"Will you eat your dinner now or after praying?" asked Anty.

"After praying" responded Sadiq. By the time he was out of the convenience room, a tray of food was awaiting him. After much contemplation, he pounced
on the food and savaged it before praying.

Kazim had come to inform him that his father; Alhaji Najib wanted to see him. The only thing Sadiq knew about Kazim's father was that he was a good businessman.

Leaving his room to see Alhaji Najib, Sadiq decided to drop the tray in the kitchen. On closing his door, the door to mama's room opened and a girl wearing a black gown and native scarf came out.

Sadiq had paused as she made to collect the tray and flask from him. He wanted to say "hi" and probably introduce himself but he couldnt; he was speechless.

I think this was what Micheal Jackson had in mind when he sang speechless.

One cant blame him. She had these beautiful kind of eyes, the type that shakespaeare himself wont have the adequate words to describe. But in a simple word her eyes were charming, and not the ordinary cliché charming.

"Let me help you with that" she said.

"Uh!?" replied Sadiq and before he knew it the flask had landed on the floor and was probably broken.

She giggled as Sadiq squatted to pick it up while saying; " I am sorry" repeatedly.

"Its okay" she said after collecting the tray from him them added briefly, "I am Humaira".

"Sadiq...i am Sadiq" he replied. She nodded with a smile and walked into the kitchen. Hoping that no one had seen the little accident, he sprinted to Kazim's father room.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 4:32pm On Aug 13, 2015
Hmmm.... Sadiq Sadiq. Nice one. #still here#
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 12:08am On Aug 14, 2015
Hmmm.... Sadiq Sadiq.
Nice one.
#still here#

Thanks deb
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 12:11am On Aug 14, 2015

Thanks deb
You're welcome. Just keep it up.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 12:16am On Aug 14, 2015

You're welcome.
Just keep it up.

I will. As long as I have you here.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 12:19am On Aug 14, 2015

I will. As long as I have you here.
Lolzz... I'll still be here,as long as the story keeps coming in.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 5:37pm On Aug 15, 2015
Mattkent!!!. Where art thou?.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 6:04pm On Aug 15, 2015
Mattkent!!!. Where art thou?.

Sorry for d delay dear. Will post soon. Hope u r having a lovely weekend?
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 6:21pm On Aug 15, 2015

Sorry for d delay dear. Will post soon. Hope u r having a lovely weekend?
please nah...sharp sharp..lolzz.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:18pm On Aug 15, 2015

please nah...sharp sharp..lolzz.

cheesy here it comes
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:18pm On Aug 15, 2015
Up in Lagos, Vanessa grabbed her phone to read the new message. She became more anxious to read it after seeing that Sadiq was the sender of the message. She climbed her bed, laid down facing the ceiling to read the much anticipated reply.

"Ok." message ends.

"What's this?" she heard herself ask. She exited the message and reopened but that was it.

She didnt get it. Was it a "ok, we can be friends again or a ok, whatever?"

Anyway she decided whatever "ok" he meant she was going to be optimistic and pretend that it was a "ok we can be friends again".

She decided she would give him some space, because she knew usually when Sadiq was angry it takes the world to calm him down, and that 'world' was usually her but now that she was the one he was angry with there was nothing she could do but wait till his
anger subsides.

"Vanessa where is my Deola Sagoe gown?!" Vanessa's mom; Mrs Walter voice rang from the corridor. Mrs Walter is a top nollywood actress and a big public figure while her husband is a multi billionaire industralist. The two combination make their daughter a young millionaire.

"Mum here it is" It was right in Mrs Racheal big closet but she wasn't good at finding things. She had almost all Deola Sagoe collections including other prominent Nigeria fashionist/designers
like Maufechi and Frank Oshodi.

"Look at you dear becoming fat. You are a model. Loose those calories. I think you have to go to The Walter's this week to workout" suggested Mrs Racheal zipping up her Deola Sagoe gown.

"But mom i have my plans" cried Vanessa.

"Young lady i won't repeat myself again!" and her authoritative tone kept Vanessa quiet.

Why is everyone and everything so annoying, Vanessa thought within.

For those who dont know ; 'The Walter's' is a big family masion owned by Vanessa's grand dad; Mr Walter's father. And the masion has everything you need, trust me, everything but family love! The masion is located somewhere in Lekki.

"I am going to a red carpet event. Make sure you lock the doors. I will come in with my own keys"

Vanessa was a fan of any colour carpet event. "Can i come with you mum?" like mother like daughter.

They said show me your friends and i will tell you who you are. Well, just show me your parents and i will tell you who you are!

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:02pm On Aug 17, 2015

cheesy here it comes

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