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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 3:03pm On Aug 21, 2015
Am following too o, keep up the good job

Thanks. Glad to have u here.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 3:07pm On Aug 21, 2015
MattKent, u know i'm a prodigal reader, sorry but this is genius baby, pure/unalduterated genius! U r one of a kind.

Yes I know Sofia... But haven't been seeing u around. You've over praised me grin
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 3:14pm On Aug 21, 2015
“How was it?” Kazim asked him after he had spent an hour and a half in the examination hall.

“Not bad” responded Sadiq.

“I know you just ticked all the wrong answers” laughed Kazim as they got into the car. Sadiq only smiled. The thing was that he was more comfortable discussing with Humaira. If it were Humaira he could have easily told her that the exam was easy even though he didn't prepare well enough.

The horse race is tomorrow. The day before the horse race was always busy and overwhelming.

The contestant horses were taken out for a little ride of display, the street was crowded with people and horses. And the eve before the next day every contestant always camped out and local food were served.

Kazim was participating in the horse race and Humaira and Fatima had the responsibility of assisting him with the items for camping.

Sadiq was dragged along, actually he wanted to go. This was a great chance for him to do new things. He has never camped out before.

“Where do i drop the plate of meat?” Fatima asked her elder brother.

“Leave it in the tent” replied Kazim pointing at the tent. “Look who’s here” whispered Kazim to Sadiq.

It was Zeenat. She was helping her brother with his tent. Sadiq had almost forgotten about her.

“Can you excuse me for a minute” Kazim excused himself as he went the opposite way.

"Will you be camping out here too?” Fatima asked Sadiq.

“Yes. But if the mosquitoes put up a fight i’ll come home.” smiled Sadiq.

“The gate would be locked. Its already 9:40. You know baba locks the gate by 10:30” explained Fatima.

“Thats why i have you to get me in” he winked.

She laughed softly, “I would be fast asleep by then. Dont worry i will bring insecticide” and she went home to get it.

Staring back at Zeenat position, she was no more alone. She was with her friend ; Humaira. Strangely through out his conversation with Humaira she had never mentioned Zeenat.

She did talk about some friends in school but never did she for once say anything about Zeenat.

About a minute later Humaira and Zeenat were advancing towards Sadiq. All of a sudden he felt completely uncomfortable on the plastic chair he was sitting on.

“Sadiq i want you to meet my friend; Zeenat” said Humaira.

What should i say? hi we’ve met before, on that day you went to pick that little girl from school and you asked Kazim if Humaira was at home. But we didn't talk though.

Yes right, bad first impression!

“Hi i’m Sadiq” he said as he rouse from the chair.

She had a scarf on and her face was still almost hidden by it but her beauty wasn't.

“You are not from around here, are you?” Zeenat asked him.

“Is that so obvious?” replied Sadiq.

“As obvious as a Chinese in the midst of Americans” joked Zeenat.

They all let out a laugh.

“And here i was thinking that i have blended in nicely, but then my difference from you guys is so conspicious” Sadiq.

“Different is good” remarked Zeenat and she looked away to the empty street.

“Its late isnt it?” asked Humaira who have been left out of the conversation.

“We have to leave now” Zeenat announced.

“Let me walk you girls home” requested Sadiq.

“No thank you. Its a safe neighbourhood.” responded Zeenat

It was worth the shot!

“It was really nice talking to you. We should do this again sometime.” Zeenat said to Sadiq as she and Humaira departed.

“Same here. Sure anytime.” replied Sadiq, sounding casual as if it wasnt a big deal.

If it was possible to show in graphic details what was brewing in someones head, you will definitely see in Sadiq’s head a little creature jumping and jubilating and fireworks flying in the sky.

But on the outside he was as calm as a new bride!

As Humaira and Zeenat departed, before making a turn into the next street, Zeenat looked back and waved at him.

A solid hand held Sadiq by his shoulder, it was Kazim.

“Where on earth have you been?! You so missed alot!” blurted Sadiq unable to hold his boyish excitement.

“I was here all the while” said kazim pointing at the tent. I didnt want to interrupt your discussion with her.

“Oh my God! Is she even human?” Sadiq rhetorically with dreamy eyes.

Kazim couldn't help laughing. “That's an odd way to compliment someone’s beauty” said kazim pulling the chair to himself.

“I know but the thing is that its not just her outward appearance, even the way she speaks is alluring. It makes me forgot all my worries.” said poor Sadiq

“Remember the first day you came and i told you that this part of the north has the Paris charm?" Kazim reminded him and gave him eyes that read; i told you so.

“Yeah i remember. I almost laughed so hard and rolled on the floor.” added Sadiq as they both laughed. “Oh that's my phone ringing” he said, dashing into the tent, where the sound was coming

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Re: Behind Her Veil by heemah(f): 4:42pm On Aug 21, 2015
I see love in the air...
following ardently

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ablatgraphicplus(m): 5:17pm On Aug 21, 2015

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 6:41pm On Aug 21, 2015

Thanks for ur encouragement tho. If it aren't for u...I might have quit writing again.

Btw this story is based on a real life event....with some modification sha.
My pleasure.
Hmmm.....Real life event?. Abi nah you? wink
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:35pm On Aug 21, 2015

My pleasure.
Hmmm.....Real life event?. Abi nah you? wink

A writer never tells wink
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 8:37pm On Aug 21, 2015

Welcome aboard. Hope u enjoy it.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 9:16pm On Aug 21, 2015

A writer never tells wink
Ok Ooo....
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 7:21am On Aug 22, 2015

I can understand if u r away for awhile...cos you've obviously read this parts b4.
you know I neva got tired of BTV and ah wnt. Bro, i still dy ur bac. Bin busy tho
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 7:23am On Aug 22, 2015

My pleasure.
Hmmm.....Real life event?. Abi nah you? wink

like you get am naw. Mattkent dy drive us go sokoto when what we are actually looking for is in his sokoto
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 1:17pm On Aug 22, 2015

you know I neva got tired of BTV and ah wnt. Bro, i still dy ur bac. Bin busy tho

I know sis. Good luck in ur exams
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 1:22pm On Aug 22, 2015
"Good evening mum" Sadiq

There was a little giggle from the other end of phone. It was Asma'u.

"Good evening brother Sadiq, how was your exams, when are you coming home, how's kano?"

Smiling, Sadiq thought little Asma'u would make a good interrogator. "I’m fine baby. I missed you. I will be coming soon. Does mum know that you are calling me?"

"Yes she’s here. Take mum" and the next voice he heard was his mom.

"How was your exams?” She asked.

"Great mom. How are you coping without me?” he mocked.

“Strangely we are doing fine. Your little sister have been unbelievably helpful. Vanessa too do come around once in a while to help. But i dont know why she trys to change the topic each time i ask her if she has heard from you.” explained his mum.

Vanessa! I almost forgot that she exist. Just kidding!

“I’m glad you are doing great. I’m going to get Asma'u something for her hardwork.” that was the biggest excuse he has to divert from mentioning Vanessa.

“See what i’m saying? You are also avoiding mentioing her. Hope you kids aren't quarrelling?”

Well..mums do have six sense.

“We are not quarrelling mom. We communicated recently" he said trying to sound as vague as possible.

“Good.” she said, but she wasn't convinced. “As we agreed your transport fare has been sent to your account. Hope to see you tomorrow, so does Asmau.”

“Uhmmm...mum, there’ve been a change in plans” stammered Sadiq.

“What change. Hope you aren’t still intent on seeking admission here. We told you its not possible.”

“No thats not it mum. I want to....”

Now isn’t this interesting...once upon a time he so much hated the idea of traveling to Kano but now he loves it here. His mum will be so thrilled to hear this. I cant wait!

“You want to what?” asked his mum.

“I want to spend another week or two here.”

"Hello!? is this my Sadiq i’m speaking to? the surprised mum asked.

She knew how much effort she had put before she was able to convince him to travel to Kano. All of a sudden he wants to stay there forever!

Won’t you think he was charmed or something!?

"Is he alright?" Sadiq heard Asmau faint voice from the background asking mum.

Oh my God! How would Asmau take this!? Im so selfish! thought Sadiq.

“Yes baby he’s fine.” They talked for several more minutes and he’s mum said she had no problem with him staying for a few weeks but Asmau would definitely be sad. He tried to make Asmau understand his reason for staying back but she was sad anyway.
Sadiq hated himself for this but he just needed sometime to find himself, to explore new things and he felt the time and place was here and now.

The next morning Sadiq informed Anty and Alhaji Najib about his plan to stay for a couple of weeks, they were more than happy to accommodate him.

These northerners made him realize that whether you're a northerner or not we are still one.

"So guess what?" Sadiq to Humaira

"I'm not good at that" she said

"I will be here till after the festive period" revealed Sadiq excitedly.

Humaira almost jumped and hugged him then quickly recomposed herslef.

"That's a great news" she was probably more excited than he was.

"Yes i know" replied Sadiq. "But i hope its worth it because i broke my promise to my little sister."

The much awaited horse race was about to start. There were scads of people lined to watch the race. The racers were to make four laps round the street.

The cheering from the crowd was

As they set to race, Sadiq noticed the white girl watching from her balcony.

What's her name again?........ Janelle.
She had dark glasses on, surely the sun was harsh! The harmattan was harsh but she was obviously used to cold, she was wearing a light top and a jean short.


And six horses accelerated without control.

Watching from the other side of the road was Zeenat. Sadiq had stoled a glance at her several times, but somehow he felt she was doing the same but he hadn't met eye to eye with her so he couldn't tell if she was.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by RashMe(f): 1:44pm On Aug 22, 2015
Joined this ride yesternight and i can say its been worth it...............ride on Kent

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 4:51pm On Aug 22, 2015
Joined this ride yesternight and i can say its been worth it...............ride on Kent

So nice to have u here Rash.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Pukka36(f): 5:43pm On Aug 22, 2015

Really!......wish u success in ur exams, afterwards come back here.
Am back now and thanks for the update!

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Missmossy(f): 9:10am On Aug 23, 2015
Really enchanting cheesy

Thumbs up Mattkent.


Re: Behind Her Veil by SofiaAmrozia(f): 10:11am On Aug 23, 2015
Matt, its like God answered ur prayer, m here. Nyc work, one more thing, i noticed u said Taya, Biu, Uku, its Daya, Biyu, Uku. Correct me if m wrong, hausas

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:27am On Aug 23, 2015
Matt, its like God answered ur prayer, m here. Nyc work, one more thing, i noticed u said Taya, Biu, Uku, its Daya, Biyu, Uku. Correct me if m wrong, hausas

Thanks for the correction... I blv u r right cos I'm not that good in Hausa lang...just stayed there for a couple of years.

Lemme edit it.
Re: Behind Her Veil by SofiaAmrozia(f): 1:18pm On Aug 23, 2015

Thanks for the correction... I blv u r right cos I'm not that good in Hausa lang...just stayed there for a couple of years.

Lemme edit it.
I'm not too good in hausa just staying here till the end of my sec school but i have to learn it or those girls will insult me to my face.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 5:06pm On Aug 23, 2015

I'm not too good in hausa just staying here till the end of my sec school but i have to learn it or those girls will insult me to my face.

Hahah..well its kinda good cos u will get to learn anoda lang. Can u communicate with it?
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 6:22pm On Aug 23, 2015
Update coming up....
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 6:45pm On Aug 23, 2015
post removed*


Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 9:52pm On Aug 23, 2015

like you get am naw. Mattkent dy drive us go sokoto when what we are actually looking for is in his sokoto
Abi ooo smiley
Re: Behind Her Veil by demmy66: 7:15am On Aug 24, 2015
mattkent... FEED ME MORE........
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 12:46pm On Aug 24, 2015
mattkent... FEED ME MORE........

cheesy Will soon update.
Re: Behind Her Veil by lacerollie: 1:41pm On Aug 24, 2015

cheesy Will soon update.
pls do o... Will be waiting

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 3:25pm On Aug 24, 2015
The day whirled away with celebration in the house. Kazim was making it a big deal, which it was.

"You brought good luck" said Kazim as he shook Sadiq with enthusiasm.

"I don't believe in luck. I think its faith" Sadiq

"Do you know the white girl has never watched our horse race till today?" Kazim said then added " You came and things became different. I can feel it"

"Oh my! What has this winning done to you!" Sadiq.

"Good question" laughed Kazim as he left.

It was 9 p.m. Sadiq hadn't noticed how time had passed by because Kazim had made the whole day about him.

"Here is your dinner" said the girl with the charming eyes.

"Well thank you Humaira. And where is your friend? I knew one of you won't cooperate" he said, opening the plates.

"I'm here ain't i?" Humaira said, then made to leave.

"Wait. Stay with me awhile" insisted Sadiq.

"But that's not part of the bet" Humaira with a folded arm.

"Yes i know. I'm asking as a friend" he said and gave her a pleading look. The kind of look he learned from his sister ; Asmau.

"Ok fine" she gave in and slouched against the wall.

"Make yourself at home" said Sadiq with a full mouth while tapping on the couch.

"I feel like hitting you on your head!" Humaira with a fist that looked fragile and unharmful.

Laughing Sadiq almost choked.

"But what have i done" he asked while gulping down some juice.

"Nothing. Just feel like" replied Humaira.

"I didnt know that you are a violent girl" laughed Sadiq.

"There are alot of things you don't know" she said.

"You can start now by educating me" said Sadiq.

"Look who's calling" Humaira as she answers the call. "Hello Zeenat".

Sadiq immediately paused and payed attention.

"He is here tell him yourself" said Humaira, handing her phone to Sadiq. She whispered to him before she handed him the phone, "She wants to say good night."

"Hey Sadiq sorry i couldn't come over. I was busy" Zeenat.

"Busy? Or couldn't show your face beacuse you lost?" Sadiq

"Thats not true"

"Is it? Do you know what Mexicans mafians do to people that run away after losing a bet? They send their men to remind the debtor." Sadiq said in a funny mafia voice and added "Dont let it come to that"

There was laughter at the other end of the phone.

"Don't worry i'll prove you wrong tomorrow" she said.

"Good" replied Sadiq.
"All right. Good night" she said.

"You can be very funny at times" Humaira said to Sadiq after Zeenat had hung up.

"At times?" Asked Sadiq

"Yes. While at times you can be very annoying walahi" she replied and ran
off with the plates as Sadiq threw a couch pillow at her.

The harmattan was getting worse and strangely the bedroom was colder than the parlor so Sadiq decided to crash on the couch.

It was not up to ten minutes before he dozed off. Probably because of the eventful day.

Thirty minutes later Humaira came back but he was fast asleep and the duvet had slipped away from his body.

She covered him well with it and turned off the light.

"Good night" she whispered into the air and left.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 3:26pm On Aug 24, 2015
pls do o... Will be waiting

Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 6:44am On Aug 26, 2015
The next morning the harmattan breeze became even worse and Sadiq felt that he might have made a mistake by staying back.

Breakfast was chips and scrabbled egg with hot tea. As always he wore his hood and went for a little walk after eating.

The street was quiet and he seemed like the only one roaming around. Returning from his walk he again sighted the two old women he had seen the other day. They were standing right opposite Kazim's house as though they were waiting for a taxi.

Sadiq decided to walk past them to hear their discussion.

"But why doesn't he still know?" One of them said

"A bond has to be created first. Until then he won't know" the other replied.

"But there isn't much time left"

"Time will wait, it must not be rushed. The bond will surely be created. She has waited for so long for this so nothing must go wrong!"

"Do you think he can hear us?" the other said, looking abit concerned as they stole a glance at Sadiq who was walking as slow as possible.

At this point Sadiq made up his mind to greet them.

"Good evening" he greeted and almost immediately they both turned their gaze to the opposite direction, away from him.

Sadiq was stunned!

"Do you know those two old ladies that normally pass by occasionally?" Sadiq asked Kazim later that day.

"Old women?" Asked Kazim

"Yes. Old and weird looking." Sadiq expecting an answer from Kazim that would set his mind at rest.

"None that i know of. Why do you ask?" Kazim

"Nothing, was just curious" replied Sadiq disappointedly.

The day ended and still Zeenat didn't come as promised but then she surprised him with a call.

"Hi Sadiq. Have you seen it?" she asked.

"Seen what?" he replied and just then a little boy walked in and handed him a folded paper.

"I sent a boy to you" Said Zeenat.

"Oh! He just walked in" Sadiq

"Okay bye"

"But wait...wait!" but she had already hung up.

Stunned he opened the paper gently. It was a note! She wrote that she couldn't come because she went out with her mom and had chores to do when she returned.

Why didn't she just send an sms!

"Why didn't you just send an sms?" Was the message he sent to her.

She replied back. "Because sending a note seems thrilling and fun. You should try it."

"That's for kids" he replied her.

She replied almost immediately "Now, why should kids enjoy all the fun in life?"

Curious he asked her "And how old are you?"

It was several minutes before she replied him. The sms was "A girl never tell. Good night" and at the end of her message was the emoticon smile, the one with all its teeth out with a big smile.

Sadiq could only smile as he replied her 'good night.'

As the days passed on they both sent each other lots of notes, sms and talked on phone, when she came around to see Humaira they would talk endlessly.

Their friendship bond increased and Humaira knew he was slipping away.

But she was humble and still wore a smile. Several times Zeenat had told Humaira that Sadiq was cool. A cool
friend. Humaira knew he was but he wasn't as playful with her as he used to be.

There was no more pillow fight between them, no arguments or little funny fight and he doesn't even ask her to wait and talk when she bring him food! But she didn't show this, even her friend Zeenat was unaware of how she felt.

The saddest part was that Sadiq hadn't noticed how Zeenat had changed him!

A week before Sadiq was to finally travel back to Lagos, he saw the weird women! This time he was prepared.


Re: Behind Her Veil by heemah(f): 7:04am On Aug 26, 2015
Mattkent, you rock!! Waiting for next update

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Missmossy(f): 2:49pm On Aug 26, 2015
Ghen-ghen its getting more interesting grin Sadiq is in for it. Thumbs up Mattkent.

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